Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Contemporary Education and Economic Development (CEED 2018)

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Motivational Strategy of Organization of Psychology Classes for Senior School Students

Liudmila Rogaleva, Uliya Khaerzamanova, Irina Mamaeva, Liudmila Rogaleva
Psychological class is considered a means of development of students’ needs to cognize psychological phenomena, self-cognize and self-improvement. This goal can be achieved only when the learning process is not formal, but has intrinsic personal significance for students. The article substantiates new...
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Ethnic Tolerance Among Students in Malaysian Public Universities

Zulkernain Nur Farahana, Wan Husin Wan Norhasniah, Wan Husin Wan Norhasniah
The main objective of this study is to determine the level of ethnic tolerance among students in Malaysian public universities. The study involved 378 respondents from three public research universities and represented by three major ethnics, the Malays, Chinese and Indians. The research utilized quantitative...
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Study of Architectural Graduate Education Based on Changes in the Thinking and Organizing of Graduate Programs

Wang Yan-song, Xiao Shu-yu, Bao Fan, Xiao Shu-yu
This essay is based on the author’s long time teaching practice in architectural graduate education, and aims to look through some obvious problems in today’s architectural graduate programs in university. For these problems, the essay offers some thinking about the aspects of education, such as the...
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On the Importance of Philosophy Education in the Stage of Basic Education

Chen Wang-jingjing
Philosophy has a powerful role in training and cultivating people’s thinking quality with their strong speculative power. We must clearly understand the importance of philosophy education in basic education, especially in primary school education. On the basis of the analysis of the current situation...
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Pedagogical Competencies of Teachers at the Beginning of Their Professional Career

Łukasik Joanna M., Jagielska Katarzyna, Duda Anna, Koperna Paulina, Mróz Anna, Sobieszczańska Kinga, Mróz Anna
The paper presents the results of a pilot study into the level of pedagogical competencies of students of teaching degrees. The study was conducted using the diagnostic tool called “Pedagogical Competencies at the Start” (KPNS, Kompetencje Pedagogiczne na Starcie), developed by the research team. The...
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Motivation of Athletes in Athletics at the Different Stages of the Sports Career

Liudmila Rogaleva, Alla Kim, Natalya Khon, Liudmila Rogaleva
Sports career is a long-term process, during which there are significant changes in the motivation of athletes. At the same time, despite the lack of unified motivation theory, it is practically important to know peculiarities of athletes’ motivation with regard to specific kind of sports and the stages...
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The Application of Questionnaire on Reflection in Sport

Valerii Malkin, Yana Osipova, Valerii Malkin
The article substantiates new approaches to the study of factors that determine success in sport. The central position of new approach is given to social rather than psycho-physiological characteristics of athletes. In this regard, the study of reflection of athletes is at the leading edge. The purpose...
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Intellectual Deviation of Egyptian Youth: Causes and Treatments

Elshenawi Dina M., Wang Yue-fen, Wang Yue-fen
The danger of intellectual deviation lies in the fact that it is not like the moral deviation that can be treated with words of preaching and advice, and that the danger of it can reach the point of departure from the religion because it collides with the question of belief. The spread of intellectual...
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Factors Affecting the Willingness of Using Mobile Games of University Students in Taiwan

Lin Peng-chun, Lu Hsin-ke, Lu Hsin-ke
The development of technology has gradually increased people’s reliance on mobile devices; users’ demands for mobile games also rose year by year, and this also creates a new and significant revenue source for the IT industry. In this study, the researcher had developed an “Instrument of the Willingness...
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Realizing the Comprehensive Development of Disciplines and Improving the Level of Talent Training: Taking M University’s Construction of Disciplines of Marxist Theory as an Example

Lu Shi-ying, Weng Wei, Weng Wei
How to develop Marxist disciplines thus has become a major question for China in the 21st century. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, considering the history and current situation of the development of disciplines of Marxist...
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Risks Faced by Independent Colleges and Management Countermeasures

Liu Ding-xiang, Yu Ai-qun, Li Tao, Yu Ai-qun
As a kind of emerging organization in the process of China’s high education reform, independent colleges face many risks in the establishment and development. This article focuses on the analysis of the policy risks faced by independent colleges and analyzes the policy features including uncertainty,...
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Reform and Practice of College Physics Course Teaching Pattern in Agricultural Universities Based on Engineering Education Professional Certification

Zhou Bing, Wu Wen-dou, He Ji-yan, Peng Ya-ping, He Ji-yan
Since the professional certification has been introduced in the engineering education of universities, the physics curriculum education of agricultural colleges and universities have gradually begun to profound consider it. Changing the single teaching mode of the traditional classroom and introducing...
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Lexicon Retrieval in College English Writing

Xu Yu-qing
For many Chinese college English learners, the appropriateness and correctness use of vocabulary in English writing is a tough job. Many students attribute their failure of using right words in writing to poor vocabulary. Does this opinion make sense? This paper first lists common problems existing in...
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Studies on the Implementation Strategy of English Picture Books for Preschoolers English Learning

Lei Lei
With the development of international exchange of book, preschoolers’ English picture books have raised more and more attention of adults. This article will cultivate the preschoolers English reading quality as a perspective, analyze how to improve English ability through reading picture books, use picture...
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On Teacher’s Roles in Developing Learner Autonomy

Zhao Hong-mei
How to motivate and cultivate learners toward independent and autonomous learning becomes the focus of the present teaching, foreign language teachers have been witnessed to play a great important role in facilitating or fostering learner autonomy. This essay aims to do what little one can do by exploring...
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Improving Students’ Innovation Capability via “Project-Driven” and “Joint-Guiding” Research Training Strategy

Shen Hao-yu, Hu Miq-qin, Zhang Zhi-xiang, Shen Hao-yu
In contemporary education, it is very important to improve students’ innovation capability, especially in their early age. Since 2015, research training projects for this aim have been launched and carried out by the cooperation with qualified high school and university or scientific research institute....
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Enlightenment of Entrepreneurship Education in Cambridge University

Zhou Yong-hua, Cui Qi-yun, An Jian, Li Qiao-qiao, Zhou Yong-hua
Cambridge University is one of the earliest and the most successful schools to carry out entrepreneurship education. With a good sense of entrepreneurship, multi-party financial support, systematic entrepreneurial courses and a wealth of extracurricular entrepreneurial practice, Cambridge entrepreneurship...
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On the Value of Mental Health Education of Confucian Friendly Interpersonal Relationship

Ouyang Sheng-quan, Ma Jian-qing, Ma Jian-qing
“Friendship” is an important part of socialist core values, which has a realistic and far-reaching positive impact on interpersonal communication in the new era. Starting from the Confucian concept of friendliness, this paper explores the concept of friendly interpersonal relationship in the new era,...
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The Study of Dual-Tutored System in the Process of Cultivation on Full-time Professional Degree Graduates Based on Integration of Production and Education

Huang Jian-guo, Li Xiao-xi, Chen Yao-hui, Huang Jian-guo
The dual-tutored system is a dual-tutoring working mechanism for full-time professional degree graduates in order to make up for the lack of practical experience of postgraduates and implement the integration of production and education. The “dual-tutored” system is a brand-new cultivation method in...
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Students’ Pragmatic Competence in College English Education

Deng Min
This article studies on the pragmatic competence of Non-English majors in College English education with the latest and influential theories to conduct an analysis of the definition, components of pragmatic competence and reveals the current situation of the pragmatic competence of English learners in...
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An Empirical Study on English Graded Teaching

Guan Jun
In our school, students’ English foundations are in different levels. Facing this situation, if we continue to adopt the traditional teaching mode, in other words, unified class type, unified teaching schedule, the unchangeable teaching content, teaching materials and the teaching object, it will inevitably...
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PDMF Process Management of Undergraduate Graduation Design (Thesis) for Excellent Engineers Education Training Plan

Yang Xin, Xu Sheng-you, Su Yu-gang, Sun Yue, Yang Xin
The quality of undergraduate graduation design (thesis) directly influences the quality of undergraduate talents developing and the teaching level for excellent engineers education training plan (EEETP). This paper introduces the practice and some experience of PDMF graduate design (thesis) process management...
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Cooperative Learning Theory and Its Positive Effect in Classroom Teaching

Liu Zhi-guo, Wang Shan-di, Chen Yao-hui, Liu Zhi-guo
Since the 1960s, the cooperative learning theory has been developed rapidly. Cooperative learning is a reform of the traditional teaching mode. It differs from the traditional mode in knowledge construction, essence of study and learning process, etc. It includes five essential elements, namely, group...
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On Social Demands for Tennis Talents and Ability Cultivation of Tennis Talents in Universities

Zhang Xin-yu, Chen Ji-hua, Zhang Xin-yu
The cultivation of tennis talents in universities must conform to social demands. Researches have shown that more tennis coaches, training partners, referees, competition organizing and arranging staff are increasingly required due to the rapid development of tennis sport. In order to cultivate tennis...
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A Study on the Cultivation of Writing Ability of English Majors in Application-Oriented Colleges in China

Liu Juan
Under the background of educational reform in higher education in China, more and more emphasis has been focused on learners’ output; therefore, English writing, as the most fundamental combination of language input and output, has gained great attention in the process of cultivating of English majors’...
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On the Current Situation and Countermeasures of National Defense Education System Construction in Chinese Universities

Jiang Cheng-hu, Li Jia-yi, Jiang Cheng-hu
The national defense education in universities is an indispensable part of national defense construction. The discipline system of national defense education in Chinese universities has become increasingly mature. However, the pace of development of the national defense education in colleges and universities...
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The Supporting Role of Scientific Research in the Teaching of Colleges and Universities

Chen Yao-hui, Liu Xin-yu, Liu Zhi-guo, Chen Yao-hui
Scientific research and teaching are two important tasks of college education, but there are two misunderstandings in dealing with teaching and scientific research. On the one hand, it focuses on research and neglects teaching. On the other hand, it believes that scientific research has little influence...
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Research on the Evaluation Mechanism of Independent Colleges

Yang Jia
The lack of systemic evaluation mechanism in independent colleges, the singleness of assessment participants, and the lack of interaction of assessment mechanisms have limited the effectiveness of assessment mechanisms. This paper analyzes the prominent problems in the evaluation mechanism of independent...
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A Literature Review of Internal Control of Colleges and Universities in China

Kang Wei-guo
With the further advancement of educational reform, the management of universities is also becoming more and more complicated, so it is crucial to strengthen the internal control in Chinese universities. Based on the existing literature, this paper analyzes the elements and characteristics of internal...
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The Educational Ideology of Han Ying

Qiao Dong-xue
The study on the ideology of Han Ying, a famous scribe of the Western Han Dynasty, has always been easy to ignore in the academic world. In recent years, scholars have increased their research on Korean infants, but they are still not systematic. Especially in the educational thinking of Korean infants,...
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The Information Literacy Education and the Cultivation of College and University Students’ Innovative Ability

Du Wei, Wang Shi-hui, Wu Hua-ling, Du Wei
Cultivating innovative talents is the goal of Chinese current reform and transformation of university and college education. Innovative talents’ information literacy education and cultivation of innovation ability promote each other and develop together. The current situation of the innovative ability...
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Study on the Evaluation System of Flipped Classroom Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Zhao Ang, Sun Chang-an, Sun Chang-an
With the rise and development of open online courses such as SPOC and MOOC, more and more researchers are paying attention to how to carry out the practice of flipping class and make use of information technology to innovate teaching methods. Based on the analysis of flipped classroom teaching mode and...
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The Influence of Reading Anxiety on English Reading Achievement

Liu Peng-wei
In recent years, researchers have begun to study the relationship between reading anxiety and foreign language achievement. In China, reading is the most important way of obtaining English knowledge and accounts for a great proportion in various examinations. The traditional teaching method; however,...
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On the Cultivation of College Students' Innovation Psychological Quality from the Perspective of Psychology

Zhang Jun-li
For modern education, it is necessary to reform the traditional teaching methods and create an environment conducive to the growth of innovative talents. It is the need of knowledge economy service to cultivate creative talents with good innovation psychological quality. From the psychological point...
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Paradigm Transformation and Practical Innovation of Information Literacy Education in Applied University in China

Luo Yuan
Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education issued by Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL Framework) is a guiding document for university libraries to carry out the work of information literacy education. “Outcome-Based Education” (OBE) is an international professional talent...
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The Preliminary Study on Teaching Strategies of Volitive Auxiliary in Mongolian Chinese Teaching

Shang Chao, Wang Jing-yang
In order to solve the problem of volitive auxiliary acquisition biased errors for Chinese learners in Mongolia, this paper firstly discusses the necessity and process of formulating the teaching strategies of volitive auxiliary. Secondly, it analyzes the basic basis and basic requirements of the formulation...
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On the Optimization of Specialty Structure in Universities Based on Professional Evaluation

Lu Hua-liang, Ye Qiu-yu, Zhang Cheng, Zhang Cheng
The essence of higher education is specialty education, so the specialties and majors should be put emphasis on in education and teaching in colleges and universities. In fact, the evaluation of colleges, universities and specialties has become the important gauge for understanding the development of...
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Effective Use of Appreciation Education in Students Management of Higher Vocational College

Zeng Gui-dong
Student management in higher vocational colleges is a complex systematic project. At this stage, students in higher vocational colleges in China have low recognition of higher vocational education, poor self-discipline, lack of initiative, and are prone to inferiority. Moreover, the management mode of...
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Teaching Reform of Introduction to Nanomaterials Based on Flipping Classroom

Hao Bao-hong, Zhao Jin, Chen Fei, Liu Shu-jing, Hao Bao-hong
In order to fit for scientific and technological progress consumption as well as embody the interactive teaching philosophy that can teach and learn from each other in the field of nanotechnology, this thesis’ author absorbed advanced teaching ideas and elements of round table teaching and flipping classroom...
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An Empirical Study on Optimizing Flipped Classroom of Advanced English Course: from Learner’s Perspective

Wang Qi
The exploration of flipping classroom is in full swing, and the reform has come to the stage of optimization, that is, to reflect on the effectiveness of the classroom. The paper conducted an empirical study on whether the flipping classroom of advanced English course has achieved marked improvement...
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Current Problems and Improvements in Anatomy Teaching

Ma Li
The purpose of education is not only to teach students how to master basic medical knowledge, but also to help them develop scientific thinking methods, and master comprehensive clinical skills and practical ability. This article explores the current problems in anatomy teaching, and then probes the...
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Research on the Practice of Carrying out PE Elective Course Teaching in Songjiang Vocational Colleges

Kong Huang-sheng, Jiang Wen-yi, Xin Lin
By using the methods of literature, questionnaire and mathematical statistics, this paper makes a random sampling survey on the students of sports curriculum reform in Songjiang higher vocational colleges. Through the practice teaching of physical education reform in Higher Vocational Colleges in Songjiang,...
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Application of Flipped Classroom in University Physics Experiment

Li Yan-ping, Yuan Zhong-ying
Flipped classroom is a teaching mode that reverses the two stages in a traditional classroom, knowledge transfer and knowledge internalization, so as to reform traditional classroom teaching. This paper analyses the problems in the physics experiments of the university, introduces the theoretical basis...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Computer Specialty Under the Background of IEET Project Certification

Qu Ju-bao, Liang Hong-tao, Li Xiao-fei, Qu Ju-bao
According to the current situation of computer specialty in our university, this paper analyzes the similarities and differences between the current training program of computer specialty and IEET standard, and puts forward the idea of changing teachers' traditional teaching to “double-qualified” teachers...
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Research on the Cultivating Model of Talents with Internationalized Perspective for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Ma Wei-yan
Students who graduated from major of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language are aimed to teach foreign students, which means that they not only need the knowledge of their major but also need the internationalized perspectives and intercultural communication skills to be qualified teachers. This paper...
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Research on Promoting the Efficiency of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of “Internet +”

Xu Fang-lan, Yu Jia-hui, Xu Fang-lan
For a new era of high integration of information, the Internet is infiltrating and reshaping people’s concepts of life and lifestyles. “Internet +” is a new revolution in the knowledge society based on the Internet. At the same time, this new revolution in turn promotes the growth and changes of the...
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An Application Study of the SPOC Project Teaching Mode

Ren Li-hua, Zhao Yi-bin
This paper elaborates on the applications of project-oriented SPOC-Small Private Online Courses in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission courses. The paper introduces this teaching mode and analyzes the students’ academic achievement before and after the reform as well as their reformed learning experience....
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Research on Cultivating College Students’ Friendly Values

Huang Xue-wen
Friendliness is a virtue in which people are friendly and express goodwill. The friendly values have been included in the socialist core values and have been valued by the whole society after the eighteenth National People’s Congress of the Communist Party of China. Cultivating the friendly values of...
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The Process of Agglomeration in Big Cities: the Case of the Yekaterinburg

Vukovic Darko B., Larionova Viola, Bystrova Tatiana, Vukovic Darko B.
In this research we identify and analyze key economic drivers of agglomeration processes in the old industrial areas. As a model, we used the economic mechanism of agglomeration of Cobb-Douglas production function. The object of our research is agglomeration of Yekaterinburg and its nearest city-satellites....
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Research on the Impact of Salary Benefit on Employee Stability

Song Xia-zi, Wang Yan, Cheng Qian-wen, Song Xia-zi
With the continuous development of the times, the scale of enterprises is getting bigger and bigger, and the difficulty in personnel management and business management has increased. The large number of staff turnover is the major problem, which will directly lead to insufficient staff stability. Salary...