Proceedings of the 1st UMSurabaya Multidisciplinary International Conference 2021 (MICon 2021)

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Sofia Februanti, Mundakir Mundakir, Yelvi Levani, Puspa Liza Ghazali, Jumadil Saputra, Mujiarto Mujiarto
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Reconstruction of Political Party System Towards Substantive Democracy in Indonesia

Achmad Hariri
In a democratic country, the existence of political parties is very important, especially as Indonesia adheres to a representative democratic system. The embodiment of democracy is the conduct of elections, elections are often called democratic parties, this is not excessive because basically, elections...
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Unlocking the Patriarchian View in the Kelir Slindet Novel and the Telembuk Novel by Kedung Darma Romansa: The Concept of Reading as Women

Agus Budiman
This research aims to understand the idea of framed stories that contain the subject matter of the story and the insertion of the story in the dwilogi novel Kelir Slindet and Telembuk. The point of view is the male point of view that objectifies women, while in the insertion of the story appears women’s...
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Analysis of Parenting Patterns as an Effort to Increase Adversity Quotient and Learning Motivation of NU Muslim at TK Students in Malang

Ratno Abidin, Gadis Pitaloka
This research aims to find out an analysis of parenting style as an effort to increase the Adversity Quotient and learning motivation of students in Muslim at NU Kindergarten 10 Ngebruk Malang. The style of parenting can be a part of an effort to increase an adversity and student’s learning motivation....
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Phonestemic Aspects of Java Traditional Food Names Based on Glutinous Rice

Alfiah, Sunarya, Yuli Kurniati Werdiningsih
This study aims to obtain an overview of the iconic form of the name of traditional Javanese food from the phonestemic aspect. This is based on the fact that many types of traditional Javanese food still exist and are productive, especially when viewed in traditional markets, or even in certain supermarkets....
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Behind the Viral of BTS Meal on Twitter: The Role of Fans Base Community in Promoting BTSmeal

Ali Imaduddin Futuwwah, Obryan Ramadhan, Fauzi Senoaji, Mochamad Mochklas
Indonesia is the country that has the largest BTS (ARMY) fan base in the world. This is an opportunity for McDonald’s regarding promotions that use Fan-based Communities. On June 9, 2021, Mc Donald launched the BTSMeals product and created a viral video on social media, especially in Indonesia. During...
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Government Policy in Handling the Covid-19 Pandemic Judging from Law Number 2 of 2020

Anang Dony Irawan, Ega Permatadani
The world was shocked by the emergence of an infectious virus called COVID-19 at the end of 2019. Viruses that can be transmitted by camouflage by indiscriminately consuming every human life that lives on the surface of this earth, including in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries with the most...
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The Importance of Planetarium as Astronomy Education Center in Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya: A Preliminary Study

Andi Sitti Mariyam
In this article, we study the importance of Astronomy in Education. This preliminary study aims to provide an overview of the importance of the existence of Planetarium as Astronomy Education Center at the University of Muhammadiyah Surabaya following the Vision and Mission of UMSurabaya, which is implemented...
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Valuation Method of Intellectual Property Rights for Copyright Products of Small and Medium Enterprises as Objects of Credit Guarantees Benefit-Based in the Digital Era

Anis Mashdurohatun, Andri Winjaya Laksana, H. M. Ali Mansyur
The purpose of this study is to analyze the valuation mechanism for Intellectual Property Rights copyright’s products as objects of credit guarantees in the era of digitalization, analyze the factors that affect the valuation of Intellectual Property Rights copyright’s products as objects of credit guarantees...
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Future of Work, Protection of Labor’ Rights in Using Artificial Intelligence Based on SDGs 8.9

Asri Wijayanti, Chamdani, Mualimin Mochammad Sahid, Aulia Putri
There is a fear of workers on the losing of their jobs due to the use of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is very much needed as an effort to create jobs in the tourism sector. Involving all parties is absolutely necessary as an effort to realize Sustainable Development Goal’s 8.9 (SDGs...
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Implementing the Hands-on Activity (HoA) Learning Model Based on Natural Surroundings (JAS) in an Effort to Improve Ecoliteracy and Learning Motivation of the Students of SD Negeri Ombul 3 Bangkalan

Asy’ari, Yuni Gayatri, Sela Rizqiyah
This research was conducted based on empirical findings that showed various symptoms of boredom and lack of exploration of the ability to re-coliterate and lack of motivation of the students of SD Negeri Ombul 3 Bangkalan. These problems require the need for an approach or learning model to handle them....
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Student Literacy Culture of Muhammadiyah Elementary School/MI in Era of Covid-19 Pandemic

Badruli Martati, Tining Haryanti
Students’ literacy ability has an influence on learning activities. Furthermore, literacy has the function of forming a society that is knowledgeable and critical in life’s problems. However, not all students have good literacy skills. Therefore, learning programs are needed in schools to improve the...
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Cash Waqf for the Corporatization on Muhammadiyah Company’s in East Java

Budi Wahyu Mahardhika, Mochamad Mochklas, Rina Maretasari, Halimatus Sa’diyah
PT. Daya Matahari Utama (DMU) was founded by PW Muhammadiyah East Java in 2007 where the company is very important for the progress of Muhammadiyah organizations in the economic field. The initial capital collection uses a capital joint venture between members through cash waqf. This research will be...
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Implementation of Enforcement on the Occurrence of Union Busting

Chamdani, Asri Wijayanti
The existence of the Labor Union is needed as an effort to fight for the rights of workers who are reduced or lost. Legal protection has been provided by the state for the guarantee of the right to unionize in the Labor Union Act. This study aims to analyze the legal rules governing the rights of labor...
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Strategies of the Regional Leaders of Muhammadiyah Bojonegoro in Against the Radicalism Movement

Chamim Tohari
This study examines the contribution of the Regional Leadership of Muhammadiyah Bojonegoro, East Java, in an effort to stem the outbreak of the radicalism movement. The problem is limited to the following: (1) What are the views (regarding the definition, characteristics, and statements of agreeing or...
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How to Manage Inheritance Wealth Productive Can Increase Economic Value on Agriculture Sector in Gresik

Dian Berkah, Tjiptohadi Sawarjuwono, Abd Hadi
This research aims to analyze the phenomena of inheritance management behavior and inheritance management behavior from the agricultural sectors. So that you can see the form of the heir’s business in moving the inheritance into assets that remain productive. Efforts to move inheritance in this research...
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The Miracles of the Qur’an According to Classical and Modern Islamic Scientists and the Conformity of the Qur’an and Science and Technology

Din Muhammad Zakariya, Muhammad Hambal Shafwan
The Qur’an is the greatest mu’jizat (hereinafter referred to as miracle) rewarded to the Prophet Muhammad SAW to show Islamic truth. This article is aimed at narrating some amazing aspects existing in The Qur’an that have been examined by the experts in their fields. It was a qualitative research with...
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Greta Thunberg’s Speech Power in Un Climate Action Summit 2019: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Nida Aulady Rahmah, Dwijani Ratnadewi, Armeria Wijaya
Behind the fact that youth voices and movements have a powerful effect on public, studies on their concern for environmental problems seem to be lacking. This study aims to reveal the power content of Greta Thunberg’s speech to world leaders at the UN Climate Action Summit 2019. This is a critical discourse...
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The Effectiveness of Online Learning in Improving Students’ Problem Solving Skill

Endah Hendarwati, Naili Sa’ida
This article discusses how to improve problem-solving skills through online learning. Online learning involves actions and knowledge that make it easier for students to enhance their learning quality. The zoom meeting platform is used in the teaching and learning process which uses a variety of discussion...
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Halal Lifestyle: A Study of Revitalizing Islamic Consumption of Middle Class Muslims

Fatkur Huda, Arin Setiyowati
The presence of the Muslim middle class in Indonesia is able to bring religious values in the midst of the rapid growth of consumerism in various promising sectors, especially in the economic field. Along with the trend of halal products being offered amid the needs of the community, not only in the...
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Self-stigma Based on the Sexual Orientation in PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) in Surabaya, Indonesia

Firman Firman, Yuanita Wulandari
The problem of self-stigma is one of the serious problems that occurs in people living with HIV/Aids (PLWHA), this problem is different from discrimination treatment, self-stigma is the fear felt by PLWHA, against acts of discrimination as a result of the attributes attached by community towards PLWHA....
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Community Participation in Preventing and Eradicating Deforestation in Indonesia

Fredy Rikaltra, Anis Mashdurohatun, H. M. Erham Amin, Gunarto
The objectives of this study are to analyze the regulation of community participation in preventing and eradicating deforestation, to analyze the factors that hinder community participation in the prevention and eradication of deforestation, and to formulate the concept of community participation in...
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Financial Aid Accountability and Transparency Partai Amanat Nasional East Java

Gita Desipradani, Fauzie Senoaji
The Minister of Home Affairs Regulation Number 36 of 2018 explains the procedure for calculating, budgeting in the regional revenue and expenditure budget, the orderly administration of submission, distribution, and accountability reports for the use of political party financial aid. This study aims...
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Legal Protection About Phenomenology of Justice Certificate Guarantee While Working

Himawan Estu Bagijo, Hendrawan Dendy Santoso
The existence of legal protection regarding the issue of guaranteeing the original certificate in the workplace is still minimal. By sector, one of them is contained in Article 42 of the Regional Regulation of the Province of East Java No. 8 of 2016 concerning Employment Implementation. This legal protection...
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Effectiveness of Submission of Communication Information Using WhatsApp (Case Study of BEM UMSurabaya)

Khoirul Anam, Arif Ainur Rofiq
Organization is a system consisting of two or more people participating to achieve common goals. Organizational communication process that can be known from these interactions is the interaction between individuals within the organization. Interaction includes personal attitudes or statements or behavior....
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Legal Protection for Medical Personnel in International Armed Conflict; International Humanitarian Law Perspective

Levina Yustitianingtyas, Laily Rodhiyatul Habibah
This legal research aims to find out the regulation on legal protection for medical personnel in international armed conflicts and how sanctions can be applied to perpetrators of violations against medical personnel and to find out the factors that prevent the rules of international humanitarian law...
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TAGADA Media Development (Cultural Diversity Map) in Indonesian Language Learning Material Main Idea

Lilik Binti Mirnawati, Wardatul ‘Izzah
This study aims to develop and produce learning media based on Macromedia Flash Professional 8 software which is used in Indonesian subjects with the main idea material. To develop learning media, researchers chose the 4-D model (Four-D Model) developed by Thiagarajan, et al. which includes four stages...
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Enhancing Cognitive Retention of Different Academic Abilities Undergraduate Students Through PBLRQA Strategy

Lina Listiana, Arsad Bahri, Asham Bin Jamaluddin, Andi Muharni, Wahyu Hidayat Malik
The success of learning is generally measured by how far students master the concepts being taught. However, to find out the effectiveness of the learning strategy, it is necessary to analyze whether the concepts taught can be retained in students’ long-term memory (retention). This research is a quasi-experimental...
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The Formation of Insan Kamil in the Stories of the Prophets Ulul Azmi in the Qur’an

Mahmud Muhsinin
Ulul Azmi are 5 prophets who are special and prioritized among the prophets. They have a very strong character so that they get the title of Ulul Azmi, they are; Prophet Noah AS, Prophet Ibrahim AS, Prophet Musa AS, Prophet Isa AS and Prophet Muhammad SAW. The stories of the prophet ulul azmi contain...
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Strategic to Increase Firm Value with Earning Per Share and Current Ratio

Marista Oktaviani, Tyasha Ayu Melynda Sari, Budi Wahyu Mahardhika
This study aims to determine the strategy of increasing firm value with earnings per share and current ratio. The research method uses descriptive statistics, and SEM PLS analysis uses a moderation model. The sample of this research is the consumer goods industry listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange...
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The Influence of Organizational Identification and Ad Evaluation to Employee’s Customer Focus at Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya

Muhammad AlHakim Danurwindo
The employee must to have the customer Focus, because it can raise the performance of the Company in formulate, give attention, and serve the Customer better. Customer focus consist when the employees proud with their Company. Something that employees have attention to their Company is advertising of...
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The Comparative Study of Kh Hasyim Asy’ari and Ki Hadjar Dewantara (the Curriculum Concepts)

Muhammad Arfan Mu’ammar, Fitriyah Cholishoh
The curriculum in Indonesia is a curriculum that changes rapidly, so its confusing educators who need consistency in its application. One of the ways is by referring to competent figures, such as KH Hasyim Asy’ari with PP Tebuireng and Ki Hadjar Dewantara with his Taman Siswa institution. The two of...
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Disorientation of Islamic Education Integration: Overview of the Crisis of Islamic Education in Indonesia

Muhammad Fazlurrahman Hadi
Efforts to integrate the scientific dichotomy that has been pursued in various Islamic universities in Muslim countries -especially Indonesia- have not shown satisfactory results. In the end, the integration process becomes a new dichotomy model that still separates between religious science and western...
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Religious Moderation from the Perspective of the Hadith Nabawi

Muhammad Hambal Shafwan, Din Muhammad Zakariya
Religious moderation is the moderate understanding, worship, and muamalah attitudes in applying the teachings of the religion adopted, so that they are balanced, not extreme and not disparaging. This article aims to explore the hadiths nabawi becoming the basis for being moderate in Islam, either in...
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The Role of Muhammadiyah as a Progressive Islamic Movement in the Modern Era

Muhammad Wahid Nur Tualeka, Imtihanatul Ma’isyatuts Tsalitsah
In this article, the writer portrays the Role of Muhammadiyah as a Progressive Islamic Movement in the Modern Era, which has extraordinary advantages for Muslims specifically and the more extensive local area. The job of the Muhammadiyah in the Progressive Islamic development, setting out to deliver...
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Paradigm of Shifting Imprisonment to Non-imprisonment in Indonesia Crimination

Muridah Isnawati, Prasista Maolana
Imprisonment in our Criminal Code (KUHP) is currently still in the main form of criminal sanction, imprisonment as regulated in the Criminal Code (KUHP) as the dominant choice of criminal sanctions in tackling crime has always received criticism, because in its implementation it does not fulfil with...
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Systemic Functional Linguistics: Analyzing the Theme System and Thematic Progression in Indonesian University Students’ English Writing

Musakkid Himphinit, Idda Astia
This study aims to investigate the English writing assignment of Indonesian college students. This study focuses on the use of theme system and thematic progression in the text which was produced by the learners in Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya. This study used the systemic functional linguistics...
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The Effect of Leadership and Islamic Work on Employee Performance

A Study at the Amil Zakat Institution in Surakarta

This research aims to analyze the impact of Islamic leadership and work ethic on employee performance viewed from an Islamic perspective. This research was included in the type of saturated sampling research. Data were collected using questionnaires, documentation, observation, and interviews. The researchers...
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The Implementation on Role Play in Early Children Mathematics Skills

Nina Veronica
The aims of the research is knowing the children’s mathematic skill through role play in Pelita hati Kindergarten Mojokerto. This action research used John Elliot model, which every cycle consists four stage, which is planning implementing, observing, and reflecting. The result of the research indicates...
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Overview of Challenges in Conducting English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) Course Assessments via Online and Distance Learning Mode (ODL) for Engineering Students Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Norkhairi Ahmad, Ina Suryani Ab Rahim, Pramudana Ihsan, Wijayadi
While literature on language assessment continue to highlight various issues, the running of university English courses particularly their assessments components are put to the test during the Covid-19 pandemic where the shift to online mode from the previously conventional method becomes inevitable....
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Redefining Lesbian Characteristics of Lucy in Coetzee’s Disgrace: A Postmodern Study

Pramudana Ihsan, Wijayadi
Lesbian characteristics have varied from generations based on its definition. In this postmodern era, many writers are triggered to expose the shift of lesbian characteristics in several literary works, one of them is Disgrace by Coetzee. Lucy was the main object of research in which the researchers...
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Optimizing the Use of Polite Language in Responding to Sexual Harassment News on Social Media

R. Panji Hermoyo, Ali Nuke Affandy, Wahono
News of sexual harassment will always be commented on by netizens or internet residents who are usually called “warganet” either by using polite or rude language. The majority of netizens will comment on cases of sexual harassment with polite or rude language. The research aims to optimize using polite...
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Gender Identity, Multiculturalism, and Environmental Issue in Indonesian Urban Literature

Radius Setiyawan, Sri Lestari
In the reform era, there was an opportunity to get out of the shadow of a frozen Indonesian identity. Environmental exploration should be diminished and diversity or multiculturalism could be celebrated. Both multiculturalism and environmental issues were portrayed in urban literature. This research...
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International Fund Assistance and It’s Eradication of Corruption in Indonesia: International Law Perspectives

Satria Unggul Wicaksana Prakasa, Asis
The crime of corruption has a systemic impact on the development of the Countries. The impact of corruption not only affects the state’s finances, but also the country’s image in allocation of international fund assistances. Cases of corruption in international aid funds in Indonesia occur due hasn’t...
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Conflict of Norms Resolution of Family Card Issuance for Siri Married Couples in Indonesia

Supriyono, Vavirotus Sholichah, Bambang Trianto, Nur Azizah Hidayat
The Ministry of Home Affairs’ policy regarding the issuance of Family Cards for unregistered married couples has a positive impact because it guarantees legal protection for citizens. However, from the other point of view, the issuance also has legal implications for the community. The Ministry of Home...
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Istiṡnā’ Law in Ṣīgat Ṭalāq Four Mażhab Perspectives

Thoat Stiawan, Salman Farisi
The different istinbāṭ aḥkam rules cause differences of opinion among the four mażhabs in determining Islamic law, such as the issue of istisnā’ law in the ṣīgat ṭalāq, the perspective of four mażhab which still requires a more detailed study. Departing from this background, the main issues answered...
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Application of the Beyond Center and Circle Time (BCCT) Model in Early Childhood in the Limited Learning in the School (PTMT)

Tri Kurniawati, Naili Sa’ida
The world has been facing a covid pandemic since the end of 2019, and Indonesia is no exception. The number of cases of Covid 19 in Indonesia is currently relatively low. The Covid case which can be controlled, especially in the last 3 months, provides good news for the people of Indonesia. In the world...
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Anger Management Intervention with Cognitive - Behavioral - Spiritual Approach (SC-Spri) in Adolescents with Behavioral Problems

Wiwik Juwarini Prihastiwi, Dewi Ilma Antawati
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the SC-Spri intervention model in improving anger management skills in early adolescents . SC-Spri is an intervention model that combines cognitive-behavioral and spiritual intelligence. This study involved junior high school students with the characteristics...
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Islamic Religious Education Strategies in the Disruption Era

Zainal Arifin
A disruption era is the time where something is taken from its root, namely fundamental changes that disturb the stability of a long-established system. Technology in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 causes changes in various aspects of life. This revolution alters conventional matters into a more advanced...
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Developing of Collaboration Skill in Media Using Closing Statement of Dahlan Iskan Notes on Covid-19

Yarno, Mustaji, Bachtiar Syaiful Bachri
This research aimed to develop student collaboration skills which are one of the 21st century skills. The development of these skills is done by forming a discussion group to complete a project. The media used in this research is a closing statement of Dahlan Iskan's diary which was published on...
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Assimilation of Chinese Ethnicity in Indonesia Cultural and Architectural Studies

Zuraida Zuraida, Murni Rahmawati, Muhammad Faqih
Assimilation and acculturation are two terms of mixing or blending different cultures. Acculturation is a term that is often used in the process of mixing different cultures. Assimilation also has the meaning of mixing different cultures. This study discusses the position of the term assimilation (assimilation)...
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Language Acquisition for Children Age 5–6 in Learning Syllables and Word Meanings Through Media Worldwall at TK Aisyiyah 58 Surabaya

Wardah Suweleh, R. Dian Karina
Language ability is obtained by humans in stages start from infancy, children, adolescents, and adults. Children's first language skills are obtained from spoken language like changing vocabulary, syllables and words to sentences. The second language skill is written language. This study aims to...
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The Online Collaborative Learning as the Innovation of Learning Paradigm

Wijayadi, Pramudana Ihsan
This Study is to investigate how the online collaborative learning in the era of digital university is implemented. In fact there are many universities try to develop a certain strategy as a respond of a huge change caused by cyber technology. So it also influences the policy to develop the online learning...
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Socio-cultural Aspects in the Spread of Radical Understanding

Agus Supriyo, Samsul Arifin
Terrorism can be understood as a criminal act which in its efforts to eradicate it is not enough just to arrest, try, and punish severely. This cannot be separated from the increasingly massive spread of radical ideas that are the root of the birth of extremist groups which in an effort to achieve their...
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Influence of Islamic Leadership on Organizational Culture, Organizational Commitment and Employee Performance at Bank Syariah Indonesia in Surabaya

Tiara Anindya Virana, Rifa’atul Maftuhah
This research aims to find out the influence of Islamic leadership on organizational culture, organizational commitment and employee performance at BSI bank in Surabaya. The study used questionnaires in primary data retrieval and quantitative approaches using Partial Least square (PLS). The study sample...
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Positive Impact of Smartphone on the Children’s Thinking Ability Process

(Case Study: ABA 58 Surabaya Kindergarden)

Gusmaniarti, Wahono, Sudarmi Mauboi
ABA 58 Surabaya Kindergarden located in the east of Kota Surabaya by seeing firsthand the conditions in the classroom during the learning process, that's where I found that there were some children who focused on playing educational game tools, and playing with their friends, but there were some...
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Gender Bias Perspective in Indonesian Language Textbooks and Related Sociocultural in Indonesia

Sujinah Sujinah, Hajir Muhammad, Ngatmain
The differences between men and women in terms of roles and positions become a real problem in our society. In fact, those differences limit their movement and cause injustice. This study describes the gender bias contained in the revised edition of the Indonesian Language High School textbook which...
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The Strategies of the Early Childhood Teachers to Provide Learning Activities at Home During the Pandemic of Covid-19

Pupung Puspa Ardini, Mutiara Magta, Ratih Kusumawardani, Febru Puji Astuti, Kristiana Maryani, Wuri Astuti, Rina Windiarti, Choiriyah
This research was cnducted to determine the learning strategies carried out by early childhood teachers in Indonesia during learning at home in the pandemic of covid-19. There are three points of issues. The first issue is about online learning or distance learning to provide a meaningful learning experience...
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Does Trade Openness and Human Resources Affect the Economic Growth of ASEAN Countries

Fakhruddin, Fitriyani, Cut Zakia Rizki
The AEC aims to make ASEAN as a single market and production base, where the flow of goods, services, investment, and skilled labor, as well as the flow of capital, can move freely. The purpose is to ensure all countries can get benefit from free trade with equitable economic development, reduced poverty,...
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Global Trends of Corporate Social Responsibility in Resolving COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts

Astrie Krisnawati
The COVID-19 pandemic is a global catastrophe that affects the entire world in various aspects. All members of community, including businessmen, must be able to survive and struggle to improve the bad situation caused by the outbreak. As an economic entity, a company does not only have economic responsibilities,...
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Implementation of the Academic Supervision Model of Collaboration to Improve Pedagogical and Professional Competence of Early Years Teachers in Semarang City

Lita Latianaa, Sularti Dewanti Sri Handayani, Akaat Hasjiandito
Competence owned by teachers has a great effect on the quality of the learning process carried out because teacher’s competence can determine their performance in teaching and learning activities to facilitate students in achieving success in learning. One of the activities carried out in an effort to...
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The Innovation of Civic Education Studies in Indonesia: A Theoretical Review of Global Citizenship Education

Rianda Usmia, Samsuri
This paper aims to study the importance of global citizenship education as the innovation or studies development for Indonesian civic education in the 21st century and present the conceptual framework of global citizenship competency for the development of Indonesian civic education studies. This research...
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Applying Gardening Projects to Improve Scientific Knowledge and Collaboration in Early Childhood Education

Waode Eti Hardiyanti, Rifda Mardian Arif, Ahmad, Hesti, Waode Ekadayanti
The goal of this study is to investigate children’s involvement in gardening project to improve their scientific knowledge and collaboration amongst their peers and adults in the preschool. The method of this research is a case study with inquiry-based approach using 5E (engagement, exploration, explanation,...
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Analysis of Adaptive Governance: Overview of the Concept of Structure in Limboto Lake Management in Indonesia

Muh. Firyal Akbar, Alwi, Nur Indrayati Nur Indar, Muhammad Tang Abdullah
One of the features of adaptive governance to create resilience to uncertain environmental changes is structure. The concept of structure in question is a pattern between the civil, private, and Government sectors. This article aims to explain how the design was created by the coordination and synergy...
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Risk Factors of Asphyxia in Newborns

Faizatul Ummah, Lilin Turlina, Ati’ul Impartina, Ihda Mauliyah
Asphyxia or breathing difficulty after birth is still one of the primary causes of neonatal death in Indonesia. Three-quarters of neonatal deaths occur in the first week, 40% of them die within 24 h after birth. This study aimed to determine the risk factors for the incidence of newborn asphyxia. This...
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Portfolio Establishment of Bumn20 Stock Index in Indonesia Stock Exchange: An Analysis During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia was first announced by the government at the beginning of March 2020. It was then followed by PSBB policies that affected the national economy. PSBB affected the reduction of public consumption. This caused many businesses to slow down. BUMN is a state-owned enterprise...
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The Influence of Soft Skills and Hard Skills on the Results of Studying Ethics and Philosophy of Communication at Mercu Buana University

Jaya Suryadi, Zainal Abidin Arief, Sigit Wibowo
This research is quantitative research aimed at knowing and testing the influence of soft skills and hard skills on the results of studying ethics and philosophy of communication At Mercu Buana University. Problems in this study are formulated as follows: (1) the influence of soft skills on the Results...
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Human Capital Performance in the Agriculture Sector During the Era of Covid-19

Tri Bastuti Purwantini
The research aims to analyze human capital performance in the agricultural sector during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study uses secondary data, mainly from BPS, the data is analyzed using simple statistics and descriptive analysis with literature studies. The results show that agricultural development...
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Development of Flexible Hospital Management Information Systems and End User Training Improve Hospital Performance

Anggun Nugroho, Shofwan Hanief, I. Wayan Karang Utama
Hospital management is very challenging because of the many activities, services, transactions, and information flows. Data and information management also plays an important role in the provision of nursing services which can be improved by the role of information and communication technology, especially...
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Evaluation of Distance Learning Program Based on Learning Management System During New Normal Covid-19

Al Juska Sasni Akbar, Ernawati, Hari Setiadi, Mohammad Givi Efgivia, Ani Safitri
Evaluation of the Learning Management System program covering aspects of Context; assess the basic needs of implementation and the actual conditions of the program. Input; analyze resources and strategic alternatives to achieve program objectives. Process; evaluate program implementation. Product; show...
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Implementation of Legal Protection Against UKM IRD Batik with the Religious Motif as a Method of Islamic Education

Indriya, Cut Emma Mutia Ratna Dewi, Zulfia Artiza
The meaning of education in the context of Islamic education is synonymous with the words, ta’lim, tarbiyah, and ta’dib. Batik is a work of the long journey of the Indonesian nation, a cultural achievement, world cultural heritage Indonesia. As a characteristic of the people’s economic wealth, batik...
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The Effect of Using Online Media on Learning Motivation and Its Impact on Improving the Results of Learning Bahasa Indonesia

Idah Faridah, Euis Fauziah, Tri Maulani, Inne Cahyani, Mohammad Givi Efgivia
This research uses the quantitative method to find out how much influence the use of Online Media on learning motivation and learning outcomes of students in class VIII MTs Al Muasyaroh Rancabungur Bogor. The problems in this study are formulated as follows: (1) The effect of using Online Media on learning...
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The Development of a Blended Learning Model Based on a Learning Management System

Bhakti Gunawan, Sigit Wibowo, Asep Miftahudin, Ifni Muharman, Ruly Wulansari
This study aims to develop, determine the feasibility and effectiveness of a blended learning model based on the Learning Management System (LMS) in the course of Curriculum Development in Learning at Educational Technology Study Program Postgraduate School of Ibn Khaldun University Bogor. The method...
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The Effect of Digital Literacy on Children Violence

R. Andi Ahmad Gunadi, Aswir, Maesaroh Lubis
The research objective is to determine the effect of digital literacy on violence against children. Digital literacy is information media connected or connected to the internet through portable computers (laptops) and mobile phones. The use of digital literacy media has both positive and negative effects....
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The Effectiveness and Utilization of Video Email Technology as Distance Learning Media

Ujang Ridwan Maulana, Sutomo, Laila Majda, Helmi Nursirwan, Fajar Syah Alam
The learning process has shifted after the conditions of Covid-19 hit the world, including Indonesia. The learning process, which was originally carried out face-to-face, must switch to distance learning. The teacher’s innovation and creativity in presenting the media greatly support the learning process....
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Learning Videos as Support Media Before Playing Children on STEAM Learning Contents at PAUD Nurul Hidayah

Mufarihah, Fatihatus Saadah, Abdul Syukur, Faza Muhammad Noor, Elnawati
The rapid advancement of technology in the 21st century brings major changes to all aspects of human life. The world of education must design learning devices and align themwith technology to prepare their students to live in the 21st-century era. Learning models in Early Childhood Education must be...
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Interactive Multimedia Development in Learning About Numbers and Alphabets for Early Childhood Education

Elly Fitriani, Erminawati, Ida Royani, Adora Rinanda, Suriyani
Face-to-face learning conditions cannot be done optimally. Therefore, the introduction of literacy and numeracy through technology is a fundamental thing that can be given to early childhood students. Teachers are required to be creative in making Educational Game Tools (APE) as a tool to introduce literacy....
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Importance of Sex Education for Children According to Abdullah Nasih Ulwan

Akhmad Alim, Norhayati Binte Khalil
The technological age has brought a side effect in the present era. Ideological exposure has poisoned the minds of today's people, especially teenagers. Indeed, they are the generation of the future. Many of the problems of sex misuse have been widely addressed through socialization with the opposite...
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Science Learning in Madrasah Education in Singapore: An Islamisation of Biology Syllabus Through Supplementary Textbook

Azman Adahar, Budi Hadrianto
The integration of Islamic education with the learning of sciences perceived to be meaningful and comprehensible. Yet, there is still an underlying assumption in the wider community that religion and science are two entities that cannot be reconciled. This study seeks to determine the integration of...
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Academic Administration System Improving the Quality of Education Institutions Services

Ni Luh Putri Srinadi, Anggun Nugroho
The Covid-19 pandemic that is rapidly spreading throughout the world has an effect on every area of people's lives, one of the most affected areas is education. Education experienced great shocks and created a new order in the teaching and learning process. The online learning process is applied...
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Measuring Leadership Foundations Through Combination of Personal Test Based on Mother-Reptile, and Analysis Technique Based on Chunking

A. A. Gde Agung Putra Ratu Asmara
To get a measurable leader is not an easy task. It takes a good and precise method to get it. A responsible way is to do a personal test. The personal test that should be done must be independent and qualified. In this study, a Mama-Reptile-based personal test was conducted to find the results of the...
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Legal Consequences in Buy and Sell of the Land Which is Not Transfer of Title Yet in Simpang Perak Jaya Village (Case Study of Freehold Title Number 733)

Rico Pratama Purnomo, Admiral, Rosyidi Hamzah
Based on The Constitution Number 5 Year 1960 About Agraria Basic Regulation and The Government Regulation Number 24 Year 1997 about Land Registration, land rights buy and sell must be conducted in front of Land Titles Registrar. The shift of land right can move through land buy and sell between the seller...
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The Effect of Creative and Educative Games on Project-Based Learning on Students' Learning Spirit in the Pandemic Period

Eka Kurniasih, Ulfi Ukhrowati, Novi Utami, Tazkiyah Himmatul Ulya, Mohammad Givi Efgivia
Indonesia is one of the countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and this condition has a significant impact on the world of education, including from basic education to higher education. The next face-to-face learning is dominated by distance learning (PJJ) which is better known as online learning....
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The Study of Reading Interest in Indonesian Society and the Shift in Alternative Media as Reading Sources for Finding Innovation in-Library Management

Putu Dewi Puspitawati
This study aims to determine the visitor’s reading material, the reasons for visiting the library, the frequency of visits, and reading sources besides visiting the library. Collecting data using qualitative methods through structured interviews. A total of 200 visitors were randomly selected from several...
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The Importance of Developing Learning Resource Centers to Improve the Quality of Learning in Remote, Disadvantaged, Leading Areas

Stephanus Turibius Rahmat, Suyitno Muslim, Robinson Situmorang, Mochamad Sukardjo, Ferdina
The background of this article is the fact that the learning resources available in every school, university, and other educational institutions have not been managed and utilized to the maximum for the benefit of learning. This is one of the factors causing the low quality of education. In addition,...
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Determining the Right Method to Measure the Quality of Public Service Performance BPSDM, Bali Province

Ni Ketut Riani
One of the government’s efforts to improve the quality of public services, as mandated by the Law of the Republic of Indonesia, Law on Public Services. This law regulates the principles of good governance which are the effectiveness of government functions itself. For that, it is necessary to compile...
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ASSURE Learning Model to Increase Student Independence Junior High School Public 1 Bojonggede in the Pandemic Era

Mohammad Givi Efgivia, Marfie Widiyanti, Emelinny Iskandar, Maria Ulfah, Maliatu Fitriah
The ASSURE learning method is expected to increase students’ independence in learning when a pandemic occurs, but its effectiveness needs to be studied empirically. The purpose of this study was to determine the difference in daily test scores for classes that apply the ASSURE method and classes that...
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Distance Learning Assessment Strategy in the Pandemic Period

Cucu Ardiansyah, Farrah Zhahiriyah, M. Zuhdi, Taufik Rusmayana, Mohammad Givi Efgivia
During the Covid-19 pandemic, all educational level learning activities, including junior high schools, switch to distance learning. This causes the need for adaptation in the learning process including the student assessment process which must be carried out by the teacher online. The assessment process...
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Islamic Education Programme for Senior Citizens at Muhammadiyah Health and Daycare Centre Singapore

Einon Bte Mohd Taib, Imas Kania Rahman, Abas Mansur Tamam
It is necessary to have Islamic Education Program as there is an emergency in facing the twilight years and others including the Covid-19 Pandemic. The researcher has researched Islamic Education Program specifically targeted to the Elderly in MHCC. The research method was descriptive analytic using...
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Solah (Prayer Worship) Education Curriculum for Part-Time Elementary Madrasah Student

Anung Hamat, Kamariah Sukim, Abdul HayyieAl-Kattani
Solah is one of the pillars of Islam that is compulsory for a Muslim as a form of devotion to Allah swt. The aim of this research is to examine the education curriculum that is curated to improve the quality of a student’s practice of worship and to consistently perform Solah. From the data collected,...
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Moral Education for Youth from the Book “At TArbiyatul Akhlakiyyah Wa Aathariha Fi Binaai Mustaqbali Syabab”

Muhammad Hafizuddin, Akhmad Alim
Morality is a measure of one’s personality. To this end, moral education plays an important role and has a huge impact on the lives of individuals, communities, and the ummah. The problems that occurred among youths nowadays are very worrying with moral changes in themselves due to the tendency to negative...
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The Effect of Realistic Mathematics Approach on Learning Outcomes of Elementary School Students

Teni Tutiareni, Budi Hendrawan, Mohammad Fahmi Nugraha, Anggia Suci Pratiwi, Milah Nurkamilah, Mujiarto
This study aims to describe the effect of a realistic mathematical approach on student learning outcomes in fractional arithmetic operations in class V SDN 2 Tuguraja, Cihideung, Tasikmalaya City. In this study, learning with a realistic mathematical approach that will be carried out is using a concrete...
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Social Presence in Online Learning: Meta Analysis

Rochmawati Rochmawati
This article presents a meta-analysis of the experimental and survey literature that has examined the relationship of social presence to student satisfaction in online learning. The aspects that are considered and carried out in meta-analysis studies in several primary studies on the relationship of...
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Implementative Model of Antenatal Class Online in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nunung Mulyani, Yati Budiarti, Siti Patimah
The Antenatal Class aims to increase knowledge, change attitudes and behavior of mothers about the health. Antenatal class in normal situations can be carried out routinely, becoming difficult to carry out during the Covid-19 pandemic. Pregnancy consultations and education classes for pregnant women...
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Knowledge and Self-care Skills of Perioperative Patients

Idawati Manurung, Giri Udani
Health education is part of discharge planning, an important intervention in enabling patients able to continue their self-care at home. The purpose of this study was to determine the difference of the level of knowledge and skills of perioperative patients in self-care when health education was carried...
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Online Education About Covid 19 Using Zoom and Android App

Angga Sugiarto, Siti Maryani, Sunarko
The use of online learning methods has increased since the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) were set by the government. The current condition is a challenge for the world of nursing education to immediately respond by conducting online learning using e-learning developed by related institutions...
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Overview of Stunting in Newborns in Pekalongan Regency Health Centers: A Retrospective Study

Ratnawati Ratnawati, Trina Kurniawati, Jumaroh, Nur Intan Kusuma, Bestari Welas Asih Waskita
The stunting rate in Indonesia is still high, with one in three children experiencing stunting. This illustrates the level of growth and development of infants that are not optimal. The incidence of stunting can be assessed since the newborn with criteria using the body length index according to age...
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Factor Related to Anxiety Among Parents of Children Under Five Years of Age During COVID-19 Pandemic

Puji Nurfauziatul Hasanah, Dini Afriani, Witri Dewi Mentari, Sutisna, Burdahyat
The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak emerged and caused a crisis in various sectors. Widespread local quarantine is done as an effort to stop the spread of the virus. This may be particularly difficult for parent who have children as a vulnerable group especially children under five years of age, because playing...
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Psychological Problems of Nursing Students in Facing Clinical Practice During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sulastri, Siti Fatonah
Professional and vocational education institutions as health personnel education institutions are expected to be able to produce ready-to-use health workers. The educational process, the clinical learning load is quite large in vocational education, even the entire professional education process is clinical....
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Vegetable Consumption Reduce Breast Cancer Risk Factors in Lampung Province

Yuniastini, Purwati, Wien Wiratmoko, Suslina
Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that originates from gland cells, gland ducts and breast supporting tissues. This type of cancer is the most commonly occuring cancer in women. In Lampung Province, the prevalence of breast cancer is the highest one. So far, the cause of cancer is still unknown. However,...