Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Politics, Economics and Law (ICPEL 2018)

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Study on Promotion of Folklore Ecotourism to the Economic Development of Minority Areas in Southeast Chongqing —Taking Wulong District as an Example

Zihan Yu, Liyue Xu
The minority areas of Southeast Chongqing are primarily located at Wuling Mountain Chain and part of the Wujiang river basin. It is the settlement of various minority groups mainly consisting of Tujia and Miao minority groups while it remains as the National Poverty Regions. However, The Wulong District,...
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Study on Foreign Dependencies of East Asian Countries under the Global Value Chain System

Qiwei Zhu, Jun Jin
From the perspective of global value chain, this paper divides the East Asian region’s dependencies in the global production division network into “upstream dependencies” and “final demand dependencies” according to Koopman’s GVC decomposition principle. We use OECD database to build two index systems...
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Reform and Practice of Teaching Model of "Security Design and Validation" Based on Flipped Classroom

Lijuan Kan, Jihui Xu, Ze Li
Flipped classroom as a new teaching concept effectively fills in the gaps of the traditional teaching mode by shifting instruction to a learner-centered model, delivering instruction online and offline with the aid of network and technology. A teaching model reform was conducted on the course Security...
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Discussion on Existing Problems and Solutions on the Last Mile in Rural Logistics of Jilin Province

Jiali Song, Shaohua Ma
In order to revitalize the northeast old industrial base and optimize the industrial structure in Jilin province, the development of rural e-commerce has become the main construction content. However, the unimpeded last mile of rural logistics has become the main obstacle to the development of rural...
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The Antecedents of Creative Performance: A Literature Review and Research Agenda

Zhenxing Gong, Zanzan Zhao, Shuo Wang, Haoyun Yu
Creative performance is the main source of promoting innovation, enhancing competitiveness and getting competitive advantage of enterprises. Although the formation mechanism of creative performance has been researched for a long time, the antecedents that drive creative performance still remain ambiguous,...
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The Role of Psychological Empowerment in Open Innovation

Zhenxing Gong, Shuo Wang, Zanzan  Zhao, Haoyun Yu
Open innovation is a new mode to adapt to the innovation management reform. However, in the past, factors affecting open innovation were mostly analyzed from the macro and middle level, while the role of internal micro level was neglected. Based on the theory of construction and social exchange, this...
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The State of Job Burnout Symptoms and the Difference among Police: an Empirical Research

Zhenxing Gong, Haoyun Yu, Shuo Wang, Zanzan Zhao
To understand the job burnout of policemen, in order to provide a practical basis for preventing and intervening police job burnout. A Chinese Job Burnout Questionnaire (Li Yongxin) was used to investigate 363 policemen in Liaocheng, Shandong Province. On the whole, the detection rate of police burnout...
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Research on Training Qualified Legal Translators —Starting from Analyzing Translation Problems in Law of the People's Republic of China on Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese-English)

Lun Ma, Qianqian Qu
Success legal translation involves a lot of factors, such as accuracy, being professional and impartiality. Law of the People's Republic of China on Traditional Chinese Medicine proposed and published by the Chinese government is a landmark for the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The...
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Study on the Impact of Urban Residents' Information Consumption Structure Changes on Information Consumption Industry in Liaoning Province

Jie Xiao, Xiaonan Fan
This paper first expounds the theory of the impact of information consumption on the information consumption industry, analyzes the three factors that affect information consumption, and demonstrates the general law of the impact of information consumption on the information industry. Secondly, the data...
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The Application of Blockchain in Higher Education Field

Wenqing Zhao, Zhuoying Ma
The blockchain technology is seen as revolutionary technology, which obtains attention from various fields in many countries. In China, students information in higher education needs to be managed by the third part-China Credentials Verification. Although this website brings a lot of convenience to students,...
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Dissertation on Market Disruption by Comparing with Conditions of Applying General Safeguard Measures

Zhuo Ren
“Market Disruption” existing or not is the key factor to confirm whether implement the Specific Safeguard Mechanism or not for import WTO members, which are contraventions on developing countries as China. Since the relevant rules in our domestic laws are not mature, as well as the accusations and restrictions...
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People of Chinese Heritage in Australian National Memory

Tiping Su
National biography is a kind of national memory. The Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB) is an Australian national memory and has been the great repository of the Australian identity. In order to measure the position of people of Chinese heritage in the Australian national memory, this paper surveys...
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Study on the Pricing of Crop Income Insurance —A Case Study of Maize in Guizhou Province

Ye Feng, Jianhua Zhu
Agricultural income insurance can simultaneously disperse the natural and market risks faced by farmers in the production process and stabilize farmers' expected income. However, the research on agricultural income insurance in Guizhou Province is still in the preliminary exploration stage, and the research...
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The Belt and Road: Improving Education, Welfare and Growth of Member Countries

Isaque Manteiga Joaquim, Shah Zaman
The Silk Road Economic Belt routes covers more than 60 countries and regions accounting for 30 per cent of Global GDP and world’s merchandise up to 35 per cent. By 2050, SREB routes aims to contribute 80 per cent of Global GDP growth and will advances three billion more people into middle class from...
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The Research on SMEs Loan Credit Insurance System of China

Ruilin Ren, Jianhua Zhu
China's SMEs are an integral part of the national economic system and have developed rapidly in recent years. However, the problem of financing difficulties for SMEs in China is highlighted, which hinders the sustainable development of SMEs. This paper analyzes the financing dilemma of China's SMEs and...
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Discussion on the Mode of Ideological and Political Education in Engineering Major Based on the Motivation Attribution Theory

Lingfeng Tang, Yaoyao Zhang, Youmin Wang
The ideological political education is in full swing in the universities. In view of the current mode and method of curriculum ideology activities carried out by various universities, it has been questioned that the effect of deliberately adding ideological and political elements to the teaching of professional...
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Research on the Innovation Strategy of Knowledge Management System in Guangzhou College of Technology and Business

Baosheng Xie, Tongbo Deng
Under the background of knowledge economy, the implementation of knowledge management in Guangzhou College of Technology and Business is the vital method to train and enhance its core competitiveness. Based on this aim, this paper put forward four strategies for the knowledge management system innovation...
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Strategy Analysis of Physical Exercise Promoting College Students’ Physical Health under the Background of Healthy China

Zili Niu
This paper, regarding college students’ physical exercise as the research object, studies the effect of physical exercise on college students’ physical health, current status and dilemma of its carrying out in colleges and universities with the method of literature to seek the implementation strategy...
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Children's Gender and Living Arrangements of Old Parents': the Case of One-child Family in China

Tongbo Deng, Baosheng Xie
The aging of population is a serious problem in China. One-child policy leads the problem of supporting old people in single-child family to heated debate. Whether the elderly live with their children is related to elderly’s life and affection need. Through analyzing data from the 2011 wave of CHARLS,...
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On the Confidential Education of Colleges and Universities under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education

Xueli Hu, Qi Xi, Yanfeng Qin, Jianshan Peng
With the rapid development of information technology, it is urgent to promote confidential education at the confidential work is facing a severe situation and shoulders an arduous task. Under the new situation carrying out the disciplinary development of confidential and diploma education is a pioneering...
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Investigation and Analysis of the Current Situation of Extracurricular English Learning for Contemporary Medical Majors

Yuan Kong, Guisong Yang
In order to understand the current status of extracurricular English learning for medical students, this article investigates the status of extracurricular English learning for medical students in several medical colleges in Shandong Province. This study uses an online questionnaire as the main form...
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On the Third-party Evaluation and Influencing Factors of the Quality Work in Yunnan

Jingxing Liao, Lei Feng, Juxiu Huang
Studying and analyzing the public satisfaction index on government’s quality work can help understand the situation of the quality work comprehensively and systematically and further promote the construction of a service-oriented government. This paper uses the population of permanent resident as sample...
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The Transformation Development Path of Local Undergraduate Universities under the Perspective of “New Engineering”

Zhanguo Zhang, Yaxu Chu
Guiding partial local undergraduate universities to transform into the applied ones is a major decision made by the CPC central committee and the state council. Under the perspective of “new engineering”, this paper focused on the five important areas including adjusting specialty structure, innovating...
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Research and Practice on the School-Government-Enterprise Cooperative Education Mode of “Trinity, Quartet Linkage” —Taking Mechanical Engineering College of Beihua University as the Example

Zhanguo Zhang, Lixia Sun, Jinghua Li
Under new economy background, local universities need to carry out open-door education to build the new education ecology with open and harmonization. With the principle of “resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit, common development”, Mechanical Engineering College of Beihua University...
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Intellectuals and State Construction: On Advocates of Good Governmentalism of Hu Shih Scholars during May 4th Period

Lei Wang
As midwives of a new era, intellectuals are playing a pivotal role in the construction of the modern state at any time. Group of scholars as the core of Hu Shih also gave them own observation and efforts, put forward and practice the modern state founding ideas of "Good Governmentalism" in May Fourth...
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On the Cultivation of Intercultural Communication Competence in College English Teaching in Globalization

Ronglin Shan
In the Outline of National Medium-and Long-Term Program for Education Reform and Development, the section of higher education pointed out that we should strengthen international communication and cooperation. Drawing lessons from advanced educational ideas and experience in the world, we could promote...
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Reflections on the Reform of Music Teaching in Normal Colleges under the Background of “Internet Plus”

Sheng-dian Wang
With the advent of the “Internet plus” era, emerging Internet technologies have been widely used in the field of education. Based on the “Internet plus” background, The modes of information production, distribution, flow and communication have all changed dramatically. “Internet plus” can promote the...
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Experimental Teaching Reform of Building Materials Course Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Subject Competition

Hongfei Xu, Wenting Qu
It was studied and analyzed the common defects of experimental teaching of Building Materials by this paper. At the same time, it also discussed the measures of experimental teaching reform of building materials. This paper introduced the college students’ innovation training project and college students’...
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Analysis of the Application of Modern Apprenticeship in English Teaching of Preschool Education Major in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xinbei Wang
The main purpose of setting up the preschool education major is to provide professional educational technology talents for society, which plays an important role in training of the next generation of society. Besides, with the popularization of English in China, the requirements for English teaching...
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Exploration on the Implementation of Music Education Mode of Combination of Music Groups and Department in Higher Vocational Colleges

Wenjing Song
As main part of modernization, higher vocational education must attach importance to music education, strengthen art education for higher vocational students and cultivate higher quality and professional music talents. The music education mode which combines music groups with department should be innovatively...
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The Reference Significance of New Public Management to China's Administrative Management Reform

Sinan Zhang
This paper summarizes the basic content of the new public management thought, and summarizes its main points. Based on the problems of China's current administrative system and economic system reform, this paper discusses the necessity of China's administrative management reform to learn from the new...
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The Teaching Reform of Animation Specialty in Universities under the Aesthetic Education Environment

Qingxue Gao
Aesthetic education plays an active role in the development of modern education system and social culture. In essence, it prefers an emotional education, focusing on the promotion of aesthetic taste. In university teaching, although aesthetic education has made some connections, it is still a weak link....
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Brief Discussion on Presentation of Brand Culture in Food Advertising Design

Xiangrui Huang, Chenjin Tang, Jing Hu
Nowadays, the main groups of food consumption are the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s. Most of these young people grow up in the era of material prosperity. They pay special attention to the spiritual feelings brought by material consumption. Therefore, commercial food should not only strengthen its...
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Discussion on the Teaching Reform of Civil Engineering Mechanics Based on the Difference of Students

Wenting Qu, Hongfei Xu
Engineering mechanics is an important basic course for civil engineering major, and its teaching effect directly affects students' professional level and career development. Due to the differences in student sources, different students have different mechanical foundations, so the adoption of unified...
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Development and Test of the Evaluation Scale of Foreign Trade Enterprises’ Core Brand Competitiveness

Jie Liu, Kang Jin
The development and transformation of China's foreign trade enterprises are facing many uncertainties for several years. It is necessary for the transformation and upgrading of China's foreign trade enterprises to improve the core brand competitiveness. How to measure the core brand competitiveness has...
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Economic Efficiency Analysis of Tourism Poverty Alleviation in Wuling Mountain Area of Guizhou

Hui Sheng
Tourism poverty alleviation is an important part of poverty alleviation. In order to investigate the performance of tourism poverty alleviation, this paper selected 12 districts in Wuling Mountain Area of Guizhou as research objects, and then built DEA model to measure the total efficiency, pure technical...
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Restrictive Factors and Countermeasures of Adopting PPP Mode in Old-age Care Project

Shuang Qiao, Xin-yue Tan, Xin Zhang
The aggravation of the aging process has brought about problems such as the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend and the reduction of the value-creating labor force. The seriousness and necessity of providing for the aged have gradually emerged. Characterized by public-private partnership,...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of “Leader Underestimation” Internal Identity Asymmetry on Employees Job Involvement —Based on the Dual Role Interaction Perspective

Xiao-hong Li, Xin Zhang, Xin-yue Tan
Mainly Based on the Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) Model and Resource Conservation of Resource (COR) Theory, this research breaks through the limitation of a single top-down leadership perspective and focuses on the dual role interaction between leaders and employees in the organization. From the subjective...
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Research on Measures to Develop Information Technology Education

Zhiqiang Xu
How to properly apply information technology in classroom teaching to improve the quality of teaching, and to promote the deepening of teaching reform is a question which is worth considering. This paper focuses on the application of computer information technology in teaching management, learning management...
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On the Path of Learning Party Organization Leading the Construction of Study Style

Yu Chen
The learning party organization and the study style construction are complementary and inseparable. The learning party organization requires each sub party organization to study conscientiously and practice the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and to learn the knowledge necessary...
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On the foreign legal supervision of the Variable Interest Entity

Yusheng Yang, Keer Zhu
The Variable Interest Entity, also known as VIE, usually refers to the separation of a listed company registered overseas and its entity operating in China. The listed company is an overseas company, and the overseas company controls the domestic business entity through agreement. Variable Interest Entities...
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Research on Green Finance Promoting the Optimization of Industrial Structure ——An Empirical Analysis Based on Guizhou Province

Hongji Wang, Jianhua Zhu
With the rapid development of China's economy and the deepening of sustainable development, the adjustment of China's industrial structure has been put on the agenda. The proposal of green finance not only helps to alleviate a series of environmental problems but also limits the expansion of high energy...
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Construction of Tianjin Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Model

Xia Yang, Qiaoli Zhang
Accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into practical productivity has always been an important issue to be solved in economic development. It is also an important task for scientific and technological work to face the main battlefield of economic construction. The...
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Reform and Construction of Computer Major on Local Colleges under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education

Yaojie Chen, Xin Yuan, Hai Zhou, Zhijing Wan
In recent years, with the accelerated development of the global new economy, the country desperately need the support of new engineering talents, which raises higher requirements for the development of higher education in China. Since in 2016, the “emerging engineering education” was first proposed in...
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Research on Marketing of Agricultural Products in Xiaoliang Mountain from the Perspective of Precision Poverty Alleviation

Jian Deng, Congfang Zhang, He Ren
At the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it was proposed to build a comprehensive well-off society. Since then, the poverty alleviation work in the Xiaoliang Mountain area of Sichuan has been raised to the national strategic level. In recent years, agricultural production in this...
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Research on the Social Responsibility of Tourism Enterprises from the Perspective of the Stability of Sichuan-Tibetan Region

Jian Deng, Wenju Ren, He Ren
The Sichuan-Tibetan region has entered into the key period of new-round tourism development. And the enterprise enters, as the principal part of tourism development, should assume the corresponding social responsibilities to promote the stability and Tibetan economic and social development. The related...
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Application of BP Neural Network in Experimental Teaching Evaluation

Yangming He, Guohua Jin
In this paper, BP neural network is used to evaluate the experimental teaching. This method is different from traditional evaluation. It merges together many features of students’ performance in experiments. It can evaluate students all-aroundly. This paper describes how to establish the BP neural network....
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Comparative Analysis on the Profitability of Listed Companies —A Case Study of Vanke Group

Shujun Sheng
A statistical classification is conducted on financial data of Vanke from 2011 to 2015, which is then compared with that of Poly real estate in the same period. By analyzing return on equity, equity multiplier, total assets turnover ratio and sales net interest margin and by comparing them with that...
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Comparison of the Textbooks of International Finance and the Design of Bilingual Teaching Contents

Zhibai Zhang, Xiang Hui
International Finance is a core course for finance majors. Many colleges and universities offer it in bilingual form with English textbooks. But English textbooks often ignore China’s national conditions, leading to a lack of understanding of domestic economic problems among students. Moreover, the differences...
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The Development Strategy of Green Assets Securitization under the Rural Revitalization Strategy

Li Shi, Jingjing Sun
According to the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we should implement the strategy of rural revitalization and build a new type of village with prosperous industry, pleasant living environments, civilized countryside, effective governance and prosperity. To implement...
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Research on Satisfaction of Postgraduate Education Based on Structural Equation Model

Shuxin Guo, Mengli Li
As the main body of higher education implementation, it is of great significance to study the students' satisfaction with education to reveal the quality of higher education and reflect the completion of the goal of higher education in China, it is an important part of higher education evaluation system....
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Cluster Analysis of the Development Levels of Tourism Economy in Twelve Provinces (Cities) in China’s Western Regions

Yajie Qiao
In face of the economic “new normal”, the western regions must adhere to the concept of “green development” and give great impetus to regional ecotourism, which is an important way for boosting healthy and rapid growth of regional economy. In this paper, the cluster analysis method is used and 16 indicators...
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New Energy Vehicles Sales Prediction Method and Empirical Research against the Backdrop of Big Data

Yuting Zhao, Shuang Zheng, Xinliang Xu
The sales of new energy vehicles are not only strongly related to the social economic condition, but also one of the important indicators reflecting the trend of public concern about environmental protection. This paper predicted the sales based on AR (1) model with the internet big data. The results...
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Research and Practice on Construction of "First Class Specialty" in Private Colleges and Universities

Lijuan Ma
With the development of higher education from elite education to mass education, the ranks of private colleges and universities have gradually developed and expanded. From the initial supplementary status for higher education, they are turning to an important part of undergraduate education, how to improve...
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On Practical Teaching Reform of Applied Electrical Engineering and Automation Undergraduate Major —Discussion on Xi’an international university

Lixia Peng, Huiling Meng, Gailian Zhang
To meet the standard of first-class professional construction and needs of training of applied talents of the economic development demand of northwest China, the problems in the practical teaching of electrical engineering and automation specialty in Xi’an international university were analyzed, the...
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Research on the Basic Methods of Teaching Quality Management in Colleges and Universities

Zhiqiang Xu
The quality of teaching in colleges and universities is a teaching activity that is consciously organized and implemented by universities, including courses, experiments, training, homework, and thesis defense. The connotation of teaching quality is multifaceted, which related to moral, intellectual,...
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Research on the Mode and Path of Industrial Upgrading of Shandong Agricultural Science and Technology Park

Hua Zhao
Agricultural science and technology parks, which gather many elements of modern agricultural production, play an important role in improving the utilization of resources, promoting the transformation of agricultural management and improving the quality of rural economic development. This paper takes...
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Theoretical Model on Impact of New Media Communication to Female Consumers Behavior —Taking Female APP Communication as Example

Daowen Ren, Xuejun Liu
New media is bringing great influence to business mode and social structure. The mobile APP that is a kind of new media brings not only convenience to female lives, but also huge economic benefits to many industries. Based on the theories of communication and consumers behavior, using the methods of...
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Incentive Contract Design for Online Supply Chain Finance

Xiang Tu, Qifeng Yang, Ping Song
As a financial model innovation, online supply chain finance is undergoing changes in its financing model, credit model and organizational structure. As the dominant party varies, banks are not necessarily the dominant party in financial transactions. Changes took place in the original principal-agent...
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Improving Bilingual Education Quality in Ethnic Minority Areas of Yunnan: Viewing from Ecolinguistics Stance

Wei Zhong, Congyu Duan
The methods and quality of bilingual education has fundamental effects on ecolinguistics environment of ethnic minority areas. Efficient bilingual education can not only improve the language ecology system, but also advance the learning efficiency of ethnic minority students in all disciplines. From...
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Research on the Importance of Teaching in the Process of Higher Education

Zhiqiang Xu
University teaching and teaching academics are inseparable and important links. The teaching ability directly affects the development of university teaching and students’ learning. Although the connotation about academic teaching in universities is different, it does combine the combination of theory...
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New Connotation of Financial Management under the Background of Internet +

Shujun Sheng
In the Internet+ era, human society is experiencing an unprecedented transformation as enterprise are undergoing cross-border integration, structural reorganization, strategic innovation, management improvement to create a new future. The change of business model and marketing model requires the transformation...
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Ability Based Transformation and Reconstruction of Teachers’ Roles

Liwei Sun
Under the background of big data and information technology, The issue of how to develop higher education to fit the need of the Belt and Road national strategy and How college English education should make the most use of this background to cultivate international English talents and Great county craftsmen...
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Bibliometric Analysis of Domestic Human Library Research Based on CSSCI Source Journal Articles

Chang Wang, Jianhua Han, Mei Sun
Academic circles in Libraries had produced abundant research outcomes on the human library, which is a new service mode. A bibliometric analysis can reveal the research hotspots and development direction of the study in the field of human library, thus providing references to the relevant theoretical...
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The Musical Idea of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Yanran Shang, Shui Jin
The world's language is divided into two categories: tone language and non-tone language. The melodic tone of Chinese is the main feature that distinguishes it from other languages in pronunciation, so it is also the difficulty and emphasis of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Based on the full...
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Research on College Students' Ideological Trend from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Education in Institutions of Higher Learning

Shiyang Li
It is found out from the investigation that college students' ideological trend has shown some new characteristics. They pay attention to events at home and abroad including the Party's meetings, national laws and regulations, employment orientation and so forth. They are positive in ideological understanding...
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Research on Mixed Teaching Reform of Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Yunqiu Jiao
The thesis aimed to solve the problem of non-effectiveness of mixed teaching in applied colleges, it made deep investigation and analysis on mixed teaching reform of applied undergraduate colleges. On the basis of discussing problems of mixed teaching in applied undergraduate colleges, this thesis analyzed...
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Research on Bilingual Teaching Reform in Applied Universities under Educational Internationalization Background

Zhixia Zhou, Lei Ding
The thesis aimed to solve the problem of non-effectiveness and low quality of bilingual teaching in applied universities, it made deep investigation and analysis on bilingual teaching reform in applied universities under the educational internalization background. Based on discussing the problems of...
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Deficiencies and Countermeasures of Financial Indicators in Enterprise Performance Evaluation

Yanli Li
In enterprise performance evaluation, the rationality of the selection of financial indicators has an important influence on the evaluation result. The paper analyzes the financial indicators used in current financial evaluation, finds its existing problems, and proposes that enterprises can gradually...
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Research on Tai Chi Tourism Market Development

Xueqin Qiu, Hong Wan, Sri Lestari, Ilan Mukusheva, Zeshi Liu
Tai Chi is a combination of body building, self-cultivation and martial arts. It has been widely spread both internationally and domestically. The main purposes of Tai Chi practitioners are learning Tai Chi and joining Tai Chi competitions. Meanwhile, the non Tai Chi practitioners are attracted by Tai...
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On Feasibility of Teacher Training Based on Moodle Platform

Juan Du
As the new curriculum reform raises the higher demands to teachers, many regions have adopted centralized training for teachers in order to improve teachers’ awareness of the new curriculum reform. However, due to the limited time and numerous contents, the effect of teacher training is not good. In...
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The Practicing of Teaching Mode under the Concept of Engineering Education

Liang Chang, Shangfu Gong, Na Li, Fengzhi Xu
Guided by the idea and essence of higher engineering education, this paper points out the problems and deficiencies of curriculum design, theory teaching and practical teaching in current talent training program. It develops the reform and practice of teaching contents, teaching methods and teaching...
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Teaching Practice Technique in Teaching of Linear Algebra

Yanfeng Guo, Chunxiao Guo, Chunpeng Mo, Weiling Xiong
The teaching practice techniques of the teaching modes and teaching methods in the processes of linear algebra teaching are mainly considered in this paper. Teaching practices techniques are provided by two teaching modes and teaching methods including analogy methods, layered methods, extension methods,...
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Problems and Suggestions on Reform of Teacher Qualification Examination under the Background of National Unified Examination

Sufen Xu, Yun Wang
Under the background of the national unified examination of teacher qualification certificate, the problems existing in the reform of teacher qualification certificate examination in China are mainly two aspects. Firstly, the differences between non-normal professional examinees and normal professional...
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Research on Spatial Spillovers of Industries Development in Urban Agglomerations of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area —Based on Spatial Panel SpVAR Model

Yan Wu, Jiawei He
Based on data from 2005 to 2016, this paper analyzes the spatial spillovers of urban agglomerations in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area by using spatial panel SpVAR Model. The results show that the spatial spillover of industry sector of the urban agglomerations in the Pearl River Delta is...
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Study on Peasants' Participation in the Rural Minimum Living Standard Guarantee System

Yining Ding, Yongzhi Geng
The operation of the Rural Minimum Living Standard Guarantee System and the degree of participation of the main body are relatively poor in most areas of China nowadays, and there exist several problems (e.g., the confusion of the definition, the deviation of policy implementation as well as the lack...
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The Relation of Population Burden and Financial Constraint to Entrepreneurial Choices of Rural Households

Yuan Mo, Yu-jia Zhang, Xiao-lan Yi, Hui-min Zhang
In the background of population aging and the gradual release of fertility policy and based on the survey data of 237 rural households in Jiangsu province in 2016, this paper analyzes the impacts of child and elderly dependency ratio on rural households' financial constraint and entrepreneurship choice...
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The Impact of Ownership Type and Institutional Environment on Innovation Performance Based on CDM Model

Qian Fang
This document adopts a panel data of 45531 state-owned and non-state-owned industrial enterprises over the scale from 2005 to 2007 and the recursive CDM (structure) model, panel Probit model and consistent estimation to study the effects of ownership types on innovation input, innovation output and TFP...
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Discussion on the Implementation of Kindergarten-based Curriculum

Lina Zhang, Xiaodong Pan, Dan Jiao
Under the macro background of preschool education reform, kindergarten-based curriculum is the effective method to reform and optimize the course system of kindergartens. This paper adopted the method of literature analysis and questionnaire survey to make the research of kindergarten-based curriculum...
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Teaching Process of Organic Chemistry with the Aid of Scientific Research Achievements —Synthesis of Tetraindeno-Fused Spirofluorene Derivatives

Debin Xia, Yulin Yang
Fundamental organic chemistry is a compulsory course for college students major in chemistry. It is very difficult for teachers attracting students’ attention for long term study on the basis of the current teaching system. We introduce scientific research achievements, frontier knowledges and hot research...
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Research on Double Tutorial System in the Course of Landscape Architecture Planning and Design

Yue Zhong
The double tutorial system is of great significance to the reform of higher vocational education and the cultivation of talents. It follows the principle of cultivating talents with sufficient theory and skills, pays attention to practical teaching, and carries out school-enterprise teaching in coordination....
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Research and Development of R & D Team in Chinese Enterprises —Taking Liaoning Province as an Example

Yang Zhang, Hongbing Chen
In order to find out the relationship between R&D team building and the development of enterprises, this study adopts the method of empirical investigation to track the status quo of R&D team building of four typical enterprises in Liaoning Province of China, and finds that the enterprises that attach...
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The Status Quo and Legal Regulation of Surrogacy in China

Silin Chen, Tianchong Yao
Nowadays, how to solve the problem of surrogacy has become a major problem in Chinese society. China has problems with surrogacy on the issue of surrogacy and unclear judgments. It was intended to understand the status quo of the international "surrogate" legislation, and made recommendations for the...
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Research on Customer Rescue Model of TPL Enterprise under the “New Retail”

Yong Wang, Pei-lin Zhang, Cornel Mihai Nicolescu, Ting Zhang, Qingying Zhang
New retail is the application of new Internet technologies and new thinking. It is an improvement and innovation on traditional retail methods and selling products or services to consumers. “New Retail” is a new way in contact with consumers, so that consumers can buy the goods they need in a short time....
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MOOC and Its Role in the Growth of Sport Media Professionals

Ziye Wang, Bin Hao
Aiming at the career demands and growth requirement of sport media professional, from a system viewpoint, the paper inquires into the tendency of web-based learning, and discusses MOOC from the angles of origination, construction, performance, organization, application, and serviceability. By completing...
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Research on the Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Undergraduates’ Online Consumption —Based on the Empirical Investigation of Undergraduates’ in Lanzhou City

Yaping Tian, Shuang Liu
With the accelerating pace of life and the rapid spread of e-commerce, the new consumption mode of online consumption is gradually infiltrating into all aspects of the lives of Chinese residents, affecting and changing the lives of residents. Online consuming behavior has become one of the hot issues...
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On the Localization of Criminal Reconciliation System in China

Ke Yu, Tianchong Yao
The criminal reconciliation system is favored by the countries all over the world because of its remarkable value function in the realization of penalty justice and efficiency. Our country has the soil of "localization" of the criminal reconciliation system, but at the same time, because of the influence...
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Analysis on the Current Situation of Employment Market for Private College Graduates and Reflection on Suggestions —A Case Study of Wuhan Technology and Business University

Guigui Mei, Fan Yang
Employment is the priority for people's livelihood. It is of great significance to create a sound employment market for college graduates. This paper concludes the advantages and disadvantages of the construction of employment market for private colleges through analysis of the current situation of employment...
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Analysis on the Development of Value-added Services of Logistics Enterprises in Yunnan

Kesheng Tang, Min Qian, Bin Wang
In order to achieve the healthy and sustainable development of modern logistics enterprises, it is necessary to improve efficiency, cut costs and actively develop value-added services. The development of value-added services has become the consensus of logistics companies. In this paper we introduce...
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The Analysis of Deng Xiaoping's Peripheral Diplomatic Thoughts

Pei Peng
Deng Xiaoping's peripheral diplomatic thoughts were formed under the background of major changes in the international and domestic situation. It is based on safeguarding national interests, and advocates transcending differences in ideology and social system on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful...
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On the Instructional Design of Online Courses for Application-oriented College Students from the Perspective of Learners

Xiaofen Chow, Qingying Cheung, Yong Wong
Recently, the construction of online courses is considered as one of the main teaching reform activities in colleges. The thesis stands from the view of scholars to come up with an argument that the construction of online courses is supposed to pay more attention to the difference between scholar’s culture...
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Research on the Geniusloci in Landscape Design of University Campus

Qian Lin, Haiwen Wang
Chinese university is an important base for training Chinese high-level talents, Its Campus Landscape Design must have the function of cultivating excellent personality and noble spirit of Chinese university students since campus is not only a place to provide student knowledge and skills, but also an...
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Research on the Operation Mode of “Wanghong” Store

Fuchen Leng, Yanming Zhang
With the development of Internet technology, “web celebrity” came into being, and has formed a unique economic development trend, namely “web celebrity Economy” which has developed rapidly in recent years. However, limitations like intensified competition, increased competition costs and fragile industrial...
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Comparative Research on Contemporary American and Japanese Funds Investment in Preschool Education

Lina Zhang, Jing Jin
In order to improve the charges standard system of Chinese preschool education for its fair development, this paper made the comparison between the preschool educational funding in America and Japan through the method of literature from the aspect of funds sources and investment policy. The enlightenment...
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Urban Distribution Vehicle Routing Optimization and Empirical Analysis under the Influence of Carbon Trading Policy

Jing Wang, Kang Pu, Zhuzhi Shen
With the continuous improvement of the economic level, the carbon emission produced by logistics and distribution has become more and more neglecting. Therefore, this article is aimed at the actual distribution case of Wuhan Hongxu Information Technology Co. Ltd, combined with the impact of carbon trading...
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On Enrollment Strategies for Private Universities and Colleges under the New College Entrance Examination Reform

Fan Yang, Guigui Mei
The paper, based on the new college entrance examination reform, studies the enrollment publicity strategies for private universities and colleges. Through comprehensive analysis of the current enrollment forms, we deeply investigate the problems existing in the publicity. Under the new reform, details...
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Relationship between Interpersonal Relationship Distress and Pet Attachment: Chain mediating Effects of Coping Style and Loneliness among the Undergraduates

Yongmei Hou, Peicheng Hu, Wanhui Huang
To explore the relationship among interpersonal relationship, coping style tendency, loneliness and pet attachment among the undergraduates. College Students Interpersonal Comprehensive Diagnostic scale (CSICDS), Simplified Coping Style Questionnaire (SCSQ), UCLA Loneliness Scale (UCLALS) and Lexington...
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Time Management Tendency of Undergraduates in Medical Colleges and Its Influencing Factors

Yongmei Hou, Miner Yuan
To investigate the developmental characteristics and its influenced factors of time management disposition in the undergraduates of medical university. Seven hundred and seventy-two undergraduates who were selected by Stratified sampling from a medical university in Guangdong were assessed with Adolescence...
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Thoughts on the Conversion of New and Old Kinetic Energy

Wei Wen, Haowei Li, Fang Yi
Accelerating the transformation of new and old kinetic energy is an inevitable choice to realize the high-quality development of our economy in the new era and also a key move to push forward the structural reform on the supply side and build a socialist modernization power. In the new era, we should...
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Brief Analysis on Social Service Practice Course Construction in Private University

Jing Lin, Zitong Xu
Nowadays the construction of social service practice curriculum system in private university is imperfect. This paper aimed to improve the current situation of it and hoped the university can raise awareness and take necessary actions. On the basis of survey in several private universities in Wuhan,...