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Research Article

Call for Awareness: ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Presentation is Delayed more than What We Expect

Owayed Al Shammeri, Hala El-Saka, Bushra E. Al-Hutahly, Alaa E. Abd Elmoniem
Background: ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) therapy in Saudi Arabia may have particular limitations because of geographic limitations, human resource distribution, and lack of an effective first response system. The aim of this study is to investigate the effective age of STEMI in...
Short Communication

Dexamethasone as a Treatment of COVID-19

Abdullah Alkattan, Mahmoud Kandeel
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 is the causative agent of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), one of the fatal pandemic diseases in the 20th and 21st centuries. Given the absence of definitive treatment, computational and clinical repurposing of drugs was practiced to combat this disease....
Case Report

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Associated with COVID-19 in Pediatrics: A Case Report in Saudi Arabia

Rola A. Sleiman, Waleed A. Okash, Abdulaziz S. Alruwaili, Dareen A. Elkhateeb, Ammar Youcef, Reham Harb
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) affects more adults than children worldwide, and infected children have low mortality rates; however, COVID-19 can be complicated by an inflammatory Kawasaki-like syndrome called multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19 (MIS-C). We report a case of...
Case Report

Unusual Presentation of Influenza B Virus in a Neonate

Abdulrahman Al Zahrani, Ehab M. Hantash, M. Abdoun, Syeda Naqvi
The presentation of neonatal influenza B in neonates can vary from a mild self-limited disease to acute presentation carrying high morbidity and mortality. This report describes one case of influenza B in a neonate who presented with severe respiratory distress syndrome and acute renal failure.
Case Report

Tuberculous Meningitis in an Immunocompetent Host: A Diagnostic Challenge

Hussein Algahtani, Bader Shirah, Nawal Abdelghaffar, Abdulrahman J. Alqahtani, Mohammad Alshehri
Tuberculosis is a major global public health problem, which poses significant diagnostic and treatment challenges. Tuberculous meningitis is the most severe form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, which approximately affects 1% of all patients with active tuberculosis. It is considered a medical emergency...
Research Article

Reducing Unnecessary Brain Computed Tomography Scan in a Tertiary Center

M. Abdoun, Abdelmoneim Mahgoub, J. Motwali
Brain Computed Tomography (CT) is routinely requested before Lumbar Puncture (LP) to rule out increased intracranial pressure. However, normal brain radiography does not abate the risk of herniation and unnecessarily delays the course of treatment. Thus, the primary aims of this study were to evaluate...
Research Article

Determinants of Generalized Anxiety, Depression, and Subjective Sleep Quality among University Students during COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh

Taufiq-E-Ahmed Shovo, Benojir Ahammed, Bayezid Khan, Nusrat Jahan, Tunvir Ahamed Shohel, Tanvir Hossain, Nazrul Islam
The aim of this study was to determine the risk factors associated with generalized anxiety, depression, and subjective sleep quality among university students during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in Bangladesh. Data for this web-based cross-sectional study were collected from 1317...
Research Article

Conversation with Diabetic Mellitus II Patients: A Grounded Theory Research

Pir Bux Jokhio, Shazia Sultan, Shahida Yaseen Khan, Ghulam Abbas Panhwar, Musrat Fatima, Muhammad Yousif Bhatti
The main purpose of this grounded theory research was to explore Diabetic Patients’ (DPs) experiences related to their chronic illness in the light of the Health Belief Model (HBM). Diabetic mellitus II is a grave public health concern, and its management is the cornerstone to avoid life-threatening...
Review Article

Comparing the Sub-Vastus and Medial Parapatellar Approaches in Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Meta-Analysis of Short-Term Outcomes

Mohamed T.S. Sukeik, Mohammad Zain Sohail, Fahad Siddique Hossain, Sattar AlShryda, James Powell
Proponents of the Sub-Vastus (SV) approach in primary Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) claim superior extensor mechanism function which results in earlier recovery after surgery. We performed a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials comparing the SV and standard Medial Parapatellar (MPP) approaches...
Case Report

Unusual Presentation of Congenital Ileal Stenosis in a Neonate

Ehab M. Hantash, Syeda Naqvi, M. Abdoun, Ibrahim Sbou, Abdulrahman Al Zahrani
The presentation of congenital intestinal stenosis in neonates can vary from mild intermittent feeding intolerance resulting in difficulty of clinical judgment to profound obstruction. This report describes one case of ileal stenosis whose radiological investigations were not favoring intestinal obstruction...
Review Article

Is a History of Type 1 Allergic Diseases Associated with the Risk of Developing Multiple Sclerosis?

Abdulrahman Alfawzan, Saeed Alshahrani, Ahmad Alswaidan, Ala Alkharaan, Hayyaf Aldossary, Awad Almuklass
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder affecting the central nervous system, characterized by demyelination of the neurons with limited remyelination. There has been a rising trend toward associating a history of allergy with MS. Both MS and type 1 allergies are developed by a hyper-reactive...
Case Report

Delayed Posttraumatic Tension Pneumocephalus: A Rare Case Report and Review of the Literature

Tawfiq Abdulmohsen Almezeiny, Mody Abdulrahman Almarshad
Pages: 1 - 3
Pneumocephalus (PNC) is defined as a pathological air collection inside the skull in the epidural, subdural, subarachnoid, intraventricular, or intraparenchymal compartments. The rate at which the air accumulates inside the cranium could be acute (<72 h) or delayed (≥72 h). Tension PNC (TP) occurs when...
Review Article

Essential Diagnostics: A Key Element of Universal Health Coverage

Madhukar Pai, Mikashmi Kohli
Pages: 3 - 7
Good primary care is an essential precondition for a decent healthcare system. In fact, primary health care is at the heart of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). UHC, in turn, is critical to achieve the sustainable development goals. While access to essential medicines is explicit in UHC, access to essential...
Review Article

Growth Hormone Therapy for Paediatric Growth Disorders: The Past, Present, and Future

Martin O. Savage, Abdullah Alherbish
Pages: 4 - 9
Abnormal pituitary function was linked to excessive height and acromegaly in the late 19th century. Harvey Cushing proposed a pituitary substance that regulated human linear growth. Chemical characterization of the Growth Hormone (GH) molecule by Li led to a demonstration of its species specificity with...
Case Report

A Large Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Pleura Associated with Massive Pleural Effusion: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Hussein Ahmed Lateef, Mutaz I.K. Fakhry Al-Khateeb
Pages: 8 - 11
Solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura (SFTP) is one of those rare thoracic tumors, especially large tumors occupying most of the thoracic cavity. We report a case of a 45-year-old female who presented with progressive shortness of breath, cough, and palpitation with minimal exertion. The patient was diagnosed...
Research Article

School-based Cross-sectional Survey on Soil-transmitted Helminths in Rural Schools of Kogi East, Nigeria

Clement Ameh Yaro, Ezekiel Kogi, Sodangi Abdulkarim Luka, Junaidu Kabir
Pages: 10 - 19
This study was undertaken to investigate the status of Soil-transmitted Helminths (STHs) in rural schools of Kogi East, Nigeria. The study was cross-sectional using stratified random cluster sampling procedure. Stool specimens were collected in a sterile specimen bottle from school pupils in five (5)...
Research Article

Prevalence of Intensive-care-unit-acquired Thrombocytopenia in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Sudan

Sara Rahama, Kamal Mirghani, Mustafa Hussein, Sami Menasri
Pages: 12 - 15
Thrombocytopenia is a common finding in patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This can be attributed to the wide spectrum of comorbidities that affect homeostasis in these patients. The aim of this study was to estimate the frequency of thrombocytopenia among patients admitted to the medical...
Research Article

Neonatal Mortality in a Tertiary Care Private Set Up in Saudi Arabia

Sajjad Ur Rahman, Muhammad Hasan Abdulghani, Khalid Al Faleh, Jasim Anabrees, Mohammad Khalil, Konstantinos Mousafeiris, Mustafa Mohammad Mustafa, Maha Yassin Mansour, Adnan Mirza, Mohammad Mubarak, Mohamed Kamal
Pages: 16 - 19
To ascertain Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR), Early NMR (ENMR), Late NMR (LNMR), Corrected NMR (cNMR), and causes of neonatal mortality in a major tertiary care private maternity and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) set up in Saudi Arabia. This was a retrospective analysis of hospital data. We ascertained...
Research Article

Determination of Bacteria associated with Urinary Catheters from Patients Suffering from Urinary Tract Infections

Mohammed Bashir, Abubakar Babajo Umar, Mohammed Bilyaminu
Pages: 20 - 23
Urinary catheters act as a reservoir of resistant pathogens. Several factors (type, duration, procedural mistakes during insertion of catheter, associated diseases of patients, etc.) are responsible for the different catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) rates in different healthcare setups....

“Clean Care for All – It’s in Your Hands”: the May 5, 2019 World Health Organization “SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands” Campaign

Alexandra Peters, Tcheun Borzykowski, Ermira Tartari, Claire Kilpatrick, Safiah Hwai Chuen Mai, Benedetta Allegranzi, Didier Pittet
Pages: 21 - 22
Review Article

Prospects for the Management of Sepsis in an Era of Personalised Medicine

Jonathan Cohen
Pages: 23 - 26
Sepsis remains an unmet medical need, and sustained attempts by intensivists have indeed yielded an incremental improvement in outcomes. However, despite many attempts to introduce novel therapeutic molecules, there has been no step change in survival rates. Precision (or personalised) medicine (PM)...
Research Article

Awareness of Lebanese Pharmacists towards the Use and Misuse of Gabapentinoids and Tramadol: A Cross-sectional Survey

Farah Tarhini, Reem Taky, Lynne H. Jaffal, Jinan Kresht, Gaelle El-Chaer, Sanaa Awada, Nathalie Lahoud, Dalia Khachman
Pages: 24 - 30
Community pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals. Recently, the increasing trend of tramadol and gabapentinoids prescription has become a global problem, with a high risk of misuse and abuse. This study mainly assessed the knowledge and practice of Lebanese pharmacists regarding...
Case Report

Liver Abscess in a Term Baby: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Sajjad Ur Rahman, Abid Ghalib, Muhammad Hasan Abdulghani, Abdullah Jan
Pages: 27 - 29
Neonatal sepsis is common; particularly in preterm babies. However, it is uncommon for neonatal sepsis to present as localized liver abscess. Since 1930, less than 150 cases of liver abscess have been reported in the literature. The majority of initially reported cases were in term babies; while over...
Research Article

Intensive Care Unit Patients’ Perception of Sleep Quality and Factors of Sleep Disruption: Cross-sectional Study

Abbas Al Mutair, Abbas Shamsan, Adel AlFaqiri, Awad Al-Omari
Pages: 30 - 35
This study aimed to identify the etiologies of sleep deprivation among patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Sleep deprivation is a common problem that patients face while they are in the ICU. Poor sleep quality has several consequences such as weakening the immune system, irregular sleep cycle,...
Case Report

Unusual Presentations of Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Salah Ahmed, Fatima Babiker, Areej Elshafie, Mogbil Alhedaithy, Omer Elfarouq Yousif, Maher Toulaymat
Pages: 33 - 37
Schistosomiasis is a common parasitic infestation that affects 200 million people worldwide. There are more than 76 endemic countries that suffer from this infestation, leading to 200,000 deaths annually. Intestinal schistosomiasis is known to cause a variety of serious gastrointestinal complications....
Research Article

Prevalence of Nonadherence to Antihypertensive Medications among Adults Attending Primary Healthcare Clinics in Al-Hasa Region: A Cross-Sectional Study

Abdulrahim M. Alkhamis, Abdulkhaliq J. Alsalman, Mohammed Al Khamis, Abdullah Alkhamis, Nawaf M. Alotaibi
Pages: 36 - 43
To assess the prevalence of nonadherence to antihypertensive medications among adults attending Primary Healthcare Clinics (PHCs) in Al-Hasa Region. This cross-sectional study included participants from a variety of clinics in the region and each of them had been interviewed to complete the questionnaire....
Research Article

Knowledge, Attitude, and Testing of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection among 15- to 49-year-old Women in Sudan: An Analysis of the United Nations Children’s Fund-Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey

Sagad Omer Obeid Mohamed, Hajir Mohamed Attaalmanan Ali, Esraa Abdeldaiem Mohamedien Ali, Samia Ali Mohammed Mustafa, Sana Hassan Mohamad Hassan, Thweaba Hassan Salih Omer, Fatima Ammar Hamed Suliman
Pages: 38 - 42
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection is a major public health challenge worldwide. Evidence suggests that health-related behaviours are affected by the knowledge, attitude, and practice of individuals. The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge, attitude, and testing of HIV infection,...
Research Article

Insulin-like Growth Factor Administration Stimulates Wound Healing on Colonic Anastomosis in Hypoxic Rat Model

Khayal Al-Khayal, Alanoud Saad AlWesaimer, Maha Abdulla, Rehan Ahmad
Pages: 43 - 50
Objective: Intestinal anastomosis is among the most commonly performed major abdominal procedures; however, leaks are an ongoing problem. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) on colonic healing under hypoxia. Methods: Thirty-two Sprague–Dawley male...

Combating Open Defecation through Community-led Sanitation

Dandabathula Giribabu, Pankaj Bharadwaj, Rutvik Sitiraju, Mithilesh Burra, Peddineni Prasada Rao, Chintala Sudhakar Reddy
Pages: 45 - 51
This article discusses how the practice of open defecation influences the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations (UN) and accepted by all countries. Unfortunately, the practice of open defecation still exists. Public health is at stake because open defecation enables transmission...
Research Article

Daytime Sleepiness and Sleep Quality among Undergraduate Medical Students in Sialkot, Pakistan

Noreen Maqbool Bokhari, Mubashir Zafar
Pages: 51 - 55
Background/Objective: Daytime sleepiness and poor sleep quality are common among medical students, and are expected to affect their academic performance. The common problems are duration of sleep, delayed onset of sleep, and daytime sleepiness. The objective of this study is to determine the prevalence...

Strengthening Mortality Statistics for Health Programs in Malaysia: Lessons from the Field

Chalapati Rao, Mohammad Azahadi Omar, Shubash Shander Ganapathy, Nor Saleha Ibrahim Tamin
Pages: 52 - 54
Reliable information on causes of death is essential for an evidence-based health policy. There is a challenge in ascertaining the cause for deaths occurring without medical attention. This has been a persistent problem for Malaysia, where 50% of deaths are registered as “nonmedically certified” deaths...
Research Article

Self-medication Practices and Knowledge among Lebanese Population: A Cross-sectional Study

Sanaa Awada, Batoul Diab, Dalia Khachman, Rouba K. Zeidan, Helene Slim, Salam Zein, Amal Al-Hajje, Jinan Kresht, Souheir Ballout, Samar Rachidi
Pages: 56 - 64
Self-medication (SM), practiced globally, is an important public health problem. This is the first study aiming to determine the prevalence of inappropriate usage of drugs among Lebanese patients, assess their knowledge, and identify predicting factors of potentially inappropriate drug intake. This cross-sectional...
Review Article

Retinopathy of Prematurity—A Brief Review

Saba Al Rashaed
Pages: 58 - 64
Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) is a proliferative retinal vascular disease affecting the retina of premature infants and is considered the major cause of blindness in children and the most common cause of retinal vasculopathy in premature and in low-birth-weight infants. The clinical spectrum of ROP...
Research Article

Perception of Students about E-learning: A Single-center Experience from Saudi Arabia

Hussein Algahtani, Bader Shirah, Ahmad Subahi, Ahmed Aldarmahi, Sabina Nisar Ahmed, Muhammad Anwar Khan
Pages: 65 - 71
Introduction: E-learning is the use of the internet and associated devices for educational purposes without geographical constraints. This study aims to assess the perception of students at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, about E-learning as a teaching...
Review Article

Tick-borne Encephalitis—Need to know for Professionals outside Endemic Areas

Robert Steffen
Pages: 65 - 69
Tick-borne Encephalitis (TBE) is an arboviral infection widespread in Europe and northern parts of Asia. Ticks transmit the associated flavivirus usually between March and November to people with outdoor activities in the countryside, in gardens or, rarely, in urban parks. The clinical picture of TBE...
Case Report

Sexual Ambiguity—A Social Predicament

Zair Hassan, Obaid Ullah, Waqar Ahmad Khan, Faheemullah Khan, Iftikhar Ali
Pages: 70 - 72
Among the diverse clinical manifestations of Disorders of Sex Development (DSD), the ambiguous look of genitalia is the most typical disorder. In this condition, the sex of the newborn cannot be readily differentiated because of atypical appearance of the external genitalia. Thus, the treatment of such...
Research Article

Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Patients Attending Tertiary Care Health Setting in Peshawar

Zair Hassan, Iftikhar Ali, Faheemullah Khan, Muhammad Shahbaz Khan
Pages: 72 - 75
Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is an X-linked disorder that mainly affects red blood cells resulting in its lysis manifesting as hemolytic anemia. The purpose of this study is to measure the burden of this genetic disorder in patients presenting to a tertiary care health setting...
Case Report

Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections: A Red Herring for Primary Appendiceal Carcinoma

Sanad Saad, Muhammad Umar Younis
Pages: 73 - 74
Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are a common issue in females owing mostly to the anatomy of their urinary tract. It can also hint at a pathology pertaining to the pelvic organs like tumors or infections that infiltrate the urinary bladder. We report the case of a 45-year-old woman who initially...
Case Report

Uncommon Cause of Endotracheal Tube Obstruction during Anesthesia Recovery

Sami Menasri, Mustafa Hussein
Pages: 75 - 76
Acute endotracheal tube (ETT) obstruction is not an uncommon event during surgery, but under certain circumstances, it can be life-threatening. It can arise for a variety of reasons. In this case study, we present an event of endotracheal tube obstruction in a pediatric surgery case during anesthesia...
Research Article

Current Status and Predictors of Patient Safety Culture in Hospitals of Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia

Ayed AlReshidi, Majeda Farajat, Tarek Ibrahim, Abdulaziz Alresheedi, Aliaa Elnefiely, Faisal Alforaih
Pages: 76 - 82
Background and Objectives: The emerging concept of safety culture has been increasingly recognized as an issue of global importance. Measuring the Patient Safety Culture (PSC) of healthcare facilities helps in highlighting areas requiring improvement as well as tracking changes over time. Our study aimed...
Case Report

Modification of the Superomedial Pedicle in Wise-pattern Breast Reduction: New Sling Suspension Technique to Prevent (Pseudo)ptosis

Martain Loonen, Adnan Tahir
Pages: 77 - 80
The combination of the superomedial pedicle with the traditional Wise-pattern skin resection has gained increasing popularity for its versatility and ability to achieve significant reduction of breast parenchyma and skin envelope. In this report, a reproducible new dermal suspension technique is described...
Case Report

Perforated Bowel after Obstruction in a Neonate with Milk Curd Syndrome following Ready to Feed Infant Formula

Sajjad Rahman, Ali Ghribi, Mohammad Hassan Alabdulghani, Moamen Taha Gad
Pages: 81 - 82
Milk Curd Syndrome (MCS) is a known iatrogenic disease and an unusual and uncommon cause of neonatal intestinal obstruction, particularly in premature babies. MCS is caused by feeding infant formula rich in calcium and fat. The disease is known for its morbidity and death rate particularly when the disorder...
Research Article

Perceptions and Satisfaction of Saudi Medical Students with Neurology Education: A National Exploratory Study

Raseel Abdulaziz Aljthalin, Raneem Abdulaziz Aljthalin, Arwa Suliman Aljagwani, Dareen Abdulelah Alanazi, Basel Abdullah Almeflh, Abdulrahman Obaid Alharbi
Pages: 83 - 87
Most medical students perceive neurology as a difficult subject. Therefore, this results in students developing neurophobia. This study aimed to provide a national data source on the perceptions and satisfaction of Saudi medical students with neurology education. In 2018, an exploratory cross-sectional...
Letter to Editor

COVID-19 Pandemic and Older People in Bangladesh

Md. Sazedur Rahman, Laila Afroze, Md. Saidur Rahman
Pages: 83 - 84

What Happens after the COVID-19 Crisis: Managing “Patient Surge” in Academic Breast Imaging Division

Afnan Fahd Almuhanna
Pages: 85 - 86
The first case of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was reported in the Eastern Province (Qatif City) on March 2, 2020 (Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, https://www.moh.gov.sa/Pages/Default.aspx). Since then, a cluster of cases continued to expand and spread throughout...
Case Report

Convalescent Plasma Therapy in First Four Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients in Kerala, India

Nisar Karekadavath, Shinas Babu Pullichola, E. Muhammed Afsal, Anitha S.P. Prabhu, Mansoor C. Abdulla, Shahul H. Ebrahim
Pages: 87 - 91
We describe the first four coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases in Kerala—the Indian state that reported the first COVID-19 case on January 30, 2020—who developed acute respiratory distress syndrome despite lopinavir/ritonavir and methyl prednisolone treatment. All four patients received convalescent...
Research Article

Outcomes of Guillain–Barré Syndrome Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Unit in Tertiary Care Hospital

Muhammad Ijaz, Faheemullah Khan, Muhammad Jaffar Khan, Asadullah Khan, Wiqar Ahmad, Iftikhar Ali
Pages: 88 - 94
Despite the availability of plasmapheresis and intravenous immunoglobulin, the mortality and long-term morbidity from Guillain–Barré Syndrome (GBS) remains significant. This study aimed to determine the short-term outcomes in patients with GBS admitted to an intensive care unit. A total of 27 patients...
Case Report

Neupogen (Filgrastim) Induced Acute Hematuria/Proteinuria with 3 Days of Use in a 7-Year-old Boy Diagnosed as Aplastic Anemia

Sohail Azam, Hassan Eliwan, Fatima Eltayeb Hago, Al Husein Mohammed Chyad Hammoudi
Pages: 92 - 94
Filgrastim, a granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF), is used in patients with neutropenia caused by chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, radiation poisoning, or any unknown etiology. It stimulates the bone marrow to increase the production of neutrophils. Although it has a good safety and efficacy...
Review Article

A Meta-analysis on Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease

Sagad Omer Obeid Mohamed, Fatima Abdelhakam Abdellatif MohamedElmugadam, Hiba Faroug Mohamed Awadalla, Abdalla Omer Obeid Mohamedali, Mansour Osman Alhaj Alawad, Ahmed Abdulgadir Noureddin, Afnan Abugundul Ahmed Osman, Esraa Mohamed Osman Mohamed, Gehad Abdelmonem Abdalla Ibrahim, Malaz Ahmed Osman Elsayed
Pages: 95 - 100
Vitamin D Deficiency (VDD) is reported to be more frequent with serious clinical outcomes in patients with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). There is a wide disparity in data in the existing literature regarding the prevalence and risk of VDD in patients with SCD. These data require further summary and analyses...
Research Article

Barriers to Faculty Development Program for Medical Education: Experience from Saudi Arabia

Hussein Algahtani, Bader Shirah, Ahmed Aldarmahi, Lana Alshawwa, Ara Tekian, John Norcini
Pages: 101 - 105
Background: Many factors may impede faculty development programs. These barriers can be categorized according to the source of their possible origin: faculty level and institutional level. It is of paramount importance to know these barriers to determine the appropriate ways to solve them so as to make...
Research Article

Lebanese Pharmacists’ Knowledge and Attitude toward Cannabis Medical Use Legality

Lynne H. Jaffal, Nathalie Lahoud, Salam Zein, Sanaa Awada, Dalia Khachman
Pages: 106 - 114
Medical cannabis legalization in Lebanon has been a controversial issue. No research has been done to study the aspects of knowledge and attitudes toward its prescription in Lebanon. The primary objective of this study was to assess the level of knowledge and attitude of Lebanese community pharmacists...
Research Article

National Burden of Cancers in Tunisia: A Disability Adjusted Life–year Approach

Houda Ben Ayed, Mohamed Hsairi, Sourour Yaich, Habib Feki, Jihene Jedidi, Raouf Karray, Mondher Kassis, Jamel Damak
Pages: 115 - 122
Cancer places a considerable burden on society that is reflected in both economic and humanitarian costs. We aimed to estimate the disease burden of cancers in Tunisia using the Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) as a health measure. We performed the methodology suggested in the Global Burden of...
Research Article

Effect of Carbamazepine and Sodium Valproate on Liver Enzymes of Epileptic Children

Abdelmoneim Mahgoub, M. Abdoun, Sohail Azam, Reham Babiker
Pages: 123 - 127
Carbamazepine and sodium valproate are one of the most common antiepileptic medications used in clinical practice. The period of treatment is commonly associated with benign alternation of the liver enzymes due to drug metabolism. Evaluation of asymptomatic enzymatic changes could be challenging to the...
Research Article

Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects of Scorpion Envenomation in Machacalis, Minas Gerais, Brazil, from 2016 to 2017

Dilceu Silveira Tolentino Júnior, Eliseu Miranda de Assis, Roberto Carlos de Oliveira, Arlanjo Bispo de Sousa Marques, Bruno Souza Farias, Jessé Medeiros Leandro, Lucas Silveira Paulo, Mácio Emílio Caldeira da Silva, Lízia Colares Vilela
Pages: 128 - 135
Scorpion envenomation is a serious public health problem in tropical regions due to its high frequency and severity. This research aimed to estimate the prevalence of human cases of scorpion stings reported at Cura D’ars Hospital, Machacalis, Brazil, between 2016 and 2017, in addition to identifying...
Short Communication

Risks of Simultaneous Coinfection of Dengue and COVID-19 in Bangladesh: Challenges and Recommendations

Md. Sahidur Rahman, Tazrina Rahman
Pages: 137 - 139
The current global Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is compounding on populations susceptible to tropical illnesses such as dengue in different developing countries such as Bangladesh. The growing concern is that Bangladesh is a dengue-endemic zone and the peak transmission occurs in the...
Case Report

The Long-term Outcome of Sleeve Gastrectomy in Managing Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Prader–Willi Syndrome Patients: A Case Series

Safa Eltahir, Mohammed Alzaid, Gawahir Mukhtar, Wadha Alotaibi
Pages: 140 - 143
Background: Prader–Willi syndrome (PWS) is a genetic disorder with multisystem involvement. Bariatric laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (SG) surgery has been proposed as a means of weight control in PWS patients. There is some controversy around sleeve gastrectomy as a management strategy in PWS to control...
Review Article

Human Soil-transmitted Helminths and Lung Infections: A Guide Review for Respiratory Therapists

Majed H.M. Wakid
Pages: 144 - 150
Soil-transmitted helminths are among the neglected tropical diseases, although some 1.5 billion individuals are affected. Traveling to endemic regions, global immigration, and increase of immunocompromised cases, in addition to other factors, have an influence on global susceptibility to these parasites....
Review Article

Systematic Review: Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Cancer Screening Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Demah AlAyadhi, Ghadah Alyousif, Afnan Alharbi, Zainab Alnjeidi, Ashraf El-Metwally
Pages: 151 - 161
Cancer is the second most frequent cause of death worldwide after ischemic heart disease. Early detection of cancer is a cornerstone of cancer survival. The aim of this review is to summarize the current knowledge, awareness, attitude, and practice of cancer screening programs in Saudi Arabia. A literature...
Research Article

Prevalence of Low Birth Weight in Urban Dhaka and its Association with Maternal Age and Socioeconomic Status

Razia Shaheen, Medha Roy, Aklima Anny, Nelufa Yeasmin Shova, Tasmia Hema
Pages: 162 - 166
Low Birth Weight (LBW) is a major risk factor for neonatal and infant mortality worldwide. In 2015, the LBW rate was 22.6% in Bangladesh. The present study was conducted to estimate the rate of LBW in urban Dhaka and to observe its association with maternal age and socioeconomic status. This retrospective...
Research Article

Comparison of Patient Satisfaction Level and its Various Determinants in Public and Private Hospitals in Peshawar

Muneeb Ullah Jan, Zair Hassan, Muhammad Shahbaz Khan, Rafi Ullah, Abuzar Siraj
Pages: 167 - 173
The satisfaction of the patients and its importance in modern medicine cannot be emphasized enough. It is a potential tool that can invariably give a look-in into the performance of a hospital itself and health professionals (either directly or indirectly). The purpose of this study was to evaluate patient...
Research Article

Patients’ Perception and Residents’ Self-evaluation of the Communication Skills of Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents

Abrar A. Qari, Muath M. Alswat, Bashayer S. Alharbi, Asma Khalil
Pages: 174 - 178
The objective of this study was to assess the patients’ perceptions of the communication skills of obstetrics and gynecology residents, highlighting areas where these skills could be improved, and comparing the patient perceptions with the residents’ self-evaluation. This was a cross-sectional study,...
Research Article

Perception toward Biosimilars and Nonmedical Switching: A Cross-sectional Survey among Arab Rheumatologists

Mohammed A. Omair, Humaid Al Wahshi, Jamal Al Saleh, Farida Al Balushi, Mostafa Zayed, Maha A. Omair, Eduardo Mysler
Pages: 179 - 185
Objective: The aim of this study is to assess the level of knowledge and acceptance for biosimilars and nonmedical switching in Arab rheumatologists. Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted during the Arab League Against Rheumatism conference using a structured questionnaire consisting of 17...
Research Article

Quality Improvement Project to Reduce Unnecessary Chest X-ray in a Tertiary Center

M. Abdoun, Reham Babiker, Abdelmoneim Mahgoub
Pages: 186 - 189
The proper diagnostic approach for acute bronchiolitis is one of the significant controversial aspects among clinicians in the pediatric field. The radiographic evaluation of the classic presentation has a limited role and may expose patients to unnecessary procedures. Despite the presence of evidence-based...
Research Article

The Re-emergence of a Forgotten Disease: Neurobrucellosis

Khaoula Rekik, Fatma Hammami, Makram Koubaa, Amal Chakroun, Fatma Smaoui, Emna Elleuch, Chakib Marrakchi, Mounir Ben Jemaa
Pages: 190 - 195
Brucellosis may present with a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations. Neurobrucellosis (NB), an uncommon but a serious complication, may occur at any stage of the disease. We aimed to evaluate the clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic, and evolutionary features of NB. We conducted a retrospective study...