Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering (ESSAEME 2017)

684 authors
Li, Xianyong
Let high school math teaching plug in the wings--The practice and research of the Geometer's Sketchpad in high school mathematics teaching
Li, Xiao
Design of Video/Audio Education System for Small and Medium Enterprises
Li, Xiao
British and American culture sympathy establishment and to English study influence
Li, Xiaodong
The Research on Order Parameter of E-commerce Industry System Based on The Theory of Coordination
Li, Xiaojie
The optimized model of enterprise internal accounting control in network environment
Li, Xiaoyan
The Triadic Structure of Wa People's Environmental Customary Law Origin
Li, Xinyu
Analysis on the Ways of Inheriting Minority Culture in Higher Vocational Colleges in Inner Mongolia
Li, Xueqin
Research on Evaluation Index System of Rotating Classroom Teaching Model for College English
Li, Yang
Research on the Function of French Original Sound Audio in French Classroom Teaching
Li, Yi
Transformation Thinking of the Management and Service for College Retirees in the New Era
Li, Yingjun
Problems and Countermeasures of English Teaching among the "Major+English" Compound Personnel Cultivation Mode
Li, Yong
Exploration on Personnel Training Mode of Internet of Things under the universities Transformation and Development Background
Li, Yonghong
Experimental research on citation tone of Guangling dialect
Li, Zhaoying
On the Cultivation of College Students' Autonomous English Learning Ability In the Age of Big Data
Li, Zhaoying
The Challenge of "Internet Plus" to the Teachers of the University
Li, Zhenmiao
The influence of environmental factors on male fertility and its research progress
Li, Zhihong
Animation Industrial Chain Development in the U.S.A and its Enlightenment to the Animation Industry in China
Liang, Ce
Comprehensive Comparison and Analysis of Municipal Sludge Resourceful Treatment Technology
Liang, Tao
Response of Rice and Maize Yield to Inherent Soil Productivity of Paddies and Fertilization in Chongqing China
Liang, Tao
Research on Interest Rate Marketization and Risk Control of Commercial Banks
Liao, Xianji
The Application of Voice Control Technology in Piano Playing
Liao, Zhaoyu
Investigation and research of Hui nationality medicine in Sino Arab Economic and trade
Lima, Dimas
Summary on fruit identification methods: A literature review
Lin, Liulin
Research on Financing Innovation of Chinese Small and Medium - sized Technological Enterprises
Lin, Liulin
Standardization and Improvement of Village-level Accountant Principal-Agent System from the Perspective of Financial Management
Lin, PengJung
Firm Competence from Taiwanese Flat Panel Display: Perspectives on RBT and OLT
Lin, Rong
Cross-Case Study on the Incentive Mechanism of Co-investment Projects in State Owned Enterprises from the Perspective of Employee Governance
Lin, Su
New Perspectives of Musicality Analysis of Schumann's Childhood
Lin, Xin
Visualized Musical Narrative in The Great Gatsby
Lin, Xue
Collation and Research of Health Keeping Thoughts and Methods in Dunhuang Posthumous Writing
Ling, Xiao
Research on Teaching Models of College English from the Perspective of Cognitive Poetics
Ling, Xiao
Research on Preposition Teaching of College English Based on Cognitive Linguistics
Liu, Bo
Analysis of the Function of Value Choice on Undergraduates' Career Planning
Liu, Chang
Analysis of New Media Marketing Strategy under the Information Age
Liu, Chang
Analysis on the Utilization Efficiency and Influencing Factors of Local Government Debt Based on DEA Model
Liu, Chun
A Study on Inherent Mechanism of Collaborative Innovation to Promote the Reform of Science and Technology Research Organization in Modern University
Liu, Chun
A Comparative Study on the Spatial Fractal Comparison of the Tourism City System of Urban Agglomerations in the Central Region
Liu, Chun
A Comparative Study on the Spatial Structure of Urban Agglomeration in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River Based on Fractal Theory
Liu, Dan
Critical Thinking Applied in Case Teaching of Professional Master Degree
Liu, Deyu
Research on Economic Law Protection of Telecom Consumer Rights
Liu, Fangyuan
Summary on fruit identification methods: A literature review
Liu, Haiyan
Research on the Curriculum Design of Cloud Computing Technology and Application Specialty
Liu, Haiyan
Study on the Brand Construction of Agricultural Products Geographical Indications
Liu, Hongfei
The Development of China 's Over - Seven - holes Hulusi Music
Liu, Huangjin
An Empirical Analysis of Real Estate Residential Investment and Economic Growth - Taking "Shanxi Province" as an Example
Liu, Hui
"Teach Knowledge" and "Teach Thinking" in Elementary School Fine Arts Education on the Background of Innovative Education
Liu, Jia
A Study on the Influence of Haze on Respiratory System of Outdoor Athletes
Liu, Jiangping
How to Do Well the Ideological and Political Education Work of College Students in the New Situation
Liu, Jin
Research on the implementation of University Humanities Teaching
Liu, Jin
Research on the cartoon culture and national image construction
Liu, Jing
On the Important Connotation of First - class Undergraduate Education is "Double -first-class" Construction
Liu, Junjian
Cross-border - Integration - Newborn - Advertisement Design Cross-border Research in New Media Times
Liu, Junjian
Research on Cross-border Design Language in New Media Time Visual Communication Design
Liu, Ke
The Analysis of Schedule Control of Construction Project Using AHP Methods
Liu, Maomao
Application of Ceramic Materials in Modern Urban Sculpture
Liu, Qiaoying
On Japanese Culture Education in Japanese Teaching
Liu, Qiqi
Research on the Optimization of Goods Location Based on Greedy Algorithm
Liu, Shan
The Contribution of Occupational Health Psychology to the Promotion of Well-Being at Work: an Evaluation of EAPS in the UK and China
Liu, Shijian
Energy Consumption Forecast Based on Coupling PSO-GPR
Liu, Shuyan
Research on the Consultative Democracy Practice Model from the Perspective of Internet Politics
Liu, Songan
Study on the Interaction between Upper and Lower Parts of Super high-rise Tube
Liu, Tingting
On the Miserable Female's Fate from A Thousand Splendid Suns
Liu, Wentong
Research on the Path of Student Management Reform in Chinese Universities Based on the Development of Students' Subject
Liu, Xia
The Impact of Rural Financial Development on the Income Gap of Rural Residents in China: An Empirical Analysis Based on Semi-parametric Additive Model
Liu, Xianjiao
Strengthening the management of scientific research funds and improving the efficiency of scientific research funds
Liu, Xiaomin
Research on the Curriculum Design of Cloud Computing Technology and Application Specialty
Liu, Xiaopeng
Sports Psychological Measurement And Statistical Method from the Perspective of Sports Public Service
Liu, Xingxing
Prevention and Reasons Analysis of Volleyball Training Injury
Liu, Xiuping
Analysis on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Domestic Agricultural Marketing
Liu, Xiuping
Analysis of Enterprise Human Resource Management and the Firm Performance
Liu, Xiuping
Teaching Research on Task-Driven Method in the Application Undergraduate Human Resource Management Course
Liu, Yafei
Study on the Interaction between Upper and Lower Parts of Super high-rise Tube
Liu, Yang
The Practice Exploration of Micro English course in College English Teaching
Liu, Yang
The Research of Vocational Qualification Factors in Higher Vocational Colleges fresh Teachers
Liu, Yang
Analysis of the Artistic Style of 36 Aire Di Steli Antic
Liu, Yang
A study on the cultivation of College Students' academic ability and critical thinking ability
Liu, Yangming
Analysis of the influence of "camp to increase" policy on the supply chain of agricultural products
Liu, Yi
Financial Risk Analysis and Prevention of Chinese Real Estate Enterprises
Liu, Yi
The Application Research on the Teaching Mode of Flipped Classroom under the Background of "Internet Plus"
Liu, Ying
Research on the Ideological and Political Education in the College Students Management Work
Liu, Yong
Research on Applications of Core Strength Training in Physical Education in Universities
Liu, Yongru
Application of Jiangxi intangible cultural heritage in modern fashion design
Liu, Yongru
Exploration and practice of graduation project of local characteristic cultural elements in clothing and costume design
Liu, Yuehua
Study on the infiltration of academy culture into local folk custom
Liu, Yuehua
Research on the cartoon culture and national image construction
Lu, Jianfeng
The Effect of Political Connection on Private Firm Performance Research based on the Perspective of Regional Diversity and Industry Heterogeneity
Lu, Shiyong
Study on Knowledge Collaboration Innovation of College Counselors
Lu, Shiyong
Studies on construction and running mode of university counselors learning organization construction
Lu, Wan
Research on the Influence of Physical Exercise on Students' Academic Achievement
Lu, Xupeng
Government intervention in developing a circular economy---A case study of waste management in Sweden
Lu, Yong
Features of Vocal Music Art
Luo, Changgen
The impact of virtual reality technology on digital media teaching
Luo, Changgen
Research on new media art based on diversified media
Luo, Jie
Research on Evaluation Mechanism of Teaching Management of Military Professional Degree Postgraduate Education
Luo, Juan
Analysis on Application of Traditional Chinese Opera Costume Elements in Contemporary Costume Design
Luo, Shanshan
An Investigation of Ethics of Communication in Tourism Translation
Ma, Chaohui
Research on the Reform and Construction of Large - scale System in Colleges and Universities
Ma, Dehou
Research on the Incentive Mechanism of PE Teachers in Shaanxi Non - governmental Colleges and Universities
Ma, Fei
Research on Servant Leadership Models under the Background of Public Hospitals
Ma, Fei
[WITHDRAWN]A Study on the Shaping and Training of Public Servant Leaders in Public Hospitals