Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education

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An Automatic Course Assessment Tool for Weakness Identification

Chunlei Liu, Limei Chen
We develop an automatic course assessment tool that gives numerical indicators on fulfilling course learning outcomes and identifies course weaknesses for future improvement. Four years of application indicate that this tool is very effective in revealing course weaknesses and in reducing the time spent...
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Research on the Equity Compensation System of Venture Entrepreneurs

Pingping Liu
There are asymmetric information and moral hazard problems between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. In order to effectively reduce these problems caused by uncertainty, the paper analysis on the entrepreneur’s equity compensation system. It concretes from the following three aspects: entrepreneur’s...
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Intentional Specificity of the Emotive Hortative Statements

Alina Yu. Maslova
The article identifies the causative mechanisms of interaction between the hortative and emotive meanings, as well as specificity of the explicit and implicit implementation of intentional meanings on communicative level and semantic-pragmatic level that make up the content plane of the emotive and hortative...
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The Mode of German Vocational education and the Enlightenment

Yan Sun
Nowadays, vocational education development is a matter of great urgency in China. Because of starting later, vocational education cannot establish a stable system of running school, serving the society, training talents and teachers; it should propose the successful experience of the world to promote...
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To the Roots of Identification of Czechs in British Mentality: Comenius and England

Marina Yu. Kotova
British-Czech cultural relations possess a long history of various historical events which have been keeping in a cultural memory of British people as the signs of identification of Czechs in British mentality. Jan Amos Komenský (Comenius) was one of the Czechs whose visit to England had contributed...
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The Method of Evaluation on Mathematical Teacher's Ability in The Training Mode of Innovative Talents

Yihua Zhong, Xuxu Lin, Yuxin Liu
Teacher's ability is the most important and most direct factor influencing the quality of talents training. Talents determine the implementation of the “Chinese Dream”. With the existing situation of teacher's ability not meeting the requirement for training innovative talents, the evaluation index system...
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Research on Engineering Undergraduates' Engineering Awareness

Yu Shi, Junrou Ji, Chuanlin Li, Hua Liu
Engineering awareness is one of the most important and basic quality of engineers. How to cultivate the engineering and technical personnel, which can be applied to the modern scientific theory and technology, and the engineering technology talents with modern engineering consciousness, it is a practical...
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Case Teaching of Engineering Material Course in the Academic Degree Education of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Huie Hu, Xiaodong Kong, Yulong Hu, Guoming Li
Related to a wide scope of knowledge, many concepts and terminologies, the course of engineering material causes difficulties to students of engineering programming in non-materials science. Case teaching is a case-based teaching method, a heuristic teaching method, aimed to cultivate students’ ability...
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How to strike a balance in the qualities and skills about the university art education

Xiang Liu, Weiwei Sun
By comparing the education connotation of college quality education and vocational and technical schools skills, analysis of four aspects reasons about advanced art education in quality and skills, and puts forward solutions from three aspects, expecting to develop useful talent for social and economic...
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A Case Study of a Chinese Postgraduate Student's Perceptions of Studying in a New Zealand University

Sijia Xue, Dave Yan
This article reports on a case study which investigated a teacher student’s perceptions of his international experience in the academic study at a New Zealand university. The study formulated two research questions and conducted an in-depth interview with this ESL learner. The learner’s journal to reflect...
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The Study on Stylistic Features of Public Speaking

Chunying Li
Public speaking is a kind of literature stylistic, which includes plenty of specific categories, such as the public speech, preachment of the religion and the public lecture given by the university teachers. A successful public speech owns tremendous social functions and interpersonal meanings.Though...
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On EFL Teachers’ New Roles in E-learning

Shixiang Liu, Bingyan Zhu
With the development of computer network and information technology, E-learning has become one of the most important teaching modes. The article introduces the historical background of E-learning, and compares the features of traditional college English with EFL teachers’ new roles in E-learning. It...
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Experimental Research on Reflection-based Deep Learning

Hao Zhang, Xiujuan Wu
Reflection-based deep learning, essentially a type of deep learning, aims to promote deep learning by developing reflective learning ability. In order to test "the promoting effects of reflection on deep learning", according to the process model of reflection-based deep learning, we designed the experimental...
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The Research and Analysis of Rural Information Poverty in Guizhou

Jun He, Ou Li, Mei Cai
The information poverty in Guizhou has its own character and genesis. With the rapid development of information technology, the problem is increasingly outstanding. Information poverty increases the cost of the rural economy development in corresponding areas, while hampering the economic development....
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Research and practice of new technology and teacher education fusion mode under the future education space station

Yiquan Kong, Tao Wu
this paper analyzed the definition of the integration of new technology and teacher education in the future education space station, and discusses the new technology and the depth of the integration of the teacher education connotation. And then from the perspective of process division dimension fusion...
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“Cage” Interpretation in Promoting the Construction of Anti-corruption Excerpted from The Governance of China

Ying Shen, Cuiying Ye
The Governance of China was published in October, 2014. This book includes a series of important statements proposed by Xi Jinping. It is a window for the international community to know the contemporary China. Xi’s Promoting the Construction of Anti-corruption in The Governance of China reflects a unique...
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A Management Scheme for the Universities’ reform on Human Resource Management and Development in China

Yun Yuan, Xiuli Cai
Effective human resource management can improve the performance of universities and also enhance its development. Many Chinese universities, which are carrying on the comprehensive reform nowadays, give higher priority to existing personnel management on their reform agendas. In order to have better...
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The Inspiration of CDIO Engineering Education Mode to University Physics Experiment Teaching

Juan Fan, Guoheng Zhang
CDIO engineering education mode is the latest achievement of international engineering education reform in recent years. This paper quote the CDIO engineering education idea to the university physics experiment teaching, as the experimental project for guider, emphasize learning by doing, assign different...
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Study on Bilingual Teaching of Franchising Law in China

Xiaowen Xiao, Yu Zhao
The remarkable economic development in China and the globalization tide, as well as the internationalization of higher education have promoted the talents exchange between China and all over the world. To cope with fierce international competition with the bilingual ability as the era of global economic...
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SLA: An Formulaic Language Perspective

Bingyan Zhu, Shixiang Liu
Formulaic languages are prefabricated multi-word patterns, continuous or discontinuous, which are stored and retrieved whole from memory at the time of use. Both EFL and native speakers’ natural language makes considerable use of formulaic language. The formulaic languages, which was noticed 50 years...
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Studies on Training Applied Technique-oriented Talent of Safety Engineering Profession

Huiping Liu, Zhangrui Liu, Peng Zhu, Daoliang Zhao
Under the background that the education of local institute should be changed from the regular higher education to the applied technique and vocational education, as proposed by China’s Ministry of Education, according to the characteristics of the safety engineering discipline and the investigation results...
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The Approaches of Design Knowledge Integration in Innovation Design

Fei Hu, Xipeng Shen, Xi Zhang
This paper reveals the identity which integrated innovation and design innovation have in solving complex problems and preferred matching integrated innovation elements , and the differences in the field of knowledge and integration standard. In the face of a wide range of interdisciplinary knowledge,...
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Research on the Application of “SPM” Mode on the Practical Teaching of Financial Management Major in College

Mingzhi Liao, Yanyu Chen, Dandan Tian, Nianqi Jiang
As a major that connects theories and practice closely, financial management major of higher education is supposed to take practical teaching as its main task. In this paper, the "SPM" mode proposed by American educational psychologist Jerome.S.Bruner,is applied to practical teaching of financial management...
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Studies on Validity of Incentive Evaluation of College English Teaching

Hanying Guo, Xiujuan Jiang
In the context of work-integrated learning mode, the reform of college English teaching has been made progress. High affective filter and deficiency of study strategies drive incentive evaluation as an essential condition to attain teaching objectives. To enhance the effect, efforts should be focused...
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On the Development of Higher Education Training Model and the Innovation of Quality Education for Probability and Statistics Curriculum

Xiaonan Xiao
With the rapid development of modern science and technology, college graduates with comprehensive abilities are in great demand. Training their students to meet the need of this information era is a glorious and urgent task for high educational institutions. Tracking the development of modern technologies,...
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The Background and Development of the Youth Leadership Education in China

Yufang Chao, Yuee Li
In-depth analysis of the background of the youth leadership education, is conducive to better coordination of resources, to co-ordinate the efforts of all parties to promote this work. The background of the current youth leadership education mainly include: enhanced the uncertainty of the economic and...
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Exploration and Practice of the software series course Practical Training System in Application-oriented Undergraduate

Xinjun An, Jimin Liu, Na Su
Based on the requirements for application-oriented undergraduate students, we analyzed the disadvantages in traditional training course. Such as single target, content dispersion, etc. We integrated the curriculum system, reconstructed the teaching content, realized the seamless cohesion between the...
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Some ideas on the teaching reform of the numerical analysis for the undergraduate

Shouhui Zhang, Xuanxin Wang
Numerical analysis is a mathematics course, which is applied widely in model constructing and application for engineering and techniques. Based on the teaching experience of many years, the author mainly puts forward some new thinking on the teaching reform, which includes the transform of learning concept,...
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Some thinking about electrical professional courses teaching

Panfeng Guo, Zhenxing Li
Electrical professional courses characteristics is described in this article, then the problems existing in the teaching and student's attitude toward professional elective course were analyzed and discussed. And on this basis, by changing the professional elective course teachers structure, improve...
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Discussion on Teaching Method of Electronic Technology based on MOOC

Panfeng Guo, Shenghui Zhao
After the emergence of MOOC, it has been the impact of the University Theory Teaching and stimulated the reform of College Teaching. The concept of MOOC is analyzed in this paper. This paper also describes the impact and significance of MOOC in the teaching of electronic technology. And then, the teaching...
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Legal Support for Environmental Public Governance—View of soft law

Shaojie Lang
The seriousness of problems is in urgent need of environmental public governance. It should move toward good governance. Soft law is a complement of hard law .It is fitted with the model of public governance and should be the right path of good governance. Soft law is applied in not only international...
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Research and Practice for Design and Making of Microlecture

Liang Chang, Shangfu Gong
Modern information technology used in teaching brings tremendous changes to teaching mode and effects. Appearance and application of microlecture make learners not be restricted to space and time. It has formed a new learning resources organization method for ubiquitous learning environment and informal...
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Evaluation Model for CAI Courseware based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Theory

Hongyan Liu
Aiming at the defects and deficiencies of the current assessment of teaching evaluation of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) courseware, combined with existing evaluation methods and norm system of CAI courseware, a comprehensive evaluation model for multimedia CAI courseware was proposed in this paper...
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Beijing University Efficiency Evaluation Based on DEA

Yanfang Zhang, Xiaoxin Chen
Based on the teaching and the scientific research data in 2000-2010, this paper utilizes DEA (C2R and BC2) model to evaluate the higher education resources allocation scale and effectiveness. The results show that, the University enrollment expansion in Beijing in 1999 had taken effect in 2001 and 2002....
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On the Cultivation of Non-intellective Factors in Chinese Teaching

Zhenying Liu, Yun Wang
Non-intellective factors play a significant and positive role in sports school students’ cultural course learning and their growth and development. Chinese teaching has unique advantages in the cultivation of students’ non-intellective factors. Taking Chinese teaching as an entry point, this paper investigated...
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Experimental Teaching Evaluation Based on Multiple Intelligence theory

Lixin Wang, Chonggang Fu
‘Modern educational technology experiment’ is a required course for students of teacher education major to cultivate professional skills. Previously, the evaluation of this course was mainly based on the paper experimental reports and multimedia works submitted by students, this way of summative evaluation...
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Investigation for Countermeasures and Ways of Cultivating Innovative Students of Art Design in University

Zhaocheng Wang
Specialty of art design has highly integrated disciplines and more strongly practicing of professional technical skills. Along with the social demands for higher professional is greater today, the educators of University shoulder a mission of the education and training of creative students for art design....
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Revolution of Books and Education

Guangming Wu, Yanchi Liu
The objective of this study is to promote digital books, to make education resource available to people anywhere equally. This paper presents an analysis on the development of books, offering the conceptions of E-edu, indicating that it starts from education and textbooks as well as its function-designs...
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Problem oriented Research-style teaching methods for engineering education

Wei Xiong, Anming Li, Shiwei Su
In view of the engineering course the characteristics of content abstract, theoretical depth, strong practicality. Study how to combine knowledge of problem solving process one by one to set up the teaching link. From knowledge review, new knowledge introduction, knowledge formed on cohesion and summarizes...
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On Cultural Awareness in Middle School English Teaching

Li Zhang, Caiyun Zhang
This paper focuses on enhancing students’ ability of cross-cultural communication and their understanding of cultural differences especially in attitudes and values. Teachers can obtain the goal by providing cultural information, experiencing culture via role-plays, explaining culture with authentic...
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New Understanding on Connotation of College Teachers’ Language Accomplishment

Yihuan Wang, Liansheng Yang
By comparing basic approximate concepts like langue, parole and discourse as well as accomplishment, cultivation and quality, this paper interprets the connotation of language accomplishment again, so as to clarify the basic connotation of college teachers’language accomplishment. Investigation is conducted...
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Discussion on the training mode of engineering masters of school-enterprise associate laboratory

Jianhua Xiang, Chunliang Zhang, Zhijian Gan, Guiyun Liu, Chao Zhou, Conggui Chen
In consideration of talent shortage of engineering masters and low quality of engineering education, and in order to effectively strengthen the engineering practice training, this paper elaborates on the significance of creating school-enterprise associate laboratory to train engineering master talents...
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Study on the Role Change of English Teacher  in the Context of Reforms in English Teaching

Xingying He
The aim of this paper is to investigate the possible effects of reforms in College Entrance Examination and college-level English education on teachers’ position and development. We examine the history of English teaching reforms in recent 36 years in major cities and regions, its driving forces and...
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Construction of College English Autonomous Learning Mode Based on Task-based Learning under the Network Environment

Guili Wang
The autonomous learning is an important and efficient approach to enhance the learners’ language acquisition. In recent years, the empirical study of autonomous learning of the scholars in our country has also achieved great progress. Combined the task-based teaching theory and the students’ real conditions...
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Teaching team construction of Circuits Theory under the background of the pilot college

Shiwei Su, Wei Xiong
In view of the different pilot class training mode and goal, student-centered, With course construction as the core, Build a teaching team of circuits Theory. Study on the team cooperation mechanism, Combined with construction of teaching material, the design of teaching content and teaching method reform,...
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The Relationship between Service Industry Development and Employment—Models and Empirical Analysis Based on The Data of Jiangsu Province

Yonghong Zou, Rui Wu
The main aim of this study wanted to find that changes in the absorptive capacity of employment of service industry. We use Jiangsu province as an example, calculating the employment elasticity coefficient to compare the absorptive capacity of employment of the three major industries, and also to compare...
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Legal Thinking on Improving of Chinese Affordable Housing Construction

Fuqiang Zhang, Yinghang Wang
To protect the citizens’ housing right is an important constitutionnal and legal liability of modern country. However, Chinese government has some difficulties to fulfill that in affordable housing providing and controling aspects. Referring to the experience of the United States’, Chinese government...
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Exploration on Improving the Quality of Continuing Education Teaching

Xinxiu Wen, Zeping Yang, Zhanquan Wang
With the rapid development of the Internet technology, it is imperative to reform current curriculum plan and traditional teaching mode to meet the information requirements of the times and improve teaching quality of continuing education. The paper analyzes the problems on course of Web design which...
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The Overview of Studies on the International Ability of MBA

Cuiping Zhang
In recent years, master of business administration(MBA), aiming at cultivating students’ international ability for a long time, becomes the research hotspot of the management of higher education again. Based on the related documents, this article concludes the research on the international ability structure...
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The Application of Nonverbal Symbols in Intercultural Business Communication

Xiangmin Li, Xin Zhao
According to the linguistic theory, here we study the application of nonverbal symbols in business communication. With the rapid development of international business activities, it has witnessed the increasing importance of the study in this field. Based on the former research, this paper presents the...