Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering (ESSAEME 2017)

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The research of probability theory and mathematical statistics education based on the CDIO teaching method

Shulan Ma
From the summary of university mathematics education is facing problems and difficulties, combined with the characteristics of probability and mathematical statistics course and the present situation of several aspects of teaching, using the CDIO project teaching, cultivating students' conception, design,...
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Research on Evaluation Index System of Physical Education Teachers in Middle School

Weichao Shi, Bowen Wang
On the basis of combining characteristics and actual development status of physical education, the paper makes an objective and scientific research on evaluation index system of middle school physical education teachers by using research methods of document research, questionnaire survey, interview and...
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Research on the Application and Influence of AIIT on Accounting

Nan Shi
The purpose of this paper is to give full attention to the development trend of information technology such as AIIT and network technology, and expand the accounting informationalized view. It also gives attention to the profound influence of AIIT on the cultivation of accounting professionals, change...
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Literature review of Strategy Based Instruction (SBI) development in Teaching English as Second Language(TESOL)

Yunlin Shi
This paper is a literature review of Strategy-based instruction in Teaching English as Second Language (TESOl) around the world. With the globalization and modernization, English plays increasing role in exchange and communication, then how to improve the teaching efficiency in TESOL becomes more important....
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The Combination of Realistic Rationality and Humanistic Thought

Rurui Sun
Values is the core of social cultural system; it is the important component of individual outlook and philosophy. Its essence is the value standpoint, attitude and basic idea of the subject. Defoe's values were the important components in the meaning of innovation on English Realistic literature in the...
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The Triadic Structure of Wa People's Environmental Customary Law Origin

Jingyi Wang, Xiaoyan Li
Environmental customary law refers to ideas and opinions on the relationship between human and the natural environment in the traditional culture of minority nationalities. It reflects the original legal culture of ethnic minorities. Wa people are indigenous minorities in Yunnan. Their traditional culture...
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Discussion on The Construction of The Quality Management System of PE Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Yan Xu
PE teaching is an important part of Chinese higher education. However, the reform and development of PE teaching in China has not kept pace with the development of education at present. Especially the imperfection of the teaching quality management system and the mechanism have seriously affected the...
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The Analysis of Policy Objectives and Economic Effects of House Property Tax

Qiang Xu, Hongzhu Yue
The real estate bubble has seriously threatened the healthy and stable operation of economy and society in China. It is urgently required for the government to regulate the real estate market by the house property tax. This paper firstly analyzed the reason of high housing price and discussed the policy...
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The Impact of Financial Intelligence on Commercial Banking from the Perspective of Transaction Cost

Zhaoyi Xu, Xinyu Cheng
Based on the transaction cost from the perspective of financial intelligence influence for commercial banks, analyzes the transaction cost of commercial banking business, including financial intermediation costs, operating costs and management costs of credit market. In the field of asset management,...
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The Comparative Study of Teacher's Ethics Education in China and the United States

Jie Zeng
Chinese economic society is in a period of rapid development, science and education as a long-term basic national policy, it is related to the process of modernization of our country. Teachers 'professional ethics are increasingly concerned by the society. Teachers' morality is the basic means of teachers...
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Analysis on the Cultivation Measures of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents in Private Colleges Under the New Situation

Jiaojiao Mo
Innovation and entrepreneurship education is a new educational concept in the history of higher education development. It is the starting point for private colleges to carry out the innovation and entrepreneurial education to serve the regional market. This paper analyzes the necessity and feasibility...
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Application of Green Construction Idea in Management of Architectural Engineering Project

Yuhai Miao
As an important method and key link in the implementation of sustainable development strategy in the architecture industry, green construction has been understood and accepted by more and more people in the industry. How to promote the green construction in architecture industry, improve the sustainable...
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Dynamic Correlation Research on Grain Markets Based on DCC-GARCH Model

Yan Ge, Haixia Wu
Based on the week data of the national wheat, corn and soybean wholesale price index from January 9, 1998 to June 22, 2012, the paper inspected the dynamic correlation among the markets of national wheat, corn and soybean using the DCC-GARCH model. The results show that the standardized residual product...
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Tibetan Parents Self-cultural Identity Level for Middle School Students Trilingual Educational Impact Study

Linjia Gao
This survey conducts a research about the impact of parents' self-cultural identity level for middle school students' trilingual education in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (GTAP) of Sichuan province. In this study we will be concentrating on effect of parent's ethnicity, cultural education on trilingual...
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[WITHDRAWN]Research on the "Ecological Harmony" Consciousness of Foster's "India Trip"

Linjia Gao
The famous British novelist Foster's "trip to India" contains profound ecological thoughts, reflecting the ecological crisis between man and nature, man and man, and between conquest and domination. The novel strongly criticized the strong sense of power created behind the crisis, advocating the desire...
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Research on Fragment Reading in Mobile Internet

Ruixiang Ou, Hui Pan, Yao Huang
Reading is an important part of people's social life. With the accelerated pace of life, people retain the traditional reading habits and methods, but also began to get used to fragmented reading. This paper studies the manifestation and characteristics of fragmented reading in the mobile Internet, analyzes...
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Reanalysis of Foxconn Incident Based On the Perspective of Group Dynamics Theory

Feng Zhao, Yanying Tang, Yawen Gan
Since the beginning of 2010, a series of employees committed suicide in Foxconn Group which has aroused widespread concern in the society. Many scholars have studied the incident from different perspectives. Based on the theory of group dynamics of German psychologist Levin, this paper explores the causes...
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Study on the Intervention of Depression in Dying Patients from the Perspective of Music Psychology

Ning Qu
Objective: To help dying patients to enhance self-concept, to promote relaxation, relieve stress, reduce depression. Methods: On the one hand, the subjects were interviewed to understand the basic status of dying patients. On the other hand, the depressive state of 30 patients with death was evaluated...
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Construction of humanized management model of College Textbooks

Genlian Zhang
Teaching material management is an important part of teaching management in Colleges and universities. It has been ten years since colleges and universities have implemented the complete credit system. It is necessary to construct a new model of teaching material management for facing the new situation....
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Exploration and Research on the new model of teacher management of universities in China

Genlian Zhang
In recent years, with the rapid development of higher education of China, the number of teachers continue to grow, disadvantages of traditional management mode has become increasingly evident. The introduction of modern management mode, set up a perfect teaching management system, establish a "Teacher...
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Research on Mechanisms of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Through Rural Tourism in Sichuan Minority Areas

Fulin Gui, Fan Yang, Yufeng Wang, Shuyue Lei
Rural tourism is an important handle for targeted poverty alleviation in minority areas in Sichuan, and is an important carrier to enhance the hematopoiesis function of targeted poverty alleviation. At present, the problems of targeted poverty alleviation in rural areas of Sichuan minority areas include...
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Research on the Curriculum and Teaching Mode of EMP in English Teaching in Medical Colleges and Universities

Congjuan Chu
At present, the research of medical English is mainly concentrated in undergraduate colleges. Based on the theoretical situation, this paper starts from the theoretical basis of EMP teaching, combined with the characteristics of medical English, tries to learn from the curriculum, the construction of...
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Studies on the influence of accounting standard reform to construction enterprise accounting

Ying Wei
Strengthening accounting can perfect and consummate Chinese socialist market economy system, effectively improve the effectiveness of market economy, and can also further improve enterprise financial staff's professional quality, and improve capital utility efficiency. To conform to International Accounting...
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Analysis on enterprise logistics management performance evaluation system

Jing Wen
With the constant development of Chinese economy, development patterns in different industries and fields have formed into a united entirety linking to each other, especially when logistics industry is entering into a high-speed development era, more and more enterprise managers have realized the promoting...
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Research Progress on Ecological Protection and Restoration of Urban Wetlands in China

Wen Zhan, Shouyun Shen, Huifeng Cheng
As urbanization course speeds up in China, urban wetlands are faced with a series of problems such as serious pollution, sharp decrease of area, eutrophication aggravation, acceleration of biotic intrusion, lack of management system and weak protection awareness. Ecological protection and restoration...
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Management of Files on Sports Skills of Students with High Level Sports Talents in Normal Universities

Yong Zhang
Based on the explanation of connotation of files on students with high level sports talents in normal universities, this paper analyzes deficiencies and the realistic significance of archive management on these talented students. It also deals with problems in the archive management of students with...
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Research on the Significance of Teaching Mode Reform of Business English Course Based on Constructivism Experience

Yu Zhang
This paper explores the constructivist teaching theory, designs the experiential teaching mode, and explores the innovation of business English teaching, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the English students' business English learning efficiency. Based on the theoretical foundation, this paper...
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The Impacts of Social Media on Political Communication: a Case Study of News on Chinese Officials' Corruption

Wenzhe Zhu
In recent years, social media develops rapidly in China, and changes the traditional media pattern in this new era of information. Due to the widespread of social media, ordinary Chinese people now have different ways to take part in political events. Social media has become the platform of political...
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Development Approaches of Teachers Supporting Education Under the New Situations

Yunfan Chen
Through the questionnaire survey form, the paper investigated the two hundred teachers supporting rural education in Jiangyou County in Sichuan Province from the perspectives of age structure, degree distribution, work time, turnover reasons, reasons for supporting rural education to analyze the overall...
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Research on Language Economics and College English Education

Zhihong Fan
College English education should follow the law of market economy, objectively and rationally understand the college English learning motivation, the economic value of the language and the economic benefits and the allocation of educational resources should accurately grasp the market demand, effectively...
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Study and Prevention of Systematic Risk of Insurance Industry of China

Yue Gu
The insurance industry is a risk management industry which cannot be ignored in the financial system. It promotes the stable development of the market economy with its special social and economic compensation mechanism. Therefore, to explore the systemic risk of insurance industry can prevent the spread...
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Research on the application of information and Internet technology in English Education

Jing Li, Wei Dai
With the development of information technology, the information technology has been widely used in many fields, such as the development of the society. To a certain extent, which has also formed a dependence on information and Internet technology, of course, this also includes education. With the continuous...
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Research on the cartoon culture and national image construction

Yuehua Liu, Jin Liu
With the economic globalization, the world is increasingly closely linked, Chinese animation culture has been the impact of foreign culture. This paper expounds the current situation of China's animation and animation culture, from the cultural influence on all aspects of our country to analyze the image...
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Exploration and practice of graduation project of local characteristic cultural elements in clothing and costume design

Yongru Liu
Without rich culture, it could not create deep and full of tension in the clothing design, clothing design in the training of personnel. In addition to a solid foundation, bold design concept and innovation ability, it also should be oriented to the local economy and culture, make the design of the clothing...
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The Personality Emotional Structure In Interior Design

Jing Zeng, Keyue Duan
In today's word, people on indoor function and aesthetic demand to meet at the same time, more and more pursuit space design build atmosphere of psychological sense of fit and satisfaction. As interior design elements such as form, color, texture, light, they can make the space character visualization,...
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The Relationship between University Students' Work and University Students' Development in China

Haijun Ni
From the perspective of student participation, this paper comprehensively analyses the research and date of college students' development in recent years in Peking University Graduate School of Education, and summarize the relationship between university students' work and university students' development...
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On the Construction of Business English Writing Network Resources

Weilong Huang
The traditional teaching of business English writing (hereafter referred to as BE writing) has been lagging in the construction of resource with many problems, and calls for the construction of BE writing network resources. Under the guidance of Connectivism, this paper analyzes the practical foundation...
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Analysis of university table tennis teaching reform

Fanwei Meng
table tennis originated in the UK, and then to China, the United States, central Europe and other places, and gradually from the original entertainment activities gradually developed into the world of sport. In our country, ping-pong as a competitive sport has become a strong fitness program for Chinese...
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The Impacts of Social Enterprise from an Organizational Perspective: A Case Study in China

Lipei Huang
In recent years, social entrepreneurship plays an important role in the process of social governance and gains increasing attention from scholars. This research focuses on a famous social enterprise in China to identify its impacts on employees. The results show that the social enterprise has impacts...
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A Comparative Study on the Spatial Structure of Urban Agglomeration in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River Based on Fractal Theory

Chun Liu
With the comprehensive economic strength of the urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, the more closely the economic linkage between urban system within urban agglomeration, the higher demand on spatial structure of urban system. This paper comparatively analyses spatial aggregation...
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Research on green university operation mode based on "Mercedes-benz models"

Kaiyuan Zhao, Hong Zhao
Great progress has been made in the construction of green university in China, but there is still no efficient operation mode. This paper has conducted a survey on the current situation of building green campus in Colleges and universities of China, through the analysis of the current situation and problems,...
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Analysis of the Artistic Style of 36 Aire Di Steli Antic

Min Yao, Yang Liu
Compared with E.Curtis (1875-1937) and F.Tosti (1846-1916) who almost has no opera works, Donaudy is one Italian composer who was ignored by contemporary music circle and up to now, the number of document literature on him is relatively less, even like the authoritative Music Encyclopedia The New Grove...
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Rating and Analysis of the Merits and Demerits for 'Chinese Opera Reform' in the History of Sichuan Opera Music Development and Reform

Shengdong Yue, Yawen Mu
In this paper, with the help the analysis and discussion of the relevant research literature of 'Chinese opera reform', it has sorted out the long-term and far-reaching influence of 'Chinese opera reform' on Sichuan opera music development and reform, expounded the positive promoting function and negative...
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The Chinese sports economy and the professional construction management research

Sun Feng
This research adopts literature, questionnaire, interview and case analysis research methods such as the nanjing sports college sports economics and management of professional theory and practice class teaching present situation has carried on the investigation and study,Basis for sports economic and...
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Application of BIM Technology Based on Autodesk Revit in Construction and Installation Engineering

Chen Huang
Based on BIM technology, this paper expatiates on the application concept of BIM in the current construction and installation project. Through the application of Autodesk Revit in the construction of building model and the application of integrated design in pipeline, electromechanical and so on, the...
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Study on the Teaching Method of Ancient Chinese in the specialty of elementary education

Li Zhang
The ancient Chinese course is one of the basic courses of primary education in normal university. Its purpose is to make students understand the basic knowledge of ancient Chinese, enhance the reading and understanding ability of ancient Chinese, and inherit and carry forward the ancient culture better...
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The Application of Voice Control Technology in Piano Playing

Xianji Liao
To play a good piano song, we must first control and master the playing sound. Players in the performance to achieve with the audience emotional and spiritual resonance not only to have superb playing skills but also have a good sound control, through the sound to control the sound effects, to achieve...
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Analysis of Incentive System in Human Resource Management of Modern Enterprises

Rong An
As an important part of enterprise management, the establishment of incentive system is to promote the development of enterprises important primary motivation. As the core of the whole enterprise, the lifeblood of the whole enterprise is the core of the normal operation of the enterprise as an organic...
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Research on the Influence of Greek Mythology on Anglo - American Language and Literature

Jie Pan
As one of the origins of Western culture, Greek mythology with its unique charm to conquer a large number of readers has become the world's most widely circulated classic literature. English in the development of language and literature and ancient Greek mythology is inextricably linked, Greek mythology...
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Analysis of Environmental Barriers in International Trade

Gekun Wei
With the development of the world economy, the continuous improvement of the level of productivity, human beings continue to meet their own material needs, but also brought about serious environmental problems. For the common interests of mankind and the sustainable development of society and economy,...