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Research Article

EEG based Drowsiness Detection using Relative Band Power and Short-time Fourier Transform

Pranesh Krishnan, Sazali Yaacob, Annapoorni Pranesh Krishnan, Mohamed Rizon, Chun Kit Ang
Sleeping on the wheels due to drowsiness is one of the major causes of death tolls all over the world. The objective of this research article is to classify drowsiness with alertness based on the Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals using spectral and band power features. A publicly available ULg DROZY...
Research Article

Body and Brain Training for Falls Prevention

Henrik Hautop Lund, Yan-Xin Liu, Massimiliano Leggieri
The paper presents the pilot test of the Moto Tiles Body & Brain Test combined with automatically generated individualized training protocols. The test is performed with seniors (avg. 80 years old) with mild dementia in senior care centers in Roskilde, Denmark. The seniors performed pre- and post-test...
Research Article

Apply Model-Free Adaptive Control Approach for Mobile Robot Path Following

Chia-Jen Lin, Chun-Chi Lai, Kuo-Hsien Hsia, Chin-Sheng Chen
The state of the art of mobile robot path planning is composed with global planner and local planner. For example, the global planner majorly establishes a suitable path from a knowing map based on the shortest path. And the local planner which computes the velocity command that includes obstacle clearance...
Research Article

Ocean Current Velocity Measuring Device Based on Acoustic Time Difference Current Meter

Jichao Zhao, Fengzhi Dai, Xin Ma, Fengkun Wang
Ocean current refers to the relatively stable flow of the surface water of the ocean in a certain direction, and is the main regulator of the thermal environment on the surface of the earth. At present, the ocean current velocity detection at sea is basically a field measurement by a staff member in...
Research Article

A Tactile Sense Centered Virtual Reality game by using Biometric feedback

Yasuhiro Suzuki
We construct a Virtual Reality, VR system centered on the tactile sensation. Tactile sensation has a more significant effect on sensibility than audiovisual. Therefore, if tactile sensation and audiovisual sense are combined, we can create “virtual presence” in the VR space. In this system, a user’s...
Research Article

Proposal of an Algorithm to Generate VDM++ Specification Based on its Grammar by Using Word Lists Extracted from the Natural Language Specification

Tetsuro Katayama, Yasuhiro Shigyo, Yoshihiro Kita, Hisaaki Yamaba, Kentaro Aburada, Naonobu Okazaki
The natural language includes ambiguous expressions. Vienna Development Method (VDM) is one of methodology on the formal methods to write the specification without ambiguity. Because VDM++ is written by strict grammar, it is difficult to write a VDM++ specification. This research attempts to generate...
Research Article

Geometric Measurement Based on the Single Image with a Rectangular Structure

Jiwu Wang, Bo Dai
Image-based geometric measurement is getting more attention in machine vision field due to its contact-less and low-cost characteristics. Here the measurement of single image with the rectangular structure is studied, in which only one side length of the rectangle is known, and the coordinates of points...
Research Article

Software Modeling Technique and its Prototype Tool for Behavior of Multiple Objects Using Extended Place/Transition Nets with Attributed Tokens

Tomohiko Takagi, Ryo Kurozumi
This paper shows Extended Place/transition Net with Attributed Tokens (EPNAT) and a modeling technique using it in order to address the problem of EPN. In software modeling using EPN, objects of which the software consists need to be defined individually as sub-EPN models, even if they have the same...
Research Article

Measuring Efficiencies of Michinoeki using DEA Model in Yamaguchi Area

Tsutomu Ito, Minoru Kumano, Takao Ito
Identifying the key determinants of Michinoeki and assessing its impact on efficiency is considered as an urgent issue. Accordingly, this paper proposed a new approach to calculate the efficiency using DEA model after determining the significant factors using a regression model. The data were collected...
Research Article

Detection Algorithm of Porosity Defect on Surface of Micro-precision Glass Encapsulated Electrical Connectors

Qunpo Liu, Manli Wang, Gaowei Wang, Ruxin Gao, Naohiko Hanajima
A miniature precision glass encapsulated electrical connectors introduced by glass powder and metal wires through a special complicated process. Aiming at the porosity defects on the surface, a defect detection algorithm propose based on threshold segmentation and feature extraction. Pre-operation, global...
Research Article

Self-repairing Control against Actuator Failures Using a Spiking Neuron Model

Masanori Takahashi
This paper presents a new Self-repairing Control System (SRCS) for plants with actuator failures. The proposed SRCS uses the well-known Izhikevich spiking neuron model as a fault detector. When the actuator fails, the neuron model is excited and then spikes occur. Thus, counting up spikes makes it possible...
Research Article

Estimation of Self-Posture of a Pedestrian Using MY VISION Based on Depth and Motion Network

Joo Kooi Tan, Tomoyuki Kurosaki
A system is proposed that performs gait analysis of a pedestrian to improve a walk posture and at the same time to prevent fall. In the system, a user walks with a chest-mounted camera. His/her walking posture is estimated using a pair of images obtained from the camera. Normally it is difficult to estimate...
Research Article

Simulation of SPWM Fed Three-phase Induction Motor Drive Mathematical Model Using MATLAB Simulink

Amir Rasyadan, Sazali bin Yaacob, Pranesh Krishnan, Mohamed Rizon, Chun Kit Ang
Three-phase induction motors are used in a vast area of applications mainly due to their simplicity, ruggedness and high reliability. With recent advancement in semiconductor technologies, the use of fixed speed induction motor drive is becoming obsolete, majority of the applications now requires inverter-based...
Research Article

A Study of Applying Computer-assisted Language Learning to English Course for Junior College Students in Taiwan

Shu-Hua Huang, I-Hsien Liu
This study aims to explore the impact of the integration of computer-assisted language learning into traditional face-to-face English course on the learning effectiveness at Junior college in Taiwan. To achieve the above purpose, this study adopts the pre-experimental design with one-group pretest–posttest...

Editor's Preface

Masanori Sugisaka
Pages: 1 - 1
Research Article

Analysis of Asymmetric Mutation Model in Random Local Search

Hiroshi Furutani, Makoto Sakamoto, Yifei Du, Kenji Aoki
Pages: 1 - 4
In a standard Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs), one uses the same rate for mutations from bit 1 to bit 0 and its reverse direction. There are many reports that the asymmetric mutation model is a very powerful strategy in EAs to obtain better solutions more efficiently. In this paper, we report stochastic...
Research Article

An accurate method for the extraction of line structured light stripe

Jiwu Wang, Yaodong Li, Zhijing Jian, Masanori Sugisaka
Pages: 1 - 4
In order to improve the accuracy in the On-line measurement of rail profile with a line structured light based on machine vision, the accurate extraction of a structured light stripe is a necessary and key step. An accurate extraction method is proposed for the structural light stripe in practical applications....
Research Article

Undershoot Reduction in Discrete-Time ADRC of NMP Plant by Parameters Optimization

Tong Wu, Weicun Zhang
Pages: 1 - 4
Undershoot phenomena caused by unstable zeros of non-minimum-phase (NMP) plant is difficult to deal with in active disturbance rejection control (ADRC). This paper proposes a new method to reduce undershoot by optimizing the controller parameters of discrete-time ADRC system. Simulation results are given...
Research Article

An Analysis on Commercial Film Techniques and Effects Using Positive Factors of Evaluation Database System

Yoji Kawamura
Pages: 1 - 6
This study aims to systematically shed light on what kind of effects are brought about by the film techniques in individual commercial messages. Based on audiovisual experiments, with positive factors as the evaluation index, we considered what could be analyzed from film techniques and their effects....
Research Article

Design and Application of Intelligent Networking Integration System with CANopen Protocol for Tool Machine Production Line

Chau-Chung Song, Yu-Wei Ho, Yu-Kai Chen, Chung-Wen Hung
Pages: 1 - 6
In this paper, the intelligent networking integration system is designed and constructed by applying the Controller Area Network (CAN)open profiles as communication protocol for tool machine production line. While the basic network management and data transmission is followed by the dictionary objects...
Research Article

Optimal Hohmann-Type Impulsive Ellipse-to-Ellipse Coplanar Rendezvous

Xiwen Tian, Yingmin Jia
Pages: 1 - 5
This paper devotes to the problem of ellipse-to-ellipse coplanar rendezvous, where the solution and distribution of Hohmann-type optimal impulsive rendezvous are investigated. The analytical relation between the initial states and rendezvous time are derived for Hohmann-type, and the optimal impulse...
Research Article

Anomaly Stop Detection by Smartphone

Viet Chau Dang, Masao Kubo, Hiroshi Sato, Tomohiro Shirakawa, Akira Namatame
Pages: 2 - 6
This paper proposes a method for detecting anomaly stop events from GPS logs of a vehicle recorded by smartphone. Despite of many researches of strong braking event detection are proposed, they cannot discriminate between a normal and an abnormal braking event. Our proposal includes an IMAC model for...
Research Article

Action recognition based on binocular vision

Yiwei Ru, Hongyue Du, Shuxiao Li, Hongxing Chang
Pages: 5 - 9
Aimed at the problem that the recognition accuracy of the monocular camera is low, we propose a binocular vision recognition algorithm for action recognition based on HART-Net(Human action recognition networks).Firstly, the left and right views obtained by the binocular camera are matched to obtain the...
Research Article

Evaluation of a safety map generated from a collection of difference of Individuals

Masao Kubo, Viet Chau Dan, Hiroshi Sato, Akira Namatame
Pages: 5 - 8
In this paper, a method to generate traffic safety maps automatically from a collection of GPS logs of a drivers' smartphone. So far methods that residents can update their traffic environment better by their opinion are required for. The proposed method which uses a collection of individual summary...
Research Article

Facial Expression Recognition Using Facial Expression Intensity Characteristics of Thermal Image

Yasunari Yoshitomi, Taro Asada, Ryota Kato, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 5 - 8
To develop a robot that understands human feeling, we propose a method for recognizing facial expressions. A video was analyzed by thermal image processing and the feature parameter of facial expression, which was extracted in the area of the mouth and jaw by a two-dimensional discrete cosine transform....
Research Article

Natural Computing Paradigm • A Concise Introduction

Takashi Yokomori
Pages: 6 - 9
Natural computing (NC) is an emerging area of research that investigates computing techniques and models inspired by nature on one hand, and it also investigates phenomena taking place in nature in terms of computational methodologies on the other hand. Thus, research in NC congenitally has interdisciplinary...
Research Article

Method of Facial Expression Analysis Using Video Phone and Thermal Image

Yasunari Yoshitomi, Taro Asada, Ryota Kato, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 7 - 11
To improve the quality of life of elderly people living in a home or healthcare facility, especially in a rural area, we have been developing a method for analyzing the facial expressions of a person using a video phone system (Skype) to speak with another person. In the present study, we proposed a...
Research Article

Real-Time System for Horizontal Asymmetry Analysis on Facial Expression and its Visualization

Ryoichi Shimada, Taro Asada, Yasunari Yoshitomi, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 7 - 11
We report on the development of a real-time system for facial expression horizontal asymmetry analysis and visualization. In this system, the image signal input from a webcam is analyzed using OpenCV, and feature parameters (facial expression intensity) are measured separately for the left and right...
Research Article

Research on a Bridgeless Interleaved PFC Boost Converter with Voltage Doubler Feature

Chih-Chiang Hua, Ching-Chun Chuang, Hung-Chi Lee, Chih-Wei Chuang, Chuan-Ming Niu
Pages: 7 - 11
A current-fed bridgeless interleaved power factor correction rectifier with voltage-doubler characteristic is proposed for a hybrid electric vehicle charging system. The simulated efficiencies, Total current Harmonics current Distortion (THDi), and Power Factor (PF) for the bridgeless interleaved Power...
Research Article

Prototype of a Supporting Tool to Generate Testing Communication Diagram

Tetsuro Katayama, Seiya Urata, Yohei Ogata, Yoshihiro Kita, Hisaaki Yamaba, Kentaro Aburada, Naonobu Okazaki
Pages: 9 - 12
This research has implemented a prototype of a supporting tool to generate testing communication diagram. The testing communication diagram helps a developer to understand where the software system is tested by a large quantity of test cases written in text, and it is generated by adding the information...
Research Article

Feature Acquisition From Facial Expression Image Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Taiki Nishime, Satoshi Endo, Koji Yamada, Naruaki Toma, Yuhei Akamine
Pages: 9 - 12
In this study, we carried out the facial expression recognition from facial expression dataset using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). In addition, we analyzed intermediate outputs of CNN. As a result, we have obtained a emotion recognition score of about 58%; two emotions (Happiness, Surprise) recognition...
Research Article

Leader-follower Formation Control of Mobile Robots with Sliding Mode

Wenhao Zheng, Yingmin Jia
Pages: 10 - 13
This paper considers the formation control of nonholonomic mobile robots. The formation problem is converted to the error model based on the leader-follower structure. A sliding mode controller, which is proved to be globally finite-time stable by Lyapunov stability theory, is presented in this study....
Research Article

Advanced Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition, Principal Component Analysis and Probabilistic Neural Network

Caixia Gao, Tong Wu, Ziyi Fu
Pages: 10 - 14
Aiming at the problem that the vibration signal of the incipient fault is weak, an automatic and intelligent fault diagnosis algorithm combined with ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD), principal component analysis (PCA) and probabilistic neural network (PNN) is proposed for rolling bearing...
Research Article

Variable-poled Tracking Control of a Two-wheeled Mobile Robot Using Differential Flatness

Liming Chen, Yingmin Jia
Pages: 12 - 16
This paper investigates the tracking control of a two-wheeled mobile robot in both kinematic and dynamic models. Differential flatness and PD-spectral theory are used for controller design. Based on differential flatness, the original system is transformed via a state prolongation and a state transformation...
Research Article

Research of the Control Strategy of VIENNA Rectifier Circuit based on the Vector Control

Fengzhi Dai, Yuxuan Zhu, Di Yin, Yasheng Yuan
Pages: 12 - 15
This paper analyzes the working principle of VIENNA rectifier and establishes the transformation model of rectifier in three different mathematical coordinate systems. First is to obtain the control structure of the converter, which is a double closed loop control structure (the voltage is the outer...
Research Article

A New Machine Learning Algorithm for Weather Visibility and Food Recognition

Young Im Cho, Akmaljon Palvanov
Pages: 12 - 17
Due to the recent improvement in computer performance and computational tools, deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have been established as powerful class of models in various problems such as image classification, recognition, and object detection. In this study, we address two fundamentally dissimilar...
Research Article

Disrupting the Industry with Play

Henrik Hautop Lund
Pages: 13 - 16
Decades of research into intelligent, playful technology and user-friendly man-machine interfaces has provided important insight into the creation of robotic systems and intelligent interactive systems which are much more user-friendly, safer and cheaper than what appeared possible merely a decade or...
Research Article

Attitude Reorientation of Spacecraft with Attitude Forbidden Zones

Xuhui Lu, Yingmin Jia
Pages: 13 - 16
This paper investigates an attitude reorientation control scheme of spacecraft, considering attitude forbidden zone and external disturbances. A novel potential barrier function is proposed with an attitude constraint term and a dynamical scaling term. Here the dynamical scaling term is synthesized with...
Research Article

Design of a Data-Oriented Kansei Feedback Control System

Takuya Kinoshita, Toru Yamamoto
Pages: 14 - 17
In the development of the aging society, it is important for patients with hemiplegia to introduce adaptive welfare equipment. However, it is difficult to determine the suitable reference signal for each person. In this study, the design of a data-oriented cascade control system based on Kansei is proposed....
Research Article

A Comparative Study on the Delisting Ratings of Firms from the UN Global Compact in the International Management Environment

Kanako Negishi
Pages: 15 - 18
This study clarifies unique characteristics of Japanese manufacturing firms in the international business management environment using the United Nations Global Compact delisting ratio through a comparative study on Japan, China, Spain, and the US. Analyzing the number of countries and delisting ratios...
Research Article

Evaluation of the Relationships between Saliency Maps and Keypoints

Ryuugo Mochizuki, Kazuo Ishii
Pages: 16 - 21
The saliency map is proposed by Itti et al., to represent the conspicuity or saliency in the visual field and to guide the selection of attended locations based on the spatial distribution of saliency, which works as the trigger of bottom-up attention. If a certain location in the visual field is sufficiently...
Research Article

Medical Image Analysis of Brain X-ray CT Images By Deep GMDH-Type Neural Network

Tadashi Kondo, Junji Ueno, Shoichiro Takao
Pages: 17 - 23
The deep Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)-type neural network is applied to the medical image analysis of brain X-ray CT image. In this algorithm, the deep neural network architectures which have many hidden layers and fit the complexity of the nonlinear systems, are automatically organized using...
Research Article

Postural Sway Response to Local Vibratory Stimulation in Young, Middle-aged and Elderly People in Standing Position

Ayaka Yamada, Eishi Nakamura, Noritaka Sato, Yoshifumi Morita, Tadashi Ito, Yoshihito Sakai, Kazunori Yamazaki
Pages: 17 - 21
We investigated the postural sway in response to local vibratory stimulation applied to young, middle-aged and elderly people in the standing position. For this purpose we developed a variable-frequency vibratory stimulation device and measured the postural sway using a gravicorder. As a result, when...
Research Article

Intelligent mechanisms in E. coli in processing carbon sources

Zhongyuan Tian, Hiroshi Matsuno
Pages: 17 - 21
E. coli is “wise” enough to take suitable responding time, and suitable responding behaviors, when facing different kinds and intensities of stimulations. In a network of glycogen metabolism, a shorter time stimuli result in the post translation level reactions for quicker response, and a longer time...
Research Article

Exercise classification using CNN with image frames produced from time-series motion data

Hajime Itoh, Naohiko Hanajima, Yohei Muraoka, Makoto Ohata, Masato Mizukami, Yoshinori Fujihira
Pages: 18 - 21
Exercise support systems for the elderly have been developed and some were equipped with a motion sensor to evaluate their exercise motion. Normally, it provides three-dimensional time-series data of over 20 joints. In this study, we propose to apply Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) methodology to...
Research Article

Development of Dam Inspection Underwater Robot

Hiroyasu Hirai, Kazuo Ishii
Pages: 18 - 22
The maintenances of social infrastructures such as dams and bridges are important subjects. The older the infrastructure becomes, the more need there is for effective inspection methods. In the inspection of the underwater dam structure, divers can be used, but the inspection result is insufficient....
Research Article

Parameter Optimization with Input/Output Data via DE for Adaptive Control System with Neural Network

Taro Takagi, Ikuro Mizumoto
Pages: 19 - 22
In this paper, adaptive control system with neural network (NN) will be designed. At the beginning, parallel feedforward compensator (PFC) will be designed by using one-shot experimental data of controlled system via differential evolution (DE). From the obtained PFC and the ideal almost strictly positive...
Research Article

A Human Reaching Movement Model for Myoelectric Prosthesis Control

Go Nakamura, Taro Shibanoki, Yuichiro Honda, Akito Masuda, Futoshi Mizobe, Takaaki Chin, Toshio Tsuji
Pages: 22 - 27
This paper proposes a reaching movement model for the generation of desired trajectories within a myoelectric prosthesis training system. First, an experiment was performed to observe reaching movements with a non-impaired subject and a myoelectric prosthesis user. Reaching movements made by the prosthesis...
Research Article

Playware Research – Methodological Considerations

Henrik Hautop Lund
Pages: 22 - 26
Several sub-disciplines of engineering are driven by the researchers’ aim of providing positive change to the society through their engineering. These researchers are challenged by the traditional research method of experimental research with a waterfall model which demands clearly defined project definition...
Research Article

Error Recovery of Pick-and-Place Tasks in Consideration of Reusability of Planning

Akira Nakamura, Kazuyuki Nagata, Kensuke Harada, Natsuki Yamanobe
Pages: 22 - 25
Error recovery in robotic tasks is explored to enable robots to be used for complicated tasks. The authors’ error recovery processes make use of the concepts of both task stratification and error classification. In this paper, the reusability of planning in error recovery is verified by using the typical...