Proceedings of the 5th Asian Education Symposium 2020 (AES 2020)

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Modeling and Optimization Scientific Products Quality Using POP-SDM Method

Sri Setyaningsih, Lina Novita, Soewarto Hardhienata
The scientific work of lecturer is an important element related to the lecturers’ career development and ranking universities at the national and international levels. Lecturers’ scientific work can be in the form of scientific publication or intellectual property rights of research results conducted...
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Cultivation of Ethical Tolerance as a Moderate Islamic Education Paradigm at Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia

Badarussyamsi, Ermawati, Abdul Latif
This research aims to study the practice of religious tolerance cultivation in Islamic educational institutions. Four major Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia were selected as model schools having implemented tolerance in various areas of student life. The strategies for ethical tolerance cultivation...
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The Effect of Philosophy Understanding on Corona Virus Diseases (COVID-19) Prevention Awareness of Physics Education Students

Ahmad Syukri, Sukarno
This research aims to answer the question of how the influence of understanding philosophy on awareness of prevention of Corona Virus Diseases (COVID-19)? The approach used in this research is quantitative with the data collection method is a survey. The respondents used in this study were 80 students...
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Educational Values of Indonesian Character Education in Sharia Maqasid Perspective

Duski Ibrahim
To improve the quality of education in various aspects, the Indonesia has formulated 18 significant character values that must be guided in the implementation of the teaching and learning process. Those values are actually in accordance with Islamic teachings, especially with the approach or in the perspective...
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The Role of Science Literacy Based Ta’lim Andragogy as an Alternative Media in Strengthening Covid-19 Awareness

A Review

Ahmad Husein Ritonga, Minnah El Widdah, Sukarno
At the end of December 2019, a virus, currently known as the novel coronavirus-2019 or 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), has emerged with a relatively fast spread rate. Each individual is obliged to participate in the process of preventing the disease from spreading. Additionally, any elements of society...
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Teacher’s Creativity of Madrasah Tsanawiyah Through Correlational Study Between Transformational Leadership Headmaster and Achieved Motivation in Tanah Sareal District Bogor

Hari Muharam, Eka Suhardi, Daniar Kurniasih Darma
This study aims to find efforts that can be done in order to improve the Teacher’s Creativity of Madrasah Tsanawiyah through the relationship between Transformational Leadership headmaster and achieved motivation in Tanah Sareal Bogor. The research sample is as many as 97 teachers selected randomly through...
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The Role of Trust and Procedural Justice in Enhancing Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Henny Suharyati, Rais Hidayat, Sumardi, Haki Rodian Abidin
This study aims is to increase the role of trust and procedural justice among teachers to enhance organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). Accountability and transparency in the management of school institutions will increase the credibility of institutions and build citizens’ trust in school management...
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Extrinsic Financial Dimensions

Young Female Investor and Behavior Theories

I Gusti Ayu Purnamawati
This study aims to analyze the influence of subjective norms, perceived returns, and financial literacy on female students’ interest to invest in shares. This research is quantitative. The sample used was 80 female students who came from the economic faculty, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha. The sampling...
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Improving Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) Through Servant Leadership and Job Satisfaction

Dian Wulandari, Widodo Sunaryo, Sumardi, Dewi Indrajanti Tedjasukmana
There is no teacher without an extra role, especially in an uncertain condition; therefore, all principals need to know how to improve the teacher’s OCB. The study’s aim is to examine the indicators that have the strongest impact on Private Junior High School Teacher’s OCB at Bogor, West Java. This research...
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Building a Brand in Higher Education

A Review of the Literature on Higher Education Institutions Brand Management

Sufrin Hannan
The challenges in University branding that have occurred are different from commercial branding related to issues of culture, branding concept, framework and brand architecture. This review aims to explore the nature of the brand management literature and how it can assist practitioners in higher education...
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Employee Work Productivity

In Terms of Leadership and Work Motivation

Mochammad Cholis, Endah Andayani
Leadership and work motivation were some aspects that can increase the work productivity of PT. Ramayana Lestari Sentosa. Human resources had a very important role in managing the retail business, where they should have skill knowledges in both soft skills and hard skills. Moreover, the success of a...
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Implementation of Educational Autonomy Through Community Empowerment in an Integrated Islamic School in Jambi City

Musli, Wahab, Irfan, Yusraini
Educational autonomy allows the authority to gain wider space to manage natural and human resources in accordance with existing regional potentials. This article aimed to encourage participation from any parties related to broader educational autonomy, accommodate the realization of democratic principles,...
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Self-Efficacy of Principal to Improving Education Quality in Era 4.0

Minnah El Widdah, Sukarno, Asep Suryana, Widiawati
Principals have various important roles as school leaders, moreover with the 4.0 revolution which demanded the role of more principal. This study aims to determine the level of self-efficacy of school principals as learning leaders in improving the quality of education in era 4.0 in the city of Jambi....
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Model of Increasing Work Effectiveness Through Motivation

Lukman Hakim, Kemas Imron Rosadi
The purpose of this study was to find out and proved the direct and indirect effects of work motivation on the work effectiveness of madrasah principals with the ultimate goal of building a shared understanding. The work motivation was an important instrument that must be immediately corrected in an...
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Research Management Innovation Based on Lecturer Research Roadmap in Universities

In order to support data information systems

Didik Notosudjono, Eka Suhardi, Hazairin Samaulloh, Bagus Dwi Ramadhon, Dede Siswandi
Article No. 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System states that universities are obliged to carry out research and community service in addition to carrying out education. At the time of publication, the results of research and community service were ranked first in ASEAN countries. Research...
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The Effect of e-Learning Based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) on the Learning Outcomes of Inferential Statistics in the Educational Technology Department

Anak Agung Gede Agung, I Gde Wawan Sudatha
The development of information and communication technology (ICT) has provided many changes in the world of education. Teaching materials, strategies, media, and learning evaluations have also changed. The learning materials, originally presented manually or printed, are currently presented digitally...
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The Development of Interactive Multimedia of Arabic Learning

Yogia Prihartini, Wahyudi Buska, M. Ridha D. S.
This study aims to produce interactive multimedia learning Arabic. The type of research is research and development with stages consisting of five stages of development, namely analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning media. In the analysis phase, we conducted data collection...
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Curriculum Design for Postgraduate Program of Islamic Study at UIN Raden Fatah Palembang During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ahmad Zainuri, Aflatun Muchtar, Yusron Masduki
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the learning process at the Islamic Studies Study Program, Postgraduate Program, UIN Raden Fatah Palembang was carried out online (long distance), so that lecturers were required to be creative in designing the learning curriculum. The curriculum design is structured as...
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Development of Smartphone-based Environmental Education Program for Pro-environment Behavior of Company Employees Around Citarum Watershed

Rita Istiana, Rita Retnowati, Sutanto, Doni Junia Darmasakti
This research aims to develop smartphone-based environmental education programs for employees in citarum watershed. This research is a preliminary study that is included in stages 1 to 3 in the development procedure Research and Development (R&D) of Borg and Gall, namely Research and information...
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Puberty Hypercontent Book, Expert and Community Responses

Nurfadhilah, Erry Utomo, Amos Neolaka
A hypercontent book, entitled Puberty: Ready to Face It, was prepared as a guide for elementary school teachers in delivering lessons regarding puberty. The material is often still considered taboo and too vulgar to be taught to students, even though this is very important and urgent for them to know...
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Hypercontent Book Virus, an Alternative for Learning at Higher Grades of Elementary School in the Middle of Covid-19 Pandemic

Nurfadhilah, Erry Utomo
Hypercontent Book Virus was launched for teachers who facilitate learning at higher grades elementary school. The book shared by means of social media and web link of Faculty of Public Health, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta. The study aims to evaluate whether the book applicable, especially in the...
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Integration of Ethnomathematics in Learning Geometry Transformation

I Gusti Putu Suharta, Ni Nyoman Parwati, I Gusti Ngurah Pujawan
Ethnomathematics is a term used to relate mathematics to culture. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of ethnomathematics integration in learning geometric transformations. The research used was a design research type validation study that consists of 3 phases, namely: (1) experimental...
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Multicultural Education Management

A Case Study at SMP/MTs in Bali Province

I Gusti Ketut Arya Sunu
This research aimed at 1) revealing the background of the multicultural education management (MEM) program and the process of developing multicultural education, 2) determining the MEM program’s success at SMP/MTs in Bali Province, and 3) identifying the challenges of MEM program implementation. The...
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The Power of Supplements Material of Seagrass Ecology on Student Worksheets to Improve Scientific Literacy of Junior High School Students in Coastal Village, East Lombok

Abdul Syukur, Lalu Zulkifli, Mahrus, Kumala Ratna Dewi
Environmental characteristics in coastal areas are receiving less attention, especially for science education development. However, it provides relevant learning objectives, such as the presence of seagrass and marine aquaculture. This study aimed to assess the contribution of student worksheets (synthesis...
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On-line Science Learning During the Pandemic COVID-19 and Its Related Problems

Eka Murdani, Anna Permanasari, Andi Suhandi
The Covid-19 outbreak has caused a paradigm shift in learning at all levels of Education in Indonesia and other countries in the world. During learning from home, everyone is forced to do learning within a network. Survey research has been carried out to portray the implementation of government policy...
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The Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 on Tourism and Hospitality Education

Case Study of Bali

Putu Indah Rahmawati, Trianasari
This research aims to investigate the impact of pandemic COVID-19 on tourism and hospitality education sector and then design some strategies on how to handle this situation. We choose Bali as the case study. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews with hotel managers, students, university...
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Learning Motivation, Media, and Reading Ability on Student Achievement in Social Science

Nurfiyati, Ninik Indawati
This study aimed to investigate the contribution of learning motivation, learning media, students reading ability to students’ learning outcomes in social science. This study used a quantitative approach with research variables including learning motivation, learning media, and reading ability. The research...
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Information and Communication Technology Based Learning in the 21st Century

New Challenges in Education Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Muntari, Khaerul Akbar, Burhanudin, Lalu Kamarudin
This article aims to describe the competencies needed in the 21st century, especially in facing new challenges in education amid the Covid-19 pandemic, both by teacher and students, and also to describe how the strategies so that teachers in Indonesia are literate towards the development of information...
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How Did Lecturers and Students Adapt to online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

A case study in the Department of Biology, Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Ulfi Faizah, Anna Permanasari, Nuryani Y. Rustaman
As most of the countries in the world, Indonesia Government now is applying Learning from Home (LFH) policy by implementing online learning. Lecturers and students must be able to adapt well. The adaptation can be an embodiment of the adult learning process (andragogy) and the application of Merdeka...
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Service Quality Parameters of e-Learning in Higher Education

Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, Dian Sa’adilah Maylawati, Tedi Priatna, Hamdan Sugilar
E-learning is an electronic learning platform designed for distance learning by eliminating aspects of distance and time limitations in the education process. The purpose of this study is to discuss the parameters to analyze the e-learning service’s quality. The methodology used in this study is a qualitative...
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Spiritual Intelligence of Islamic Education Concepts

Mohamad Erihadiana, Supiana, Ahmad Hasan Ridwan
Education should develop adequately all dimensions of human intelligences. One of the neglected intelligences is spiritual intelligence. Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is a scientific finding, first conceived by Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall through very comprehensive research. Even though the SQ did not...
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Transmodernity: Paradigm Reconstruction of Islamic Education

Mohd. Arifullah, Siti Raudhatul Jannah, Jamaluddin, Bahrul Ulum, M. Ied al-Munir
This article aimed to show the differences and uniqueness of scientific paradigms in Islamic and Western education systems, which are usually confronted head-on in a conflict dimension. The writers tried to provide a scientific paradigm that influenced tradition and education in the Islamic and Western...
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Project-based Learning Model, Learning Facilities, and Media Variations on Student Achievement in Social Studies

Nur imamah Utami, Ninik Indawati
Based on the result, most of the teachers still using the speech method so that the student less enthusiastic in the teaching-learning process of geography. The availability of learning facilities and then the media variation that is used by teachers yet not maximal so that the achievement still low....
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Teachers’ Readiness in Promoting 21st Century Skills in Teaching Students at a Bilingual Primary School

Ni Nyoman Padmadewi, Luh Putu Artini, I Nyoman Laba Jayanta
Teachers’ readiness is an important aspect to be considered in promoting 21st-century skills in teaching primary school students. Some studies have been conducted on teachers’ readiness. However, the study on teachers’ readiness to promote 21st-century skills in a bilingual context has never been conducted....
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Institutionalisation of School Based Management

Implementation in Indonesia

Elni Jeini Usoh
School based management (SBM) is one strategy for providing school and community with more opportunities to make decisions that determine the goals and future direction of the school by relocation decision-making authority. This paper examines the concept of SBM, approaches and processes for its institutionalisation...
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Teacher Career Development Cases Indonesia

Muradi, Sudidul Aji, Onik Farida Ni’matullah
The objective of this research was to understand comprehensively the development of teachers’ career at the Pamekasan Regency. it was a quantitative research. The population in this study were all teachers who were members of the Sociology Subject Teacher Association in Pamekasan Regency as many as 73...
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The Use of Seagrass Ecology Context on Student Worksheets to Improve Student Scientific Literacy

Abdul Syukur, Lalu Zulkifli, Mahrus, Kumala Ratna Dewi
Environmental characteristics in coastal areas are receiving less attention, especially for science education development. However, it provides relevant learning objectives, such as the presence of seagrass and marine aquaculture. This study aims to develop environmental-based student worksheet using...
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Brain-Based Learning Teaching Materials to Improve Critical Thinking Skills and Literacy Skills of Students

Lalu Muhamad Ali Zakaria, Agus Abhi Purwoko, Saprizal Hadisaputra
The optimal learning process is able to facilitate learning activities that are in harmony with the workings of the brain. In order for the learning process to take place optimally it is necessary to prepare adequate learning materials; one example is what is known as Brain-Based Learning teaching materials....
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The Enrichment of Science Teaching Materials Sourced from Marine Aquaculture Ecology to Increase Scientific Literacy of Students’ Junior High School

Agil Al Idrus, Abdul Syukur, Kumala Ratna Dewi
The environment is an interactive learning resource to improve students’ scientific literacy, such as the study location’s marine cultivation area environment. This study aimed to integrate the marine culture environment’s ecological parameters for the enrichment of teaching materials in improving students’...
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Project-Based with Flipped Learning

A Challenge to Enhance Students’ Achievement on Chemistry

Ni Wayan Eka Pratiwi, I Wayan Santyasa
Chemistry learning at high school should be able to facilitate students to solve real-world problems and improve their learning achievement. However, the reality of students’ achievement is still low, which is reflected in the results of the 2019 chemistry national evaluation. For this reason, improving...
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Learning Interests

The Environment as Learning Resources Combined with Jigsaw Learning

Ika Yulis Priyadi, Lilik Sri Hariani
The environment is a rich learning resources when educators explore and use it in every lesson. Learning through environment social studies needs can increase students’ interest in continuing learning. This study aims to analyse the effect of the environment as a learning resources on using jigsaw learning...
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Student Concepts’ Mastery

Teaching Materials Based Learning with SETS Integrated Inquiry

Agus Ramdani, Abdul Syukur, Intan Permatasari, Muhammad Yustiqvar
Concept mastery is an important ability that needs to be developed for students as a base of their higher-order thinking skills. However, this has not been well facilitated in the process of learning science in Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs) due to the lack of teaching materials. This study aims to develop...
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The Interconnection Between Students’ Meta-Affective, Meta-cognitive and Achievement in Science Learning

Lilit Rusyati, Nuryani Y. Rustaman, Ari Widodo, Minsu Ha
Meta-affective ability reflects by students’ awareness on their emotional while meta-cognitive ability describes when students concern about their strategies to think during science learning. Furthermore, these abilities can be affected on students’ achievement especially in conceptual mastery about...
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The Development of an Augmented Reality (AR) Based-Learning Media in Introducing Asean Countries for Elementary Schools

Mahsa Septarino Prahasa Putro, Sa’adun Akbar, Lilik Sri Hariani
This research is motivated by the importance of developing learning media that is able to change learning more interesting, effective, and increase student activities in the learning era 4.0. This study aims to describe the stages of making AR-based learning media on ASEAN countries material, develop...
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Syntactical Study Based on Character Education Values of Essay

Ida Bagus Putrayasa, Dewa Putu Ramendra
This first-year research aims to describe (1) sentence types and (2) sentence structure based on character education values in essays of fourth-grade students in Buleleng Regency, Bali. The data were taken from the fourth-grade students’ essays. Meanwhile, this study’s objects are (1) sentence types...
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High Order Thinking Ability Through Social Studies Problem-Based Learning at a Junior Secondary School in Eastern Java

E. Triasningsih, Laurens Kaluge, Sudiyono
The purpose of this study was an attempt to examine the differences between problem based learning and traditional teaching methods in order to perform high thinking skills and motivation among students in learning social studies. This quantitative study randomly sampled 60 students at a Junior Secondary...
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Development of Modern Physics Learning Devices Using Inquiry Learning Model Assisted with Virtual Media to Improve Student Cognitive Learning Result

Aris Doyan, Susilawati, Muh. Makhrus, W. Zamrizal
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of developing modern physics learning tools with a guided inquiry learning model assisted by PhET virtual media on the cognitive learning outcomes of students. This study uses a Four D-Model development model. The subjects in this study were undergraduate...
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Contextual Learning Method, Learning Facility and Motivation in Relation to Sociology Learning Outcome

Johanna Albertina Latuny, Lilik Sri Hariani, Lasim Muzammil
This study was aimed at examining the simultaneous effect of contextual learning methods, learning facilities, and motivation on the students’ learning outcome. A survey as a part of the quantitative research design was employed by utilizing 139 samples out of 210 population. To collect data, a questionnaire...
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Increasing Students’ Reading Comprehension Through Gamification Based on Balinese Local Stories

Putu Kerti Nitiasih, Luh Gd Rahayu Budiartha
Industrial revolution 4.0 has transformed today’s classroom. The demands of implementing innovative teaching media are needed. This research aims at increasing students’ reading comprehension through gamification based on Balinese local stories. We implement Quasi-experimental research with one group...
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Problem Based Learning Method to Improve Mathematical Problem Solving and Self Efficacy of Students in Engineering Course

Ellysa Kusuma Laksanawati, Rofiroh
This study aims to determine the improvement of students’ mathematical problem-solving abilities and self-efficacy. The population in this study were Mechanical Engineering students in semester 4 of the 2020 academic year at the Muhammadiyah University of Tangerang who took Engineering Mathematics courses...
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Teachers Readiness in Facing Linear Learning in the Pandemic Covid-19 and the New Normal Era

I Gede Sudirtha, Ni Ketut Widiartini
This study was made based on the analysis of several reports and survey results conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic which were obtained from reliable sources. Furthermore, the results of the report are analyzed and interpreted and some possible solutions are sought by educators in implementing learning...
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The Urgency of HOTS-Oriented Learning and Assessment Towards Quality of Education in Facing Indonesia Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030

A Literature Review

Suhendro, Dede Sugandi, Mamat Ruhimat
In the early decades of the 21st century, especially in the era of industrial revolution 4.0, there are many demands on human resources quality improvement in the field of education. One of the ways to meet the demands is through learning process and classroom assessment. Nowadays, people are discussing...
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The Harmony of Instructional Communication in the Classroom

I Wayan Rasna, Ni Wayan Sariani Binawati, Dewa Komang Tantra, I Nyoman Tri Anindia Putra
This study aimed to analyze 1) the forms of politeness-based instructional communication in building social harmony in the classroom. This study was done to senior high school and vocational school students in Singaraja town through several techniques, recording, observation, interview, and documentation...
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Inquiry and Discussion Methods

Interest in Students Learning

Lukman Chakim, Endah Andayani
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of inquiry learning methods and discussion methods on the social studies learning interest of Al-Azhar Assyarif Beji Junior High School in Pasuruan Regency. This research uses an explanatory type approach (explanatory research). The population of this...
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Students’ Ability to Analyze the Moderation of Islamic Teachings on Islamic Cultural History Learning in Indonesia

Asep Nursobah, Andewi Suhartini, Hasan Basri, Uus Ruswandi
Islamic Cultural History Learning (SKI) has an important role in building students’ religious awareness. The acquisition of the lesson (ibrah) by students by referring to the original Islamic values, from the facts, concepts, principles, and procedures, within religiosity of the people in the past, allows...
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The Role Self-Regulated Learning on Project-Based Learning to Natural Science Learning Outcome

Sudiyono, Maris Kurniawati, Danang Aditya Nugraha
Many factors influence the acquisition of learning outcomes, both external and internal factors. One internal factor that is thought to be very influential on the achievement of learning outcomes is Self-Regulated Learning (SRL), while external factors that are thought to contribute to the achievement...
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Analysis of Problems and Challenges in Teaching Sports, Health and Physical Education to Students with Disabilities

I Ketut Iwan Swadesi, I Nyoman Kanca, Made Agus Wijaya
Children living with various disabilities have the ability to maximize their potentials when they receive adequate attention and treatment according to their needs. Therefore, this research aims to analyze the problems and challenges in teaching Sports, Health and Physical Education to students with...
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The Effect of Problem-Based and Discovery Learning Models with the Science Approach to the Understanding Concept and Science Process Skills of the Student

Aris Doyan, Susilawati, I Wayan Gunada, Hilfan
This research aims to determine the differences in science process skills between students who follow the learning with problem-based learning model with scientific approach and students who follow learning discovery learning with scientific approach; differences in physics learning result between students...
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English Teachers’ Creativity in Conducting Teaching and Learning Process in Public Senior High Schools in Bali

Luh Putu Artini, Ni Nyoman Padmadewi
Teachers’ creativity plays a major role in determining success in teaching and learning process. This success can be identified through the learning outcome in which students possess the capability to use the foreign language in real life and achieve the 21st century learning skills. Research on teachers’...
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The Use of Web 2.0 in Islamic Religious Education Learning in Higher Education

Andewi Suhartini, Karman, Hasan Basri, Asep Nursobah
The development of information technology in the 21st century had a significant impact on the world of education. Learning in the industrialization which is oriented toward learning facts, concepts, rules and procedures through drills and practices, is transformed into learning in the real and authentic...
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Understanding the Connection Between Social Construction and Islamic Values

M. Maimun, Endah Andayani
The implementation of Islamic values in SMA Plus Miftahul Ulum Pamekasan Regency has been established and is part of the curriculum implementation. This implementation is directed to develop Islamic character of school residents such as having a culture of smiles, greetings, courtesy, mutual respect...
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Development of Problem-Based Termodynamics Learning Devices to Improve Concept Understanding and Critical Thinking Ability

A. Harjono, Aris Doyan, Susilawati, Hamidi
This study aims to develop problem-based learning tools to improve students’ conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills. The development model will be carried out through the define, design, development and disseminate stages. The learning tools developed in this study are in the form of a...
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Improving Classroom Management Competence

Agus Susiyowadi, Sudi Dul Aji, Lasim Muzammil
The present study was aimed at examining the improvement of classroom management competence through the simultaneous effect of superior’s perception, work-orientation, and self-development. It is a quantitative research design in which 82 teachers as the population taken from Diponegoro Dampit Education...
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Empowering Contextual Approach in Science Learning to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

Some Cases of Learning Science at Secondary School

Bibin Rubini, Didit Ardianto
This study aims to investigate the role of contextual virtual lab, contextual-based module, and contextual-based articles in enhancing critical thinking skills of junior secondary student. The learnings were arranged for three contexts: (1) How the heart pumps blood throughout the body (virtual lab based);...
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Local Material-Based DNA Experiment (LMBE)

Viable Alternative Approach for Biochemistry Laboratory

Florentina Maria Titin Supriyanti, Gun Gun Gumilar, Heli Siti Halimatul Munawaroh, Rahmat Setiadi
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the implementation of e-learning to ensure the teaching process does not halt utterly due to the crisis. However, e-learning courses alone are less adequate to provide hands-on skills regarding laboratory experiments. The course designed emphasizes the development of...
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Teacher’s Perception Towards Student Work Sheets with Ethnoscience Approach

Yayuk Andayani
This study aims to assess how high school chemistry teachers value the student worksheets with the ethnoscience approach. Teachers’ perceptions were collected using questionnaire with a Likert scale. Teachers rated the worksheet on an ordinal scale and the values were descriptively analyzed. The assessment...
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The Implementation of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for Environmental Education in Elementary Schools

Case Study of Malang City in East Java

Indriyani Rachman, Qiyam Maulana Binu Soesanto, Toru Matsumoto, Asyifa Imanda Septiana
Formulate an environmental policy through education is important. Therefore, this study used sub-textbooks and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methods. The subject group divided into two parts, Group A and group B as a control group. The results of pre-test compared to the average of group workshops with...
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Improving Students’ Scientific Literacy Through Science Learning with Socio Scientific Issues (SSI)

Anna Permanasari, Anita Sariningrum, Bibin Rubini, Didit Ardianto
This study aims to investigate the effect of Socio Scientific Issues (SSI) approach in the science learning to enhance students’ scientific literacy. 90 students of 8th graders, who were divided into three classes, were involved. They learned by using the same SSI approach but with the different themes,...
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Profile of Students’ Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

Nia Alfitriyani, Indarini Dwi Pursitasari, Surti Kurniasih
This study aims to profile the critical and creative thinking skills of high school students in science. The research was employed a quantitative descriptive method. The participants involved in the research were consisted of 108 students for critical thinking skill measurement and 129 students for creative...
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The Development of Online-Based Microteaching Learning in Improving the Teaching Basic Skills in the Covid Era 19

Eri Sarimanah, Roy Efendi, Figiati Indra Dewi
The Covid-19 pandemic era has led and changed a variety of life settings, including the world of education and learning. Face-to-face learning in class is no longer possible and changes into online-based distance learning. Microteaching class is no exception. The lecturer now must change the way to see...
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The Effectiveness of Physical Fitness Learning Based on Motion Cards in Elementary School

I Nyoman Kanca, Made Agus Wijaya, Ketut Iwan Swadesi
Physical education learning in Indonesia focuses on developing physical fitness, in which students are able to carry out daily activities without experiencing significant fatigue. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of physical fitness learning based on motion cards. This true...
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Implementing Teacher Written Feedback and Oral Writing Conference

Do They Work for Introvert and Extrovert Students?

Annisa Astrid, Manalullaili
Teacher’s written feedback and oral writing conference are the techniques used to give feedback to the students during writing process. There has been many research studies related to the implementation of these techniques. However, there was limited information whether the techniques go well for the...
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Extensive Listening and Its Relation Towards Vocabulary Knowledge

Nihta V.F. Liando, Christine Pajow, Mister G. Maru
Extensive Listening (EL), one of the approaches in language learning, is believed has a remarkable impact on the language proficiency of learners, particularly on the process of acquiring vocabularies. This study reports the systematic review of EL, and its relation towards vocabulary knowledge from...
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Development of Learning Device Using Discovery Learning Model with a Scientific Approach on Sequence and Series Material

Vica Defie Marlis Sinolungan, John Robby Wenas, Wayan Damai
This study aims to develop a learning device using the Discovery Learning model with a scientific approach to sequence and series material and analyze its validity and efficiency. The model that will be implemented in the development of the learning device is a modification of the Thiagarajan model known...
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Chemistry Lesson with Project-Based Learning on the Biogas Production to Enhance Students Information Literacy

Siti Supriyanti, Anna Permanasari, Fitri Khoerunnisa
Information literacy is one of the 21st-century skills, including the ability to determine, to access, to evaluate and to use information properly and effectively from trusted sources. This study aimed to develop a chemistry learning model with the context of biogas production from waste to improve high...
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The Impact of Online Learning in Atomic Theory on Students’ Creative Thinking Skills

Idham I. Afakillah, Leny Heliawati, Indarini D. Pursitasari
This study aims to analyse the improvement of students’ creative thinking skills along the online learning in atomic theory topics. The study used a quasi-experimental method with a one-group pretest-posttest design. The participants of this study are students of SMK N 1 Waringinkurung. The analysed...
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Smoking Phenomenon Among Elementary Children in Pasuruan – East Java

Akhtifa Dwi Kurliati, Laurens Kaluge, Ninik Indrawati, Waluyo Edi Susanto
This study aimed at describing the phenomenon of children at elementary-age who actively smoked. Using a qualitative study type, students, head of school, and student parents as the key informants were approached. The process of data collection was done by interviews, observations and searching student...
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Effectiveness of STEM Approach on Mathematical Communication Ability

I Gusti Ngurah Pujawan, I Putu Pasek Suryawan
The idea of integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in problems brings a new paradigm in teaching and learning mathematics. The innovation to use the STEM learning approach and its daily life applications allowed the students to enhance their mathematical communication skills. The...
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The Implementation of COVID-19 Curriculum

Learning Strategy and its Impact on the Health Literacy of High School Students

Sylva Sagita, Anna Permanasari
The purpose of this study was to profile the teaching strategies in the implementation of the COVID-19 curriculum as a chance to improve the health literacy of high school students. The descriptive study was conducted, with two questionnaires were designed as instruments and separately made for teachers...
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Virtual-Microteaching on Search-Analyzing-Practicing-Reflection (SAPR)

Alternative Approach in Developing Physics Student Teaching Skills in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sukarno, A.A. Musyafa, Boby Syefrinando
This study aims to find alternative learning in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, where the government forbids the implementation of lectures on campus (classes), while lectures must continue. One of the subjects in charge of developing teaching skills or teaching skills is microteaching. Virtual microteaching...
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The Effectiveness of the Teacher Professional Development Program in Implementing Curriculum 2013 in The Framework of STEM Education

Santi Setiani Hasanah, Anna Permanasari, Riandi
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning is introduced in Indonesia to face the challenges of the 21st century. Teacher Professional Development Program (TPDP) is carried out by the Centre for Development and Empowerment of Teacher and Education Personnel (CDETEP) in Science...
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Blended Learning

Teachers’ Understanding Towards Online Learning

Muhammad Nur Hudha, Ida Hamidah, Anna Permanasari, Ade Gafar Abdullah
This research is preliminary research to explore teachers’ understanding in inclusive schools toward online learning. This study used a descriptive qualitative method with questionnaire data and interviews with teachers at inclusive schools in East Java. A total of 114 teachers filled out the questionnaire...
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Implementation of Binding Meaning Methods to Increase Cerpen Writing Abilities in the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department

Warni, Sukarno
The research aims to arrange learning steps that are varied and effective to improve the ability to write short stories. Classroom action research (CAR) is carried out with 2 cycles. The subjects of this research are program students Indonesian Language and Literature Education study which contracted...
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Implementation of Indigenous Values of The Bali Aga Villages in Learning as a Modality for Strengthening Nation Character

Ni Ketut Suarni, Kadek Suranata, I Ketut Dharsana, Gede Nugraha Sudarsana
The Terunyan Village or already known as Bali Aga village’s has a very old tradition. Those traditions need to be inherited through the transformation of knowledge from those who already know and carried out the existing traditions. The purpose of this study was to determine the implementation of the...
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Development of Classroom Assessment Tests Based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Ni Ketut Widiartini, Putu Putri Dena Laksmi
This study aims to describe the steps for the development and quality of the Classroom Based Assessment course test based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). This research is a development research using a modified Borg & Gall model which consists of 4 main stages, namely needs analysis, initial...
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Students’ Ability in Working the Mathematics Problem

Ni Nyoman Parwati
According to Bloom’s taxonomy revised there are 6 levels of cognitive ability as indicators of student learning outcomes. In this study, the abilities studied were limited to the ability to apply concepts. This research is a qualitative descriptive study, with the subject of the research being the eighth-grade...
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Factor Analysis of Supporting Air Conditioning Practicum Activity in Vocational Education

Ega Taqwali Berman, Budi Mulyanti, Ida Hamidah, Agus Setiawan
Vocational education has specificity in the composition of practical learning that is more dominant than theoretical learning. The optimal implementation of practicum needs to be supported by various related factors. The purpose of this research is to find out the factors that support air conditioning...
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Professional Competencies Profile of Senior High School Teacher

I Gede Astra Wesnawa, Putu Indra Christiawan
This study aims to identify and examine the professional competency profile of high school teachers from the following aspects: (1) professional implementation, (2) self-development, (3) scientific publications, and (4) innovative works. The study population was SMA teachers in Bali Province who were...
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The Concept of Gender Education in the Family to Help Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Nina Nurmila, Supiana, Irma Riyani, Acep Aripudin
One of the goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is gender equality (Goal 5). Therefore, to achieve this goal, the concept of gender education is needed especially in the family, in which the basic and the first education starts. The aim of this article is to offer the concept of gender education...
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Gender-Based Organizational Citizenship Behavior Disposition for Government Senior High School Teachers in Mataram City Viewed From School Locations

Sudirman Wilian, Lalu Muhaimi, Syafruddin, Joni Rokhmat, Fika Ariani, Harsanah
OCB in the context of teachers is the behavior of doing a good to fellow them in overcoming-problems for the benefit of the school and preventing-problems between them through building good-relationships and respecting the rights and privacy of colleagues with indicators of altruism, courtesy, sportsmanship,...
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Future Challenges of Education for Children Victims of Domestic Violence in Islamic Education Perspective

Bahrul Ma’ani, Ramlah
This study aims to describe the future challenges of children’s education as a result of domestic violence from the perspective of Islamic education. This study uses a qualitative approach with literature review methods. Thus this research is carried out by searching, studying, comparing, and continuing...
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Gender-Based Organizational Citizenship Behavior Disposition for Public High School Teachers in Mataram, Lombok-Indonesia

Sudirman Wilian, Lalu Muhaimi, Syafruddin, Joni Rokhmat, Fika Ariani, Harsanah
OCB in the context of teachers is the behavior of doing good to other fellows in overcoming problems for the benefit of the school and preventing problems between them through building good relationships and respecting the rights and privacy of colleagues using such indicators as altruism, courtesy,...
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The Empowerment of the Community as a Learning Source for Junior High School

I Wayan Kertih, Wayan Mahardika Prasetya Wiratama
This study aims at identifying, mapping, and analyzing the teachers’ insights and abilities in teaching development with a dimension of empowerment important elements in community life as learning resources for social sciences. We applied the bibliography research approach (literature study and ethnography)...
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The Effect of Problem-Based Flipped Learning and Academic Procrastination on Students’ Critical Thinking in Learning Physics in High School

I Wayan Santyasa, Ketut Agustini, I Made Tegeh
Learning physics in SMA cannot be separated from students’ critical thinking activities without delay. Critical thinking will not develop optimally if the learning still tolerates the direct learning model. One of the learning models that are accommodative in developing critical thinking is the problem-based...
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Scientific Approach-Integrated Local Wisdom Content

A Physics Learning Design To Enhance Students’ Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

I Wayan Suastra, I Gede Arjana
Good critical thinking and problem solving skills become essential factors in helping students to achieve a better performance in learning physics. This research was aimed at analyzing the effect of scientific approach-integrated local wisdom content on senior high students’ critical thinking ability,...
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Society Education Media About Islamic Law Through Web-based Application

Siah Khosyi’ah, Barzan Faizin, Dian Sa’adillah Maylawati, Muhammad Ali Ramdhani
The majority of Indonesia’s population are Muslims who cannot separate the rules of the Islamic religion in the practice of daily life. Therefore, it is important for Muslims to know the rules in Islamic law. This study aims to build a website-based application that can be a media of education for the...
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The Influence of Parenting Style on Adolescent Religious Commitment in Bandung, Indonesia

Bambang Samsul Arifin, Silmi Fauziah Azzahra, Tahrir
This article aims to find out the influence of parenting style on the aspects of responsiveness and control of mothers and fathers toward religious commitment of private Islamic Senior High School students in Bandung, Indonesia. The method used in this study is a quantitative approach by the design of...
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Interpreting the Islamic Spiritual Dimension in an Educational Aspects

Abdullah Firdaus, Fuad Rahman, M. Fadhil
The aspect of spirituality became an important point in religious behavior and simultaneously imaging a religious integrity. As a system of building spirituality of a human being, Sufism had related practically to what a System of Education sounds toward building a character. This research was determined...
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Equilibrating Internal and External Quality Assurance in Islamic Higher Education

Elis Ratna Wulan, Syamsudin, Dindin Jamaluddin, Saca Suhendi
This study aims to equilibrate accountability and improvement orientation of quality in Islamic Higher Education using the integrated approach as the best model. The study thus attempts to explore the relationship between internal and external quality assurance systems. The study employed descriptive...
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The Implementation of Arabic Utilization as a Course Language in Islamic Subjects

Wahyudi Buska, Yogia Prihartini, Kasful Anwar Us, Ahmad Syukri, Diana Rozelin
This study aims to describe the application of Arabic as the language of instruction in Islamic subjects at the Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin State Islamic University of Jambi. This research is qualitative research, and the data was collected using observation, interview, documentation, and questionnaires....