Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management and Computer Science

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Comprehensive Optimal Selection of Connection Mode for Distribution Network Based on FAHP

Jiacheng Li
An optimal distribution connection mode can be worked out by use of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) to comprehensively evaluate connection modes in security, reliability and economy performances. We give a detailed steps of FAHP algorithm, offering a new thought to evaluation of distribution...
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Research for Training System and Paths of Professional Degree Postgraduate's Engineering Innovation Ability

Shoukui He, Yugang Jian
Training innovative postgraduate with professional degree is the urgent requirement of national implementation of innovation-driven development strategy. Comparing with academic degree graduate students, they have no obvious advantage in engineering-innovation ability. Instead, they are weak in basic...
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The Application of Association Rules Mining in the Analysis of Students' Test Scores

Jigang Zheng, Jingmei Zhang
Data mining from large amounts of data to extract efficient,implicit,potential useful knowledge and information,it has in many other areas has been successfully applied.However,the application in the field of education is relatively less.The central work of institutions of higher learning is teaching,the...
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On Construction of the Characteristic Educational Resources of Ethnic Regions in Gansu, China

Jun Ma
The construction of characteristic educational resource plays a very significant role in social development for ethnic regions in China. This paper investigated the characteristic educational resource taking selected ethnic regions in Gansu province as example. The analysis was conducted by the means...
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The Ecological Research of Ideological and Political Education in the Media Age

Meng Qin
Because since the arrival of the current media era to the current Political Education in Colleges ring and internet have brought no small impact, it also allows the current academic circles began to explore new paths Campus Ideological Education Innovation Development, some scholars have proposed to...
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The Impacts of Global Budget Payment System on Public Hospitals and Countermeasures

Mingju Chen
Under the basic medical insurance system, the high cost of getting a treatment and difficulty in seeing a doctor have been resolved to some extent, but the reasonable control of medical insurance costs have remained an unresolved problem for many years. Medical insurance payment is one of the core concerns...
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Adaptive Time Delay Compensation Realization for Remote Ship Main Engine Rotation Measurement

Taolin Hu, Qiguan Xu, Guoxiong Huang, Yongming Nie
An adaptive time delay compensation algorithm has been developed based on thorough analysis of the integrated information transmission platform and the composition and characteristics of the time delay in V.35 channel, during which forward and reverse V.35 transmission channel has been developed properly....
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Research on Passenger Terminal Layout Planning of Metropolitan Coordination Region

Huimin Zheng, Xuan Chen
With the rapid social and economic development and urbanization process speeding up, At present planning and construction of highway passenger terminal in Metropolitan Coordination Region MCR has lagged behind and cannot meet the development needs of economic integration. Therefore, the layout of highway...
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Dual Channel Monopulse Automatic Phase Calibration Method

Xinfeng Fan, Yongming Nie, Xin Ding
Combining the target flight and acquisition characteristics with tracking process, a phase calibration method is proposed through theoretical analysis of dual channel monopulse tracking system angular error demodulation principle. The key of that is a new real-time correction phase and real time cross...
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The Innovation of the Instruction Strategy for the Information Security Course Based on the Network Attack and Defense Training

Xueming Jia
In this paper, a novel instruction strategy for the information security training is proposed. Based on the Attack and Defense pattern training, the interesting of the students can be enhanced and the practical ability for tackling the exact information security problem can be improved. After the experiment...
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Research on Physical Education Teaching of Confucius

Zhenhua Guo, Jun Yang, Meirong Tang
Confucius was the most influential educator in Spring and autumn period, also was the first t educator who put forward sports thoughts. For more than 40 years of teaching practice, he not only proposed the sports thought and concept of preserve one's health, but also it contained rich and colorful sports...
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Analysis on the Strategic Position of 'Northern Sea Route' Based on '21st-Century Maritime Silk Route'

Xing Wei
“21st-Century Maritime Silk Route” is a new strategy China put forward to take the initiative to create harmonious diplomacy and meanwhile create favorable opportunity and external environment for its deepening reform while facing complicated global situation. China is a growing maritime power, which...
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Exploration into Bringing Li Nationality's Folk Fairy Tales to Chinese Classes in Primary Schools

Jiafa Wang, Guiping Lian
This paper starts from the definition of the concept of fairy tales and the concept of Li nationality’s folk fairy tales to analyze the aesthetic characteristics of Li nationality’s folk fairy tales first, and then explores the necessity and possibility of bring Li nationality’s folk fairy tales into...
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The Research of Wind Electricity's Present Situation and Development under the Electric Power Reform

Bei Bian, Zixin Song, Tie Ma, Xubin Liu, Qian Luo
The voice of new energy is increasing with environment pollution growing problem Wind energy regards as a new energy with no pollution and wide-getting, so it gets full attentions from all the world, and, installed capacity is increasing. In 2014, China promulgated “opinions on further deepening the...
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The Application of Confucianism in Modern Furniture Industry

Liang Zhang, Jian Zhao, Li Nan Zheng
The reason why many countries in the world have attracted worldwide attention in the field of product design, it is not just the technology progress plays an important role but the design innovation is frequently more important.In today's society, innovative design thinking largely determines the design...
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The Stability of the Internet Traffic Features

Bin Zhang, Yuandong Mao, Mei Zhang, Yun Yu, Guoquan Jiang, Bo Deng
In this paper, we present a statistical analysis of traffic features at the packet level. We show that all traffic features demonstrate similar approximately power-law distribution for different time and interval at minute time scale except for the packet size. We observe that feature entropy and independent...
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Automatic Control System of Reservoir Gate

Yu Lin, Zhiwei Lin, Jing Tian
Reservoir is a water conservancy project of flood control and water storage, building a reservoir in the upper reaches of the river used for urban water supply, tap water and agricultural irrigation, power generation, flood control reducing peak flow into the downstream channel through the capacity of...
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On the Application of WeChat Platform in the Classroom Teaching Reform

Weiran Zhang, Lieming Fang, Yajun Pan
WeChat, a smart software based on internet, is at the advantage in today's social smart client Applications thanks to its huge amount of users. WeChat Platform- based classroom teaching methods reform can make up for the deficiencies of traditional classroom teaching mode and teaching method, and it...
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Research on Implementation of University Computer Foundation Teaching Reform

Xinfeng Yang
With the development of social informationization, the computer level has become a measure of the professional quality and ability of college students. This paper analysis the present situation and defects of current teaching of university computer foundation, puts forward the goal and thought of reform,...
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China across the "Middle Income Trap" Dynamic Mechanism and Path Selection

Jie Fan
Demographic dividend play advantage, improve market supply factors, optimize the industrial structure, promote independent innovation is the main driving force of China's economic growth in the current long-term, to maintain growth momentum and success across the "Middle Income Trap" Feasible path include:...
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Analysis of Formation Attack based on Information Submarine

Yang Yang Zhao, Liang Ma
Using the method of comprehensive index of fleet to quantify the potential capabilities, set up the attack submarine warfare capability model, to evaluate and compare the operational capability of all kinds of ships and equipment, to improve the surface ship fleet is instructive and comprehensive anti-submarine...
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The Evaluation Method and Empirical Study on Capability of Customer Collaborative Product Innovation

Xue Zhang
Customer collaborative product innovation is the major style of the innovation activities of enterprises, which not only needs supporting by the hardware and software environment, but the participations of both customers and staffs of enterprises. This paper analyzes the components of customer collaborative...
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Empirical Analysis on the Factors Affecting the Development of Green Economy in Guizhou Province, China

Chenggang Li, Yandan Xue, Lingyun Luo, Xiaoliang Liu, Mingguo Zhang, Wulin Zhang
In this paper, multiple linear regression models were used to analyze the factors of affecting Green economic development in Guizhou Province, China and to identify the weight of all the factors. Indicator of Green economic growth is the per capita GDP of Guizhou Province. The arguments are per capita...
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Coin Sorter Electrical Control System Design

Qixing Liu
Through the coin sorter electrical control system design, to understand the structure of the coin sorter, he mastered it works and use of the main design is simple, accurate sorting, reliable, easy maintenance, low cost advantages. And the system has the potential to expand to meet the future needs of...
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The Practice of Business English Cooperative Learning in the Network Environment

Lu Sun
Business English Cooperative Learning in network environment is an important development direction of business English teaching. This paper analyzes the network environment and the theoretical basis of cooperative learning, and focuses on the application of several cooperative learning methods in Business...
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Electric Vehicle Charging Load Forecasting Based on ACO and Monte Carlo Algorithms

Tianyi Qu, Xiaofang Cao
The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development Guide (2015-2020) and The Action Plan of Distribution Network Construction Reforming (2015-2020) have been analyzed and comprehended . Based on meeting a lot of rapid development of electric vehicle charging load, the optimal operation method of...
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CRM Reform of Logistics Enterprises in Big Data Environment

Hui Wang, Yang Yu
This paper introduces the connotation and background of big data and analysis the opportunities and challenges logistics enterprises confront in CRM; it looks into the CRM status of domestic logistics enterprises, analyzes the applicable fields of big data in logistics and proposes a way to promote CRM...
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The Role of Rural Decentralized Religion in the Rural Governance

Ting Li, Siling Liao, Weiwei Peng
the decentralized rural religion in China's development for a long time, on to ancient times, to the contemporary society, decentralized religious beliefs play an immeasurable role in the process of the development of rural. This article takes the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region g Lvluo village...
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Design of Call Treatment System Based on MCU

Dandan Yan, Jinying Chen, Shirui Huo, Tianmin Li
Since the calling range of current call treatment system is limited, resulting in staff retention in the waiting hall, noisy environment for treatment, work intensity of doctors and nurses, low treatment efficiency. A call treatment system based on MCU with STC89C52 MCU as the main control chip to control...
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Design and Implementation of Serial Port Ultrasonic Distance Measurement System Based on STC12

Jian Huang
According to the principle of ultrasonic distance measurement, a kind of ultrasonic distance measurement system with low blind area, low power consumption, high precision and small size is designed and realized in the light of the influence of temperature and air flow. STC12C5A60S2 high performance microcontroller...
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Development of Service Outsourcing Based on Gray Correlation Factors Theory

Jiahui Liu, Guangqiu Lu, Fuling Li
Outsourcing has a load of information technology and high added value and low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, creating jobs ability and other characteristics.Therefore accelerating the development of service outsourcing industry, promoting and upgrading the city's industrial structure...
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Connection Mode Optimization of Power Distribution Network Based on Load Fusion and Hierarchical Control Theory

Bingqian Song
With the complex and variable structure and operation mode of power distribution network, the traditional load area model is difficult to adapt to the distribution network transformation. Therefore, based on the idea of information fusion, this paper puts forward a kind of load fusion theory, and constructs...
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Research and Implementation of Ethnic Education Resources Database Based on Ontology

Jun Ma
The article introduced the methods of constructing education resources database for ethnic groups with Ontology taking the construction of education resources for Dongxiang ethnic group as an example in order to realize the development and sharing of education resources in ethnic areas. meanwhile, it...
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A Fabric Defect Classification Based on Two-dimensional Sparse Representations and a Norm Optimization

Yuanshao Hou, Jiande Fan
Sampling loss of the structural information of the image for the one-dimensional compression and bring about the loss of recognition accuracy, we propose the concept of two-dimensional compression samples. Using a set of sparse-based perception to get the sparse data on the raw data of the defect, fabric...
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Analysis on the Factors Influencing the Performance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities

Fei Wang, Hailan Luo, Fuqing Wang, Jianguo Wang
The main factors which affect the performance of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities are that the educational goals and philosophy of innovation and entrepreneurship is relatively narrow, the education resources are in a lack and teaching methods are outdated and old-fashioned....
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Ship Main Engine Rotation Rate Measured Based on Opto-elemetronic Method

Guoxiong Huang, Chao Chen, Yongming Nie
Based on thorough analysis of the integrated information transmission platform, a setup is demonstrated that can measure ship main engine rotating rate based on opto-elemetronic method, which includes opto-elemetronic sensor block, data collecting terminal, display terminal and power supply module. Then,...
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Taking Qingdao as an Example of Development and Design of Regional Tourism Souvenirs

Jian Zhao, Liang Zhang, Linan Zheng
By inherited tradition of Qingdao local culture, modern culture and tourism culture studied, summarized their traditions, characteristics and forms of modern tourism culture, combined with the local traditional culture, modern cultural integration of cultural resources for tourism and cultural souvenirs...
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Mathematical Analysis of Frequency Modulation Symmetric Polarized Diversity Phase-locked Loop

Zhenzhou Li, Yongming Nie, Lujun Zhou
In the aerospace measuring and controlling area especially in rocket telemetry receiver system, polarization diversity is used to fight against polarization signal fading, improve channel reliability and improve the quality of the received signal. Firstly, mathematical models of phase-locked loop, differential...
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The Method of the Basic Computer Technology Instruction and its Application

Xueming Jia
With the development of the information technology and the data analysis, the traditional instruction method for the basic computer technology instruction should be improved in order to enhance the corresponding instruction efficiency. In this paper, the current problem of the computer technology instruction...
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The Art of Film and Television Packing

Lun Yang
The nods eyeball pen of film packaging as a film, it is important for the whole movie style to produce. Film packaging is a kind of art design with film properties and thinking space form of art. Art of film and television packaging, and other art creation, its charm is the perfect unification of content...
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Imperative Demand to Establish the Marine Aesthetics Subject with the Strategy of Empowering China with Oceans and under the Background of Strategic South China Sea

Jiafa Wang, Xing Wei
The marine aesthetics subject was first proposed to be established as early as 4 year ago with some scholarship following this subsequently, but until today, there is no a little sign to establish the subject of marine aesthetics. After the 18th congress of the CPC when the strategic target of establishing...
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On the Analysis and Application of Context Function in English Linguistics

Linlin Tong
Context feature exists in every language and context is an important reference for the semantic interpretation in daily language communication, in-depth understanding of the functional classification of context, the rational use of contextual assumptions, helps to enhance the understanding of language...
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Integrating the Thoughts and Methods of Mathematical Modelling into the Teaching of Advanced Mathematics

Yiying Yang
At present, there are many problems in the teaching and learning methods of Advanced Mathematics in China’s higher education: the teaching methods is single and the course is boring, lacks fun, and students do not take the initiative to learn but are being passively indoctrinated. Aiming at these problems,...
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A Topology Discovery Method Based on AFT

Bin Zhang, Mei Zhang, Yuandong Mao, Yun Yu, Guoquan Jiang, Bo Deng
Network physical topology discovery is the key issue for network management and application, the physical topology discovery based on address forwarding table (AFT) is a hot topic on current study. This paper proposes a tree chopping algorithm based on AFT satisfying down constraint, which can discover...
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Design and Implementation of Video System Based on STM32

Yu Lin, Zhiwei Lin, Jing Tian
Video acquisition system is widely used in industrial control, intelligent buildings, medical, public safety and other fields, and video communication is mainstream news of 4G era, for video acquisition and display technology has high social value and economic value; most of the embedded video acquisition...
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Operational Effectiveness Evaluation of the Naval Gun Fire Hit based on UAV Cooperative Combat

Hai Tao Yao, Liang Ma
Based on the analysis of UAV security under the condition of naval gun fire support on demand, on the basis of the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation and analytic hierarchy process (ahp) for UAV security under the condition of naval gun fire support on operational effectiveness were evaluated, affecting...
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Study on the Influence of Environmental Protection Investment on GDP in China

Chenggang Li, Lingyun Luo, Yandan Xue, Xiaoliang Liu, Mingguo Zhang, Wulin Zhang
In recent years, due to the serious environmental problems, building friendly environment and sustainable society has gained people's attention. Studying on the influence of environmental protection investment on economic growth is benefit for the development of green economy in China. Using the data...
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Design of Satellite Ranging System Based on Physical Random Sequence

Qingding He, Yongming Nie, Huifeng Liu, Xin Ding
A setup of satellite ranging based on phsical random sequence is demonstrated, which has absolute security in information transmission because of the random property of the physical sequence. Using true random sequence replacing pesudo random sequence, synchronization technology is vital important for...
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Training of Foreign Trade-Oriented Business English Major

Lu Sun
Business English is a very strong pertinence, practicality and the characteristics of the times of the professional. With the rapid development of information technology and the acceleration of global economic integration, the training model of business English professionals in China is facing new challenges....
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The Strategy of the Scale and Charging Optimization Based on the Distribution Network

Tianyi Qu, Xiaofang Cao
The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development Guide (2015-2020) and The Action Plan of Distribution Network Construction Reforming (2015-2020) have been analyzed and comprehended. Based on meeting a lot of rapid development of electric vehicle charging load, the optimal operation method of...