Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation (ICERI 2018)

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Why Should Course Review Horay?

Faninda Rahmawati, Zuhdan Prasetyo
Developing countries are beginning to spur themselves to advance education according to 21st century skills need. The needs of 21st century skills change the paradigm of thinking from high-order thinking skill cannot be taught become the importance of teaching higher-order thinking skills early on elementary...
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Improving Professional Competence for Teachers

Mezzayu Pramatarindya, Sukidjo Sukidjo
Professional competence includes four component of the teachers’ professional competence in Indonesia. the professional competence is the ability of mastering the learning materials that can guide students to achieve the standard of competence, ruled by the National Education Standards of Indonesia....
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Motivation to Learn Independently through Blended Learning

Agus Purnomo, B. Kurniawan, N. Aristin
Blended learning combined with mobile learning is an effort to facilitate the limited space and time of study for students in seminar courses. This course has the purpose of learning achievement in the form of students able to identify problems, build a frame of mind, and design research methods that...
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Authentic Assessment Model in Problem Solving Learning for Kindergarten

Rini Agustiningsih, Amir Syamsudin
This study aims to produce an authentic assessment model in problem-solving learning for children aged 5-6 years. Specifically, the purpose of this study is to find out: 1) the feasibility of the authentic assessment model, and 2) the results of the students' ability assessment in problem solving learning...
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Effectiveness of Implementation of Work Skills Education Program: an Empirical Study on Wedding Makeup Training to Reduce Unemployment in Sumatera

Facrini Habiby, Sri Wening
Work Skills Education Program (WSE) is the government’s program to give free work skills-based education to the people. This program is aimed at the people who have not had any job or those who did not/quit school so that people have the provision of skills to get a job. This research was aimed at evaluation...
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Scientific Approach-based Convertible Book Media to Imporve Nationalism Character: Is It Necessary?

Esti Nofiani, A. Senen
In globalization era, nationalism is one of the important characters to be owned by the next generations. Through nationalism character building in education, it is expected that it plays a role as fortress of a country towards various negative globalization impacts. The present research aims to develop...
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Social Capital and School Principal Roles in Improving School Quality of SMA Muhammadiyah 3 Yogyakarta

Yan Iqbal, Amika Wardana
During this social capital is often used for economic interests, but not optimal in the field of education, especially the utilization of social capital for the improvement of school quality. Therefore, the role of principal in utilizing social capital for school quality improvement is needed. thereby...
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Development of Blended Learning Model based on Student Learning Style in Vocational High School Lathe Machining Practice

Ayub Anggoro, Herman Surjono
Geometric quality of products of lathe machining practice of Vocational High School students is ever decreasing and presently included in low category, due to the low learning quality. This research is aimed to: (1) develop a blended learning model accommodating students’ learning style in accordance...
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The Relationship between Family Social Support and Self-disclosure with Resilience to People with Acquired Physical Disability in Early Adulthood

Munawir Yusuf, Machmuroch Machmuroch, Siti Aisyah, Laelatus Syifa
Permanent physical disability due to acquired factors have a major impact on individual psychological conditions. This study aims to determine (1) the relationship between family social support and self-disclosure with resilience, (2) the relationship between family social support and resilience, (3)...
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The Effectiveness of using Quipper School Teaching Materials towards Students’ Cognitive Outcomes of Eleventh Grade Students of MIPA

Ermila Mahariyanti, Slamet Suyanto
In biology learning, particularly for excretion system material, it belongs to the system that occurs in the human body. All processes that occur in it unable to see directly. This is one of the obstacles faced by students in understanding the material about all processes that occur in human’s body....
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The Need Analysis of Pencak silat Speed Kick Instrument Based Technology

Muhammad Saleh, Widiyanto Widiyanto
Pencak silat is a sport that requires a fast movement, so as to measure the speed of the attack requires technology-based instruments are valid and reliable, but if the practitioner requires it to support his training program. Thus, this study aims to analyze the needs of the coach on the instrument...
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Developing Teaching Media on Basic Volley Ball Technique for Junior High School Students

Arisendo Sanjaya, Widiyanto Widiyanto
The objective of this research is to develop a teaching media on basic volleyball technique for junior high school students. Using research and development design, this research has developed a teaching media in the form of motion picture or video. Assessed quality from the video that have been achieved...
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NGSS: A Standard to Improve Planning Carrying Out Investigation Skill and Crosscutting Concept

Gustin Windriyana, I Wilujeng, A Prodjosantoso, I Suryadharma
Globalization has an impact to education sector; the example is next generation science standards to make science learning more meaningful and face the challenges for the future. This study was to determine the effectiveness of science learning using NGSS oriented to improve lining arraying ut investigation...
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Science learning tools oriented on Next Generation Science Standard

Wulan Pratiwi, I. Wilujeng
The aims of this research were to identify the appropriateness of the development of the science learning tools oriented on Next Generation Science Standard and analyzed to improve asking questions – defining problems skills. Asking questions – defining problems is one of the main skills in Next Generation...
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Football Skills: Training Methods and Motor Educability

Yudha Pambudi, Widiyanto Widiyanto
The observations on the ground by the researcher together with SSB coach Siginjai, Mr. Dermawan Siregar, analyzed that some athletes such as defensive, middle, and attacking players still make some mistakes themselves such as 30% passing is still not accurate, 30% dribbling can still be won by opponents,...
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Effects of Practice Method and Power on Shooting Accuracy Football

Rian Sintoko, Suharjana Suharjana
This research compares the effect of fixed target practice and change target practice on shooting accuracy football. 24 school athletes aged 13-15 years old participating in this study were grouped into 4 groups by using ordinal pairing technique. Each group was trained using fixed target practice (n=12)...
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The Relationship between Vocabulary and Reading Ability in 3rd Grade Elementary School Students

Salfayana Arita, Enny Zubaidah
This study aims to determine the relationship of vocabulary mastery with reading ability in class III elementary school. This study uses a quantitative approach with the type of correlation research. The population in this study were all students of class III 2017/2018 Academic Year, which amounted to...
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Whole Part or Mini Games, Which One is the Most Effective Training Method to Improve Forearm Passing Ability in Volleyball?

Yudi Pratama, Djoko Irianto
Forearm passing is the basic technique most needed in volleyball games. If this basic technique is not mastered, the game will not run and make the team lose. Therefore, it is necessary to practice that can improve and be easy to learn such as whole part exercises and mini games, because beginners are...
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Practicality of Basic Electronic 1 Module Integrated Character Value Based on Conceptual Change Teaching Model to Increase Physics Students' Competency

Auliya Hidayati
This research is motivated from the unavailability of teaching materials in accordance with the characteristics of students. Teaching materials that are developed not only to make the student into a person who has a high intellectual, but also be able to educate students into a figure who has the character...
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Developing Speaking Learning Materials Oriented to Multiple Intelligences: from Theory to Practice

Desi Sugiarti, Margana Margana
It is not unsafe for us to conclude that needs analysis is always crucial to a development study since it is the key to the appropriate developed product. In addition, learner’s individual strength should also be taken into consideration in order to allow them to experience a joyful yet meaningful learning....
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Students’ Perception and Their Accomplishment in Essay Writing Class

Hartini Hartini, Suwarsih Madya
Writing is one of four skills learnt in English learning. It becomes a significant skill in the higher education since students are required to produce many types of essays in this level of education. Yet, some students stated that they have difficulty in essay writing class. Thus, the researcher conducted...
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Effectiveness of INSTAD Teaching Model in Improving Students' Critical Thinking with High and Low Level Academic Achievement

Bartolomeus Putra, Baskoro Prayitno, Maridi Maridi
Students’ Critical Thinking Skills can be nurtured by implementing a teaching model in which students are provided with the opportunity to inquiry work, Inquiry-Student Team Achievement Divisions (INSTAD) teaching models may work effectively. This research aims to investigate: (1) the influence of INSTAD...
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The Effectiveness of Content-based Instruction and Task-based Instruction in Teaching Writing

Choiriah Lestari, Margana Margana
This research aims to investigate (1) whether the use of Content-Based Instruction is more effective than the use of Task-Based Instruction in the teaching of writing skills, (2) whether the use of Content-Based Instruction (CBI) is more effective than the use of conventional method in the teaching of...
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Development of Science Learning Tools Oriented to Next Generation Science Standard

Eka Adytianto, I. Wilujeng, I. Suryadarma, A. Prodjosantoso
Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) is a science standard used in the United States. This standard important because it’s especially for science learning tools oriented to NGSS develop 21st century skill and has like Curriculum 2013. This standard is adapted in science learning because it is expected...
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Work Sheet Development based on Laboratory Investigation-Scientific Safety to Improve Practical Skills on Secondary School

Erwin Fertina, N. Aznam
Natural Science learning in the 21st century is closely related to the scaling of scientific skills. Students practical skills is one of scientific skills which must be mastered. Applying practical skills in the laboratory need an ability to scientific safety. This research was aimed to produce the...
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PQ4R and Collaborative Strategic Reading: The Effectiveness on Reading Skills

Ryan Oktarini, Sugirin Sugirin
The aim of this study is to identify the most effective strategy used for teaching reading skills, especially reading comprehension for students who had difficulty in comprehending reading texts. This study was designed as a quasi-experimental research. There were two groups in this study namely control...
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Adapting Next Generation Science Standard to Improve using Mathematics – Computational Thinking in Science Learning

Lady Hapsari, Dadan Rosana
To overcome various challenges in the implementation of the 2013 curriculum, one of the efforts that can be done is to adopt the education standards of other countries. National Research Council (NRC) United States publishes a science education framework contained in Next Generation Science Standard...
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The Needs of English Writing Materials: A Perspective from General Program of Senior High School

Zun karim, Ashadi Ashadi
One of the crucial aspects in English language teaching is concerned with so called English language teaching or ELT materials. Since English language is one of international languages, Indonesian government has included English language into the educational curriculum. The aims of this study are (1)...
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ESP for Vocational High School Students of Electricity Installation Engineering Study Program; A Needs Analysis

Ika Khasanah, Suwarsih Madya
In the global industrialization era, ESP has obtained much attention in English language teaching in vocational high school. ESP is considered as one factor to facilitate vocational high school students so that they become competent and are able to compete in their global working lives. This study is...
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A Needs Analysis of Developing HOTS-based Interactive Multimedia

Wiji Asih, Agus Widyantoro
This article is a part of Research and Development research under the issue of Developing Interactive Learning Multimedia to Promote Higher Order Thinking Skills to teach Reading for Senior High Schools in Science Major. The product is developed due to the nonexistence of appropriate learning media that...
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An Analysis on Coach Ken Carter’s Speech Acts in Coach Carter Movie

Weppy Widyastiarni, Widyastuti Purbani
English plays an important role in this modern era. As one of the most used language in the world, English becomes one of the compulsory courses that students need to learn at their schools. There are many media that can be used to learn English. One of the mediums is by using a movie. Movie is considered...
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Carpon: Local Wisdom Integrated with Character Education for Primary Students

Dena Damayanti, Burhan Nurgiyantoro
Carpon is one of local wisdoms in the form of literary works which can communicate various messages and moral values to be learned, especially by primary students. One of Carpon that used as learning materials is Carpon Di Pipir Tajug. This study aimed to describe character educational values in Carpon...
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The Characters of Primary Students in Coastal Tourist Destination Beach Area

Mousafi Juliasandi, Arif Rohman
The phenomenon of coastal tourism causes the changes in various aspects of coastal society. The changes affect to not only adults but also to the students of elementary school. Character education which is appropriate for students of elementary school is a way for getting them ready to face the changes....
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Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors: An Investigation of Students

Dwiko Rizki, H. Rachman
Students’ lifestyle is more likely to follow emerging trends in the present era of globalization such as consuming junk food, spending time social media, playing online games until midnight. This study was therefore aimed to describe a dataset of students’ healthy life style acquired with GPAQ, BMI,...
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Analysis Management and Technology at Student Sports Training Center of Pencak Silat

Afrima Deri, Sugeng Purwanto
This research was initiated from the problem of inconsistent achievement of athlete, accordingly the purpose of this research is to study the implementation of management and technology of SSTC Pencak Silat Riau. This research uses qualitative descriptive method to describe implementation management...
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Incorporating Outdoor Learning into School System in Indonesia: A Preliminary Study

Siti Setyawan, Siti Dwiningrum, Almando Geraldi
Recently, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of outdoor activities in Indonesia which followed by the increasing popularity of nature schools and regular schools with integrated outdoor learning facilities. To understand the current status of outdoor learning implementation in elementary...
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Management of Sports Tourism and Recreation by Goverment and Private Business in Banyumas Regency

Nakhnu Pujileksana, R. Lumintuarso
This research is done from the problem of storage; therefore, the purpose of this research is to test the government and private business in Banyumas Regency. This research uses descriptive qualitative method for the benefit of local government in Banyumas Regency. The research had the manager and tourists...
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The Effectiveness of Combination PNF Stretching and Cryotherapy in The Prevention DOMS at the Lower Extremity

Faiq Rizqi, R Ambardini
A person who experience DOMS will experience illness and pain in the affected muscles, decrease in Range of motion and loss of muscle strength. DOMS appears 12-24 hours after exercise, peaks between 24-48 hours and subside within five to seven days after exercise. The purpose of this study was to determine...
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Connection Pedagogy: A Pedagogical Shift for Millennial Learners in the Digital Era

Patrisius Andalas
The irruption of the millennial learners shakes the academic institutions that believe in the old pedagogy whose infrastructure is sociologically conditioned by the predigital era. Despite the inquietude of academic institutions, the introduction of new pedagogies as creative responses to the irruption...
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STEM Approach in Developing Natural Science for Junior High School Level in Order to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Skill and Scientific Process Skill

Yustina Kurniati, Suyanta Suyanta
This research is aimed to discover the feasibility of the Natural Science subject teaching tools developed using STEM approach. It consists of lesson plans, worksheets, and assessment tools for evaluating critical thinking and scientific process skills. This research utilized the Research and Development...
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Ontribution of Learning Achievement of Subject Group Compentency Field, Program and Packages Expertise of Vocational School on Job Interests and Interests of Further Studies

Abdul Jamal, Samsudi Samsudi, Bambang Endroyo
The background of this research is the existence of subject group on competence structure of building engineering skill. With field data showing that students of Engineering Vocational Schools show many are interested in continuing their studies, and this is demonstrated by the rules that apply even...
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Transformational Learning in the Diffusion of Gender Mainstreaming Policy

Mami Hajaroh
Transformational learning is counted as the highest level of cognitive learning process. It leads to the core that is reassessment of a belief system and reflection to assumptions and bias which affect an individual’s critical awareness on some evindence detaining the ways of how he or she feels and...
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Pattern of Parents Foster Care Against the Social Emotional Development of ADHD Children

Novi Pardarina, Rukiyati Rukiyati
Preschoolers are a critical age in the lives of children. in children's education, what parents instill in children who shape the children's personality. ADHD is a condition known as Attention Deficit Disorder (It's hard to focus). This research was carried out in one kindergarten x with Gf being the...
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Social Emotional Learning in Increasing the Social Emotional and Academic Development of Children in Early Childhood Education

Fakhri Fakhri, Puji Yanti Faujiyah
Many research results show that the emotional social development aspect has no less important role in determining the future of the child in the field of academic as well as the formation of mental and personality that is valid until the end of life. Many affecting social emotional development in children aged early...
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The Transformation of the Qur'an Translation of Mushaf Al-Qur'an Tashih Institution (LPMQ) Ministry of Religious Affairs RI in Two Issues

Ibnu Santoso, Siti Maslakhah, Yayuk Eny Rahayu
This study aims to understand and explain: 1) the form of transformation, 2) the meaning of the changes that occur linguistically, and 3) the meaning of changes that occur contextually and ideologically on the translation of Al-Qur'an LPMQ (Pentashih Mushaf Al-Qur’an) Ministry of Religion in two publications...
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Developing Mathematics Learning Media for Outdoor Learning Activity for Fourth Grade Elementary School Student

Hanafiah Hanafiah, Marsigit Marsigit
Education can be defined as an effort that is consciously and deliberately done in order to change human behavior, individual or group, through teaching and training activity. The ability to utilize an appropriate learning method based on the curriculum and the student’s characteristic is a very fundamental...
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Enchancement of Grade IV Students Writing Description Skill Through Process Approach and Cooperatuve Integrated Reading and Composition

Widaryati Widaryati, Enny Zubaidah
Bahasa Indonesia includes four skills, namely the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Writing is one of the four language skills. The purpose of this research is to improve the writing description skill through process approach and Cooperatuve Integrated Reading and Composition (CIRC)...
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The Activeness Improvement and Natural Science Learning Achievement using the SEQIP Teaching Model on the Students of Fourth Grade at Elementary School

Wahyu Nurwidodo, Pratiwi Puji Astuti
The purpose of this research is to increase the learning activeness and natural science learning achievement by using the Science Education Quality Improvement Project (SEQIP) learning model in students fourth grade CI MIPA of SD Muhammadiyah Sapen Yogyakarta school year 2017/2018. The subject of this...
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The Implementation of Character Instructional in Kindergarten

Aziz Purnomosidi, C. Asri Budiningsih
The aims of this study are to describe: (1) organiz strategy, (2) delivery strategy, (3) management strategy, (4) supporting and opposing factors in implementation of character instructional in kindergarten. This study was conducted in Al-Fatah Kindergarten, Kesugihan District, Cilacap Regency. qualitative...
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Improved Reading Skills Trough Peer Tutor in Class III

Ratna Dewi, Hendra Erik Rudyanto, Taufik Hidayat Eko Yunianto
This paper aims to reveal the effectiveness of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) approach and Scientific Approach to the teaching of writing skill. This research used a quasi-experimental design. The population was grade VIII students of Redion School. Three classes were randomly selected as the...