Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering (ESSAEME 2017)

684 authors
Han, Zhiying
The research and practice of computer innovation ability of college students in TPACK frame
Hao, Qiaohong
Image Dehazing Method Based on Multi-scale Feature Fusion
Hao, Shan
Research on the Spread and Inheritance of Huayin Old Cavity Culture and Art
Hao, Xiuhui
Cultivating on Autonomous Learning Ability in English Teaching
Hao, Yu-Xiang
The Research on Cultivation Mode of Engineering Innovative Talents of "Internet plus Education"
He, Dielin
Discussion on the Risk and Supervision Path of Internet Financial P2P Network Loan Model
He, Jiaxing
Evaluation on Comprehensive Ability of Inspection and Testing Organization of Legal Person in Hebei Province - Taking Construction Engineering Field as an Example
He, Liang
The Study of Landscape Protection and Utilization in Folk Custom Villages--Take the Hetuala Village in Liaoning Province as an Example
He, Mu
Teenagers' Reading Interest in an Extensive Reading Program
He, Qiang
The Technology Development Trend Of Chinese Architecture
He, Shuoyi
Promote the higher education connotation development research
He, Xin
Research on the risk of Shanghai Composite Index based on VaR and GARCH model
Hou, Shuhua
Existential Interpretation of Isabel Archer in The Portrait of a Lady
Hsieh, Yue-Da
Micro Empirical Evidence on Price Adjustment
Hsu, JeYu
Firm Competence from Taiwanese Flat Panel Display: Perspectives on RBT and OLT
Hu, Cuibai
Research on the significance and teaching methods of introducing traditional opera into the course of public art
Hu, Dan
Innovation mode of College English classroom teaching under the new curriculum reform
Hu, Hai
Establishment and Improvement of the Assessment Mechanism of Local Party and Government Cadres
Hu, Mingzhu
Intraday Trading Patterns in the SSE 50 ETF Option
Hu, Peng
The Consciousness of "Meditation" in Pottery Creation
Hu, Sisi
Contrastive Study of Pragmatic Strategies in the English Speech Act of Requests between Uygur Students and Han Students
Hu, Yaling
The Reform of Information Literacy Education in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Full Media
Hu, Yingge
Exploration and Practice of College English Teaching Content under the Strategy of Culture Going out
Hua, E
Construction of Tourism Management Mode Based on Project Management Theory
Hua, Liping
The Development And Present Situation Of Sports Teaching Mode In China
Huang, Chen
Application of BIM Technology Based on Autodesk Revit in Construction and Installation Engineering
Huang, Gui-yuan
Suggestions on Development Strategies and Policies of National Parks in Qinzhou Under Strategy of "One Belt and One Road"
Huang, Hui
Cross-border - Integration - Newborn - Advertisement Design Cross-border Research in New Media Times
Huang, Hui
Research on Cross-border Design Language in New Media Time Visual Communication Design
Huang, Jing
Research on the Causes of the Destruction of the Qin Dynasty
Huang, Lipei
The Impacts of Social Enterprise from an Organizational Perspective: A Case Study in China
Huang, Wei
Investigation and research of Hui nationality medicine in Sino Arab Economic and trade
Huang, Weilong
On the Construction of Business English Writing Network Resources
Huang, Yafen
Analysis and Research on College English talents training mode from the perspective of contemporary new media
Huang, Yao
Research on Service Crisis Management of University Library
Huang, Yao
Research on Fragment Reading in Mobile Internet
Huang, Yao
Research on Early-warning and Countermeasures of Financial Risk in Universities
Huang, Yao
The Influence and Countermeasures of New Media on Campus Culture Construction
Hwang, Ronghuei
The Application of Freehand Painting Techniques in Oil Painting Teaching
Jia, Changzhi
Discussion on education strategies of personality integrity for young athletes in China
Jia, Suling
The application of LDA model on user profile
Jia, Wei
The Application of Situational Teaching in Cultivating College Students' Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Quality
Jiang, Guobao
Ager's theory of alienated consumption and Its Realistic Enlightenment
Jiang, Weile
The Progressive Training Mode of Computer Hardware Talents
Jiang, Xu-song
Legal Issues of Rural Financial Supervision System in China
Jiang, Yang
Main Functions and Realization Paths of First Hand Historical Materials in History Teaching of High School
Jin, Hexiang
The Analysis of Physical Decline belongs to the College Students from Gansu--based on the Sociological Perspective
Jin, Ping
A Study on the Application of Creative Painting in Yiwu City 's Cultural Construction--Case of landscaping
Jin, ZhuoWen
The Study on the Development Mode of Ningxia Rural Grass-roots Economic Organizations
Jing, Xin
Research on the Construction of Human Resource Incentive Mechanism in Colleges
Ju, Hongmei
Research on the Optimization of Goods Location Based on Greedy Algorithm
Ke, Zhentang
Study on Tourism Network Marketing of Dabie Mountain in Huanggang
Kong, Beibei
Analysis on Composition, Characteristics and Functions of Network Young Option Leaders in China
La, Mao
The Current Situation of Tibetan Earthenware Artistic Design
Lan, Haitao
Analysis of the Mass Sports Development in the Background of "Internet +"
Lei, Shuyue
Research on Mechanisms of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Through Rural Tourism in Sichuan Minority Areas
Li, Cai Rang
The Current Situation of Tibetan Earthenware Artistic Design
Li, Chen
Cruise Terminal Traffic Organization Methods with Multiple Berths in China
Li, Chen
A Study on the Standardization of Micro-blog Language in Local Metropolis Newspapers
Li, Chenggang
Research on the risk of Shanghai Composite Index based on VaR and GARCH model
Li, Cong
Discussion on financial management strategy of group enterprise based on Internet
Li, Dan
Research on Teaching Innovation of College English in the Model of Mobile Fragmentation Learning
Li, Guo
Research on the Curriculum Design of Cloud Computing Technology and Application Specialty
Li, Henan
Criminal Law Regulation of Legal Means to Defraud the National Welfare Behavior--from the Perspective of Equality of Opportunity Protection
Li, Henan
Reflections on the Innovation of Legal Construction in Colleges and Universities of Jilin Province
Li, Hongwu
Research on the Role of Urban Culture in Urban Sculpture Creation
Li, Hongwu
A Study on the Constructivism of Contemporary Pottery in China
Li, Hongxia
Research on Evaluation System of Mental Health Education Work for Postgraduate Students
Li, Hua
The Cultivation of Innovation Ability in General Music Education of College and University Students
Li, Huiming
An Analysis of the Path of College Students' Ideological and Political Education in the Context of Network and Big Data
Li, Jiangchun
Research on adding print file layout and layout rule
Li, Jihong
Research on the construction of diversified teaching evaluation system in English teaching quality management in Higher Vocational Colleges
Li, Jing
Analysis of college oral English teaching based on multimedia and network technology
Li, Jing
Research on the application of information and Internet technology in English Education
Li, Jinxu
Research on Cost Control of Construction Project in China
Li, Kunming
The Impact of Rural Financial Development on the Income Gap of Rural Residents in China: An Empirical Analysis Based on Semi-parametric Additive Model
Li, Lei
Research on Unscrambling Sports Testing Data and Enhancing Physical Quality of Students
Li, Ling
How Trade-off between increasing crop yield and privacy protection
Li, Ling
Method to Foster Sense of Community among Students in K-12 Online Education
Li, Linna
The "Internet+" Era'S Revelation of the Reform of Professional English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges
Li, Liqin
Analysis on the Competitive Factors of Cultural Industry in Shaanxi Province
Li, Liyuan
Analysis on the Financing Risk of International Trade
Li, Mao
Analysis of the creative motivation and creation mode of Zhang Daqian 's self-portrait
Li, Meng
On the Ideological and Political Education of Dragon Boat Culture in Colleges and Universities
Li, Na
Tonal Patterns of Lisu Language
Li, Nan
The Practice Exploration of Micro English course in College English Teaching
Li, Ni
Research on the Development and Construction of Pre - school Education in Village in the City of Shaanxi Province
Li, Peifeng
Discussion on the Teaching Mode of 3D Print Design Course
Li, Qian
Optimal Design of Underground Garage Sign System in Chengdu New Century Global Center
Li, Qian
Research on Optimal Location of Logistics Distribution Center Based on the Improved Gray Relation
Li, Qin
Reflection on Application of Sports Games in P. E. Education
Li, Quanmin
Study on the Curriculum System Reform in of Vehicle Engineering University of Applied Sciences
Li, Shang
Research on Merging Pattern after Toll Based on Simulation
Li, Shengai
On the Miserable Female's Fate from A Thousand Splendid Suns
Li, Shijie
Modern Succession of the Outstanding Traditional Culture in Ideological and Political Education in Universities
Li, Shijie
[WITHDRAWN]Research on the Development Strategies of Yunnan' Historic and Cultural Tourism Resources
Li, Sineng
Research on the Relationship among Internal Audit Quality, Interactive Mechanism of Management Structure and Corporate Value
Li, Wen
The influence of environmental factors on male fertility and its research progress
Li, Wenheng
Some Specific Methods About Selecting Dams' Address
Li, Xia
Status and Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Education of College Students under Internet Environment