Proceedings of the 2018 4th Annual International Conference on Modern Education and Social Science (MESS 2018)

On April 20-22 2018 in Wuhan, China, 4th Annual International Conference on Modern Education and Social Science (MESS2018) was successfully held.

With people’s awareness of how their activities can impact the earth, more and more attention was drawn to topics like education and social science; many institutes and organizations were also founded around the world for related purposes. MESS2018, as a major activity in this field, also aims at bringing together inspiring researches and innovative ideas and finding more efficient and effective approaches to have things done.

On January 23-25, MESS2015, On April 15-17, MESS2016 and On April 21-23, MESS2017 was attended by quite a lot of excellent participants and attendees from various countries. At the convention, several recently most discussed subjects like human sciences and society, education were discussed, of which we are able to present you here in this proceedings.

MESS2018, with its concern to both present and future development of ours and its interdisciplinary features, has remarkably differentiated itself from many other similar conferences in the world. For that, we would like to thank all those people who have worked for or participated in MESS2018.

We especially want to express my gratitude to all those people who have shown their interest in MESS2018 whether their papers are included in this book or not. Your interest has proved how much we care about education and social science; your support has made us achieve so much.

The work of the Atlantis Press’ and all other person’s is also remarkable. Our deep and sincere gratitude goes to the press for publishing this book, to the committee for reviewing the papers and the organizers and other people for their invisible but valuable contribution.

Finally, we look forward to a fast delivery of this book and hope it can be useful in your future research.

MESS2018 Committee