Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education

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A Study on the Influence of Curriculum Setting on Employment in Career Technical College

Xiaodong Zhu, Caiyao Cao
Vocational skills courses have a significant impact on the employment rate and income of graduates. By comparison, it can be found that vocational skills courses can make graduates get higher returns than academic ones. Students should be able to get a better job when they graduate, they should receive...
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The Reform Research on Practical Teaching System of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Based on CDIO

Qiaohuan Wang, Chunfeng He, Dongliang Wang, Chaoming Li
Practical teaching plays a very important role in training the applied talents of hydrology and water resources engineering (or called hydrological major) in East China University of Technology. Facing the current problems of the traditional practical teaching system, the main problems are analyzed in...
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Innovation of Engineering Professional Talent Cultivation Mode on School-Enterprise Cooperation Based on Modern Urban Agriculture

Yu Shi, Liyun Bian, Chuanlin Li, Hua Liu
The talent cultivation of school enterprise cooperation is an effective way to cultivate high quality and high skilled talents. It is also an important carrier of the cooperative education of industry university research, and is the important content of improving the level of talent training work. Further...
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Exploring on the Cultivating Model of the Combination of Working and Learning in Higher Vocational Education

Liying Liu, Renjie Yang, Shuwen Wang, Yue Zhao
Higher vocational college students should have professional and practical talents. The skilled personnel should have a strong ability of professional development, and can quickly adapt to the needs of enterprises and society. However, the current higher vocational education graduates cannot fully meet...
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Research on the Transformation and Promotion of Resources and Achievements of National Vocational Skills Competition

Liying Liu, Renjie Yang, Shuwen Wang, Yue Zhao
On the basis of making full use of the advanced ideas and models of the world skills competition, the overall situation of the transformation and promotion of higher vocational skills competition was surveyed in terms of preliminary investigation. The difficulties and problems in the transformation and...
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The Stereoscopic Teaching Material Construction for the Innovative Practice Teaching of Intelligent Agricultural Machinery

Xin Song, Lei Yang, Huiyong Shan, Yancong Li
In view of the current demand target for the intelligent agricultural machinery talents in China, the construction project of stereoscopic teaching material which is integrated with innovative practice education system and course for the intelligent agricultural machinery is provided. The significance,...
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The Survey as a Tool to Assess the Educational Organization's Reputation ?based on the study conducted at the RUDN University in December 2016

Yulia N. Zemskaya, Anna V. Glagoleva, Evgeniya A. Kuznetsova
In December 2016 the authors conducted a survey of the bachelor and master's degree students of the Institute of World Economy and Business of People Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University). The aim of the study was to determine the evaluation of the reputation of the RUDN University by the...
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Integration of Universities in the Cluster Structures as a Condition for Economic Development

Yury N. Moseykin, Natalia S. Sakharchuk
This paper is about the role of universities in charge of training the highly qualified specialists for the enterprises of the cluster. The integration of multi-level educational institutions will be obtained by the concentration of scientific, educational, teaching and material resources for the development...
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Construction and Practice of Student Innovation Laboratory Based on School-Enterprise Cooperation

Hua Liu, Yong Wei, Weiyu Zhang, Yu Shi
In order to improve the innovation ability and competitive ability of engineering college students, combined with the present situation of practical teaching in Engineering & Technology Institute of Tianjin Agricultural University, the paper introduces the construction and practice of innovation laboratory...
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The Curriculum Construction of "Biogas Production Engineering" Aimed to the Innovative Talent Cultivation

Xinyuan Liu, Nan Wu, Dengchao Jin, Lei Yang
In this paper, the course construction of "Biogas Production Engineering" in the course system of New Energy Science and Engineering specialty featured with biomass energy development and utilization is discussed. In order to promote the innovative talent training, the classroom teaching, the experiment...
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Research on Organization and Implementation and Promoting Process for Excellent Engineer Cultivation ?Electrical Engineering and Its Automation Specialty, Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Hongsheng Su
To deepen education reform and promote engineering education development, this paper systematically expounded organization, and implementation, and promotion process for excellence talents cultivation plan on Electrical Engineering and Its Automation Specialty at Lanzhou Jiaotong University, China, including...
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Analysis of Currency Internationalization with Trade Structure

Xuefeng Zhang
Degree of internationalization of currency can be reflected by the trade structure at the denominating level. This paper established a three-sector macroeconomic model with representative households, enterprises and governments. We introduce import and export trade settlement structure on representative...
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An Institutional Perspective on the Conflict between Teaching and Research in Chinese Local Universities

Wanxian Li, Jinguo Ye
Literature review on the institutional transition of Chinese higher education indicates that the fundamental reason for current conflict between teaching and research in local universities rooted mainly from the traditional educational resource allocation and evaluation system as well as the state central...
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Model for Investigating Substitution Effect between Renewable Resources and Non-Renewable Resources

Zhijie Huang
This paper is mainly about investigating the substitution effect between renewable resources and non-renewable resources. Firstly, the paper will give a review about previous empirical analysis about the relationship between the two resources. Then, the substitution effect will be analyzed by building...
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Risk Management Course System In Application-Oriented University: An "1+2" Mode

Yin Yu
Risk management has become the effective management methods of the government, enterprise, family and individual in preventing, reducing risk accident and the loss rate. Combing the standards and frameworks widely accepted by the domestic and international risk management and summarizing education situation,...
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Strategic Conception about Impelling the Financial Integration between Taiwan and Mainland

Qin Chen, Yan-Yan Yao
This paper is mainly about strategies that impel financial integration between Taiwan and mainland. Firstly, it shows there are restrictions preventing the financial integration between both areas, which are caused by currency clearing mechanism, directly currency exchanging and financing of local companies...
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Research and Analysis of UNESCO's MIL Assessment Framework

Yong Li, Xiaohu Wang, Chun Yu
UNESCO published Global Media and Information Literacy Assessment Framework (hereinafter referred to as MIL Assessment Framework), striving to offer practical guidance for tools and methods to all member states for carrying out a comprehensive assessment on media and information literacy. This paper...
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Research on Cloud Classroom of Simulated Audit's Virtual Teaching Platform

Li Zhang
The rapid development of MOOC and flipped classrooms have raised higher requirements in cultivating of talents in the digital economy era. In order to develop high quality auditing talents who have good knowledge of auditing theory, have the technology of information risk assessment and processing in...
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Research on the Reform of Physical Fitness Training Curriculum in China's Police Colleges and Universities

Fan Zhang, Bo Zhou, Chang-zhi Jia
At present, police colleges and universities in China have carried out police physical fitness courses. Although the teaching objectives and tasks are similar, the quality of teaching is quite different, and there are many problems. For example, physical education curriculum construction lags behind;...
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The Methodology of the Relationship Study between Exchange Rate and Interest Rate in BRICs: Through UIP Channel

Nan Lin, Xiao-Fang Guo
This paper aims to demonstrate the methodology to study the relationship between Exchange Rate and Interest Rate about BRICs. The purpose of this research is to investigate the application of the traditional UIP in BRICs countries. If the UIP does not work, the model could be tried to modify. The methodology...
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The Design and Implementation of an Engineering Education Accreditation Aided Management System

Shengtao Sun, Yuefeng Qi, Peiliang Wu
Engineering Education Accreditation has been widely accepted and recognized by most engineering colleges all over the world based on the idea of Outcome Based Education (OBE). However, current implementation and management methods are of low efficiency and heavy workload. The procedure of engineering...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of MIS Curriculum for MBA Using Design Thinking

Yuan Gao, Yuan Fu, Shaofeng Ru, Jun Feng
Design thinking, a process which fuses systemic strategy for innovation, is increasingly being recognized by educators. In this paper, we proposed a novel two stages Management Information Systems curriculum for MBA using design thinking methodology. The study enriches the literature on Management Information...
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The Research of Uncovered Interest Parity and Monetary Policy

Li Li, Gang-Ping Lin
This article introduces the theory of uncovered interest parity and describes the relationship between monetary policy and the UIP theory. The UIP means that the expected rate of depreciation of domestic currency against one foreign currency is equal to the interest rate differential in the two countries....
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Reflections on Several Problems in Bilingual Teaching of Mathematics Major in Colleges and Universities ?A Case Study of Mathematics Major in Zhejiang Ocean University

Jianglan Wu, Dechao Li
Based on several years of practical experience of bilingual teaching, construction of an effective and feasible bilingual teaching method based on the need of bilingual teaching in the teaching of higher education has become the direction of bilingual teaching. With the representative preponderant discipline...
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Design and Research of the Interactive Teaching Platform Smart Classroom of Advanced Mathematics Course Based on the "Internet +"

Liyan Chen, Hailiang Zhang, Jinliang Cao, Jifeng Bao, Samuel Cheng
The rapid development of "Internet +" technology has promoted the modernization process of education. The advanced mathematics course is an essential basic course of a university. Its teaching model has direct influence on the teaching efficiency and teaching quality. Combined with the Wechat platform...
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The Influence of Organizational Culture on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention in Oil Companies in Libya

Farag Mohamed A. Radwan, Jiaguo Zhu
The main aim of this study is to test and investigate the roles of job satisfaction and organizational commitment in mediating the relationship between organizational culture and turnover intention. From the aim of the study, the following specific objectives have been derived: To plot the cultural profile...
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Probe into the Diversification Reform of Graduation Design (Thesis) for Undergraduate English Majors in Independent College

Cheng Chen, Xuehua Ren, Liang Tang, You Li
Graduation design (thesis) for undergraduate English majors has long been suffering from various problems. Some colleges and universities have taken improvement measures and gained positive results, but the situation has not been fundamentally changed. The current study is based on the diversification...
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Practice Mode of Police Education Based on Professional Social Cognition

Jinqi Li, Ping He
According to the purpose of adapting the characteristics of police education to the police team construction and development, this paper puts forward the concept of professional social cognition (PSC) in police education from the achievable characteristics, demand characteristics of police education...
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The Research of Teaching Reform of MSP430 Single Chip Computer Course

Weimin Qi, Qun Hou, Xia Zhang, Zhiming Wang
In view of the characteristics of MSP430 single-chip curriculum design, we focused on the organization of teaching content, improved teaching methods and reformed the performance assessment methods to mobilize students' interest and enthusiasm, so that they can through the curriculum design of this important...
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Experiment Teaching Reform of Principle of Computer Composition

Tao Chi, Guangpu Cao, Xiaojing Shen, Haowei Yan
Experiment teaching content of Principle of Computer Composition is complicated and abstract, mixing with a lot of specious concept. It is difficult for students to master the operating mechanism of a real computer system. This paper expounds how to combine the project to improve their experiment teaching,...
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A Study of Recreation in the Renewal of Historical Blocks

Mingchun Ma, Qiang Liu
The purpose of this essay is to reshape urban vitality and to study three kinds of material space of historical blocks, mainly including residential buildings, street space and open node renewal under the guidance of national policies of "city double repair". On the basis of research and analysis of...
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The Environmental Supply Chain Management and the Companies' Sustainable Development

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Qianli Dong
Due to the pressure from the public, government laws and environmental standards, companies have to emphasize on the environmental management. Using the experience of western and developed countries for reference and considering China's practical conditions. This article puts forward a proposal of carrying...
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Future Development and Present Situation of China's Luxury Market

Shanshan Lin, Xiaochun Shi
Chinese tourists have become one of the groups that consume most luxury goods in the world since 2013. Based on the data from ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China, the foreign luxury goods consumption of Chinese tourists is about 1 .02 trillion Yuan in 2015. Meanwhile, Chinese luxury...
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Reform and Exploration of Ability Oriented Application Talents Cultivation in Commodity Trading

Changqiu Wang
Application oriented talent training is the key to improve the ability of talents, especially to meet the requirements of the job. The main purpose of this paper is to study how to train the applied talents in the university, such as the specialty of commodity trading. At present, the professional education...
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A Study on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Xinjiang Modern Grassroots Culture Transmission

Xiaoling Ma
The generalized culture refers to the creation of all human beings, is a symbol of human civilization. The modern culture rooted in the modern industrial civilization is a powerful weapon against the extreme thoughts of religion, and it is the spiritual bond of different nationalities. Modern culture...
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Research on Life Security Orientation in Modern College Physical Education

Xinxin Zhang, Chun Guo
At the age of youth, college students are the future and hope of the country, so the students' life security education cannot be ignored. If only the basic theoretical knowledge is taught, and not pay attention to the cultivation of students' practical ability, then education will lose its fundamental...
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What characteristics of a Teacher Impress Students Most?—an Investigation of the Activity My Favorite Teacher

Dongshan Luo
From the perspective of qualitative research, the present study investigates the characteristics vocational college students' favorite teachers have by interview, based on the activity my favorite teacher. It is found out that students' favorite teachers have such characteristics as cultivating students...
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Exploration and Practice of "Full Participation" Teaching Method

Xiao-min Xing, Yi-tao Li, Cui-ran Zhao
Firstly, the disadvantages of traditional teaching mode in electrical and electronics fundamental series courses are analyzed in the paper. Secondly, to overcome the disadvantages, this paper conducts effective teaching reform in an overall way from integration of theoretical teaching content, practice...
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An Investigation of Oral English Classes Taught by Non-Native English-speaking Teacher (NNEST) ?Take a Croatian Teacher in WEB International English in Cixi, China as an Example

Yang He
This study investigates the oral English classes taught by Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers (hereafter NNESTs) and takes a Croatian teacher who is teaching oral English in WEB International English in Cixi, China as an example. The study begins with a review of NNESTs and theoretical frameworks related...
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Research on Establishment of Higher Vocational Course System ?With accounting major as case

Jing Huang
With continuous development of domestic education undertaking, more and more higher-vocational colleges emerge and begin playing an important role in the whole education system. Oriented to employment, higher vocational education focuses on cultivating frontline applied talents with professional skills....
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The Exploring and Improvement of Teaching Method about the Course "The Design Principle of Concrete Structure"

Shan Xia, Ke-wei Ding, Jian-hua Cui
This article analyzes the course characteristic of "The Design Principle of Concrete Structure" under the background of "Excellent Engineering Education and Training Program". Contraption some common problems, the research group propose some relevant improvement suggestions to the teaching of "The Design...
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Supervisory Control of Adverse Reaction of Traditional Chinese Medicine Injection

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
Traditional Chinese medicine injections are new dosage forms of Chinese traditional medicine in China. Compare with other dosage forms such as tablets, pills and oral liquid, they have the advantage of rapid onset. Injection of the drug ingredients can rapid distribute in the target tissue or receptors,...
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The Influence of Traditional Views, Ethics and Religions on the Development of Modern Medical Technology

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
The effects of traditional views, ethics and religions on the modern medical technology were analyzed in this paper. Conflicts result from the relative stability of social ethics and the rapid development of science and technology. By analyses of the traditional culture influence on modern people's psychology,...
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Research on the Optimization of Listed Companies' Legal Responsibility in Financial Statement Fraud

Hangmin Li
The Securities Law of the People's Republic of China sets the relevant tort liability and administrative liability for the financial statement fraud in listed companies, the purpose of which is to ensure the investors' legal rights and interests and punish the illegal information disclosure of listed...
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Dialectical Thinking and Exploratory Method in College Math Teaching

Xiaonan Xiao
This paper discusses the reform and innovation of college math teaching as well as micro thinking and macro innovation of the teaching. It explores micro dialectical thinking of modern college math teaching and macro innovation of its scientific methodology. The article establishes the integration and...
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A Case Study of Early Acquisition of Chinese Modals

Shuzhen Chen, Yuqian Ma
The present study investigates the emergence and early development of Chinese modals of a single child from 1; 8 to 2; 7 from the lexical, semantic, syntactic and pragmatic perspectives. The results show that: 1) Chinese modals emerge gradually between 1; 8 - 2; 5, and modal forms that are acquired early...
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To Build an Optimization Model of Biomedicine Regression Analysis Decision and a Study of Its Application

Xiaonan Xiao
Some practical uses of mathematics in biology and medical science have fully explained the modern trend of biological and medical mathematics. This article presents a discussion of how to use the pluralistic differential and the method of tropical analysis with a view to establishing mathematical model...
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The Enlightenment of Internationalization of Higher Education on Foreign Language Education

Xin Ai
To further improves the internationalization level of higher education has become a general consensus of universities at home and abroad. This paper starts from the characteristics and current situation of the internationalization of higher education, with the combination of the challenges faced by China's...
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The Enlightenment of American Higher Education Personnel Training Internationalization to Chinese Higher Education

Yang Liu, Daying Liu, Lu Ding, Wenbi Zhu
International development model of higher education personnel training has an important impact on the development of higher education. On the basis of experience of the internationalization of educating higher talents in the United States and combining with the present situation of China, we proposed...
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The Perfection of China's Land Circulation Market: Problems and Countermeasures in the Development — Taking Heilongjiang Province as An Example

Dezhang Wang, Huiyong Du
Accelerating the circulation of rural land is the demand raised under the new situation to improve the competitiveness of agriculture, increase farmers' income, enhance the efficiency of enterprises, and to ensure food safety, and there are both driving force of inherent reform and external pressure...