Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science and Technology Education

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On the ability to Improve Business Marketing Strategy

Hou Jin
Enterprise marketing capabilities constitute the core competitiveness of the important part. In practice, companies tend to focus on the performance perspective of corporate marketing capabilities, while ignoring the marketing resources and their ability to take advantage of the ability to influence...
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Management framework and practice of accounting theory

Wang Peng
TIn this paper, with a theoretical framework for management accounting briefly reviewed, management accounting theory should make accounting environment and changing as the logical starting point and take objectives of management accounting as the core and take business management accounting information...
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Cultural Studies of Tibetan Packaging of Handicraft Products

Xiang Zhaoying
Tibetan handicraft products are beautifully designed with meticulous workmanship, unique cultural patterns. Tibetan cultural handicraft product packaging is showing the cultural essence of the Tibetan people, culture and the arts and crafts are created between cultural factors and cultural relations....
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Theory about University Disciplines Setup And the Demand of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in Guangxi

Huang Guiyuan
The development of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone is one of the national development strategy, the development of the economic zone needs a large number of applied and innovative talents. Colleges and universities in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone of personnel training and the main force of the main...
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The Situation, Harm, Causes and Countermeasures of Scenic Spots Non-standard Language -----Taking Tianjin as An Example

Zhang Shaofang
Promote public services language specification established as the key point of National medium and long-term language reform and development of career planning. Scenic spots are an important part of public service. The non-standard language phenomenon is partly disrupting the order of words, it will...
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English Teaching Mode Based on Project Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yun Run
With the continuous progress of education reform, the reform of English teaching mode in higher vocational colleges is also on the agenda, and it has become an important part of English teaching reform. But currently, in higher vocational colleges, English teaching has presented some problems towards...
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Research on image preprocessing and segmentation of medical image

Li Huafeng, Zhang Yuan
this paper presents a medical image preprocessing based on an adaptive window and the segmentation algorithm of medical image based on support vector machine, using the segmentation algorithm may be the same target which is divided into a plurality of adjacent segments. According to the pattern recognition...
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China's SMEs accounting management problems and countermeasures

Zhang Xiuli
In China, an enterprise operating status, the proportion of the economic structure of the various prospects for economic activity, all need to be provided with timely accounting information to master. Therefore, the accounting information is enterprise’s life. Only by grasping accounting information...
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Teachers Problems and Countermeasures of Bilingual Education for Xi'an Preschool

Kang Xiaoqian
This paper presents problems of lacking pre-school bilingual English education capacity in Preschool Education, and solves this problem, combined with pre-school bilingual education teachers should have the English ability, and the author elaborates that in Preschool Bilingual Education New Teacher of...
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Exploration of Train Route of Applied Talents of Statistics in Local Colleges

Yan Shu xi
The social demand for talent is multifaceted, multi-layered. Although businesses need accounting personnel, different sectors of the statistical personnel requirements vary specific to the actual work. At present, most institutions have opened statistically professional training objectives. Different...
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Xi'an Practical Implementing, Training Issues, and Improvement Strategies of Bilingual Primary Education

Wei Qing
currently our current bilingual education teacher has the low quality of the ranks; it is difficult to meet the needs of qualified pre-school bilingual education. The teachers of the current bilingual education should have the science right preschool bilingual educational philosophy and strong multi-expertise...
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Cultural Differences on the Choice of English and Chinese Translation

Guo Jie
In a successful translation, translation and cultural differences are very important and even critical. For translators, the cultural differences between the two languages research is necessary. In this paper, we take the color of cultural differences in Translation for example. We explore the two cultures...
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Development of China's educational policy in the new context of the management system

Gan Xinqiang
Currently, the reform of state administration is the paramount factor in policy adjustments of the education management system actuation. "Education Plan" makes a clear direction for deepening reform of education management. The local educational development put forward new requirements on the current...
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Summary for College Students in English and American Literature and Humanities Education

Long Xingyuan, Guo Lin
Today's world has entered a rapid development process of integration in the global economy and trade, in this background, the social need more professional English talents put forward newer and higher requirements and standards for the existing English teaching, which needs Students master English language...
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Business English Correspondence Characters and Role in foreign trade

Zhang Bin
With the accelerating process of globalization, foreign trade has become an important criterion to judge whether a country can integrate with the world successfully, and it is a fast-track for a country to reach out to the world.In foreign trade, we need to do business communication with different countries...
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Cultural taboos and performance characteristics in Japanese daily life

Zhang Yaping, Zhang Xiao
Japan has unique natural and ethnic characteristics, and it is a rich and coordination strong collectivism, and it is a rigorous nation with requirements in a variety of manners, which not only produces a very wide range of cultural taboos in exchanges between China and Japan, and impact on the world...
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Application of the Theory and Practice of Positive Psychology in Mental Health Education

Li Yanxin
Positive Psychology is the rise of the late 20th century in the United States an important psychological force, which advocates that human psychology should study their own positive qualities. To further improve the mental health education work, it is necessary to introduce the concept of positive psychology...
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University Human Resource Management Problems and Countermeasures

Yan Xin, Cao Yifan, Tong Feng
Human resources are the primary resources of colleges and universities; good human resource management is the key to achieving sustainable development of university initiatives. College human resources are scarce characteristics and competitive and there is a major problem uneven level of human resource...
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Pathological effects of the renin-angiotensin system on cardiovascular disease

Zhang Yan
the renin -angiotensin system (RAS) found in a research as a new member, changes the past view that only the angiotensin (Ang) catalyzed by angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) can produce pathogenic role. The research proved the renin binding with former prime renin –receptor (RPR) and Ang binding with...
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Study on Sample Outliers Statistical Test Methods

Chen ZhiYong
The exist ence of outliers reduces the quality of data to a great extent, and makes the corresponding results of data analysis significantly change more, which will lead to people’s inaccurate judgments. In this article, we discuss the characteristics and origin of outliers, and introduce some test methods...
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The Research of Teaching Reform of National Music in Comprehensive University

Yin XieChao
National music is the treasures of the motherland, which can improve the aesthetic taste,calculate the healthy personality and enhancepatriotic sentiments. However, national music did not receive due attention in comprehensive universities. There are many problems in national music teaching, such as...
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Human rights and health inequalities of migrants

Sun Qian, Deng Zhenzhong, Bao Jianyun, Zhang Youguo
the reform and opening up, the development of legal migrants and management of the market economy provides the institutional basis. However, human rights as one of the core human rights law, especially for economic development and urban construction has made important contributions to the migrants who...
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Debugging and processing of H17 models inside door drawing panel process

Li Xiaodan
This article from the inner door panel size, shape and structure stamping requirements detailed analyzes its main features, and on this basis, for example within the H17 car door panels, we elaborate its treatment process and commissioning, through production practice it has proved that this set of drawing...
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Research on Applications of ARMA in Forecasting of Time Series

Li Ruohong
ARMA (Autoregressive moving averagemodel)is a linear prediction model using to predict the short-term value. This paper analyzes the concept and features of ARMA, and then uses it to predict the sea wave signals. From the experimental results, the prediction is quiet effective.
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The Characteristics and the Enlightenments of actual combat teaching of West Point

Liu Zhongmin, Xu Xiangjun, Zhou Zelong, Tu Shancao
The West Point focus on improving the practical ability of their students, they have formed practical teaching system and method with characteristics. It has propsed some enlightenment for us to promote actual combat teaching and training reform.To meet the actual combat demand, The teaching mode close...
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The study between ancient classical literature reading and perfect one’s personality

Shen Huizhen
Great changes have been taken in the field of reading at present.Fashion reading and leisure reading has taken possesion of the majority of reading,which has occupied the ancient classical literature reading with its special fascination.The classical reading teaching of ancient writing is said to be...
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Actively carry out mass sports activities to promote national fitness to flourish

Guo Hongtao
Social sports in our sport career occupies an important position for it is related to people's health enhancement, improving health and improving quality of life, it is also a part of civilization, science, healthy way of life. Paper systematically expounded an important role in the social development...
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Theory and practice of teachers training of preschool bilingual education based on the comprehensive development

Shi Jingjing
In recent years, China's pre-school bilingual education has developed rapidly, but there are still such problems as the quality of pre-school bilingual teachers has yet to be improved, pre-school bilingual teachers with good bilingual skills are facing a serious shortage teaching resources cannot meet...
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The Current Situation and Problems of Expenditure of public safety —Based on the Provincial Panel Data

Cao Yongsheng
In the past few years, a substantial increase in governmentexpenditure on public safety,In this paper, Chinese Almanac in 2007 opened the public security spending as a starting point,Through data analysis of the current status of China's public security spending, find our current problems such as public...
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The design and Implementation of Household Low-Power Inverter

Lin Haifeng, Mao Ruili, Wu Hong
This paper designs a kind of SPWM inverter power based on STM32. Through the boost link and SPWM inverter, get a high-quality sine wave AC that can set frequency and voltage. Based on the principle of Boost topology, using a high performance voltage type PWM control to drive the main circuit of MOS pipe....
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Study on the Ideological and Political Education Work System based on WEB Technology

Dong Yang
According to the content and characteristics of Ideological and political education website, this paper designs a the network education platform with teacher-student interaction, psychological counseling, student self-display and other functions based on Web development technology of .NET, using ASP.NET...
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An Empirical Study of High-frequency Trading Risk Regulation —Based on the CSI 300 Index Data

Ge Song, Guo JianFeng
In recent years, high-frequency trading as a frontier and hot issues of modern finance, has attended much attention in china. At 11:05, August 16, 2013, Shanghai index moved up sharply, with the grail increasing more than 5% in one minute. The highest index was reported 2198.85. Media call this event...
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Two cases of bilateral acute angle-closure glaucoma after radical surgery for cervical cancer with general anesthesia

Li Yue, Cui Manhua, Lu Yingli
Cervical cancer is one of the common malignant tumours in gynecology. So far, its global occurrence rate is the highest among malignancies of female's reproductive system and the death rate is the second highest. Glaucoma is a blinding condition which is characterized by pathological intraocular hypertension,...
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Accounting professional applied talents training mode research in colleges and universities

LI Xiumei
The accounting professional applied talents training mode is related to the quality of the cultivation of applied talents. Deeply understanding and grasping the characteristics and requirements of applied talents training mode of the accounting major in the new period, is of great significance to cultivate...
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Comparative study between Chinese and western music aesthetics and culture

Chen Jie
The feature comparison between Chinese and western music aesthetics is a big topic. Comparative study is the basic principle of our methodology, that is, study and research of music aesthetics in China are premises of western music aesthetics and vice versa, and take the study of aesthetics of music...
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Multi-tasking A/D Acquisition System Design and Implementation based on ARM9 Microcontroller

Xia Yutao
In order to achieve fast and efficient data acquisition and digital-to-analog conversion based on ARM9 Micro-controller S3C2410 and embedded real-time operating system C/OS-II of multi-tasking A / D acquisition system. Not only able to finish with high precision, reliable, stable, real-time multi-channel...
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Applied Research Training Model of Employment-oriented Financial Management

Li Jiangang
employment-oriented financial management training objectives are as the basis to explain the need for financial management training applied talents, which is revealing major problems of financial management professional applications that exist in education, training applied talents from abroad to explore...
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Research on the Training Mode of Innovative Research Universities Undergraduate Financial Management

Zhang Jun
According to the target about building undergraduate college financial management training, building training model, proposed measures to improve teaching model in terms of curriculum system and practicing teaching system, etc. to show the training and teaching mode effects.
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Development and Strategy Research Based on E-Commerce Network Financial Accounting

Zhu Xiumei
Network Accounting and Traditional Affairs comparative accounting has many advantages, but because of the limitations of the characteristics of the network and open itself defective resources, and the times of network accounting software, accounting professionals and advanced network slow down the development...
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The study of sports curriculum model optimization strategy in Medical colleges

Guo Honglian, Huang Yue, Yang Eping
By using literature, questionnaires and other methods are to discuss the theory and practice of physical education courses model optimization in medical colleges, after analysis it can point out that currently most physical education curriculum in medical colleges exist curriculum goals are not clear,...
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The revelation from Life-Cycle Environmental Management System of Foreign military equipment

Liu Zhongmin, Yang Zhuo, Zhou Zelong, Tu Shanchao
This paper analyzes life-cycle environmental management of the foreign military weapons and equipment in development, production, use, decommissioning. Draw lessons from the practice and experience in weapons and equipment. Environmental protection concept should be implemented research in the whole...
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Female’s Consciousness Shift from Perception to Rationality

Lei Yanyan
In the "Sense and Sensibility", the sensible Elinor and Marianne are two greek sisters with sensual personality differences, their heroes in this work with three different attitude reflect two sisters Sense and Sensibility, after the opposition, but his sister Marian paid a heavy price for their sensibility,...
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Monitoring and Research on the Aquatic Microbes

Zhang Chunyan
With the improvement of the overall levels of social development in China as well as the rapid pace of global economic integration, people have higher requirements for improving the living environment. Vast water resources, such as rivers, lakes and seas etc, are important links to improve people’s living...
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On the unique narrative point of view in Tie Ning works-- "3 Stacks"

Zhou Mengyan
Owing to the women writers delicate insight, Tie Ning uses "two-way perspective" and "ghost Perspective" novel in her “3 Stacks" to experience, to show the survival status of women, and inherite the legendary motif of ghosts, reaching narrative value-added function.
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Research on the Discipline Scientification of Pedagogic Disciplines

Du Jianhua
Being a highly comprehensive subject, pedagogic discipline has many branches as well as complex interdisciplines, thus getting involved into the dilemma of living. As a matter of fact, pedagogic Disciplines belong to highly professional theory, which makes it a subject that human beings make comprehensive...
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Teaching medical function experiments reformation and laboratory construction

Medical function experimental teaching platform is an important foundation to support the teaching of medical experiments; it’s significant in cultivating students' creative ability. Seeing from the three aspects of pilot project, open experimental teaching platform, digitized virtual experiment platform,...
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Application of Communicative Approach in College English Teaching

Wang Lu
The traditional teaching model is mainly focused on imparting language knowledge. Teachers often adopt a teacher-centered lecture teaching model, which resulting in students' "Dumb English." In order to change this situation, college English teaching should focus on cultivating the students' communicative...
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Strategies and Experiences in Polytechnic English Teaching

Li Shen-zhu
The students in general from polytechnic colleges are relatively poor in English. To improve their English, teachers are required to take appropriate and effective strategies. The thesis presents the following arguments: building an ideal teacher-student relationship, gaining confidence and competence,...
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The Study of the Status and Development Trend of the Structure of Chinese Sports Industry

Li Hao
China's sports industry is still not reasonable, there still is coordination between mass sports and sports industry, structural imbalances between regions sports industry, sports industry develops slowly and lags behind the development of related industries, low physical effects associated with industrial...
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The health inequalities research of empty nesters under the background of urbanization and occupational mobility

Zhang Dengguo, Yang Zhijun
In the case that China's urbanization and industrialization continues to accelerate, there has been a phenomenon that a large amount of rural labor flow into urban, and with the rural migrant labor force, there has formed such a disadvantaged group of rural empty nesters and the number shows a trend...