Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science

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The Application of Plant Landscape in Interior Design

Jinjin Wang
On the basis of important role for plant landscape in the modern interior design, analysis in-depth of the current research status of plant landscape in the indoor design and the main application form, so that the plant landscape in interior design can be more widely promotion and application, provide...
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Market Analysis about Successful Animation Characters and The Important Elements Point of Create Animated Characters

Changrong Peng
In the era of creative background, the consciousness of all countries in the world behind the animation industry contains a huge economic benefits, anime game market competition is fierce. Animation is a visual strong cultural industry as a whole, animation image is its soul. A successful animated characters,...
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The Application of Digital Image Technology in the Oil Painting Technique Teaching

Zhipeng Ding
Starting from the relationship between image technology and the development of western painting techniques, see image technology progress is the inner motive power of western painting techniques change many times. Oil painting skill practice at present has inevitably affected by the profound influence...
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The Research and Practice on Educational Reform of Landscape Design

Xiaodong Zhang
The Landscape Design plays an important role in the teaching system of environmental art design. Art design opened since 2001 in our school, mainly faces students with three years of higher vocational in the school system, which has accumulated certain experience in teaching. But with the rapid development...
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The Adaptation Approach to College Foreign Language Teaching

Yanfei Du
This paper tentatively employs Verschuren’s adaptation theory to study the integral dynamic processes of college foreign language teaching and the specific applications of this theory to college foreign language teaching, aiming at exploring what communicative contexts foreign teachers need to adapt...
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Research and Discussion on the Management System of Teaching Quality in Local Universities

Feng Gao, Qinghong Qu
The teaching quality management is an important guarantee to improve the teaching quality of local colleges and universities. It is the focus of the current study how to improve the level of the teaching quality management as well as the key to the teaching reform of local colleges and universities....
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Discussion on Teaching Method Research and Exploration of the Course of Management

Jian Tang
Management is a professional basic course of economic management and demands to pay equal attention to theories and practices. Thus, if you want to realize good teaching result, you need to reform traditional teaching models and teaching methods. This paper puts forward reform direction and methods of...
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How to improve the college students learning ability

Yingying Yu, Peng He
This article through to the changchun city college students learning motivation, learning attitude, learning methods and teaching methods of questionnaire survey, it seriously analyzed the relevant factors that affect college students' learning ability, finally proposes countermeasures and Suggestions...
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Analysis on the EAP Reading Text Materials Based on Schema Theory

Xuejuan Du
EAP can also be called academic English. EAP reading materials are important tools to cultivate and improve students’ reading ability as well as a model to improve students’ academic communication ability. Relevant documents indicate that the current EAP, namely the academic English reading material,...
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Research on the Problems on Current Higher Vocational College Major Construction

Jing Jiang
In recent years, the state attaches great importance to vocational education, through continuous reform and innovation, vocational education becomes clearer direction of running, training mode is more flexible, more prominent occupational characteristics, training of personnel and more widely recognized...
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Research on Universities Second-hand books Market Based on Financial Accounting Perspective

LuoyiFan Li
In this paper, North China Electric Power University is taken as an case, we conduct used book market in University of Beijing outlook survey analysis. Nowadays, the whole society firmly adhere to sustainable development, sustainable use of resources as the best way for us to make full use of resources....
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Analysis on the Use of Red Independent Cultural Resources to Enhance the Probity Education of College Students

Sasa Li
Red independent cultural resources are the material resources and non-material resources which the CPC led the Chinese people of all nationalities created and formed in the long-term drive and arduous revolutionary struggle and socialist modernization construction. Red independent cultural resources...
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Research on Police Professional Quality Training Methods of Police Academy Students

Lina Mu
Police takes the note of "serve the people wholeheartedly" for the purpose. Whether they can get the satisfaction of the people lies in whether the police have a highly qualified team. Improve the professional quality of the police, public security institutions focus on quality education. Police college...
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Research on the Attitude towards Islam of Medieval European -Take Historian William of Malmesbury as Case

YiFan Sun
In early medieval, Europeans generally distinct Islam from Christian as a pagan. 12th century, exchanges of Europe and the Arab world in the military and cultural gradually increased, so that the Islam stereotype of scholars changed gradually. During this period of England's famous historian William...
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Study on the Thoughts of Teaching Reform on Modern Chinese Literature

Ying Wang
As a compulsory basic course of Chinese language and literature, in the present higher education, the teaching of Modern Chinese Literature faces many unfavorable factors. Various difficulties make the Modern Chinese Literature teaching need constantly updated teaching ideas, to change the traditional...
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The Research on Coordinated Development of the Modern Logistics and Regional Economics

Aidong Wu
Modern logistics is not only the main means and ways of economic growth mode transformation of various sectors, but also has become a new economic "growth point" for national economic development. Because China's logistics industry is still in its infancy, the high logistics costs, poor infrastructure...
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The Application of Input Hypothesis and Affective Filter Hypothesis in Colleges English Listening Teaching

Min Xu
Listening is a crucial components and important task in English teaching and it is a vulnerable spot for vocational college students in their language study as well. On the analysis of the current situations of English listening teaching at colleges, the paper aims to find a way to improve listening...
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Study of Asset Appraisal in Merger, Acquisition and Re-organization

Dongqi Zhao
Along with foundation of market economy and development of joint-stock economy, there are lots of merger, acquisition and reorganization in China enterprises. It has great effect in adjusting existing social resources, optimizing industry structure, improving efficiency of resources collocation and helping...
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Research on the Origin of "Backing Clapper" and Its Evolution

ChaoYing Xie
This paper originated from 2010 Shandong Province Department of Culture Art and Culture Research key topics of the interview. "Backing Clapper" is the folk art of Linyi fei County. It is produced two hundred years ago in West Jiang Fei County board cavity operas. It evolved through a long history from...
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Research on Staff Flow Risk Management in IT Industry

ZiYang Tang, XueFang Wei, ZhiQiang Wang
As the current whole society substance tendency and the enterprise talent competition, the flow of talent has become a common phenomenon in society. Because of high requirements for innovation, short product life cycle, knowledge-intensive features, IT companies more rely on the talents than other types...
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The Risk Analysis of Geological Disaster Based On GIS

Yifei Xing
Risk analysis of geological disasters is a new field appears in recent year which attracts more and more people's attention. Geological disaster risk refers to geological disasters and their possible damage losses on human activities. In this paper, the definition and concept of geological disaster risk...
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An Exploration on Sustainable Development of Sports Service for Community from the Perspective of Public Service

ShaoHui Yuan
Today the community sport has become a hot of popular sport, but how the community sports service keeps up with the pace of the socialist market economy is a problem in front of us. This paper from the perspective of the public service, analysis the community sports and noted the issues that hinder the...
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Analysis on the Effect of Attack Skills and Tactics on Football Matches Scoring Efficiency

YaoLiang Zhang
The use of statistical observation, comparative literature and other methods are summarized and analyzed the effects of different techniques and tactics of modern high-level football game shooting and scoring goals. The results show that a variety of scoring chances and goals with tactical obtained although...
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The method of finding the missing plane in the rush hour

Kedi Lv, Feng Han, ChengYang Hu, HaoYang Li, Bo Peng
Time is crucial for survivals. According to the last signal of the plane, we set up four models to find survivals or find the black box: the possible falling area model, calculate initial searching area, rescue model, enlarge searching area model. Based on these models, we use actual map to calculate...
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The Application of Schema Theory to EFL Reading Teaching

Yan Zhang
This study was conducted under the guidance of the schema theory and based on the textbook (New Horizon College English (Second Edition) Book 1). The author investigated the effectiveness of using schema theory in the teaching of college English reading with a combination of descriptive qualitative and...
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The Application of Mobile Phone App In the University Students' Management

Jing Song
In the new media era, the development of smart phones accelerated the rapid use of mobile media, with the birth of the mobile phone app and coverage, WeChat, weibo and other popular apps have become the main communication tools of contemporary college students, the traditional teaching management mode...
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Research on the innovation of mobile digital multimedia platform

MengLin Liu
In computer professional teaching, how to improve student's practical ability, creative ability and entrepreneurship ability are the main problems under the new situation that higher education has developed rapidly. In the teaching process, we construct a Mobile digital multimedia platform to apply application...
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Study on the Legal Risk of Financial Products in Chinese Commercial Banking Industry

ALiu Zhou
In recent years, with the sustained and rapid economic growth, the residents’ income has been rapidly increasing, financial and investment will continue to enhance. Our financial market is a booming trend. However, compared with other mature market countries, the wealth management market in China started...
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The Research on Integration of Music and Technology in GuzhengTeaching

Shanxia Peng
In recent years, the integration of "music" and "technology" in Zheng teaching problem gradually attracted people's attention. In guzheng teaching process, traditional teaching methods can not meet the needs of modern society, for which should be gradually optimized in zheng teaching methods. Based on...
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Study on Rural Economy and Rural Financial System Reform

YongHua Fang
Financial support for agricultural development and the growth of rural economy issue is a global issue. Rural finance is an important part of the financial system, the development of rural, and finance plays a positive role in rural economic development. We firstly explored the mechanism of financial...
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The Quality Assessment of Clinical Teaching System Based on Legal Construction

Kaijian Hou, XuHuang Wang, CHuangjian Lin, YingHua Yao, Bangtai Wu, Dan Zhu, Chao Chen
Medicine is a very practical science. In medical education, clinical teaching stage is a critical period to develop clinical competence and professional ethics formation for the students. The paper discusses legal issues and improvement strategy in clinical medical education, it has a positive effect...
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A Proposal for a Pilot Bilingual Bicultural Education Teacher Training

Chengping Liu
Bilingual bicultural education programs have played a significant role in the integration and development of multicultural communities in many parts of the world for a number of years with the field growing steadily in importance on a global scale. This article examines the processes of planning a pilot...
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Exploration on the Ways to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in College English Writing Teaching

ShuLi Wang
Writing is the most effective way to cultivate the critical thinking skills of students. Combined critical thinking skills in domestic research with writing teaching practice, this paper discuses the importance of writing and critical thinking skills training, and according to critical thinking skills...
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Research on Improvement Strategy for the Intercultural Communication Abilities of English Majors

Hui Li
The advent of economic globalization has given rise to the frequent cultural exchanges. In daily work and life, intercultural communication competence has become an necessary ability. Accordingly, new teaching requirements have been proposed for the English majors, who should also enhance their intercultural...
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Research on Adjustment in Contract Sum Caused by Item Characteristic Discrepancy—Code of Bills of Quantities And Valuation for Construction Works 2013

Ze Chen, Hong Ke
Item characteristic discrepancy can lead to readjustment of all-in unit rate. However, in the field of project management, the analysis of the determination of the new all-in unit rate is rare. So this paper aims to find the new ideas of determining the new all-in unit rate when item characteristics...
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On the Trading Platform Mode of Cross-border E-commerce in China

Wuge Li
In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has been developing rapidly in China and has gradually become a new trend for China’s national trading development and the new benchmark of national economy. Trading platform is designed to promote further development of cross-border e-commerce. This paper first...
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Research on Adjustment of Preliminaries Caused by New Work Sections And Trades added in list

Yanqiu Li, Hong Ke
The new work sections and trades added in list will cause adjustment of preliminaries. For both parties concerned, the determination of preliminaries cost adjustment is the focus points of controversy. The study about the research on adjustment of preliminaries is rare. Therefore, through literature...
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Study on the Conflicts Resolving Method of International Agent Law

Bin Ma
Legal conflicts agency system puts forward "new issues" for international private law. This has been developed simultaneously in various countries about conflict rules, and many countries strive to contribute to a number of international organizations related to international treaties. Referred to "agency...
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Research on the Compensation Standard of Work Slowdown of Personnel in the Construction Claim

Zhongtao Zou, Hong Ke
Research on the topic that the compensation of work slowdown of personnel fee is not clear in construction claims. Firstly, recognizing idleness events and summing up the necessary conditions for the compensation of work slowdown of personnel fee. Secondly, the work slowdown of personnel is defined as...
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Research on International Trade Practice Teaching Reform

Yong Peng
Since joining the WTO, Chinese's foreign trade showed a rapid expansion of the scale of the trend. The domestic economy with the international speed faster and faster, in addition to foreign-funded enterprises, more and more state-owned enterprises, private enterprises also need to put their products...
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The Aesthetic Significance of Traditional Ethnic Elements in Environmental Design

Guang Li
In the modern environmental design, traditional national characteristic elements are widely used. A lot of environmental art designers can blend traditional ethnic elements with modern environmental art perfectly, so that Chinese traditional ethnic characteristic elements can be better heritaged and...
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Research on Regulatory Enforcement Forces of Shaanxi Local Government Debt

FuQing Yue
Through 30 years of reform and opening up, China's undertakings have achieved rapid development. But at the same time, local governments have accumulated a lot of debt. Chinese local government debt issue has caused domestic and foreign economists and decision-makers attach great importance to it. It...
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The Analysis of Classification and Selection Strategies in PE Teaching Mode

Liang Luo
The economic development not only improves the living standards, but also brings competitive pressure to more and more people, sub-health has become an important factor affecting people's quality of life. The sub-health problem is also increasingly evident in our young students. Therefore, making efforts...
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Study on Application of Financial Derivatives in Interest Rate Risk Management

Hongmei Zhang
Since December 27, 2006 with the full liberalization of China's financial currency market, China's monetary policy influenced by international monetary policy has become increasingly large. Changes in interest rates and changes in the international interactive market interest rates have greatly increased....
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The Analysis of Stratified Teaching of Applied Mathematics in Higher Colleges

Xinai Zhang
The diversity of the college students has increased the gap between their math foundations and capabilities, thus it’s an inexorable trend to implement stratified teaching in the subject of “applied mathematics”. The phrase “stratified teaching” means to separate students into groups according to their...
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Study on Insurance System of International Export Credit System

Pei Zhang
Export credit insurance is a state financial supported tool, providing a special support measures risk insurance policy in export trade, foreign investment and foreign project contracting and other foreign economic activities. As one of export support system, export credit insurance policy instrument...
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The Exploration on the Course System Construction of the Physical Education and Training Graduate

Li'e Wang, Fenshan Liu
This paper uses literature, visit investigation, logical analysis and other research methods to analysis the current course system construction of physical education and training postgraduates. By analyzing the characteristics and problems of course system of our current physical education and training...
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Study of Trademark Parallel Import

Zheng Zhang
Since China joined the World Trade Organization, cases involving trademark parallel imports have risen rapidly, import more and more attention has been paid to trademark parallel explore. To research issue of parallel importation trademark of China's foreign trade has a profound impact. Therefore, this...
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Study on Effectiveness of Technological Innovations on the Development of SMEs

Dunhai Wang
SMEs play a significant role in the economic development process, the rise and fall of SMEs determines our economic prosperity and development, this paper introduces the importance of technological innovation and makes a number of observations and recommendations.
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Research on Brand Marketing in Tourism Landscape

Peng Zhang
At present, China's tourism destination marketing still remain in the government-led promotional based model, there are tourism enterprises, private scenic spots independent destination marketing, but the brand has not yet formed the operation system. The good news is that all of the governments have...
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The Discussion on Music Listening Teaching in College

ZhengChang Zhou
Music listening teaching of common high school has been a hotspot topic of the concerning people and they also gain a lot of mature experience up to now. But, because of the music education of common high school started late, it is lack of some scientific experience about the positioning of the entire...
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The Effect of Multicultural Music Education on Folk Music Culture Delivery

ZhengChang Zhou
The exiting form of music culture determines that music education is certain representing form of human music culture. Music education as certain music culture form counteracts on certain music culture noumenon to make music education show itself profound culture significance and spirit intension. Only...
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The Research on Piano Teaching in Universities Based on Curriculum Reform

ZhengChang Zhou
The new century, China ushered the largest and the most difficult music curriculum reform of basic education in the history. In this paper, under the background of basic education music curriculum reform, we study the piano teaching situation in Normal University and propose that we should implement...
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Research on Some Conclusions of the Distance Spectrum of a Graph

ZhiHui Ma
This paper studies some graph distance spectrum, first introduces the basic concepts that used in this article, and related terms and the main results obtained mark in this paper. At the same time the paper depicts the matching number is , order number is n that has minimum distance spectral radius of...
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The Philosophical Thought about <> of Mao Zedong

Peng Chai
The theory of practice created in the historic junction has the unique value linking the past and the future, it has inherent complementarity with the past Chinese philosophy, adapts to the Chinese revolution conditions at that time and has great scientific significance to the construction of new China...
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Study on Transformation of Trade Union Function based on Grassroots Governance Modernization

QiYuan Hou
The primary trade union organization is the base of trade country’s union, and it links the people most closely, which directly face the complex labor relations. Under the influence of the traditional system, grass-roots trade unions is generally treated as a subsidiary of the existence of the party...
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The Effective Research of Ideological and Political Education in University under the New Media Environment

Qingsong Li
The new media has advantages such as reflecting contemporary and radiation, infiltration and so on and it has been the new position which of the most contemporary to carry out ideological and political education in the university. But the "no barrier" and content diversification of new media weakens...
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Research on the Information Transmission of Education Management in Newly Established Local Undergraduate Colleges

Yong Sui, Bo Qin
Good information transmission system can effectively improve the efficiency of school student education management, which can effectively carry out the transformation and development of the necessary protection. As the new local undergraduate colleges and universities have just entered the ordinary undergraduate...
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An Analysis of the Relationship between Christianity and European Humanism from the Perspective of the Image Transformation of Vampires

Ling Xiao, Juan Huang
Vampires are monsters in European folklores. Their appearances and image transformation are in the close relationship with Christian doctrine and European humanism. This paper describes and analyzes the different characteristics of the vampire in different stages, and through the image transformation...
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Research on Intermodal External Costs of International Container

Ying Wei
"The Belt and Road" strategic concept is inseparable from the support of transport, and intermodal container is an effective way to solve the problem of sustainable transport over long distances. "Chongqing New Europe" channel as the cross-border trade of goods multimodal transport channels to container...
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The Study on the Application of European Style in Villa Design

Lijuan Yao
European-style is one of the most suitable design styles for villa. European style has a long history and has an enormous share of the contemporary villa design. In this paper, we start through the characteristics of European-style in villa design and specific analysis the European-style decorative elements...
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The application of color and materials in the theme restaurant design of "desert spring"

CHunbao Zhang
With the development of science and technology, people's living environment quality requirements gradually increased, people's pursuit of the theme of the restaurant also tend to diversify, and the theme restaurant design color and material use can effectively meet people's subjective needs. When different...
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The Study on Economy Status of University Academy

ManLi Zou
Academic education is the cross product of education and ecology. Good academic ecology in universities is not only beneficial to full play the important functions of social services and economic development, but also conducive to the prosperity and development of college scientific research. This paper...
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Research on Judicial Reform of Chinese Jury System

Qi An
Jury system is the judicial activity of the participation of citizens in the forms of democracy, it is an important way to safeguard the basic rights of citizens. This kind of system plays an essential role in the process of rule of law all over the world. The jury system in China has undergone continuous...
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Introduction to hand-painted teaching development and direction

ChaoYang Dong
Hand-painted is designer essential basic qualities, but painting teaching has been lagging behind the development of painting development, even off the hand-painted performance objective, this paper mainly on the phenomenon of drawing in the process of developing the teaching is analyzed, and emphatically...
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The Comparative Study of Chinese-Japanese Temple Garden Stones

Peng Zhou
"Stone" is a very important gardening element for the temple gardens, even to be the point that "no stone no garden", rockery stone home is the basic approach of the temple garden stone scene to create, and plays a very important role in our traditional gardening art in status. Learn from the achievements...
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The Study on the rights of Student Sports

Xuwen An
Student sports rights including the right to physical education, equal rights and personal rights, etc. In the process of the establishment of university sports teaching system, the lack of sports, sports equipment would severely restrict the ability to improve students' sports. Therefore, at this stage...
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Research on the Optimization and Innovation of Computer Application Major in Higher Vocational Colleges

Hongming Pan
Compared with other majors, Computer Application has distinctive features, namely practical, comprehensive, application and very creative. Now the new model adopted in computer applications can adapt to the social needs of a wide range of computer applications professionals. By defining the project pedagogy,...
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The Application of "Project-based Learning" in Higher Vocational Computer Courses

Xinyan Xie
With the continuous advancement of technology, computer technology has infiltrated human life and work and it has become a necessary technology for human. In this case, the computer program has become a required course. After research and analysis, this paper thinks that if the “Project-based Learning”...
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The Research of Reform and Innovation of Tourism Enterprise Human Resources Management in Knowledge Economy

Nan Yu
With the advent of the knowledge economy era, the management mode and management concept of corporate human resources have undergone profound changes and faced many challenges. Tourism business, as a strong sensitivity business, it is bound to be seriously affected by the environment. Therefore, tourism...
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The Research on Relative Rationality in Judicial Reform

Yao Feng
The reason and rationality are very important categories during the process of developing and implementing law. It is exactly under the leadership of the reasonable doctrine that mankind begins to pay attention to and high praise the written law, making the law determinate, stable and predictable. However,...
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On the Scientific Translation Undertaken by Gezhi Xinpao

Huanqi Ji, Xie Zhang
Gezhi Xinpao, or Scientific Review, is a comprehensive scientific journal specialized in translating and disseminating western science and technology in late Qing dynasty (1636-1911) in China. It upholds science as an essential means to revitalize Chinese nation, and aims to publicize science through...
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A kind of User-centric fine-grained privacy protection management mechanism with location address transformation based on semantics

Nan Xiao
This paper designs a fine-grained location privacy preserving system based on semantics. It is divided into two major modules which are privacy rule setting module and coordinate transformation module. The relationship between these two modules is that the users can use the rule language to express its...
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Study on Evaluation of Nanchong Ecological Civilization Construction Based on AHP-Entropy Method

Yu Yang
In the second five environmental planning of Nanchong, the construction of ecological city is divided into the three start stage, advance promotion stage and full compliance stage, after 2007--2010 four-year period starting creation, Nanchong ecological civilization construction has achieved initial...
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Research on Strategic Human Resource Management and Its Theoretical Foundation

Jing Zhang
With the development of strategic management, human resources management has been raised to strategic position1There were different definitions towards strategic human resources management (SHRM)1However, all of the definitions come to the same key point that HR practices are quite important to organization...
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Review of the contemporary composer Guan Zhuang in Yunnan province

Xiulei Ren, Rong Xing
Yunnan has a variety of folk music, with the unique position of the art creation source. In China music, be too numerous to enumerate the Yunnan folk music works with elements of creation. As the first generation of Yunnan, the composer of the first generation of, in Yunnan rich folk music of the soil...
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The Research on the Preventive Strategy of College Suicide Crisis —The Assessment and Implication of a Case of Suicide High-Risk Prevention

Binbin Li
Based on a assessment of students suicide prevention with high-risk, this paper tries to explore the implications of the case for suicide crisis prevention work in colleges and universities, and calls for suicide crisis prevention mechanism in universities, establish the prevention strategies of suicide...
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A New Discussion on the Significance of Calligraphy History of Wang Zhu

Jie Li
The influential calligraphers at the beginning of Song Dynasty are very few. The emperorsin early Song dynasty knew that artistic heights and deep connotation of calligraphy of Two Wangs, especially the calligraphy of Wang Xizhi. The most prominent phenomenon in the calligraphy history in the early Song...
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Kindergarten Regional Activities: Trends and Problems

ChongLi Wang
Because of its rich environment to meet children autonomy, freedom of exploration activities, personalized learning, Kindergarten regional activities have become early childhood favorite game. Throughout its development, we found that it still exists in the target area of activity that it is not expressly...
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Research on Protection Approaches of Shanghai Islanding Historic and Cultural Landscape

Wei ZHen
As an international metropolis, Shanghai has made remarkable achievements in urban construction, but in the history of landscape protection, she encountered many challenges and difficulties and all of those need to be addressed. For this purpose, this paper first proposed the concept of Shanghai Culture...
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Exploration of Local University Teaching Management Reform under MOOC Background

Li’e Chen
With the development of scientific technology and the popularity of the Internet, educational informatization has become an important means for current teaching reform. The application of information technological means hastens MOOC, which provides strong platform for students’ independent study and...
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Research on the Teaching Problems for Flute Performance Techniques

Qian Cheng
In recent years, with more and more social attention on art culture, more and more people become fond of playing flute and there are increasing learners for playing flute. Flute lovers often feel hard to grasp the playing techniques of flutes during playing. With the in-depth learning, it has higher...
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The Teaching Development and Performance Art of Trumpet

Lei Wang
As one of the most ancient brass instruments in the west, trumpet is the ideal instrument for solo, ensemble, concert and concerto due to its wide range, excellent voice and strong penetrability. Since it was brought in into China, it develops rapidly and Chinese trumpets works and performance are deeply...
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Application of Human Resource Systematic Management in Business Management

YangFan Wei
With the development of economy, global economy is integrating gradually, presenting the trend of globalization, and world economy is bound to form integration very soon. Under this economic development trend, competitions among industries are becoming increasingly fierce. In the final analysis, competitions...
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Discussion on the Landscape Greening Design in Special Urban Spaces When Facing Haze--Taking Hebei Xingtai as an example

HongWei Yi, YaLi Ou, Zhaoran Liu
Based on smog, wetland destruction and other environmental problems, this paper proposes that the greening of Xingtai should not only concentrate on the essence of excellent projects and national garden city construction but also study the special spaces greening in deeper layers. This paper firstly...
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Research on Teaching Reform and Innovation of International Trade Practice

CHunxia Huang, Dashan Niu, Lei Yao
According to the requirements of vocational training objectives, international trade major should adapt to economic and social needs of local industrial structure. This paper conducts research on international trade reform, focuses on the diversification of the revised plan from teaching, curriculum...
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Research on Chinese Economic Growth Momentum Based On Modern Growth Theory

Dashan Niu, CHunxia Huang, JingJing Zhang
Through the analysis of theory and practice, this paper finds that in the modern society, the economic growth needs certain social conditions. As endogenous growth theory points out, in the long run, the ultimate decisive forces of economic growth are the promotion of scientific and technological innovation...
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Research on the Law Guarantee System of Modern Market Economy

Lei Yao
Modern market economy requires two regulatory mechanisms. Civil and Commercial Law is the legal guarantee of market regulation; Ecnomic Law is the legal guarantee of national regulation. Modern market economy legal system is a huge system including a plurality of sectors law norms. For the establishment...
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Research on Key Issues of College English Education in Network Times

ZhongYu Duan, Jing Lin
The rapid development of computer network technology achieves a society with varying degrees of information modernization. College English education has brought great convenience, but the era of college English education networks also emerged some new outstanding problems. Through the network to investigate...
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The Research on Higher Vocational and Technical Education of Electric and Electronic Discipline

Ran Jia, Miao Li
The role and status of vocational and technical education have got recognition and attention in recent years and it has become an important part of higher education. The electric and electronic discipline occupies a large proportion in our higher education institutions particular in engineering colleges....
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A Humble Discussion on Spatial Linkage Effect between Labor Mobility and Regional Economic Growth in China

ZongLiang Zhang
With the pace of China’s reform and opening up, the regional economic growth is further promoted and the influence of the labor mobility on the regional economy is also increasingly deepening. But at the same time, the enlargement of the regional economic gap is becoming the main problem in the development...
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The Innovation Study of e-Business Mode based on big Database Environment

ShiFang Liu
Big database is in a variety of ways and path affects the enterprise's business ecosystem, it has become a basic business model innovation. In this paper, on the basis of the interpretation of the large data analysis of large data of business model innovation, reveals the database in key business enterprise...
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Study of Strengthening Student Union Cadres under New Era

Xiangdong Ma
How to strengthen the construction of college student cadres Firstly, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of student cadres work under a people-centered concept, and play student cadres the "concern, enthusiasm, patience," the role in strengthening student cadres quality construction and management; Secondly,...
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The Application of Color Design in Living Space

KeYu Zhu
Color is a language to express emotion. It is an expression of the human heart in some very complex feelings. Interior color is called "soul", and unlimited color can evoke a sense of the media, it has the inherent power may provoke direct and significant response. It is used in architecture and interior...
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Exploration on Pipa Teaching and Performance under the Guidance of Musical Aesthetics

Jinyi Zhan
With thousands of years’ development, the art of Pipa inherits the aesthetic thoughts of traditional Chinese music as well as the traditional culture of China. In early period, since musical aesthetics are deeply affected by Confucius and Taoism, the musical appreciation of Pipa intends to reach the...
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Research on Sharing System of Big Data Teaching Resources

ZhiQiang Dai
Big data and cloud computing and internet of things is the emerging of computer technology, the growth of the data bring new challenges to management. To solve these problems, first described the concept of big data, Secondly analyze the current situation of the development of big data, large data is...
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Explanation of Chinese Piano Music National Character in the First Half of the 20th Century

Ling Qi
The first half of the 20th century is a period of blending of Chinese and Western cultures, and Chinese piano culture was brought in as a cultural phenomenon in that period. Chinese musicians absorbed Chinese and Western cultures and digested them sufficiently, thereby establishing a set of piano music...
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Measurement and Model Construction of Tourism Industry and Cultural Industry’s Interactive Convergence

Haiyan Zhu
It is easy for tourism industry and cultural industry to converge with each other due to their common cultural and economic attributes. This paper builds the convergence model of tourism industry and cultural industry based on the review of the literature. And it estimates and compares the convergence...
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Study on the Effective Method to Enhance the Soft Power of Vocational Education

Jing Jiang
Soft power has been widespread concern around the world by political leaders, experts, scholars and the media. Today more education scholars have applied soft power to educational research. For the key issues the current vocational education are facing: intense competition, running hard, unattractive...
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Study of Manufacturers and Retailers Pricing under Dual Channel Mode-Based on Stackelberg Gamble

SiYuan Deng
Manufacturers dual channel mode is accompanied by the birth of the Internet and the emergence of new sales environment, the retailers adhered to the traditional channels under this mode are often required to lower prices in order to cope with shocks. This article assumes market that only has one manufacturer...