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Tariq Tawfeeq Yousif Alabdullah, Mohd Isha Awang, Bobur Sobirov, Mochammad Tanzil Multazam, Mahardika D. K. Wardana
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Identifying Weaknesses in Internal Control System: A Case Study of a High School in Tulangan, Indonesia

Duwi Rahayu, Ririn Silvia Agustin, Leriza Desitama Anggraini
This study aimed to investigate the implementation of an accounting information system for cash receipts and expenditures at SMA Muhammadiyah 3 Tulangan, with the goal of improving internal control. The researchers used a descriptive qualitative research method with primary and secondary data sources,...
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Motivation and Self-efficacy Boost Academic Flow in Students During COVID-19

Dwi Nastiti, Ghozali Rusyid Affandi, Lely Ika Mariyati
The purpose of this quantitative study is to determine the effect of achievement motivation, social support, self-efficacy, and academic flow on Muhammadiyah Junior High School students in Sidoarjo during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study surveyed 449 students using scales of achievement motivation, social...
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Preparing Future Teachers for 5.0 Era: Microteaching and TPCK Approach

Nur Maslikhatun Nisak, Ruli Astuti, Niswatin Khoiriyah, Evi Fatimatur Rusydiyah
This study aimed to investigate the innovative microteaching learning model used in the Madrasah Ibtidaiyah teacher education program at Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo and to assess the Technology Pedagogy Content Knowledge (TPCK) ability of prospective Islamic elementary school teachers. The study...
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Halal Lifestyle Education in Indonesia: An Analysis of Textbook Content

Puspita Handayani, Evi Fatimatur Rusydiyah, Bassam Abul A’la
This study aimed to analyze the content of halal lifestyle in Islamic religious education textbooks for grades 7–9 published by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia using content analysis. The results found halal lifestyle content in 6 domains: food, finance, travel, fashion,...
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Social Influence and Facilitating Conditions Drive E-learning Adoption

Cindy Cahyaning Astuti, Bambang Wijanarko Otok, Akbar Wiguna
This study aimed to investigate the factors influencing students’ behavioral intentions to use e-learning in higher education after the COVID-19 pandemic using the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model with the addition of a moderating variable, i.e., experience in using e-learning....
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Achieving Consistency in Goals: A Prescriptive Evaluation of Islamic Religious Education

Anita Puji Astutik, Lismawati, Rahmad Salahuddin, Annisa Firaudhatil Jannah
This study aims to evaluate the success of Islamic Religious Education in developing morals and shaping behavior to anticipate and resolve ethical or moral issues in the world of education. A prescriptive evaluation design was employed, utilizing a qualitative approach to assess decision-making skills...
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Unveiling Pedagogical Competence: Insights from Outstanding Teachers

Susiana Hermawati, Pujaningsih
This qualitative case study aimed to identify the implementation of pedagogical competence by outstanding teachers in 2018, along with their profile, educational background, and efforts in developing their competence. Data were collected through interviews, observations, and documentation. Results showed...
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From Online to In-Person: Indonesian Students’ Insights on Education Post-pandemic

Dian Novita, Fika Megawati, Sheila Agustina, Dwita Laksmita Rachmawati, Chandrika Rahmania Cahyani
As the COVID-19 outbreak starts to subside, Indonesian schools have started to reopen their campuses for students. Regarding this, consideration must be given to the change from online to face-to-face learning and its effects. The current study focuses on the learning and teaching that students liked...
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Collaborative Skills in Natural Science Practicum: A Student Perspective

Nur Efendi, Septi Budi Sartika, Juraev Khusniddin Oltinboyevich
This study aimed to investigate students’ perceptions of collaboration skills in natural science practicum learning. A cross-sectional survey was conducted with 104 students who had participated in integrated natural science practicum both offline and virtual. The data were collected using a questionnaire...
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Flipping the Classroom: Boosting Student Motivation in Probability and Statistics Education

Junita Amalia, Ike Fitriyaningsih, Yoli Agnesia
This study aimed to investigate the impact of the flipped classroom approach on students’ motivation and learning strategies in probability and statistics courses. The study included an experimental group that followed the flipped classroom approach and a control group that followed traditional teaching...
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Lost in Syntax: Improving Student Implementation Skills in Programming

Akbar Wiguna, Etistika Yuni Wijaya, Cindy Cahyaning Astuti
This study aimed to analyze the problem-solving difficulties of Information Technology Education students in Basic Programming. A qualitative approach with case study research was conducted using data collection techniques such as interviews, document studies, participant observation, and data triangulation....
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Memorizing the Qur’an: The Science Behind Children’s Remarkable Ability

Nur Millah Muthohharoh, Evi Fatimatur Rusydiyah, Bassam Abul A’la, Niswatin Khoiriyah
This qualitative study aimed to analyze the cognitive model used by children in memorizing the Qur’an and compare the contribution of each systemic cognitivist modelling (SCM) indicator to their average ability. Thirty students were randomly selected as the sample, and the results indicated that the...
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Building Academic Resilience: A Key to Overcoming Stress During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Inti Istiqomah, Hazhira Qudsyi
This study aimed to investigate the relationship between academic resilience and academic stress among 203 final students who were writing a thesis during the Covid-19 pandemic. The data were collected using the Student-Life Stress Inventory and the Academic Resilience Scale, and analyzed using Spearman...
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Mathematical Mastery in the Digital Age: Insights from Student Perspectives and Course Performance

Sahat Pandapotan Nainggolan, Junita Amalia, Regina Ayunita Tarigan
This survey research aimed to identify the factors that influence student learning outcomes in the online Fundamental Mathematics I course at Del Institute of Technology during the odd semester of the 2022/2023 academic year. The study used a quantitative approach and a questionnaire as a data collection...
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COVID-19 Fueling Student Procrastination: Anxiety to Blame?

Khusnul Amalia Ditya Prabaninggar, Hazhira Qudsyi
This study aims to determine the hypothesis of a positive relationship between anxiety and student’s academic procrastination in pandemic era. The higher level of student anxiety, the higher level of academic procrastination among students. The study used the subjects of 205 active students who conducted...
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Speed Reading Boosts Elementary Students’ Learning Outcomes in Offline Learning

Vevy Liansari, Sylva Alkornia, Akhmedova Mehrinigor Bahodirovna
This study investigates the effectiveness of speed reading as a means to improve elementary students’ reading skills during offline learning periods. The sample consisted of 20 third-grade students, and a one group pretest-posttest experimental design was employed. The results showed that before using...
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The Pros and Cons of Durusul Lughah for Non-native Arabic Speakers

Khizanatul Hikmah, Abdul Hakim Abdullah, Muhlasin Amrullah, Ari Khairurrijal Fahmi, Najiyah Fakhiroh
This study aims to analyze the suitability of the book Durusul Lughah Al-’Arabiyyah Lighairin Natiqina Biha volume 1 in terms of material for Arabic learners. Using qualitative methods, Content Analysis was conducted to evaluate the book’s material suitability, accuracy, actuality, and evaluation exercises....
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From Originality to Impact: Assessing Student Creativity with Project-Based Learning

Vanda Rezania, Imada Cahyani Elvirawati, Juraev Khusniddin Oltinboyevich
This descriptive quantitative research aimed to strengthen the creative dimension of the Pancasila Student Profile by applying a project-based learning model. The study involved class IV B students from an elementary school in Sidoarjo, where they worked on a poster series project with the theme of Bhinneka...
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Empowering Teachers in Indonesia: A Framework for Project-Based Flipped Learning and Merdeka Belajar

Ida Rindaningsih, Bahak Udin By Arifin, Ilmawan Mustaqim
This article proposes the use of Project-based Flipped Learning to support the ‘Merdeka Belajar’ curriculum in Indonesia, which aims to restore learning and increase student engagement. The study conducted a literature review of existing articles and theoretical studies, highlighting the crucial role...
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Beyond the Screen: Exploring Primary English Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Digital Learning Management Systems

Ermawati Zulikhatin Nuroh, Tri Linggowati, Akhmedova Mehrinigor Bahodirovna
This study aims to investigate primary English teachers’ experiences with integrating digital platforms into teaching in a primary school in Sidoarjo. The study employed a qualitative research design and a case study approach, and data was collected through interviews, video recordings, and artifacts...
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Forming Character and Patriotism Through Mandatory Citizenship Education

Feri Tirtoni, Nur Zahidah Binti Ruslan
This research aims to instill a sense of nationalism and civic responsibility among the younger generation in Indonesia during the era of 5.0 through Citizenship Education. By emphasizing the importance of citizenship rights and obligations, and promoting democracy, freedom, equality, independence, and...
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Hybrid Storyboard Media Boosts Historical Learning for Third-Graders

Nurdyasnsyah, Fizatin Nisa, Pandi Rais, Mokhichekhra Yakubovna Ruzieva
This study aimed to develop and analyze the feasibility and effectiveness of hybrid learning-based storyboard telling media to increase the understanding of historical material among third-grade elementary school students. The ADDIE development model was used, and data were collected through questionnaires,...
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Digital Counselling for Indonesian Millennials: Unlocking Learning Potential

Eni Fariyatul Fahyuni, Cindy Taurusta, Retno Tri Hariastuti
This study aims to identify that students urgently need online counselling guidance for Indonesian millennial students. Digital counselling facilitates student consultation services for millennial era. This methods research is quantitative and qualitative to identify variables influencing online counselling...
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Preparing Public Administration Graduates: Enhancing Public Speaking Competence

Dian Rahma Santoso, Sri Rachmajanti, Johannes Ananto Prayogo, Lailul Mursyidah, Jalilova Lola Jalilovna
This study aimed to explore the needs of Public Administration students in relation to public speaking competence and to prepare them for future job performance. Data were collected through Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and semi-structured interviews with sixth-semester students of the PA Study Program....
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Queuing Culture: Strengthening Child Discipline in Early Education

Supriyadi, Feri Tirtoni, Tobroni, Mehriniso Rakhmatova
This qualitative phenomenological study aims to describe the strengthening of child discipline through habituating a culture of queuing in early childhood education. The study employed in-depth interviews, participant observation, and documentation to collect data from Raudhatul Athfal Persis Pasuruan....
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Innovative Teaching Methods for the Post-pandemic Era: Utilizing Wordwall as a Learning Media in Social Studies

Hartutik, Rapita Aprilia
This study aims to describe the technique of making learning media based digital technology on the pandemic new normal era carried out by teachers using the wordwall application. Another goal is to find out the implementation of wordwall learning media in social studies subjects at the class IV SDN 5...
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Breaking the Mold: Why Parental Expectations Are Key to Entrepreneurial Intentions in Indonesian Students?

Agus Andi Subroto, Armanu, Dodi Wirawan Irawanto, Ainur Rofiq
This study aims to investigate the factors influencing the intention to become an entrepreneur among Indonesian university students. A survey was conducted among 231 university students in East Java, and the data was analyzed using an ordered probit model. The findings show that the intention to become...
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Citizen Science: Fostering Creative Thinking in Environmental Education

Adinda Siwi Utami, Ida Kaniawati, Siti Sriyati
This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of Citizen Science in improving the creative thinking abilities of grade 6 elementary school students in addressing environmental pollution. A total of 50 students were divided into an experimental group that used Citizen Science and a control group that...
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The Gold Age of Childhood: Maximizing Education Efforts for Optimal Development

Syamsul Hadi Untung, Idris Akbar Pramono, Lutfiatul Khasanah, Asep Awwaluddin, Nur Kholis, Moh Isom Muddin, Aqdi Rofiq Asnawi, Abdullah Rizal Muslich Maulana
“Gold period” childhood development is vital. At this age, children are eager to learn and master their surroundings. Children are vulnerable to environmental teaching at this age. This era prepares children for all developmental tasks and behaviors. Educators and parents work together to treat, nurture,...
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Brand Image and CSR: Key Factors for Positive Public Perception of a Poultry Company

Ainur Rochmaniah, Biqolbi Aqwam
This study examines the public perception of the brand image and the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of PT. Japfa Comfeed, a poultry company, in two villages in Sidoarjo Regency, Indonesia. The study uses a random sampling technique to collect data from 100 respondents through...
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Breaking Barriers: Gender Mainstreaming for Good Governance and Sustainable Development

Isna Fitria Agustina, Hendra Sukmana, Trias Setiawati
This article discusses gender mainstreaming and its part in gender equality. To end gender discrimination, gender mainstreaming incorporates gender views into all decision-making. Gender Responsive Development as an Effort to Realize Good Governance is examined using descriptive qualitative study. This...
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Gender Does not Strengthen Investment Knowledge and Motivation in Generation Z

Aisha Hanif, Chyndi Dwi Nofianti, Dina Dwi Oktavia Rini, Ratna Anggraini Aripratiwi
This study aims to determine the effect of investment knowledge and Motivation on Generation Z’s investment decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic and whether the gender variable strengthens or weakens investment knowledge and Motivation in Generation Z’s investment decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic....
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Breaking the Stunting Cycle: Government Efforts in Post-COVID-19 Era

Isnaini Rodiyah, Ilmi Usrotin Choiriyah
This study aims to analyze the government’s efforts in addressing post-COVID-19 stunting in Tambak Kalisogo Village, Jabon District, Sidoarjo Regency, using a descriptive qualitative research method and purposive sampling technique. Data was collected through interviews, observation, and documentation...
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Online Prostitution Among Millennials: A Consequence of Westernized Lifestyles?

Ferry Adhi Dharma, Liestianingsih, Retno Andriati, Didik Hariyanto, Niko Fediyanto
This study employs critical ethnographic methods to explore the motives and models of online prostitution among millennials. The purposive selection of informants who have been practicing online prostitution for at least two years revealed that economic needs, a desire to follow trends, lack of family...
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Narcissism on Social Media: Examining Public Perceptions of Crazy Rich Flexing in Indonesia

Mohammad Rifqi Farhan, Mutmainah I. R. Nggaibo, Sofhi Rosafin Siregar, Ilham Afriansyah, Fitri Ayu Kusumaningrum
This study aims to explore public perceptions of the narcissistic phenomenon of flexing crazy rich Indonesia on social media among seven female students aged 17 to 24 years who know and follow the phenomenon. Using a qualitative case study design and content analysis technique, the verbatim responses...
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Work from Home and Employee Well-Being: Insights from Tax Consultant Office Employees During COVID-19

Effy Wardati Maryam, Sigit Hermawan, Sarwenda Biduri, Ratna Nugraheni, Diana Imawati
This study aimed to analyze the impact of COVID-19 regulations on the self-efficacy, locus of control, and wellness of tax consultant office employees. Interpretive qualitative research was conducted, with key informants including tax consultant office employees, behavioral accounting experts, and psychologists....
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Understanding the Impact of Auditor Reputation on Audit Report Lag

Ruci Arizanda Rahayu, Wiwit Hariyanto, Yuanis
This study examines the impact of audit fees as a mediator between company size and auditor reputation in determining audit report lag for manufacturing companies in the food and beverage sector listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange between 2016 and 2020. The study uses a quantitative method and obtains...
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GCG Moderates Financial Performance in Food and Beverage Companies

Nur Ravita Hanun, Duwi Rahayu, Ajeng Tita Nawangsari, Muhammad Ilyas Junjunan, Surya Ningrum
This study examines the moderating effect of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) on financial performance and corporate value in food and beverage companies from 2018 to 2020. Using a quantitative research method and purposive sampling, 45 companies were selected from an initial population of 70. Data analysis...
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Good Corporate Governance: The Key to Recovery for a Defaulted Mutual Insurance Company

Noor Fatimah Mediawati, L. Budi Kagramanto, M. Hadi Subhan, Sri Budi Purwaningsih, M. Tanzil Multazam
This study aims to analyze the case of AJB Bumiputera 1912, the only mutual insurance company in Indonesia, which defaulted in 2018. Using a statutory and conceptual approach, the researcher shows that there is still a chance for the company to recover. The results indicate that with the restructuring...
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Uncovering the Factors that Influence Income Smoothing in the Consumer Goods Industry

Winda Ayu Lestari, Eny Maryanti, Nihlatul Qudus Sukma Nirwana, Siti Qodariah
This study aimed to investigate the influence of profitability, financial leverage, and public accounting firm size on income smoothing practices, with firm size as a moderating variable. The research method used was quantitative, with a population of manufacturing companies in the consumer goods industry...
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Positive Attitudes Towards Digital Wallets in Banjarmasin, Indonesia

A. Hafiz Anshary, Rohana Faridah, Muhammad Qamaruddin, Muhammad Yulian Ma’mun, Akh. Fauzi Aseri
This study aims to determine consumer attitudes towards digital wallets in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. A quantitative approach with a survey method was used, with a sample of 100 people using various electronic wallet platforms. The results showed a positive attitude towards using electronic wallets for...
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Tax Avoidance in Indonesia: The Role of Executive Character and Capital Intensity

Herman Ernandi, Santi Rahma Dewi, Evinka Wijayanti, Akhmad Mulyadi, Puspa Lely Ramadhania
This study aimed to determine the effect of executive character and capital intensity on tax avoidance in property and real estate sector service companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2016–2019. Using a sample of 15 companies and multiple linear regression with SPSS version 27, the results...
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Financial Distress Prediction Models: Altman Z-Score Approach

Nurasik, Fitiyan Izza Noor Abidin, Eka Hasanah, Agus Rizal
The purpose of this study is to find out whether the Altman method can predict financial distress in packaging and plastic companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the 2016–2019 period. This research method uses quantitative with secondary data sources. The population in this study are packaging...
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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women on Board Boost Performance of Cosmetic Companies

Sarwenda Biduri, Su’aibah, Nurasik, Eva Wani, Endra Wahyu Ningdiyah
This study aims to can corporate governance, women on board, and political connections affect profitability? (Study on Manufacturing Companies listed on the IDX for the 2016–2020 period). This research uses quantitative research methods. The findings of this study include: 1) Corporate governance variables...
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Building Trust and Reputation: Branding Strategies of Elite Muslim Schools in Indonesia

Istikomah, Dzulfikar Akbar Romadlon
This qualitative multi-case study explores the branding strategies of elite Muslim schools in East Java, Indonesia, by interviewing 25 informants consisting of school heads, teachers, and guardians. The study aims to investigate the methods used by school principals to enhance their school’s brand internally...
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DFMEA-Based Model for SMEs’ Risk Management

Isnaini Rodiyah, Wiwik Sulistiyowati, Ika Ratna Indra Astutik
This study aims to develop a risk management assessment model for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia based on the ISO 31000 concept and Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA). The research used a qualitative approach and descriptive analysis to identify, analyze, evaluate,...
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BankZiska: A New Hope for the Unbanked and Poor in Indonesia

Kumara Adji Kusuma, Imam Fauji, Faruq Ahmad Futaqi, Bobur Sobirov
This qualitative research, using content analysis and phenomenology, investigates the efforts to eradicate riba, or usury, in Indonesia. The study focuses on BankZiska, an institution in Ponorogo City that provides financial assistance based on zakat, infaq, and religious social fund to create a usury-free...
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Agile Management: The Key to Boosting SME Performance in Agriculture

Sumartik, Al Machfudz, Christina Yanita Setyawati, Ayu Lucy Larassaty
This study aims to improve the business performance of SME’s engaged in the Agriculture sector, especially food and beverage businesses where there is high agility and innovation as a team in producing food and beverages where there is knowledge sharing. This research includes quantitative explanatory...
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Small but Smart: How SMEs can Boost Performance Through AI and Innovation

Qomariah Lahamid, Raden Lestari Garnasih, Julina Julina, Desrir Miftah, Sadriah Lahamid
This article aims to explore the relationship between knowledge management, artificial intelligence, innovation, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) performance. Using a literature review approach, 40 articles were selected from reputable databases and analyzed using VOSviewer software. The results...
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Psychological Empowerment: The Missing Link in Leadership and Employee Performance

Gea Aslamiyah, Yanki Hartijasti
This study aimed to investigate the relationship between leadership style and employee performance, with psychological empowerment as a mediator. Data were collected from 320 mining contractors in Indonesia and analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results showed that the indirect relationship...
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Remote Working in Indonesian Securities Companies: The Power of Innovative Work Behaviour

Sarifuddin Sitorus, Ruslan Prijadi
This study aims to investigate the impact of transformational leadership and innovative work behaviour on virtual team performance in Indonesian securities companies. A questionnaire was used to collect data from 233 work unit leaders who have implemented remote working policies in the last 3 years....
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Saving Lives with Data: How Blood Supply Chain Optimization Reduces Shortages by 7%

Andreas Handojo, Tanti Octavia, Gabriela Consuelo Heriyanto
This study aims to predict the demand for blood bags considering their expiration date, to help address the uncertainty and potential shortages in the Red Cross's blood stock. The ARIMA method was used to predict the future demand for blood bags, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The simulation...
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Leadership Trust and Behavior Boost Employee Service Quality

Christianto Utomo, Yanki Hartijasti
This study aimed to investigate the effect of Indonesia's paternalistic leadership style on employee service quality in the heavy equipment industry, mediated by customer-oriented organizational citizenship behavior (CO-OCB) and trust in the leader (TIL). The researchers used a quantitative confirmatory...
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How Shame is Interpreted by Employees of Different Generations

Khairil Hanan Lubis, Yanki Hartijasti
Shame has many different meanings across discipline. Everyone who is coming from diverse backgrounds, can have different perceptions in interpreting shame. When people are working and being employees, shame plays an important role in shaping their behavior at work. This research looks at these differences...
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The Winning Combination: Low Bonus Packs and High Price Discounts Lead to Positive Consumer Attitudes

Aji Salman Fauzan, Chairy
Seeing the changes that have occurred to consumers, business actors should always update their ways of making offers to consumers. This study aims to determine consumer attitudes towards the offer of a product with two types of offers made together, namely bonus packs and price discounts. This study...
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Merit System Principle: A Missed Opportunity for Fairness in Indonesia’s Civil Service

Sofyan, Thahir Haning, Tang Abdullah
This descriptive qualitative research aims to identifythe implementation of the merit system principle in promotions and mutations carried out in Majene Regency after changing leadership, and to propose recommendations to improve the process. The study uses primary data in the form of in-depth interviews...
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Profitability Drives Dividend Policy and Firm Value in the Digital Era

Supardi, Sriyono, Sigit Hermawan
This study aimed to investigate the impact of profitability, firm size, and leverage on firm value through dividend policy in the digital era, where companies strive to increase profits and expand their global market presence. The research used a descriptive and verification method, with data collected...
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Resilience in Crisis: Indonesia’s Islamic Fintech Response to Covid-19

Fitri Nur Latifah, Imron Mawardi, Bayu Wardhana, Ninda Andriyani
This study aims to explore the patterns and steps taken by Indonesia’s Islamic financial technology industry to protect its employees from exposure to the Covid-19 pandemic virus. Using a descriptive qualitative research method, data were collected through interviews, observation, and documentation....
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Indonesia’s MSEs on the Path to Digital Transformation

Ika Rachmawati, Anna Widayani, Rani Arifah Normawati
Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) have a strategic role in the national economy. In the current era, MSEs can take advantage of digital platforms in various aspects of their business, which include activities to get suppliers for production purposes, ease of access to capital to financial institutions,...
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Online Reviews and Ratings Shape Purchasing Decisions in Indonesian E-Commerce

Mas Oetarjo, Dwi Ahmad Ghofurur Rohim, Vera Firdaus, Salim Sobirovich Togayev
This study aims to investigate the effect of risk perception, online customer reviews, and ratings on consumer purchasing decisions in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, using the Tokopedia application. The study employs an associative quantitative approach, and data is collected from 96 purposively sampled respondents...
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Preserving Ancestral Teachings in the Modern World: Lessons from Mandalika SEZ

Nurlaili Handayani, Masyhuri, Suud
This ethnographic qualitative study aimed to determine the form of strengthening multicultural values based on local wisdom and the role of educational institutions and community institutions in internalizing multicultural values based on local wisdom in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone. The research...
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CEO Succession and Strategic Initiatives: The Key to Improving Family Company Performance

L. Meiliani Shara Suria, Sari Wahyuni
This study aims to examine the impact of CEO succession on strategic initiatives, socio-emotional wealth (SEW), and company performance in family companies. The survey method was employed, and data were collected from 98 company management respondents using a questionnaire. Partial Least Square (PLS)...
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Fostering Innovation: The Role of Business Incubator Centers in Student Startups

Cita Dwi Rosita, Enceng Yana, M. Subali Noto
This qualitative study aims to investigate the role of a business incubator center in promoting creativity and innovation among students in developing startup businesses. The study was conducted at Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati, where entrepreneurship learning activities are encouraged. Data was collected...
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Professional Ethics and Ethical Orientation: Key to Preventing Creative Accounting Practices Among Accounting Students

Sigit Hermawan, Putri Nadiroh, Imelda Dian Rahmawati, Iffah Qonitah, Ade Irma Suryani Lating, Susanna Seyranovna Alieva
Creative accounting is still a pro and con in the field of accounting professional ethics. Therefore, professional ethics, ethical orientation, and emotional intelligence are needed to understand it. This study aims to determine the Effect of Knowledge of Professional Ethics in Accountants, Ethical Orientation,...
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Boosting Stock Returns in Coal Mining: Key Strategies Revealed

Sriyono, Riska Devi Lesta, Zarif Oripovich Ahrorov
The aim of this study is to investigate the strategies that coal subsector mining companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange use to increase their stock returns during the period of 2014–2018. The data was obtained through purposive sampling technique, and multiple linear regression analysis was...
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Maximizing Performance with Kaizen Culture and Positive Work Attitudes

Ali Hanafiah Nasution, Muhammad Imam Muttaqijn, Tri Endi Ardiansyah
This study aims to analyze the effect of kaizen culture and attitudes on employee performance of PT. Pardic Jaya Chemicals. This study uses a quantitative approach with a survey method. The respondents in this study were employees of human resources and general affairs and quality. The population in...
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Credit Rescue: Ensuring Business Continuity and Financial Stability Amidst a Pandemic

Sri Budi Purwaningsih, Misti Hariasih, Indri Fogar Susilowati, Akhmadjon Taniyev
This study investigates how Rural Credit Banks changed credit agreements to save credit during the COVID-19 pandemic and the legal protection for debtors and creditors in credit rescue. Using a legislation (statute approach), the study finds that Rural Banks used novation, subrogation, cessie, and other...
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From 1904 to 2022: A Comprehensive Review of Six Sigma Methodology

M. A. K. Tengtarto, M. L. Singgih, N. Siswanto
Literature Review is a collection of various research journals using the Six Sigma method to improve product quality, whose data is taken from Scopus and includes as many as 2,000 documents dating from 1904 to 2022. The purpose of the literature using the database from Scopus is to provide accurate development...
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Navigating Uncertainty: Using CAPM to Invest in LQ45 Index Stocks During the Pandemic

Eni Wuryani
The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is often used by investors in making investment decisions. This study aims to determine the Capital Asset Pricing Model for determining investment in LQ45 Index stocks before the pandemic and during the pandemic. The method used in this study is descriptive comparative...
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Valuing Commercial Banks in Indonesia: FCFE Model Outperforms DDM Model

Wynne Kusuma Tan, Yu-Che Wang
This article aims to compare the effectiveness of two valuation models, the free cash flow to equity (FCFE) model and the dividend discount model (DDM), in valuing commercial banks listed on the LQ45 index on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The study’s sample includes five commercial banks, namely BBCA,...
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Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Hospital Employees

Lili Herliani, Annisaa Miranty Nurendra
This study aims to determine the relationship of job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behavior among employees working at the Hospital in Cirebon, West Java with organizational commitment as a mediator variable. Job satisfaction is one of the things that can improve the behavior of OCB employees...
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Indonesian Generation Z Embrace Digital Payments for Convenience and Discounts

Ying-Yueh Su, Kenny Paradis, Yen-Ku Kuo
Technology has facilitated innovation in many fields, especially financial technology services. By using digital payment, customers can choose an accessible and valuable service. However, unclear rules regarding privacy and security in digital payment increase the risk of using. Besides, unawareness...
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Bank Mega Syariah: Navigating the Covid Pandemic with Success

Diah Krisnaningsih, Masruchin, Amelia Eka Dimawan, Nur Manna, Turdibekov Khasan Ibragimovich
This study aims to examine the effect of Third Parties Fund (TPF), Lending, and Return on Assets (ROA) on the Operating Profit of Bank Mega Syariah in Indonesia from 2017–2021. Using financial data analysis, the results show that despite the impact of the Covid pandemic on the financial stability of...
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Social Media: A Key Platform for Building Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction in Indonesia

Ying-Yueh Sua, Lydia Inawatib, Hsueh-Li Huan, Yen-Ku Kuo
The aim of this research was to investigate the impact of social media on consumers’ product experiences and its implications for organizations in Indonesia. A total of 200 participants aged between 21 to 45 years, both male and female, completed the survey. The study found that social media provides...
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Virtual Objects Trading in Indonesia: Legal Issues on Ownership and Copyright

Norma Eka Safitri, Moch Tanzil Multazam, Rifqi Ridlo Phahlevy, Karshiev Zaynidin Abduvalievich
The aim of this study is to examine whether buying and selling virtual objects using Real Money Trading (RMT) in Indonesia is legal. The study uses a normative research approach with a statue approach. The results show that one type of RMT method conducted between users has legal issues concerning the...
Proceedings Article

Resolving ETLE Disputes: Determining Ownership Status Key to Admin Fines

Sapna Adelia Surya Putri, Mochammad Tanzil Multazam, Rifqi Ridlo Phahlevy, Sri Budi Purwaningsih
This scientific article aims to determine how disputes related to Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) between renters and rental car owners can be resolved. The study used the Juridical Normative research method, which involved examining the law in the Act through deductive analysis to find answers...
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Youth Attitudes Towards Halal Products: Wake-Up Call for Businesses

Ima Faizah, Anis Fariha, Mashhura Toirxonovna Alimov
This study aims to investigate the level of understanding and attitudes of teenagers in Sidoarjo towards halal products and the factors that influence them. A mixed-method approach was employed, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data from 204 Muhammadiyah 2 high school students and students...
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Exploring the Multicultural Paradigm in Islamic Education: A Systematic Literature Review

Toha Makhshun, Hanun Asrohah
This research is about the new Worldview in Ilsma education. This study aims to explore the trend of a new paradigm in Islamic education. The method used in this research is Systematic Literature Review using the PRISMA (Preferred reporting Item for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyzes) protocol. Journal...