Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Contemporary Education and Economic Development (CEED 2018)

Education is central to a country's economic development. The objective of the 1st International Conference on Contemporary Education and Economic Development (CEED 2018) which was held in November 17-18, 2018 in Bali, Indonesia is to provide a forum to exchange and share teaching experiences, new ideas, and research results in the field of education and economics for academic scientists, researchers, scholars and teachers around the world. The conference also provides opportunities to conduct both technical and nontechnical excursions.

Forming a strong and diverse technical program committee (TPC) was an essential element in ensuring broad international representation in both paper submissions and attendance. The TPC’s membership was composed of academics coordinated by myself and other scholars in related fields served as referees for submitted papers, using a process of double blind peer review to select contributions for publication. This review led to the selection of a reduced number of papers with respect to the total number that had been submitted, fifty of which were unconditionally accepted and others were accepted conditionally upon implementing some scientific and/or linguistic revisions. As guest editor, it is my opinion that this collection of selected papers offers an interesting panorama of original theoretical and applied developments, representing “cutting edge” research on key topics of education and economics.

My main thanks go to the Modern International Green Culture Communication Association (MIGCCA) ( for granting me the honor of chairing the CEED 2018, and above all, the opportunity to guest edit this conference proceeding. Meanwhile, I express my deep appreciation to all authors, speakers and participants of this conference for their contributions to this book. Particular thanks also go to all the referees for their constructive comments on all papers.

The next conference in this series shall be held in 2019. Wonderful not to be missed, looking forward to your participation!

Prof. Ubaldo Comite
General Chair
University of Calabria, Italy