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“No More Being Stuck” in Reading Literature: Effects of Reader Response Journal Project on EFL Teacher Trainees’ Literacy Engagement

Iskhak, Januarius Mujiyanto, Rudi Hartono
The study aims to explore the application of reader response journals to help EFL readers get out from the ‘being stuck condition’ in interpreting literary works. Underpinned by the interplay of Reader Response Theory, Socio-constructivism, and Critical Pedagogy, the study promotes EFL readers’ aesthetic...
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Effects of Gymnastic Methods and Flexibility on Reducing Body Fat of Arimbi Gymnastics Studio Members in Semarang

Eva Faridah, KS Soegiyanto, Nasuka, Sulaiman
Fats are a group of organic bonds consisting of elements Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O2), which have soluble properties in certain solvents (fat solvents) such as petroleum benzene, ether. Flexibility is the effectiveness of a person in adjusting himself to do all the activities of the body...
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Management Model of Education Funding Quality Assurance Based on National Standard Education Procedure

Tri Mulyani, Heri Yanto, Masrukhi, Wahyono
Management Model for Quality Assurance of Education Financing Based on National Education Standards Procedures. The problem of school financing in Central Java remains an obstacle. The main problem that needs immediate attention is the ability of schools to manage funds properly. We report the study...
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Politeness Strategies in Directive Speech Acts in a Short Movie “Mind Your Language”

Masitoh Oktavia, Warsono Warsono, L.B Dwi Anggani, Abdurrachman Faridi
The objective of the research is to recognize kind of politeness strategies, in directive speech acts in the short movie “Mind Your Language”. The method used in this research is a descriptive method using a qualitative approach that focuses on pragmatics. The data source is a script of “Mind Your Language”...
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The Sports Coaching Model Based on Youth as Rural Sports Activists

Boedi Siswanto, KS Soegiyanto, Sugiharto, Sulaiman
This study illustrates the use and the implementation of the sports coaching model based on youth as rural sports activists. The research design used a research and development from Borg and Gall that had been modified. The steps of research and development began with learning something that would be...
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Maintenance Method of Non-State Civil Worker Educational Staffs in Semarang Merchant Marine Polytechnic, Semarang

Nur Rohmah
In implementing organization, Semarang Merchant Marine Polytechnic (PIP Semarang) supported by educational staffs with State Civil Workers and non-State Civil Workers as their status. Educational staffs are staffs that have duty to plan and implementing administration, managing, developing, supervising,...
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Model of Pedagogical Competence Improvement in Lesson Plan

Tri Ani Hastuti, Soegiyanto, R Hari Amirullah, Setya Rahayu
The research aims to develop a model for improving pedagogical competence of teachers in physical education, sport, and health based on teaching materials. This development design generally has four stages namely; define, design, develop, and disseminate. Data source were taken from filling out questionnaire...
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Models of Pencaksilat Learning on Physical and Sport Education in Indonesia: A Meta-Analysis

Nur Rohmah Muktiani, Soegiyanto, Hari Amirullah Rachman, Setya Rahayu
The purpose of this research is to uncover and analyse various models of Pencaksilat learning in physical and sport education through scientific journal articles that have been published on national and international journals. The research is an analysis on analysis by breaking down some research findings...
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The Use of Fable Stories in Science Learning in Fifth Grade Elementary School

Tri Kusuma Danayanti, Mulyono Mulyono, M Asikin, Theresia Yunia Setyawan, Hidar Amaruddin
This study aims to determine the differences in science learning outcomes of fifth grade elementary school students in the use of fables on animal adaptation material to their environment. This research is a quasi-experimental research with a nonequivalent control group design. Sample in this study were...
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Probabilistic Thinking Ability of the Students of Mathematics Education Bachelor’s Degree in Terms of Their Cognitive Style

Abdul Taram, Sukestiyarno, Rochmad, Iwan Junaedi
Probabilistic thinking is one of the internal factors which are very influential towards the students’ ability. However, research regarding the probabilistic thinking has not been massively done. The students’ cognitive style, which is defined as the individual trend to retrieve, to process, to construct,...
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The Influence of Independent Learning and Structure Sense Ability on Mathematics Connection in Abstract Algebra

Junarti, YL. Sukestiyarno, Mulyono, Nur Karomah Dwidayati
This study aimed to reveal the influence of independent learning and structure sense ability on mathematics connection in abstract algebra through mentoring modules as an initial step to overcome the students’ difficulties in learning and to habituate students to recognize the structure sense and mathematics...
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Discursive Practices of Teaching-Learning Phase in the School Literacy Movement: Appraisal Analysis

Rama Dwika Herdiawan, Mursid Saleh, Warsono, Djoko Sutopo
Discursive practices lead to the interactants negotiating the attitudes in certain area particularly in the teaching and learning phase in which the students and teacher get interactive to each other. This is theoretically related to appraisal analysis which attempts to investigate how the students and...
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The Effect of Drill Exercise Against Speed Kick of Mawashi Geri on Karateka Extracurricular at SMP Negeri 4 of Palembang

Jujur Gunawan Manullang, Grace Kharisma Tambunan
This study aims to determine the effect of drill exercise methode against speed kick of mawashi geri karate Extracurricular’s students at SMP negeri 4 palembang. This research methode using experiments. The results of the hypothesis show that the pre-test and data post-test speed of mawashi geri the...
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Utilization of ICT Based on Learning Media to Improve Creativity and Early Children’s Age

Mohamad Miftah, Tri Joko Raharjo, Kamsidjo Budi Utomo, RC Achmad Rifai
Basically, each child has different creativity and talent. children’s creativity and talent emerge through; starting from birth, studying, and education. The elements contained in creativity and giftedness include; knowledge, imagination and evaluation. Media has various roles in learning activities....
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Ethnopedagogy Oriented Learning Model

Intan Indiati, Ani Rosilawati, Sarwi, Hartono, M Prayito
One of the visions of PGRI Semarang University is to have its identity, and to achieve the identity vision, character education is developed in integration with subjects. In addition, institution quality is developed by following the development of the higher education institution’s policies and the...
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Analysis and Tracing of the Problem Solving Process by Students in Advanced Calculus at UNNES

Emi Pujiastuti, Hardi Suyitno, Budi Waluya, Mulyono
There are five basic mathematical skills that must be mastered by students, namely the ability of problem solving, the ability of reasoning and evidence, the ability of mathematical communication, the mathematical connection ability, and the ability of representation. Researcher focus on the area of...
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Mathematical Translation of Verbal Representation to Symbol Representation: A Case Study in Prospective Teachers Having High Mathematical Ability

St Nizaruddin, Budi Waluyo, Rochmad, Isnarto
The purpose of this research is to describe the translational ability of verbal mathematical representation to symbols representation in prospective teachers who have high mathematical ability in solving mathematical problems. One student with high mathematical ability was chosen to be a research participant....
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Implementation of Three-Dimensional Video by Teacher of Extraordinary School Based on Joyful Learning

Sugiman, Hardi Suyitno, Dwijanto, Iwan Junaedi
The objectives to be achieved are: (1) improving teacher skills in mathematics learning in ES to be able to utilize the teaching aids in the form of the three dimensional videos; (2) improve the skills of ES teachers in developing of joyful learning assisted by three-dimensional video of teaching aids....
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Higher Order Thinking Skill and Creative Thinking on Mathematics Learning

Supandi, Hardi Suyitno, Y.L Sukestiyarno, Dwijanto
Creative thinking has a vital role in generating innovations, especially in the millennial era as it is today. The habit of creative thinking needs to be applied primarily in the field of education. This study aims to describe the level of creative thinking of students in solving story problems on algebraic...
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The Identification of Students’ Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability on Transformation Geometry

Agus Jaenudin, Kartono, Y.L Sukestiyarno, Scolastika Mariani
This research identifies the students mathematical creative thinking ability on Transformation Geometry. This research is a descriptive study carried out on fourth semester. Mathematics Education students of STKIP Sebelas April Sumedang. From the results of data analysis, it is concluded that mathematical...
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The Identification of Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Statistical Reasoning on Descriptive Statistics

Yusfita Yusuf, Hardi Suyitno, Y.L. Sukestiyarno, Isnarto
Statistics is one of the disciplines used in solving problems that are always present in everyday life matter. Based on its function, statistics is divided into two types; they are descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics is the basis of statistical knowledge that students...
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The Cognitive Load Theory the Roles on Mathematics Learning in Indonesia

Andes Safarandes Asmara, St Budi Waluya, Hardi Suyitno, Iwan Junaedi
The basic idea of cognitive load theory is that cognitive capacity in working memory is limited, so if the learning task requires too much capacity, learning will be hampered. The purpose of this study was to see how the role of learning that optimizes the use of working memory capacity and avoid cognitive...
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The Analysis of Students Mathematical Reasoning in Completing the Word Problem in SMPN 7 Sumedang

Rosita Neneng Tita, Y.L. Sukestiyarno, Kartono, Mulyono
Students’ mathematical reasoning ability is important to understand mathematics. This study aims to analyze students’ reasoning ability in solving word problems. This research is a descriptive qualitative research with 30 students as the subjects. The results showed that mathematical reasoning ability...
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Mathematical Communication on Solution of Divergence Problems Viewed from the Type of Geometric Analogy Reasoning Students

Mujiasih, St Budi Waluya, Kartono, Scolastica Mariani
One of the most effective strategies to enhance student’s geometric understanding in mathematical communication is by giving assignments based on analogy reasoning. Geometric analogical reasoning (GAR) is a reasoning skill used in completing geometry case by applying visual, concept or problem-solving...
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Evaluation of Mathematic Communication Ability in the Environment Blended Learning in Algebra

Paridjo, Y.L. Sukestoyarno, Kartono, Rochmad
The purpose of this study is to describe the mathematical communication skills of students in the blended learning environment of algebra courses. As a research subject, first semester students in the academic year 2019/2020 mathematics education study program Faculty of Teacher Training and Education,...
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The Functions of Counselor Advisory Utterances for Students’ Self-Development in the Interaction of Classroom Guidance and Counseling

Nurul Lutfia, Rustono, Tommi Yuniawan
Counselors’ utterances are varied and unique. It holds an important role in a guidance and counseling activity. One factor influencing the success of counseling is the appropriate language use by the counselors. Therefore, this study intended to describe the functions of counselors’ advisory utterances...
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Stretching Exercise and Grip Strength on Flat Serve Tennis Skills: Experimental Study on FKOR UNS Students

Muhammad Mariyanto, KS Soegiyanto, Agus Kristiyanto, Taufik Hidayah
For a professional who follows tournament circuit, strong serve punches are very special capital. In reality, technically the quality of blows is often inadequate. Serve punches that are carried out are very easily returned by the opponent and also do a lot of wrong serve (fault). This experimental study...
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The Effect of Academic Supervision and Teacher Participation in Subject Teacher’s Meeting on Improving Teacher Performance of Islamic Junior High School

Casmito, RC Achmad Rifai, Muhammad Harlanu
This study aims to determine the effect of supervisory academic supervision, teacher participation in the MGMP on improving teacher performance. The population of the study was MTs (Islamic Junior High School) teachers in Kendal Regency. Samples were taken by simple random sampling technique from each...
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Nutrition Management in Sports State High School Athletes, Riau Province

Sasmarianto, Tandiyo Rahayu, Rumini, Tri Rustiadi
Proper and balanced nutrition delivery for athletes is indispensable in an effort to pursue maximum achievement. One important aspect that is often forgotten in coaching athletes is the athlete’s nutritional factor. The research aims to 1) know the nutritional management of athletes in high school sports...
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The Expression of Art Drawing for Children: Psycho-Socio-Cultural Intervention Through Drawing Activities in the Save Street Child Surabaya Community

Heru Dwi Waluyanto, Tjetjep Rohendi Rosidi, Totok Sumaryanto, Trie Hartiti Retnowati
This study aims to describe the activities of street children of Save Street Child Surabaya (SSCS) in expressing themselves in the form of drawings. Visual elements such as lines, shapes, colors, expressions, and symbols of their drawings, as well as the meanings behind them, can be identified as the...
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Strategic Planning: Developing a Model for Senior High Schools

Fransiskus Z. M. Deidhae, Masrukhi, Wahyu Hardyanto, Fathur Rokhman
Since the implementation of the School Based Management (SBM) in the early 2000s, strategic planning has become a mandatory program for all the school in the country. However, the implementation of strategic planning in the schools in Ende District, Indonesia shows variation of models, analysis tools,...
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Evaluations of Badminton Shots of Beginner Single Male Players in PB. Bimasakti Ternate

Yuli Astuti Limatahu, Syahril Adam, Tandiyo Rahayu
This study aims to investigate the percentage of unforced error, error and point in each badminton shot of beginner single male players in PB. Bimasakti Ternate during the match. This study employed a quantitative approach by using descriptive methods. Moreover, the data analysis employed descriptive...
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Teacher’s Perception of the Implementation of School-Based Management in Maritime Vocational High School of “Akpelni” Semarang

Cahya Fajar Budi Hartanto, Rusdarti, Kardoyo
Purpose of this research is to assess how much the teacher’s perception to the implementation of school-based education management (SBM) in the Maritime Vocational High School of “Akpelni” Semarang. There are two research questions raised, first about the teacher’s perception of the current implementation...
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Human Resources of Industrial Entrepreneurs in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 (Study in Semarang Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia)

Puji Hardati, Hariyanto, Dewi Liesnoor Setyowati, Thriwaty Arsal
The industrial revolution has occurred since the early 18th century until now, this is in accordance with the improvement of human civilization, and the implementation of its distribution to all regions. The population is increasing in number with very diverse and complex qualities. The research aims...
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Analysis of Creative Thinking Process Based on Metacognitive with Project Work Models

Detalia Noriza Munahefi, Kartono, Budi Waluya, Dwijanto
One learning model that encourages students to develop mathematical creative thinking is the project work model. One of the factors that influence differences in mathematical creative thinking processes is metacognitive. Therefore, the aim of this study is to analyze students’ mathematical creative thinking...
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The Role of Social Studies Teacher in the Use of YouTube Vlog-Based Learning Media

Sharfina Karamina, Thriwaty Arsal, YYFR Sunarjan
The research is based on the less optimum role of teachers in learning without the use of learning media. The research aims to analyze the role of IPS (social sciences) teachers in utilizing YouTube vlog-based learning media. Approach used in the research is qualitative descriptive with a case study...
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The Implementation of Lecturer’s Motivational Teaching Strategies in Essay Writing Class: From Theory Into Practice

Puspa Dewi, Abdurrachman Faridi, Mursid Saleh, Sri Wuli Fitriati
Motivational teaching strategies play important role in students’ learning process. The objectives of this study are to describe how the lecturer implemented and what motivational teaching strategies were dominant being implemented in Essay Writing class. The data were from the interview with Essay writing...
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Habituation of Political Learning in Senior High Schools in Yogyakarta City

Supriyadi, Masrukhi, Tri Marhaeni Pudji Astuti, Hamdan Triatmaja
Political learning for young beginner voters is important for their political life. Communities and schools still have problems in carrying out their nurturing functions. This paper intends to uncover possible alternatives to organize political learning at schools. Referring to Bourdieu’s thought on...
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Education of Environmental Awareness Based on Larung-Sesaji Ritual in Coastal Community of Bluru Village, Sidoarjo Sub-District, Sidoarjo District

Niswatin, Wasino, Suyahmo, Thriwaty Arsal
Environmental awareness Education aims to print a wise generation against the surrounding environment, issues about the environment, both nationally and internationally never depart from the attention of World society. The impacts of human behavior or natural disasters caused by environmental education...
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The Diffusion Innovation of Madrasa Ibtidaiya Inclusion from Regular School to Inclusive

A.M. Wibowo, Titi Prihatin
This article tries to analyze the madrasa diffusion process of madrasa ibtidaiya (MI) from regular education to an inclusive model. There are still very few MIs in Indonesia in general and Central Java in particular who carry out inclusive education. Of the 25,593 MIs in Indonesia, no more than 1% carry...
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Analysis of Mathematics Modeling Student Ability in Algebraic Critical Thinking and Form of the Scaffolding

Arief Agoestanto, Y.L. Sukestiyarno, Isnarto, Rochmad
This research aimed to describe the mathematical modeling abilities of tudents based on the ability to think algebraically, the obstacles experienced and the form of scaffolding provided. The research uses descriptive and explorative qualitative methods. Data collection was carried out by written tests...
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Relationship Between Academic Self-Concept and the Students’ Academic Performance in Literary Subject

R. Bunga Febriana, Dwi Rukmini, Januarius Mujiyanto, Issy Yuliasri
The article presents the relationship between the academic self-concept and the students’ performance in literary subject. The present study is aimed at investigating the relationship between the academic self-concept and the students’ academic performance in a literary subject. In order to determine...
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Junior High School Counselors’ Perceptions Toward Multicultural Competence

Heru Mugiarso, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Sugiyo, Edy Purwanto
Multicultural competence is an important and required competence by counselors whom work in multicultural society background. The reality shows that this competence has been developed because there is no interest of multicultural counseling reviews. This research aims to obtain counselor perspective...
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Guidance and Counseling: Dwijendra’s Ethical Spiritual Value

Rr. Dwi Umi Badriyah, Sugiharto, Rustono
Guidance and counseling innovation by developing local wisdom and indigeneity is very important. Dominated by western theories and approaches, guidance and counseling implementation often collides with local cultures. Research problem: How to describe the Dwijendra’s ethical-spiritual values in guidance...
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Self-Regulation and Problem Solving Ability on Geography Basic Knowledge Materials Using the 7E-Learning Cycle Model

Failasufa Dhiyaul Fatih, Erni Suharini, Tjaturrahono Budi Sanjoto
Geography is a subject that requires a lot of visualization as a way of understanding. The use of methods such as problem solving and self-regulation are very essential in geography subject. Applying problem solving along with self-regulation can be done by implementing 7E-learning cycle for the sake...
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Mathematical Literacy in Setting Model Eliciting Activities Nuanced Ethnomathematics

Zaenuri, Yohanes J Kehi, S B Waluya, Putik Dwinda Hapsari, Wardono, Suryandaru P Jati
Mathematical literacy in the era of disruption is one of the main demands for students in developing new literacy. Mathematical literacy as the capacity of individuals to formulate, apply, and interpret mathematics in various contexts. In this case, it will be easier for students if mathematics learning...
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Pembelajaran Hegemoni Sosial, Budaya, Dan Kekuasaan Wacana Sastra Buku Teks Bahasa Indonesia SMA

Mafrukhi, Rustono, Subiyantoro, Muh. Doyin
Dalam praktiknya, penulis buku teks pelajaran melakukan hegemoni melalui wacana dalam buku teks pelajaran bahasa Indonesia. Menurut Gramsci hegemoni adalah kondisi sosial dalam semua aspek kenyataan sosial yang didominasi atau disokong oleh kelas tertentu. Dalam pandangan Gramsci, hegemoni kekuasaan...
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School’s Strategy on Flood Disaster Mitigation Endeavor to Students of SMA Negeri 1 Welahan

Septa Mauliyatun Nikmah, Eva Banowati, Erni Suharini
The school’s strategy in decreasing disaster risk is improving flood disaster mitigation knowledge at SMA Negeri 1 Welahan management policy, planning and school organization is a strategy as a reference to the disaster preparedness school. This article aims to determine the level of students’ knowledge...
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The Students Spatial Critical Thinking Skill by Using Map and Remote Sensing Imagery on Geography Lesson

Rudy Saputro, Dewi Liesnoor, Setyowati, Puji Hardati
Spatial thinking is main feature of learning geography at school. A map and remote sensing imagery could be integrated to whole materials in spatial thinking skill test. This research aims to analyze spatial thinking skill of students by using map and and remote sensing imagery in Public SMA Negeri 1...
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The Impacts of Professional Learning Activities on Teachers’ Professional Development

This study is conducted to find out whether professional learning activities influence teachers’ professionalism on their professional development. The data was collected through questionnaire distributed to 50 English teachers in Parepare, South Sulawesi. The questionnaire was adapted from TALIS (2010)...
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Adaptation of Academic Psychological Capital Questionnaire in Bahasa Indonesia

A. Setyandari, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Edy Purwanto, Sunawan
This study aimed to adapt the Academic Psychological Capital Questionnaire developed by Luthans [4] in Bahasa Indonesia. This version is adapted from Psychological Capital Questionnaire developed by Luthan Academic psychological capital questionnaire assesses 4 dimensions of the...
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Banyuwangi Angklung Caruk Festival: Aesthetic Reconstruction in Cultural Commodification Practice

Karsono, Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Wadiyo
The increasingly rapid development of era as a result of technological advancement drives social and cultural changes in the lives of Indonesian people. In responding these changes, cultural adaptation becomes a necessity, especially in the aspects of ideas, thoughts, values, and actions. One of the...
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Connection Ability in Learning Mathematics in Indonesia

Hardi, Hardi Suyitno, Dwidayati, Kartono, Nur Karomah
The basic idea of writing this article is motivated by the importance of mathematical connection skills in learning mathematics. But it is unfortunate that there are many facts that show the low ability of students’ mathematical connections in Indonesia so that this writer wants to reveal further how...
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Mental Structure Constructed by Field Dependent Student on ACE Learning

Kristina Wijayanti, St. Budi Waluya, Kartono, Isnarto
This study aimed to describe the mental structure constructed by field-dependent (FD) students in the concept of group theory on ACE learning. This study was a descriptive qualitative. We discuss our findings based on the genetic decomposition of the group. The participants of this study were three (3)...
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Student Perception of Sports Coaching Education in the Faculty of Sports, Universitas Negeri Semarang Against Lectures Academic Year 2017/2018

This study aims to determine how high the perceptions of students of the Sports Training Education Study Program of the Faculty of Sport Science, Universitas Negeri Semarag towards lectures in the academic year 2017/2018. The method used in this research is quantitative survey. The research sample consisted...
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The Effect of Training on the Increasing of the Skill Lay Up Shoot Basketball Games Extracurricular Participants Basketball Students of SMA Negeri 1 Woha

Rabwan Satriawan, Khairul Amar
This study aims to determine the effect of imagery training on improving the lay up shoot skills of students participating in the extracurricular basketball of SMAN 1 Woha. The method of this research is experiment. The design of this study uses a pretest-posttest control group design. In this design...
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Analysis of Sports Development in Bima Regency Viewed from the Epistemological Perspective

Khairul Amar, Rabwan Satriawan
Sports development is an abstraction so as to create people who are competitive, have integrity, and excel. This study aims to analyze the development of Bima Regency sports development from an epistemological perspective. The research method used is normative analysis with a doctrinal model with a literature...
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The Effectiveness of Picture Mnemonics for Teaching Basic English Communication for Students with an Intellectual Disability

Diah Kurniati, Dwi Rukmini, Mursid Saleh, LB DwiAnggani
This present study aims to find out whether or not there is a significant difference between the basicEnglish communication ability of the eighth grade students with an intellectual disability before and after being taught by using picture mnemonics.Picture mnemonics is one of the types of visual mnemonic...
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Community Social Behavior in Preventing Tuberculosis in the City of Semarang

Supriyanto, Masrukhi, Suyahmo, Tri Marhaeni Puji Astuti
Social behavior is one of the things that can make it easier for a person to contract TB. The purpose of this study is to examine how people’s behavior patterns prevent TB disease. The method used in this research uses a qualitative approach with the phenomenological analysis method. This research was...
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The Effect of Dialogue Journal Writing on Students’ Writing Ability

Ida Yulianawati, Mursid Saleh, Januarius Mujiyanto, Djoko Sutopo
Writing is a complex task and considered as one of the most difficult skills in learning English. Writing is the best way to practice language because it can be used to communicate, explore other subjects, and show students social identities. As explicit literacy skills are modeled through dialogue,...
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College Student Knowledge in Waste Management at Semarang State University

Shaiba Ayu Widyawati, Sucihatiningsih Dian Wisika Prajanti, Puji Hardati
Waste management in Semarang State University (UNNES) environment has been carried out by cooperation from various parties. College student knowledge about waste management becomes very important, because college students are one of the campus residents who produce a lot of waste. The purpose of this...
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Didactic Values in the Anthology “Tegal Beercerita” Short Stories

Fauziah, Agus Nuryatin, Mukh. Doyin
Tegal Bercerita is an anthology of short stories which was published by Department of Libraries and Archives of Tegal in 2017. The anthology consists of fifteen short stories that are written by the litterateur from Tegal. Didactic values in the short stories are good for the education and character...
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Contribution of Leg Muscle Power, Leg Flexibility and Balance to Kedeng Smash Ability Sepaktakraw Game

Sulaiman, Taufik Hidayah, Muhamad Azwan
The purpose of this study was to analyze the contribution of leg muscle power, leg shape, and balance with the ability to smash into the game of sepaktakraw in Student education and training Center, at Riau Province. This study uses regression and correlational method with SPSS 20. The subjects in this...
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Influences of Distant Drilling Methods and Agility Levels to Forehand Accuracy of Tennis Players

Muhamad Rohadi, Sugiharto, Setya Rahayu, Mugiyo Hartono
This research aims to find out influence of distant hitting drilling training and agility level to accuracy of 10 – 12 year old badminton players’ forehands. This experimental research used factorial 2 x 2 analysis. There were two variables manipulated simultaneously to investigate the influence of each...
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Human Resources Development Analysis Based on Total Quality Management at Daarul Qur’an Elementary School Semarang

Wahyu H Andy, Kardoyo
In the midst of the public’s downturn and distrust of the world of Islamic education, Elementary School Darul Qur’an Semarang which is under the Darul Qur’an Foundation has succeeded in establishing itself as an educational institution that deserves to be taken into account by the community and other...
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The Analysis of Mathematical Literacy Abilities of Primary School Students

K L Purwanti, Y.L. Sukestiyarno, B Waluya, Rochmat
This research has a purpose to see the ability of mathematics literacy of elementary school students. The purpose of mathematics subjects mentioned is that learners have the ability to understand, use reasoning, solve problems, communicate and have a respect for mathematics, along with the applicable...
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Understanding of Science Concepts Through SETS Guided Discovery Approach Using Two-Tier Test Toward 4th Elementary School

Riza Permadi, Sudarmin, Mulyono
This study aims to determine and analyze students’ understanding of concepts using the SETS Guided Discovery model by using the Two-Tier Test. This study uses an experimental research design. Samples were taken by purposive sampling technique, obtained Payak Elementary School as an experimental class...
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Improvement of Teacher Competence in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Elizabeth Wahyu Margareth Indira, Agus Hermanto, Suwito Eko Pramono
This research was conducted to analyze the increase in teacher competence in the industrial revolution era 4.0. The era of the industrial revolution 4.0 has led to new technologies that have resulted in changes in various fields including education. Teacher problems are increasingly diverse entering...
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Theravāda Bhikkhunī of Sangha Agung Indonesia: Equality and Justice in Education, Spiritual Practice and Social Service

Julia Surya, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Partono, Sri Utami
This article discusses the equality and justice in education, spiritual practice and social service of Theravāda Bhikkhunī (Buddhist nun) of Sangha Agung Indonesia. The fact reveals that the revival of Theravāda bhikkhunī saṅgha, recently, becomes the flagging topic almost throughout the world. It is...
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The Propensity of Sports Coach in Implementing Sport Massage for Athletes Pre and Post Exercise

Galih Priyambada, Sugiharto, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Sulaiman
This study aims to determine the tendency of sports coach in applying sports massage to athletes. The method used is a survey and data collection techniques through questionnaire. The scores obtained were analyzed using quantitative descriptive analysis in the form of percentage. This study used a saturated...
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The Effect of Mathematical Self-Efficacy on High Order Thinking Accelerated Learning Learning Inferentialism Approach

Mulyono, Yoshida Agung Ramadan, Masrukan
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of mathematical self-efficacy on higher-order thinking skills with the accelerated learning model inferentialism approach. The study was conducted using a type of combination research in which the design taken was sequential exploratory. The research...
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Critical Thought Processes in Solving Problems Reviewed from the High Level Mathematical Ability

B Cahyono, Kartono, B Waluya, Mulyono
This research is based on efforts to recognize students ‘critical thinking processes in solving algebraic problems, hopefully it can be used to design appropriate models or strategies in an effort to improve students’ abilities that are still low in terms of mathematical modeling and analyzing problems...
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Writing Training of 2013 Curriculum-Based Textbook for Working Group Elementary School Teacher

Sukardi, D.Y.P. Sugiharto, Tri Joko Raharjo, RC Achmad Rifa’i
The community service aims to: (1) improve and describe the knowledge, the ability of elementary school teachers from Cluster Ki Hajar Dewantoro Dabin I Tugu City Semarang Sub-District about the writing of 2013 curriculum-based textbooks in elementary schools by using socialization, training and mentoring...
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The Concept of Women’s Happiness in Serat Wulang Putri

Yusro Edy Nugroho, Teguh Supriyanto, Fathur Rokhman, Hari Bakti Mardikantoro
Written in the form of tembang macapat, the Wulang Putri text features life advices for women living inside the environment of Javanese keraton (royal palace) during the 19th century. During the period, women in Java struggled to maintain their existence in facing pressures and marginalization from the...
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The Application of CIPPO Evaluation Model in Evaluating the Performance of School for Producing Entrepreneurs Programs in Vocational High School

Okta Purnawirawan, Paramita P Chintya, Muflihatus Sholihah
The development of Entrepreneurship Learning is expected to be one of the answers for education in vocational schools to overcome the problem of high unemployment. In line with this, the Directorate of Vocational Education gives special attention to strengthening entrepreneurship learning in Vocational...
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Effect of Exercise Variations Against Kick Accuracy Into Hurdles (Shooting): Game Football Extracurricular Male Students of SMA Negeri 1 Kampar Kiri

Alficandra, Tandiyo Rahayu, Oktia Woro Kasmini Handayani, Heny Setyawati
This study aims to determine whether there is an effect of variations in training on the accuracy of kicks to the goal of extracurricular soccer games for male students of SMA Negeri 1 Kampar Kiri. This research was conducted in the Kampar Kiri High School Soccer 1 field. The population in this study...
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Improving Theological Seminary Human Resources’ Quality Mind-Set in Disruption Era

Steaven Octavianus, Y.L. Sukestiyarno, Rusdarti, Suwito Eko Pramono
In the era of disruption characterized by the industrial revolution 4.0 and community 5.0, the need for quality is a must for society. Therefore, this also apply for Theological Seminary in Indonesia. It also has an obligation to implement a quality culture without exception. Any organization that cannot...
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TPACK Goes to Fourth Grade: Lessons from Learning English Through Raz Kids Program

Pratiwi Amelia, Dwi Rukmini, Januarius Mujiyanto, Dwi Anggani L. Bharati
While current technology is massively used, still it is debatable whether technology brings good or harm for young learners in primary school. To fill this gap, this study investigated how the teachers use technology while teaching English using Raz Kids Program. This study aimed to empower the students’...
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The Role of Vocational Education on the Advancement of Human Development in Indonesia

Setiyawami, Sugiyo, Sugiyono, Tri Joko Rahardjo
Vocational education has a vital role in human development, with the preparation of the most dominant skills. The vital role of vocational education must be supported by other components, such as government policy, as well as the education component in the vocational school itself. The research is a...
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Second/Foreign Language Learning from the Socio-Psychological Perspective and the Implications in Language Classroom

Latifa Ika Sari
Learning a foreign or second language involves a complicated process, in which there are many factors interrelated and contribute to the success and the failure of the learning. This paper attempts to discuss three prominent theories which are related to the second language acquisition from the socio-psychological...
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Students’ Self Efficacy in Learning English: A Case Study at a Vocational High School

Zubaedah Wiji Lestari, Mursid Saleh, Januarius Mujiyanto, Suhendra Yusuf
Students have different motivation in learning particularly in the context of learning English as a foreign language. One that motivates students in learning the target language is their self-efficacy. To optimize the English learning process, this study aims to find out the level of second-grade senior...
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Assessment Model of Music Art Performance

Eka Titi Andaryani, Fakhruddin, Utsman
The purpose of this study is to know the meaning of music art and its elements and to provide solutions to evaluation problems that are still often found in schools, especially in the learning of music art. The evaluation results show that the standard loading value has a valid value. The value of contract...
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The Influence of Leader Member Exchange, Organizational Culture and Ethical Values on Organizational Citizenship Behavior Teacher State Senior High Schools in East Flores District

Hermania Bhoki
The main objective of this research is to clarify the influence of LMX, organizational culture and ethical values on OCB. The study was conducted at state senior high school in East Flores Distric with a population through random sampling techniques. The results of the analysis using multiple regression...
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The Role of the Institution of Navigation Education Regarding Safety Navigation

Shipping safety and safety are very important in the world of work involving transportation in waters and ports, for that every educational institution plays a role in improving the quality and knowledge of shipping management, 80% of ship accidents occur by human error, from human error 75% is caused...
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Improving Learning Outcomes of Rhythmic Gymnastics Using Audio Visual Methods for Grade 5 Students at SDN 07 Indralaya Selatan

I Bagus Endrawan
This study aims to investigate the improvement in rhythmic gymnastics using audio visual methods for grade 5 students at SDN 07 Indralaya Selatan. This research employed Classroom Action Research with four stages, including planning, action, observation, and reflection. The sample in this research was...
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Physics Teaching Materials Based on Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics to Develop Communication and Collaboration Skills

Dwi Yulianti, Wiyanto, Ani Rusilowati, Sunyoto Eko Nugroho
The 21st century skills must be possessed by students, including problem solving and communication skills. Teaching materials are learning tools that can help teachers in the learning process. The purpose of this study is to produce physics-based teaching materials based on Science, Technologi, Engineering...
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Improving Scientific and Technological Awareness Through Language Classroom

Hendi Pratama
There is an urgent need for language teachers to prepare their students to be able to cope with disruption era. Language skills per se are not comprehensive enough for the students to be adaptive in the ever-changing society. Technological shiffts such as artificial intelligence and gene editing will...
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Teaching Controversy in Social Science Class

Arif Purnomo, Wasino, Suyahmo, Tri Marheni Puji Astuti
The controversy matters in teaching learning process is menacing, because it could be breaking down the unity and social-bounding within community. There is consequence if the controversy subject is given in the classroom. The teacher has to be ready to handle the social-stability that could happen....
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Teacher Supervision Models for Answering Educational Challenges in the Era of Disruption

Septi Purfitasari, Masrukhi, Titi Prihatin, Sungkowo Edy Mulyono
Digitalisation in various fields produces disruptive innovations to change the order that has been established. This encourages individuals and various social institutions to move to adjust to change. Education is one sector that needs to be improved quickly in order to be able to adapt to the needs...
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Influence of Education and Training on Motivation and Productivity of Civil Servant Lecturers

Sri Mulyani
The problem examined in this study was how the influence of education and training on the motivation and productivity of civil servant lecturers in Surakarta Second Region Private College. This type of research was a type of causal research. The method used was a survey method with a quantitative approach....
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Competency-Based Training Model: Sewing Basic Clothes Training at the Great Hall of Work Training Development in Semarang, Indonesia

Noviasti Nur Laely Farecha, Amin Yusuf, Joko Sutarto
Education and training as one of the human resources development strategies needed to overcome the gaps in people who do not have the skills or skills to improve the quality of their lives. The implementation of the training program still needs to be done in-depth study to fit the essence of nonfomal...
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Discovery-Oriented Thinking Square Media to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Rizki Isna Noviarini, Eva Banowati, Sarwi
The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in the improvement of critical thinking skills using discovery-oriented Thinking Squares media in elementary schools. This study was a quasi-experimental study with a pretest-posttest group design research design with 85 students in Sumowono...
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Hyperreality in the Novel of Di Kaki Bukit Cibalak by Ahmad Tohari

Sutji Harijanti, Rustono, Agus Nuryatin, Much Doyin
Hyperreality or as so called pseudo reality slightly appear in DKBC novel BY Ahmad Tohari. By its hyperreality, the novel seems to carry a commendable mission behind the writing. That is why this study aims to describe the background of the author in creating the hyperreality. This research is a descriptive...
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Development of Lecture Model in Disaster Science Volcanic Dust by LiTMas Approach

Cherly Salawane, Supriyadi, Ani Rusilowati, Dyah Rini Indriyanti, Achmad Binadja
This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of the science model of volcanic dust disaster approach to LiTMas (environment, technology, and society) developed for the mitigation of volcanic dust disasters before they are used in large scale trials. The package to support the development of the disaster...
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Padepokan Pasundan Asih: Culture Psychosociology Adaptation of Chinese Ethnic Community on Sundanese Society

Asep Wasta, Totok Sumaryanto, Udi Utomo
The consequences of diverse community with different backgrounds stimulate egocentric attitudes of society that improve primordialism and ethnicity.In the process of community survival, there is social interaction between individuals and groups as well as occured between ethnic groups, vulnerable to...
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The Development of Characters Based on Exemplary Value of RA. Kartini in Early Childhood

Siti Saroh, Mungin Edi Wibowo, Sumaryanto F Totok, Anwar Sutoyo
The purpose of this study was for exploring the development of character based on values by RA. Kartini in early childhood (PAUD) in Jepara. Character education has been given so far to the child, either directly or indirectly, either at home, at school or in the community however, it is not enough considering...
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Analysis of Implementation of POAC Model and Management Information System for Academic Performance

Laser Narindro, Wahyu Hardyanto, Tri Joko Raharjo, Cahyo Budi Utomo
Education aims to build human resources through character education and skills training in Vocational High Schools (VHS). This study contains the results of analysis implementation for management functions (Planning, Organizing, Actuating and Controlling) and management information systems (MIS) to fulfill...
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The Effectiveness of the Interactive Whiteboard Based on Graphical User Interface in Improving Bahasa Indonesia Learning Outcomes

Abtadi Tris Hamdani, Florentina Widihastrini, Umar Samadhy
The study aims to test the effectiveness of Interactive Whiteboard Based Graphical User Interface and describe the student’s activity on the use of it in improving learning outcomes. The type of this research is Research and Development (R & D). The research procedure uses waterfall analysis. The...
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Intergenerational Learning: Valuable Learning Experiences for Baduy Youth

Sholih, Ila Rosmilawati, Dadan Darmawan
Intergenerational learning was conceptualised as an informal process taking place in families and societies. In the traditional community like Baduy, the learning process does not happen in formal institution. It is through every day interaction among community members that learning between generation...
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Website as a Basis for Development of Scientific Work Teaching Materials in Universitas Negeri Semarang

Fitriyaningsih, Fathur Rokhman, Ida Zulaeha
Industrial revolution 4.0 initiates a new model with more innovative strategies in the world of language education. This has encouraged the digitalization of education system. Therefore, the renewal of the world of language education can be applied through web-based learning. The objective of this study...