Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2019)

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Features of Language Interference in the Process of Learning Chinese as a Second Foreign Language in Russia*

Tatiana M. Soloveva, Maia A. Egorova
The article deals with a problem of a language interference in the process of learning foreign languages with the stress on Chinese language by Russian-speaking students. The author is using his own experience in the course of studying this problem and makes an attempt to show the roots of the problem...
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The Course of Phonetics of Russian Language in Sanya University

Elena S. Mikitchenko, Marina V. Borovikova
The formation and development of linguistic competence in the process of the aspect-based studying of Russian language is inextricably connected with studying of Russian phonetics and intonation. Phonetic skills are the basis for the formation, development and improvement of skills and knowledge in all...
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Application of CBL Combined with PBL Model in Oncology Teaching in Colleges and Universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine*

Jinghui Wang, Wenyu Wu, Zhu Yang, Dongxin Tang
Because of the lack of knowledge structure and basic knowledge of oncology, the students of universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine have difficulties in understanding the course content, and universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine need to further strengthen training students’ clinical thinking...
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Brief Discussion of the Ideological and Political Education Function of Literary Works

Miaomiao Hu
Chinese traditional culture has a long history, and literature is an important manifestation of the traditional culture. In the thousands of years of development course of China, literature has influenced generations of Chinese students based on its extensive knowledge and profound thoughts. Literary...
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The Problem of Creating Grammatical Teaching of Text

M.Y. Blokh
Considered is the dictemic theory within the framework of the general teaching of grammar. The paper shows that the discovery of the dicteme as an elementary unit of text is connected with the analysis of the segmental hierarchy of language. The investigation has led to identifying an additional level...
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Study on Main Factors Influencing Chinese Students’ English Grammar Learning

Huazhi Xiao
By observing three classrooms of one teacher from Guangdong province of China and making online and offline interviews with the observed teacher and three students from the observed classroom, the main factors influencing college students’ English grammar learning are found: beliefs, learning strategies,...
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Theory of Free Education of K. Wentzel as the Development of Pedagogical Theory and Practice of L. N. Tolstoy

Vladimir Mikhailov
The article deals with the diverse creative heritage of K. Wentzel: a student of L. Tolstoy, a theorist and practitioner of pedagogy, a philosopher, sociologist, political scientist and theologian.
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Study on the Improvement of Communication Ability of Rehabilitation Technology Major Students in Higher Vocational Colleges by Experiential Group Counseling*

Peng Cheng
With the changes of disease spectrum and the aggravation of aging, rehabilitation medicine has become an important pillar to improve people’s quality of life and promote the construction of a healthy China. It is also a top priority to train a team of highly qualified rehabilitation therapists. It is...
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Education of Literary Classics and Cultivation of Empathy*

Yonghong Gao
Previous researches have shown that reading literature fosters empathy. However, problems still exist in the educational function of reading literary classics and the classroom approaches. This paper is intended to discuss the values of literary classics education in the new era and strategies of cultivating...
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Study on the Limited Roles of Peer Feedback*

Dongmei Zhou
Peer feedback is a practice where feedback is given by one student to another. It has been studied at home and abroad for many years. More research is about its effect on improving students’ writing, less about its limited roles. This paper first introduces peer feedback and then discusses its limited...
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A Study on the Foreign Language Translation Ability and Its Training Platform Construction Based on Computer Technology*

Wenjuan Lin, Ying Zhang, Wei Liu
Along with the popularization and development of information technology and network platform, computer technology has played a very important role and exerted influential effect in the field of education and become a significant way and approach to realize the modernization of education. This paper will...
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Study on Class Teaching Equity in Cooperative Group Learning*

Yuqiong Wu, Yu Liu
Educational fairness is the consistent pursuit of human society and the realistic goal of China’s educational development in the era of knowledge economy. Under the vigorous promotion of the new curriculum reform, the interaction between teachers and students is becoming more and more equal, students’...
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Research on the Cultivation of Students’ Personality in Physical Education

Fude Ding
With the continuous development of society, the speed of knowledge update is getting faster and faster, and more and more ways for people to accept new things make the society put forward higher requirements for the quality of people. Quality education refers to an educational model that aims to improve...
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Exploration on English Teaching Reform in Local Higher Education Institutions Based on the “X-Argument”*

Hao Zhang
Currently, there are some problems in English teaching in local higher education institutions, such as relatively weak teaching staff, unreasonable curriculum design, insufficient teaching methods, outdated teaching concepts, and weak independent learning ability of students, etc. The fundamental solution...
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Oral English Teaching for English Majors from Achievement Motivation: A Case Study of Sichuan Minzu College*

Panpan Cao
Most English majors in Tibetan minority areas don’t dare to speak English in class and out of class for various reasons, which poses a big challenge for oral English teaching. Achievement motivation is of great importance for English learning and could be applied to guide English learning. After introduction...
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Discussion on a Task-Driven Approach Integration of “The Course of Ideological and Political Education” into the Reform of Art Design Curriculum in Colleges and Universities: A Case of Plane Composition*

Lijuan Xiong
Taking the course of Plane Composition in art design major course as an example, this paper puts forward to integrate “the course of ideological and political education” into the teaching of art design major course, and puts forward the possibility of plane composition curriculum task-driven teaching...
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Study on International Relations and Training of Diplomatic Personnel in Brazil and Bolivia

Alla Borzova, Santos Johnatan Da Costa, Maria Luisa Claure Quiroga
The interest in studying international relations in Latin America was due to the desire to assess the changes in the foreign policy, to achieve a more beneficial insertion into an international system for exercising autonomy, created new needs in terms of the systematic analysis of the region’s relations...
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Analysis of Mandarin Learners’ Compliment Response from Interactional Perspective*

Yang Zhang, Qinhai Hao
Compliment and its response are widely used in the communication. In the recent sixty years, they are the focus in the research of anthropology and linguistics. However, the existing study on the acquisition of compliment response by learners of Mandarin is weak. This study will use the theoretical frame...
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Study on the Teaching of Chinese Classics Reading and Chinese Writing in Schools for Nationalities

Yashu Jin
Chinese is a second language for ethnic minorities. The learning content of China includes listening, speaking, reading and writing, among which Chinese writing ability is an important criterion for evaluating students’ Chinese ability. At present, in addition to the differences in language background...
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Research on Chinese Medicine Teaching Material Based on Vocabulary Teaching

Wei Yang, Guangyan Chen
This paper compares the vocabulary, diction rate, ranked distribution, distribution of the parts of speech and co-selected words collected in three Chinese TCM textbooks. The Chinese TCM textbooks have problems such as unreasonable control of vocabulary and distribution of the parts of speech, serious...
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Study on the Role of Mencius’ View of Justice and Interest in Cultivating the Bottom-Line Thinking Ability of College Students in the New Era*

Jizhen Wang, Hongmei Gu, Ailin Xie
The basic spirit of Mencius’ view of justice and interest is the same as that of Confucius’ view of justice and interest, which represents the Pre-Qin Confucians’ philosophy of valuing justice over interest. However, Mencius emphasizes people’s interest more than Confucius in the debate of justice and...
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The Construction of ESP Teaching System in Application-Oriented Universities

Xiujin Qian
In recent years, local universities have encountered dilemma in management and development because of following traditional principles. College English teaching, in particular, has long been time-costuming with low efficiency. There is a “two skins” phenomenon that English teaching and major education...
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Study on Students’ Perception of English Discipline in Universities of Science and Engineering in China

Shaoqun Wu, Yilun Yan
In recent decades, English discipline in Chinese universities and colleges has achieved a remarkable development. This paper investigated how students in China’s universities of science and engineering (USE) oriented the English discipline. The study intended to compare and analyze the similarities and...
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The Effectiveness of Online Automatic Evaluation on College English Writing*

Meigen Yu
Online Automatic Writing Evaluation has been developed for more than 50 years and studied by many scholars and researchers. This paper discusses its effectiveness: the application of AWE can stimulate students’ writing motivation and writing enthusiasm, promote them to improve the content, organization...
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Research on the Cultivation Strategy of Applied Talents in Local Agricultural Colleges and Universities Against the Background of New Agricultural Disciplines*

Hui Liu, Liyun Bian
The new era comes up with new challenges to higher agricultural education. Against the background of the construction of “new agricultural disciplines”, it is worthy of in-depth consideration that how higher agricultural education serves the “poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, ecological civilization...
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Discussion on the Application of Speech Skills in the Teaching of Art Majors in Colleges and Universities

Hongrui Liu, Feng Li
With the rapid development of art education in colleges and universities, it has gradually become in line with international standards. The speech skills of art-based professional teachers in teaching are increasingly valued. In view of the particularity of art professional education, this paper combines...
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Reflection on the Training of General Medical Students in China from the Development History of General Medicine in Australia and Other Countries*

Jian Huang, Dongling Liang, Zhongheng Wei
After understanding the mismatch path between general medical students in ethnic minority areas in the process of training and basic medical and health services, this paper ravels out the mismatch path of general medicine in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and other developed countries,...
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Analysis on the Characteristics and Construction Elements of the Core Competitiveness on College Students’ Employment

Ping Zhou
The core competitiveness of college students embodies the comprehensive quality of individuals, which is irreplaceable and unrepeatable. Constructing the core competitiveness system of college students’ employment can help students stand out from the severe employment situation and the huge employment...
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An Evaluation of Visualization Activities’ Effectiveness in EFL Reading

Xijin Lin
Visualization activities aim to help the language learners to build mental pictures while reading literary and creative texts. The application of such activities in reading class is to guide students to transform reading materials into visual images. Students can share their understanding of texts by...
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Effective Classroom Management in Drama English Class

Chen Lin
This work aims to find out some effective classroom management strategies in drama English classes. The four major components of classroom management, which are physical environment, learning, classroom procedures, rules and disciplines, will be firstly explored in theory and secondly researched in two...
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Research on the Construction of Public English Gold Course in Higher Vocational Education Against the Background of New Era*

Wenjuan Qian
The “gold course” is the most beneficial course for students. It is an important way to improve the quality of teaching in higher vocational colleges against the background of the new era. The importance of the course is not reflected in the course itself, but in the quality of teaching. The content...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Students’ English-Study Strategies in Higher Vocational Schools in Leshan, Sichuan, China

Li Zou
Against the background of globalization, English has become one of the most fundamental vocational skills. Nearly all vocations involve English. For the students in vocational schools, their English is far from satisfaction. Mastering correct study strategies is an effective way to solve the problem....
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Experimental Research in Phonics Classroom Instruction of Low-Grade Elementary Students from the Perspective of Translanguaging*

Hong Tang, Qinghua Peng
It is taken for granted that English-only classroom may be helpful to students in EFL teaching. However, there is an argument against this immersion approach, especially for low-grade elementary school students in Phonics Classroom Instruction. For the low-grade elementary school students, the immersion...
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Present Development Situation of Artificial Intelligence Law and Thinking on the Talent Cultivation

Teng Hu, Huafeng Lu
The development of artificial intelligence technology has attracted more and more attention and value; especially for legal education, it will determine the prospect of talent cultivation and career development. Therefore, based on the development and current situation of artificial intelligence law,...
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New Media: Cultural Confidence and Core Values Education in Colleges and Universities

Congcong Han
In the era of new media, along with the arrival of 5G era of the international Internet, new media has become the main field to broaden residents’ daily life communication. On the one hand, the development of new media brings new opportunities for college students’ education of socialist core values;...
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“Four Precisions” of Poverty Alleviation by Enrollment in China’s Colleges and Universities: Taking Gansu Province as an Example*

Jinyu Zhuang, Hui Gao
Poverty-stricken alleviation through enrollment in colleges and universities in China is an important part of targeted poverty-stricken alleviation through education. Different special enrollment policies are formulated and implemented for different poverty-stricken groups in different poverty-stricken...
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Investigation and Research on the Curriculum Setting of Physical Education Elective Courses in Colleges and Universities in China*

Xiaohui Yuan, Pengpeng Tang, Lijie Wei
In order to study the present situation of physical education elective courses in colleges and universities in China, this paper analyzes the number and categories of physical education elective courses offered in colleges and universities, the situation of sports venues and equipment, the strength of...
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The Significance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects for Undergraduates’ Graduation Thesis Writing*

Hui Liu, Liyun Bian
The wave of mass entrepreneurship and innovation has been carried out across the country, and China attaches more and more importance to the innovation consciousness of college students. With the implementation of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects, their innovation consciousness...
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Research on the Driving Factors and Models of School–Enterprise Cooperation in Economics and Management Majors of Universities*

Hang Gao
As a form of cooperative education, school-enterprise cooperation has been paid more and more attention by Chinese education circles. The economics and management majors of the university belong to the social science with strong applicability. The personnel training and positioning of these majors must...
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Research on the Influence Dimensions of Project-Based Learning on College Students’ English Learning Ability*

Yansong Feng
This paper aims to study whether project-based learning can have a significant influence on the English learning ability of college students and the influence dimensions through a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis. To this end, 80 sophomores were randomly selected as the tracking respondents....
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Study on the Innovation of International Talents Training in Colleges and Universities Under the Belt and Road Initiative

Dongqing Pan
With the progress of the Belt and Road Initiative, colleges and universities have been challenged by how to advance the international talent training. In the opinion of the author, the core of the Belt and Road Initiative is people to people bond, correspondingly colleges and universities undertake the...
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Research on the Application of Guanzhong Ballad in Children’s Music Education*

Lin Yan, Shan Hao
As a comprehensive traditional art form, Guanzhong ballad contains rich cultural memory and regional cultural connotation of Guanzhong region. It is mostly carried by dialect, and has three forms, such as literature, music and performance. It is entertaining and easy for children. Today’s children can’t...
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A Comparative Study on the Professional Identity of Primary School English Teachers of Korean Nationality from the View of Teaching Age*

Cong Qi
83 primary school English teachers of Korean nationality were selected as the research samples in this study, and the professional identity characteristics of Korean primary school English teachers with different teaching age were studied comprehensively and deeply by means of questionnaire survey and...
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Study on the “Flipped Class Model” of Teaching College English Based on Cloud Class in Private College—A Case Study of East University of Heilongjiang*

Bei Gao, Wei Zhou
This paper analyzes the definitions and application advantages of the flipped class model and the Cloud Class, and summarizes the practical application of the Cloud Class in the college English teaching of private colleges. It is concluded that it is feasible to apply the flipped classroom teaching model...
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Confucian Value on Rites and Music in Wei Dynasty

Yulong Li
The culture in the Wei Dynasty inherited the trend of “taking sadness as beauty” in the music at the end of Han Dynasty, and flourished under the promotion of the government. In the turbulent era of Wei Dynasty, the official culture showed a serious deviation from the Confucian value on rites and music....
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Shaping the “E-class” Education Platform to Promote Internet Ideological and Political Education*

Yanqing Yang, Ning Liu, Nan Wang
“E-class” has its unique advantages as a powerful grasp of network ideological and political education in colleges and universities. Based on the status quo and difficulties faced by “E-class” in constructing ideological and political education for college students, this article explores the effective...
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Analysis of Information Ability Factors of Young Civilian Faculty in Military Schools in the Age of Big Data

Kang Yi, Yuting Zhao, Qiang Wei, Na Zhang
This paper studies the information ability of young civilian faculty members in military schools in the era of big data, and puts forward 26 information capabilities that should be possessed. The factor analysis is carried out by SPSS software, and five common factors and their weights are obtained....
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Study on the Training Path of “Effective Connection” in the General College to Undergraduate Education: From the Perspective of Systematic Training

Xiaojuan Cao
With the gradual clear development of “Made in China 2025”, vocational education has changed from emphasizing “skilled talents” to “technical skilled talents”. As a general vocational education at undergraduate level, the education of college to undergraduate is of particularly importance. However, after...
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Reflections on Leveled College English Course Teaching

Guangping Sun, Wenqin Xie
This research is conducted for the purpose of understanding the extent to which the students in Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology would elevate their interests in English study in college. To do so, a new teaching method “Leveled College English Course Teaching” is used. The students are divided...
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The Construction of “5C” System of Education to Cultivate the Concept of Law Rule for College Students in New Era*

Lifeng Ma
Against the background of the overall rule of law, it is known that the college students form the concept of law rule is a basic project to realize the overall rule of law and speed up the construction of socialist law country. Colleges and universities should deepen the course system of education to...