Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Education, E-learning and Management Technology (EEMT 2018)

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Reform and Practice of “Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry” Teaching Contents Based on OBE Concept

Xiangyang Wu, Zhixiang Han, Zhen Zhang, Guoxi Liang, Xing Dong
Environmental protection equipment engineering is a new undergraduate major set up by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in 2010. “Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry” is one of the discipline basic courses for the major. According to the professional talent training objectives,...
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Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Differentiation Characteristics of Tourism Development Quality of Urban Agglomeration in the central of Yunnan

Anle Liu, Yanmei Wang, Chengyue Yang, Qingzhong Ming
In order to explore the characteristics of tourism development stage and its spatial differentiation characteristics in the urban agglomerations of central Yunnan(UACY), the standard deviation, weighted coefficient of variation, Herfindahl index, entropy method and AcrGIS10.0 software were used to analyze...
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Practical Issues of ERP-systems’ Implementation-Russian Case

Kolganova Elena, Kolganov Aleksandr
ERP-systems have already become an integral part of many businesses. But still companies-clients in most cases consider that ERP-system itself can solve all the organization problems. This does not correspond to reality. The purpose of this article is to prove that without thorough preparation taken...
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Study on the Deep Integration of Information Technology and Curriculum Teaching

Yanming Yang, Youbao Ding
The deep integration of information technology and curriculum teaching is topic focus of e-Education nowadays, and it is also a fundamental change in the classroom teaching structure supported by information technology. The key is to construct a new teaching model. The ultimate goal of applying information...
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The Construction of a New College English M-Learning Environment

Songbin Bao, Wenting Xu, Fanqi Meng
College English is a very important course in many universities in China. In order to further improve the teaching effect of College English, a new M-learning environment which is based on multiple Apps has been constructed. This article firstly analyzes the necessity of constructing a new M-learning...
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Teaching Reform of Exercitation Course of Electronic Technology under the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Ji-Hai Liao, Juan Shi, Li-Xiu Li
The purpose of present teaching reform was to enhance the innovation and entrepreneurial ability of college students. We took the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship education and of the OBE education model throughout the electronic technology practice process. We introduced new practice contents,...
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Analysis and Construction on Collaborative Management and Service Platform for Postgraduate in Design Major Based on Tripartite Needs

Delai Men, Chang Xiao, Mingyi Wang, Huagang Chen
Information technology has become an important management mode in higher education management system. In the management of design graduates, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of "information blind zone" of tutors, students and administrative departments. Existing research is seldom based on tripartite...
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Rational Thinking on the Teaching of Chinese Piano Music in Colleges and Universities

Ping Wang
Chinese piano music not only possesses the artistic charm of piano, but also fuses the cultural tradition and artistic style of China for thousands of years. Here, we highlight the significance of establishing the consciousness of national music and inheriting the Chinese folk music for university students,...
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Exploration of Students' Ability Cultivation in Blended Teaching

Yumin Ge, Jinliang Zhang, Huijuan Ran
The construction of "Double World-class" and "New Engineering Disciplines" emphasize the importance of talent cultivation, which is difficult to break through in traditional teaching methods. Nowadays, new technology develops rapidly, and classroom teaching is not limited to teacher's instruction in...
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Practice and Exploration in the Construction of the Demonstration Training Base for Business Administration

Shujuan Yu
Practical teaching is a significant part of higher education talents cultivation, which serves as the vital link for students to master their theoretical knowledge and basic skills. The improvement of practical teaching is relied on the construction of internal and external training facilities. We summarize...
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Research on the Learning Willingness of Engineering College Students in SPOC Flipped Class

Hongbo Shi, Man Liu, Zhihao Zhu, Shanhong Zhang
MOOC has developed rapidly since 2012. However, SPOC has subsequently emerged and ensured the quality of teaching due to some deficiencies of MOOC. Additionally, it has a good application prospect with the help of flipped class and the combination of online and offline methods. In this study, a questionnaire...
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Research and Practice of University Students' Crowdsourcing Strategy in Automotive Fixture Design

Qiang Yu, Wencai Wu, Qiu Li, Shikuan Wang
The welding fixture is important equipment in the production of automobile vehicles. And it has a huge demand. This paper studies the business opportunities of the campus crowdsourcing model in the design of automotive fixtures, and the entrepreneurial practice by students in the crowdsourcing model...
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On The Allocation of Knowledge Resources for Accounting Undergraduates in the Future

Ying Xiong
In order to cultivate the outstanding accounting talents who can meet the needs of the market, this paper uses many quantitative and qualitative methods, such as investigation method, correlation method and experimental method, to deeply analyze the framework of knowledge and ability of current accounting...
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Does it work? Research on the Relationship between Workplace Friendship and Job Performance—the Organizational Commitment as Mediator

Chiawei Chao
The hotel industry has flourished in China, and the turnover rate of employees has always been high. In the past, the workplace friendship and organizational commitment will not only reduce the turnover rate of employees but also improve work performance in other industries, and what is the situation...
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A CiteSpace-Based Visual Analysis and Review of Research Literature in Area of Elderly Reemployment

Wenwei Chow, Derong Lin
In the context of the increasing trend of population ageing in China and the increasing influence of "silver hair wave ", researches on population ageing and elderly reemployment are growing fast. This article makes a visual analysis of the research literature in CNKI(China National Knowledge Internet)...
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Research on the Ability of Socialist Core Values Education for College Students

Haoyu Chen
This paper attempts to explore the cognition of college students' ability-based education of socialist core values and the guiding links to achieve this goal in the process of education. College students can't form individual independent practice ability and lack initiative and creativity in the practice...
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Investigation and Research on the Professional Ethics of Kindergarten Teachers in Shenyang

Lina Zhang, Dongqing Bai, Ailing Yu
This paper takes the teachers of 8 kindergartens in Shenyang as the survey object, analyzes the current situation and existing problems of kindergarten teachers' professional ethics through questionnaires and interviews, and proposes corresponding solutions to the existing problems, that is, teachers...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Children’s Sex Education in the Kindergarten of Dalian

Lina Zhang, Dongqing Bai, Shuang Liu
This paper aimed to investigate children’s sex education in the kindergarten of Dalian, and it proposed the improving strategy through analyzing current situation to enrich the related contents and improve the relevant methods so as to promote children’s healthy growth. This research randomly selected...
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Research on the Method of Children’s Chinese Characters Education

Lina Zhang, Xiaodong Pan, Guantong Zhou
This paper aims to propose an effective method to carry out Chinese character education for children through the analyzation and research with the feasibility, in order to promote the effects of Chinese character education and further promote their psychological development and inheritance of traditional...
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Institutionalization and Humanization in Personnel Management in Colleges and Universities

Xiaojun Dai
Personnel management in colleges and universities should attach importance to both system construction and humanistic care. Managers should not only pay attention to the structural function of organizational behavior, but also notice the active role of teachers. They should pay attention not only to...
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Research on Cultural Education of Young Athletes in China

Fan Zhang
This paper uses the methods of literature review and logical analysis to study the current situation of cultural education of young athletes in our country. The research shows that the difficulties faced by young athletes in cultural education mainly include the “dereliction of duty” and “redundant intervene”...
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Research on the Way of Infiltrating Life Education in School Physical Education

Changzhi Jia, Fan Zhang
Life education and school physical education have high homogeneity in educational connotation. By clarifying the relationship between school physical education and life education, the research reveals the consistency between school physical education and life education and explores the positive role...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Kindergarten Reading Education in Shenyang

Lina Zhang, Xiaodong Pan, Zidong Wang
Currently, reading education has been popular in kindergartens. However, some problems have gradually appeared along with the development of reading education. The current situation of kindergarten reading education in Shenyang was analyzed and studied through sampling survey method in this paper, and...
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A Survey Research on College Students' Satisfaction with Professional Training Plan

Xiuzhen Xie
The direction of college students 'professional training determines the implementation of some measures for undergraduates, such as resource allocation, teacher force, and talent selection. Moreover, the training plans exert influence on students’ future employment, life orientation and social value....
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Fairly Assessing Students’ Performance in Oral Defense Stage for Graduation Design of Major Civil Engineering

Xiaoshun Wu, Liping Zuo
Graduation design plays an important role in the cultivation of undergraduate students majoring in civil engineering. It aims to train students as skillful as possible by solving a complex project before they begin a new career. In order to improve the quality of graduation design, the oral defense stage...
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Rural Infrastructure PPP Project Risks Analysis Based on Monte Carlo Method

Xi Zhu
The diversity, complexity, and particularity of PPP projects put forward higher requirements for financial evaluation. To make more accurate financial evaluation, this paper uses Monte Carlo simulation method to establish the risk evaluation model of rural infrastructure PPP project, based on the internal...
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Research on the Influence of Regulatory Policies of Shanghai Real Estate on the House Price—Based on the Empirical Study of VAR Model

Longkai Xiao, Xiaoping Zhou
Research Contents: This paper analyzes the influence of regulatory policies of Shanghai real estate on the price of new houses in Shanghai from June of 2013 to December of 2017 by building VAR model and evaluates the effectiveness of regulatory policies. The policy of property purchase restrictions inhibits...
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Discussion on the Structure Hierarchy and States Differentiation of College Students Social Responsibility Identity

Min Chen
The formation of social responsibility identity is the core purpose of college students responsibility education. From the perspective of psychological structure, college students social responsibility identity must undergo an imperceptible process from cognition to emotion then to practice. According...
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The Problems Existing in the Design of College English Micro Class and Some Relevant Suggestions

Dan Li
The traditional teaching method in universities needs to be transformed in technology so as to drawing students’ attention. Fundamental changes have taken place in teaching mode and teaching method when micro course is applied in college English teaching. As a new media mode, micro-course is very popular...
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Study on the Cultivation Mode of Business English Talents under “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Xiaomei Wang
The Belt and Road Initiative puts forward new requirements for business English talents. Based on the analysis of the new requirements, the study first presents the problems in the present business English talent cultivation. In order to meet the needs in the new situation, the study explores effective...
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Research on the Factors Affecting Division of Labor in Manufacturing in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River

Chunjiao Liu
Deepening the rational division of labor among the manufacturing industries in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River has far-reaching significance for implementing the regional coordinated development strategy proposed by the 19th CPC national congress. Based on the data from 2005 to 2016, this paper...
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Research on the Implementation Path of Modern Apprenticeship in Higher Vocational Colleges

Wujiang Qu, Yanfei Huo
Talent training of modern apprenticeship aims at deepening school-enterprise cooperation, and school-enterprise cooperation in education, so as to improve the quality of skilled talent training. Based on the analysis of the connotation and relevant policies of modern apprenticeship, this paper analyzes...
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Research on Performance Evaluation of Banking Listed Companies Based on RAROC Model

Xiaonan Ding, Yanyu Feng, Guiying Liang
This paper studies how to evaluate the performance of commercial banks scientifically. RAROC model is used to analyze the financial data of 16 listed banks in China for 4 years. Then, this paper clarifies that RAROC (Risk-adjusted Capital Return Rate) is an appropriate index to evaluate the performance...
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Reform and Practice of Innovative Teaching in Investment Courses Based on Three-dimensional Bidirectional Network

Chi-Chuan LEE, Ruyu Zhang
Investment course teaching reform aims to cultivate students' autonomous learning ability, practical ability, and innovative ability. The key to achieving the above goal is to guide students to change their learning behavior. Combined with the development of modern information technology and the practical...
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Retail input-output Analysis Based on DEA Method

Ronghui Xu
Along with our country economy into the new normal, retailing development bottlenecks encountered unprecedented, but the development of the retail industry of our country play a crucial role in the development of national economy, and is also about the life of the national level, so it is very important...
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Construction and Application of Practice Teaching Model based on Network Cooperative Learning

Xiaowei Jia, Lili Zhang, Ke Huang
In traditional practice teaching, teachers get the low teaching efficiency and unsatisfactory teaching results, because of cannot take into account each student. This paper discussed how to improve practice teaching efficiency with web. Taking CNC technology course as an example, this paper built and...
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Research on the Wisdom Education of College English

Jie Xiao, Weimin Qi, Qun Hou
Based on the idea of the wisdom talent cultivation, combined with the information technology and innovation methods in the "Internet plus" era, this paper, guided by the theory of language learning, explores the ways and means of College English wisdom education, hoping not only to improve the students'...
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Legal Protection of Pre-school Children’s Right to Education

Jing Zhang, Liyun Lu
Pre-school children’s right of getting education is one of the basic human rights legally guaranteed by the constitution and plays an essential role for achieving successful child development as well. To comprehensively protect children’s right to education, this article focuses on the problems of legal...
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A Case Study on the Tourism Community Participation Models of Hainan Ethnic Minority Areas Based on Chinese Targeted Poverty Alleviation Policy

Dan Zhao, Yingqiu Wu, Xiaoxin Chen
In Hainan ethnic minority areas where have abundant tourism resources developing pro-poor tourism projects is an important approach to poverty alleviation However whether local residents really participate in tourism is related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the results. So to find the best way...
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Exploration in Applied Talents Training Mode Innovation of the New Undergraduate Colleges Based on the “R&O-CPIO 3+1” Mode

Gui-hua Yu
In order to improve the quality of personnel training, it is necessary to reform the teaching mode. Taking e-commerce as an example, this paper uses qualitative research method and empirical research method to construct the "R&O-CPIO 3+1" personnel training mode, and designs the operation mechanism and...
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Task Experiential Teaching Method and Its Application in Ship Structure and Equipment Course

Lijun Wang, Sisi Wang
This paper discusses the application of task experiential teaching mode in ship structure and equipment course. Firstly, the characteristics, structure and process of task experiential teaching mode are studied in detail. Then based on the characteristics of ship structure and equipment course and navigation...
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On the Change and Influence of Big Data on Continuing Education for Mathematics Teachers

Jun Liu
The advent of the era of big data has been influencing the way of thinking of teachers for continuing education. The training of mathematics teachers in primary and middle schools has fundamentally changed, which has been transformed from traditional lecture training mode into such training mode as trainees...
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On the Practice and Research of Continuing Education for Mathematics Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools Based on Lesson with Heterogeneous

Hongying Luo
Lesson with heterogeneous plays an effective role in applying educational theories directly into classroom teaching in the continuing education for mathematics teachers in primary and secondary schools. Different teachers teach the same content and conduct teaching exchange and seminar by following the...
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The Research on the Types and Functions of Ethical Statute of College Students’ Mental Health Education

Xiaofang Chen, Jianqing Ma
The ethical statute of mental health of college students can be divided into two types of ethical demands: “internal” and “external”, in which the internal and external demands are mainly embodied as “relationship ethics” and “practical ethics”. In the ecological horizon of the ethical construction of...
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Study on the Feasible Path of Specialty Setting and Curriculum Reform in Guangdong Private Higher Vocational Colleges

Yunli Cheng
The relationship between education and the economy has injected new meaning into the times. Combining the status and role of private higher vocational colleges in Guangdong's economic transformation and industrial upgrading, how to actively adjust and flexibly set the profession according to the needs...
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Practical Research on Teaching Reform of Engineering Surveying Course

Longbin Lin, Rongjie Zhang, Yaohui Shen
The teaching reform of the current course Engineering Surveying lacks the application of Internet and information technology and there are still some problems in its teaching. This paper takes the teaching reform of Engineering Surveying for non-surveying major students as an example to explore the teaching...
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China’s Mobile Terminal Education: the Current Situation Based on Questionnaire Survey

Yexia Sun, Jing Li
China’s mobile terminal education becomes an important mode of talent education. The APP is the most popular due to the popularization of mobile phones and the development of Chinese mobile phone consumption habits. In order to demonstrate the current status of China’s mobile terminal education APP,...
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Establishment of Undergraduate-education Class Adviser Teams on the Governance Theory Perspective

Jun-ao Chen
Governance theory is of great referential significance to the establishment of undergraduate education class adviser teams. It is decided by the multiple participants, diversified fields and complex constitution of the undergraduate education class adviser teams. Both the establishment of the undergraduate...
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Research on the Realistic Gap of the Supply Side of Vocational Education Talents Cultivation under the Visual Threshold of "Craftsmanship Spirit"

Bingbing Wu
Vocational education is to enable students to acquire vocational skills, vocational knowledge and an educational activity that forms a good professional spirit, it has the role that ordinary education cannot replace, it is fundamentally aimed at cultivating the needs of the country’s economic development,...
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The Realization for Elimination Mechanism of Graduates in Military Academies Based on the Policy about Selective Education

Peng Ma, Xi Yang
The cultivation of military graduate students is the core content of the cultivation of innovative talents, and is also the source of the motive force for the reform and strengthening of the military. At present, because of the unclear thoughts of top-level design in military, and the mutual nonsupport...
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An Empirical Study on the Integration of Rural Tourism and Meteorological from the Perspective of Global Tourism

Jing Li, Ping Huang
The “global tourism” has been raised to the national strategy and the whole society's action hot spot. In 2018, the office of the State Council issued the "guidance on promoting the development of the whole region", and clearly pointed out that "tourism + meteorology" has become an important direction...
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Construction of College Service-oriented Student Working Model —Taking the example of Shandong Technology and Business University

Shiyang Li
The theoretical research of this paper includes: scientifically managing the dialectical relationship between education and management service through the innovation of working mode, strengthening the service efficiency and building service platforms, establishing long-term mechanism and promoting service...
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Research on Carbon Accounting Information Disclosure of Chinese Power Enterprises

Yuting Qian
With the development of the economy and society, the pace of urbanization has been accelerating, and environmental problems caused by air pollution have become increasingly prominent. The development of low-carbon economy has made carbon accounting as a branch of environmental accounting on the world...
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The Effect of Regulation Policy on Housing Prices in Areas Surrounding Beijing: An Empirical Study of Langfang Real Estate Regulation Policy

Zhenyang Qin
In the first half of 2016, in order to reduce the number of unsold homes, Chinese central government continued to implement stimulus policies in real estate market, making real estate market in first-tier and hot second-tier cities overheat. Meanwhile, the real estate markets in some satellite cities...
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Psychological Effects: Making Human Resources Management Easier

Lingxia Lu, Yanxun Wang, Shuang Wang
It is necessary for every human resource manager to understand psychology and the regularity between employee's psychology and behavior, and make use of these rules to manage and motivate employees so as to make the management work easier and more effective. This paper introduces the connotation of psychological...
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Landmark Food and the Construction of Food Tourism City of Chongqing

Jianlin Ma
The concept and formation of landmark food has been recognized by most people. Among the six elements of tourism, food is indispensable for people’s life, and is also dominated in tourism income. Combining the development of landmark food and local tourism in Chongqing, this paper put forward the importance...
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Music Teaching Research in Universities Based on the Perspective of Core Competencies

Chao Song
Along with the continuous in-depth development of education reform in China, the teaching and practical theory of music course in institutions of higher learning have been constantly developed and improved in the process of teaching reform. Among them, students’ core competencies of music education have...
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Research on SPOC Teaching Model of University Courses in the Ubiquitous Learning Environment

Gongjian Zhou
In the ubiquitous learning environment, the integration of flipping classrooms and SPOC models can effectively promote the development of educational information and bring new vitality to college classrooms. Based on the constructivist learning theory, the article combines the flipping classroom concept...
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Life Cycle Cost Management of Fixed Assets in Chinese Power Grid Enterprises

Yuanyuan Wang
Power grid enterprises are asset-intensive enterprises. At present, high life cycle cost of fixed assets is an important factor that restricts the fixed assets’ efficiency and economic growth of power grid enterprises. The characteristics of fixed assets in grid enterprises bring many difficulties to...
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Teaching Reform of Algorithm Design and Analysis Course Based on "Project Oriented + Autonomous Learning + Practical Training"

Jufang Li, Yuan Tang, Yumei Fu, Ye Yan, Xiao Xiao
Combined with the aim and idea of cultivating applied talents, this paper takes the course of "Algorithm design and Analysis" as the object of study. By trying to diversify the teaching model, aiming at the problems of teaching content, teaching mode and experimental training in the teaching of applied...
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Course Reform in Senior Undergraduate Teaching: a Case Study in China

Zhe Chen, Xin Peng, Yichuan Pan
Problem-based learning has been widely applied in a number of professional curricula. Implementations indicate that problem-based learning is valid and effective in several domains; problem-solving ability and self-directed learning ability of the students are greatly enhanced in problem-based learning...
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Investigation of Justice Sensitivity and its Relationship with Altruism among Undergraduates

Chunhua Shi, Yan Huang, Baojun Wang
There has been a lot of research on justice sensitivity in psychology abroad, but it has just begun in China. 392 students from universities in Nanjing and Shanghai were measured by the Justice Sensitivity Inventory and the Self-report Altruism Scale. The results were as follows: (1) The level of justice...
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A Brief Discussion on College Teacher’s Science Research Burnout

Chunhua Shi, Baojun Wang
In China, because many universities pay too much attention to scientific research(SR)and take no account of teaching, the pressure on SR is too great, which easily leads to the scientific research burnout(SRB)among college teachers. It was suggested in the article that the SRB belongs to the category...
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Teaching Reform and Exploration of Web Programming Technology Course Based on CDIO Mode

Zhangbin Chen
Based on the actual teaching situation of Fuzhou University of International Studies And Trade, aiming at the training of applied talents, the problems in the teaching of Web programming technology for information management and information system are based on the CDIO model. Teaching content, designing...
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On Improving the Practice and Innovative Capacity of Applied Undergraduate Talents through Enterprise Project

Bingbing Wang, Zhenfeng Ma, Yingchun Xing
In the new era, when training talents, applied undergraduate colleges should take into consideration the needs of engineering production and engineering technology development. Schools should mainly train senior engineering and technical personnel with strong engineering practice capability and certain...
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The Teaching Reform of Communication Principles Course based on Applied Technology University

Yuan Tang, Jufang Li, Min Li, Xin Wang
Basing on the starting point of training the person with the ability in applied technology and combining with our own experience on theory and practice teaching in the course of Communication Principle, it was discussed in detail that how to improve the teaching quality through the reforming and exploring...
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The Performance Evaluation of Transformation and Upgrading of Tourism Industry

Caixia Zhang, Min Wei
Tourism industry shows the features of the sustainable development. In order to drive the development of other industries, this paper aims to evaluate the performance of transformation and upgrading of tourism industry, including the rule of development, the past and present status as well as variation...
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Research on Extension and Application of Teaching Reform Achievements in Universities

Bing Liu, Jianping Sun
Teaching reform is the source of social civilization and progress, and the foundation for sustainable development of colleges and universities. This paper studies the measures of teaching reform in Colleges and universities, and puts forward specific strategies to effectively improve the application...
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Attitude Teaching Structure Research of Advanced Mathematics Based on Activities of Mosoteach

Guoxing Dai, Jiazhen Zhao, Yaopeng Li, Zhengrong Tao
Based on the cloud teaching, this paper collects data for college mathematics teaching and constructs students' learning input model to analyze the students' learning. The relationship between student input and learning, teaching and evaluation is analyzed by data model. Through the analysis of the structure...
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Study and Practice on Construction of Characteristic Specialty in Colleges and Universities

Bing Liu, Xuefang He, Jianping Sun
The construction of characteristic specialty in colleges and universities is a teaching reform activity involving specialty innovation and development, its guiding ideology has a far-reaching impact on the direction and performance of specialty development in universities. This article studies the construction...
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The Research on Influencing Factors of Financial Services of Chinese Logistics Enterprises

Xiaoli Zhang, Tongxin An
Logistics finance plays an important role in the development of logistics enterprises, and there are many factors influencing the development of logistics finance. In order to improve the level of financial services carried out by China's logistics enterprises, the original data of factors affecting...
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A Qualitative Analysis for Enhancing Competitiveness of Technical and Vocational Colleges in China through Exploring Knowledge Based Intangible Resources

Yong Zhang, Yusri Kamin
Competitiveness plays a vital role for technical and vocational colleges to ensure their success and long-term viability. In order to improve competitiveness of technical and vocational colleges in undeveloped areas of China, this paper proposed a new perspective which drew knowledge base view into exploring...
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“In-Laws Effect” of the Enterprise and the Bank Equity Marriage

Wenhao Tan, Zhenpeng Ma
A good relationship between the enterprise and bank is important for the firms to obtain loan in the banking dominated financial market. How to resolve the financing difficulties for the enterprise financing channels blocked became a much more important proposition. This paper examines the effect of...
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Reform of Classroom Teaching In Colleges and Universities under the Background of School-Enterprise Cooperation

Hua Zhao
School-enterprise cooperation is the main ways to improve the quality of talents in Colleges and universities. The purpose of this paper is to improve the practical application ability of college graduates by studying the problems between the current situation of higher education classroom teaching and...
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Do Chinese Private College Students Have Identity Stigma? The Development of Its Questionnaire and the Survey in Fujian Province

Weiling Cai
The Study developed the Private College Students’ Identity Stigma Questionnaire (PCSISQ), which was designed to measure the subjective experience of being a private college student, with dimensions measuring Stereotype, Internalized Stigma, Drawback Behavior and Stigma Resistance. Results showed that...
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Study on the Continuous Berth Allocation Problem

Xinxin Yan, Hanping Hou, Jianliang Yang, Chenyang Zhao, Xuehui Wang, Xue Li
Rationally making berthing plan and reducing waiting time of ship in port have great practical significance to improve wharf service quality and competitive strength. On the basis of studying and summarizing the research theories and model algorithms of domestic and foreign scholars in recent years,...
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Research on the Construction of National Central City Comprehensive Transportation Hub—Taking Chengdu City as an Example

Ting Wang
The transportation hub is the platform that the national central city plays the role of agglomeration and radiation, which is also the foundation for the development of national central city. Analyzing the radiation range of Chengdu's expressway, railway and aviation, this paper can determine the location...
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Innovative Teaching Reform of Embedded System Course —Taking Robot Project as Teaching Template

Xiangjin Zeng, Dunbo Cai, Tao Lu
According to the characteristics and requirements of the embedded industry, this paper explores the innovative teaching mode of embedded system course, which improves the teaching quality and students' interest in learning by designing the teaching content and adopting the project of robot platform.
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Research on Idioms Translation between English and Chinese

Yu Sun, Zhengjie Li
Idioms are profound in both Chinese and English languages. A good command of idioms can be of benefits in language acquisition, especially for Chinese English learners. The free transition between English idioms and Chinese ones is necessary for interaction, no matter in written or daily social interactions....
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On the Evaluation System of EVA-BSC Business Performance of Listed Companies in Shaanxi Province

Xiaojun Deng
Based on the current performance evaluation of the listed companies in Shaanxi Province, the EVA-BSC operating performance evaluation system of listed companies in Shaanxi Province is constructed with consideration of the advantages of EVA financial indicators and BSC non-financial indicators. Prior...
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Research on Business Performance Evaluation System for Shaanxi Listed Companies Based on EVA-BSC Coupling

Xiaojun Deng
Integrating advantages of EVA (Economic Value Adding) and BSC (Balanced Score Card), this thesis constructs a business performance evaluation system for Shaanxi listed companies and examines its application value. Based on both EVA, a financial indicator mirroring a company’s value creating ability,...
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Constructing a New Idea of Human Resources Sharing Under the Era of "Internet +"

Maolan Jia
In the context of “Internet +”, the diversification of information has undoubtedly brought great convenience to people. But, the question is how can we effectively use this complex information to serve our human resources work? Based on the impact of “Internet+” on enterprise human resource management,...
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Teaching Resources Construction and Flipped Classroom Practice Based on “Ubiquitous Learning” Environment—Taking the teaching of Microeconomics as an Example

Wei Peng, Ruyu Zhang, Yongyi Li
With the development of information technology, ubiquitous learning (U-Learning) has become popular. The flipped classroom which combines the advantages of online learning and traditional face-to-face teaching, and features in individuation, flexibility and openness has become a hotspot in the reform...
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Research on the Cultivation of Friendly Values in College Students' Living Community

Xuewen Huang
The living community of college students is an important place for the cultivation of friendly values. The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibility and importance of cultivating the friendly values of college students in the living community, and to propose solutions to the problems. Hostile...
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Application Analysis of "Flipped Classroom" Model in University Computer Teaching

Guanghua Yu, Lunbin Li, Kuiling Xia
Flipped classroom has become a teaching mode concerned by colleges and universities in China. How to apply flipped classroom in computer teaching and form a complete connection before and after class. Aiming at this problem, this paper gives the application method of flipped classroom teaching mode in...
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Research on Social E-commerce Model and Its Typical Cases in the Age of Mobile Internet

Gongjian Zhou
As an emerging e-commerce model, social e-commerce integrates e-commerce and social media, providing an effective solution for traditional e-commerce to reduce the cost of diversion and tap the value of online shopping inventory users. According to the different traffic generation mechanisms, this paper...
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The BOPPPS Teaching Mode in the Reform of Nursing English

Di Yang
The traditional teaching mode adopted in nursing English teaching can no longer meet the needs of modern nursing English teaching. The traditional teaching model should be replaced by a new teaching model. This paper explores the limitations of the traditional teaching model and proposes a new method...
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Research on the Psychological Activity Process of English Reading

Yang Yu
From a psychological point of view, reading is not a passive mechanical process, but a complex psychological process and a proactive thinking process. English reading comprehension is an important topic to improve students' English proficiency and it is also a major research content of psycholinguistics....
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Analysis of Household Financial Investment Behavior Based on Life Cycle

Xiaohui Chen, Bei Qin, Lei Zhang, Zhixin Chen
In recent years, the field of family finance has always been a focus of research. Family financial investment involves not only the optimization of household asset allocation but also the operation of macroeconomics. Turning to family finance, this paper focuses on the characteristics and influencing...
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Research on the Training Mechanism of Business English Compound Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative

Li Huang
The objective in this report is to explore the training mechanism of business English talents in higher vocational colleges. We present an analysis of the status quo of the business English talents cultivation in higher vocational colleges. Our results show that the training mechanism of business English...
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Research on the Development Path of Beijing Community Participation in Tourism Town

Shunmei Yu
The purpose of this study was to analyze the current situation of community development in Beijing's tourism towns and provide reference for the sustainable development and community construction of tourism towns in Beijing. The article uses field trips and data collection methods to measure the participation...
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Research on Evaluation and Improvement Path of Core Competitiveness of China's Small and Medium-sized Joint-stock Commercial Banks

Yongxia Bao
In order to evaluate and improve the core competitiveness of China’s small and medium-sized joint-stock commercial banks, the paper come up with new ideas. This paper firstly retrospects the competitiveness and development of bank industry. And then the paper has built a new assessment indicator system...
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Dual Dimensions of VR Education Development: Vision and Technology Direction

Kangkai Yang
The visual display characteristics of VR have changed the flatness of knowledge in traditional education, and its immersion characteristics and students' learning process can produce good fusion, VR can change students’ alienation of technology and learning process in the classroom. There is close association...
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Evolution of Rural Homestead Rights System in China

Lingyan Lv, Xiangjiao Li, Jiajia Li
Since the founding of New China, the rural homestead right system has undergone many changes, from private ownership during the land reform period to collective ownership after the completion of the three major reforms. The current system of rural homestead right of use originated in the period of three...
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Analysis on the Synergistic Effect of Internet Enterprise M&A Based on Financial Indexes —Taking the Youku Tudou Merger as an Example

Yanqin Li
Financial synergistic effect is one of the important motives for the m&a of enterprises. This paper analyzed the financial index data and business status before and after the merger of Youku Tudou, and found that the short-term financial synergistic effect was not obvious after the merger. Two years...
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Research on Risk Evaluation Index System of Intellectual Property Pledge Financing in Large Data Enterprises

Mu Zhang, Xiao-nan Huang
The purpose of this paper is to improve the level of risk analysis and management in intellectual property pledge financing mode, so as to promote further credit support to the large data enterprises. According to the connotation and business process of intellectual property pledge financing, this paper...
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On the Ambiguity Caused by the Language Structure in the Legal Case

Yanran Shang, Shui Jin
In today’s society where the legal system is increasingly perfect, the law is closely related to everyone’s life. The law intertwines with language, and is inseparable from it as the law is expressed through language which is the carrier of the law. As an interdisciplinary subject, legal writing has...
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Exploration of the Teaching System of Engineering Practice in the Specialty of Vehicle Engineering

Hao Chen, Ying Zhou
Practical teaching is an important part of training personnel in vehicle engineering. This paper starts from the requirement of the practical teaching mode in the training of talents for vehicle engineering, and by analyzing the present situation and disadvantages of the practical teaching in the major...
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On the Factors Affecting the Improvement of College Students’ Innovation Ability under the Background of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

Yanli Zhao
Analyzing the factors that influence college students’ innovative ability is conducive to policies and measures formulation to improve students’ innovative ability in a targeted manner. Based on the methods of literature research, questionnaire survey and interviews, this paper systematically analyzed...
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Economic Policy Uncertainty and Firms’ Cash Dividend Policies

Qiu-Min Liu, Chi-Chuan Lee, Ruyu Zhang
This paper adopted China’s Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) compiled by Baker et al. (2016) to study the impact of uncertainty and other factors on the dividend decision of listed companies, from the macro and micro perspectives. Empirical analysis was performed by the fixed effects model. It was found...