Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Reform and Modern Management

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The 1999 education reform: An analysis of the Reform implementation and impact on Arts Education in Poland

Renata Ochoa daderska
The aim of this paper is to present the process and impact of the education reform of 1999 in the curricula and ways of implementation of this reform at pre-school institutions, primary schools, lower secondary schools (gimnazja) and upper secondary schools (post-gymnasium schools) taking into account...
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Study on Reform of Accounting Education Mode of Higher Vocational Schools Based on Training in High-caliber Professional Accountants

Shiye Yuan, Yi Lou
Along with the changes in global economic landscape and acceleration of knowledge update cycle, different disciplines become interrelated and economic entity is diversified. Accounting and social economy is closely connected, since accounting talents playing a vital role on healthy development of the...
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Education Mode Research on Full-time Master of International Business-Based on the case of International Business School, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Xing Yao, Yumei Jiang
This paper does this research from the six perspectives: educational objectives, enrollment and educational system, curriculum and teaching system, faculty building and development, professional practice and educational quality evaluation, combined with the domestic and foreign practices of international...
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Discussion of the Reform of Professional Course Teaching under the Education Background of Contemporary Chinese University-In Curriculum Teaching Reform of "Fermentation Food Technology" as an Example

Lixia Zhu, Chunyan Zhang, Bingfeng Bao, Yanju Xiang
In this paper, all sorts of drawbacks of China education system and environment was expounded, Based on the difficulties of the reform in Chinese higher education in current, the micro reform of course from the individual teachers was proposed and the collection and accumulation of these micro reform...
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Is it Possible to Incorporate Comprehensive Evaluation into College Admissions System in China? An Analysis with a Historical Perspective

Weifeng Chen, Weiyi Cheng
This paper focused on the history of Chinese College Entrance Examination. We found that the college enrollment system in China relies heavily on standardized assessment as a single admission criteria, which has resulted in many unintended educational and social consequences. Over the past 30 years since...
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Exploration and Practice of Graduate Classification Training System

Tingting Wang, Wanchun Zhao, Shibin Li, Fengcai Huo
This paper presents a detailed analysis of some defects and deficiencies exposed to the current our country University Graduate Cultivation Mechanism and the graduate program. In combination with the latest domestic and international postgraduate training system and the practical characteristics of graduate...
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Sports Reform Research based on Promoting the Physical Health of Students of Local Colleges and Universities

Songwei Wu, Kai Zhou
To promote the physical health level of college students comprehensively is the key for improving the sports education quality in colleges and universities, as well as the starting point of our education. There are lots of research articles about it, but the study of local colleges and universities sports...
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On Reform of Human Rights Education in Mainland China

Taixia Shen
human right education in mainland China developed quickly in recent years. The problems became visible in the progress of its development. The development ideas and methods should be adjusted. A reform of human rights education in mainland China is necessary for its further development. Human rights...
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Exploration and Practice on Application of "Double-tutor System" Team Construction in Graduate Education

Wanchun Zhao, Jihong Zhang, Shibin Li, Tingting Wang
For a long time, "theory" training model of graduate education in closed condition lacks of practice and innovation ability, resulting in the graduates cannot get into character of enterprise, and seriously separate with the demand of society and enterprise. Combined with training mechanism of graduate...
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Dual tutorial of Applied Talents in E-commerce

Dandan Li, Yilei Pei, Wanxin Xue
With the rapid development of e-commerce in China, demand of e-commerce talents is increasing. At the same time, college students who are majoring in e-commerce are difficulties to find jobs. Dual tutorial is proposed after analyzing e-commerce development and talent cultivation mode in college, that...
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Teaching Reform and Innovation of Engineering Training

Haijun Mo, Hua Jiang
Engineering training is a very important practicum in the universities of technology, which aim at cultivating students innovation thinking and practice ability. However, the engineering training is facing kinds of difficulties, such as how to make a scientific and optimized arrangement for the engineering...
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Trend Study of Educational Technology in Physical Education of Colleges and Universities

Yuan Zhao, Kaiqiang Guo
By analyzing the current situation of domestic educational technology application in colleges and universities’ physical education, the assay is going to identify important achievements, analyze existing problems, and elaborate the development trends of physical education in colleges and universities....
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An Exploration for Cultivation of Internationalized Capabilities at NPU

Huaxing Li, Jun Zhang, Wentao Zhang, Wubin Sun
In order to respond to the requirement of Ministry of Education (MOE)—cultivating a large scale of talents who are equipped with international view, have good understanding of international rules and are able to participate in international affairs and competitions, Northwestern Polytechnical University...
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Study on Excellence of Academic Discipline for World-class Universities and the Gap analysis for Chinese Top-level Universities-On the basis of ESI World Ranking

Yun Yuan, Xizhe Zhi
This paper addressed Essential Science Indicators (ESI) as a key performance indicator for universities and focused on analyzing the excellence of academic disciplines from ESI perspective, mainly among world-class universities and Chinese 985-project universities. It illustrated the typical discipline...
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Suggestions and Assumptions about Establishing “Engineering Technology College” in Key Universities of China

Gang Ding, Bingqian Cai
University graduates have difficulty in finding a job, however, industries cannot be satisfied with the actual needs of talents and the strategic needs of talents as China is experiencing a national industrial transformation and upgrading. The deployment that China made to speed up developing modern...
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Discovering of Cooperation Pattern Evolution Path in Tsinghua University: a Patent Cooperation Network Perspective

Qiong Liu
This paper retrieves collaboration patents of Tsinghua University between 1993 and 2012, and draws the Evolvement Path. Based on the social network visualization analysis, applicant network between Tsinghua University and four different types of organizations are established to reflect the cooperation...
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Research and Practice of Establishing Long Term School-Enterprise Collaboration

Xiyu Pang
In recent years, school-enterprise collaboration has been a typical talents cultivation model in colleges and universities. However, there are prominent problems in practice. It is a key issue for universities, enterprises and the government as to how to solve key problems and promote the positive development...
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Perspective of Construction of the Lifelong education - Discussion on the Development of the MOOC

Chang Liu
MOOC boom spawned on-line domestic colleges and universities curriculum online, massive open online course make a lot of people get top education opportunities at home and abroad. Along with learning to participate in the MOOC courses in the rapid expansion of the number, this model set the distance...
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The Introspection of Traditional Mentoring Functions and Modification of the Corresponding Scale

Yinche Chen
With the identification of millennial professional characteristics and advancing information technology (IT), traditional mentoring relationships and methods are gradually shifting toward a reverse-mentoring system. This study reviewed a scale on traditional mentoring functions from the combined perspectives...
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Detecting the Relationship between Adaptation and Learning Performance of Second Generation Immigrant Students in Elementary Schools

Dianfu Chang, Jungta Liu, Wenching Chou
This study aims to determine the relationship between student adaptation and learning performance among second generation immigrant children in elementary schools. We collected 364 students’ data to fit this scope from New Taipei City in 2013. Statistical analyses include descriptive statistics,one-way...
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The Analysis and Countermeasures of Female College English Teachers’ Burnout in China's Minority Areas

Ying Chen
Female English Teachers accounts for the majority of all English teachers in the colleges in Chinese minority areas. Compared with the male practitioners, the factors of occupation burnout that the professional women facing are more complex. This article focus on the situations of college English teachers'...
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Discussion Some Questions in Teaching Gear Strength Design

Haijun Mo, Zhisheng Lin, Jiajun Zhou, Huarong Qiu
Gear strength is one of most important part in mechanical design. Several crisis problems will be discussed in the paper which often confused and misunderstood about the calculation of the gear strength including the failure mode of gear, bending fatigue strength design, touching fatigue strength design,...
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The Primary Attempt of Teaching MOOC of BIM

Rui He, Xuyang Wang, Kunmao Du, Bisheng Bao, Jingjing Shang, Haihan Lv
Massive opening online course (MOOC) is wildly accepted by teachers and students these years, it brings challenge and chance to the undergraduate education. By choosing MOOC, students have more choices about teachers and study time. Teacher of Harbin institute of technology began to give BIM MOOC courses...
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Research of Key Impact Factors for Higher Agricultural Education Resources Management Based on the Grey Statistics

Li Zhang, Yanyan Li
Comprehensive research results at home and abroad We give higher agricultural education resource management impact factor of the initial indicator set, on the basis of the questionnaire was designed and distributed expert group. By using the principle of grey statistics, We Calculated the importance...
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Problems and Countermeasures on Training Base Construction in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaofang Zhang
As for vocational colleges, training bases play an important role in talent’s training. However, there exist some problems like shortage of number of the training bases, single function etc., which seriously restrict the development of higher vocational colleges. Therefore, vocational colleges are supposed...
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Research on Specialist Setup of Vocational Colleges with Regional Economy Coordinated Development

Lina Zhao
Specialty setup is not only the tie between vocational colleges and regional economic development, but also one of the core steps of vocational education reform. In recent years, higher vocational education in China has made considerable progress, however we must be soberly aware that there would be...
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Evaluating the Implication of Open Badges in an Open Learning Environment to Higher Education

Xiaoxing Ma
MOOC failed to disrupt higher education, because MOOC only able to provide unmatched price only to expose you to a world-class professors, they do not provide a formal university degree. Now open badge which is electronic certification can indicate the learner has the specific skills and knowledge, and...
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Metadiscourse and College English Interpretation Teaching

Lina Wang, Ju Fang
Metadiscourse can be used to organize discourse, express writers/speakers’ viewpoints towards discourse and attitudes towards readers/listeners, communicate and negotiate with readers/listeners. This study applied the metadiscourse theories into college English interpretation teaching. Through the statistic...
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Effect of Number Limit of Advisors’ Graduate Students on Students’ Learning Attitude toward Thesis Writing

Hsiao-Chuan Hsiang Peng, Shueh chin Ting
In graduate students’ study and thesis writing, advisors are significantly influential. Therefore, relationship between advisors and students is extremely important. With positive relationship, advisors will advise students with efforts and have positive daily interaction with students. According to...
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Analyse the Influence Factors on Undergraduate Specialty Choosing

Lulu Zhang
In all universities carrying out the policy of classified enrolment, professions distribution problems attend. To help the school provide reasonable and professional guidance about professional triage, we take university freshmen as the research object, and analyze the relationship between different...
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Research on the Occupational Emotion of Counselors in Universities Based on Behaviorism Theory

Jiang Li, Xiaohua Ke
Cultivating occupational emotion for counselors in universities is an important part of professionalizing them. . This research, based on the behaviorism theory in psychology, explores the generative mechanism of university counselors’ occupational emotion from such perspectives as external environment,...
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On the Importance of Positive Emotions in College English Teaching and Learning

Yuanzhen Peng
This paper attempts to analyze how to arouse students’ positive emotions in the process of college English teaching and learning mainly based on the writer’s own personal observations and esperiences . Students and teachers form an integral whole in the process. They have impact on each other. Therefore,...
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The Emotional Leadership of Managers Applied to University Teaching Role

Beatriz Peña Acuña, Gonzalo Wandosell Fdez de Bobadilla
Long time ago in 1995Daniel Golemansurprises Business and Education fields with the concept of emotional intelligence but there is still a long way to go on. This text exposes an innovative field of research and training that changes the traditional model of Education highlighting socio-emotional skills...
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Implementation of a Modern Japanese Program into Adventist Tertiary Education in the Philippines: A Needs Assessment on Nurturing EPA Nurses and Caregivers

Daisuke Yamashita
In 2014, the author conducted a needs assessment on nursing EPA nurses and caregivers in the Philippines and this article evaluates the results. It reveals that the rural colleges are less interested in the Japanese scheme despite the urban schools are more advantageous for dispatching their nurses to...
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Cultivation of Innovative Talents in Agricultural Information Technology

Chengming Sun, Yingying Chen, Wei Wu, Wen Chen
At present, the cultivation of innovative talents in agricultural information technology in our country is still restricted by some factors, such as the lack of school running conditions, the lack of teacher and students’ innovation consciousness and so on. At the same time, teaching staff and strengthening...
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The Research on Multi Objectives and Multi-Level International Talents’ Cultivation, Communication and Cooperation

Fang Pi
With the popularization of the higher education and the development of social economy, a multi-objective and multi-level system of cultivating internationalized talents, communication and cooperation in colleges and universities should be built. Taking the family background, the personal interests and...
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Determining the Relationship between Academic Self-efficacy and Student Engagement by Meta-analysis

Dianfu Chang, Wei cheng Chien
Academic self-efficacy has become an important factor that will affect students’ choices of their learning task and behaviors, as well as their mentality and emotions on learning. Moreover, student engagement has been found playing a key to success in learning. This study tried to analyze the relationship...
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Research on the Problems and countermeasures of Chinese Teachers in Vocational Education Training

Changzhao Guo
Vocational education is an important part of higher education and the teacher plays a significant role in vocational education. However there are still some problems in it. So we should further expand the content and form of teacher training to solve the problems. Some measures should be taken to assess...
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Application of Virtual Simulation technology in Electrical Engineering Experiment Teaching

Ping Luo, Xiafu Lv, Xianlun Tang, Hongping Luo
Virtual simulation experiment teaching is a good supplement of electrical engineer traditional experiment, especially in some dangerous situation, such as some instrument with high voltage. With virtual simulation experiment, not only some knowledge could be test and verify that couldn’t test in traditional...
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Study on the Configuration Design of Engineering Graphics

Chaoyong Guo, Haiying Huang, Juan Li
The focus of the configuration design of engineering graphics is mainly about the expression of configuration and its projection. According to the teaching content and the different stage, configuration design demonstrates various forms. It is an effective form of training innovative thinking ability...
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The Condition of Media Education in Slovak Schools

Viera Kacinová, Viktória Norisová, Norbert Vrabec
This paper aims at identifying the condition of media education in Slovak schools by means of quantitative research methods. The authors present the results of a representative research carried out by IMEC – International Media Literacy Centre at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at the University...
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The Digital Archival Resources on Web and the Chinese Higher Education on World History

Jianghong Fan
With the arrival of the Age of Big Data, the mass network archival resources attract considerable attention from the world history teachers and researchers in Chinese colleges and universities. This paper focuses on the value and significance, the collecting, the cataloguing and use of the digital archival...
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A Programming Education Support Tool pgtracer utilizing Fill-in-the-Blank Questions-Overview and Student Functions

Tetsuro Kakeshita, Ryo Yanagita, Kosuke Ohta
This paper presents overview and student functions of a programming education support tool pgtracer utilizing fill-in-the-blank questions. Pgtracer runs under Moodle and provides fill-in-the-blank questions composed of a C++ program and a trace table to the students. The tool can provide questions having...
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A Programming Education Support Tool pgtracer utilizing Fill-in-the-Blank Questions-Teacher Functions

Tetsuro Kakeshita, Kosuke Ohta, Ryo Yanagita, Mika Ohtsuki
We are developing a programming education support tool pgtracer utilizing fill-in-the-blank questions. Pgtracer operates on Moodle, and provides questions to the student that some parts are masked in a pair of program and trace table. A question consists of four XML files representing a program, a trace...
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A Note on Finitely Generated Z-module and Algebraic Integers

Lijiang Zeng
The theory of algebraic integer has its many applications, such as in algebraic coding, cryptology, information system and other fields. The research of algebraic integer can not leave finitely generated module, and the finitely generated module itself be also applied in group theory, ring theory, and...
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A New Student Achievement Evaluation Method Based on k-means Clustering Algorithm

Sumei Xi
This article puts forward an improved k-means clustering algorithm for the student achievement evaluation. Through the empirical analysis, we can explore the importance of evaluating the student achievement of the inner information hidden in the student score data, which can make up the drawbacks of...
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On the Integration of Online Teaching and Traditional Classroom Teaching-A Case Study on" College English" Course

Meng Zhang, Qian Wang
In this paper, thinking and elaboration are conducted for a series of questions including the necessity, targeting, basic strategy, activity classification and pattern study etc. for the integration of online teaching and traditional teaching, so that we can better understand the essence and specific...
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An Experimental Study on Task-Based Interaction in Improving College Students’ English Speaking Ability

Bin Chen, Yuanyuan Zhang
Nowadays, many college non-English majors’ English speaking abilities can’t meet the basic requirement of College English Curriculum Requirements. To solve the problem, task-based interaction pedagogy was employed in college English speaking instruction. To probe the effect of the new teaching method,...
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Practice of CDIO Engineering Education Model in The Process of Implementation of Excellence Program

Yuduo Wang, Xian Zhu
The plan for educating and training outstanding engineers is higher education strategic planning of our country put forward in 2010, aims to solve the practical problems of talents in China's Higher Engineering Education in the training, to cultivate students' engineering practice ability, ability of...
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The Research on the Food Professional Association Introduced into Teaching and Scientific Research in Tarim University

Lixia Zhu, Fanglin Cui, Zhiyang Zhang, Baoqiu Yang
In the study, from the background, organization implementation and operation significance of the professional community, the case was to analyzed to introduce the food professional associations in teaching and scientific research in Tarim University. Food professional associations with inheritance, stability...
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The CBE Education Mode and Construction of Serial Courses on ‘Fundamentals of Machinery Manufacture’

Haiguo Ren
To meet the requirement of talent cultivation in the 21st century, it is necessary to reform the current teaching-learning system for ‘Fundamentals of Machinery Manufacture’. How to guide course reformation with advanced education theories is a subject of great importance to be addressed. In this article,...
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Teaching Methods in Primary School-Comparison of Approach in the Czech Republic and Spain

Martin Skutil
The paper presents partial results of a comparison in educational approaches at primary schools in the Czech Republic and Spain. The attention is devoted to the use of teaching methods in practice, specifically in the subjects of National History and Geography. This is a descriptive study, which is mainly...
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The Development of Manual Skills of Pupils with Mild Intellectual Disability

Pavel Zikl
This paper presents the results of research aimed at comparing the levels of manual skills of pupils with a mild intellectual disability (MID) with those of intact children. More importantly, it aims at the changes which should occur during attendance of the first grade of primary school. A simple disassembly...
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Case study on Educational Effects for University Students of Their Out-of-Curriculum Project Activities

Makoto Hasegawa
The out-of-curriculum project team organized by university students has been actively engaged in science promotion activities in local region over 10 years. These activities can provide the students with various Project-Based-Learning experiences and actually work as Active-Learning style education scheme....
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Application of Project Teaching Method in Talent Cultivation of Material Processing in the Iron and Steel Secondary Processing Industry

Chenggang Pan, Qin Xiao, Qingming Chang, Jialin Zhou
This article expounded the connotation of project teaching method, and put forward teaching ideas of project teaching method according to the characteristics of iron and steel secondary processing (module2) of material forming and control major. It is helpful to stimulate students' interest in learning,...
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Comparative Research on Deep Learning Literatures of China Mainland with Other Regions

Hao Zhang, Xiujuan Wu
The research on deep learning is long-standing and productive. This paper aimed at discovering the differences of the research between China mainland and other regions, and clarifying their developmental stages, status and trend. By means of content analysis, this paper comprehensively compared and analyzed...
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The Optimization of China’s Financial Management Curriculum Design System from the Perspective of Occupational Demand

Fenglin Yuan
The development of economic globalization, which is deepening, further intensified the competition among the enterprises. Financial management is increasingly becoming the decisive importance of success. Enterprises have become increasingly urgent to need different types of financial manage-ment personnel,...
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Translation Mode of Book of Change from the Perspective of Communication Science

Yushan Zhao, Miao Wang, Lijun Li
Based on the communication science and the communication mode put forward by Bittner, this paper constructs the translation mode of Book of Change. It analyzes the influential elements, such as translator, message, target audience, common experience in the translation process mode. The purpose of the...
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After Fidelity: Deconstructionist Translation Theory & Deconstruction of Cultural Translation

Wanfang Zhang, Xiangxin Liu
When talking about deconstructionist translation theory, quite a few people consider it to be against the traditional standard “Fidelity”. And this thesis is trying to tell the connection between the two and how one can adopt the theory when conducting translation. This thesis will inspire its readers...
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A Study of Designing a Final Achievement Test for English Pronunciation Course

Buhan Pan
This study intends to design a final achievement test for an introductory English pronunciation course for English majors in Mainland China. The paper firstly clarifies contexts, purposes and learning targets of the test. Then the assessment methods are justified with regard to validity, reliability,...
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Research on Universities Computer Basic Curriculum Construction for Cultivating Students’ Innovative Thinking and Calculation Ability

Yangqing Zhu
The development stages, current situation and shortages of computer basic education in Chinese Universities were analyzed in this paper. In March 2014, the university liberal arts computer basic teaching reform file was published by Liberal Arts University Computer Basis Teaching Guidance Committee of...
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Second Language Acquisition in the Target Language Environment based on the Theory of Affordances

Xiaoyan Zeng, Tongtao Zheng
The Traditional Chinese as a second language teaching put emphasis on classroom teaching and pay little attention to extra-curricular learning. Besides, the existing theories of second language acquisition fail to account for second language learners’ effective acquisition in the target language environment....
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Use of Docent Strategies with Semi-automated Didactic Tool for the Teaching and Learning of Renewable Energies

Rodrigo florêncio Da silva, Juan antonio Carmona, Pedro joaquin Gutiérrez-yurrita, Luz arcelia Garcia serrano
This study describes the teaching of the renewable energies from an integrating view during lessons given in Mexican universities to students from different disciplines s of knowledge. During the lessons a number of prototypes, as well as didactic pedagogical and technological materials were developed...
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How to Set the Examination Standards of “Construction of E-Commerce Website” Course

Wanxin Xue, Dandan Li
With the rapid development of Internet technology and the popularity of e-commerce applications, it is very important for e-commerce professional students who master the application expertise and knowledge to build a website. However, due to the site building technology upgrading quickly, it is so crucial...
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Practice on Creative Teaching Mode about Machinery and Equipment of Pulp and Papermaking Course

Ronggang Li, Xiaofeng Xie, Dongmei Yu, Chaojun Wu
The course of Machinery and Equipment of Pulp and Papermaking is a compulsory course of pulping and papermaking engineering major, and it is a teaching material with rich content, much knowledge and strong practicality. In addition, the teaching content is dull and tedious. Therefore, there are some...
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Raising Learners´ Intercultural Competence in Foreign Language Teaching

Eva Habináková
The author of the paper deals with intercultural approach, i.e. understanding a culture in foreign language teaching. She defines the intercultural communicative competence and her presence in communication, intercultural awareness and skills and attitudes. The relationship between culture and language...
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From Phraseo-Didactics to Higher Linguistic Culture

Andrej Habinák
In the paper the author discusses the level of linguistic culture and possibilities how to improve it continually in discourses. One of the possible ways how to improve speaker´s discourse is to use phraseology – phraseological units. It is known this part of vocabulary is apposite, concise and metaphorical;...
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Exploration and Practice on the Curriculum Design Project Guidance for the Course of Engineering Design and Drawing

Chaoyong Guo, Haiying Huang
In combination with the practice of curriculum design on engineering design and drawing course for undergraduate students, the paper summarizes and analyzes the issues relative to the design project selection, the design proposal, the design guidance, the engineering drawing generating, and the thesis...
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Thematic Structure and Its Application to English Writing

Dan Fang, Shuxiang Li
Writing is an essential part of English learning in college. As a result, how to improve the writing standard has become one of the major topics in English learning. The thematic structure, especially patterns of thematic progression plays an important role in cohesion and coherence of writing. This...
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The Application of Situational Classroom on Electronic Information Teaching

XinXiao Qiao
The paper proposes a method to design situational classroom for electronic information courses. The difficulties of situational classroom are analyzed in first, then, the creation of situational classroom is described, which is explained with a detailed example. At last, several problems need to be noticed...
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The Practical Teaching Design of Recommendation System Based on Collaborative Filtering Algorithm

Panpan Liu, Jianyi Guo, Zhengtao Yu, Yantuan Xian, Cunli Mao, Huafeng Li
In order to resolve the implementation about the decision support system in "Decision Analysis and Decision Support" course for postgraduates. We introduced the design of recommendation system into the teaching practice. This paper describes the principles of recommendation system based on the collaborative...
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Analysis of Human Needs under Basic Principles of Marxism

Zhaoxia Qu, Jing Song
Marx said that "human nature is the sum of all social relations in its reality. "Man is a product of social activities; he has physical and spiritual needs, both dialectical unity. The realization of human freedom is the highest value of the pursuit of comprehensive development of Marxism. Under the...
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Subjective Perspectives and Direction Expressions in Modern Chinese

Chun Li
Modern Chinese expresses the spatial relationship by a variety of means. Spatial perspectives profoundly influence the grammatical and semantic structures, which is especially embodied in the effect of the subjective perspective on direction expression. There are two reasons for this. One is that the...
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An Analysis of Socio-Cultural Characteristics in Chinese-English Translation of Metaphoric Expressions

Lijun Li, Jingjing Xue, Yushan Zhao
This paper analyzes metaphoric expressions in Chinese political texts and their English corresponding translations to signify social-cultural characteristics’ influence on metaphor translation and how cultural obstacles are overcome in metaphor translation. The analysis proves that in order to overcome...
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The Influence of Abusive Supervision on Work-to-Family Conflict: the Mediation role of Organizational Justice

Lei Ju, Xiuli Jing, Zhong Lin, Defang Meng
Using the data of 248 employees’ questionnaires, this thesis examined the influence mechanism of abusive supervision on work-to-family conflict from the perspective of organizational justice. The empirical study suggested that abusive supervisor positively affected work-to-family conflict; organizational...
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Korean Adolescents’ Life Satisfaction: The Effects of Social Support and Psychological Factors

Sun Ah Lim, Sukkyung You
This study aimed to investigate the effects of social support and psychological factors on life satisfaction as well as the paths among them. The results are as follows. Social support did not have direct impact on their life satisfaction. However, it positively influenced psychological factors such...
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The Relationship between Mental Health and Physical Exercise among Male College Students

Xinhai Yang
To compare the mental health condition of male college students with that of those who participate sports team, and discuss how to adopt better physical exercise method to improve the mental health of college students. The 480 male college students were tested and surveyed by using Symptom Check List-90(...
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Research on Advertisement Translation from the Dual Perspective of Teleology & Reception Aesthetics

Changhong Zhai
A successful advertisement translation requires the translator to deal with what the advertisements focus on and try to reduce the cultural discrepancy. Moreover, the translators are demanded that they not only focus on the original text, but also pay attention to the cultural significance of the original...
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An Attempted Discussion on The Inheritance And Development of Cloisonné

Wanyu Zhang, Rongbin Wang, Yueshan Wang
This paper makes some brief analyses and puts forward some problems which exist in the modern inheritance and development of Cloisonné through its origins, history and current situations. It also gives some solving measures according to a series of cases. For example, to control the production cost of...
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Prediction of Inter-Provincial Carbon Dioxide Emissions in China: Based on Logistic Model

Qunli Wu, Jiabao Wei
Under the assumption that carbon emissions are proportional to energy consumption, we collect some data on energy consumption and cement production to calculate the gross carbon emissions of 30 provincial administrative regions in China from 2002 to 2011. A logistic model is built to estimate the carbon...
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Benefits Distribution in Logistics Finance with the Consideration of Risk Factor in Shapley Model

Guili Wei, Yuanxiang Gao, Jichuan Ke, Shuo Zhao
The emergence of logistic finance provides a chance for small and medium sized enterprises, logistic companies and financial instruments to reach a win-win situation. However, with the rapid development of logistic finance model, former distribution methods are no more suitable, but leading to unstable...
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Current Trends in Support of E-government by Modern Smart Technologies

Dusan Soltes
Since its inception by the Lisbon strategy 2000 on e-Europe strategy and then its continuation through i2010 strategy up to now with the Horizon 2020 in support of the Innovative Europe 2020, the applications of smart ICT in the EU has passed a rather complex and sometimes also a quite controversial...
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Endogenous Information, Foreign Banks Entry and SMEs Access to Credit in Emerging Economies

Zhaojun Li, Xuemei Yuan
The empirical literature is inconclusive regarding the impact of foreign banks entry on SMEs access to credit, while the theoretical literature supports the cherry-picking behavior of foreign banks. Using a two-period theoretical model in which domestic banks’ information is endogenous, the analysis...
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Successful EMC project’s influencing factors in China

Herui Cui, Yuqi Zhao, Xu Peng
Energy Management Contracting is the latest mode in dealing with the energy saving problems in China. It's an effective solution for energy development in the near future. So this paper introduced the factors that influence the success of EMC project. And it explained the success features of EMC project...
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Real Estate Investment Efficiency and Monetary Policy

Yuxin Ning, Feifei Li
This paper mainly studies the impact of China's macroeconomic policies (monetary policy) on the efficiency of investment in real estate listed companies. Based on real estate listed companies as the research object, within the 2008-2009 years of time window, this paper examines the relationship between...
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Empirical Research on the Contribution of Human Capital to the Development of Tertiary Industry in Shandong Province

Jie Fang, Yufang Chao
In the context of transformation of economic develop- ment patterns and readjusting industrial structure,human capital gradually replacing material capital, land and other factors of production,has become an important engine of economic and social development, and has also become a hot topic in the research...
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Electric Power Project Risk Evaluation Analysis in Grey Level Vague CIM Model

Qunli Wu, Lu Yu, Minghao Wang
In order to solve the contents of electric project risk factors that are numerous, random, multiple in structure layer, evaluation vague and difficult in quantization, the paper combines CIM model and AHP method and apply them into the electric power project risk evaluation, puts forward the establishment...
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TOPSIS Method Based on Entropy Weight for Supplier Evaluation of Power Grid Enterprise

Yanfu Zhang
Demand for electric power material has timeliness and effectiveness. To ensure material demands are timely supplied, screening providers need to be cautious. This paper will apply Entropy Weight method and TOPSIS method to building a model for supplier evaluation of Power Grid Enterprise, and verifies...
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The Application and Effect Evaluation of Project Information Portal Based on Cloud Model

Hongqing Zhang
This paper introducesthe advantages and its implementation of project information portal and establishes evaluation index system according to the characteristics of the PIP implementation. This paper proposes the cloud model to evaluate PIP implementation effects and uses an example to illustrate the...
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Improvement of Non-electrical Specialized Computer Hardware Technology

Liqun Tang, Jianghua Li, Ran Li
Against national colleges for courses in computer hardware technology prevalent education existed fewer class hours, students of different levels, the lack of experimental environment and dedicated supporting materials and other issues in general, combined with years of experience in teaching and scientific...
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Empirical Study of the Interactive Relationship between Producer Services and Manufacturing in Guangxi

Xin Zhu, Kun Zhu
Based on Guangxi 1996-2012 time-series data, this paper uses gray relation analysis to analyze the relationship of producer services and manufacturing, through the establishment of the VAR model, impulse response function and variance decomposition method is used to test in producer services and manufacturing...
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Evaluation of Regional Technological Innovation Capability in Guangxi Based on Factor Analysis

Xin Zhu, Zhiqiang Li
This paper first constructs the evaluation index system of regional technological innovation capability, uses the factor analysis method to evaluate the regional technological innovation capability of our country's 30 provinces , and then compares the technological innovation ability with each other....
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Research on Risk Assessment of Photovoltaic Building Project by triangular fuzzy Number Method

Yi Liu, Xintong Dai, Qingzhe Meng
Conventional energy shortage and the increasing demand for energy have made energy saving a global-concerned problem. Building integrated photovoltaic project has become an important way to relieve the energy and demand contradiction. Recently, the development of photovoltaic building project in china...
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Coal suppliers evaluation model based on AHP and PROMETHEE

Fugui Dong
The coal suppliers evaluation and selection is significant for thermal power plants to reduce the cost of power generation and enhance market competitiveness. After analyzing the limitations of the existing multiple criteria decision methods, a method for coal suppliers selection is developed by integrating...
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Motifs of M&A in the US, European and Asian markets

Jaroslav Sedlacek, Petr Valouch
The subject of this paper is an analysis of the development of activities at the European as well as the Asian market of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Causes of mergers and acquisitions and their development mainly in the period after the financial and economic world crisis are examined. A partial...
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Segregation-of-duties Conflicts in the Insider Threat Landscape-An Overview and Case Study

Sherwin Ballesteros, Lei Pan, Lynn Batten, Gang Li
Many insider attacks originate from misuse of privileges granted by organizations to their internal employees, contractors or third-party service providers. A fundamental means of ensuring that conflicts of privilege cannot occur is to segregate role allocations in order to ensure that no individual...
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Comparative Analysis of Salary, Labor Intensity and Payroll-Output Ratio of Foreign and Domestic Firms: Case Russian Vehicle Industry

Vladislav Spitsin, Aleksandr Mikhalchuk, Lubov Spitsina, Elena Akerman, Tyuleneva Nataliya, Aleksei Semes, Darya Novoseltseva
The article presents the results of statistical analysis of differences in average salaries, labor intensity and payroll-output ratio for businesses with different ownership. The analysis included companies in vehicle production industry in various regions of Russia. We found that foreign and joint enterprises...
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Comparative Investment Analysis of Industries Development in Russia and Germany

Natalia Chistyakova, Vladislav Spitsin, Tatiyana Gromova, Natalia Shabaldina, Alena Dudnikova
The investment policies in some of manufacturing industries in Russia and Germany are described in article. Most appropriate industries for such an analysis are electronic and optical manufacturing and electrical equipment production and manufacturing of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers. Authors...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of Supply Chain Logistics Information System Integration in Auto Parts Enterprises

Ming Li, Yuandi Zhou, Changchun Jiang
Changes in the automotive industry production management model has led to the new generation of supply chain management, and enterprise management group in the industry business association, IT strategy had a significant impact, this paper analyzes the application and integration of information systems...
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Research about the Effection of Incubated Enterprises Business Network on the Enterprise Performance

Yunhe Li, Liyan Tang, Li Zuo
Entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming one of the driving forces of regional economic development, and incubated enterprises, as a special type of start-ups, is also playing an important role in the regional economy. In this paper, we take the incubatedd enterprise business network as our research...