Proceedings of the 2018 4th Annual International Conference on Modern Education and Social Science (MESS 2018)

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Trade Potential Analysis between China and Europe under “the Belt and Road” Initiative

Pei-Zhi WANG, Yu-Han ZHENG, Li-Ping SUN
Recently, the European market has become an indispensable part of Chinese foreign trade. In 2013, China put forward “the Belt and Road” initiative in order to communicate the Eurasian Continent. There has been 24 European countries joining in “the Belt and Road” initiative while most developed countries...
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The Application of Pricing Model in Self - Service Crowdsourcing Platform

Zhi-Peng MA, Shu-Wan YAO, Ke-Fei XU, Ji-Li WANG
The crowdsourcing self-service model is an important part in new Internet business. In this case, setting the price is the core issue of the model. In order to provide a reasonable price and stimulate the enthusiasm of members of the website, this paper proposed a model of ‘incentive pricing scheme’...
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The Influence of Online Brand Community Experience on Brand Loyalty

Jia-Li TANG, Duan-Wu YAN
This paper discusses the influence of online brand community on brand loyalty from the perspective of community experience with five dimensionsinformation experience, entertainment experience, interactive experience, thinking experience and service experience. It is found that the impact has two pathsone...
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Study on the Trade Potential of BRIC Countries -- Empirical Analysis Based on Gravity Model

Pei-Zhi WANG, Zhe-Ning YU, Yu-Han ZHENG
In recent years, BRIC countries, as a representative of emerging economies, have increasingly become an important driving force driving the global economic recovery. This paper studies the trade import and export of the BRIC countries through statistical analysis and econometric methods. First of all,...
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Research on the Strategy of Human Resources Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Yun-Yan KAN
The article defined human resources management for nonprofit organizations and de-scribed the characteristics of it. Then the author analyzed the main problems in the human resources management for nonprofit organizations. Finally, based on the above analysis, the author discussed the main measures of...
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Analysis of the status of China's OFDI to ASEAN and the Suggestions for Investment

Xin-Ying LIU, Shen-Ying-Jie ZHANG
With the increase of the degree of globalization, China's foreign direct investment has been growing. ASEAN is an important economic partner of China, also occupies a very important position in “The Belt and Road”. This paper makes use of descriptive statistics to analyze the current situation of China's...
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The Analysis of Location Selection of Shandong Province Manufacturing Enterprises Direct Investment in Countries Along the Belt and Road

Pei-Zhi WANG, Shu-Yue ZHANG, Zhe-Ning YU
In this paper, we use logit analysis of the panel data of the direct investment of manufacturing enterprises above designated size in Shandong Province in countries along the "Belt and Road" from 2009 to 2013, test the location selection and influencing factors of manufacturing enterprises above designated...
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Research on the leader motivation of manufacturing enterprises--a case study of Haier in Wuhan

You-Jun WU, Li-Juan ZHAO, Shao-Wei YANG, Xiong-Min DAI, Meng XU
With the advent of the Internet era, the ever-changing information technology, the manufacturing industry , as China's national economic base and pillar of , under the changes in the environment will have a certain impact, manufacturing enterprises must change the traditional concept, make use of favorable...
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Research on the Current Situation of College Students' Physical Health in Different Majors at Shanghai Maritime University

Huan-Qi CHI
This study took the students' physical health status as the research object, combined with the physical measurement data over the years, and conducted data analysis on the students’ physique status of Shanghai Maritime University from two angles. They studied the students’ height, weight, physical function...
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The Application of logistic model on Study the Influence Factors of Migrants’ Happiness Based on Group Lasso

Hai-Xia ZHAO, Hong-Bo SHI
Migrants has made a great contribution in the process of urban development, carrying out in-depth research about the influence factors of migrants happiness is of great significance to promote the harmonious development of society. In this paper, based on CHIP2013 data about Migrants, Group Lasso-logistic...
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The Word-formation of Network in Parody from a Cognitive Perspective

Yan-Xin SONG
There is a large network of language to use parody to generate new word coinage phenomenon, these words can be based on the original term relationship with the new coinage and semantic imitation imitation is divided into two types of formats. From a cognitive perspective, the network language, parody...
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Development Predicament and Exploration of International Exchanges and Cooperation Among Universities of Finance and Economics

Wang XI
The aim of this paper is to explore and solve the problems arising in the process of international exchanges and cooperation among universities of finance and economics. On-the-spot method is adopted in this paper. By collecting the first-hand information from government departments and universities,...
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The Current International Monetary System and Global Imbalances

Ren-Gui ZHANG, Hao-Wen FANG
This paper examines whether the international currency system has contributed to global imbalances. We present an analytical framework concerning two sovereign currencies as a reserve currency system. We find that the current international monetary system is an important reason for global economic imbalances....
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Correlation between Outbound Tourism and Foreign Direct Investment from China: Based on Lagging Regression Model

Ying-Ying YANG, Ying CHEN
With the expansion of China's outbound tourism, China’s outward foreign direct investment(OFDI) in tourism industry has been paid more attention. This paper selected the data of China's outbound tourism and tourism OFDI from 2004 to 2016, and adopted the lagging regression model to demonstrate the quantitative...
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The Relationship between Online Vendor Attributes and Online Customer Relationship Quality

Xiang-Yu MENG, Hua LI, Xiao-Yang YANG
This paper aims to examine the relationship between merchandise, website navigation, price perception and online relationship quality. The findings indicate that merchandise has a significant effect on relationship quality. Relationship value had an indirect effect on relationship strength and citizenship...
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Research on the Current Situation of Grass-roots Administrators of Colleges and Universities--Based on a Survey in Ten Colleges in Beijing

Jing-Xia SHI
Grass-roots administrators play a crucial role in the management and services of universities. This paper investigates the status quo of grass-roots administrators in 10 colleges and universities in Beijing from four aspects, which are basic information, job satisfaction, learning and training, and living...
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Research on the Integrated Development of Intelligent Elderly Care Service in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Bing-Rong LI
In the context of sharp increase in aging population, both the Central Party Committee and the government have attached great importance to the elderly care issue. What’s more, with the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent elderly care system is becoming more popular in today's world....
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Research on the Innovation Mechanism and Development Path of Students' Work Based on Big Data

Kai-Yuan LIU, Yu-Bo WANG
Big data has penetrated into all fields of society and massive data covers a lot of valuable information, so the work of college students will be greatly affected by the impact of big data. The influence of big data on the structure of students work is the high rate of information dissemination and the...
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Research on China’s Financial Support for Scientific and Technological Innovation

Jun XU, Ling JIANG
Science and technology is the key factor of economic growth, while finance support is an important impetus to the development of scientific and technological innovation, and the organic combination of technology and finance greatly improve the speed of scientific and technological achievements into high...
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Preliminary Research on Second Language Teaching Reform In Foreign Language Postgraduates

This paper mainly discusses the sencond language courses of graduate education curriculum system for foreign language postgraduates. Its development should comply with the demand of the times and be promoted from the following five aspects(1)Establish the training objective of second language courses...
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Training Mode for Master of Health Administration: learning from North America

Sha FENG, Dan-Dan XU
The training mode for Master of Health administration has been mature among top universities in North America. It’s mainly under the school of public health, which have long history and large scale. The training objectives for Master of Health Administration defined clearly and had specific settings...
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The Results of Physical Fitness Test for Chinese College Students of Different Ethnic Groups Majoring in Physical Education

Fei GUO, Jing SONG, Ai-Ping CHI
ObjectiveTo illustrate the differences of body composition and athletic ability of ethnic minorities students and Han students. Methodstest the body composition and athletic ability of 112 Han and minorities college students in Shaanxi Normal University. ResultsThe percentage of body fat in male minority...
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Design and Implementation of Online Teaching Platform

This paper introduces the design and implementation of computer network professional online teaching platform. This online teaching platform USES LAMP(Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) as the development and operating environment. It mainly includes online examination system, teaching resources download...
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Discussion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Xue-Bin JIA
Innovation and entrepreneurship development of universities, is a major strategic measure to cultivate talents with innovative spirit and strong practical ability for national construction, which is an important subject of education teaching reform in colleges and universities. We attach great importance...
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Research on Collaborative Innovation of Higher Education and Manufacturing Development

Chun-Mei LI, Wei-Na LIU
This article starts from Countermeasures and Suggestions of higher education and Collaborative Innovation of manufacturing development, Combined with the actual situation of the regional schools, It's been described preliminary results of collaborative innovation of higher education and manufacturing...
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Research and Practice on the Teaching Mode of Geometrical Optics Based on the Engineering Education Accreditation

Chun-Hua REN, Xiao-Ming HU, Chao GAO
As the basic course of measurement and control technology and instrument specialty, geometric optics is one of the core courses to culture the student with a comprehensive ability of optics, machine, circuit and compute. Based on the cultivating objective of using geometry optics knowledge to solve measurement...
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Research on the Optimization of Curriculum System of Logistics Engineering Major Under Internet + Background

Yun-Feng ZHANG, Si-Qi ZHANG, Qian-Qian SHAO
The Professional orientation of logistics engineering major under the Internet + background is determined first, then the training scheme is amended on the base of it. The curriculum system and the practical teaching scheme are programmed according to the cultivating goals and training programs.
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To Discuss the Construction of Dual-teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges -- Take Wuhan Polytechnic as an Example

Higher vocational colleges cultivate highly skilled talents, the training of high-skilled talents requires dual-teachers. This article discusses how to establish a professional and part-time dual-teachers team in Wuhan Polytechnic. To establish and improve the management mechanism and incentive mechanism...
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Research on Improving Collaborative Innovation Ability of Higher Education and Manufacturing Development

Wei-Na LIU, Dong-Nan SU, Chun-Mei LI, Zhi-Gang LIU
This article starts from two aspects of higher education and manufacturing, Put forward the problems in the co-innovation of higher education and manufacturing development, combined with the actual situation of the school , make clear the five aspects of collaborative innovation ability of higher education...
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Teaching Method of "Arc Connection" Unit

Hong-Mei SUN, Jun-Liang JIA, Na ZHANG, He-Huan WEI
The arc connection is a very difficult unit to grasp. The students often do not know the inside or outside cutting, or ignore the tangent point in the drawing process. For the complex graphics, it needs to be carefully analyzed and practiced. The reasonable choice and application of teaching methods...
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A Method Exploration of Combining the English Education with the Professional Course of Science and Engineering

Xing-Ji ZHU, Zhao-Zheng MENG, Mei-Ping HE, Ying-Zi ZHANG
With the deepening of globalization and more frequent international communications, English education has been attached to great importance. Therefore, students majoring in science and technology should also focus on specialized English study to improve their global horizon. The excellent professional...
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Experimental platform of SAR image processing based on C#

Zeng-Guo SUN, Xiao-Peng YAN, Rui SHI, Ruo-Nan CHEN, Cong WANG
In order to help students to deepen the understanding of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image processing algorithms, a SAR image processing experiment platform based on C# language is developed. Through this kind of simulation platform, the SAR image processing can be visualized and can choose different...
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Research on the Transformation of "Dual-Qualification" Teachers in the Local Application-Oriented Undergraduate Electrical Automation Field

Xiao-Yu WANG
Guided by [2015] No.7 document and based on the problems like generallow teachers’ quality, their inadequate professional experience, weak practical capability and incomplete incentive measures and assessment system existing in the transition of teachers in electrical automation field in local undergraduate...
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The Contrastive Analysis of the Classroom Discourse Between Novice Teachers and Experienced Teachers

As one of the vital parts in foreign language learning, more and more researchers attached importance to the teachers’ classroom discourse. In order to improve novice teachers’ teaching awareness, we employed video transcription and interview with six subjects as a case study to find out some empirical...
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The Value of Ideological and Political Education Ruled by Law Under The View of Rule of Law Culture

Lan-Fang WU
The current ideological and political education is in the environment of rule by law. The theory of ruling the country by law also puts forward certain requirements for the development of Ideological and political education. In the era of rule by law, the rule of law culture is an important cultural...
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Ponderation of the Research of the Construction Mechanism and Development Mode of High-Level, Privately-Owned Universities

Bo LU, Chang-Ming LIU
Several Opinions of the State Council on Encouraging Social Forces to Start Education and Promote the Healthy Development of Private-owned Education (Guo Fa [2016] No. 81) clearly states that "we should encourage and support the development of high-quality and characteristic private-owned schools to...
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Research on the Mode of Innovation and Cultivation of Entrepreneurial Talents in Colleges and Universities

Yang LIU, Yi-He ZHANG, Chen ZHANG, Ze-Xuan YIN, Chun-Ping WU, Chun-Yan QIU, Chi-Jun ZHANG, Ren SONG, Yan MA, Xiang LI
The training model of innovation and entrepreneurship in colleges and universities is to train innovative and entrepreneurial talents as the goal. Through reforming the teaching contents and teaching methods of the two subjects of the theoretical teaching system and the practical curriculum system,driven...
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A Study on Communicative Function of Euphemism in Political Language

Euphemism is a universal language phenomenon in the development of human beings’ society. In the social interaction, politeness and courtesy are essential factors to sustain and promote the communication. There is no doubt that politics is the field that enjoys numerous usages of euphemism and the study...
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On the Diversity of Versions from the Perspective of Halliday’s Systematic-functional Grammar

Xiao-Ying YAN
Different translators have different versions of the same source text. This essay is to illuminate the reasons behind the phenomenon by using Halliday’s Systematic-functional grammar. It is found that there are a series of factors which contribute to the diversity and the increase of the number of versions,...
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Study on Business Ethics Education of Financial and Economics Universities in China

Hua-Liang LU, Qiu-Yu YE, Ya-Jun SUN
Nowadays, the increasingly serious business ethical issues lead up to the highly concern of the society. The financial and economics universities and colleges take the main position for cultivating future commercial talents of the society. It is their responsibilities to study problems of business ethics...
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Intercultural Competence Cultivating in Higher Vocational Education from the General Education Perspective

Sheng-Hua ZHANG
Intercultural competence (IC) is one of the top important competencies in modern general education. However, in higher vocational education, the emphasis on IC is weak; the research is not deep and wide enough, and the IC cultivating system is still lacking. The gap between the expectation of intercultural...
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Research on the Cultivating System of E-commerce Professionals in Universities

Yang LIU, Ze-Xuan YIN, Chen ZHANG, Yi-He ZHANG, Ye WANG, Chun-Yan QIU, Chi-Jun ZHANG, Ren SONG, Yan MA, Xiang LI
In view of the contradiction between the Social demand for talents in E-commerce and the cultivation of undergraduate talents in E-Commerce in recent years, the key to solve the phenomenon of "talent bubble" in E-Commerce is to improve the core competence of E-Commerce. Through combing the undergraduate...
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Practice and Reformation for Course of Power Electronics Technology Based on “Excellent Engineers Program”

Rui-Ping ZHANG, Feng ZHAO
To meet the demand of national specialty of Electrical Engineering and the talent training of “Excellent Engineers Program” pilot project, current development of power electronics technology and its application in railway industry are combined. The cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents...
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Study on the Undergraduate Specialty Construction of Human Geography and Urban- rural Planning Major in Colleges and Universities

Yu-Fen WANG, Jin-Xian HAN, Shu-Fang SANG
Human geography and urban-rural planning major, as the new undergraduate specialty set up in 2012, is still in the exploration. This article mainly analyzed the construction of Human geography and urban-rural planning from professional orientation and curriculum system. This paper also summarized and...
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Cultivation Countermeasures of Vocational College Students' Professional Ethics Education from the Perspective of Craftsman Spirit

The spirit of the craftsmanship, first for the enterprise, is now the spiritual quality that all walks of life cannot lack. As the main channel of conveying technical talents for the society, vocational colleges are indispensable to cultivate the spirit of craftsmanship for students' professional ethics...
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A Study on the Role of MOOCs in Computer Basic Teaching in Universities

Bo-Qin LIU, Han-Rong CHEN
MOOC in China is developing rapidly, we will curtain into the university computer basic course teaching. It is found that there are some limitations in the process of computer basic teaching in the university. Through the intervention and guidance of the teacher, the problems and shortcomings brought...
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A Study on Academic Early-Warning System Based on Machine Learning

Zi-Jun BAI, Gang-Quan CAI
With the expansion of college enrollment, college students' academic problem increasingly prominent. Universities have established effective preventive mechanisms to solve the problems. The most representative measure is academic early-warning system. Take Xiamen University of Technology as an example,...
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Research on Engineering Leading Talents Training Model

Ce ZHANG, Song-Lin GU, Jia-Nan JIANG, Dian-Hui CHU, Jian-Xiong LI, Wei-Gong LV
Engineering education is an important part of higher education and an important carrier for cultivating high-quality engineering talents. In order to solve the problem of the lack of qualified personnel in engineering leading and topnotch innovation engineering practice ability, we propose a training...
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Research on the Development of Materials Major in Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Based on the local ordinary undergraduate course colleges and universities of technical transformation to the application development as the background, from the " double-skilled type " teachers construction and practice teaching system reform, improve students' innovation ability ,two aspects has carried...
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On the Present Employment Situation and Countermeasures of College Students in China

Xin-Ying LIU, Rui LI, Xiao-Rui WANG
In recent years, with the increasing enrollment of higher education institutions. The issue of employment of college students has drawn much attention. This article by comparing the impact of different factors in the past seven years analyzes the factors that affect the employment of college graduates...
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Exploring Entrepreneurship & Innovation's Practical Teaching Mode Based on Multidiscipline Coordination Learning among Economics and Management Specialties

Hao-Yuan LI, Ping SONG
Under the guidance of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” policy in China, Chinese universities have been taking positive responses to the call. Dalian University of Information is trying to build a new entrepreneurship & innovation education mode based on multidiscipline coordination learning among...
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Discussion about the Value of University Library

Yi-Bing SONG, Qing-Long MA
Library has its unique value in University. Firstly, its value of knowledge is embodied in the accumulation and inheritance of knowledge. Secondly, its value of education is reflected in enriching students' inner world and cultivating their self-learning ability. Thirdly, as a public third space, university...
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The Effectiveness of CCMPedia in Teaching and Learning Calculus

Rusnani Mohamad KHALID, Shamsatun Nahar AHMAD, Mohd Hanafi Azman ONG
Calculus is one of the main courses for the students of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at tertiary level. Thus, all students who are currently taking this course need to get at least grade C for them to pass the examination. Many educators used applying tools in their teaching...
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Research on Education Quality Evaluation for Outstanding Engineers of Applied University

Ji-Hong PANG, Xiao-Jing LIU, Yu-Qing ZHOU, Xiang-Lei ZHANG, Yan REN
According to the requirements of engineers plans of China, it's becoming more and more important of education quality evaluation for outstanding engineers of applied university. Applied university as the base of training is of great strategic significance to improve the education quality for outstanding...
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Exploration on the Innovation Education and Cooperative Cultivation of Printing Engineering Rated as the First-class Major in Beijing

Yong-Gang YANG, Jia-Wei ZHAO, Rui-Na WANG, Ke YANG, Qiao-Zhuo GAO
Printing engineering is the leading major of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication with a long history and a deep accumulation. The mechanism of innovative education and cooperative education will be explored on an opportunity of the construction pilot of the First-class Major in Beijing. This paper...
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The Cultivation of College Students’ Core Socialist Values Under Micro-culture Ecosystem

Zhi-Hong LIU, Bei ZHU
In today’s mobile life, lacking of micro network literacy, marginalizing of main discourse power, getting worse of education approach effects turned to be ubiquitous problems of ideological and political education in most Chinese colleges. Thus, utilizing “micro-education” approach in order to cultivate...
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Research on The Training Guarantee System Of Professional Degree Graduates Based on "Four-Dimensional Linkage"

Zheng ZHENG, Jun ZHU
The graduate of professional degree (specialist master) has gradually become the main body of postgraduate education in our country and plays a vital role in postgraduate education. However, there are still some deficiencies in its cultivation process, and we need to constantly improve its training mode....
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A Brief Analysis of Chopin Sonata OP35 No.2

Chopin composed three Piano Sonatas in his lifetime, in which the most influential sonata is the second Sonatas. It is also one of the most popular works. This work expresses the author's strong patriotism. The four movements of music are not only independent but also related, every movement has their...
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The Principles of TCM Noun Terms Translation based on the Characteristics of TCM Language and Culture

Dian-Gang LIU, He-Rong MAO, GU Chi
As TCM is being spread to a wider world, TCM translation from Chinese to other languages especially to English is becoming increasingly important. Due to the fact that most basic TCM noun terms are closely connected with the unique characteristics of TCM language and culture, like being embedded with...
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Analysis of the Third Movement of “Scheherazade”by Rimsky-Korsakov

Huan-Hao ZHANG
The Arabian Nights, also known as "Shechra Chard", is the 19th century Russian composer Rimsky representative works, this article through the third part of the work of the piano version of the piano version of the analysis, Composer techniques, harmony layout, tonal layout, the study of the law, the...
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The Research on the Way out of Chinese Traditional Media in Big Data

Shuang WEI
Since the beginning of 2013, with the popularity of mobile Internet, the use of things, the promotion of cloud computing technology, the arrival of Chinese Traditional Media in the era ofbig data in the face of an unprecedented survival crisis, but also some of the Chinese Traditional Media takebig data...
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The Importance of the Hanon Piano Fingering in Piano Teaching

This paperused the literature method to discuss the importance of Hanon Piano Fingering in piano teaching. Hanon Piano Fingering popularized the basic technique of piano training, so that we can solve the laws of the progress of playing piano effectively.
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An Analysis of Heroine’s Character in Little Dorrit 

Xiu-Jie NI, Hong-Yan YIN
By analyzing the influence of her family and the society, the thesis intends toreveal the causes to her character’s formation. Her family made the” mother's” image more profound. Then the society allowed Amy Dorrit having inherited the asset, which reveals the social reality. In addition, this essay...
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Analysis on the Economic Spatial Linkage Gravity Model of the Urban Agglomeration in Northeast Zhejiang

Ying ZI
According to the data of statistical yearbook, this paper calculates the influence of a city's outward function on the intensity of urban flow, so as to modify the "quality" of the gravity model and calculate the economic spatial linkage of Urban Agglomeration. The calculation shows that in the past...
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A Brief Analysis of the Piano Music, “On the Mountain the Red Flowers are All Open”

“On the mountain the red flowers are all open”, from wang jianzhong's “ the northern shaanxi' s beloved five”, with light bright melody for the song, abundant harmonic color, distinctive performance and music expressive force, depicts the scene that the northern shanxi people looking forward to the red...
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New Explorer for Communication of Postgraduate and Mentor in New Media Background

Lian-Xia JIANG
The enormous gathering of cyberspace promotes the rapid development of the new media concept and technology, which has obvious effect in the infiltration of daily behaviors of teachers and students, the communication between mentors and postgraduate gets more closely in such condition, but easily to...
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Analysis of the Artistic Technique and Performance Skills of Debussy's "Reflets Dans l'Eau"

Huan-Hao ZHANG
This paper analyzes the artistic technique and performance skills of Debussy’s piano music by the literature method. The results show that this piece of music has distinct characteristics by it’s of harmonic, texture and tonality distribution.
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On the International Dissemination of Jingchu TCM Culture: Under the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative

He-Rong MAO, Chi GU, Dian-Gang LIU, Ming-An HUANG
TCM culture is an essential part and typical representative of traditional Chinese culture. Jingchu TCM culture, as a splendid bracelet, boasts a long history and plays a significant role in the TCM culture as a whole. Under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, based on the solid foundation it has laid, Jingchu...
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A Preliminary Analysis of How a Pianist Expresses Emotions with Piano Performance

The piano performance is a kind of expressive language, and the combination of the emotional desire and the technical support can zchieve better performance.During the course of piano playing , pay attention to the combination of emotion and skills,will understand the works by understanding,based on...
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Public Policy-Making in the Perspective of Emergency Management

Hui-Dan YUE
The emergencies frequently take place with the gradual deepening of the social transformation in China. Such emergencies and a series of reactions triggered by them have become a common condition in the public policy-making. In the policy practice to respond to the emergencies, the emergency-oriented...
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Analysis of Franz Liszt's Piano Adaptation “Réminiscences de Don Juan”

“Réminiscences de Don Juan” is one of the ten most difficult piano music in the world ,this work is adapted from the opera "Don Giovanni" by Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt. The technique is very difficult, the scale is also very grand .Based on the original work’s rich expression he made the work grand...
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Zero Leverage, Media Attention and Cash Dividend Payment - An Empirical Analysis Based on A Share Listed Companies

Zhen-Yi WANG, Xi CHEN, Rui-Wen WAN
This paper takes the listed companies in Shanghai A-stock market and Shenzhen A-stock market from 2011 to 2016 as research samples, examining the relationship between zero leverage, media attention and cash dividend payment. Through empirical research, this paper reaches the following conclusions(1)...
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The Route of Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli Trade From Afghanistan to Egypt During Mid-late Bronze Age

Lapis lazuli, as a luxury prevailing in the Middle East and the Near East, has long-distance trade across Asia and Africa. This trade was influenced profoundly by both the geographical environment and the political situation along the way. Therefore the study of lapis lazuli trade has great significance...
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Research on the Application of PPP in the Development of Modern Ceramic Industry Heritage in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province

Ting QIU, Hui-Qiang XU
This paper has combed the practice situation of PPP in China and clarified the feasibility of introducing PPP in the development of industrial heritage. Based on the present situation of Jingdezhen modern ceramic industry heritage and the development dilemma, it is proposed that the development of industrial...
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On the Educational Reform of College Accounting against the backdrop of Strengthened Ideological Education

Hui WEN, Ling-Bo ZENG
The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that the fundamental task of ideological education of the higher education with Chinese characteristics should be implemented effectively and quality-oriented education be developed steadily. Compared with the new standard of ideological...