Proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2018)

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Research on the " flipped classroom" teaching mode based on the idea of innovation and entrepreneurship education

Hong Zhao
Information technology is a brilliant achievement of human civilization in the 21st century. With the development of information technology, our work and life become more simple and efficient, its simple and efficient superiority covers all areas of society. As an important part of society, education...
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Assassin and Ninja:Several dimensions of cultural comparison between China and Japan

Mingyang Liu
Chinese culture is an important part of world culture and plays an active role in promoting the development and progress of world civilization. In Asia, most of the national culture are based on Chinese culture and extend in accordance with their own national conditions, Japan is a good example. Japanese...
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Evaluation and Empirical Analysis of Local Financial Risk

Peizhe Li, Shanshan Pei
The objective evaluation of local financial risks is of great practical significance to the prevention of local financial risks. Through the selection of financial risk index, design of local financial risk evaluation index system, build evaluation model based on the local financial risk by factor analysis...
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The Conflict, Loss and Pursuit of the Value of Farmers in China’s Urbanization ---A Case Study on Red as Orange, White as Silver

Maixia Guo
Urbanization is the only way for the development of socialist economy with Chinese characteristics. In the process of urbanization, the conflict, loss and confusion of the value that rural migrant workers in cities experienced and the resulting complicated social problems became one of the focus of new...
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Analysis on the Influence of Transportation Infrastructure on Manufacturing Agglomeration in Different Regions

Weimin Dong
Industrial restructuring and upgrading has been the focus of national industrial policy, accompanied by industrial migration, the state is also a large-scale construction of transport infrastructure, but specifically, what is the relationship between the two, the use of mainland China 31 Autonomous regions...
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Difficulty of the body and function structure of Wang YangMing’s conscience theory

Feng Tian
The theory of "body and function" originated from Wang Bi, which was originally connected with the framework of natural thought metaphysics, and was always difficult to be completely integrated with Confucianism after being adopted. Wang Yangming investigated the typical form of this kind of difficulty...
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The sequence and order of Wang ChuanShan’s Hexagrams

Feng Tian
Wang ChuanShan proposed a particular interpretive way in the order of the Hexagrams of ZhouYi which can be called “no prediction in the horizon” and “the order is not equal to the sequence”. This article tries to analyze this theory and find his structure of body and function.
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Carry Forward the "Two Bombs and One Satellite" Spirit, and Cultivate the Core Socialist Values of College Students

Xiangchao Pan
The orientation of the values of college students is not only related to the future of every college student, but also to the fate of the Chinese nation. The spirit of " Two Bombs and One Satellite " is a powerful inspiration to young students, and the spirit of "two bullets and one star" has become...
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A Game Model of Air Pollution Control from Vessels in and around Ports

Qin Wang, Laijun Zhao, Lijun Zeng, Qiang Zhang
Air pollution from vessels has been greatly concerned. Pollutants discharged by those vessels severely reduces the quality of air, affects the health of residents, and jeopardizes the balance of ecosystem in and around ports. Firstly, a game model of air pollution control from vessels was constructed....
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A brief analysis of the existing problems of College Students' autonomous learning in English

Maohua Sun
in this paper, the factors that affect college students' English autonomous learning are divided into two categories: individual factors and common factors, and a specific analysis is made. The author believes that the analysis of these causes. It can help college students to learn English autonomously,...
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How to cultivate the intercultural communicative competence of college students in College English Teaching

Maohua Sun
with the economic globalization and the frequent communication among people in different backgrounds, the ability of intercultural communication is becoming more and more important. This paper is mainly about the concept, the aspects and importance of intercultural communication. From the perspective...
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The way of College English teachers' innovation and development under the network environment

Maohua Sun
Internet + era, information technology to the educational reform has brought new vitality and vigorous development of the fertile soil, has brought revolutionary changes to the English teaching and learning in the new situation, College English teachers should optimize the knowledge structure, improve...
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An analysis of the learning community in the autonomous learning environment

Maohua Sun
In recent years, learning community has been widely explored in the field of teacher development. It is a learning organization based on voluntary premise, shared vision and participation, dialogue and cooperation. Research shows that this kind of organization helps to promote the self-development of...
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The Current Situation and Prediction of Urbanization in China Based on ARIMA Model

Yue Zhou
This document introduces the current situation of urbanization in our country, and analyzes the development trend and the existing problems in the process of urbanization in our country. Then using the basic theory of ARIMA model in sequence theory and combining with the data of urbanization level in...
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Influence of Students’ MOOC Learning Effectiveness: Adjust industry 4.0 & 107 curriculum reform

ChunMei Chou, ChienHua Shen, HsiChi Hsiao, Tsu-Chuan Shen
This study aims to analyze the correlation (N=636) among tertiary students’ perceived e-learning acceptance, self-regulation, and MOOC learning effectiveness in Taiwan. Students’ perceived e-learning acceptance includes four factors, namely, convenience learning, useful learning, interesting learning,...
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Is the Human Fairness Innate or Learned ??"??"Evidence from the Ultimatum Game

Xinqing Luo, Junjie Xie, Jianfeng Liu
As one of the classical experiments in game theory, the ultimatum game plays an important role in studying the issue of human fairness and explaining whether it is inherent or acquired. Experiments show that the primates which closest to human beings are not always making a fair choice. Experiments on...
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Concept of an IoT (Internet of Things)-based smart cloud service platform for agriculture

Li Yu
The future of agriculture lies in standardized, large-scale, smart production of agricultural commodities. In light of growing adoption of IoT technologies in agriculture, this paper offers a description of the features of agricultural IoT, including its functional components, and proposes the framework...
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Study on Etymology Features of Chinese Language from the Ancient Words of Gan Dialect

Jiugen Xiao, Ying Zhou
The history of language development tells people that no matter the language or dialect has any problem on the language origin, and it will show different characteristics in the development of origin. According to the etymology of Chinese word, the origin and development have experienced three historical...
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Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory in College English Teaching

Jianlei Zhou
This paper mainly discusses the application of multiple intelligence theory in college English teaching, and demonstrates the feasibility of the multiple intelligence theory in conjunction with related specific teaching activities to adapt to the development of college English teaching. Through practice,...
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On Strengthening the Integration of Excellent Traditional Cultures into Ideological and Political Courses in High Education

Xiangchao Pan
At present, the university ideological and political class abstraction are not so efficient. The reasons are various. One of the main reasons is that the blending of traditional cultural factors in ideological and political course is too limited. Excellent traditional culture has very rich ideological...
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Analysis on the Cultural Life Situation of Local Urban Elderly in Shaanxi Province

Guanhua Dong
The cultural life of the elderly community is an important part of the community cultural life. The improvement of the quality of the elderly cultural life not only increases the satisfaction of the elderly to the society, but also has important significance for the deep development of the society. Some...
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The system of China’s land development right -----From the development of the Rural land Assets Market

Yuan Tian
The construction and perfection of rural land asset market is the key to the reform of China's land system, and it is also an important breakthrough the establishment of a unified urban and rural construction in market. Starting from the analysis of the status of land development rights system of Rural...
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Research on the Crowdfunding Problems Affecting Small and Micro Enterprises

Qi Wu
The financial issue has always been the main bottleneck restricting the healthy development of small and micro enterprises. Crowdfunding makes full use of the characteristics of the Internet that is fast, open, and flexible. It can quickly and efficiently solve the financing problems of small and micro...
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Preliminary Analysis on Approaches of Household Financing in "Two-Child Era"

Dan Zhang, Jun Meng
With the issuing of two-child policy, families will increase the portion of investment in children education, and how to make household financing becomes crucial. In this paper, based on the analysis on the thought and background and content of "two-child policy", we analysed the advantages and disadvantages...
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Several Important Points of Realizing the Connotative Development of Higher Vocational Education in the New Era

Yu Chen, Jiajia Wang
The necessary way of higher vocational education in the new era is the connotative development. It is necessary to accurately grasp its essential characteristics and internal requirements, adhere to the initial heart of higher vocational education, speed up the modernization of higher vocational education,...
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The Affinity to the People of the Socialist Ideology with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era by Xi Jinping

Yu Chen, Jiajia Wang
Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era is the most vivid Marxism in contemporary China, the most fundamental reason lies in its firm adherence to the Marxist position, views, and methods from inception to establishment. At all times, it is firmly following the basic...
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Analysis on Rehabilitation Status of Sports Injuries

Ming Li
The various injuries that occur in the process of physical fitness and competitive sports are collectively referred to as sports injuries. At present, sports injuries are still the most formidable enemy in the career of athletes and non-athletes. Many athletes who have achieved excellent results often...
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A Study on the Construction of College-Enterprise Collaborative “Production-Teaching-Entrepreneurship” Practice Base of Business English Major in the “Belt and Road” Context

Haiyan Liu
This article firstly introduces the demands and requirements for business English professionals in the context of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, analyzes the industrial environment in Chengdu and the lack of existing practical training practice in talent cultivation, points out the importance of innovation...
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The relationship between the urban rail transit network and the population distribution in Shanghai

Xia Li, Yong Wang
With the development of rail transit projects, the rational distribution of urban rail transit network will help to evacuate the population of the urban area and promote the suburbanization of the population. The change of population distribution will also have a far-reaching impact on the layout of...
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Main Points of the Theory of Intersubjectivity

Xiaoge Xie
Intersubjectivity is an important concept highlighted in the 20th century Western philosophy [Song Yaping. Intersubjectivity [J], Marxist Philosophy Research, 2008 (4)]. Its research methods apply to various fields of humanities such as anthropology, history, sociology, and arts. This article summarizes...
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The Statistical Analysis of Implied Parameters for Derivatives Pricing

Yuan Yang
This project examines estimation of two unconditional implied parameters of diffusion market models across different strike prices of options. The standard implied volatility is conditional on the future movements of average risk-free interest rate. Both of implied volatility and implied average risk-free...
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Investigation and Reflection on Consumption Status of College Students??"Take Xiamen University of Technology as an Example

Hou Lin, Zhanyao Liu, Xintong Wang, Mao Fan
College students, as a kind of giant and potential group, have their special consuming characteristics. The undergraduates in Xiamen University of Technology were surveyed by means of questionnaires to analyze the consumption spending, consumption planning, consumption structure, social consumption,...
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A study on Spring Festival belief activities in coastal areas of Shandong--- A Case Study of Qingdao Tianheng Island

Hongjuan Zhao
In the coastal areas of Shandong Province, there are many worship services during the Spring Festival. The worship activities are based on the belief of the sea. The gods of its sacrifices can be described as extremely numerous. In addition to their old ancestors, God of Wealth, and heavenly grandfathers,...
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The Artistic directions in stalactites of the antiquarian and religious buildings minarets

Furat J. Hassan AlAttabi, K. A. Dwass Muna
The research aims to study the artistic directions in stalactites of the antiquarian and religious buildings minarets in Baghdad, Because of this architectural element of architectural and beauty benefits, the architectural side has a significance in transferring the building from square to octagon or...
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The Construction And Study Of The Evaluation Index System For Scientific And Technological Achievements Of Applied Technology

Pengnan Zhang, Keqiang Cheng, Ming Dang, Xiangtao Peng, Tianjiao Liu
In this paper, the application technology achievement evaluation index system framework is built up based on the analysis of the connotation and characteristics of the scientific and technological achievements of applied technology. By using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, the construction of...
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A Multidimensional Understanding on Innovation Problem

Xinghua Lu, Weihua Cui, Xiaona Zhang
Based on the current research on innovation, this paper summarizes the concept and connotation of innovation, analyzes the types and levels of enterprise innovation, and puts forward the criteria and basic models of enterprise innovation evaluation.
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A Comparative Research on the Characteristics of Civilian Staff Management in United States Army and Chinese Army

Xinghua Lu, Xiaona Zhang
This paper summarizes the current situation and characteristics of the management of the civilian staff in the US Army and the Chinese Army from multiple perspectives, and makes a comparative analysis of the differences between the civilian staff management of the two armies.
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A Study on Developmental History of Bilingual Education for Ethnic Koreans in China

Junshu Jin
As a part of China’s ethnic minority education, bilingual education for ethnic Koreans has greatly developed. This paper focuses on bilingual education for ethnic Koreans in China, and it firstly introduces the key concepts on bilingual education, in terms of its definitions, types and models; then overviews...
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Gefeng Geng
Since twenty-first Century, the public sector and the private sector to change unpredictably domestic and international environment, strategic change management is particularly important. This paper analyzes the main factors that affect the management of strategic change in the private sector and the...
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Professional Confusion and Intervention of Teachers in Private Universities

Miaona You, Ruxue Luo
The private universities have become an important part in the universities of our country, and a large number of private school teachers are significantly different from the characteristics of the public school teachers. The initiative and product quality of the private college teachers are directly...
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Influence of Labor Transfer on Farmers' Biomass Energy Consumption ??"Based on national and regional perspectives

Ping Wang, Jiao Liu
Based on data of 29 provinces in China for 17 years, this paper investigates the impact of labor transfer on farmers' biomass energy consumption from the national and regional perspectives. The study found that the increase in the number of migrant workers significantly reduced the fuel wood and straw...
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On Application of Principle of Non Bis in Idem to Continuous Crime

Wei Gu
As an ancient principle of legal proceeding and originated in Roman law, the principle of the non bis in idem has been widely adopted by the two legal system countries and become an international standard for criminal proceedings. The two legal system countries have different standards for the definition...
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On Advantages of The Law of Primitive Man

Yulian Dind
The question of whether there are laws in the primitive society has always attracted the attention of scholars of different subjects. Jurists are particularly concerns about this issue because it involves a series of jurisprudential major issues such as the origin, essence and role of law. Until today,...
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Research on the Facade Image of the Goddess Hathor in Ancient Egypt

He Huang
In the image system of ancient Egypt, Hathor is one of the very few gods that shown up on the front, she is also powerful and plentiful moral. Thus it is great significance to research on the facade image of the Goddess Hathor. This paper aims at starting with a few different situations that appeared...
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Reflections on the Cultivation and Practice of Socialist Core values in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Internet Plus

Jiajia Wang, Yu Chen
Cultivating and practicing the socialist core values is the primarymission of colleges and universities. In the Internet age, when planning and promoting the cultivation and practice of socialist core values, we must firmly establish the Internet plus thinking. When the traditional way plug the wings...
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Enhance Tianfu Culture for Chengdu’s Intercultural Communication

Wei Wang
The purpose of this paper is to study the role of Tianfu culture in Chengdu’s intercultural communication process, and its relationship with city image. To aid my analysis, I conducted open-ended interviews and collected secondary data to find the core of Tianfu culture is innovation, modernity, optimistic...
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A study on the cultural connotation of choreographer teaching in colleges and universities

Fan Yang
Dance is a kind of cultural carrier, and dance creation is to carry forward the culture, the essence of each created works is the cultural connotation. Dance choreographer course is to teach students choreography skills, choreography skills is a kind of rational creation, but also is only a level of...
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The Research on the Inheritance and Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Universities ??"A Case Study on the Haicheng Trumpet Drama

Xiang Li
As a folk art form with northeast regional feature, Haicheng trumpet drama is also the national intangible cultural heritage, which has deep cultural deposits and unique artistic charm. The local universities should actively undertake the responsibility of inheriting local culture and incorporate it...
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Practice Exploration on the Folk Performing Art Higher Education

Zhuang Zhou
Since the reform and opening-up, Chinese higher education has developed rapidly and a variety of subjects are booming. Chinese education career is showing leap-type development. As a vital part in Chinese traditional culture, folk performing art is at the priority status for telling Chinese story. It...
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A Research on Teaching Reform of "Embedded System" Based on CDIO Engineering Education Mode

Yong Luo
In view of the problems existing in the embedded system education in colleges and universities, in order to cultivate the compound embedded talents who meet the needs of the enterprise, based on the CDIO engineering education model, analyze the characteristics of "embedded system" curriculum, take the...
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The Existence Form, Function and Development Countermeasure of Chinese Wanda Group's Enterprise Sports

Fenghua Yang
This paper expounds the Chinese commercial real estate on behalf of the enterprise - the Wanda Group, a form of sports, sports role in enterprise development and facing problems, and puts forward some countermeasures for the development of the sports enterprise.
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Research of the Class Cohesion of Group Psychological Counseling in the College freshmen

Min Xu, Guangyun Wang
Establishing a unified and orderly class with strong cohesion after admission of college freshmen to college is the focus of entrance education, class construction and moral education in college. Class cohesion is the mutual attraction of class attraction to students and attraction between students,...
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Research on evaluation of service quality of third-party E-commerce platform

Xinping Wang, Manli Ding
Regards a large number of market share of third-party e-commerce platform, this paper combined with the classic research results of service quality evaluation, and analyzed the service quality elements of the third-party e-commerce platform. Besides, this paper constructed the service quality evaluation...
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Building Hegemony in Discursive Struggle: An Analysis of Documentary Super China: The leadership of the CPC

Xuanxuan Tan
This study uses Critical Discourse Analysis approach to analyze documentary Super China: The Leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC). This study focuses on the representation and image building of CPC and analyses the ideologies behind them. This study argues that the documentary tries to construct...
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Research on the Corporate Cultural Strength, Employee Behavior and Organizational Performance --An Empirical Study on the Culture of SMEs in Guangxi Province,China

Qiuxue Luo
To understand the relationship among the corporate cultural strength, employee behavior and organizational performance and based on the previous research results, this paper obtains the relationship among the three variables and proposes hypotheses about the relationship among them. This paper collects...
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Large-scale project system management based on Hall three-dimensional structure

Rui Zhang
Nowadays project management has been deeply rooted in various fields and places of society. It plays an important role in social life. The large project management with a large-scale and costly, involving broad, longer study period and other characteristics. The application of systematic methods to manage...
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Study on Relevance of Environmental Information Disclosure and Corporate Performance: an empirical study in heavy pollution industry

Di Wei, Mengjie Guo
This paper selects 211 listed companies in the heavily polluting industry of A shares of the Shanghai Stock Exchange from 2014 to 2016 as examples, and empirically explores the relationship between environmental disclosure and corporate performance. As the disclosure of environmental information is closely...
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Open Government Data of G7 Group Country: Comparison, Progress and Enlightenment

Chang Liu, Xuan Liu, Xiaohong Li, Wenyan Liu, Changyan Yan, Jin Huang
This article selected the open data platforms of seven countries of G7 as a research object to explore the better construction strategies by recognizing current status of G7 Open Government Data platforms through investigation, thus to provide suggestions for the development of Open government data platforms...
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An Analysis of the Status Quo of the Development of China's Convenience Stores and Reflections on the Future Direction of Convenience Stores under the New Retail

Xiangyu Zhuang
Convenience store mode has maintained a steadily growing trend since it was introduced into China. With the development of China's society and economy, more and more traditional large-scale retail businesses begin to set foot in convenience store industry under the impact of e-commerce. Nowadays, convenience...
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Practice and Reflection on the implementation of water administrative license in Hubei Province

Guannian Ke
In accordance with the laws and regulations such as The People's Republic of China water law and The implementation methods of the "People's Republic of China water law" in Hubei Province, Hubei has set up Water administrative license that directly relate to public safety, ecological environment protection,...
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Analysis of Industrial Agglomeration in Shaanxi Province Based on Location Quotient Theory

Xinli Zhang, Qin Wang
Industrial agglomeration has become an important way of regional economic development in the world. More and more researches are devoted to evaluating the level of industrial agglomeration. This paper analyzes the agglomeration level of Shaanxi Province industry with location quotient index from the...
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To the Problem of Language World Picture in Russian Current Cultural Linguistics

Alesia I. Frantceva
This paper focuses on the interaction of language and culture and cultural linguistics studies. The paper related to this problem. The problems of studying the concept entered the science recently, which indicates the novelty and relevance of the study. This field of science was widely studied in the...
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A summary of the study on talent training under the visual threshold of Intelligent Tourism

Xuemei Zou, Chaoyang Fang
The age of Intelligent Tourism is the deep integration of tourism and information technology development, it is a new stage of tourism development, and the cultivation of intelligent tourism talents is the key to ensure the smooth development of intelligent tourism, and also the focus and core of the...
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European Translation Studies as an Aspect of the Current Slavonic-Germanic Comparative Research

Viktoria S. Kniazkova, Marina Yu. Kotova, Marie Michlova, Olga V. Raina, Olesya S. Sergienko, Natalia V. Sivenkova
This paper is an attempt to reveal the major achievements of the comparative philological Slavonic-Germanic research conducted separately in six European countries during the last 20 years (1998-2018). The purpose of the paper is to show the main tendencies in the field of translation studies, based...
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On the Characteristics of Resentment in Political Mobilization of Competitive Election in the United States

Zhi Li
Undertakers of various public positions including the president of the United States are all selected through competitive elections, and participation of voters is the basis of the normal operation of competitive elections. Political parties of the United States usually launch political mobilization...
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Research on the influence of science popularization on regional innovation ability

Qian Li
Science popularization (simply named SP) is the foundation and premise of technological innovation. This paper bases on the panel data from 2010 to 2015 of 31 provinces in China, establishes an indices system of Regional SP ability evaluation index from 5 aspects. On this basis, we use the two-way fixed...
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Analysis of Council of Europe Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property

Changhao Jing
Council of Europe Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property aims to prevent and combat the illicit traffic in and destruction of cultural property in the framework of the Organization’s action against terrorism and organized crime. The Convention will be open for signature by any country in...
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The Motivation of Tourism Photography Online Sharing

Xuemin Zhang, Xiaoyi Wu, Xue Yan
The online sharing of tourism photography has been a widespread phenomenon in recent years. However, few studies empirically analyzed the motivation of why tourists share photos online. From the perspective of aesthetic experience theory and self-determination theory, two extrinsic motivations (i.e....
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Research on the Related Legal Problems of the Crime of Causing Water Traffic Accident

Chunxiao Zhou
The crime of the water traffic accident refers to the traffic accident crime occurred in the coastal waters and the inland waterway navigable waters. Compared with the land traffic accident, the liability subject of the water traffic accident case is more complicated, and the damage caused by the crime...
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Game Analysis of the Post-Paris Agreement's Climate Policy

Sujun Shao, Zheng Rong
The Paris Agreement is an important global agreement to cope with climate change. The withdrawal of the United States has made the implementation prospects of the Paris Agreement full of variables. This paper analyzes the post-Paris Agreement climate policy based on the two-level game theory and repeated...
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The assessment of coordination degree between Shandong seaport cluster and regional economy based on Grey Correlation Model

Xiaorui Li
In this paper, time series data in 2007-2016 are used as samples and Grey Correlation Analysis is used as methods to assess the coordination degree of Shandong port cluster and regional economy. The results show that the development of Shandong port cluster can obviously promote the growth of the hinterland...
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Research on the Development Situation and Countermeasures of Innovative Industrial Clusters in Xiangyang High-tech Zone

Guohua Chen, Bo Li, Haiying Hu
Taking automotive industry as the object, through in-depth investigation of the development situation of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Xiangyang High-tech Zone, its industrial foundation, industrial chain foundation and industrial cluster foundation are all analyzed, then the existing...
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Research on Cultivation Mode of Undergraduates` Creativity Based on Technology Literacy ??"Taking the technology education base of Hubei University of Arts and Science as an Example

Xuchun Zhang, Haiying Hu
Creativity comes from practice. Based on the university technology education base, Hubei University of Arts and Science explored the mode of cultivation for creativity of undergraduates by setting up 10 technical practice platforms of mutual assistance, coordination and harmonization, which included...
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Resource Optimization and Innovation of English Major Cultivation under the Background of Transitional Development

Wenjie Lin, Yi Zhang
The higher education of China is facing challenge from the new era and new development. It is necessary for college talent cultivation to find a creative reform way in order to meet the need of society, local areas and self-development instead of sticking to conventional mode and curriculum. Due to the...
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Factors Influencing Customers’ Purchase Intention under C2B Model

Taiye Luo, Juanjuan Qu
In this paper, we conducted an empirical study to explore factors which can affect customers’ purchase intention under C2B model. Especially, we examined the role customer integration capacity (CIC) plays when customers purchase personalized products. We revealed that perceived value, perceived ease...
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A Preliminary Study On Countermeasures For Optimizing the Ecological Environment of Language

Lin Zhao
With the internationalization has been sweeping the world, Shenyang will be transformed into an international city through improving city internationalization level. The study will attempt to propose some countermeasures, such as, conducting the research on international language environment vs. economic...
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Reflections and Explorations on the Employment of College Graduates

Yao Shui
The employment of university students is the core issue in the employment problem in China. Looking at the current employment phenomenon of undergraduates with the view of development, we can find that there are many thought-provoking questions behind this phenomenon. This article analyzes the status...
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A Dysfunction Analysis of Grass-roots Party Organizations in the New Field of Party Building ??"??"Based on Internet Thinking

Linlin Shang
In the environment of internet ecology and socialist market economic system, the relationship between the society and the party organization has undergone profound changes. The thinking awareness, the behavioral logic and the organizational structure of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organization...
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Research Status of Internationalization Development in Shandong Province ??"??"Based on Bibliometric Analysis

Mingjun Zhang, Shiwei Zhu, Junfeng Yu, Sisi Li, Lingling Zhong, Cuiqin Liu, Beibei Xu
In the context of “the Belt and Road” and globalization, various regions in China have implemented the strategies of global development. As one of the major provinces of economy in China, located in coastal area, Shandong has also involved in them. Shandong carried out international exchanges and cooperation...
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Research on the Construction of New Science and Technology Think Tank in China

Sisi Li, Shiwei Zhu, Junfeng Yu, Mingjun Zhang, Cuiqin Liu, Beibei Xu
The think tank is the product of the modern decision-making system, plays an important role in the government decision-making consultation system. It is important to promote the scientific and democratic decision-making. Science and technology think tank is an organic part of the new think tank with...
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Communication strategy of Web Portal Platishers

Quan Wang, Qizhi Sheng
With the rapid development of information technology and digital technology, new media has become the main way for us to obtain information. The rapid development of social media has become an inevitable trend. With the promotion of mobile communication, big data analysis and the development of cloud...
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Microgenetic Research of the Multi-levelled Vocabulary Acquisition of English Writing Based on Production-Oriented Approach

Lijun Tao, Yi Zhang
The study researched the developmental features of vocabulary acquisition in English writing of Chinese university students on the basis of the Production-Oriented Approach (POA). The microgenetic method and corpus method were also used to serve the purpose. The researchers found that POA is viable in...
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Research on the Construction of Programming Curriculum Group in Independent Colleges

Hui Feng Guang, Ling Mi Xiao
Specific to the characteristics of programming curriculum, such as similar content, close contact, mutual promotion and supplementation, and belonging to the same ability training category, this paper takes the construction of the programming curriculum group of Zhuhai College of Jilin University as...
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Virtual Art Experience on Cultural Heritage Information with Construction of Evaluation Criteria

Chao Wen, Xi Luo
The cultural heritage intuitively reflects the progress of human and social development. As humans having entered the 21st century, an experience era of information pluralism, new information and interaction technologies such as virtual reality (VR) etc. provide effective methods on the digital inheritance...
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An Analysis on Discourse Markers in First 2016 U.S. Presidential Debate

Shu’e Wang, Yanqing Guo
As a common language phenomenon, discourse markers (DMs) have attracted attentions from numerous linguists since the 1980s. Although researches on DMs are rich and fruitful, relatively few of them study DMs in debates. This paper strives to make an analysis on the pragmatic effects of DMs in debates...
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The Strategic Choice of RMB Internationalization under the Two-way Opening of Finance in the New Era

Degong Ma, Lei Teng
The two-way opening of finance is the inevitable choice for China to build a high level open pattern in the new era,It is essential to consider the logical evolution process of two-way financial opening for RMB internationalization,and then to clear the strategic functions and objectives RMB internationalization....
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Is it a friend or an enemy? A study on the relationship between job friendships and job performance of Hospitality employees- Organizational commitment as mediating variable

ChiaWei Chao
While work friendship, organizational commitment and job performance have been extensively investigated, the relationship between the above three research fields is relatively unexplored. This paper studies the three constructs relationship and mediating of organizational commitment situation. Using...
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Modeling Coarticulation of Consonants in Monguor Language

Hanbin Zhang
The purpose of the study is to discuss which acoustic features of consonants have significant linear relation with coarticulation dispersion in Monguor language. The acoustic features include F1, F2 and F3 of vowels combined with each consonant, the length and intensity of consonants themselves. On the...
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A Study on the Sustainable Development Strategy of General Education in Private Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Lijuan Bai, Yiming Wang
With the development in the transition period of applied undergraduate colleges and universities, the significance of general education and the importance of strengthening the reform of general education are becoming more and more important. Aiming at the objective reality of general education in private...
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On Actualization of Images ??"??"A comparative study between two translations of A Psalm of Life

Jun Ye
A Psalm of Life written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is the first English poem translated into Chinese and there have been lots of versions of it. This assay aims at applying the image-G reproduction theory promoted by Jiang Qiuxia in translation criticism by analyzing two translations of this poem....
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Analysis of the Essence and Characteristics of Sharing Economy from the Perspective of Tourism

Zhibo Diao
The sharing of right of use has a long history. Those business models of sharing economy have become common in tourism industry. Based on numerous facts and cases, the essence of sharing economy is clear: it is a new economic form and system based on the Internet. The core of sharing economy is subdivision...
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An Analysis of Rumors Spread in Macao

Jiali Kang
With the influence of various factors, the impact of rumors on Macao's society has shown an expanding trend along the development of the times. This article begins with an exploration of the nature and characteristics of the rumors. After analyzing the structure of the rumors, it introduces the unique...
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Effects of Chinese Areas in Globalization??"??" Under Metrolingualism

Zeyu Wang
The urbanization of human material and physical material is not a new to globalized world. People are always not sensitive to any changes made to the spiritual and culture life. Metrolingualism is a sociolinguistics term to describe the languages in today’s cities. It grabs people’s attention to the...
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The Cognitive Turn of Translation Study in Artificial Intelligence Era

Rui Ma
Under the initiative of building a Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, China encounters more opportunities in this Artificial Intelligence Era. Translation as a multi-subjects discipline needs to find its own way to survive. The author of the present paper believes that due to...
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The Influence of RMB Appreciation on China's Exporters' Investment Decision

Qi Qiu
In the more than 40 years after the reform and opening up, the Chinese economy has maintained a high-speed growth trend, which has also led to an ever-increasing degree of integration between China and the world economy. China has become an inseparable part of the world economic system, and Chinese goods...
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Construction of Environmental Protection Participation Mechanism Under the Background of Governance Modernization

Xishuang Wu
In the new ear,to construct an Eco-environmental protection participation mechanism involving multiple entities such as the public, enterprises, and social organizations is a requirement for advancing the modernization of national governance capabilities and governance systems.The thesis starts with...
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Research on characteristic town’s industrial layout - Based on ShenYang general Aviation land use planning

Xiaofan Zhao, Yannin Ji
The concept of general Aviation town is based on the characteristic town. Based on the core business and infrastructure of navigation, it gathers diverse functions such as production, residence, business, leisure, and tourism. The characteristic town should rely on the unique resources of the local area....
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Financial Crisis and the Optimization of Undergraduates' Concept of Job-choosing

Chenglong Pan
Since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, China’s economy has also suffered major impacts, and the employment situation of Chinese college students has also suffered major blows. The difficulty in obtaining employment for university students has become a common phenomenon. Under such circumstances,...
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Problems and Countermeasures to be solved in the emergency relief work of Red Cross Society of China

Jinyu Zhu
In recent years, The Red Cross has played an irreplaceable role in the disposal and rescue of sudden events such as natural disasters, accident disasters and so on. Take practical action to "divide the worries for the government and solve the difficulties for the people", Protruding as an assistant to...
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A study on the model of Public-Private-Partnership(PPP)

Ying Sun
In recent years, in order to promote the transformation of government functions, improve the level of public service, promote private investment and enhance the vitality of the social economy, the PPP model has been carried out in full swing throughout the country. In the process of rapid progress, we...