Proceedings of the 2022 5th International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2022)

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Research on the Path Development of Preschool Education under the Double Reduction Policy

Han Zhou
Preschool education plays a vital role in the development of young children, and the enactment of the double reduction policy will impact the field of preschool education in the Chinese context. The preschool field lacks guidance on the development of pathways following the impact of the double reduction...
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Policy Evaluation Research in China: Status and Prospects

Sijie Zhu, Jia Wang
In recent years, policy evaluation research in China has made considerable progress in terms of policy evaluation connotations, criterion, and methods. But there is still a gap compared with the international cutting-edge policy research results. In further research, Policy researchers need to define...
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Contrastive Analysis of Mechanical Engineering Education between China and the United States

Xitong Yu
Nowadays, mechanic engineering education has significant influence to speed of the development of the technology and society. The well development of the mechanic engineering would bring country huge economic benefits and enhance military power, the rapid progression of mechanic engineering in China...
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Einhard, The Life of Charlemagne----Primary Source Analysis and Further Discussion

Chenghan Lyu
This paper is aimed to analyze, research and discuss the information, the background and the purpose of one of the most famous biographies during Middle ages: The Life of Charlemagne, written by Einhard. First, this paper lays out sufficient facts about the information about the author and the primary...
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Exploration and Research on the Way of University Postgraduate Supervisors Educate People Through Ideological and Political Theory in the New Era.

Xing Hang, Mengyi Xiao, Yunhuan Tan
As the first responsible person for postgraduate education, postgraduate supervisors are not only the main body of ideological and political education in universities but also an essential object of the research of ideological and political work in universities. This essay starts from the current situation...
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A Study of the NCO Common Core Competencies Framework of the US Army

Xingyue Han, Meng Jin, Lixin He
Non-commissioned officers are the combat, management, training, and technical backbone of the armed forces at the grassroots troops and play a mainstay role in the development and construction of the US military. The US military attaches great importance to the cultivation of non-commissioned officers'...
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Unsupervised Learning Algorithms in Big Data: An Overview

Mohan Zhang
With the progression of technology, there are more ways to produce complex and spiral data without signs. For the development of Artificial intelligence, machine learning is generated to help humans with human training or without. In this paper, based on the characteristics and properties of unsupervised...
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Study on the Construction Path of "Youth Horse Project" in Zhejiang Universities

Kai Duan, Xinhao Sun, Yuping Xu, Nian Ning, Haiqiang Yan, Jialing Cao, Yeyi Si, Xinke Pan
Based on the background of the construction of "Youth Horse Project" in Zhejiang colleges and universities, this paper analyzes the problems in the construction of "Youth Horse Project" in Zhejiang colleges and universities, and proposes the improvement path for the construction of...
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On the Teaching Standards of Basic Education Teachers Adapting to the "Double Reduction" Policy from the Perspective of Lifelong Education Theory

Shuyu Wang
The double reduction policy has brought reform and challenges to China's entire basic education system. By focusing on the analysis of the main contents and reform parts of the double reduction policy, including emphasizing the role of school education, regulating private counseling institutions,...
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Research on Display Strategy of Intangible Cultural Heritage under Internal Time Structure

Yuqing Yang, Xufang Li, Tianyi Zhou, Feifan Weng, Jinni Ye, Zheng Ding
In the inheritance and display of modern intangible cultural heritage, there are still problems of one-way communication and one-sided display. ' Scene-style ' visits make visitors lack real recognition of intangible cultural heritage itself. How to make intangible cultural heritage return...
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Research on the Relationship between Community Service and the Subjective Well-being of the Elderly

Huali Pan, Zhiwei Sun, Jjingbo Wang, Ting Liu
Based on CLHLS tracking data and using structural equation model, this paper empirically analyzes the influence mechanism of community service on the subjective well-being of the elderly The study found that basic services, the health level of the elderly, generational support and social activities have...
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Research on Oral Business English Teaching Mode Based on Production-oriented Approach

Qiaomei Liu, Lei Zhang
This research proposes to construct a new teaching mode for oral business English based on production-oriented approach. The author first explores the theory and principles of POA, and then construct and implement the POA teaching mode for oral business English teaching through a real example of teaching...
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Analysis on the causes of the interaction between politics and business

Feng Yuan
The interaction between governments and enterprises can be examined from the perspective of enterprises and governments. From the perspective of the government, the motivation of participating in the interaction not only includes the responsibility, but also can obtain illegal interests by using the...
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Research on the development of equipment operation skills based on a statistical analysis of data

Hongtian Liu, Jianwei Zhang, Yang Cao, Chao Song, Liu Yao
Through an in-depth understanding of the training situation of the basic units, the new tasks, new demands and new changes in the training of the basic units were analysed. In the light of the above new situations, this paper identifies the main contradictions and problems in the teaching of the course...
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Research on the Impact of the Double Reduction Policy on Educational Institutions and K-12 Students

Lin Li
The double reduction policy is still a trending topic in education policy in China right now. This research paper seeks to examine the impact of the “double reduction” policy on the out-of-school industry and K-12 students through qualitative analysis. Some statistics and recent news will also be collected...
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Eating Disorder and Its Causes

Jinze Liu, Xirui Tian, Yibo Wang, Hopan Zhong
People might think eating disorders are far away from them. However, eating disorders are second only to opioid addiction among the deadliest mental disorders, leading to approximately 10, 200 deaths each year. Facing such crazy data, people must pay attention to eating disorders. One of their friends...
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The Current Situation of Internet Underground Industry Chain and Its Governance Model

Dade Tang, Guangxuan Chen, Qiang Liu
IN the present internet era, the cyber crime has become the mainstream crime among the whole crime, which bringing huge losses to society and has become the focus of the social attention. The huge internet underground industry chain provides the crime method and crime tools for the criminals that seriously...
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The Riots of Kazakhstan in 2022 and its Implications

Haoming Li
In January 2022, the riots in Kazakhstan became striking news. Many people are convinced that the riots were the continuation of the 2011 riots which asked for better working conditions. However, the themes of this unrest are far beyond that. Generally, two levels of reason can be concluded by analyzing...
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Students’ Motivation in Distance Learning: How it would be affected and why it matters?

Manze Zhou
The widespread use and introduction of distance education have led to a large number of novel theoretical and empirical studies. The potential impact of distance learning on student motivation and academic performance is very important, especially these days due to the pandemic. Most studies have investigated...
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Announcement of the Conflict and Coordination of China's Drug Patent Compulsory Licensing System under the Health Crisis

Yunan Yang
Public health is currently a significant issue in growing China and even on a worldwide scale. SARS, H1N1, H7N9 avian influenza, and the recent outbreak of coronary pneumonia are just a few of the significant health and safety disasters that have significantly jeopardized public health in our nation...
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Research on the Moral Problems of Adolescents’ Network Anomie in China

Shuhan Yang
Nowadays, we have to admit that the Internet is gradually becoming indispensable to human beings. Almost all people use the Internet. While it brings convenience to people, it undoubtedly brings many problems as well. Adults already have the ability to judge right and wrong from the Internet, but for...
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Effect of Family Social Class on Junior Middle School Students' Academic Achievement: A Moderated Mediation Model

Jiwen Chen, Lei Xu, Shun Peng, Hua Dong, Shuangshuang Cai
To explore the relationship between family social class and junior middle school students’ academic achievement, a total of 1679 middle school students were surveyed by questionnaires. The results showed that (1) Family social class had a positive predictive effect on academic achievement (2) Intrinsic...
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Research on STEM Education Policy in Germany

Yizhen Li
STEM education provides strong support for scientific and technological innovation in Germany, where the manufacturing industry is highly developed. Based on existing literature and data, this paper examines STEM education policy in Germany and analyzes the implications for other countries. The result...
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The Influence of Parenting Styles on Social-Emotional Competence of Children

Xiang Li
Parenting styles are taken more seriously in the process of children’s development nowadays. It represents the strategies parents use to raise their children. However, most of the research focuses on the impact of parental skills on children’s academic achievement, and less attention has been paid to...
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Hidden Performances: Paths of Stigmatization for Sexual Minorities

Ruoning Zu
The LGBTQ community is different from most others. Sometimes they encounter situations, often unfriendly ones, that are unusual to the majority of people. In the past, the LGBTQ community was often not understood, so they suffered more from prejudice, stereotypes, and stigma than the others. But gradually,...
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The Influence of Background Music on the Communication Effect of Mainstream Media’s Short Videos on Douyin

Pengyu Li, Menglei Wu
Nowadays, news-based short videos have become an important method of news communication, which contain background music as the main part to enhance communication effectiveness. In order to figure out whether background music has an influence on news-based short videos’ communication effectiveness, this...
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The Influence of We-Media on Youth Values

Jiayu Li
With the progress of science and the development of the times, we-media has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives. As an important group of we-media users, teenagers have active minds, strong curiosity, and a wide range of interests, and their values are more easily influenced by we-media. This...
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Feminism and Bar in the 1960s to 1970s in America

Nuo Xu
Breaking down racial segregation was a crucial part of the American civil rights movement, but spatial segregation was not only a problem for blacks but also one of the issues that women needed to address. This paper pays attention to the gendered spaces in America during the 1960s and 1970s. It shows...
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The Study of the Trend of NCOs’ Professional Military Education and Training

Lixin He, Xuexin Zhang, Jingxue Sun
Noncommissioned officers are “the backbone of the army”. US Army’s stronger development cannot be separate with the high quality of NCOS. American NCOs developing trend study provides beneficial enlightment for other countries NCO PEM system. Viewing from the development of US NCOs’ education and training,...
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The influence of the Xiongnu and Han dynasty’ rule over the Western Regions on the formation of the Silk Road

Ruiqi Tu
In this paper, I mainly discuss how the rule of Xiongnu and Han to the Western Regions influence the development of the Silk Road. The problem has been solved from three different part, political influence, commercial influence, and social influence. In the end I conclude that the differences between...
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Research on the Path of Cross-border E-commerce Talent Training under the Background of New Liberal Arts

Ni Wang
The ever-changing information technology is reshaping the social requirements of cross-border e-commerce talents. The construction of new liberal arts should weaken the boundary of traditional disciplines and majors, make full use of information technology, and cultivate interdisciplinary talents for...
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China’s Civil Service Examination in the Post-Epidemic Era Status, Problems and Optimization Strategies of the Interview Hiring Process

Based on AGIL model analysis

Xiaoting Zhao
From a sociological perspective, we analyze the current situation of China's civil service examination interviewing process in the post-epidemic era by using sociologist Parsons' AGIL model, and point out that the current Chinese civil service examination interviewing process has encountered...
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Analysis of the Crime of Damaging Computer Information System

Abating the Phenomenon of “Pocket Crime” of Cybercrime

Bixuan Hao, Xinya Xue, Ao Zhang
In recent years, the number of judicial practice cases of crimes against damaging computer information systems has climbed with the rapid development of science and technology. The controversy about how to apply this crime has become increasingly controversial. Especially in the context of a risky society,...
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Research on the Present Situation of Middle School Teachers’ Disciplinary Power and Implementation Countermeasures

Shulun Jiang
In the development of modern junior high school education, educational punishment is a necessary means in education and teaching. However, due to the exaggeration of social media and the promotion of unequal understanding of punishment by parents and teachers, teachers have a low sense of professional...
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A Discussion of the Long-term Implementation of the “Double Reduction” Policy Dilemma and its Countermeasures

Yiwen Feng
The “double reduction” policy has achieved remarkable results since its implementation. However, the management of the academic burden in the compulsory education stage is a long-term project. The key to achieving the “double reduction” policy goal lies in the long-term implementation of the policy....
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Parental Mental Health Issues and Child Mental Well-being: the Moderating Role of Emotional and Community Support for Parents

Jinke Sun
Existing research has shown that parental mental health issues increase the risk for children’s mental well-being [1][2]. However, little research has focused on supporting caregivers’ mental well-being and sequentially reducing risk for youth. Large-scale data analysis was conducted on the subsample...
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Action Research on the Impact of Parent-Child Picture Books on Primary School Students’ Reading Literacy: A Case Study of Young Primary School Students in Zhoushan

Jiaqi Chen, Weiliang Yuan, Nan Cai, Yixin Hong, Jianing Shen
In recent years, the academic community has put forward the concept of reading literacy, and parent-child picture book reading is also deeply concerned by the majority of parents. The author takes the young pupils in Zhoushan City as the research object, takes English reading literacy as the starting...
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Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and Its Social Factors

Jiatong Qian, Yitong Yan, Qian Zhang, Zixuan Zhang
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) affects countless women and girls globally; the symptoms are severe enough to generate impairment and distress. The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis is dysregulated in PMDD, according to previous research. However, few studies examine stress-related processes...
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Case studies on Female Empowerment Advertising from Post-feminist Perspective

Zenan Liu, Yinghou Shao
In the post feminist society, advertising has evolved into a new form, that is, women's empowerment advertising. Women's empowerment advertisements pay more attention to women's feelings, and convey women's self realization, self acceptance and self empowerment to the society at the...
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A Study on the Current Situation of the Community Elderly Care Industry Based on the Diamond Model --Taking Guiyang of Guizhou as an Example

Ruyue Xu
As a “sunrise industry”, the community elderly care industry has arisen wide attention from society. Based on Michael Porter Diamond Model, this paper conducts an all-round investigation into the phenomena of the development of the community elderly care industry in Guiyang city from the aspects of production...
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The Modernity Turn of Traditional Handicraft: A Design Study of the Elderly Recreational Mode

Yushuang Lou
As one of the four ancient countries, China has a long cultural heritage and a large number of handicraft inheritance. With the advancement of science and technology and the transformation of production and lifestyle, the inherent characteristics and value meaning of traditional handicrafts have undergone...
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Effect of Implicit Self-Esteem on Willingness to Communicate in Second Language

Wanzheng Zhu
Students’ willingness to communicate (WTC) using second language (L2) plays an undeniably influential role in English education context. An accumulation of research has been conducted exploring L2 WTC and its influencing variables. However, whether implicit self-esteem has an impact on L2 WTC changing...
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The Characteristics of Distribution of the Newspapers of the Chinese Communist Party in Some local Anti-Japanese Base Areas During the Yan'an Period

Yifan Du, Qinmiao Zhang, Di Wang
During the Yan'an period, the Communist Party of China attached great importance to the distribution of party newspapers and formed a certain distribution model. However, during the Anti-Japanese War, because the enemy blocked the roads, the connection between the central and local base areas was...
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Sexual Liberation in American Music Videos: An Analysis of Cardi B's Music Videos and Their Social Response

Yi Chen, Muqing Niu, Yifei Wang, Yuyan Xiang
This paper starts from the perspective of patriarchal social background and takes the political and feminist logic as a clue, focusing on the popular music industry constructed by the interwoven forces of capitalism and consumerism. Our study examines the music videos of American rapper Cardi B and the...
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Research on the Impact of Higher Education Equity on the Development of all Social Strata

Xiaoyun Li
In recent years, great progress has been made in the reform and development of China's education system. Based on China's unique social environment, this paper discusses the role of China's higher education in the process of social reproduction. John Rawls's theory of "the principle...
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The Characteristics of Lifelong Education in America and Germany and Its Enlightenment in China

Huiwen Shi
The idea of lifelong education was formally put forward in the 1960s, and academic research in this field has been on the ascendant for many years. Some developed countries have studied lifelong education earlier and have established a relatively complete and national lifelong education system. As the...
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Study on The Scope of Administrative Public Interest Litigation Cases

Qiling Peng
Procuratorial organs, which have the dual role positioning attributes of public interest representatives and national legal supervision organs, play a crucial role in national and social governance, Under the current background of preventing and resolving major risks and promoting the modernization of...
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Initial Interest Confusion in Metatags and Keywords Advertising

Lijun Chen
The essay elaborates on the development of the doctrine of initial interest confusion, especially its expanded application in the Internet era. It aims to argue that the presale confusion principle should not be applied in trademark cases concerning the use of metatags and keywords advertising.
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The Help-seeking Dilemma Faced by College Students with Depressive Disorder: Self-stigma and Social Identity Threat

Yizhen Guo
While the prevalence of depression among the general population has been increasing year by year, the proportion of depressed patients seeking professional psychological help is relatively low. Depressive patients not only suffer from the symptoms caused by diseases but also are subjected to stigmatization...
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Public Administration in the Age of Digital Intelligence: Challenges and Responses

Dazhao Ni
The advent of the digital intelligence era has significantly increased the ability and scope of individual citizens and social organizations to access information, and lowered the threshold of access to various types of information, while the use of new technologies is profoundly changing the way social...
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The Research on Sexual Double Standard between Men and Women

Muyao Xue
The unintended pregnancy has become a hot issue these days, while attitudes towards unintended pregnancy between men and women still have conflicts and a wide gap. So this work determines to find out the reasons of the formation of the divergence in the point of view of Sexual Double Standard(SDS) and...
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Study on the Countermeasures for Pu'er City to Build an International Eco-tourism Resort

Zhijun Liu, Xinhua Zhang
Ecotourism is a brand-new form of tourism which is produced and advocated in view of the impact of tourism on the environment. Pu'er has many ethnic minorities and excellent ecological environment. It is recognized as one of the regions with the highest climate comfort index, the richest biodiversity...
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The Teaching Practice Reform Based on Virtual Simulation Technology Take the Course of "Civil Engineering Construction Technology" as an Example

Wei Zhao, LongGang Liu, Wei Zhang
Civil engineering construction technology, a professional core course, is required of students majoring in civil engineering and construction cost, and students are also required to master the civil engineering of each type of work between the construction of basic common sense, basic principle and basic...
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Research on the Factors and Prevention Strategies of Academic Misconduct in Universities in the Era of “Internet+”

Shuhui Wang, Tao Wang, Jian Yao
In the era of “Internet+”, the types of academic misconduct are more complex and diversified and more challenging to detect. It is hard to distinguish true from false, which has caused adverse effects on the social climate and scientific research undertakings. This paper discusses the strategies to prevent...
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Exploring The Role of Epistemic Emotions on Students’ Academic Performance

Chuxin Cai
Academic achievement is influenced by a variety of factors, including interest, knowledge, friendships, family, and other factors. In the past, we could have linked a student's academic success to their focus in class, their command of the material, and the support of their parents and teachers....
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The Analysis of the “Rose” in William Faulker’s A Rose for Emily from a rhetorical perspective

Jiani He
This dissertation would be mainly discussing the rhetorical meaning of the “rose” in William Faulkner’s preeminent works, A Rose for Emily. William Faulkner has always been renowned for its virtuoso in describing the mentioned matter from multiple perspectives, in resorting to stream of consciousness,...
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The Research on the Audiences’ Psychological Under the Influence of Live Streaming of Stars on Douyin Platform ---Take Jia Nailiang as an Example

Rongxuan Cai, Yurun Li, Chang Ma
Under the influence of the post-epidemic era, due to the limitations of people's mobility and the e-commerce mechanism that encouraged by both Internet and Douyin platform. These make the online shopping format become more popular which not only attract more people to join the e-commerce industry...
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Discussion and Analysis on Development and Construction of Independent College Libraries in New Era – Case Study of Fuzhou University Zhicheng College

Xiaohuan Chen
Independent colleges are a whole new model whose establishment symbolizes that China’s higher education is gradually shifting to public education. How independent college libraries can better serve the teachers and students and play a vital role in cultivating talents in the new era are worthy of attention....
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The Dilemma of Women's Voices in the Post-Epidemic Era: Misconceptions of Feminism on Digital Media Platforms — the Example of Sina Weibo

Yuewen Liu
Weibo, one of China's largest digital media platforms, has become a major platform for women's voices to fight for equality. However, misconceptions of feminism on Weibo have become obstacles to women's voices, for which the platforms didn’t post women’s views prominently. From the perspective...
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English education and Double reduction policy in the post-pandemic China

Yulin Wang
After the release of the double reduction policy, there has been a new educational trend in English language teaching in post-pandemic China, namely, reducing the importance of English subject while improving the quality and equity of English education. This paper examines the challenges of developing...
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The Impact of the "Double Reduction" Policy on the Mental Health of Adolescents

Zijing Qian
On May 21, 2021, the 19th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reform considered and adopted the Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Homework and Off-Campus Training for Students at the Compulsory Education Stage. At this moment, the double reduction series of policies...
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Research on the Governance dilemma and Countermeasures of Cyber Violence

Yihan Pan, Guangxuan Chen, Qiang Liu, Ying Shi
With the development of the Internet, cyber violence that violates citizens' private rights has intensified. Lack of a perfect system of laws and effective regulatory system, and insufficient technical countermeasures also contributed to a certain extent to the rampant cyber violence. The complete...
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The Political Analysis Utility of Post-structuralism

Xudong Yu
With the development of digitalization and globalization, the power discourse system faced by the whole world has undergone tremendous changes, and post-structuralism as a subversion of the meaning of traditional political discourse has become more and more reflected. Due to the imperfection of post-structuralist...
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Exploring Medical Education Models in the Post-epidemic Era

Yong Zhi, Shanshan Xie
The new coronary pneumonia has brought a tremendous impact to various fields of society, accelerating the change and innovation of the concept, form, content and talent training methods of education and teaching in colleges and universities. Medical education has the characteristics of multidisciplinary...
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Retrospective Evaluation of an EFL Coursebook for Users at Independent Colleges

Huiping Liu
CoursebookS have always been one of the basis and content-providers in teaching. Advanced English (hereinafter AE) teaching stands a significant stage in that it guides students from the focus on language forms to the deepening of subject matters in language learning, thus the evaluation of the coursebook...
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Research on CAT into MTI Teaching in GDUFS

Weihua Du, Meiling Wang, Zhongli Hu
The rapid advancement of computer and Internet technology and the increasingly frequent international cooperation and exchange have led to the increasing demand for translation. And the rapid change of translation means and tools, the transformation of translation process and operation mode from the...
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Study on the Current Situation of Legal Education of College Students from the Perspective of Tort Liability of "Civil Code"

Pei-pei Tian, Xiao-xin Li, Hui Liu, Jian Chen
Mainly selected the "civil code" tort liability law which is closely linked with the college students to design survey questionnaire, the two universities in Anhui province college students as the research object through the questionnaire star for a month of questionnaire investigation and...
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Different Kinds of Classes Adapted in English Learning in Chinese Primary School

Xizi Wang, Sitong Ren, Banruo Liu
With the globalization of the economy, learning a second language is becoming more and more important in more and more countries. We all know that classroom teaching is one of the important forms of learning and that there are two opposing classroom forms, the teacher-centred classroom and the student-centred...
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The Hybrid Content of the Scalar Focus Modifier Kua35 in the Southwest Mandarin Chinese

Shiyin Tang
This paper is intended to investigate the semantics of kua35 ‘(lit.) tasteless’ in the Qiannan dialect, a language spoken in the south of Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province of China. By drawing on the spirit of a bi-dimensional semantics framework, I propose that the adverbial...
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Menopausal Women's Stigma Dilemma and its Solution: A Participatory Observation Based on Middle-Aged Chinese Women

Keyi Ban, Qiyu Zheng
Menopausal symptoms are natural body changes in women entering their mid-life. However, various misconceptions and misrepresentations around menopause have been created that cause distress to middle-aged Chinese women. The repulsion to menopausal symptoms and the discrimination against this natural shift...
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On the Text Interpretation and Value Philosophy of Violence Aesthetics in Mo Yan's Novels

Jia Li, Bin Chen
Mo Yan's works always take the description of human beings as the core of their charm, among which "human behavior" is the most detailed description. Mo Yan revealed the truth of history and society and the refraction of the real world by depicting the behavior of characters. In the use...
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Research on the Publicity Strategies of Nurturance Idols under the COVID-19

A Case Study of “Teens in Times”

Kunyi Shi
The closure of cinemas and cancellation of all concerts around the world is a huge blow to entertainment companies and fans. “Teens in Times” (TNT) as a nurturance idol group, who debuted in November 2019, has rapidly increased its online publicity and held online concerts. This paper studies the propaganda...
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The Position and Development of Dunhuang Art in The Torrent of World Culture

Ruiqing Zhang
As an emerging economic form developed under the background of global industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, cultural and creative industries are becoming the pillar industries and strategic industries of a country or city, and are important indicators to measure the economic development and...
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A Teaching Reform of the Programming Course Based on Robot Competition for the Automation Major

Qinghua Yu, Bin Liu, Xiaohong Xu, Zongtan Zhou
Against the backdrop of new engineering education, the teaching of the automation major needs to be reformed based on the model of engineering education. As a practical course for the automation major, the programming course needs to incorporate more flexible and diverse projects into the classroom to...
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Contextualizing Local English Pedagogy: Transfer Effects in Northeast Chinese Secondary Students' English Acquisition

Rachel Li, Minzhu Li
In second language acquisition, individuals are under the influence of the phonetic system of their mother tongue. This paper studies the phenomenon of negative phonological transfer in the learning of English among Northeastern Chinese children. This paper mainly uses Praat to determine how common for...
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Exploring the Impact of the Stigmatization on Women's Career Development in the 20th Century

Zimeng Li, Shuchang Liang, Junhao Xu
The issue of gender equality is significant among the developed and developing countries. From the beginning of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, marital policies and anti-prostitution policies are set to protect women’s rights in a relative infant stage of future world power. In the...
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Analysis of the Effect of Procrastination on College Students’ Studies

Yujia Zang
Procrastination is a widespread problem that affects many university students. The main goals of this study were to identify the root causes of procrastination in college students and to analyze potential remedies. The findings indicate that self-control, time management, failure-related fear, and perfectionism...
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Comparative Analysis of China-US Grain Security Policies from the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Tianxin Yang
As the most important grain producers and exporters, Russia-Ukraine conflict may bring about a major change in the global grain trade system. This paper believes that although the impact of the grain security on China and the United States is short-term, many diffusion crises caused are long-term. By...
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An exploration of the Mulan-like Situation of Women's Welfare in the Perspective of Techno-Feminism

Yujie Zhang
In the feminist school of thought, the establishment of a "female technology" perspective effectively responds to the traditional gender lens of accepting social construction in pursuit of equality following patriarchal standards and the questioning and denial of the history of female experience,...
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The Fossilization of Grammar in the Case of Chinese German Learners and Suggestions

Qi Liu
As China’s level of internationalization increases, the number of Chinese German learners in schools and universities continues to rise. Under such circumstances, the research of fossilization in the process of German acquisition is of great significance for the teaching and learning of German. However,...
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Assess the Relationship Between People’s Big Five Figures and Their Parents and Parenting Styles

Keyu Zhang
Parenting style represents a psychological construct that typifies the standard strategies used by parents in raising their children. It is known that the Big Five Traits (BFT) indicate individual characteristics and differences, therefore, the research aimed to assess the relationship between adolescents’...
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Analysis of the Determination of Fundamental Breach of Article 25 of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods-----Analysis of “Sinochem International (Singapore) Ltd. v. ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products Ltd. International Contract for Sale and Purchase of Goods”

Yiwen Zhu
“Sinochem International (Singapore) Ltd. v. ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products Ltd. International Contract for Sale and Purchase of Goods” is the guidance case No.107 of the 21st batch of guidance cases issued by the Supreme People's Court of China on February 25, 2019. In this article, the main...
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The Image Analysis of Foreign Aid Between China and The United States from the perspective of comparative politics

Jiaxuan Zhang
After the World War II, the power structure had been fundamentally switched from the bipolar pattern to the world multi - polarization direction till now and would last for a long decade. Under this circumstance, People’s Republic China has rising and trying to participate more in international affairs,...
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The Impact of Primary School Computerized Random School Assignment Policy in Ningbo

Xiyu Song
In order to ensure educational equity, reduce the pressure of compulsory education, and effectively guarantee overall educational equity, the state has introduced a lottery policy, which is a computerized random assignment to determine the secondary schools that students within a district attend. The...
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Great Powers Can Disagree: Similarities and Differences

Yu Yang
Since Russia launched a surprise attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022, whether Russia’s military actions violated international law has become a hot issue in the international community. Under the same international law, countries around the world also reacted completely differently to Russia’s actions....
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The Construction of Project Teaching Mode of Quantitative Investment Course

Ruoxi Hu, Rui Wang, Denghui Duan
Quantitative finance has been becoming a mainstream investment method gradually with the development of quantitative trading, but there are still some issues in interdisciplinary fusion and combination of practical exercises and theory in the course construction of Quantitative Investment in colleges....
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Analysis of the Artistic Performance of Button Knots in the Republic of China Era

Jun Xu, Yaping Liu
During the period of the Republic of China, clothing was influenced by the East learning from the West. With the rise of cheongsam, the art of button knots became colorful. This article combs the style and artistic expression of discounting in the Republic of China period according to historical documents,...
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Exploration and Practice of Innovative Talents Training Mode Integrating Medicine and Engineering

Xuan Ji, Wei Gong
Cultivating high-quality innovative talents is the core of higher education, and developing students' creativity is the main direction of teaching reform. Based on the practice and exploration in recent years, this paper puts forward the basic principles of establishing an innovative training system...
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The Research on the Development of Tourism Short Videos Based on the Post-Epidemic Era ——Take DouYin App as An Example

Take DouYin App as An Example

Yue Gu, Jia Song, Chi Zhang
In the post-epidemic era, short video platforms such as Douyin have developed rapidly, opening up more functions and models. The epidemic is both an opportunity and a challenge, hitting the tourism industry while providing opportunities for the development of tourism-based short videos. This paper adopts...
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An Overview of TSE Diseases

Houhua Hu
Prion disease is a sparse, life threatening, and unusually dramatic neurodegenerative disease. Although there is no radical cure for prion diseases, the diseases follow an apparent pathogenic mechanism. A single gene produces a single corresponding prion protein (pRP) that could potentially transform...
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Improving the Loyalty in the Digitalization of the Brand for the National Pharmaceutical Brand Image

Mengyao Yu, Sazrinee binti Zainal Abidin, Changhua He, Yue Ma, Jun Zheng
This study aims to improve the loyalty of digital natives in the digitalization of the brand by constructing an innovation model for a national pharmaceutical brand image. This study uses Literature review to understand the current demand for identify the digitalization of the brand and the national...
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Finding the Best Plant Location Given the Costs

Ziming Wang, Qijun Li, Ning Geng
This paper is trying to find the optimal location of the production plant out of the few possibilities that have different costs associated with building the plant there. This paper first shows that this problem can be solved if the costs are rational numbers, then proves that it is impossible to have...
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Practical exploration of effective engineering training teaching for liberal arts students

Rui Zhao, Jiading Bao, Shuilong He
With the deepening of modern education concept, the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality has become the consensus of current front-line educators. However, due to the limitations of China's traditional education system, liberal arts students in colleges and universities generally...
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Design and practice of teaching Civics in the course of Film and Television Directing

Shuo Chen, Ying Zhao
Civic education into the professional curriculum is a key initiative to implement the fundamental task of establishing moral education, and the construction of the curriculum Civic Science is also an important guarantee to improve the talent training system and adapt to the needs of social development....
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The Research on the Impact of the Short Videos’ Quality on User Experience

Take TikTok as An Example

Yongxi Lu, Xingyu Pan, Fangtong Song
The short videos is a crucial subject for studying the influencing factors of self-media communication power in recent times. The large market share of the media currently occupied by the short videos and the platform construction of the application itself, and play a significant role in the selection...
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On the Change of Marriage Relationship After Gender Change

Hui Han
The change of sex after marriage will cause the instability of the marriage relationship, how to define the marriage validity state after the change of sex is a theoretical problem. Existing studies mainly focus on marriage and family law. Still, it is an innovative research idea to unify the measurement...
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Game Analysis of Japan’s Nuclear Wastewater Discharge and China’s Countermeasures

Yaodan Zhang
This article first introduces the timeline behind Japan's announcement of direct discharge of nuclear wastewater into the Pacific Ocean and the effects of discharging nuclear wastewater. Then it introduces the non-zero-sum game. After that, using the prisoner's dilemma in game theory, this...
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A Literature Review on the Influence of Parents on Children’s Academic and Cognitive Development

Zihan Zhu
How parents can raise their children well has become a topical issue. To help address this professional issue, this essay reviews the interrelationships between parenting style, parental companionship, parental emotional stability, and family structure on the one hand, and children’s academic and psychological...
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The Influence of Stigma for Re-employment of the Young Elderly

Fang Wang
The aging trend of the global population is obvious, at the same time, the shortage of human resources is more obvious. The re-employment of the young elderly is a strategic requirement to cope with the aging population and the sustainable development of economic society. However, at present, the young...
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An Exploration of Chinese English Language Learners’ Foreign Language Anxiety

Yichi Zhang
Language anxiety is one of the challenges faced by many international students, which will influence students’ transition to a new environment. This article provides an overview of existing research focusing on the foreign language anxiety (FLA) of Chinese English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners....