Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology (ICAAIP 2017)

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Teenagers' Knowledge and Perception about The Staple Food Diversity to Describe Daily Eating Habit

Familia Novita Simanjuntak
Daily eating habit of teenagers is usually described by knowledge and perception based on their family culture/heritage or education experience or social life. This research studies about how the knowledge and perception of teenagers describe their daily eating habit. Staple food is a group of food to...
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Intention to Complain in Costumer Who Receives Candies As Change

Ilham Awaluddin, Elvita Bellani, Muhammad Tamar
There is an absurd phenomenon in Indonesia where change that should be given to consumer is replaced to candies. This behavior violates government regulation regarding consumer rights. However, only some of costumers complain of this situation, while others do not. This situation raise question of why...
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Correlation Between Gratitude and Perceived Social Support in Parents of Children with Intellectual Disability

Alfina Dewi Hermansyah, Umniyah Saleh, Nirwana Permatasari
The present study aimed to explore the relationship between gratitude and perceived social support in parents of children with intellectual disability at Makassar. There were 40 participants selected using purposive random sampling. The criteria of selecting participants are parents of children with...
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Job Satisfaction as Predictor of employee engagement

Elvita Bellani, Sri Rezky Ramadhani, Muhammad Tamar
The current study aims to investigate the extent of job satisfaction contribution to employee engagement. Employee engagement has been found as being important to employee productivity and organization performance. Participants were 110 employees of a private property company in Makassar, Indonesia....
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Islamic Religious Based Mental Health Education: Developing Framework for Indonesia mental health policy analysis.

Aliah B. Purwakania Hasan, Hendri Tanjung
Stigma of mental illness hampers society's ability to respond effectively mental disorder problems. History provides abundance examples of prejudice, discounting, discrediting, and discrimination to people with mental disorders. In order to provide solutions, Indonesia government enacted Law No. 18 of...
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Social Solidarity Economy and Sustainable Development: Bringing global challenge to Indonesia.

Aliah B. Purwakania Hasan
In achieving sustainable development goals, the mainstream economic paradigm needs to be adjusted to resolve social and environmental costs of production and consumption that have been address as externalities. For this, the social and solidarity economy (SSE) is seen as a specific approach, because...
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The Intention to be Police Officer

Nur Arifah Rahmah, Muhammad Tamar, Elvita Bellani
Police officer is expected to have a high integrity to do their job, so it is important to know their expectation, their motive, their belief and their objective. This research aims to examine intention to become police officer in youth and influencing factors by quantitative approach with correlation...
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How peers influence Children's Smoking Behavior

Andi Tenri Awaru, Mappeaty Nyorong, Muhammad Rahmat
Smoking is a risky behavior that is increasingly popular among young people. Smoking behavior is influenced by many factors, one of which is the role of peers. This study aims to identify the role of peers in primary school children smoking behavior. This research uses qualitative method with phenomenology...
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The role of intrinsic goal orientation on medical and allied health student' deep learning approach

Flemmings Fishani Ngwira, Alemayehu Belay Emagnaw, Patmawaty Taibe, Hanna Yeshinegus Adamseged
Medical institutions have an exceptional responsibility to train health providers to become versatile in their own fields, trying to foster and stimulate life-long skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Research on academic self-regulation suggests that students' intrinsic goal orientation...
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Virtual Ethnography Study of Inter-lecturer Communication in National Young Lecturers Forum WhatsApp Group

Nuning Kurniasih, Teuku Riyadhsyah
Many lecturers use WhatsApp group chat to communicate, including the National Young Lecturers Forum/ Forum Dosen Muda Nusantara. This study aims to analyze the communication happened in FDMN WhatsApp group chat. This study based on virtual ethnography method. The informant chose using purposive sampling...
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Determinants of Competence in Supporting Student's Career Goals

Mahendra Fakhri, Mahir Pradana, Ella Virgintia, Alini Gilang
Competition among job-seekers are inevitable, competence as a means of supporting career have to be owned by every job seekers. Upcoming ASEAN Free Trade (AFTA) has made the competition even tighter. Therefore, every job-seeker has to increase their competence. University students are included as future...
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Contribution of Self Efficacy in Work Engagement Towards the Nurses in Makassar City

Fatwal Islamiah, Muhammad Tamar, Hillman Wirawan
This research aims to find out how far self-efficacy influences work engagement in nurses in Makassar. Participants in the study were 280 nurses working in six hospitals. The sampling technique used in this research is stratified random sampling. The data analysis performed was the univariate and bivariate...
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Dynamics of relationships in a family seen from perception about fathering

Syuraswati Muhiddin, Arlina Gunarya, Dyah Kusmarini
This study aims to understand the dynamics of relation within family in terms of family member's perception about fathering. Fathering refers to the role of father, including role expectation and role performance. This research is a qualitative descriptive study using systemic approach. A total of 10...
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Knowledge Management of Agricultural Prophecy in the Manuscript of Sundanese Society in Tasikmalaya

Nuning Kurniasih
Although most people have left behind the traditional prophecy in this modern era, there are few circles that still belief it and actually using it. In the field of agriculture some farmers still believe in the traditional prophecy regards the weather forecast even though there is modern calculation....
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Meaning of Ussus as Belief of Mandar Tribe Society

Tajriani Tajriani, Kurniati Zainuddin, Nurfitriany Fakhri
Ussul is a series of behaviors or the use of certain objects that are implemented with the aim of getting everything good, ussul consists of recommendations and restrictions that are handed down by generations of Mandar tribe. The purpose of this study is to determine the definition of ussul, the factors...
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Parenting styles as a predictor of social competence in medical profession students in dealing with patients in Makassar

Andi Mardyah Mursal, Grestin Sandy R, Nirwana Permatasari
This research is a quantitative research that aims to know the description of parenting style as predictor of social competence of medical profession students in facing patients in Makassar City. Subjects in this study amounted to 96 students of medical professions who came from 3 Universities in Makassar....
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Career Wellbeing, The Challenging Role of Working Mothers

Hilwa Anwar, Fendy Suhariadi, Fajrianthi Fajrianthi
The role of working mothers can be understood as dualism role, namely family role and working role that has to be done simultaneously. Internalization of patriarchal culture makes domestic role on women cannot be ignored even by a mother who works and achieves their career outside of their home. On the...
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The Relationship between Emotion Maturity and Social Adjustment with Migrant Employees' Psychological Well-being at PT. Pelabuhan Samudera Palaran Samarinda

Amalia Kusuma Dewi, Rin Widya Agustin, Pratista Arya Satwika
Migrant employees at Palaran Port, Samarinda, encounter different social and cultural environment compared with their hometown, living and working in multiethnic social environment, and being separated from their head family and hometown. Referring those situations, the quality of their emotional maturity...
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Adversity Quotient and Perception to Adversity in Differentiating Entrepreneurial Survival

Izzatul Fathiyah, Muhammad Tamar, Triani Arfah
As an economic agent, Entrepreneur has a major contribution to the country's economic growth. There are many entrepreneurship programs developed to encourage entrepreneurship, and Student Entrepreneurship Program at Hasanuddin University is one of them. However, there are many challenges and difficulties...
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Building Indonesia's Micro Small and Medium Entreprise; Lesson Learned from Australian SME

Siti Azisah
The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in Indonesia played a crucial roles in developing and sustaining the economy of Indonesia. More than 99 percent of the enterprise in Indonesia were in MSME category. Nevertheless, many micro enterprises face many impediments to sustain and/or to develop...
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Difference of statuses of identity based on student's final year of career orientation in hasanuddin university

Muhammad Noerul Akhbar, Muhammad Tamar, Arie Gunawan Hazairin, Wahid Hasyim
The purpose of this study is to obtain the following information: 1) the difference of statuses of identity based on final year student's career orientation at Hasanuddin University, and 2) differences in career orientation between final year students whose department has a profession-based education...
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Impact of Income on Households Patterns of Consumption of Street Vendors in Makassar City

Andi Samsir, Muhammad Imam Ma'ruf, Rudi Salam
Economic growth of Makassar City which is above average of the national economic growth about 7-8 percent per year makes the city as one of the magnet not least for economic actors in the informal sector. The high velocity of money in public spaces does not want to be wasted by economic actors in this...
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The Decision Making of Silariang

Ayu Ramdhani, Muhammad Tamar, Sulasmi Sudirman
Women in Makassar tribe become a representation of siri'. In social relation with man, women are more demanded to guard their honor, family and community, including in terms of marriage. However, there are many of marriage do not correspond to the custom, called silariang. Women of Makassar tribe who...
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The Influence of Teacher's Pedagogic Competence on Learning Motivation of Student of Office Administration Expertise Package

M. Said Saggaf, Rudi Salam, Hillman Wirawan
This study aims to determine, the influence of teacher's pedagogic competence on student learning motivation. This study was a quantitative research that shows a causal relationship. The sample of this research are 64 students. The data collection techniques used were observation, questionnaires and...
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Correlation of Shyness towards Self-Esteem on High School Students in Bulukumba

Ririn Mamiek Wulandari, Ahmad Ridfah
Self-esteem is important for individual development especially for students who are adolescence. This research aims to determine the correlation of shyness towards self-esteem, the differences of self-esteem and shyness on male students and female students, and the differences of self-esteem and shyness...
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The Description of Learning Concentration Viewed from the Suggestibility Levels (Case on Students of Psychology Department Lambung Mangkurat University Banjarbaru)

Rusdi Rusli, Muhammad Alfatih Rahmatullah
The concentration of learning is a focusing ability that is closely related to memory. Individuals with high levels of suggestibility are easy to enter the condition of hypnosis, will generally be easy to concentrate because it enters a trance condition that is the condition where someone really focus...
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The Description of Conformity on Junior High School Students with High Interest in Fashion

Rusdi Rusli, Desy Noor Hadijah
Clothes is one of the necessities of human life that is included in the primary needs. Clothes can already be a pointer of human's lifestyle. The existence of this eventually led to the phenomenon of fashion involvement. Fashion involvement is the involvement of a person with a fashion product because...
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Contribution of self-efficacy towards career orientation on final-year students

Muh. Ichwan Rachman, Muhammad Tamar, Hillman Wirawan
Final-year students could be categorized as a young adult age. This age have a developmental task to achieve, which is specificating one's career plan. However, final-year students nowadays were mostly not have any clear career orientation. One of the factor that affecting the individual career orientation...
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The teaching of Suryomentaram as the sources of parenting practice in cultivating empathy among children to reduce bullying

Berta Esti Ari Prasetya
Bullying has been considered as one problem in children's social behavior. Promoting empathy among children has been recorded as one effort to reduce bullying act. Empathy is considered as important factor in pro social behavior, it moderates aggressive behavior, establishes and maintains friendships,...
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Psychosocial factors associated with non-adherence in hemodialysis (hd) patients

Kustimah Usri, Ahmad Djunadi, Ahmad Gimmy Prathama Siswadi, Aulia Iskandarsyah
Approximately more than 13,758 people in Indonesia are affected by end-stage renal disease (ESRD); 80% undergoing hemodialysis. Hemodialysis patients have many problems resulting from the disease itself and treatment process which significantly impacts psychosocial health and quality of life. Non-adherence...
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Gentrification and Densification as Determining Factors of Orientation and Quality of Neighbors Relations in Indonesia (A Hypothetical Study)

Ichlas Nanang Afandi
In a society with highly diverse psycho-social attributes (ethnic group, religion, social-economic status, etc.) such as Indonesia, the positive orientation and quality of relations between neighbors are necessary to prevent things which can harm the harmony of the society. Today, by hypothetical, the...
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Work Ethics in Bugis; Connecting Culture and Entrepreneurial Behavior

Muhammad Tamar
This paper aimed at investigating the Bugis Value System and Work Ethics and their effect on Entrepreneurial Behavior among Bugis Entrepreneurs. In addition, this paper also focused on the connection between culture and the emergence of entrepreneurial behavior. Work Ethics emerges from cultural values...
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Optimizing Small Enterprises Through OD, Values, And Innovation

Wustari L. Mangundjaya
Every organization, including Small Medium Enterprises (SME) organization, has to grow and develop. Consequently, there are many kinds of approaches to innovation program and organizational development. On the other hand, it is undeniable the impact of culture on individual and group. The previous study...
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The Ecological and Economic Sustainability of Environmental Education

Gufran Darma Dirawan
The City of Makassar, South Sulawesi, has to experience environmental problems as a result of urbanization and physical development of the city. The ecological functions of the city are decreasing as a result of increasingly extensive urban infrastructure, that is why Environmental education system can...
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Construction Industry Needs for Vocational High School Graduates

Nurlita Pertiwi, Irma Aswani Ahmad
The purpose of this study is to identify the competencies of vocational high school graduates and describe strategies for the achievement of these outcomes. This study formulates particular competencies required by the construction industry. The research method is quantitative. Data of competence graduates...
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Enchanted Mantra of Senior English Teacher-mentors during Mentors-mentees sessions

Andi Samsidar
As a limited documentation of mentoring practices, exploring the language of mentoring is a key to understanding the mentoring culture of English language teaching in regional Makassar. The language of mentoring is a crucial means of connecting mentors and mentees with reflective experience and transfer...
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English Literary Materials to Ignite Students' Language Study-skill (Inspiration, Interactivity and Creativity)

Abdul Halim
The study was a developmental research and experimental (R & D) model. The data were collected through (a) an English essay test involving different difficulty levels of questions (cognitive, analytic, evaluative and creative), and (b) classroom observation and interview. Results from this study...
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Ethical Leadership in English Language Education

Sahril Nur, Amirullah Abduh, Rosmaladewi Rosmaladewi
The objectives of this research were (1) to find out current leaders' perspectives of ethical leadership, and (2) to find out leaders' responses to the characteristics of ethical leadership in English language education setting. This an in-depth qualitative study of three leaders employed semi-structured...
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Foreign Language Roles in Indonesian Education

Syukur Saud, Amirullah Abduh
The roles of foreign language in Indonesia has become the debates among linguists, politicians, and policymakers. We argue that the development of any foreign language policy in Indonesia has been shaped and influenced by the political ties and interests of the central government. This political drives...
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Identification of Public Perception to the Teacher's Social Competences and Status

Muhammad Takwin Machmud, Omthajit Pansri, Mushawwir Taiyeb, Andi Bulqis, Moh. Sahrul
Public believes that the teacher is someone who is highly respected because of their ability to educate and reforming the character of students to be a better individual. This study tries to identify public perception about teachers quality based on their social competences. The subject in this study...
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Implementational Spaces of Language Policy in Indonesian Higher Education

Rosmaladewi Rosmaladewi, Amirullah Abduh
The paper aims to describe the current policy of languages in Indonesia. The research investigates the features of implementational spaces in Indonesian language policy documents. Content analysis approach is used to analyze these policy levels. This policy research is inevitably important to build understanding...
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Mobile Learning for Teachers Training in Indonesia: The Potential of Mobile Phones as the Device

Iin Karmila Yusri, Robert Goodwin, Carl Mooney
This paper presents a review on mobile phones, from an Indonesian perspective to investigate the prospect of using mobile phones for mobile learning based training. The review revealed the potential of mobile phones, compared to other mobile devices, to be used as the primary tool in a mobile learning...
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Phonological Modification on Teacher's Instructional Talk for Secondary School Students

Maemuna Muhayyang
This paper highlights the phonological modification of teachers' instructional talk in teaching English to secondary school students in South Sulawesi. The descriptive qualitative method was employed involving 10 English teachers teaching at ten different secondary schools. This study implemented direct...
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Teacher's Work Satisfaction "The Role of Task Commitment and Quality of Teaching

Hillman Wirawan, Gufran Darma Dirawan
This study aims at investigating the role of task commitment and quality of teaching in predicting teachers' work satisfaction. Participants were 93 people, recruited randomly from 311 high school teachers. The study employed three instruments (i.e., work satisfaction, task commitment, and quality of...
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The Influence of Teacher's Language Politeness in Improving Student's Academic Motivation

Mantasiah Mantasiah, Yusri Yusri
This study aimed to determine the influence of teacher's language politeness in improving student's academic motivation. This research used experiment approach. To measure the motivation of students, the researcher adopted the Achievement Motivation Scale (AMS). The results showed that the academic motivation...
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An Interactive Media on Competency Based Training at Vocational High School

Riana T. Mangesa, Anas Arfandi
This paper describes the effectiveness of interactive media in learning Competency Based Training (CBT), a media innovation that was developed, designed to optimize the model mentoring teachers in the learning process CBT. Interactive media CBT is learning the concept, prototypes research learning model...
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The effect of gratitude training on the balance affect: The effort of increasing subjective well-being of the poor resident in Surakarta

Fadjri Kirana Anggraini, Tri Rejeki Andayani
this study aims to find out the effect of gratitude training on the balance affect or the change of affect caused by the increase of positive affect which was relatively constant and the decrease of negative affect. This quasi experiment study with pretest posttest control group design involving 10 subjects...
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Educational and Learning

Birkah Latif, Juajir Sumardi, SM Noor, Irwansyah Irwansyah
Since 2016 Indonesia has entered the economic gate of Asia, it has become a driving force that expects the countries incorporated. Indonesia itself has need for this unites economic. Even though, Indonesia needs to be introspective. Indonesia must be able to stabilize its domestic conditions to align...
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Relationship Between Locus of Control and Organizational Commitement (Study on Employee of Multifinance Company PT.X Makassar Branch)

Qonita Amelia Suherlan, Sri Wahyuni, Arie Gunawan Hazairin
The aim of this paper is to determine the relationship between organizational commitment with locus of control. This research is conducted on the employees of one of the multifinance companies namely PT. X branch of Makassar. Subjects in this study there were as many as 73 employees. This study uses...
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Sabtu Satu Atap: Collaboration and Social Education Program for Elementary School Students and Special Students of Laniang in Makassar City

Sitti Khadijah Kitta, Andi Aisyah Alqumairah, Achmad Mukhlisin, A. Khalil Gibran Basir, Dinda Tri Lestari
Lack of space to interact is one of the causes of normal children not collaborating with disable child which refer to discrimination. This needs to be minimized early in children who are in the mid stage of development. Regular elementary school students and special students of Laniang are studying in...
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The Meaning of Friends for Javanese Adolescent: A Preliminary Study in Indonesia

Tri Rejeki Andayani
This exploratory research done by Indigenous psychological approach aimed to understand the meaning of friend especially for Javanese adolescent in Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Going through adolescent phase they have longer getting along with friends than with parents. Furthermore, friendship...
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Revealing and Dismantling Ideological Media Texts

Mahmudah Mahmudah, Nurhusna Nurhusna
The purpose of this study is to reveal and dismantle ideology on media texts based on the form of exclusion and inclusion. The research is a qualitative study that assessed using critical discourse analysis based on Theo Van Leeuwen perspective. The data in this study is the verbal (e.g.words, phrases,...
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The Character Education and Social Conflict Phenomenon that Leads to Student Collective Violent Behavior

Jumadi Jumadi, Nurlela Nurlela
This study aims to analyze the causes of collective violence in the scientific community (students). One of the few findings of the cause of collective violence in the scientific community is the lack of application of character education. The type of research is qualitative with phenomenology approach....
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The Effect of Positive Youth Project to Improve Optimisim in Students

Nur Afni Indahari, Wawan Kurniawan
Optimism is a form of consideration that has a tendency to affect the feelings, attitudes and behavior of a person in certain situations. Optimism is an association created by leading to the safety of positive outcomes and be able to moderate the relationship between the perceived stress to be better....
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Patient Experiences In Internal And Surgical Ward at State Hospital Labuang Baji Makassar

Nur Arifah, Fridawaty Rivai, A. Zulfaidah Putri Delima
People use the term patients experience and patient's satisfaction, alternately. As a matter fact, these two terms are different specifically in terms of measurement's concept. Patient satisfaction survey usually consist of questions that do not really measure the exact treatment experience. Satisfaction...
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Buginese self-construal in review of siri'' and pesse'

Firdhan Achmadan, Muhammad Tamar, Hasniar A. Radde
Siri' and Pesse' values that is rooted in Buginese culture. These values influence Buginese social life as well as the way they perceive the world. The purpose of this research is to investigate how these two values influence the formation of Bugis self-construal. This research was conducted by using...
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The role of negative moral emotions (anger and disgust) in ethical decision making

Ika Widyarini
Moral emotions are subset of basic emotions and linked to the interests or welfare either of society as a whole or at least of persons other than the judge or agent. These are emotions that respond to moral transgression or motivate individuals to choose a certain moral behavior. The purpose of this...
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Wisdom of buginesse (The concept of wisdom in buginese-makassarese students)

Wawan Kurniawan, Nurul Fitroh, Andi Azizah, Bambang Pratama, Muhammad Ahyar Hamka
Psychological research on wisdom began to develop since a few years ago. However, research in the topic is rather rare in Indonesia. The purpose of this study was 1) to know the concept of wisdom in Buginess-Makassar 2) to know who are considered as a wise figure. The subject of this study is 202 students,...
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Patient Satisfaction Level with Health Care Quality at Dental Hospital of Hasanuddin University

Fuad Husain Akbar, Burhanuddin Pasiga
Patient satisfaction that related with quality of service is relation of perceptions of the care received and his expectations before getting the service. Most complaints of patients in a satisfaction survey concerning the presence of officers who are not professional in providing health services. This...
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Motive on Playing Online Game as Predictor of Adolescence's Problematic Online Gaming Use in Makassar

Dewi Fatmasary Edy, Elvita Bellani, Mayenrisari Arifin
Online gaming may cause deficit on adolescence's academicals achievement and social interaction difficulties, thus may be referred as one of a social deviance. Deviation is a set of behavior which able to bring up problematic on daily life. One of the factors that contribute on deviation is individual...
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The Extrinsic Goals and The Meaning of Money for Student Who Has Career Profession Preference at Hasanuddin University

Nurul Aisyah, Muhammad Tamar, Sri Wahyuni
This research is a correlation study aimed to determine the relationship between extrinsic goals with the meaning of money on students who have a career preference in the field of professional in Hasanuddin University. Subjects in this study were 132 students who took the professional program at the...
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The Differences in Life Satisfaction between the Elderly Who Live in Senior Home Care and Living with the Family

Rezki Suleha, Istiana Tajuddin, Andi Juwita Amal
This research is a descriptive qualitative research that aims to find out the difference of life satisfaction among elderly people living in nursing house and living with family. Respondent in this study were 10 elderly people 63 years-83 years, choosing with purposive sampling technique, based on the...
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Perceived risk on smoking behavior and perception toward parenting style as predictors of smoking risk behavior in adolescents

Mayenrisari Arifin, Sukma Khasanah, Grestin Sandy R
Adolescents are expected to have been able to distinguish any kind of behavior that has either positive or negative impact on themselves. However, there is a high prevalence in adolescents who tend to engage in risky behavior. One of the most worrying behaviors is smoking behavior. The purpose of this...
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Psychological Perspective Theories of Harmony of Ethno-Religious Group Relation

Ichlas Nanang Afandi
During this period, study on ethno-religious group relations is more focused on the conflicts that occur between them. This condition then has implications for the many theoretical reviews about it. Theories that discuss about ethno-religious group conflict are very easy to find in various social science...
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The Effect of Parenting Style on Bullying Behavior

Istiana Tajuddin, Karina Alfisah Utami, Yassir Arafat
Bullying is one of the most troubling events in many countries. However, at this time bullying behavior by the number continues to increase where most of them occur in the schools. This study aims describing the effect of parenting styles to the bullying behavior in Makassar based on actor's (the bully),...
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Role of Teacher and Parents in Solving Students Learning Difficulties

Fauziah Zainuddin, H. Halim, R. Zainuddin
This study aims to reveal the forms of students' learning difficulties, efforts and cooperation of parents and teachers to solve. Based on these objectives, then I set the primary research sites at DDI 2 Palopo. As the data source is the 5th grade students with 31 students as respondent. Data collection...
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Restructuring and reorienting English speaking skills courses for initial English teacher education in Indonesia

Chairil Anwar Korompot
This paper examines the recent curricular change made to the mandatory English speaking skills courses at an initial teacher education (ITE) institution in Indonesia. The institution is following what seems to be a nation-wide trend of replacing the traditional graded English speaking skills courses...
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Representation Multicultural Values of Text Poetry in the Study Hermeneutics

Muliadi Muliadi
Poetry is the result of creative work of the poet. Poet to the poet we can enjoy the beauty of words link full of meaning or value. Values in poetry are very diverse, aesthetic, ethical, religious, and philosophical. Those values are held or raised by the poet in literary works (poems) after a period...