Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Innovation in Education (ICoIE 2018)

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Factors in Using Speech Method in Social Subject

Gustina Gustina, Azwar Ananda, Ahmad Kosasih
This research was motivated by some of elementary school students in the sub-district V of Tanah Datar who experienced boredom in understanding social studies subject matter. This problem is the impact of many teachers who use the lecture method during social studies learning activities. The purpose...
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Factors Influencing the Use of Lecture Methods in Learning Activities: Teacher Perspective

Zakirman Zakirman, Lufri Lufri, Khairani Khairani
Science learning at the elementary school level in Pariaman is currently dominated by the use of lecture methods in delivering material. This study aims to determine the factors that influence the use of lecture methods in science learning in elementary schools. In order to obtain data, a questionnaire...
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The Impact of Workshop on Implementation of Read-Answer-Discuss-Explain-And-Create (RADEC) Learning Model on Pedagogic Competency of Elementary School Teachers

Wahyu Sopandi, Hany Handayani
It is important to improve teachers' pedagogic competence continuously. This study aims to investigate the impact of the workshop about the implementation of the Read-Answer-Discuss-Explain-And Create (RADEC) learning model on elementary school teachers' pedagogical competence to implement the RADEC...
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The Validity of Realistic Problem Based Learning Model Development of Mathematics Learning in Vocational High School (SMK)

Rivdya Eliza, Ahmad Fauzan, Lufri Lufri, Yerizon Yerizon
The aims of this research is to determine the validity aspects of Realistic Problem Based Learning Model or abbreviated as Reaalistic PBL Model for students of SMK grade X1 semester 1 in Padang. Realistic PBL Model is a learning model developed from Problem Based Learning Model and Realistic Mathematics...
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The Development of the Academic Supervision Model Basic School Supervisor

Erpidawati Erpidawati, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Sufyarma Marsidin, Yahya Yahya
The objectives of the study are preliminary study of the competence of primary school supervisor supervision, urgency model of supervisory academic supervision competency of elementary school that is important to do in order to improve the quality and professional of elementary school supervisor. Elementary...
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Meta-Analysis: Improving Creativity through Assessment in a Problem-Based Learning Environment

Febri Yanto, Festiyed Festiyed, Mega Iswri, Enjoni Enjoni
This study aims to determine the application of learning models PBL against aspects of the assessment in the authentic learning of physics. Application of the model will be examined from the results of previous research. This research used meta-analysis method. Meta-analysis is a review of a number of...
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The Role of Parents in Sundanese Language Preservation

Dingding Haerudin
This paper presents one of the results of research on “A Need Analysis of Mother Tongue Program Development 2013.” The study aimed to describe the efforts of parents in the preservation of the Sundanese language as a native language and a local language. The description of this paper includes the use...
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Analysis of History Learning Model Based on Multimedia as the Strengthening of National Identity of Students

Siti Aisyah, Azwar Ananda, Siti Fatimah, Heri Effendi
This paper is based on the negative phenomenon of national identity problems such as; people berate the president, even though Indonesian people in ancient times were known for their mutual respect for each other. History learning is one way to restore national identity; history learning is not attractive...
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The Influence of Team Assisted Individualization (TAI) Approach on Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Ability

Sri Wahyu Neka, Hendra Syariffudin, Syahniar Syahniar
This study compared the ability in solving mathematic problem between students taught by using cooperative learning, especially TAI type, and students taught by using conventional approach, which was also seen across students’ learning motivation. This study was quasi experimental research. Furthermore,...
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Improving Students` Character through Group Counseling Services

Khairul Amri, Muhammad Darwis
The study was based on concerns that the low character of students. The research goal is to obtain a picture of the increase in the character of students through group counseling services. The method used Quasi-experimental research design with pretest form Posttest Control Group Design. With a sample...
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Adaptive Physical Education for Students with Special Needs

Ade Marta Putra
This paper discusses the learning of Adaptive Physical education for children with special needs in which the learning of adaptive physical education becomes one of the means of fulfillment of the unique needs of the "unique" of each child with special needs, In the adaptive education of physical education...
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Learning in School Based on Multimedia

Erisa Kurniati
Teaching and learning in schools today almost find a saturation point, where teachers always carry out teaching the same way every day, regardless of course, style and learning strategy is always the same. Students who are getting more and more tired with a myriad of schoolwork and other loads of learning...
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Implementation of Think Talk Write (TTW) Strategy to Improve Understanding of Concept and Communication of Mathematics

Rahmi Hidayati, Ahmad Fauzan, Ramalis Hakim
This study discusses about the students lack of understanding in recognizing procedures in formulating a settlement strategy and difficulty in stating events or problems in the language or symbol of Mathematics. One of the efforts to overcome this problem is to use a Think Talk Write strategy in learning....
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The Learning of Minangkabau Culture in Higher Education

Zulfa Zulfa, Azwar Ananda, Agusti Efi
Minangkabau Culture Course is a compulsory subject followed by students STKIP PGRI West Sumatra. Students who take this course are students who come from various ethnic such as, ethnic Malay, ethnic Mentawai, ethnic Bengkulu, ethnic Javanese, and ethnic Batak. The purpose of this study is by the learning...
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Local Wisdom as a Reflection of a Multicultural Education in Learning Indonesian Language and Literature

Gusnetti Gusnetti, Romi Isnanda
This paper discusses about the local wisdom that can be used as a reflection multicultural education in learning language and Indonesia literature. It will be a basic to reach one of national education goal, creating young generation with character. Then, it also contributes to form of group identity...
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Application of Integrated Learning Model on Islamic Education in Improving Students Self Control in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah

Demina Demina, Z.Mawardi Effendi, Azwar Ananda, Damansyah Damansyah
This research was inspired by the phenomena in learning process of islamic education subject or Pendidikan Agama Islam (PAI) that was still knowledge-oriented. It would be less meaningful and less valuable to be internalized within the learners. In learning process of PAI in madrasah ibtidaiyah (islamic...
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Preventing Bullying Through Group Counseling

Baiq Mahyatun
Bullying has become one of the problems that arise in adolescence especially occurs in the school environment. This study is aimed to prevent Bullying in SMAN 1 Terara environment. The type of research used is research Counseling Guidance Action. The instruments of this research are questionnaire and...
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Contextual Learning Styles-Based Approach to Improve Mathematics Learning Outcomes In Primary School

Sri Purnawati, Ahmad Fauzan, Sufyarma Rasidin
The Student Worksheet (LKS) is a part of the learning tool that functions to support the implementation of the lesson plan. The LKS that designed and used in learning aims to help the students to develop concepts, train the students to discover and develop process skills, guide the teachers and the students...
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Developing Comics-Based Social Sciences-History Teaching Materials

Musnar Indra daulay, Azwar Ananda, Syafri Anwar, Siti Fatimah
The purpose of this study was to describe the process and the results of the development of comic teaching materials on the Social Science-History subjects for the seventh-grade junior high school students in the City of Pekanbaru. The development of this comic teaching material uses research and development...
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Design of Vertical Portal Indigenous Knowledge for Minangkabau Cultural Learning

Dian Hasfera, Z. Mawardi Effendi, Jasrial Jasrial
As a cultural treasure of the local community most of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) is a knowledge that is still in the form of oral. In Indonesia, especially West Sumatra, in practice, the transfer of IK is derived from the previous generation to the next generation orally and rarely (almost not) documented....
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The Application of Fishbone in History Subject

Yofita Sandra, Yusron Wikarya, Zubaidah Zubaidah, Z. Mawardi Effendi, Atmazaki Atmazaki, Darmansyah Darmansyah
This research was done based on students’ need to comprehend western art development and it’s impact to Nusantara’s achievement. Most of students has limitation in searching information about subject matter not only because the limitations of book resources but also limitation in Indonesian reference...
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The Effect of Creative Problem Solving Model toward Students Learning Activities and Learning Outcomes of Science Learning

Asmidar Asmidar
The purpose of this research to determine the effect of Creative Problem Solving learning model on the activity and learning outcomes of students on science learning in grade VI elementary school. The type of this research was quasi-experiment research with post test only control group design. The population...
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Local Wisdom of Kampung Naga in Mitigating Disaster

Enok Maryani, Anna Permanasari
Indonesia is a multi-islands, multi-ethnics and multi-disasters country. Each etnic has a set of culture which is adapted into its environment, including in anticipating the pontential disaster around its area. Local wisdom, in the form of life philosophy, attitude, and behavior guidance, will help the...
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The Development of Learning Materials to Write a Poem with Cooperative Learning Methods Type Two Stay Two Stray in the Fifth Grade Of Elementary School

Harwin Wedia Putra, Taufina Taufik, M. Fachri Adnan
This event will be based on research based on the results of the analysis of the materials to write poetry in fifth grade of primary school (elementary school) encountered some problems about writing poetry learning materials: materials used have not been phases contain poetry, Pre-writing, whilewriting...
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E-Consult: Designing of Development for Thesis Advisory Model Based on Management Information System in IAIN Bukittinggi

Supriadi, Kasman Rukun, Syafri Anwar, Khairani
This research is a series of research related to the development of thesis advisory model based on management information system. This study aims to follow up the results of preliminary research that has been done to design a thesis advisory model at IAIN Bukittinggi, so the problems found in the initial...
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Improvement of Students Activity and Students Learning Outcome Using Group Investigation

Devi Julita, Farida F, Syahniar Syahniar
The purpose of this research is to know : improvement of learning result and student activity. This research is a research type of Classroom Action Research . The population is all students in Koto Sani Elementary School of Solok Regency and the sample is V grade 2 students. Data from the results obtained...
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The Effect of Learning Model Project Based Learning on The Activities and Study Results of IPA Graders VI

Hermaliza Hermaliza, Jon Efendi, Nurhizrah Gistituati
The purpose of this research to know the influence of learning modelproject based learning And learning conventional on the activities of science and study results graders vi.This research using methods Quasi Experimentation and use research design the static camparison: randomized control group only...
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Development of Mathematics Teaching Materials Based on Realistic Mathematics Education and Literacy in Junior High School

Rusdi Rusdi, Ahmad Fauzan, I Made Arnawa, Lufri Lufri
the backround of the research was low mathematics literacy of ninth grade students at SMPN 1 Bukittinggi. It was proved by result of Mathematics literacy tests. The result showed 36.24% of questions could be answered by the students correctly, with an average score 31.87. It stated that the mathematics...
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Analysis of Education Managementat SD IT Darul Hasan, Padangsidimpuan

Laila Tussifah Lubis
This study was conducted to find out how the education management of SD IT DarulHasan. The object of research is all the components in the school. The type of this research is mini research used observation and interview method. Interviews were conducted by giving question and answer. Observation method...
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Online Group Investigation by Using Facebook to Improve Students Critical Thinking on Geography Subjects

Sumanti Sumanti, Z. Mawardi Efendi, Ridwan Ridwan
The purpose of this study is to obtain an Online group investigation by using Facebook in improving students critical thinking on geography subject. The type of research is development research. It conducted of preliminary research stage, product design stage, evaluation stage and reflection stage and...
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Health Education Teachers Pedagogic and Personality Competencies in Guiding Practical Clinical Training of Nursing Students

Novriyanti Achyar, Rusdinal Rusdinal, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Khairudin Khairudin
This study aims to describe the pedagogic and personality of health education teacher in guiding practical clinical training of nursing students. The type of this research is correlational research with the population is all health education teachers and nursing students in Padang city who take the practical...
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Curriculum Development in West Sumatra Context of The Historical Perspectives and The Implementation

Elda Martha Suri, Ungsi A.O.Marmai, Juniman Silalahi
This article aims at discussing the development of curriculum especially in West Sumatera context. One of the important aspects relating to the implementation of education is the development of curriculum. Curriculum as a set of plans and systems about the goals/objectives, contents and materials and...
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The Effect of Contextual Learning Approach (CTL) to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Ability in Organization and Management Subject

Siti Osa Kosassy, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Maria Montesori
This study aims to examine the effect of CTL learning model on critical thinking ability of Public Administration students in the course of Organization and Management. This research is an experimental research with population of Public Administration students who take Organization and Management Course...
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The Principals’ Policy From The Perspective of Transformational Leadership

Jusrin Efendi Pohan, Atmazaki Atmazaki, Agustina Agustina
The purpose of this research was to describe the policy of high school principals viewed from the perspective of transformational leadership. Elaborating policy with decision making in establishing a leader's policy was necessary. The type of this research was descriptive qualitative research. This method...
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The Effect of Discovery Learning Model and Reading Interest in Writing Review Text

Marnita Vina Dewira, Agustina Agustina, Abdurahman Abdurahman
This study aimed at explaining (1) the students’ learning outcome in writing a review text employing discovery learning model and conventional model, (2) the result of the students’ writing on two groups of students; students who had high reading interest and were taught using Discovery Learning model,...
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Using Scaffolding Strategies in Teaching Writing For Improving Student Literacy in Primary School

Ni Nyoman Padmadewi, Luh Putu Artini
Writing skill in English is considered to be a difficult skill for most students especially for elementary school students. The results of observations on 10 elementary schools in Bali confirmed the phenomenon that writing is a difficult skill for the students. For that reason a strategy is needed in...
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Developing a Blended Learning Model at RMIK Study Program of STIKes Hang Tuah Pekanbaru

Amril Amril
Based on learning observations at RMIK study program, there were obstacles to learning Health Information engineering, namely the lack of learning motivation of students participating in learning which led to low learning outcomes. One effort to overcome these obstacles is to develop and implement a...
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The Influence of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) Approach on Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Ability

Yorha Septriyana, Ahmad Fauzan, Riska Ahmad
In this research, the researchers compared mathematical problem solving ability between the students who were taught using Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) and those who were taught using conventional approach, according to their self-regulated learning. This is quasy-experimental research. The...
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Principal’s Leadership in Building Teacher Professionalism

Dunia Siagaan, Kasman Rukun, Sufyarma Marsidin
This study aimed to describe: (1) the principal's role as a supervisor, and (2)the technique used in instructional supervision. This study used a qualitative approach with a multi-site study design. Data was collected using the in-depth interviews, observation and documentation techniques. There were...
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The Effects of Knowledge about Ecology, Biospheric and Egoistic Values toward New Environmental Paradigm

Suama, I Wayan, Nadiroh Nadiroh, Amos Neolaka
The purpose of this research is to find out whether the knowledge about Ecology, biospheric and egoistic values have a direct effect toward new environmental paradigm (NEP) students. This research is a hypothesis verification through survey method. Respondents are determined with simple random sampling...
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Education Values of Arat Sabulungan Tradition in Matotonan Mentawai

Refni Yulia, Zulfa, Kaksim
The Arat sabulungan is an ancient tradition. However, it has educational values. This study aims to describe; (1) Arat Sabulungan Tradition of the Mentawai Society; (2) arat sabulungan tradition in Matotonan Village; and (3) the values of character education contained in Arat Sabulungan. This research...
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Integrating Local Wisdom in Natural Science Learning

Insih Wilujeng, Zuhdan K.P., IGP Suryadarma
This research aims to determine the significant effect of the use of local wisdom integrated to science domain-based learning media towards the science process skills and the learners' scientific attitude. The research method used is quasi experiment with non-equivalent control group design. The population...
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Developing a Model of Newspaper Literacy-Based Business Mathematics Learning in Higher Education: Preliminary Analysis Stage

Molli Wahyuni, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Ahmad Fauzan
The today’s graduates of university are exceedingly demanded to be better able to apply the knowledge they have already learnt into the world of work. In fact, the understanding of the problems of mathematics in the real world is still an obstacle for the college graduates. This research aims at developing...
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The Effectiveness of Guidebooks to Improve Teachers’ Competency in Teaching Gorontalo Local Language Learning for Early Childhood

Wenny Hulukati, Maryam Rahim
Gorontalo local language learning for early childhood is one of the ways to preserve the local language of the Gorontalo region as one of the regional cultural treasures of Gorontalo. Because of the unique characteristics of early childhood, the local language learning in early childhood needs to be...
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Group Guidance Model with Cinema Counseling Technique as a Prevention of Lesbianism for Students

Hidayani Syam, Neviyarni Neviyarni, A.Muri Yusuf
This article begins with a number of questions from students who live in Mahad who have never received counseling services, especially group guidance. What is counseling, what types of services included in counseling guidance, and what services are appropriate to prevent the existence of lesbians at...
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Curriculum Implementation at Kindergarten A Study on “Best Practices” Done by Kindergarten Teachers in Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating the Curriculum

Rusman Rusman, Ishak Abdulhak
Applying a new curriculum, namely implementation of 2013 Curriculum at kindergarten has been commenced in July 2013. The implementation of the curriculum is expected to give a push to an increasing quality of managing and processing educational efforts towards betterments at every unit of learning and...
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Developing Students’ Creativity through Leaves Organic Waste at Kindergarten in Padang City

Farida Mayar
This study is aimed to train the creativity of kindergarten teachers, so that they can utilize organic waste from leaves to be used as works of art in the form of printing with leaves. The method implemented is the lecture method, demonstration and job-sheet giving. Followed by the method; practicing...
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Using Read Cover Remember Retell (RCRR)in Teaching Reading Comprehension

Dahler Dahler, Ridho Joni Putra, M. Zaim, Ahmad Fauzan
Based on English syllabus curriculum 2013, the students at second grade of SMPN 16 Pekanbaru should be able to have reading comprehension on recount text. In this research, the researcher used Read Cover Remember Retell (RCRR) to teaching reading comprehension recount text at the second grade of SMPN...
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Design of Meta-inquiry Learning Model in Number Theory

Sinar Depi Harahap, Ahmad Fauzan, Elizar Elizar, I Made Arnawa
Various efforts have been made by the government and the community in helping to improve education, this study aims to develop an inquiry model that adopts a part of metacognition ability, in order to be able to map all the cognitions in the minds of students, especially those used in number theory subjects....
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The Influence of Active Knowledge Sharing Strategies and Initial Ability of Students' Mathematical Ability

Ayunis Ayunis, Ahmad Fauzan, Ardipal Ardipal
In this study, researchers compare mathematical abilities between students who use Active Knowledge Sharing Strategies and students who are taught by using conventional approaches. The type of research used is Quasi Experiment. The population of this study was the fourth grade students of Group VIII...