Proceedings of the 2016 International Seminar on Education Innovation and Economic Management (SEIEM 2016)

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Entrepreneurial Motivations and Risk Decision Making: A Theoretical Framework

Junping Yang, Kuangjian Wu
From a purely theoretical standpoint, the paper aims to see if there is a relationship between entrepreneurial motivations and risk decision making and at the same time explore the role of cognitive traits, including risk perception and self-efficacy, in the relationship. Based on established theories...
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Researching L2 Strategic Competence-Conceptualization, Mechanism, and Teachability

Yuan Cheng
Strategic competence as a crucial component in the construct of communicative competence has been widely recognized. Previous studies mostly focused on distinguishing, defining and advancing CS taxonomies. However, few studies were concerned with the underlying approaches to the defining of CS and with...
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The Content Classification via Bayesian Model in Meteorological Teaching

Guanlei Xu, Limin Shao, Yonglu Liu, Fengwang Lang
In meteorological teaching, in order to improve the teaching efficiency, the content classification is of much signification. After content classification, the teachers can give the detailed and better teaching plans to the students. On the other hand, these classified content can be employed for the...
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College Student Classification in Swimming Teaching and Training

Jinyan Yang, Guanlei Xu, Yu Li, Qiyang Zou
The swimming teaching and training play an important role in the university education. In order to improve the efficiency of swimming teaching and training for college students, the classification of college students is of much of signification before teaching and training. In this paper, we propose...
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The Role of Information Resource Planning in the Logistics Management of Electric Business

Jinying Li, Tao Pan
The task of information resources planning is to solve the planning and coordination of information resources related to application projects. This work can share the data resources in the maximum extent, and reduce data redundancy. This article discusses the existing problems, and we use data analysis...
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The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Gratitude Education among College Students

Ya-nan Yu, Ya-jun Yu
Due to gratitude-lacking, the morality landslide occurs frequently among college students. Thus, the purpose of this article is to learn current psychological situation of college students about their consciousness of gratitude, and to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of moral education in colleges....
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Discussion on the University Laboratory Service Mode Facing "Middle School Scientific Quality Education"

Ling Hong, Shunhua Zhou, Xinwen Yang
The cultivation of middle school students' scientific quality concerns the nation's future innovation capacity and comprehensive national strength. The practical experience of developed country shows that scientific quality education starting from primary and secondary education stages is crucial for...
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Research of Reverse Supply Chain Coordination under Asymmetric Information

Ruxiu Zhang
To promote recovery activities, this paper discusses a contract coordination problem by use of game theory, in a reverse supply chain under the guidance of government. Specifically, we present a nonlinear revenue function and consider enterprises' different risk preferences. We analyse collecting effort...
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Reverse Logistics Network Design for SF₆ in Chinese Electric Power Corporations

Hongqing Zhang, Yanfu Zhang, Yali Cheng
Greenhouse gas Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is widely used in Chinese electric power corporations. The corporations need to establish the reverse logistics network for SF6 recovery to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For managing SF6 waste and filling the research gap from theoretical...
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Research on the Theory and Practice of Improving the Scientific Research Innovation Ability in Independent College

Shitong Ye, Jianbo Ke, Linwei Huang
The ability of scientific research innovation plays an important role in the development of independent colleges. This article starts from the concept of scientific research innovation; know that scientific research and innovation is different from the previous thinking and behavior in a series of scientific...
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Analysis on the Supporting Mechanism of MOOC in Continuing Education

Haiyan Liu, Hao Li
As a product of the integration of education with information technology, MOOC has brought about an important change in the field of education in recent years. However there are various problems in MOOC platforms when they are used in continuing education. This paper first analyzes the basic functions,...
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The Calculating Model of Inventory Turnover Based on Time Value

Zhuo Qu, Bing Zhao
Inventory management level could represent a company's operating performance, and the rate of inventory turnover directly reflects the level of profits. Inventory being too high will make the enterprise be immersed in vicious spiral, and eventually lead to lower profits. Quick turnover rate can bring...
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The Research on Culture Inheritance and Development of Straw Art in Northeast China

Bing Liu, Fu Liu
In this paper, the historical context of the art of crop straw in the traditional folk art, the art form of expression, the traditional process and the operation skills are studied, in order to lay a theoretical foundation for the protection and renovation work of straw art in the future. The results...
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The Building Motives of Home and Foreign Enterprises Union under the Value Creation Ability--Research on the Enterprises Decision Behavior Based on the Discrete Variable

Lili Du, Xiaokang Hou
On the basis of the definition of value creation ability, the thesis analyzes enterprises decision behavior under the discrete variable, which concludes that the maximization of value creation ability is the unique principle of enterprises decision behavior. Based on this, the analysis of value creation...
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Research on the Training Mode of Professional Master with the Core of Practical Ability--A Case Study of the Control Engineering Field of Xijing University

Jingfeng He
The purpose of this paper is to explore the private university engineering master's service state special needs talent training project, how to improve the practical ability of engineering master to solve the practical problems of enterprises is a practical problem faced by the pilot colleges and universities....
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Ocean Plastic Debris Forecast and Control Model

Dongping Wei
The North Pacific Ocean Garbage patch increasing model is proposed in this paper to forecast the ocean plastic area in next decade. According to the model, the area of the garbage patch in the north pacific central gyre will grow to double sizes of Texas in next ten years. The models based on four controlling...
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Research on Local College Teaching Quality Security System Effectiveness-Taking Jilin Agricultural University as an example

Xianglian Zhao, Bin Sun, Shuli Wang
Over the years, the whole society is increasingly concerning about the talent training goal of higher education and its teaching quality with the rapid growth of the higher learning education. The improvement of higher education quality is determined by many factors, among which college teaching quality...
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Anti-dumping Accounting Research

Huiping Huang, Huimin Huang
Our objective in this report is to study the anti-dumping accounting. The lack of Chinese antidumping accounting ,there are the following features: It did not establish an anti-dumping accounting and competitors accounting information platform; internal accounting management system of export enterprises...
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Research and Practice of College Education System

Xianglian Zhao, Bin Sun, Jianzhong Zhou
To serve the society and economy of Jilin Province "three rural" development as the purpose and to respond to major national strategic needs for the ultimate goal brings together universities, local governments and enterprises tripartite forces to build a "multi-dimensional" cooperative education man...
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Feedback in College English Writing Based on Computer Automated Scoring System

Yun Xiang
In English writing instruction, the feedback plays a significant role in students' composition revision and now computer automated scoring system is a trend and applied largely in China. This paper first introduces three feedback, the scoring system and its operating principles, which demonstrate the...
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Implementing Six Sigma Techniques in Accounting Information Quality Management for China's Securities Companies

Li Li
In recent years, China's securities companies have experienced a wave of financial innovation in their business practices, especially in the capital intermediary business (CIB). Thus, innovative products and business lines pose significant challenges to the traditional way of information processing,...
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Practice Exploration Research on Practice Teaching in Local Colleges-Taking H University as an example

Xianglian Zhao, Bin Sun, Jianzhong Zhou
H University is selected to participate in the approval assessment by the Ministry. Based on this chance, this university has built "state-level, province-level and school-level" course construction system under the development method of creating high quality curriculum resources and promoting the all-round...
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The Optimized Research Framework of the Road Traffic Delivery Service Supporting System Based on Dynamic Capability

Hao Sun, Pingnan Ruan, Xiaoyan Liu
The delivery security system is the supporting system for guaranteeing the delivery system running, it has double attribute of public benefit and economics. This paper has used this as a starting point to analyze three main problems that the traffic delivery service supporting system is facing. We propose...
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Analysis and Enlightenment of Teaching Characteristics of the Applied Technology-Oriented Universities in the UK

Feng-hua Xu, Sheng-huai Wang, Wen-han Zeng, Tu-kun Li
Aiming at the transformation and development trend of local colleges and universities in China, this paper takes the University of Huddersfield as an example to study the undergraduate education of applied technology-oriented universities in the UK. And it analyzes the teaching guiding ideology, teaching...
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Marxist Innovation Education Exemplified in the Automatic Culture of Cordyceps Militaris

Qing Luo
To prove the efficiency of Marxist innovation education, its systematic contradiction method is applied here. Marxist innovation theory provides guidelines for the system-constructing of the automatic culture of Cordyceps militaris, which exemplified the three states of Marxist innovation education....
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Study on the Relationship between Population Urbanization and Economic Growth, Industrial Structure:Taking Bijie City as an Example

Yeying Hong
The aim of this study was that how to promote the development of population urbanization in the poor mountainous area, and to realize the industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, and to coordinate the population urbanization and economic growth, industrial transformation, promote each other. This...
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Research on the Training Mode of Excellent Agriculture and Forestry Talents in Local Colleges and Universities

Xianglian Zhao, Bin Sun, Jianzhong Zhou
In 2012 the ministry of education launched outstanding talents of agriculture and forestry education training plan. Vigorously Promote the Combination of Production, Teaching and Research, Agricultural Science and Education to Cultivate High - quality Talents of Agriculture and Forestry. But at present,...
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Study on Incentive Mechanism in the Construction of the Excellent Courses

Jinxiang Liu, Qiongjin Duan, Chunning Chen, Shiyou Li
Construction of the fine courses is a dynamic and improving process. However, in many universities there emerges a problem that construction begins well while sequent assessment seldom goes on. The reason for this inharmonious phenomenon in linkage of the construction of the fine courses lies basically...
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Project-Based Communication System Design Course

Hongfeng Gao, Wei Liu, Suli Xu, Baofeng Ji
This paper presents the implementation of communication system design course using projected-based learning method. In the project, students designed and simulated communication system in active learning ways. Communication system is interdisciplinary, which is related to knowledge from several courses...
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The Diversified Teaching Mode Reform of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission

Liping Xu, Haoyi Ma, Jian Li
With the development of national industrial level, the demand for innovative talents is higher and higher Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission is a course with strong practicality and comprehensiveness. Traditional teaching mode only pays attention to the teaching of theoretical knowledge and neglect...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Learning Efficiency for Undergraduates

Yan Chen, Ping Jiang
For undergraduate student, the learning efficiency for a course study often determines the final academic record. Thus improving efficiency is one of the most concerns for undergraduates during their university study. This paper aims at researching the influencing factors of learning efficiency, including...
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An Empirical Study on the Macro Factors Affecting the Income Gap between Industries

Manxue Chen, Kangyin Lu, Fenghua Zou
The problem of China's income gap is increasingly serious, especially the problem of income gap between the industry, leading to the economic efficiency, deepening social contradictions, employment problems and other economic and social problems. From the macro perspective, this chapter makes empirical...
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An Empirical Study on the Consumption Effect of Income Gap among Industries

Kangyin Lu, Manxue Chen, Mi Guo
On the basis of logic analysis, using macro-statistical data, this paper makes an empirical study on the consumption effect of income gap among industries by some measurement method, such as unit root test, VAR model estimation and Granger causality test and so on. The results show that the income gap...
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Satan, a Projection of Milton in Paradise Lost

Li Zhang, Wei Xu
This is to analyze how Milton projected his spirit and courage on Satan, the evil hero, in Paradise Lost. Satan is a word for "devil" because he is an adversary against God, a fallen angel for his arrogance and cockiness, and a great tempter of mankind. However, Satan is just a reflection of John Milton...
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Research on Evaluation Index System of the Third Party Logistics

Zuoren Wang, Ke Wang
This paper construct the evaluation index system of the third party logistics enterprises. Different from other researches, it was based on the Penrose's Firm Growing Theory. And it summed up the four elements of enterprise survival and development, which were named capital, professional skill, talent...
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Study on International Market Entry Mode of Beijing High-tech Enterprise

Yi Diao, Tianyong Niu
The success of Beijing high-tech industry internationalization strategy greatly affects the high-tech enterprises in the whole country, and even the national economy. The paper analyzes the international market status of Beijing high-tech enterprises to find the main factors affecting the international...
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Teaching Exploration of Circuit Theory Course Based on Improving the Innovative Ability

Bo Sun, Gang Chen
the circuit course is a first professional basic course for electrical majors with a connecting role. According to the characteristics of the circuit theory course, less class hours, and students' basic differences, the teaching reform program of the circuit theory course teaching methods based on improving...
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On the Cultivation of Students' Speculative Thinking Ability in Foreign Language Teaching

Jingjing Cui
This paper is based on the status of speculative ability both at home and abroad and the importance of thinking ability of foreign language teaching to explore on the cultivation of students' thinking ability in foreign language teaching. The cultivation of speculative ability promotes the application...
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Innovation of Automobile Manufacturing Technology Practice Teaching

Renhua Yang
In order to effectively improve the automobile manufacturing process practice teaching effect, this paper analyzes the present situation of automobile manufacturing process practice teaching and summarizes the existing problems in automobile manufacturing process practice teaching, and designs the innovation...
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The Application of Mind Mapping in Foreign Language Teaching

Jingjing Cui
In the practice of teaching, the interesting, diversity, flexibility and scientific nature of Mind Mapping are constructed for the students' mind mapping, which is based on the level of psychological development, and can be formed on the basis of intrinsic motivation. It provides the internal conditions...
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Practice of Improving Young Teachers' Engineering Ability in Application-Oriented Universities

Yufeng Lu
There are more and more young teachers in the higher school. But most of them come directly from colleges and universities and their engineering practice ability is insufficient. In order to training students' ability of engineering practice young teachers' ability of engineering practice must be improved...
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The Influence of Intercultural Awareness on Acquisition of Linguistic Competence

Hongli Gao, Xianfeng Feng
The linguistic system is part of the social system. The learning of language and the learning of culture can be learned without the other. Therefore, this paper expounds and analyzes the basic opinions of culture and Intercultural communication, discloses the importance and necessity of intercultural...
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Analysis on the Process of the Rural Land Transfer System in China

Lin Zhang
The rural land transfer is the product of the development of the household contract responsibility system, is also a matter of trial and error. On the basis of combing land transfer policy, this paper divides rural land transfer into five stages, and analyzes the problems of rural land transfer at the...
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An Analysis of Teachers' Workshop Based on Foreign Language Teachers' Career Development

Jingjing Cui
Based on the definition of teacher workshop and the guidance of the theory of career development of foreign language teachers, this paper explores the possibility of workshop-style teacher training, including the characteristics of workshop-style training; the combination of workshop-based training and...
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Investigation of Noncovalent Interaction Applications in the Organic Chemistry Teaching

Zhi-min Huang, Yong-fen Tong
The organic chemical reaction is a process of covalent bond breaking and forming. A number of discussions and research during organic chemistry teaching have been given to the properties and applications of various organic compounds' covalent bonds. Compared with covalent bond interaction, non-covalent...
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Design of a Student's Online Examination System Based on B/S Architecture

Guizhen Wang
With the development and popularization of computer network in science and education, the traditional way of examination with examination papers, answering mode and score management is undergoing tremendous change. To resolve the problem, a student's online examination system is designed and implemented....
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Research on the Construction and Optimization of China's Regional Credit System

Hangmin Li
Regional credit system is one of the general requirements in the national economic and social construction, and it is proposed in the Planning Framework for the Construction of Social Credit System (2014-2020) by China's state council. To construct and optimize China's regional credit system, this paper...
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Earnings Management: A Literature Review

Shuang Gao, Jie Gao
Earnings management is the one of the classic topics in accounting field. Most of the extant studies focus on accrual-based earnings management. Recent years, real activities earnings management has received more attention from researchers. Exploration of earnings management behavior can extend the current...
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Research on the Legal System Construction of China's Informal Financial Market Access

Xiaozhi Hu
China's current legal norms of informal finance is lacking in system, in which the absence of the market access system is one of the distinctive features. To construct China's informal financial market access legal system, and tackle the existing problems in the informal financial market such as the...
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Discussion on the Applicability of the Method of Carbon Emission Evaluation

Xiu'e Yuan, Chenli Wang, Yang Cao
The purpose of this paper is to study the assessment method of carbon emission value. Firstly I introduce the traditional evaluation methods in the process, which are market method, income method and cost method. Then I analyze the applicability of those methods by combining the carbon emission value....
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Exploring Teaching Reform of Engineering Drawing with Craftsmanship Spirit

Yu Sun, Xing Yin
With the development of technology, the traditional teaching methods of Engineering Drawing cannot adapt to the requirements of the times. To obtain satisfactory teaching effectiveness and meet the requirements of the construction industry in the new period, we reformed traditional teaching methods under...
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Kinematical Analysis on the Last Two Steps and Take-off Technique of Chinese Elite Male long Jumpers

Qiong Zhou, Zu-hua Xie, Teng-fei Yao, Wen-juan Wu, Jia-li Xu, Jiang-hua Li
Long jump is composed of the technical movements such as run-up, take-off, vacating and landing. The run-up and take-off techniques are the key factors to determine the performance in a long jump, especially the last several steps. In this paper, the last two steps and takeoff technique of the three...
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Physique Evaluation on the Students of Huanghuai College

Teng-fei Yao, Zu-hua Xie, Qiong Zhou, Jiang-hua Li
The aim of this paper is to evaluate fitness of the Huanghuai College students. 5024 students and 5809 students participated in this evaluation in 2014 and in 2015, respectively. The tests of body mass index, seat body flexion and 50-m run were carried out for all the subjects; the tests of pull-ups...
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Sport Injuries of the Students Majoring in Tennis in Physical Education School of Jiangxi Normal University

Zu-hua Xie, Teng-fei Yao, Qiong Zhou, Kun Tian, Jiang-hua Li
Tennis is a type of net-confrontational sport, which requires high physical qualities and high-intensity combat. For tennis players, who are engaged in tennis for certain years, sport injuries are common. In this paper, we surveyed sport injuries of the students majoring in tennis in Physical Education...
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Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival to Raise the Overall Influence of Wuhan City

Yaonan Li, Rui Hu
With the continuous development of Chinese economy, to promote the steps of city development, to expand the city's image and to enlarge urban influence force, holding an influential event has become an important force to promote Wuhan urban development. Based on sports such as economics, information...
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Analysis of Primary Energy Structure Based on Carbon Emission Reduction Targets and Countermeasures

Feng Ren
In order to study the feasibility of China's preset reduction targets in 2030, this study uses linear regression model, grey model and Markov model to forecast China's primary energy consumption, the structure of primary energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. This paper analyze the possibility...
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To Build an Optimization Model of Multi-Factor Decision and a Study of Its Application

Xiaonan Xiao
By using the fuzzy transformation and fuzzy integral, this article digs into how to conduct best fuzzy multidimensional synthetic decision theoretically and practically, and also finds out the mathematical model of the best fuzzy multidimensional synthetic decision so as to raise the standard of synthetic...
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Research on the Cultivation of Application-oriented Sports Professionals by University-Enterprise

Yao-nan Li, Meng-meng Yang
China's sports industry has become a new growth point of the national economy; the sports industry's demand for professionals has entered a "shortage". Therefore, it is important to study the significance of the way of the university-enterprise cooperation to develop the current needs of the professionals...
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Research on the Current Situation and Reform Measures of Logistics Management in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Wendong Zhao, Fenfen Li
With the rapid development of China's economy, logistics enterprises have become an important foundation for China's economic construction. Through investigation and study, this paper analyzes the current situation of the development of small and medium sized logistics enterprises in China, and puts...
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A Study of Clinicians and Continuing-Medical Education Programs

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
The aim of this study is to investigate the doctors' enthusiasm and attitude to continuing education, and the effect of continuing education on doctors' clinical skills. The current status of the continuing education including courses carried out, teaching objectives, teaching contents, teaching methods...
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Analysis of the Relationship between Doctors and Patients

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
To master a variety of communication skills to improve the relationship between doctors and patients by analyzing the relationship between doctors and patients on the basis of the theories of sociology and psychology and at a multidimensional levels including the social politics, economy, culture, psychology...
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Legal Effect of the Informed Consent of the Patient

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
To identify the situations requiring information of patients and how the doctors inform and determine the exemption of the doctors by interpreting Tort Liability Law which provides this principle in the basic aspect of civil law for the first time. The informed consent principle of patients is the one...
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Studies on the Relationship of Medical Resources and Development of Medical Advanced Education

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
To put forward the development strategy to speed up the talents cultivating. Cultivated talents are very important strategic resources in the development of college. Gathering and continuing to cultivate high-quality talents is necessary. In terms of college, that is the increase of the competitiveness...
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The Development Strategy Analysis of Cross-Cultural Education in College English Translation Teaching

Meijing Li
With the deepening of the world economic integration, the cross-cultural communication between countries becomes more and more frequent. The development trend of globalization puts forward higher requirements for college English teaching. At the same time, the cultivation of cross-cultural translation...
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The Application of Genre-Based Teaching Approach in College English Reading Teaching

Meijing Li
Genre-based teaching approach has exerted a profound influence on English teaching in the second language environment and also causes the extensive concern of foreign language teaching in our country, but it is still in the stage of theoretical exploration. The true sense of the classroom teaching practice...
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College English Teaching Innovation Strategy Research from the Perspective of Functional Translation Theory

Meijing Li
At present, English education in colleges has been improved greatly in the development process of the times, but hasn't experienced a fundamental change. In essence, college English education still maintains the traditional college English teaching mode. The development of the society has put forward...
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Research on College English Reading Teaching Based on CBI Teaching Concept

Meijing Li
With the emphasis on the English language application ability, CBI teaching philosophy based on content attracts more and more attention of education. The ultimate goal of CBI concept isn't teaching, but regards language as a tool to teach all kinds of knowledge and let learners acquire not only academic...
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Research on the Implementation of Human Resource Cost Management and Performance Pay in Colleges

Jinhua Song
To implement human resource cost management and establish a fair performance appraisal system in colleges, this paper analyzes the relationship between the performance appraisal and the cost of human resources, expounds the incentive function of performance pay in establishing a fair salary system. After...
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Research on the Mode of Generation Rights Trade between Renewable Energy and Self-generation Power Plants Based on Cooperative Game Theory

Tian Xia, Yongxiu He, Dong Song, Fengtao Guang
Under the background of wind and photovoltaic curtailment severely, it is an effective transaction mode to use the generation rights trade between renewable energy and self-generation power plants, which can not only alleviate wind and photovoltaic curtailment, but also can promote renewable energy consumption....
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Research on Important Techniques of Independent Learning-Based Course and Self-Learning Terminal Platform in Electrical Engineering and Automation

Haitao Pu, Weixiu Du
Following with the gradually improvement of smart phone and the coming of Internet plus era, the learners can get rid of the temporal and spatial confinement, and learn with their own requirement anywhere, anytime through mobile terminal. In this paper, the specialized courses of Electrical Engineering...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of Constructing Port Economic Circle in Ningbo

Hang Zhao, An-ji Zhu, Ling-ling Zuo
Ningbo made the "port economic circle" important decision-making in line with the strategy" the Belt and Road". Based on the analysis of the connotation of "port economic circle", it is considered that the construction of "port economic circle" will enhance the national strategic status of Ningbo, promote...
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Cultivation of the Spirit of Artisan in Enterprise Management

Chunhong Li
"The spirit of artisan" is significant and becoming more and more indispensable for contemporary enterprise management. Entrepreneurs coordinate and control the system, technology, workflow and other factors in management with the help of this spirit, which is characterized by prudence, commitment to...
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Research on the Reform and Innovation of Teaching Methods of Local Comprehensive Universities

Xiao-jun Ma, Mu Li, Chun-jiang Li
The reform and innovation of teaching methods in improving the quality of education play a vital role in higher education must be based on the teaching of advanced ideas and theories as a guide. Therefore, it is necessary to education and innovative teaching methods, principles, concepts, and objectives...
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The College English Paperless Teaching Reform

Caiyun Zhang
The continuous development of digital technology and information technology has promoted the reform of education. It has injected a lot of fresh elements into college English teaching and accelerated the process of English teaching reform. Meanwhile, it also has played a very positive role in stimulating...
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Study of Corpus and the Development of English Textbook

Yang He
This study investigates the differences between what textbooks are teaching and how native speakers actually use language as evidenced in the corpora. The author first makes a review of the literature on using authentic versus invented examples in the ELT context, followed by a critical account of what...
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Chinese-English Intercultural Awareness in College English Teaching

Caiyun Zhang
Intercultural awareness, as an important component of English language communicative competence, plays an important role in cultivating students' English learning interest and intercultural communicative competence, but it is also a link that many teachers and students can easily ignore. In view of this,...
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Research on the Problems of Corporate Sales Fraud Audit

Shouchun Xiong, Ming Zhou
With the development of The Times, sales fraud has become an important means of enterprise operation profit, the accounting and auditing is becoming more and more cause the attention of the public. Article on the base of the current sales fraud audit in our country, analysis of the sales fraud means...
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Research on Improving the Innovative Ability of Environmental Engineering Graduate Students

Shuqin Zhang, Hai Liu, Zhiqun Deng
In order to improve the graduate professional technology level and increase the employment competitive power, this paper explores a set of suitable education training mode and the corresponding management measures for the master of graduate students. According to the usual experience summary of master...
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Research on Mechanical Engineering Graduation Design of University

Anjie Yang, Janwei Yang
Graduation design is the key practice step in the teaching for undergraduate students and reflects the level of teaching and training of the university. This paper discusses the characteristics of mechanical engineering of undergraduate majors and analyses the main problems of the university graduation...
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Current Status of Humanities Education in Medical Students

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
The purpose of this study is to improve medical humanities education and solve the existing problems. To put forward some countermeasures: construction of teachers and subjects and reform of teaching content and methods. To establish a new medical humanistic education system of combining specialized...
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Gratitude Education in Medical University

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
The aim of this study is to improve the humanity quality of medical students by Facing the reality of deterioration of the doctor-patient relationship, teachers should improve the external conditions, deep into the medical students, pay attention to the cultivation of the gratitude mentality, help them...
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Research on the Teaching of Elite Education for College Students

Rui Zeng, Yong Zhang, Jinkun Sun, Qinhui Li
This paper expounds the necessity of promoting the elite education from three aspects: the need of the development of the University, the need of the development of the country and the need of individual development. Around the advantage of small class interactive teaching, including content and principles,...
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Research on Express Smart Locker Location Considering Customer Satisfaction under E-commerce Environment

Ao Huang, Tao Chen
Express smart locker location optimization scheme is proposed based on the delivery demand under E-commerce environment, to improve delivery network efficiency and to solve customer satisfaction problem. This paper takes into account the influence of distance on consumers' pickup service satisfaction...
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Information Ability Evaluation based on AHP for Students in Police College

Jianying Xiong
According to the existing Information Literacy assessment system and the information needs of public security, the research has constructed the police information application ability evaluation system. The evaluation system includes three first indicators and can further been subdivided into 10 secondary...
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Reform of College Students' Course Assessment Model Based on Process Control Theory

Qingzhu Qi, Qing Liu
This paper focuses on the reform of college students' course evaluation model. We apply the system process control theory to shift forward the control point of students' evaluation; change from "feedback control" to "process control", students' learning input can be homogenized. We also strengthen the...
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Study on Cultivating Students' ability of Practical Innovation-Illustrated by the Example of the Teaching Reform of Detection Courses

Guiqin Xu
The ability of practical innovation is an important index to measure the comprehensive quality of college graduates. With the aim of cultivating students' practical innovation and solving the contradiction between the system of routine detection courses and the existing demands for relevant talents,...
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How to Improve the Ability of Verbal Communication between Doctor and Patient

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
To explore implementation of language standardization training on the doctor-patient dialogue and evaluate the effect by the methods of analyzing and summarizing the concrete implementation situation of language standardization training in some hospitals. Through the doctor-patient dialogue language...
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Rational Use of Smart Phone in English Learning

Wenyu Xu, Liangqiu Lyu
The smart phone, a tiny electronic device working like a computer, has gained more and more popularity amongst people, especially young students. Other than functions like communication and entertainment, the smart phone has greater and deeper influences in various activities of modern society, for instance,...
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Research on the Studying Behavior of Accounting Dual-degree Undergraduates Based on Motivation Theory-Samples from Shenyang Agricultural University

Xue Ai
This research tried to investigate what motivation makes the students choose to account dual-degree education .The author finds that both internal and external motivation may affect the decision. While in the studying process, the students didn't make better use of their time and failed to keep the internal...
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Research on the Development and Countermeasure of Industrial Clusters in Heilongjiang under the Background of Mongolia and Russia Economic Corridor

Shuang Yang, Demei Sun
In the case of "Mongolia and Russia economic corridor", the cooperation among nations is becoming more and more frequent, as the North bridgehead only starting from the whole mining industrial clusters play a specific regional competitive advantage can Heilongjiang Province promote economic prosperity....
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Research on Industrial Structure in Northern Jiangsu

Jian Chen, Jun Wang
With the rapid economic development of Jiangsu province, the unbalanced development of regional economy is becoming more and more obvious. Under the background of present adjustment of industrial structure, this paper uses the shift share analysis method to analyze the reason that the economic development...
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Experience and Enlightenment of the Governance Structure of German Universities

Xiao-jun Ma, Mu Li, Hong-wei Pan, Chun-jiang Li
The paper describes the development history of German university governance structure, and analyzes the governance model characteristics of German universities: decentralization, self-management, principal responsibility and stakeholder participation, academic autonomy model. Through the research on...
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Knowledge Map of Chinese Social Stability Risk Research-Based on the quantitative analysis of CiteSpace

Meiling Wen
The use of information visualization tool CiteSpace, analysis of the download from the CSSCI database to the "social stability risk" in the records, drawing the social stability risk term co-occurrence, document co citation and journal co citation, author co citation knowledge map. By means of information...
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Research on the Strategic Development of the Reform and Transformation of Independent College to Application-Oriented College-Deepen the reform of the system and mechanism of application-oriented college

Zhiping Wan, Shuang Liu, Jing Li, Feng Wang
Independent colleges as local colleges, after more than 10 years of development, from initial infrastructure development to the current internal development, based on Parent College rapid promotion, has playing a great role in the whole undergraduate education. From the collaborative innovation development...
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Understanding of The "Combat"Requirements, Deepen Reform of Serving Officers Teaching

Wenxiu Wang, Kui Huang, Ruili Zhang, Yang Liu
This paper studies "combat" teaching method in the teaching of serving officers. First, teachers should set up the idea of "teaching for war" through promoting teaching training closer to the forces and teaching cohesion forces training. And then, we have realized "combat" in teaching content, teaching...
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Analysis of Quality Control of Professional Training Teaching Reform

Ruili Zhang, Yang Gao, Xinhua Wang, Ping Fang
This paper discusses problems existing in the training for professionals of quality control and analyzes the gap between the training and the combat teaching according to the actual teaching situation in colleges and the reform of the combat teaching. Owing to my rich experience in teaching, I put forward...
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Study on the Mode of the Postgraduates' Cultivating Based on the Combination of Industry, University and Research-An example on the electrical engineering specialty of East China Jiaotong University

Shibing Liu, Ying Yang
In this paper, the author analyzes the main modes and problems in the Industry-University-Research model to cultivate postgraduates. It concludes that the key to the next step is to establish and perfect the relevant institutional arrangements, to regulate the employment of enterprise tutors, and to...
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China's Dilemma of Cross-border E-commerce Company-Take Amazon China as an Example

Lunan Zhao, Shui Jin
With the continuous extension of information, human beings can always tap the existing business opportunities and the e-commerce platform is to flourish in the context of the globalization of the Internet. It takes the computer network as the carrier, and builds a virtual network of transactions between...
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The Current Status of Patient Privacy

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
To actively protect the patient's right of privacy is beneficial to the realization of freedom and development, to achieve peace and independence of the individual. Based on the realities and situations of our country and though learning foreign experiences, suggestions are provided. Patients' right...
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The Ethical Dilemma of Tanbi Culture in New Media Age: A Case Study of Tanbi Internet Drama in China

Qianru Wei
With the help of internet technology, media culture and marketing, the presenting ways of literary works have become more diverse. The network dramas, adapted from boy's love stories, have been widely sought after, which has not only changed the audiences' viewing habits and acceptance criteria of traditional...