Proceedings of the International Conference on Education Innovation and Social Science (ICEISS 2017)

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Research on the Sino-foreign Cooperative Education in the Environment of 'One Belt One Road'-Based on the cooperation between China and Russian Federation

Wenjing Ke
Globalization and 'One Belt One Road' initiative both stimulate the cooperation of education between China and different countries. The sino-foreign cooperative education is a product. This paper aims to analyze the development about sino-foreign cooperative education between China and Russian Federation....
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Autonomy in English Learning and Academic Success: a Case Study

Huijuan Xue
This paper analyses how Qian utilises English learning strategies and improves learning efficiency to achieve academic success through autonomous learning based on a case study. The purpose of this study is to understand the correlation between her motivation, strategy, autonomous learning and academic...
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The Multidimensional Education Quality Evaluation System for the Master of Engineering

Kaikun Dong, Dianhui Chu, Li Guo, Kuanquan Wang
Quality is the lifeline of the education of Master of Engineering. In this paper, the quality problems in the education of Master of Engineering in China are introduced and discussed briefly. Then the Engineering Education Accreditation and its education quality evaluation methods are introduced, and...
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Construction of Multidimensional College English Instruction Model Based on MOOC

Guifang Zhang
In the context of the rapid spread of online education represented by MOOC, the teaching of college English has to carry on great reform in instruction model, teaching method and curriculum setting so as to promote the integration of modern network technique into teaching practice. MOOC-based multidimensional...
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Research on Competition Training Based on Blended Learning

Jie Liu, Xiaoli Long
Traditional courcing competition integration training can not change the situation of passive learning. Blended learning based on mobile learning is mainly based on students' self-study, which can realize students' personalized learning. Competition training based on blended learning is bound to change...
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The Relationship Between Economic Development and the Education of Rural Doctors

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
The effect of economic development on education of rural doctors is analyzed in this paper. According to the literature report, we investigate how the county health bureau and township health hospital implement the medicine education to doctors and how the rural doctors participate in the medical education...
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A Preliminary Study on the Construction of Teaching Quality Evaluation System for Postgraduates in Local Colleges and Universities

Wei Xu, Nan Yu, Song Liu
The key to improve the cultivation ability of postgraduates is to establish the computer-aided evaluation system. Also it takes students evaluation, peer evaluation, expert evaluation and self-evaluation into consideration. This paper is based on the methods of principal component analysis and fuzzy...
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Practice of Curriculum Teaching Reform on Green Transport Packaging

Yabo Fu, Haowei He, Lijuan Liang, Lizheng Zhang, Guorong Cao
As a compulsory lesson for undergraduate students majored in packaging engineering, Green Transport Packaging is a multi-disciplinary and practical course. To improve the teaching effect of this curriculum both theoretically and practically, some work was done to enhance students' competitive ability...
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Complicated Engineering Issues about Electrospraying - A Vivid Lesson for Engineering Education in Higher School

Yonghui Wu, Yudan Huang, Huiqi Sun, Yuxuan Qin, Mengxue Zhou, Dengguang Yu
The capability of finding and resolving complicated engineering issues is very important for the college students to begin their career. In high school, teachers should take advantage of advanced technologies in two ways. One is to transfer the knowledge and practice experiences to the students and the...
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Divergent Thinking during the Electrospraying Processes for Implementing Engineering Teaching in Higher Education

Yaoyao Yang, Wangqiu He, Shifeng Liu, Jing Xu, Yiyong He, Dengguang Yu
Knowing how to do divergent thinking is very important for cultivating the creativity of college students in high education. In this paper, an advanced technique--electrospraying was exploited as an example to explain how to foster the undergraduate students' divergent thinking. From the preparation...
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From Mechanical Comminution to Coaxial Electrospraying: Innovation Education to the Graduate Students

Yonghui Wu, Yan Li, Wei Zhang, Jun Zhu, Meijuan Liu, Dengguang Yu
It is a gradual development process that the creating of fine solid materials from mechanical comminution to the single-fluid electrospraying, and to the coaxial electrospraying. From these processes, a series of materials can be exploited for innovation education to the graduate students who will begin...
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Teaching Methods Reform and Curriculum Construction of "Atmospheric Sounding"

Lingli Fan, Guangya Zhang
Through the analysis of the situation and existing problems of "atmospheric sounding", a series of pertinent teaching research have been carried out, the goal of scientific curriculum construction has been determined, and a reasonable and high-level teaching team has been set up to standardize the teaching...
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Research on Consumer Buying Behavior and Satisfaction Based on Fans Economy

Yuxuan Zhang
With the continuous development of the times, fans economy emerges unexpectedly. Fans economy, the hot issue in the context of new era, is right at the rapid development. Based on fans economy, fans are consumers and their buying behavior satisfaction is the key to fans economy. Judging from fans' buying...
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Design on College English Teaching Reform Mode Based on Information Technology

Yongyan Song
The purpose of this paper is to put forward the suggestion on how to design the college English teaching reform mode based on information technology. Innovative point of the college English teaching reform is compression of the theme course and increase of application in practice. In order to make the...
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Application of Modern Information Technology in Sci-tech Journal Editing and Publishing Process

Lihua Zhao
In order to improve the editing and publishing efficiency of sci-tech journals, to realize the digitization, networking and modernization of sci-tech journal editing and publication. This paper studies the application of modern information technology in the editing and publishing of sci-tech journals...
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Research on the Brand Image Building Route and Mechanism of Pop-up Store

Geng Huang, Xinqun Feng
In this paper, the author studies the corresponding mechanism of "flash" and brand image building from the perspective of "flash" marketing motivation and consumption mode. Through the analysis of the mechanism of the diversity of Pop-up Store flash store brand involved, which extends out the relationship...
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Study on Science and Technology Innovation New Measures in Developed Countries and Experience Reference in China

Xiaodi Wang
In 2016, although there have been a series of major events in developed countries, developed countries science and technology innovation have continued to increase investment in fields of science research, research scope expanding, establishment of a new science research goal to ensure competitive position...
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Research on the Cultivation of New Engineering Talents in Electronic Information Engineering

Yuhuang Zheng, Lin Chen
The development of new economy challenges the talents cultivation of traditional electronic information engineering majors. It is necessary to actively lay out talents cultivation for the future technology and industry, and reform in talents cultivation mode and practice content. This paper has made...
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Study on Personnel Training Mode of Excellent Engineers in Biomedical Engineering

Kuixing Zhang, Mei Jiang, Benzheng Wei, Yunfeng Xu
"The Excellent Engineers Training Project" has put forward some new requirements for the cultivation of talents in our country. It is significant to study the talent training mode of excellent engineer training. According to the training standard and the demands of knowledge ability for the biomedical...
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The Exploration of the Mixed-Mode Teaching Based on the "MOOC+SPOC"

Youliang Huang, Fengying Guo, Nan Jiao, Na Yuan, Juan Wang, Xing Zhai, Renquan Liu
MOOC has attracted many learners from all over the world with the advantages of open resources, low registration threshold and independent learning. As a new online education model, MOOC is a challenge and opportunity for the traditional higher education. SPOC is the product of the development of MOOC....
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Design of Bilingual Course Teaching of Database Principles

Jun Rao
The paper first introduces the necessity of bilingual teaching of database principle, analysis of some difficulties and problems faced in bilingual teaching, teaching content and teaching methods used are bilingual teaching in the curriculum implementation process. Then we discusses the design of curriculum...
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Research on the Computer Network Course under "Internet+" Environment

Fengjun Shang
In order to adapt to the "internet+" demand, we have optimized the contents about the computer network course. With respect to the teaching aspect, we have adopted hybrid hierarchy model, and constantly followed the advanced technology, to adapt to the constantly emerging and fast development characteristics...
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Research on the Name and Nature of Song Translation

Jun Qin
Until quite recently, song translation has not been paid enough attention in translation field, not only because of its vague discipline which both involves translation studies and musicology, but also the obscure name and nature of song translation. This article attempts to distinguish the different...
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Discussion and Practice on the Specialized English Teaching for Students Majoring in Automation

Beibei Wei, Kai Sun, Juan Li
The paper introduces the design, contents and methods of teaching of specialized English for students majoring in automation, which avoids the disadvantages of traditional teaching approaches and aims at improving students' abilities to acquire information and to communicate. Task-based teaching method...
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Research on the Cultivation of Science and Engineering Students' Entrepreneurship Ability under the Environment of Internet +

Jing Li
With the Chinese economic growth rate of downward pressure, economic growth is going into the high-speed stage, it is showing a new economic normal, but also brought greater pressure to the employment of college students. At the same time, with the continuous development of social economy, science and...
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Exploration of Enterprise Oriented Application Oriented Information Technology Talents Training

Kai Xiong, Kai Mao, Xuanchang Zhou
This paper introduces the characteristics and specific implementation process of enterprise orientation in the training of applied information technology talents. This paper analyzes the influence of two aspects of undergraduate teaching and college students' scientific research on the effect of talent...
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Research about the Talent Cultivation Mode Integrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship under "Internet +" Environment

Fengjun Shang
"Internet+" integrates various industries, and puts forward new requirements for talent quality. With respect to the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship talents under "internet+" environment, a series of methods are adopted, including optimizing the cultivation mode, and building the talent...
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A Study of ESP English Writing Based on Mobile Internet

Baomei Huang, Liang Wan
The thesis takes Writing an English Resume as an example. It conducts on analyzing the learning situation of student, genre analysis and then carry out the ESP English writing teaching based on mobile Internet. The author advocates the use of an autonomous learning approach in the following three stages:...
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An Emerging Relationship: China and Aung San Suu Kyi

Xuefeng Bai
This paper provides a general review of the impressions, assessments and interactions between China and Aung San Suu Kyi (ASSK) from the earlier years of her confinement to the landmark victory of her party in the election into the new Myanmar government. With the changed political landscape and fresh...
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Liaoning Progressing in Innovation Needs to Speed up Cultivating Talents of the Equipment

Xia Yang, Yan Hu, Guiqiu Liu, Zhaohui Dai
The purpose of this study is to train the necessary equipment manufacturing talents for the old industrial base, Liaoning, which is going forward in innovation. This requires cooperation among the government, universities, enterprises and research institutes. Colleges and universities, as the main body...
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A Study on the Governance Model in the Sustainable Development of Chinese Non-governmental Universities and Colleges

Ziling Qiu, Jiming Li
As the social changes and education reforms in recent years, Chinese non-governmental institutions of high education have played an essential role in China's higher education. Whether the governance structure is perfect and reasonable has an increasing influence and restriction on the sustainable development...
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Application of Project-Based Learning in Analog Electronic Technology Course

Jian Fang, Shengying Zhao, Lina Shang, Xuanchang Zhou, Cui Zhang
Analog electronic technology has a high demand for theory and application. Traditional classroom teaching makes students think this course is too difficult and too boring. The project-based learning is based on the design of the actual product, and emphasizes the autonomy, systematicness, practicality...
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Research and Exploration on the Training Methods of Experimental Ability of Engineering Students in Applied Colleges

Fang Ruan, Hebin Cheng
At present, such phenomena exist that college students lack active participation in experimental course and attach more importance on the design process instead of test, methods and skills learning. Based on the background of experiment teaching reform, this study pointed out the defects in the experimental...
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Exploration of Innovative Laboratory Construction and Team Training in Colleges

Hebin Cheng, Fang Ruan
The cultivation of innovative ability is one of the critical problems in the quality of College Students' talent training. This study, based on the operation and construction method of the open innovative laboratory, puts forward the laboratory management system in patterns of the project operation,...
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Discussion and Analysis on Student Work of Newly-promoted Undergraduate Universities in China

Ping Song
Following with deepening and development of reform of higher education in China, many higher vocational and professional colleges are promoted as undergraduate universities successively. For the purpose of original college student group, that how to adapt new system as soon as possible and to improve...
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Practical Study of University Sunshine Sports Instructors' Work

Jiaping Deng, Yingfeng He
Analysis of university in carrying out the sunshine sports , how to around college talents training objectives ,build for two-level academy "sunshine sports instructors " working mechanism, management system and evaluation mechanisms. And make full use of the school for nearly three years' work practice...
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Analysis on Characteristics and Value of Dragon Boat Culture

Yingfeng He, Qun Cong
Dragon boat culture originates in China and shows a long historical standing. Dragon boat culture is a typical Chinese culture that is extensive and profound. It meets the law of social development with positive factors, which is worth extending and developing strongly so that we can improve the soft...
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Discussion on the Direction of Undergraduate Electro-Mechanical Integration for Local Economy

Jiangang Yi, Siwei Ju
The direction of electro-mechanical integration in advanced education is a comprehensive major direction which includes the collection of machines, electricity, automatic control and detection, computer applications and other disciplines. The direction of major orientation was determined, general knowledge,...
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From "Made in China" to "Copy from China": Can Chinese Bicycle-sharing Lead the World Trend?

Junyun Jia
The development of "Internet plus" economy has given rise to a new era of "Chinese style sharing and all-win", and people all the world think it's breathtaking. Especially bicycle-sharing enlarges sharply in China and sweeps the world rapidly. Based on the research of predecessors, this paper analyzed...
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Research on Education Reform of Electronic Information Specialty in Local Colleges

Fang Ruan, Hebin Cheng
Many issues exist in education mechanisms of local colleges, for example, the teaching purpose is not clear, the curriculum is not reasonable and the teaching idea is not perfect. To address these issues, this paper focused on education reform of the talent training mechanism in electronic information,...
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Analysis of Brand Loyalty Under the Network Environment - Take Anhui Three Squirrels E-commerce Limited Company for Instance

Jie Zhang
The rapid development of the Internet makes online shopping become one of the main ways for people to go shopping, mobile online shopping becomes the people's first choice for its convenience. The online consumers' shopping habits and shopping styles are changing day by day, as a result, if an enterprise...
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Research on the Training Mode of Science and Technology Innovation Talents in Applied Colleges

Hebin Cheng, Fang Ruan
The cultivation of innovation ability is one of the basic tasks of talents training in applied colleges. In consideration of the current situation of the innovative ability, our research was conducted from the establishment of competition platform, the construction of cultivating innovative laboratory,...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Electronic Communication Major in Local Undergraduate Colleges

Xiping Ma, Zhongli Wang
Under the new situation, colleges and universities are faced with many problems, improving the quality of personnel training is the main problem of the current ordinary colleges and universities, but also the urgent requirement for talents in twenty-first Century. This paper discusses the innovation...
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The Discussion on the Revision of the Personnel Cultivating Program of Railway Traffic Operation Management Based on Engineering Education Professional Certification

Jing Sheng, Youming Tang, Liyan Qin
The formulation and improvement of talent training program has always been the focus of national colleges and universities. Aimed at the problems with the training program of personnel training for the already developed rail transit operation management, a revised method based on education professional...
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Error Analysis in English Writing of Engineering College Students Based on

Rui Sun
As an online English compositions revision system, is technologically supported by corpus and cloud computing. It has offered convenience to college English-learners as well as English teachers to analyze and correct the mistakes existing in students' English writing. Based on error analysis...
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Research and Practice of Innovative Talents based on the Internet of Things Competition Mechanism

Baoling Qin
The essay introduces the significance, method and application effects of innovative talents based on The Internet of things competitions. Analysis begins with the reform of teaching model on a basis of The Internet of things competition mechanism. By creating a platform of The Internet of things competitions,...
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Research on Data Visualization Technology in Teaching and Learning

Xiulian Jiang, Yining Song
Data visualization can convey unlimited information in limited space, and display intuitively the internal relationship between data, which is conducive to the discovery of implicit information. Use data visualization technology and tools, the teacher can visually process teaching content, intuitively...
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Analysis of Problems Existing in Rural Financial Products and Services Innovation in Henan Province

Minggui Cao, Juanjuan Li
Rural finance is the core of the modern rural economy. At present, the rural financial innovation in Henan province has obtained great achievements, financial innovation products emerge in endlessly, the mode of financial services is constantly being optimized. But there are still problems in rural financial...
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A Study on Financial Difficulties and Countermeasures in the Construction of New Urbanization -Taking Yibin City as an Example

Yukun Li, Yanqiu Shan, Jing Li
The new urbanization is an inevitable way of modernization, and the main engine to promote the sustainable development of economy. It is necessary to solve the financial difficulties and problems in the construction of new urbanization. Taking Yibin city which is located in the southwest of China as...
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Research on the Applied Talents Training of Three Chain Docking Oriented by Industry Demand

Fen Liu
To improve the training quality of applied talents, it is necessary to promote the organic connection between application-oriented talents training and social needs. Taking the industry demand as the guidance, the paper outlines some of the basic strategies and discusses some related theoretical and...