Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Social science and Education Research (SSER2017)

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Green Production Associations Study between Brand Trust, Satisfactory Degree and Re-purchase Intention

Xi Chen, Fangping Cao
This paper takes the consumers who have purchased green products in Taiwan as the research object, and choose the three variables of brand trust, satisfaction and willingness to buy, and use the confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation method to analyze the valid questionnaires Consumer green...
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Folk Sports Development under the Context of Ceramic Culture

Jin Ying
Since the reform and opening up, the western sports culture has become popular, many characteristics of the local folk sports culture is disappearing. As China's economic strength become strong, it is very important to protect and develop the traditional folk culture with traditional culture characteristics....
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Vulnerable or Powerful, Obedient or Resistant Character Analysis of Romeo and Juliet

Yanchun Zhang
As is known to all the play Romeo and Juliet has been studying by numerous scholars with lots of different results. Internationally and domestically, the paper aims to cite some scholars' insightful studies for themes of the play; focus will be on the character analysis of Romeo and Juliet. Based on...
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Study on Social Cultural Adaptability of International Students in China under the Background of "the Belt and Road"

Bo Liu
The Socio-cultural adaptability of international students in China under the background of "the Belt and Road" is discussed, and the results found that the existing literature coverage on socio-cultural adaptability of international students in China is not sufficient yet. This paper analyzes the value...
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Research on Micro-blog Marketing Mode of Domestic Films —— Take "Pass Through Your World" as an example

Xiaowen Zhou
Based on the theory of micro-blog marketing, in the movie "passing from your world "as the study object, based on the movie "passing from your world " micro-blog marketing application specific analysis, find out the success of micro-blog in the marketing aspect, and summarizes the successful experience...
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Study on The Brand Marketing Strategy of "Carpenter Tan "

Xiaowen Zhou
In the current market environment, is already a Carpenter Tan handicraft industry leading enterprises, the brand marketing strategy is a key factor for the success of marketing, based on the analysis of the marketing environment of Carpenter Tan, in-depth study of the existing problems in the carpenter...
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Study on Wechat Marketing Strategy of Tmall

Juan Wei
With the development of Internet economy, many kinds of marketing have been emerged based on Internet, and mobile internet marketing has evolved into a new battlefield for enterprises to carry out marketing. Because of this opportunity, it has become a trend to market with Internet, and WeChat public...
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European Integration and Contemporary Idea of Europe

Huarong Zhang
European integration has exerted a profound effect on contemporary idea of Europe. This paper tries to analyze first the background and cause then the detail of European integration, with the purpose of concluding its influence on the idea of Europe in the final part.
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Painting Aesthetics and Educational Enlightenment of Ren Renfa in Yuan Dynasty

Xiaoli Wu
Ren Renfa lives in Yuan Dynasty which two dynasties changed, but he wins the later admiration through the water conservancy projects and paintings that surpassed the era. In the balance between reality and ideal, he finds the painting as a media to hit reality and does not avoid social contradictions....
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Span from Anti-Poverty to Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Tiejun Zhao, Xing Li, Tao Qu
There is still some serious problems in the poverty alleviation work in the Old Revolutionary Base Area of Gansu, such as the inaccurate strategies, bureaucratic working styles, and so on. Aiming at solving the problems, the paper has reviewed the poverty alleviation work from Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Board...
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Correlation of Blood Lipid Profile, Blood Lipid Ratio and Cystatin C in Patients with Hyperthyroidism

Hou Zhenjiang, Mu Zhaoxin, Zhang Jingyu, Fan Hong, Hou Jianzhang
To investigate the correlation among serum lipids and their ratios and cystatin C (CysC) in patients with hyperthyroidism. authors respectively chose fifty patients of hyperthyroidism, subclinical hyperthyroidism and the control group. TC, TG and LDL-C in the hyperthyroidism and subclinical hyperthyroidism...
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Research on Equity Incentive of Listed Companies

Linli Bian
From early 1990s joint-stock company in the process of ESOP, to the end of twentieth Century and early twenty-first Century the management equity incentive, and then since 2002 the emergence of MBO, to improve equity incentive now and in-depth stage, equity incentive in our country has developed a long...
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D.H. Lawrence's Nostalgia and Longing for Life in Return to Bestwood

Xiuzhi Zhang
D.H. Lawrence's Return to Bestwood is a short prose with a strong nostalgia. The paper mainly analyzes Lawrence's nostalgia and his longing for life in Return to Bestwood. It expresses Lawrence 's eagerness for returning home and his yearning for his hometown, his long for a healthy life as well as his...
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The Influence of Private Equity Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development Research

Fang Cai, Zhan Wang
Private equity investment services as the third enterprises financing channel ranking next to bank credit and public financing. After 70 years of development in the Western developed market, it also has been booming development in Chinese market. Although there are few problems that impede the development...
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The Construction of China-Russia-Mongolia Free Trade Area Under'the Belt and Road'—Studies Based on SWOT Analysis

Lulu Lin
China,Mongolia and Russia economic FTA Free Trade Area is an important part of the strategy of'The Belt and Road'.Promote the construction of China-Russia-Mongolia FTA can not only develop strategic cooperation among the three countries, but also act as a significant measure to the construction of'the...
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The Dual Economy and Social Security in Rural China

Zheran Fan
China is now obviously in a dual economic era. The developed urban economy and the backward rural economy exist simultaneously while high-tech modern industry and ancient tradition of agriculture coexist at the same time. This dual economic model led to a huge gap between China's urban and rural social...
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Third Industry Supply Side Innovation of State Owned Enterprises Audit Efficiency Measurement Countermeasures

Jie Xu, Xing Li
This study was based on China audit Yearbook data from 2008 to 2014, based on BCC model of data envelopment analysis and Malmquist index method to measure the audit efficiency of state-owned enterprises, study finds The static efficiency measurement of state-owned enterprises shows that the comprehensive...
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Study on Intersubjectivity and Intertextuality in Reviewing the Woman Warrior

Xue Han, Weina Ouyang
Without form and content, the context is what we can grasp, the classical Chinese-American works The Woman Warrior is an exactly proper example, In terms of intersubjectivity and intertextuality, individuality and community of subjects can coexist with each other, the female character in the novel, originated...
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The Application of TCM Thought of Preventive Treatment of Disease in Clinical Practice

Huan Li
The idea of preventive treatment of disease in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is to prevent the occurrence and development of diseases, prevent precautionary thoughts, that is, to prevent the occurrence of diseases before they are ill, to prevent the transmission of diseases after they have been...
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Study on Aesthetic Value of China Propaganda Poster

Jinsong Yu, Shengli Chen
Social value and artistic value construct aesthetic value connotation of propaganda poster from two aspects of internal and external.First, the social value to show the beauty of spirit, covers the beauty of morality, human nature, social fairness and justice, human and nature harmonious coexistence;Second,...
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Research on the Transformation and Upgrading of Equipment Manufacturing in Northeast China

Yang Tang, Dan Bai
Northeast China is the cradle of China's industry and is one of the three major bases for the equipment manufacturing industry in our country. This article points out the major problems that the equipment manufacturing industry in Northeast China faces through consulting literature and field visits....
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Research on High Speed Toll Plaza

Xiaojun Zhao
This paper propose a reasonable assumption,and abstract the toll plaza into a model only related to B and L.By using the queuing theory and traffic flow theory we define the throughput cost and accident prevent with B and L to acquire the base model,and then calculate the model by using the method of...
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The Influence of Customer Participation in Value Co-creation Activities on Consumer WOM Communication

Yue Liu
The development of network economy and vary O2O channels provides more ways to participate in the enterprise value co-creation for the customer, exploring the customer participation activities is important to study the consumer behavior. Through questionnaire analysis, this paper empirically studies...
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Research on Enterprise Service Marketing of UFIDA Software

Qian Bai
The service marketing based on the proposed new UFIDA marketing model, and construct the ERP marketing system, make the research on service marketing of UFIDA aspects. Through analyzing the current situation of service marketing strategy of UFIDA software company at present, find its success, according...
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Self-Limiting Deprived Choice—a Study of China's Civil Service Career

Tiantian Dong
In recent years, China's civil service employment presents a unique landscape, worthy of attention and study. The complaint of boring work and low pay often appeared in the media, but relative to the few case of the resignation, most grassroots young civil servants after the struggle between resign and...
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An Inquiry into Ideological and Moral Construction of College Students as Network Virtual Group

Wang Zhijian
With the rapid development of the network, the ideo-logical and moral construction of college students as network vir-tual group has gradually become a new content of moral educa-tion in colleges and universities. By analyzing the positive andnegative impact of the network on college students' ideologicaland...
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Research on Business Strategy of BBG

Yali Luo
Business strategy is a vital factor which determines whether the business operation is successful. In this paper, we take BBG as an example to study its business strategy in medium and small cities. First of all, this paper introduces the development of retail industry at home and abroad and related...
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Study on Chinese-English Translation of Yunnan Ethnic Cultural Classics in Multicultural Contexts

Yanchun Zhang
With the integration of world culture, global culture and cultural diversity is the common heritage of mankind. In the multicultural contexts, translation is shouldering mission of promoting national exchanges and cultural diversity and strengthening the construction of world peace culture. This paper,...
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Research on Packaging Design Art of Elderly Products in China

Weiqi Qi, Jing Xue
This paper expounds how to combine the physiological characteristics of old people with the elements of package design and design the packaging suitable for the elderly. In this paper, the physiological features of the elderly, such as vision, touch and memory, are analyzed, and the basic requirements...
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On Tourism English Translation in Cross-Cultural Communication

Wen Qin
Cross-cultural communication is a phenomenon of interpersonal communication in different cultural backgrounds and has existed for a long time and is universal. There are obvious differences between Chinese and Western cultures. Therefore, many cultures with Chinese characteristics can be hardly understood...
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Economic Analysis of Insufficient Enterprise Technology Innovation

Lu Yu, Lei Zhan
Fundamental reason of insufficient enterprise technology innovation was analyzed with basic economic principles applied in perspective of current situation of Chinese enterprises in this thesis. Dominant role of entrepreneurs in the process of innovation was firstly determined and function relation for...
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An Analysis on Famous Brand Strategy of Economic Development

Qi Zhang, Jinjiang He, Ning Cai
In order to meet the economic development "shift speed" of the new features, implementation of brand strategy and the development of brand economy has become a boost to the city's economic development and build an economic upgrade version of one of the important path. This paper identified the implementation...
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Study on the Current Application Condition and Development Situation of Social Media in Sports Industry

Yuan Zhang
Purpose: Developing sports spirit and culture is the eternal goal of human development. At present, the domestic sports industry chain has been formed, but there are still many problems in the process of handling and convergence. The level of public service is relatively primary, Goal: Since the 2019...
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Analysis of Food Safety Public Opinion Based on LDA Theme Model

Ting Zhang, Yankun Wang, Cao Yuan, Kaiqiong Sun
Because food is the material basis for the survival and development of mankind, and food safety is closely related to public health. But with the rapid development of the Internet age,It's very difficult to find information about food safety from huge amounts of big data.The Latent Dirichlet Allocation...
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Ecological Consciousness in William Wordsworth's Poetry

Xiuzhi Zhang
Wordsworth is one of the representatives of the romantic poetry. He tried to innovate new ways of writing in his poems and he regarded the poetry as a cure for man's depression. So this paper mainly focuses on William Wordsworth's ecological ideas and analyzes the relationship between man and nature,...
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Research on "Creative" Visual Thinking Mode in Visual Communication Design

Bei Wang, Mo Wang
The cultivation of creative thinking is the current topic of design major. In this paper, considering the characteristics and demands of visual design specialty, this dissertation considers how to strengthen the cultivation of creative ability from a multidimensional perspective, has very important reference...
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Study on the Present Situation and Promotion Path of Entrepreneurship Development in Yulin City

Jiang Liu, Xinzhuo Jiang, Dawei Gao
Under the current background of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", this paper constructs the theoretical framework of "entrepreneurial" policy environment by studying the current situation of entrepreneurship development in Yulin and the existing problems, and explores the practical path of developing...
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From Education for Profit to Education for Excellence——An Inspiration to the Successful Internationalization of Higher Education in Singapore

Jing Lin
For the lack of natural resources, during conducting the strategy of developing both economy and society, Singapore's government put education as the fundament of this country, making it owns a special significance. Schools in Singapore educate students in a way which is built on national conditions,...
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Research on the Teaching of Practical Combat in Institutions of Academy

Liang Ma
In order to carry out the important strategic idea of strengthening the army s goal,meeting the teaching requirements of actual combat in the new situation,on the basis of analyzing the problems existing in the teaching of actual combat in Institutions of higher learning,Key Research Institute the implementation...
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Studies on China's Fiscal Policy to Support the Supply-side Reform

Feifei Han
Carrying out and advancing the supply-side reform is an important strategic arrangement, for China's adapting and leading the new normal economic development and promoting long-term sustainable economic development. As not only the core of supply-side reform, but also an important means of macroeconomic...
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Study on Children Product Design And Development Based on Fashion Consumption

Liming Zhang
With the pursuit of fashionable product ,people are spending more money on their children. The consuming proportion for children is increasingly higher for children in a family. To meet the need of the children, when designing products for children, one should consider not only the character of the children,...
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The Empirical Analysis about Effects of Career Decision-Making

Nana Ma
Manova found that there were significantly different between career decided college students and career undecided college students both on the total level of career decision-making difficulty and 8 types of career decision-making difficulties, after controlling the democratic and naturally mature factors....
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Research on E-commerce Logistics Mode of Halal Agricultural Products in Ningxia

Haiying Ma, Hui Zhang
The rapid rise of the rapid development of e-commerce depends on the development of the logistics industry, the logistics industry is also rising due to the electronic commerce, and the two complement each other. The e-commerce of agricultural products logistics modernization is the bottleneck of e-commerce...
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Research on the Development Strategy Planning of Wuhan's Incubators

Juan Li
After reviewing macro-environment, this paper analyzed its development opportunities and threats, then using the SWOT analysis model to get the incubators' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, and then, from ST, SO, WO, WR four aspects to make strategic combination, and put forward four...
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Coupling Research on Governing Structure and Enterprise Technology Innovation

Lei Zhan, Lu Yu
The fact that governing structure is an important factor to affect enterprise technology innovation was explained through relation analysis from three aspects of company governing structure including equity mechanism, mechanism of creditor's right and board structure on technology innovation in this...
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Construction and Identification of Eukaryotic Expression Vector of Vlgr1

Zeng Ping, Huang Xiaoming, Cheng Xueli, Wang Anping, Zhao Chunling, Dong Junhong
To construct the Vlgr1 plasmid containing the functional domain, provide experimental material for the study of Vlgr1 - mediated signaling pathways and hydrolysis mechanisms. Methods: Primers were designed according to the gene sequences in the Gene bank, the DNA sequences of different domain regions...
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Research on The Marketing Strategy of Network

Xiaowen Zhou
This paper chooses the representative, a successful shopping site in the network marketing strategy, from product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, promotion strategy, analysis of its success, and combining with the development status and the enterprise market itself put forward...
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A Brief Analysis of the Properties and Characteristics of Cultural and Creative Products

Qiku Bao, Mo Wang
With the continuous development of social civilization, cultural and creative products have come to impact people's life with their own advantages.
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Study on the Sustainable Development Strategy of Ecotourism Scenic Spots

Chaoge Jiletu, Liu Jiang
The sustainable development of tourist attractions can not only ensure the sustainable utilization of existing tourism resources, but also maintain the ecological balance of local scenic spots and develop the economic development in local areas. This article explores the development of local ecotourism...
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The Dream of Socialist Core Accomplishment "The Belt and Road Initiative" Practice in Colleges and Universities

Mingmin Li, Fangfang Xie
The Belt and Road Initiative,it is the multilateral and bilateral economic development mechanism under the guidance of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road",with the help of effective regional cooperation platform,positive development and comprehensive cooperation...