Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2019)

300 authors
Al-Janabi, Maythem
The Issue of Understanding Muslim Culture*
Bai, Dan
Doctor-Patient Relationship Influence on Medical Students’ Profession Choice*
Bai, Yanyan
Study on the Creation of Chinese Main Theme Documentaries in the New Period*
Bai, Kunfen
The Relationship Between “Jiubian” and “Jiuge” and the Inheritance by Qu Yuan and Song Yu
Bian, Liyun
The Significance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects for Undergraduates’ Graduation Thesis Writing*
Bian, Liyun
Research on the Cultivation Strategy of Applied Talents in Local Agricultural Colleges and Universities Against the Background of New Agricultural Disciplines*
Blokh, M.Y.
The Problem of Creating Grammatical Teaching of Text
Bondarenko, Natalia A.
L.N. Tolstoy, A. Škarvan and D.P. Makovický in the Context of Russian–Slovak Relations
Borovikova, Marina V.
The Course of Phonetics of Russian Language in Sanya University
Borzova, Alla
Study on International Relations and Training of Diplomatic Personnel in Brazil and Bolivia
Bronnikov, Denis
Creativity of M.I. Tsvetaeva and E.T.A. Hoffmann in the Space of World Culture: Folk Tradition in Poetics*
Cao, Panpan
Oral English Teaching for English Majors from Achievement Motivation: A Case Study of Sichuan Minzu College*
Cao, Xiaojuan
Study on the Training Path of “Effective Connection” in the General College to Undergraduate Education: From the Perspective of Systematic Training
Cao, Guangtao
Investigation and Research on the Artistic Characteristics of Tea-Leaf Picking Opera in Northern Guangdong and Its Current Situation*
Cao, Yanqin
Cognitive Construction of the Official Discourse System in the Development of the National Central City of Xi’an*
Chen, Guangyan
Research on Chinese Medicine Teaching Material Based on Vocabulary Teaching
Chen, Hongmei
Application of TBLT in Classroom Teaching of Viewing, Listening, and Speaking: Taking Book 3 Unit 4 What’s the Big Idea for Example
Chen, Shuiyun
Doctor-Patient Relationship Influence on Medical Students’ Profession Choice*
Chen, Gangni
A Literature Review on Prose Study
Chen, Haiqing
Research on the Rhetoricization Existence in Chinese Network Buzzwords: From Deviation to Visualization
Chen, Xi
Discussion on the Translation Methodologies of Chinese Ancient Artifacts
Chen, Wenhui
Study on the Image Variation of Nezha in the Movie Nezha*
Chen, Zhengrong
Morphological Expression of Chinese Knot Graphic Elements in Logo Design
Chen, Ping
Biblical Archetypes of Settings in the Portrait of a Lady
Chen, Sijing
The Pursuit of Democracy and Science in Monster Visual Art of China in the Early Twentieth Century
Cheng, Peng
Study on the Improvement of Communication Ability of Rehabilitation Technology Major Students in Higher Vocational Colleges by Experiential Group Counseling*
Chi, Huixin
A Comparative Study on the Color Techniques of Chinese and Russian Ice and Snow Oil Painting Arts*
Claure Quiroga, Maria Luisa
Study on International Relations and Training of Diplomatic Personnel in Brazil and Bolivia
Da Costa, Santos Johnatan
Study on International Relations and Training of Diplomatic Personnel in Brazil and Bolivia
Dai, Nan
Research on Central Asian Chinese Media Against the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative*
Davydov, Stanislav Gennadyevich
Youth Subcultures of the USSR in the 1950–1980s
Ding, Fude
Research on the Cultivation of Students’ Personality in Physical Education
Ding, Fangfang
Cognitive Study of the Processing of Idioms
Ding, Guorong
The Protection and Inheritance of Suzhou Opera*
Duan, Mengtao
Analysis on the Application of OBE Concept in College English Teaching
Duan, Zhaoyang
The Concrete Embodiment of Hierarchy in Thailand’s Society and Its Analysis
Dudareva, Marianna
Creativity of M.I. Tsvetaeva and E.T.A. Hoffmann in the Space of World Culture: Folk Tradition in Poetics*
Dudareva, Marianna
Figures of Thanatos and Eros in “The Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom”: The Experience of Cultural Modeling*
Egorova, Maia A.
Features of Language Interference in the Process of Learning Chinese as a Second Foreign Language in Russia*
Fang, Ya
Discussion on the Translation Methodologies of Chinese Ancient Artifacts
Fang, Guanqiao
Study on the Publicity Translation Strategies of China’s World Cultural Heritage Against the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”*
Feng, Yansong
Research on the Influence Dimensions of Project-Based Learning on College Students’ English Learning Ability*
Fu, Guicai
Study on the Factors Influencing the Effect of Modern Lettering Works*
Fu, Pengfei
Study on the Factors Influencing the Effect of Modern Lettering Works*
Gan, Xiaorong
An Analysis of the Status Quo of College Students’ “Fragmented” Learning and Its Countermeasures*
Gao, Bei
Study on the “Flipped Class Model” of Teaching College English Based on Cloud Class in Private College—A Case Study of East University of Heilongjiang*
Gao, Yonghong
Education of Literary Classics and Cultivation of Empathy*
Gao, Hang
Research on the Driving Factors and Models of School–Enterprise Cooperation in Economics and Management Majors of Universities*
Gao, Hui
“Four Precisions” of Poverty Alleviation by Enrollment in China’s Colleges and Universities: Taking Gansu Province as an Example*
Gao, Shuai
Media Competitiveness of Live TV News
Gerasimova, Svetlana Valentinovna
Graph-Guru in the Postmodernism Literature: On the Example of Verses by Andrey Golov. Simplicity Concept
Gu, Hongmei
Study on the Role of Mencius’ View of Justice and Interest in Cultivating the Bottom-Line Thinking Ability of College Students in the New Era*
Gu, Yan
Research on the Training Mode of Industrial Design Talents Based on the Spirit of Craftsman*
Gu, Ying
Study on Integration of Culture Input into College English Teaching
Gu, Wanli
Research on Teaching Method Reform of Design Art Education*
Gu, Xiaoling
Pragmatic and Semantic Analysis of the Structure “Relax to (Below / Above / Within / Beyond / Under, etc.) XX”
Guo, Pei
Research on the Dual Mechanism of Internet Public Opinion Discrimination Based on University Campus Forum Against the Background of “Internet Plus Ideological and Political Education” Taking the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China as an Example
Guo, Jingxiao
A Contrastive Study of Evidentiality in English and Chinese MA Thesis Abstracts
Guo, Qi
Research on the Application of Digital Technology in Modern Manual Bag Design*
Han, Congcong
New Media: Cultural Confidence and Core Values Education in Colleges and Universities
Han, Xiaomei
Research on the Development and Innovation of Comparative Literature in the Context of Globalization and Multimedia Environment
Han, Lu
Application of Vertical Greening in Urban Landscape: A Case Study of Xi’an*
Han, Qinzhao
The Course of Chinese Culture’s New Life Since the May 4th Movement: From Cultural Awakening to Cultural Self-Confidence
Hao, Shan
Research on the Application of Guanzhong Ballad in Children’s Music Education*
Hao, Qinhai
Analysis of Mandarin Learners’ Compliment Response from Interactional Perspective*
Hao, Rui
A Review of the Research on Film Directors in the 70 Years of New China
He, Guihua
The Past and Present: The Process of a Formal Dong Marriage in Tongdao Dong Autonomous County*
He, Baohua
Lu Ji’s Inheritance and Change of Confucian Ideas in Wen Fu
Ho, Chuan-Hsiu
Preliminary Discussion on the Innovation and Practice Within Cultural and Creative Industries and College MICE Education
Hong, Xingqiu
Individual and “Identity” Confirmation
Hsiao, Meijin
Exploration on the Decorative Art of Rukai Patterns in Taiwan from the Perspective of Semiotics
Hu, Miaomiao
Brief Discussion of the Ideological and Political Education Function of Literary Works
Hu, Teng
Present Development Situation of Artificial Intelligence Law and Thinking on the Talent Cultivation
Hu, Xuewei
Research on the Legends of Yang Shen*
Hu, Quan
Externalization of Youth’s Psychological Feelings in Artistic Expression
Huang, Jian
Reflection on the Training of General Medical Students in China from the Development History of General Medicine in Australia and Other Countries*
Huang, Peijin
The Application of the Wisdom of Chinese Characters in Product Design*
Huang, Zhan
Path Analysis of Chinese Mythology to Fantasy Film in the Digital Age
Huang, Zhixiong
Research on the Application of Typical Visual Representation of Regional Culture in Font Design*
Huang, Longfei
Situational Construction and Information Transmission of Display Atmosphere
Jia, Zijing
Study on College English Teaching Evaluation in a Classroom
Jiang, Jingwen
The Rendering of Community Culture Reshaping During the Process of Urbanization in Palace Temple Architecture: Taking the Nine Palace Temples in the South of Quanzhou City as Examples
Jin, Yashu
Study on the Teaching of Chinese Classics Reading and Chinese Writing in Schools for Nationalities
Juan, Yawei
Reflection on Teaching of “Contemporary Chinese Language”*
Juma, Osman
Usage and Chinese Translation of Uyghur Auxiliary Verb “Çiq-”*
Kahaer, Riziwanguli
Study on the “Man” as a Core Word in “Qutadğu Bilig”*
Karpova, Yulia
Figures of Thanatos and Eros in “The Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom”: The Experience of Cultural Modeling*
Kirabaev, Nur
The Issue of Understanding Muslim Culture*
Kong, Liang
Game and Collusion: Media Adaptation and Subjective Reconstruction of Intellectuals
Lei, Fei
Doctor-Patient Relationship Influence on Medical Students’ Profession Choice*
Li, Yuedan
Study on the Current Situation and Development of Museum Education in China
Li, Yulong
Confucian Value on Rites and Music in Wei Dynasty
Li, Weibing
Reflection on the Practice Course of Architecture Based on the Concept of OBE: Taking the “Cooperation Between School and Local Government” Based Graduation Design as an Example*
Li, Jinrong
An Analysis of the Teaching Reform of Ceramics in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Innovation and Entrepreneurship*
Li, Feng
Discussion on the Application of Speech Skills in the Teaching of Art Majors in Colleges and Universities
Li, Nan
Analysis of Causes and Strategies of Teachers’ Burnout in Middle Schools
Li, Ke
The Application of Praat in English Pronunciation Teaching
Li, Xianwei
Language Anxiety in English Performance
Li, Enyao
A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Power Relationships in Institutional Talks
Li, Zhenyu
Discussion on Folk Customs and Culture and Art of Architectural Decoration of Changle Academy Palace in Hakka Area