Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science and Technology Education

371 authors
Shuai, Chen
An Analysis of the C-E Translation of Public Signs in Shaolin Temple from the Perspective of Functionalist Theory
Shuangqing, Pan
Study on the restricting factors of interest rate and exchange rate linkage effect
Shuhua, Guo
Research on the Influence of Value-added Tax Reform to Enterprise Finance in China
Shuli, Zhou
Studies on Development Status and Prospects of Chinese Language and Literature
Shuli, Zhou
Research of school management development under the background of human-based concept
Shumei, Li
Analysis of the Advantages to Develop Leisure Sports Tourism in Qingdao
Shun, Zhang
The Nature of the Judicial Public Opinion
Shuyu, Peng
Research on Special Financial Bonds Strategy of Bio-pharmaceutical Industry in Yunnan
Si-yun, Xu
Research on Implementation Performance of Scientific and Technology Insurance Based on the Comprehensive Fuzzy Evaluation
Si-yun, Xu
Research on Development Innovation Shape of Low Carbon Insurance in Urban and Rural Areas
Siyu, Wei
Research on the Contract Law of Commercial Prepaid Card
Song, Ge
An Empirical Study of High-frequency Trading Risk Regulation —Based on the CSI 300 Index Data
Tao, Xu
The research of higher education management in the process of popularization of Higher Education
Tao, Zhang
Comparative Study on the Performance of China’s Economy Hotel with Different Chain Organization Modes
Tie, Li
Table tennis course teaching methods
Tingting, Fu
Market Research and Development under the Network Environment
Tingting, Fu
Problems and Countermeasures of the Marketing Management Business
Wang, Mei
A Pragmatic Study of Chinese and Western Linguistic Politeness
Wei, Li
Analysis on Relationship Between Painting and Animation
Weiguo, Zou
Design of Magazine Reading System Based on Android
Weiguo, Zou
Computational Thinking Ability Training in College Computer Teaching
Weiwei, Li
Career Planning Mode and System Design of University Freshmen
Wen-yu, Xin
The Development and Sinicization of Marx's Moral Concept of Ethics
Wenfeng, Wang
Analysis of the Driven Types of Consumer Silence Behaviors in Scenarios of Service Failure
Wenhao, Wang
Similarities and Differences between Shambha-La and Shangri-La in Terms of Cultural Tourism Resources
Wenxue, Ye
College English Translation Teaching Strategies under the Empathy Perspective
Wenzhou, Zhang
Research of Enterprise Information Resources Management System and Strategy Evaluation
Xi, Zhang
The self-confidence on Local Cultural and The value of Documentary -Analysis on Jiayuguang international short film festival
Xiang, Li
A Cross-cultural Analysis of the Pragmatic Differences of English & Chinese Vocabulary
Xiang, Li
A Study on Computer-aided Translation Technology in the Era of Globalization and Information
Xiang, Wan
Review of School Belonging
Xiang-song, Meng
Research on accounting assessment method of thermal power enterprises based on low carbon economy
Xiangjun, Xu
The Characteristics and the Enlightenments of actual combat teaching of West Point
Xiangwei, Wu
The Green Design Idea and Practice Research of the Apartment for the Aged based on Environmental Protection
Xiao, Liu
The Influence of Friendship Network on Graduate Student’s Research Potential
Xiao, Zhang
Cultural taboos and performance characteristics in Japanese daily life
Xiao Qing, He
Research on Evaluation of Coordination of Regional Innovation Capacity and Regional Innovation Efficiency of Anhui
Xiao-,mei, Du
Foreign Language Teaching Reform in China Higher Education from "Culture Aphasia" Perspective
Xiao-jie, Zhu
The Method of Marxism Popularization in the university
Xiao-pu, Wang
On the College Public Network Opinion Supervision with the Perspective of Media Literacy
Xiao-pu, Wang
The study of innovation construction of college counselor’s student management based on the "people-oriented"
Xiao-pu, Wang
Marx's Ecological View and Ecological Civilization Construction of China
Xiao-zhen, Hou
Deconstructing Orientalist Discourse through Narrative Strategies in The Hundred Secret Senses
Xiaobo, Jia
Investigation of the role of strategic management in enterprise knowledge management
Xiaodan, Li
Debugging and processing of H17 models inside door drawing panel process
Xiaodong, Sun
University English Teaching reformation and countermeasures under the background of informationization
Xiaodong, Sun
Implementation and evaluation of teaching of College English
Xiaofei, Li
The Study of Collaborative Innovation of IMIS Talent Cultivation in the Independence College
Xiaofeng, Jiang
Research of Path of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in Sports Field in Northern Shaanxi
Xiaoguang, Li
Research on Real Estate Enterprise Capital structure and business performance in China
Xiaohong, Zhao
Financial Impact of the Internet on the Development of China's Financial Development
Xiaohui, Zhang
Research and Design of Intrusion Detection System in Computer Network
Xiaoming, Huang
Study on Image Recognition Application Based on Multi Features Fusion
Xiaoqian, Kang
Teachers Problems and Countermeasures of Bilingual Education for Xi'an Preschool
Xiaoqian, Yang
On the Influence and Inspiration of Local Culture on Chinese Modern Landscape Design
Xiaosen, Wen
The Design and Realization of Personalized E-commerce Recommendation System
Xiaosen, Wen
The design and Realization of Tourism Electronic Commerce Platform based on WEB
Xiaoting, Hang
Design of a Five-in-one Experiment Teaching System of Economics and Management
Xiaoyang, Wang
Comparison of Sub-Provincial Cities Competitiveness in China Based On PCA Method
Xiaoying, Gao
A Review on Psychological Safety: Concepts, measurements, antecedents and Consequences variables
XieChao, Yin
The Research of Teaching Reform of National Music in Comprehensive University
Xin, Yan
University Human Resource Management Problems and Countermeasures
Xin, Zhang
Research on University Mathematics Experiment in Mathematics Teaching
Xin, Zhang
Conception and Improvement of the Legal Regulation of Technical Investigation in China
Xin, Zhang
The Reflection and Construction on the Research Methods of Science of Criminal Investigation
Xingguang, Li
Research on innovation of the training model based on the learning organization
Xingyuan, Long
Summary for College Students in English and American Literature and Humanities Education
Xinqiang, Gan
Development of China's educational policy in the new context of the management system
Xinru, Liu
Application of Modern Education in Physical Education Teaching Resources
Xinyi, Huang
The Orbital Design and Control Strategy of Chang'e-3 Soft-landing
Xinyuan, Guo
The Application and Research of Computer MIDI Technology in Music Education
Xinyuan, Guo
The Design of Computer Music Teaching System based on Linux
Xinzhou, He
The development trend of mobile Internet and its impact on the global economy
Xiping, Liu
University English Teaching reformation and countermeasures under the background of informationization
Xiuguo, Huang
An analysis of the Poor Whites in Faulkner’s Snopes Trilogy
Xiuli, Zhang
China's SMEs accounting management problems and countermeasures
Xiumei, LI
Accounting professional applied talents training mode research in colleges and universities
Xiumei, Zhu
Development and Strategy Research Based on E-Commerce Network Financial Accounting
Xiuping, Li
Analysis of Promoting the New Urbanization of Hubei Province Based on PPP Mode
Xiuping, Li
Research on Mixed Ownership Economy Development in Hubei Province
Xiyun, Liu
The study on Quantitative Evaluation in the Translation Quality Management Based on the House’s Translation Quality Assessment Model
Xuan, Luo
Research on Evaluation of Coordination of Regional Innovation Capacity and Regional Innovation Efficiency of Anhui
Xudong, Deng
Study on the Management Strategy of Chinese overseas students Based on the cooperation of WUST and WU
Xue, Wen
The Study of Chinese Pattern in the View of Historical Materialism of Marxism
Xue-min, Zhang
Application on ideological and philosophical thinking of political education management for the students in colleges and universities
Xue-peng, Zhang
The Misreading of Marx's Belief in the Current Society
Xuewu, Gong
Etiological Diagnosis of Fungal Keratitis and In Vitro Susceptibility Testing
Yamin, Zhang
Exploration on Strategies in Cultivating the Awareness of Tolerance for Ambiguity of Undergraduates in China
Yan, Jiang
Strategy Mode Research on China shale gas development be introduced to social capital
Yan, Li
Professional Interpreters Teaching Method Research in Undergraduate Education
Yan, Lin
Research of the enterprise financial risk based on support vector machine
Yan, Lin
Research on environmental accounting information disclosure in public companies
Yan, Wang
Shanghai international curriculum of college teachers’ overseas training project – Take training courses in the University of Alberta in Canada in 2013 for example
Yan, Zhang
Pathological effects of the renin-angiotensin system on cardiovascular disease
Yandong, Zhang
On the influence of big data on the ideological and political education in colleges and universities
Yang, Dong
Study on the Ideological and Political Education Work System based on WEB Technology
Yang, Li
French Horn---All Rounder in the Orchestra
Yang, Xin
Investigation and Analysis on the Physique Tests of Adult Males and Adult Females (Aged 20-59) in Xi’an 2010
Yanjie, Zhan
On tourism teaching management in the context of information technology development and change
Yanjun, Li
Research on Modeling of Waste Electronic Products Logistics Recycling System