Proceedings of the 2022 5th International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2022)

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Augustin Holl, Jun Chen, Guiyun Guan
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 5th International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2022) during October 14-16, 2022 in Chongqing, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and...
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The Legal Dilemma of Criminal Jurisdiction of Cybercrime in China and the Way to improve it

Yuxuan Li
By studying the extensive literature review, this paper can conclude that there is a growing concern about cybercrime in the current situation in China. For this reason, China also increased the supervision of network crime and category combined with concrete practice to promote the corresponding legislative...
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Ecological Implications and Chinese Construction in the Manuscripts of the Philosophy of Economics in 1844

Runhan Wang, Xiaoshen Cai
Out of concern for the fate of mankind and reflection on the actual situation, Marx established the perspective of the objectivity relationship between man and nature on the basis of the value position of the dual issues of anthropological ecology, and created his own unique ecological thought. The 1844...
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The Influence Factors of Left-behind Children’s Inferiority

Yizhi Zhang
Left-behind children are a special social group and need more care from society. They are children under 16 years old and without the accompany from parents as their parents go outside to seek jobs. Nowadays, the development of society also brings the formation of the social group which is called left-behind...
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The Rebirth of Chinese Aesthetics’ Aura

Ruowei Liu
With the advent of the capitalist aesthetic era, aesthetics is facing a turn, and how China should seize the opportunity to realize the reconstruction of Chinese indigenous aesthetics at this moment. From the perspective of aesthetic anthropology, the article uses the Chinese context to reconstruct the...
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Singapore’s Diplomatic Dilemma Under US-China Competition

Xinyan Peng
In 2018, with the rise of China and the gradual widening of the trade deficit between China and the United States, the U.S. Trade Representative began imposing tariffs on goods imported from China, as well as setting up other trade barriers, aimed at forcing China to change its "unfair trade practices."...
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An Analysis of /l/ and /n/ in the Speech of Chinese L1 speakers Learning English: The Influence of Mandarin

Yuqing Cui
This research intends to investigate the production of /l/ and /n/ in the speech of Chinese L1 speakers learning English, comparing this result with the situation before the standardization of Mandarin. Previous studies found that Chinese L1 speakers of different dialects, especially in the South of...
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The Effects of Physical Discrimination on Income

Jiani Pei, Xingya Yang, Ruixuan Zheng, Zhixian Wang
It is widely acknowledged that height, age, and gender are positively associated with income. This paper categorized the three aspects into physical discrimination and analyzed how the three kinds of discrimination affect income distribution. To quantify the efforts in overcoming the three kinds of physical...
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Concealment and Continuation: Symbol Deduction and Craftsmanship of Ninghua High Shed Lamp

Tianyi Zhou, Yuqing Yang, Yue Wu, Yuansheng Chen, Zheng Ding
Ninghua region is the cradle of the Hakka people, they survived here for thousands of years, through continuous convergence, evolution, and gradually bred a unique multicultural. The high ceiling lamp is one of its cultural carriers, and it is also an important tool for local people to entertain people,...
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Linking English Academic Writing Anxiety and Postgraduates in Journalism and Communication: A Systematic Literature Review of Past Achievements and Future Suggestions

Ruimeng Han
Increasing globalisation has opened up a broad space for worldwide communication, and English academic writing has become the norm in a globalised educational context. As a way of exploring the world 1, academic writing in English has become increasingly important, but the phenomenon of anxiety in it...
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The Transformation of Shanghai Enterprises before and after the First World War

Shangcheng Li, Chunyi Wang, Ruoan Zhou
There are already papers discussing the role factories of the Rong brothers played in the contemporary economic field. Few analyze the historical perspective of the Rong brothers’ factories. This paper mainly focuses on the characteristics of the entrepreneurial implementation of the yarn mills founded...
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Effects of Pressure Reduction Policy on Primary School Children in Wuxi, China

Anbang Zhu
Reducing pressure has become a major topic for recent Chinese education. New policies aimed to further relieve students from schoolwork burden were enacted and implemented in 2021. After one year of implementation, the result is yet to be calculated. Contrary to traditional Chinese education ideologies,...
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The Causation of Lexical Fossilization and Its Pedagogical Implications

Yilin Wang
Interlanguage fossilization, an important terminology proposed by Selinker in 1972, is an intriguing phenomenon that scholars in the field of second language acquisition (SLA) have made great efforts to explore. It has impacts on four aspects of learning English as a second language (ESL), namely phonetics,...
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Research on the construction of general education system of higher education aiming at the cultivation of core literacy

Actie Huang, Yiran Liang, Wei Xia, Angting Xiao
Under the influence of pragmatic thinking, it is very common to emphasize subject teaching in the current college curriculum. The continuation of this situation has not further reduced the employment pressure. In order to broaden the development space of college students, scholars have turned their attention...
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Research on the Improving the Information-based teaching Ability of Local Normal University Students under the Background of Big Data

Shwu Li, Mengdi Wang, Hongmei Leng
Countries around the world are experiencing an important digital change and digital competition. All countries are vigorously developing the new generation of broadband mobile communication technology (5G era) with high speed, high stability, low delay and high connection characteristic of integration...
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Tchaikovsky’s Last Three Symphonies and Sexism

Yan Wang
Tchaikovsky’s symphonic works enjoy a pivotal position in symphonic poetry. Not only influenced by Western musicians such as Schumann and Debussy in the same period, his compositions also incorporate the unique stylistic characteristics of the Russian nation. As one of the great Russian composers, Tchaikovsky’s...
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The Impact of War on the Development of Minor Languages - An Example of the Development of Chinese Dialects by War in Modern Chinese History

Han Jin
Many researchers in linguistics focus on the topic of politics and language, exploring the impact of globalization, colonization, and other political actions on less-speaking languages. However, few scholars have conducted in-depth research on the languages of various regions of China. The differences...
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How We Media should Promote the Development of Traditional Culture-Taking the 24 Solar Terms as an Example

Yiyang Jiang
Nowadays, China, due to the increasing reform and opening up, attracts a large number of western cultures and suddenly comes into contact with many new foreign things. The original concept of so-called traditional culture is slowly diluted in this process. Excellent traditional culture, as the source...
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A Survey on Translation Learning Motivation of Senior Undergraduate Students: A Questionnaire Study

Peixin Zhu
This study investigated the translation learning motivation of 50 college students in a foreign language school by combining the existing pedagogical theories. The purpose of the study is to investigate the perception of senior student’s motivation in relation to translation learning. The research is...
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Social Mobility, Role and Dilemma of the New Generation of Migrant Workers

Ziang Wang
The study of migrant workers has always been a topic of concern and discussion in academia. In recent years, more and more migrant workers choose to return home under the cross influence of various factors, playing an increasingly prominent role in the transformation of rural society, and gradually becoming...
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Marge Piercy’s “A Work of Artifice” and “Barbie Doll”: How is the will of others imposed on the female bodily self in a patriarchal society?

Tianran Wang
The purpose of this study is to reveal the plight of women in a patriarchal social environment and the confinement of men to their minds. From this, we can extend two questions: How do Marge Piercy reveal in her poems “A Work of Artifice” and “Barbie Doll” the suppression of women in a patriarchal society...
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What influence Chinese people’s attitude and hesitancy toward COVID-19 vaccination? A national survey study

Shihan Meng
The study examines the factors associated with vaccine hesitancy from socio-demographic and psychological perspectives based on Health Belief Model (HBM) framework. A national survey with multiple cluster sampling was conducted in China, with 1419 participants involved. Results from the multiple hierarchical...
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Depression Among India’s Geriatric Population

Huiyue Zhang
Fast populace maturing in emerging nations, as well as an expansion in the number of individuals with developing related illnesses, represent a severe test to well-being administrations, including psychological well-being administrations. Gloom is a typical mental problem that restricts the personal...
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Professional Construction Analysis of Administrative Staff in Local Universities under the "Double First-Class" Initiative

Huan Wang, Fang Shen, Bin Zhang, Ran Jia
The "double first-class" initiative provides new opportunities for the development of local universities. First-class universities and disciplines must have first-class management. In this paper, the "double first-class" construction and university administrative personnel were combined,...
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The Impact of Gender Difference on Major Selections of Chinese College Students

Tiange Niu
The choice of major has an important influence on one's future career development and life. However, according to the research findings, in China, there are significant differences in the major selection between genders, which is that males are more inclined to choose science. At the same time,...
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Research on Child Care Robot and the Influence on Children

Zirui Zhang
During the early years of childhood, children need more care from their parents. However, more and more young parents, in order to pursue a better life, go to a strange city and live far away from their parents. This means they have to achieve a balance between bringing children by themselves and doing...
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The Application of Building Information Model Modelling (BIM) in Flyovers Construction

Yibin Zhang
Building information modelling (BIM) existed in 2002. Since then, it has become a useful tool in the engineering industry, especially for flyovers due to its complex construction process. Traffic congestion is a huge problem that many major cities are facing. It will have a negative effect on the environment...
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Can kitchen garbage be recycled and reused?

Jiaxin Shi, Jun Zhu
According to the characteristics of kitchen domestic waste in my country, firstly, the types and components of kitchen domestic waste are quantitatively analyzed, secondly, environmental pollution and the harm to people's physical and mental health are expressed. Furthermore, the main problems existing...
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Research on Reforms in China’s Education Policy in Promoting Education Equalities since Economic Reforms in 1978

Xinyuan Tang
While China’s dynamic urban population thrives, but its rural population still suffer from poverty. According to the World Bank, 70 million people live on less $1 a day in the countryside [3]. Education is always the key to economic development in China with huge population as educated worker would be...
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Research on the Necessity of High Expectations for Primary Language Learners

Ting Han
With the increasing competitiveness of contemporary education and the emergence of a large number of talented people, learners are under great pressure from all sides and have high expectations. Whether these external forces can promote learners’ learning is worth considering and pondering having competitive...
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Methodological features of teaching Chinese students to listen in the classroom in Russian as a foreign language

The article discusses the methodological features of teaching Chinese students to listen in the classroom in Russian as a foreign language. The research methods were analysis, synthesis, generalization of scientific and methodological literature on the research problem. The research materials are scientific...
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A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Traditional and Modern Teaching Methods

Yuemeng Wang
The rapid development of the times has also brought more advanced educational methods and concepts. Many experts advocate replacing traditional educational methods with modern educational methods. The difference between the two educational methods depends on three aspects: educational method, educational...
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An Analysis of the Translation of 2021 Chinese Government Work Report from Morphological and Syntactical Level

Chang Xu
This paper studies the translation of 2021 Government Work Report of the Premier in a qualitative design, which analyzes both the lexical and the syntactical level of the translation, from the perspective of Nida's Functional Equivalence Theory. The author identifies and collects relevant lexical...
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Research on Curriculum Assessment and Evaluation Method in Blended Learning

Huan Zhang, Jiangfeng Wang, Pei Zhang
In view of the shortcomings of the course assessment and evaluation methods in the traditional teaching mode, this paper carries out the reform of the assessment and evaluation methods based on the advantages of the full record of the online learning process in the blended learning mode, designs the...
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The Relevance of Compassion Fatigue in Social Media Discourse on the Russia- Ukraine Crisis

Taking Twitter and Weibo as examples

Junlin Zhan
On 24 February 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a special military operation against Ukraine, accompanied by the sounding of air-raid sirens in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, and the Russia-Ukraine crisis officially broke out. This East Asian crisis has attracted global attention...
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Analyzing China's Current Path Options with Historical Institutionalism

Zeyu Niu
As the international order gradually shifts towards a multipolar model, China's short-term development achievements provide the basis for reform in the area of development assistance and the possibility that China can further increase its international influence by helping developing countries to...
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The Live Commerce of VTuber

Ziyu Zhao
With the iterative update of mobile communication technology, the improvement of Internet technology, and the reduction of video recording costs, online video live broadcasting has entered a period of development. Webcast events are not only entertaining but have become a place to market products. Due...
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A review of Learning Efficiency for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Classroom Environment

Fansong Huang
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) also known as Autism is a developmental disability usually appear among kids before the age of three and can continuously develop even after adulthood if no efficient measure is taken. The most iconic symptoms would be having problems with social communication and interaction...
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The Impact of Household Income Differences on the Division of Unpaid Work in the Household

A quantitative study based on middle-aged families in China

Jiawen Zhang, Luxi Zhang
The balance between paid and unpaid work is slowly recovering as the concept of equality progress and women’s voice is further strengthened, and women are no longer taken for granted as sole bearers of home care activities, without having to sacrifice paid work hours to cater to the need for unpaid work...
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The Role of L1 in Low-proficiency EFL Classrooms Does Code-switching Enhance Learning?

Yu Zhang
The use of the native language in second language classrooms has been controversial, the fact is that interspersal of native and second language use is common. The reasons for this phenomenon are related to factors such as the role of the first language, whether the teacher is a non-native speaker, the...
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Research on the Collaborative Education of Party Building and Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Xue Han, Jinhai Guo, Hui Yuan
Party building and ideological and political education in colleges and universities have an inherent and logical connection. At present, the two have not formed a joint force of education. The main reasons are a lack of top-level design, separate management, the ideological and political quality issue...
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Visualization Communication of Ethnic Music on Short Video Platforms A Case Study of the Mongolian Music on Douyin

Yaling Lyu
Ethnic music embodies the essence of ethnic cultures and its dissemination and protection are important in the era of short videos. Traditional minority cultures encounter corresponding communication difficulties in the new media environment. Based on the short video platform Douyin, this paper analyses...
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Research on the Ways to Deal with the Relationship between Chinese Primary School Teachers and Parents

Jiajunru Xing
In recent years, conflicts have easily arisen between primary school teachers and parents of students. The pupils' psychological endurance is poor, their parents dote on their children, and their teachers are cautious in their work. This series of social phenomena have hindered the development of...
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Immersive Learning Management for Distance and Online Learners in the Context of Educational Globalization

Yinyin Cheng, Li Zhang
IN today's education under the background of globalization, with the rapid popularization of the Internet, high-end science and technology has been used widely in various fields, and the world in the form of knowledge development, remote and widely used forms of online learning, many adopted the...
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The Migration of the Scythian and the Cultural Integration

Jingxuan Du
The Scythians were an early nomadic people on the Eurasian steppe. In wars and trade with the Central Asian empires, Greece, Eastern Europe and even China, they exchanged cultures and ways of life. This paper will focus on the Scythian migration process and cultural integration in the habitat from the...
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Research on the Effect of Social Contact on Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination

Zexin Li
The use of social contact to mitigate prejudice and discrimination was studied by many psychologists since Allport proposed the contact hypothesis. Discrimination and prejudice are a very common phenomena that confront groups of people who may come from different races, nationalities, and beliefs. Nonetheless,...
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Exploring Methods of Curriculum-based Ideological and Political Construction in College Japanese Course

Qian-han Shen
Under the background of new liberal arts, colleges and universities are carrying out curriculum-based ideological and political construction in foreign language course in full swing, so as to achieve the goal of cultivating talents with morality. As a key part of ideological and political education in...
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Different Purposes and Strategies for Addressing the Scrambling Behaviour of Old Children in Kindergarten - A Case Study in Class D at T Kindergarten in Fuzhou

Xinying Weng
In this paper, children in the older class of T Kindergarten, Fuzhou, were selected for behavioural observation. Class D of the same kindergarten was also sampled for a case study based on questionnaires, to observe the children in the class and record their typical scrabbling behavior. Cases were also...
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“Body Beauty” in the Group Communication Era- Based on the Perspective of Consumerism

Jinyi Zhang
The presentation and construction of body image is a unique "spectacle" on social media today. The author analyses it from the perspective of consumerism and concludes that the aesthetic consumption of the body is symbolic, standardized and group-oriented, which can also lead to worries about...
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Applying the Production-Oriented Approach to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: A Literature Review

Ruoxi Qin
The Production-Oriented Approach (POA) is a newly developed theory for second language teaching. The application of POA to TESL in China has been proven effective, hence the researchers put forward that POA should be used in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Several experiments on CFL teaching...
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An Analysis of the Experience That China’s New College Entrance Examination System Can Learn from the American College Entrance Examination System

Jingyu Bao
There is no absolute distinction between good and bad in the education system, and what is suitable is good. China has introduced a new college entrance examination system, but some problems still remain. The author tries to understand the existing problems and learn from the excellent experience of...
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Analysis on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of the Third-Party Evaluation of Chinese Government Performance

You Yang
At present, the third-pament performance evaluation, as an important form of government performance evaluation, can better make up for the defects of internal government performance evaluation and improve the government performance management capacity with its independence and professional rights. However,...
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Negative Impact of Platform Framework on User Experience -- A Case Study of NetEase Cloud Music

Qinxuan Zhu
In the heyday of network sites (e.g. Weibo, Wechat, and QQ), a music platform called NetEase Cloud Music unprecedentedly dominated in competitive markets in China. The success of NetEase Cloud Music is related to its social function, which is related to the concept of Ellison (2013) for social network...
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Motivation Research on Raising the Attention of Generation Z to Traditional Chinese Music: A Qualitative Study on the Digital Music Industry

Yunsong Liu
The digital age of music industry provides new opportunities for Traditional Chinese Music to become more innovative, shareable, and hereditable. This study examines and explores the motivation of Generation Z to increase their attention to Traditional Chinese Music in the digital music industry. The...
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Primary Source Analysis: The Good Wife’s Guide p. 50 – 98

Xiyuan Shen
This primary source analysis aims to explore the context and content of the book “The Good Wife’s Guide” pages 50-98. In short, this essay will provide insight and inferences of the unnamed author; discuss about the historical context in Paris, including Christianity and the church, marriage and love,...
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The Reliability of Memory: A General Review from Two Memory Models

Shen Hu
The reliability of memory is a debatable topic that contemporary psychologists are investigating. They aim to determine a specific boundary that is eligible enough to distinguish the extent to which memory can be considered reliable or not. Flashbulb memory and reconstructive memory are two aspects focused...
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New Styles on the Integration of Learning Strategy into English Individualized Instruction

Lihong Cheng, Bing He
Development of communication technologies enable English learners to acquire language and communicate in English to anyone, anytime in any corner of this world. Also, it enforces language learners to stand on learning-centered position in language acquisition. So, learning strategies is an important...
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An Analysis of Syntactic Errors: One Case Study

Xiao Tan
With the development of globalization, error analysis in second language acquisition theory has received increasing attention from scholars. Significant progress has been made in error feedback, correction, and treatment. In this article, the five steps proposed by Corder of collecting, identifying,...
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Criminal Risks and Regulations in Internet Business Data Link

Huiwen Sun, Shunyao Ye, Yuchen Zhang
Internet Business Data Link refers to the whole process from the collection to the application of the Internet business data by enterprises. It can be divided into four stages, which include data collection stage, data application stage, data storage stage, and data association stage with the third parties....
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Social Security and Welfare System: Problems and Solutions

Jiayu Shen
Social security is one of a modern country's most critical socio-economic systems. The welfare system is also a crucial index in evaluating the development of a nation and stands as the fundamental pillar for political and social stabilities. However, conventional funding for the welfare system...
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Predicament and Breakthrough of Life Education in Universities under Major Public Health Emergencies

Luming Pan
Life education is an eternal and enduring proposition of human society, which is used to help people live better. With the rapid development of society, the transformation of science and technology, and the rapid progress of the Internet, people have new doubts about their understanding of life, especially...
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A Study on the Coopetition Mechanism of Tourism Destinations in the Perspective of Holistic Tourism: —— Take Suzhou and Wuxi as Examples

Songyang Gang
Healthy competition and cooperation among tourism destinations is a critical way to achieve sustainable development, and can promote to enhance the overall competitiveness of regional destinations. However, studies have focused on the impact of competition and cooperation on the development of tourism...
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The Anxiety Caused by Social Media on Teenage Girls

Tinyan Siu
This article aims to give you an idea of how pathological anxiety associated with excessive social media exposure can affect girls' mental health. In this process, people are also exploring their own hearts through this event, so as to find their true selves. This study will use face-to-face surveys...
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The Construction of Public Personas in Variety Show

Muzhi Jiao
This paper uses Goffman's “Dramaturgy Theory” and the “ME” and the “I” Theory to analyze celebrity personas. It aims to find the basis of celebrity personas and the reasons for the construction of celebrity personas in the digital era. Many stars and their personas in variety shows are analyzed...
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The horse in Han dynasty

Yukuan Jiang
In ancient China, horses have always been loyal companions. It has the function of transport, farming, as a mount and so on. During the Han Dynasty, with the rise of the Silk Road and the demand for horses in the Han Dynasty, horses, as a precious commodity, had an undoubted influence on the Han Dynasty....
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Ideological Security Maintenance: The Value and Application of Artificial Intelligence

Xiaohong Ma, Bo Zhang, Mei Song
Artificial intelligence is profoundly influencing and reshaping the ideological working mechanism and communication patterns, and is of great value for maintaining national ideological security. The key elements of maintaining ideological security by using artificial intelligence are: to build a complete...
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The Influence of Family Educational Concept on Students' Educational Level in China

Hai Huang, Yingxuan Wang, Yiyun Yao
Family education is the beginning of education, and it is an important part of the education ecosystem, which has a fundamental role in social education and school education. In the new era, family education is also being reformed. The introduction of the Family Education Promotion Law promotes the development...
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Primary Source Analysis: The Romance of the Rose

Jingyuan Liang
In a wondrous dream, one gets to hear the consolation from the God of Love. Guillaume de Lorris created this allegoric world in which our beautiful lover was introduced. Everyone has or will have the experience of falling in love, whether it is religious, romantic, or family-bounded. This work analyzes...
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Review on health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine

Jun Li, Yajun Li
Keeping in good health refers to all kinds of material and spiritual activities that people carry out to maintain themselves, prevent diseases, improve health and enhance emotions according to the objective laws of the development of things in order to survive, develop and live a long and healthy life....
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A review of Shadow Education and K-12 Students’ Learning

Ziyan Zhang
Recent years, shadow education gradually becomes prevalent among K-12 students all over the world. Nowadays, many parents hope shadow education could help their children study better and get a higher score at school, so they send their children to the supplementary classes to learn knowledge related...
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Diagnosis of Ammunition Failure Based on Analysis of Influencing Factors

Chao Song, Hongtian Liu, Yang Cao, Wei Li, Wanjun Zhang
Ammunition is a special product widely used in warfare, and its reliability and quality directly affect the level of combat readiness training of troops and determine victory or defeat on the battlefield. Therefore, it is of great military significance to study the failure of ammunition and improve the...
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Analysis of the Influence of Father's Role Absence on Single-parent Families

Jiaxun Xie
There are many single-parent families in the United States, 80% of which are single-mother families. The role of the father is often absent in these families. This paper studies the impact of the absence of the father's role on the family using a literature review to study relevant literature in...
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The Emergence of the Shanghai-Style Qipao in the 1920s: Consumerism, Cultural Integration, and Feminism

Wei Zhou
From 1927 to 1937, China went through a brief period of stability under the Kuomintang rule, and it was also a period of intense cultural collision between China and the West. During this period, the integration of the Shanghai local economy and culture with the West significantly developed women’s clothing...
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Social Media’s Effects on the Citizens during the Covid Lockdown in Shanghai

Zihan Yu
This research paper examines how the use of content platforms such as social media, influenced citizens during the lockdown in Shanghai. Since social media were the channels that could connect people who were unable to go out, studying the properties and default settings of social media in this particular...
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Gender inequality in Medieval marriage: An analysis of The Good Wife of Paris

Siwen Chen
This paper studied The Good Wife of Paris from pages 53 to 64, a book written by a wealthy elder ‘bourgeoise’, which means people who lived in the urban areas from medieval Paris in the 14th century to his young wife through analyzing the historical background, the author’s identity and the main content...
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The Psychological Effects of Involution on China’s Rising Generation

Ruoquan Jiang
The academic pressure put on the rising generation in China is increasing as the competition for better resources in China gets more intense. As a result, a phenomenon called involution takes place in China. The Chinese equivalent for involution, “neijuan”, stands for rolling inwards. According to anthropologist...
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Effects of Parental Favoritism in Childhood on Depression among Middle-Aged and Older Adults: Evidence from China

Wenxin Jiang, Zhengxiu Sun, Chao Ma
Based on the life course theory, we quantitatively analyze the effects of parental favoritism in childhood on the depression of middle-aged and older adults. Using the 2014 and 2018 data from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Survey (CHARLS), we found that the damaging effects of parental...
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A Review of Family Structure’s Effects on Children's Mental Well Being

Wenli Yang
Different family atmospheres produce different children, and so do different family structures. The first environment for children to receive education is the family. The influence and infection of the family on children is a kind of silent education. The inner security and sense of home that family...
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Research on the Current Situation of University Student’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship under the Background of “Internet + Maker Education”

Tongxin Zheng
Innovation and entrepreneurship education is one of the important factors driving the rapid development of China’s economy. However, it is still in its initial stage and many challenges have not yet been solved. Combining the characteristics of the "Internet +" era and the background of Maker...
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Research on Chinese Children’s Innovative Aesthetic Learning

Ruojia Song
Innovative thinking and aesthetic learning play indispensable parts in early childhood education, which can develop children’s talents and promote their creativities. This study aims to investigate the current pedagogical practice and the existing problems in Chinese preschool aesthetic education, thereby...
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The Effect of Materialism on Social Media Addiction: A Chain Mediation Model

Piaohan Wang, Jiwen Chen, Lei Xu, Shun Peng, Hua Dong, Shuangshuang Cai
This study aimed to investigate the effect of materialism on social media addiction and the mediating role of perceived social support and self-esteem among college students. A total of 314 college students were recruited in this study. The results showed that (1) materialism, social media addiction,...
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Present Status and Improvement Measures of Home-school Cooperation in Preschool Education

Xiaoyuan Chen
The main body of preschool education are kindergarten and family. Establishing an efficient and good cooperation model between the family and kindergarten is essential to ensure children’s healthy growth and development. Preschool education has been given more and more attention in recent years. Through...
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GIS and New Trader Joe’s location in Colorado recommendation

Xinyu Ren
As the development of network play an important role in recent years, recommendations systems and Geographic information system have a closer connection. GIS is a computer-based system to aid in the collection, maintenance, storage, analysis, output and distribution of spatial data and information. GIS...
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Effect of Mother's Educational Level on Depression in Children and Adolescents

Yan-na Fang, Qian Cao
To investigate the effect of mothers' education level on depressive symptoms in childhood and adolescence, this study was based on data from the 2018 China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) with children and adolescents aged 9-15 years old, and was conducted using SPSS for binary logistic and AMOS software...
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How Likely is the Multiverse?

Ruohan Yang
This article briefly introduces the primary content and development of the multiverse theory and focuses on how likely the multiverse is. In order to facilitate the discussion of the problem, the paper makes a new hypothesis based on the theory, that is, assuming that the theory is a fact, then push...
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Application of AR Technology in Chinese Vocabulary Teaching

Ruiyu Yang, Yongyi Wen
In the fifth-generation(5G) era, AR technology swept like a hurricane, opening a new door to Internet education. It not only changes people's way of thinking, but also has a huge impact on the way of all walks of life. At the same time, AR technology is also applicable in vocabulary teaching of...
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The Impact of the Policy of High School Entrance Exams in Local Working Places on the Occupation Expectations of Migrant Children

Jiaqi Li, Yucheng Zhang, Laiyi Zhong
The issue of compulsory education for migrant children is widely concerned, which largely determines children’s choice of occupations in the future. Yet the Hukou policy and low intergenerational mobility in China impeded the right to education and choices of occupations for unregistered residents in...
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A Review of the Development of Green Capitalism

Lili Yang, Huimin Yang
In recent years, global natural resources are increasingly depleted and environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. As a new ecological trend of thought and development model, green capitalism is committed to realizing the win-win situation of economy and ecology under the capitalist system,...
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A Study on the Prediction about Internet Addiction Disorder by Callous-Unemotional Traits and Internet Use Preferences

Bingyu Zhang
In order to explore whether adolescent callous-unemotional traits and different types of internet use preference can predict internet addiction, this paper uses the Internet Use Questionnaire, the Callous-Unemotional Traits Scale (CUS), and Young’s Internet Addiction Scale to investigate 535 middle school...
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How Consumers React Toward Gender Stereotypes in Beer Advertisements

Jiajing Ge
In China and the rest of the world, alcohol consumption has been rising. According to one survey data from WHO, since 2002, China’s beer production ranks first in the world. Having alcoholic drinks is popular worldwide. Advertising of beer products is also diverse. As females have become a great part...
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The Siamese Twins of a Healthy Life: Physical Activity and Positive Emotion

Jiawei Yang
Due to a series of influences brought about by the increase in social pressure, the physical health indicators are decreasing year by year. People need a certain amount of physical activity to maintain a positive mood. This article uses a review and qualitative analysis to analyze the impact of physical...
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The Effect of Parent-Child Attachment Relationships on Anxiety Levels in Early Childhood

Jiani Liu
This study investigated 90 early aged children to explore the effect of parent-child attachment and anxiety symptoms in early childhood. This study uses the Screen for Child Anxiety-Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED) Scale to evaluate children's anxiety symptoms and uses the Kerns Attachment Security...
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A Study of the Occupational Education of the Non-Commissioned Officers of the US Army

Di Wang, Ying Li, Yujing Huang, Di Wang
As an important component of the US Army, the non-commissioned officers undertake vital responsibilities. The cultivation of the non-commissioned officers meets the need of the military’s construction and development, as well as winning the future war. As the information construction deepens, the duties...
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Research on the Cultivation of College Students' Struggle Spirit in the New Era

Jianbao Zhang
The spirit of struggle is an excellent traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and the history of the Communist Party of China is a history of indomitable struggle. The spirit of struggle is an important magic weapon for the success of various undertakings of the Communist Party of China. As the successors...
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Difficulties in English Listening Comprehension of First-year Students in Chinese High Schools under the Background of the New Curriculum

Yipeng Li
With the launching of the Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Examination Enrollment System in 2014, reformation in Gaokao has taken place in several provinces. In 2021, the Heilongjiang Educational department launched its reformation plan. Students listening tests will join the final...
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The Correlation Between Alcohol Use Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder

Lin Gao
Depression and alcohol use disorder (AUD) are two of the most prevalent mental diseases and are frequently co-morbid. Although there are numerous studies on the comorbidity of alcohol use disorders (AUD) and major depressive disorder (MDD), correlational research on AUD and MDD is limited. This review...
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Stress and Recidivism: a Review on Social Factors Towards Recidivism through the Perspective of Stress

Siping Li
Multiple studies have indicated that correctional programs with stress management sections have significant influences on recidivism[1, 2], yet to the best of the author's knowledge, few studies identified stress as a crucial element within the transitions of the criminals —— most viewed the correlations...
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The Development of Posthuman Theory and its Application Through the Lens of STS Studies

Bingning Liu
Utilitarian theory’s ideal could not be adequately carried out in practice; humanism proved insufficient; antihumanism was problematic. Posthumanism was proposed and developed to cope with the changing science, technology, and society by removing the anthropocentric element of humanism and starting to...
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A Study on the Changing Trends of Popular Videos on Bilibili

Fei Li, Mingyu Li
The day June 26, 2022 marks the 13th anniversary of the birth of the Bilibili, a website with videos and bullet comments. The video platform, born as a platform for the content of anime, comics, and games, has completed a successful attempt to break the circle in a unique way. Its new features are fully...
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Literature Review on the Exploration and Practice of Blended Teaching Models in the Post-epidemic Era

Tianjing Ren
In the context of the normalization of the epidemic, the blended teaching model has become the new normal. This paper reviews the research results of the hybrid teaching model in universities in the post-epidemic era in recent years and summarizes the difficulties and obstacles that may be encountered...