Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Economic and Business Management (FEBM 2018)

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Do “Economic” Institutions Influence on Monetary Stability and Economic Growth?

Andrey Kolomiets
The Author investigates the problem of mutual influence and dependences between estimates of quality of “economic” institutions, indicators of monetary stability, and growth rates in representative group of different economies - developed, developing and transitional (Selected Economies) at 2002-2013,...
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Strategies of Receivables Management in Multi-entity Organizations

Grzegorz Zimon
Receivables management is the most important area of ​​financial management. Their level and a management policy have a decisive impact on the financial safety of enterprises. Receivables are the basic component of current assets. In general, short-term receivables (current receivables), i.e. receivables...
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The Analysis of the Coherence of the Change in the Financial Situation

Jana Kliestikova, Maria Kovacova, Pavol Kubala, Andrea Drugau Constantin
Nowadays, businesses face many challenges. Changes in the economy are not one-off; change of state of the company from going bankrupt to financially healthy and vice versa is a gradual process. This process is dynamic and influenced by many macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. Therefore, the knowledge...
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Research on Rural Economic Development Based on Data Mining

Xiaoya Ma, Zhipeng Li, Xiang Xie
The development of rural e-commerce and rural tourism has provided new ideas for the reform of rural economic construction. The rapid expansion of rural e-commerce represented by Taobao Village shows people the enormous potential of the rural e-commerce market. While e-commerce has changed the structure...
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Groups of Companies, Cash Holdings Level and Credit Risk

Xiaofeng Xie, Kai Xu, Yang Yang, Zongfang Zhou
Based on KMV model, this paper empirically studies the internal relationship between groups of companies, cash holdings level and credit risk, and tentatively explores the intrinsic mechanism between cash holdings and credit risk of state-owned groups of companies. The research shows that :(1) compared...
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Research on the Relationship Between Industrial Cluster and Technological Innovation Diffusion—An Empirical Research of Chinese Construction Industry

Xiaochen Chen
This paper uses Granger causality test to analyze the relationship between the degree of agglomeration of Chinese construction industry and the diffusion of technological innovation. Research shows that in Beijing, Anhui and Jiangxi, the construction industry clusters can obviously promote the technological...
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A New Perspective: The Framework of Trust Violation and Labor Disputes

Suzhou Wang, Yanhong Tu
This study objected to determine a conceptual framework and to create a correlation model of trust violation and labor disputes, which moderated by cooperative and competitive orientation. Based on the theories of labor relation and trust, we posited that harmonious labor relation is built upon the trust...
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Research on Corporate Social Responsibility and Harmonious Labor Relations

Jianju Wang, Jingzhe Zhang
The report of the 19th National Congress pointed out that improving the consultation and coordination mechanism involving the government, trade unions and enterprises to build a harmonious labor relationship is the basis for safeguarding and improving people's livelihood and promoting social harmony....
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The Affordability of Natural Gas Price in China: A Literature Review

Xutao Rui, Lianyong Feng
Natural gas price affordability reflects natural gas users willingness to pay for natural gas, and its price form is characterized by affordable natural gas prices. Unlike market prices, affordable natural gas prices cannot be quantified through market supply and demand relationships, and they reflect...
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Mediating Role of Synergy Effect of Merger and Acquisition in the Influence of Competitive Behavior on Enterprise Performance

Liangjun He, Xinyi Ma, Shenglei Pi
China's market segmentation has led to companies facing national and regional competition in domestic market after merger and acquisition. This paper adopts empirical study to explore the mediating role of synergy in the influence of competitive behavior on performance after Chinese enterprises mergers...
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Virtual Brand Community Expectancy of Growth Moderates the Relationship between Community Identification and Community Participation

Hongquan Chen, Wei Gao, Shuhua Zhang, Yujin Xu, Yuxuan Liu
In the process of studying the impact of community identification on community participation in the virtual brand community, this paper adopted structural equation model of latent interactions without using the mean structure to explore the moderating role of expectancy of growth. The results show that...
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The Analysis of Causes of Business Financial Distress

Lucia Michalkova, Peter Adamko, Maria Kovacova
Economic growth is one of the most striking phenomena of recent years. The global economy is considered to be powerful and powerful. Nevertheless, signs of the deteriorating financial condition of the state, the population and surrounding businesses must be perceived. Financial management of any company...
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Comparative Study on the Technical Complexity of China and India Service Export and Its Impact Factors

Wan Lu, Yizhong Fu
Service sectors are exhibiting increasing importance in domestic economy and service trade attracted more attentions. China and India, as the top emerging economies, are similar in many dimensions, such as population base, social environment, economic policies, and national development strategies. Therefore,...
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Review of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Subsequent Development and Economic Growth

Longbao Wei, Faiza Manzoor, Abdul Latif
The Belt and Road initiative is a regional connectivity approach that consists of 68 countries and six economic corridors, among them China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a mega project that builds a strategic framework for the bilateral practical cooperation and is a flagship project for the connectivity...
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The Synergy in Circular Economy

Ineta Geipele, Kaspars Plotka, Yanis Wirzhbitskis, Janis Zvirgzdins
Synergy is interaction of two or more system elements that produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. The additional effect or the difference that is created from such an interaction is called synergy effect or synergistic effect. A system can be economical, technical or...
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The Economic Environment of Quanzhou and the Financing Research of Small and Medium Enterprises in Quanzhou

Dongdong Weng, Manping Weng, Xiaofang Wang
Quanzhou is the front position of the reform and opening up,so it one of the most active areas of the private economy,among them,the occupation of small and median enterprises is more than 90%,which us the main force of Quanzhou ‘s gross production, tax and employment creation.But because of the market...
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The Analysis of the Influence of Trump's Tax Reform on China’s Unemployment Rate

Yumeng Lai
With the passage of the final version of the "Trump tax reform" bill, the United States ushered in the largest tax reform bill during the past 30 years since the Reagan administration's tax reform. The tax reform bill will have a wide range of impact on the United States and the world. As one of the...
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A Review of China- Pakistan Economic Corridor and Tourism Opportunities

Faiza Manzoor, Longbao Wei
One Belt One Road is China initiative, its aims to create the world’s largest platform for economic cooperation, including policy coordination, trade and financing collaboration, and social and cultural cooperation. OBOR is a modern equivalent, creating a network of railways, roads, pipelines, and utility...
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C2C Electronic Commerce Tax Management Based on Big Data

Weibo Huang, Yanjun Liao, Shaohui Li
This study was to find a more effective way for tax collection and management on C2C E-commerce with the help of Big Data technology. This study reviewed the current situation and features of C2C E-commerce in China. We analyzed the problems and necessity of the tax collection and management on C2C E-commerce....
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Evaluation Framework for Strategic Implementation Process in Large Enterprises

Xiaofeng Zhang, Haixu Song, Guowei Gao, Li Ma, Tuo Liu, Longzhu Liu
In recent years, corporate strategic implementation evaluation has received more and more attention from academic circles. Taking relevant theoretical works as a whole, this paper analyzes the characteristics and key elements of the strategic implementation process. In addition, this paper proposes an...
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The Holistic View of the Symptoms of Financial Health of Businesses

Lucia Michalkova, Katarina Valaskova, Katarina Frajtova Michalikova, Andrea Drugau Constantin
Each phase of an enterprise's life cycle brings different impacts on corporate financial health. Financial distress may be associated with the emergence of a crisis, failure and / or bankruptcy. To identify these negative corporate phenomena timely, you need to know the appropriate symptoms. These symptoms...
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Characteristics of Women's Consumers Behavior and Strategies of Enterprises Marketing Based on the New Media

Daowen Ren, Haiyan Wu, Xuejun Liu, Jiaying Lv
The new media is changing the traditional mode of communication, meanwhile, is yet transferring the behavior of women's consumption. In this respect of users’ consumption, women's now occupy a large advantage. Women's consumer demand and behavior don’t only represent the new spirits of the new media...
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Purchasing Strategy for Loss-aversion Manufacturer Based on Option Market

Wenyi Du, Xiaojing Liu, Yubing Fu
This paper studies the operation of purchase strategy for supply chain of loss-aversion manufacturer under the option market. The study shows that loss-aversion manufacturer does not behave positively in the option purchase, and the option order quantity decreases as the loss-aversion coefficient increases;...
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A Study on Corporate Governance of Mixed Ownership Enterprises

Lei Ruan, Ming Yin
As a form of enterprise organization with Chinese characteristic, mixed ownership is not only different from the classical private ownership enterprise in western countries, but different from the public ownership enterprise which is generally accepted by socialist countries. The mixed-ownership enterprise...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Dujiangyan's Cultural Tourism Based on Tourist Satisfaction

Weiting Zhu, Heng Yang, Shuhua Zhang, Hui He
By investigating tourists'perception and satisfaction in Dujiangyan, this paper finds out the significant influencing factors of Tourists'Perception in Dujiangyan, and discusses the development strategy of Dujiangyan cultural tourism based on tourists'satisfaction. Firstly, this paper provides a brief...
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Deng Xiaoping's Risk Consciousness and Enlightenment to Building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era: Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up

Yuxia Zhang, Xiaofang Wang
Risk consciousness is an important content of Deng Xiaoping's theory of developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the face of difficulties and risks, Deng Xiaoping always takes "dare" as the first word, and with the courage of the revolutionist, it is the essence of Deng Xiaoping's risk awareness...
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Co-momentum and Stock Market Returns

Kailin Zeng, Ebenezer Fiifi Emire Atta Mills, Xiuzhi Zhang, Shaolong Zeng
As a proxy for valuable information related to momentum trading, Co-momentum variable is created based on average correlations for daily stock returns between consecutive trading days within a given period. This paper finds a negative relationship between Co-momentum and future market excess return from...
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Effective State in the System of New Socio-economic Formation

Vadim O. Evseev, Tatiana V. Skryl, Vladimir S. Osipov
The main goal of this paper is to confirm that there is a new socio-economic formation with sustainable development characteristics (on example of Russia). The method of system analysis and modeling was chosen as a research method. A new system of indicators for assessing the effectiveness of public...
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The Impact of Exhibition Resources on Development of City MICE Industry: An Empirical Study Based on Data From 175 Cities in China

Shuhua Zhang, Yurong Zhu, Weiting Zhu, Hongquan Chen, Xian Cai
It is of great practical significance to explore the impact of exhibition resources on development of city MICE industry. Taking 175 Convention and exhibition cities in China in 2017 as the research sample, the empirical analysis results show that exhibition resources have a significant positive impact...
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The Impact of Supplier Concentration on Credit Spreads in Corporate Bond Two Tier Market

Li Sun, Tao Li
The degree of supplier concentration has both benefit and risk effects. It is an important issue to discuss how to interpret the bond spreads of bonds in the two level market. In this paper, we use the study of corporate debt data in the two level market for 2009-2016 years in China. It is found that...
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A Study on Decent Work and College Students’ Employment

Quanhong Jiang, Kejing He
Employment and decent work is one of the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations. Decent work for college students has become an increasingly prominent problem in China's social and economic development because college students’ employment is vital to the students and their families...
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Analysis on The Problems Existing in The Financing of Private Enterprises in China and The Relationship Between Private Financing

Dongdong Weng, Xiaofang Wang, Manping Weng
With the continuous advancement of marketization level, private enterprises play a vital role in economic operation, but their financial resources are asymmetric with their status in national economic and social development. The development of enterprises is generally a problem of financing difficulties....
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Analysis and Suggestion on Joint Operation of the Green Trading Systems in China

Jian Jiao
China's domestic carbon trading market was launched in December 2017. This is a major measure taken by China to tackle climate change and achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. Besides the domestic carbon emissions trading market, there are several other market-oriented trading...
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Study on the Wetland’s Scientific Attributes and Its Restoration in Baiyangdian Lake

Zhen Wang, Jisong Wu, Jingyang Xia
Through an analysis of the wetland definition with legal effect, this paper gives an elaboration about a scientific conclusion that the scientific attribute of Baiyangdian Lake, Xiong’an is wetland rather than lake, and further defines the wetland’s scientific attributes that are different from lake’s....
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Institutional Investors' Shareholding Ratio and Stock Return Volatility: Empirical Findings from the a Share Market

Qian Yu, Tao Li
This paper uses the non-balanced panel data of A-share listed companies from 2001 to 2017 to conduct an empirical study on the relationship between the shareholding ratio of institutional investors and stock return volatility before and after the split share structure reform . It is found that after...
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Home-Based Networks, Local Institutions and Innovation of Chinese Multinational Firms

Xiaoyu Wu, Veronica Hoi in Fong, Jacky Fok Loi Hong
This paper contributes to the literature of innovation, network strategies and institutions in emerging China by identifying the bridging role of home-based networks between different indigenous institutions and innovation of Chinese firms. Focusing on the mediating function of home-based networks, we...
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Tracking and Commentary on China's Overseas Consumption Education Service Trade Research

Hong Ji, Mengxin Cao
The history of overseas consumer education service trade has been a hot topic in the field of education in recent years. This paper takes overseas consumption education service trade as the research object, analyzes the development of education service trade through literature analysis, and summarizes...
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A Study on the Contagion Mechanism of Associated Credit Risk with Risk Information Lag

Kai Xu, Zongfang Zhou, Xiaofeng Xie
Based on the epidemic model and complex network theory, this paper discusses the impact mechanism of risk information spreading and its lag on the associated credit risk contagion. The results of the study show that the lag of risk information do not affect the stability of risk equilibrium. Moreover,...
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Auctions in Steel Industry

Borja Ena, Javier Puente, Alberto Gomez, Paolo Priore
The paper analyzes the literature regarding the auctions of products in the context of the steel sector with three objectives: to identify its determining factors, decide the appropriate method of auctioning in that context and investigate the need to group products in homogeneous lots before the auction....
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Research on the Validity of China's Stock Market Based on Random Walk Test

Fengrui Liu, Xiaohui Hu, Fuchang Li
China's stock market has been in existence for nearly 30 years since its inception, and there have been many problems at the same time of rapid development, such as frequent skyrocketing and imperfect regulatory systems.The issue of stock market validity is one of the focuses of scholars.We use the random...
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Empirical Evidence on Sources of Consumer Trust on E-Commerce of Ghana

Benjamin Adjei Danquah, Chen lin Dong
The emergence of E-commerce is taking the world by storm and is growing rapidly in developed and some emerging economies. The purpose of the research was to assess the impact on sources of consumer trust on E-Commerce in Ghana. The study adopted primary data using 215 questionnaires for the survey and...
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Digital Agriculture: Possibilities For Agricultural Insurance Evolution

Tatiana V. Skryl, Vladimir S. Osipov, Sergey V. Zhevora
The digital economy is gaining momentum. Nowadays it being formed institutional conditions for the implementation of the transition to new technologies using the Internet of Things. A roadmap for the introduction of the Internet of Things in the agro-industrial complex has been considered. The regulatory...
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Does Economic Policy Uncertainty Affect Firm-level Financing in China

Shun-yi Xiao, Chi-chuan Lee
This paper investigates the impacts of economic policy uncertainty (EPU) on firm-level financing with the fixed effect model, using quarterly panel data of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Markets’ A shares from 2003 to 2017. The results areas follows: (1) EPU has an unfavorable influence on firm-level...
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Co-movements Between Chinese and CBOT Grain Futures Markets: Some New Evidence Based on DCC-GARCH Model

Meng Ou, Jie Li
Based on the bivariate DCC-GARCH model, this paper discusses the dynamic relationship between domestic and international grain futures market prices. The results show that domestic and foreign grain futures markets have a long-term integration trend and the dynamic correlation coefficient of soybean...
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The Impact of Margin Trading on China's Stock Market Liquidity

Jingjing Zhu, Yongjian Zong
Since securities margin trading has been started in China in 2010, it has promoted the diversification of securities trading in China. This article firstly combines the domestic and foreign existing researches to do a theoretical analysis of the impact of margin trading on the liquidity of China's stock...
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A Review of the Research on M&A Behavior

Yan Wang, Shaoni Zhou, Yushan Wu, Sixiang Wu
M&A (mergers and acquisitions) have always been a hot topic. With the rapid development of the global economy and the intensified competition in recent years, M&A have ushered in an unprecedented new situation both in terms of scale and transaction volume. Based on this, we have combed the literature...
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Research on The Development of Cross-Border E-commerce in China: Take Alibaba as an Example

Liang Liu, Xiaoyu Jiang, Jian Wu
With the continuous development of internationalization, the traditional international trade mode has its own defects, while e-commerce, as a new form of trade, is widely praised for its convenience and small time and space restrictions. As a new form of trade between countries, cross-border e-commerce...
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On the Rural E-commerce Synergy Distribution System: Strategic Alliance, Basic Structure and Main Functions

Guanghua Zhao
The Construction of rural e-commerce synergy set distribution system is mainly approach to solve the problem of rural e-commerce logistics distribution difficult, It was discussed mainly that the construction of the rural e-commerce synergy set distribution system in this paper, including the organization...
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Coopetition and Institutional Logics in Tourism

Shuyang Wang, Veronica Hoi in Fong, Jacky Fok Loi Hong
This study advances the understandings of institutional transition in the tourism literature by integrating two areas of study: the theory and practices of analysis informed by the research on institutional logics and on coopetition. Adopting a qualitative study of four tourism operators and their related...
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An Analysis of the Development of Elderly Wellness Tourism Market: Taking Shandong Province as an Example

Cuihua Qi, Ting Jiang
Wellness tourism is the organic combination of tourism and health. It has a great effect on health promotion. The elderly is a huge source of wellness tourism, and its wellness tourism market has great potential. This article explores the keeping in good health in the elderly tourism market supply, demand...