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A Hardware-Oriented Echo State Network and its FPGA Implementation

Kentaro Honda, Hakaru Tamukoh
Pages: 58 - 62
This paper proposes implementation of an Echo State Network (ESN) to Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The proposed method is able to reduce hardware resources by using fixed-point operation, quantization of weights, which includes accumulate operations and efficient dataflow modules. The performance...
Research Article

Kansei Impression and Automated Color Image Arrangement Methods (incl. erratum)

Yusuke Kawakami, Tetsuo Hattori, Yoshiro Imai, Haruna Matsushita, Hiromichi Kawano, R.P.C. Janaka Rajapakse
Pages: 60 - 67
This paper proposes a new color image arrangement method using an elastic transform on some kinds of axes. In this paper, we present the principle of our method using HMGD (Histogram Matching based on Gaussian Distribution). And we describe that the automated method applies the HMGD to input color image...
Research Article

An Authentication Method Independent of Tap Operation on the Touchscreen of a Mobile Device

Hisaaki Yamaba, So Nagatomo, Kentaro Aburada, Shinichiro Kubota, Tetsuro Katayama, Mirang Park, Naonobu Okazaki
Pages: 60 - 63
At the present time, mobile devices such as tablet-type PCs and smart phones have widely penetrated into our daily lives. Therefore, an authentication method that prevents shoulder surfing is needed. We are investigating a new user authentication method for mobile devices that uses surface electromyogram...
Research Article

Design and Analysis of Multi-robot Grouping Aggregation Algorithm

Huailin Zhao, Zhen Nie, Xiaoxing Wang
Pages: 60 - 65
In this paper, the grouping aggaregation problem of multi-robot in simple environment is studied. The grouping algorithm and aggregation algorithm are mainly discussed. Based on K-means clustering algorithm, a grouping control algorithm that can determine the number of groups and complete the grouping...
Research Article

Initiatives and Development of Secondary School Robotics Education in Camarin High School

Jeffrey Rivera Galino, Hideyuki Tanaka
Pages: 60 - 65
Camarin High School is one of the schools in the Philippines that is making an initiative in improving Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education through robotics education. In this paper, the authors report the development of a robotics program for students in junior high school....
Research Article

Moving Robots Lies and Their Minds with Degree of Confidence in a Decentralized Autonomous FMS

Hidehiko Yamamoto, Takayoshi Yamada, Shizuka Tanaka
Pages: 61 - 64
According to the previous study of a decentralized autonomous FMS using a mind, it is found that the production outputs decreased because an agent sometimes lies. To solve this problem, we study an AGV’s lie. The study is that AGVs recognize the lie that each AGV sends. To do this, we propose to give...
Research Article

A Combination of Machine Learning and Cerebellar-like Neural Networks for the Motor Control and Motor Learning of the Fable Modular Robot

Ismael Baira Ojeda, Silvia Tolu, Moisés Pacheco, David Johan Christensen, Henrik Hautop Lund
Pages: 62 - 66
We scaled up a bio-inspired control architecture for the motor control and motor learning of a real modular robot. In our approach, the Locally Weighted Projection Regression algorithm (LWPR) and a cerebellar microcircuit coexist, in the form of a Unit Learning Machine. The LWPR algorithm optimizes the...
Research Article

Simulation of Main Steam Temperature Control System Based on Neural Network

Fengzhi Dai, Yujie Yan, Baochang Wei, Yuxing Ouyang, Lingran An
Pages: 63 - 66
This paper designs a PID control system based on the BP neural network. The control system can adjust three adjustable parameters of PID controller through BP neural network algorithm. The main steam temperature control system of the thermal power plant was taken as the object, and simulation analysis...
Research Article

Neuromorphic Computing in Autoassociative Memory with a Regular Spiking Neuron Model

Naruaki Takano, Takashi Kohno
Pages: 63 - 67
Digital Spiking Silicon Neuron (DSSN) model is a qualitative neuron model specifically designed for efficient digital circuit implementation which exhibits high biological plausibility. In this study we analyzed the behavior of an autoassociative memory composed of 3-variable DSSN model which has a slow...
Research Article

A method of enclosing a target by robot swarm with limited range homogeneous signal emitter

Masao Kubo, Hiroshi Sato, Akihiro Yamaguchi, Akira Namatame, Eugene Kitamura
Pages: 64 - 68
This paper presents a robot swarm model to enclose a target. The robots use information of the target and each of their neighbors. Every robot has its own, standard torch-like signal emitter and they can observe the sum of the intensity of their torches. In this paper, the robots identify their nearest...
Research Article

Conquest Oriented Robot Knowing Its Own Availability

Sho Yamauchi, Keiji Suzuki
Pages: 65 - 68
Robot is designed for achieving specific task. However, robot is able to do much more things than it is expected by its own hardware. In this paper, concept of conquest oriented robot is proposed to know its availability systemati-cally and autonomously. Algorithm of conquest oriented robot and its experimental...
Research Article

Selection Strategy for VM Migration Method

Yan-Ren Chen, I-Hsien Liu, Keng-Hao Chang, Chuan-Gang Liu, Jung-Shian Li
Pages: 66 - 70
Virtual machine (VM) live migration occurs frequently in cloud environments. When it is necessary to migrate many VMs, minimizing the migration time is an important concern. Thus, choosing an appropriate strategy to perform VM migration is essential. Accordingly, this paper discusses the advantages and...
Research Article

Verification of Robustness against Noise and Moving Speed in Self-localization Method for Soccer Robot

Yuehang Ma, Kaori Watanabe, Hitoshi Kono, Hidekazu Suzuki
Pages: 66 - 71
The main focus of the RoboCup competitions is the game of football (soccer), where the research goals concern cooperative multi-robot and multi-agent systems in dynamic environments. In RoboCup, self-localization techniques are crucial for robots to estimate their own position as well as the position...
Research Article

Development of Cloud Action for Seamless Robot Using Backpropagation Neural Network

Wisanu Jitviriya, Jiraphan Inthiam, Eiji Hayashi
Pages: 67 - 70
This paper presents the cloud action model for a five DOF Seamless robotic arm using the inverse kinematics solution based on artificial neural network (ANN). Levenberg-Marquardt method is used in training algorithm. The desired position and orientation of the end effector is defined as the input pattern...
Research Article

Efficient collective search by agents that remember failures

Masao Kubo, Nhuhai Phung, Hiroshi Sato
Pages: 67 - 70
The BRT agent is an algorithm that can find appropriate collective behavior by changing the agreement contents in a trial and error manner. Computer experiments show that it is necessary to change the agreement contents the number of times that is proportional to the square of the number of choices....
Research Article

Heart-pulse Biofeedback in Playful Exercise using a Wearable device and Modular Interactive Tiles

Tomoya Shimokakimoto, Henrik Hautop Lund, Kenji Suzuki
Pages: 68 - 72
We developed a playful biofeedback system using a wearable device and modular interactive tiles. In this approach we suppose that patients could regulate exercise intensity on their own through biofeedback. We propose biofeedback play system called “bioToys” based on exercise with the modular interactive...
Research Article

Design of a Data-Driven Multi PID Controllers using Ensemble Learning and VRFT

Takuya Kinoshita, Yuma Morota, Toru Yamamoto
Pages: 68 - 72
Data-driven control has been proposed for directly calculating control parameters using experimental data. Specifically, the Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning (VRFT) has been proposed for linear time-invariant systems. In the field of machine learning, the ensemble learning was proposed to improve the...
Research Article

Knee Android Model Reproducing Internal-External Rotation with Screw-Home Movement of the Human Knee

Daichi Yamauchi, Sho Takei, Noritaka Sato, Yoshifumi Morita
Pages: 69 - 73
This paper proposes a knee android model (Knee-AM) that can reproduce the internal-external rotation with screw-home movement (SHM) of the human knee. This rotation of the Knee-AM was realized by changing the number, lengths, and fixing points of the nylon-cords of our previous Knee-AM. Moreover, when...
Research Article

Adaptive Multiple-Model Control of A Class of Nonlinear Systems

Chao Yang, Yingmin Jia
Pages: 69 - 72
In this paper, an adaptive multiple-model controller is developed for nonlinear systems in parametric-strict-feedback form. Unlike the previous results, a switching scheme is not required here to switch the most appropriate model into the controller design. The new scheme reduces the number of identification...
Research Article

Changing and Transforming a Story in the Framework of an Automatic Narrative Generation Game

Jumpei Ono, Takashi Ogata
Pages: 71 - 76
We propose the concept of a game system that includes an automatic story-generation function based on a table-top role playing game (TRPG). In this idea, stories are generated or transformed based on communication between a “game master (GM),” who controls the story generation, and “players (PLs),” who...
Review Article

A Method of Naimaze of Narratives Based on Kabuki Analyses and Propp’s Move Techniques for an Automated Narrative Generation System

Takashi Ogata
Pages: 71 - 78
Naimaze in kabuki has been known as a narrative creation method, or a group of techniques that combines components in existing kabuki works or in the narratives from other genres for making a new work. Various elements, such as stories, plots, characters, and places, can be used as components in naimaze....
Research Article

Finding appropriate parameter voltages for driving a low-power analog silicon neuron circuit

Atsuya Tange, Takashi Kohno
Pages: 71 - 74
This research focuses on a silicon neuron circuit designed utilizing a qualitative neuronal modeling approach. In this circuit, temperature, fabrication mismatch, and secondary effects of transistors cause the difference between the intended characteristics and those in the implemented circuits. Therefore,...
Research Article

The Recollection Characteristics of Generalized MCNN Using Different Control Methods

Shun Watanabe, Takashi Kuremoto, Shingo Mabu, Masanao Obayashi, Kunikazu Kobayashi
Pages: 73 - 79
Kuremoto et al. proposed a multi-layer chaotic neural network (MCNN) combined multiple Adachi et al.'s CNNs to realize mutual auto-association of plural time series patterns. However, the MCNN was limited in a two-layer model. In this paper, we extend the MCNN to be a general form (GMCNN) with more layers...
Research Article

On-line Rule Updating System Using Evolutionary Computation for Managing Distributed Database

Wirarama Wedashwara, Shingo Mabu, Masanao Obayashi, Takashi Kuremoto
Pages: 73 - 78
This research proposes a decision support system of database cluster optimization using genetic network programming (GNP) with on-line rule based clustering. GNP optimizes cluster quality by reanalyzing weak points of each cluster and maintaining rules stored in each cluster. The maintenance of rules...
Research Article

The Research about Editing System of Performance Information for Player Piano

Mami Ezaki, Eiji Hayashi
Pages: 73 - 76
We have developed a system that allows a piano to perform automatically. In order to play music in the manner of a live pianist, we must add expression to the piano’s performance. In the case of music, there are often 1000 or more notes in the score, requiring that an editor spend a huge amount of time...
Research Article

System Integration and Application of a Networking Production Line for Aerospace Precision Manufacturing

Chau-Chung Song, Chun-Chi Wang, Geng-Yi Lin, Chung-Wen Hung
Pages: 73 - 77
In this paper, the networking integration application of an intelligent production line is studied and developed for aerospace precision manufacturing. The technical development of the performance equalization and control for EDM machine is also introduced with the related technologies of the machine...
Research Article

Affective Human Computer Interaction

Kaoru Sumi
Pages: 74 - 78
This paper introduces a study of spoken dialogue agent systems using emotional expressions as affective human computer interaction. The paper describes an experiment investigating the effect that the expression and words of the agent have on people, introduces a spoken agent for customer services using...
Research Article

Unsupervised Image Classification Using Multi-Autoencoder and K-means++

Shingo Mabu, Kyoichiro Kobayashi, Masanao Obayashi, Takashi Kuremoto
Pages: 75 - 78
Supervised learning algorithms such as deep neural networks have been actively applied to various problems. However, in image classification problem, for example, supervised learning needs a large number of data with correct labels. In fact, the cost of giving correct labels to the training data is large;...
Research Article

A Method of Detecting Abnormal Crowd Behavior Events Applied in Air Patrol Robot

Huailin Zhao, Shunzhou Wang, Shifang Xu, Yani Zhang, Masanori Sugisaka
Pages: 77 - 80
When the ground or air patrol robot monitors a certain area, one of the important intelligent functions is to monitoring and alerting unusual event of the monitored area. This paper proposes a method via the number of people in the monitored area to detect the environment is safety or not. We use mature...
Research Article

Selection System of Robot Type for Cell Assembly Production (Production Efficiency Comparison of Single and Double Arm Robot)

Hidehiko Yamamoto, Takahiro Watanabe, Takayoshi Yamada
Pages: 77 - 80
The purpose of this research is to compare the production efficiency of single and double arm robot. This research determines which robot is suitable for an assembly cell production, a single arm robot or a double arm robot. First, we develop the system to use a double arm robot to determine the best...
Research Article

A Viscoelastic Contact Analysis of the Ground Reaction Force Differentiation in Walking and Running Gaits Realized in the Simplified Horse Leg Model Focusing on the Hoof–Ground Interaction

Dondogjamts Batbaatar, Hiroaki Wagatsuma
Pages: 78 - 84
In the present study, the systematic method for the forward dynamics associated with the ground contact model was introduced to be able to consider the viscoelastic effect when contacting with the ground. In particular, we focused on the hoof-ground interaction in the simplified horse leg model because...
Research Article

Modeling and Control of a Suspended Gravity Compensation System with Rigid-Elastic Coupling

Jiao Jia, Yingmin Jia, Shihao Sun
Pages: 79 - 83
In this paper, a suspension gravity compensation system (SGCS) is modeled and the corresponding controller is designed. The system is a servo platform consisting of three sub-systems by which a micro-gravity environment can be established. Especially, a novel zero stiffness suspension sub-system and...
Research Article

Facial Expression Recognition Using Thermal Image Processing and Efficient Preparation of Training-data

Yuu Nakanishi, Yasunari Yoshitomi, Taro Asada, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 79 - 84
Using our previously developed system, we investigated the influence of training data on the facial expression accuracy using the training data of “taro” for the intentional facial expressions of “angry,” “sad,” and “surprised,” and the training data of respective pronunciation for the intentional facial...
Research Article

Suppression of Roll Oscillation in Turning of Quadruped Robot by Asymmetric Amplification of Central Pattern Generator Output Waveform

Makoto Kitani, Ryo Asami, Noritaka Sato, Yoshifumi Morita, Tomofumi Fujiwara, Takahiro Endo, Fumitoshi Matsuno
Pages: 79 - 83
Quadruped robots experience excessive vibrations in the roll direction when turning by controlling their hip yaw joint. In the case of image-based teleoperation of the robot, the operator cannot aware the situation of the robot, due to excessive vibrations of the viewpoint of the image from the camera...
Research Article

Selective synchronization of coupled bifurcating neurons for phase shift of background oscillation

Akihiro Yamaguchi, Yutaka Yamaguti, Masao Kubo
Pages: 79 - 82
Synchronization in coupled bifurcating neurons was studied from the view point of the selective formation of cell assembly. The bifurcating neuron is a simple chaotic neuron that exhibits chaotic inter-spike interval dynamics via the addition of sinusoidal background oscillation. In this research, we...
Research Article

Hierarchy Based on Configuration-Reader about k-Neighborhood Template A-Type Three-Dimensional Bounded Cellular Acceptor

Makoto Sakamoto, Makoto Nagatomo, Tuo Zhang, Xiaoyang Feng, Tatsuma Kurogi, Satoshi Ikeda, Masahiro Yokomichi, Hiroshi Furutani, Takao Ito, Yasuo Uchida, Tsunehiro Yoshinaga
Pages: 80 - 84
Blum and Hewitt first proposed two-dimensional automata as computational models of two-dimensional pattern processing?two-dimensional finite automata and marker automata, and investigated their pattern recognition abilities in 1967. Since then, many researchers in this field have investigated the properties...
Research Article

Fragility in Network Systems: An Empirical Investigation

Tsutomu Ito, Katsuhiko Takahashi, Katsumi Morikawa, Takao Ito, Rajiv Mehta, Seigo Matsuno, Makoto Sakamoto
Pages: 81 - 86
A survey of the relevant literature reveals that a plethora of network analytic facets, such as degree, eigenvalue, density, block, cluster, have been developed and employed to further our understanding of network structures. To extend our understanding of network systems, additional dimensions need...
Research Article

Behavior Selection System for Human–Robot Cooperation using Tensor SOM

Moeko Tominaga, Yasunori Takemura, Kazuo Ishii
Pages: 81 - 85
With the progress of technology, the realization of a symbiotic society with human beings and robots sharing the same environment has become an important subject. An example of this kind of systems is soccer game. Soccer is a multi-agent game that requires strategies by taking into account each member’s...
Research Article

A Study on High Accuracy Stride Estimation on Smartphone Combining Acceleration Sensor and Gyro Sensor

Hiroki Tamura, Keiko Sakurai, Koichi Tanno
Pages: 83 - 88
The stride is an important parameter in human motion analysis and has been extensively studied by many researchers. This paper focuses on smartphones that are popular in the world, regardless of the measurement environment. In previous research, the stride estimation using the acceleration sensor or...
Research Article

Analog Circuit Implementation and Full State Observation of Chua’s Circuit

Hong Niu, Dongcheng Tan, Yongjun Wu
Pages: 84 - 87
The inductance simulator and the nonlinear resistor, which are constructed by operational amplifiers and resistors, are applied to complete the analog circuit implementation of Chua’s circuit as well as improve the accuracy of circuit parameters. The state variable z, which represents the product of...
Research Article

Feasibility Study of UAV Implementation in Route Surveying

Hazry Desa, Muhammad Azizi bin Azizan, Mohamad Syafiq Abdul Khadir, Muhammad Safwan Suhaimi, Noor Zulaiha Ramli, Zainudin Hat
Pages: 84 - 88
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) are widely used in numerous field and the technology keeps growing. Generally, conventional method used in data collection for engineering work is tedious and requires a lot of manpower. This research focuses on the investigation of the suitability of UAV for route survey....
Research Article

Hierarchy Based on Neighborhood Template about k-Neighborhood Template A-Type Three-Dimensional Bounded Cellular Acceptor

Makoto Sakamoto, Makoto Nagatomo, Tuo Zhang, Xiaoyang Feng, Tatsuma Kurogi, Satoshi Ikeda, Masahiro Yokomichi, Hiroshi Furutani, Takao Ito, Yasuo Uchida, Tsunehiro Yoshinaga
Pages: 85 - 89
Recently, due to the advance in dynamic image processing, computer animation, augmented reality (AR), and so forth, it has become increasingly apparent that the study of four-dimensional pattern processing (three-dimensional pattern processing with time axis) should be very important. Thus, the study...
Research Article

Single Image Dehazing on Mobile Device Based on GPU Rendering Technology

Yuanyuan Shang, Yue Meng
Pages: 85 - 88
Image dehazing utilizes a very complex algorithm that requires intensive filtering and floating-point arithmetic operations. Consequently, processing speed is the most significant bottleneck in its application in some vision tasks such as mobile platforms. In this paper, we propose an optimized single...
Research Article

Comparison of Data Augmentation Methods in Pointer–Generator Model

Tomohito Ouchi, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 85 - 89
In this research, we proposed a data augmentation method using topic model for Pointer–Generator model. This method is that adding important sentences to an article as extended article. Furthermore, we compare our proposed method with data augmentation methods using Easy Data Augmentation (EDA), LexRank...
Research Article

Development of the Image-based Flight and Tree Measurement System in a Forest using a Drone

Keiji Kamei, Masahiro Kaneoka, Ken Yanai, Masaya Umemoto, Hiroki Yamaguchi, Kazuki Osawa
Pages: 86 - 90
Drones have been used in many purposes for a long time. Especially, development of the automatic observation systems such as measurement using drones for the primary sector of industry have been frequently researched in recent years. The measurement of a tree growth in a forest is also one of the aim...
Research Article

A Voice Signal-Based Manipulation Method for the Bio-Remote Environment Control System Based on Candidate Word Discriminations

Taro Shibanoki, Go Nakamura, Takaaki Chin, Toshio Tsuji
Pages: 87 - 90
This paper proposes a voice signal-based manipulation method for the Bio-Remote environment control system. The proposed system learns relationships between multiple candidate words’ phonemes extracted by a largevocabulary speaker-independent model and control commands based on a self-learning look-up...
Research Article

Automatic Generation, Creativity, and Production of Narrative Content

Takashi Ogata
Pages: 88 - 91
In accordance with the concept of this organized session, in this presentation, we will consider the study of automatic narrative or story generation as a research field of artificial intelligence (AI) at the levels of generation, creation, and production. Firstly, we study the technologies of narrative...
Research Article

Code Coverage Visualization on Web-Based Testing Tool for Java Programs

Mochamad Chandra Saputra, Tetsuro Katayama
Pages: 89 - 93
The visualization of statement coverage (C0) and branch coverage (C1) measurement output can be used in several ways to improve the verification and validation process. The result displays are percentage of a successful tested code and visual information with highlighted in bright green as information...
Research Article

Mean-square Quasi-composite Rotating Formation Control of Second-order Multi-agent Systems under Stochastic Communication Noises

Lipo Mo, Xiaolin Yuan, Yingmin Jia, Shaoyan Guo
Pages: 89 - 96
This paper mainly concerns the mean-square quasi-composite rotating formation problem of second-order multi-agent systems (MASs) with stochastic communication noises. Firstly, the definition of mean-square quasi-composite rotating formation is proposed. Afterwards, a distributed control protocol with...
Research Article

Experimental Evaluation of a Data-Driven Control System using an Electronic Thermal Regulator

Yuka Okubo, Yoichiro Ashida, Takuya Kinoshita, Toru Yamamoto
Pages: 89 - 92
IoT (Internet of Things) has been attracted attention, and several system data can be obtained by communication and it is stored in database. The input/output data is expected to be utilized to control systems in industries. The data-driven technique has been proposed as a way to utilize database for...
Research Article

Survey of Conventional UUV Navigation Mapping Technique in Development of AQUA-X UUV

S. Faiz Ahmed Ahmed, D. Hazry, M. Hassan Tanveer, M. Kamran Joyo, Faizan. A. Warsi, Khairunizam Wan, Zuradzman M. Razlan, Shahriman A.B. Zunaidi IB, A.T. Hussain
Pages: 90 - 96
Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) are devices that perform task with slight or no human interaction. These tasks are predefined set of commands called navigation methods, that are used to achieve desired mission goals. The navigation control system plays an important role in maneuvering of UUV and without...
Research Article

Junior High School Rescue Robot Challenge using Shock Sensitive Tiny Dummy Robot

Kazuo Kawada, Keisuke Iuchi, Keita Murai, Hiroyuki Y. Suzuki
Pages: 90 - 93
The Junior High School Rescue Robot Challenge is an annual activity held by Hiroshima University with the sponsorship of a construction machinery company. Its 2020 theme was to convey injured people “tenderly” from the top of a half-demolished building to ground. We developed shock sensitive tiny dummy...
Research Article

Synchronization of Pulse-Coupled Phase Oscillators over Multi-FPGA Communication Links

Dinda Pramanta, Takashi Morie, Hakaru Tamukoh
Pages: 91 - 96
This study proposes an implementation of pulse-coupled phase oscillators over multiple field-programmable-gate-array (FPGA) communication links. Two FPGAs are connected by a gigabit transceiver and a First-In First-Out interface. To verify the effect of communication delay between FPGAs on oscillator...
Research Article

Effects of Variable Arm Length on UAV Control Systems

M. Rizon, C.K. Ang, Mahmud Iwan Solihin, Zuradzman Mohamad Razlan, Hazy Desa, Shahriman A. Bakar, Wan Khairunizam, Zunaidi Ibrahim
Pages: 91 - 97
Quadrotor is a type of unmanned aerial vehicle that has been widely used in many applications, such as, policing, surveillance, aerial photography and agriculture. Conventionally, the control of quadrotor flight direction is accomplished by varying speeds of rotors or manipulating torques. In this paper,...
Research Article

A Viewing Experiment on the Effects of Advertising Story

Yoji Kawamura
Pages: 92 - 95
This research lays out the conception and functions of developed Commercial Film Production Support System (CFPSS). The research then explains the results of a viewing experiment that utilized CFPSS. In this experiment where commercial films of beer were utilized, the following findings were obtained:...
Research Article

A Method for Secure Communication Using a Discrete Wavelet Transform for Audio Data and Improvement of Speaker Authentication

Kouhei Nishimura, Yasunari Yoshitomi, Taro Asada, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 93 - 96
We developed a secure communication method using a discrete wavelet transform. Two users must each have a copy of the same piece of music to be able to communicate with each other. The message receiver can produce audio data similar to the sending user's speech by using our previously proposed method...
Research Article

Deep Feedback GMDH-Type Neural Network Using Principal Component-Regression Analysis and Its Application to Medical Image Recognition of Abdominal Multi-Organs

Tadashi Kondo, Junji Ueno, Shoichiro Takao
Pages: 94 - 99
The deep feedback Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)-type neural network is proposed and applied to the medical image recognition of abdominal organs such as the liver and spleen. In this algorithm, the principal component-regression analysis is used for the learning calculation of the neural network,...
Research Article

Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of Inclination Angle and Tension for a Suspended Anti-Gravity Device

Yuxin Jia, Yingmin Jia, Kai Gong
Pages: 94 - 98
In this paper, the Suspended Anti-Gravity Device (SAGD) is studied to construct sustainable microgravity environment on the ground. To overcome the difficulty of accurate gravity compensation when SAGD is disturbed, a new adaptive sliding mode controller is proposed based on the dynamic model, which...
Research Article

Mobile Camera based Motion Segmentation by Image Resizing

Chunyu Yu, Fengzhi Dai
Pages: 96 - 101
The need of detecting moving object like human and vehicle by mobile camera is increasing in commerce and industry. Therefore, tradition method of abstracting moving object from still background cannot solve the problem. Though Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) have been widely used for human detection,...
Research Article

Intelligent Fault Classification of Rolling Bearing at Variable Speed Based on Reconstructed Phase Space

Weigang Wen, Weidong Cheng
Pages: 97 - 102
Rolling bearing is a common mechanical part which is subject to be damaged. It is important to monitor the condition of bearing. An effective mean is to extract faulty features of bearing from the vibration signal. In this paper, a method is introduced to realize intelligent classification of bearing...
Research Article

A parameter optimization method for Digital Spiking Silicon Neuron model

Takuya Nanami, Filippo Grassia, Takashi Kohno
Pages: 97 - 101
DSSN model is a qualitative neuronal model designed for efficient implementation in a digital arithmetic circuit. In our previous studies, we extended this model to support a wide variety of neuronal classes. Parameters of the DSSN model were hand-fitted to reproduce neuronal activity precisely. In this...
Research Article

Field Robot and Sensing System

Eiji Hayashi
Pages: 97 - 100
Labors in which forestry and agriculture and factory, are working in severe circumstance. So, such workers are necessarily declines and decreases. However, it is important for us to keep going in economy, life and nature. Therefore, to prevent a devastation of the forest, the safety and the lack of food...
Research Article

Research on SVG Control Method Under Unbalanced Conditions

Zheng Zheng, Yousong Zhou, Guopeng Zhang
Pages: 97 - 100
In order to reduce the complexity of traditional methods, a PCI (Proportional Complex Integral) controller is adopted to control SVG under unbalance-grid condition, which has better performance than PI controller to eliminate steady-state error to compensate nonlinear loads. Based on the αβ frame, the...
Research Article

Real-time Self-localization using Model-based Matching for Autonomous Robot of RoboCup MSL

Kaori Watanabe, Yuehang Ma, Hidekazu Suzuki
Pages: 98 - 102
This paper presents a self-localization technique using an omni-directional camera for an autonomous soccer robot. The position information of the robot is important for strategic behavior and cooperative operation. Therefore, we have proposed the self-localization method which generates the searching...
Research Article

Performance Information Editing System for Player Piano Aiming at Human-like Performance

Ryo Kinoshita, Eiji Hayashi
Pages: 99 - 103
We have developed a system that enables automatic piano performance. To make this piano play like a living pianist, we have to add expression to the performance. Accordingly, we have developed a musical editing system that utilizes a database to edit music more efficiently.
Research Article

Target Recognition based on Machine Vision for Industrial Sorting Robot

Jiwu Wang, Huazhe Dou, Shunkai Zheng, Masanori Sugisaka
Pages: 100 - 102
In order to improve the applications for an industrial sorting robot, it is necessary to increase its flexibility and control accuracy. Here an industrial robot arm is designed and set up for experiment simulation with machine vision. Some target recognition experiments are designed for vision recognition....
Research Article

Attitude/Position Estimation of Rigid-Body using Inertial and Vision Sensors

Shihao Sun, Yingmin Jia
Pages: 102 - 106
This paper is concerned with the attitude/position estimation of a rigid-body using inertial and vision sensors. By employing the Newton-Euler method, a kinematic model is developed for the rigid-body by treating the inertial measurements as inputs. Based on the coordinate transformation, a nonlinear...
Research Article

Improvement on LEACH Agreement of Mine Wireless Sensor Network

Yun-xiang Liu, Wei Zhang, Lan-feng Zhou
Pages: 102 - 105
Based on the characteristics of wireless sensor network communication in mine, LEACH protocol clustering is optimized, and the factors of energy and distance are considered fully. The selection of cluster head nodes is optimized, and a routing algorithm based on K-means ++ clustering is proposed. The...
Research Article

High-performance Computing for Visual Simulations and Rendering

Jasmine Wu, Chia-Chen Kuo
Pages: 101 - 104
National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) built a render farm that provides a platform for the industry to render their work in a much more efficient timeframe, allowing for both central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) rendering. The throughput has also been greatly...
Research Article

Dynamics Analysis of Payload On-orbit Catapult Separation Based on ADAMS

Yi Li, Yingmin Jia, Jianheng Ling
Pages: 101 - 104
In this paper, a catapult separation device equipped with guide mechanism is considered, and the corresponding dynamic model is descripted firstly. Then, employing the dynamic simulation software ADAMS, the virtual prototype model of the separation device is established, and the whole process of on-orbit...
Research Article

On Parameter Setting in Identifying the Same Languages Involved in Different Language Data

Ren Wu, Hiroshi Matsuno
Pages: 103 - 107
We have introduced several kinds of similarity measure and proposed a method for identifying the same languages involved in two language classification trees. Several unknown parameters are used there and need to be set to constant values. This paper aims to determine all the values of these parameters...
Research Article

Method for Character Domain Extraction from Image Using Wavelet Transform

Taiki Taniguchi, Yasunari Yoshitomi
Pages: 103 - 106
There has been an increase in the number of images on the Internet that contain private information and/or the URL of an illegal Web site. This information could result in a violation of human rights and/or a crime. We present a method for extracting from an image the region(s) that contain characters....
Research Article

IDS Malicious Flow Classification

I-Hsien Liu, Cheng-Hsiang Lo, Ta-Che Liu, Jung-Shian Li, Chuan-Gang Liu, Chu-Fen Li
Pages: 103 - 106
We will display two different kinds of experiments, which are Network-based Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)-based and dynamic-based analysis shows how artificial intelligence helps us detecting and classify malware. On the NID, we use CICIDS2017 as a research dataset, embedding high dimensional features...
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Proposal of Parameter Tuning Skills Evaluation by using Sensor Car Behavior Data in Technology Education

Teruyuki Tamai, Keita Murai, Yoshihiro Ohnishi, Kazuo Kawada
Pages: 104 - 107
The “Future Investment Strategy 2018” presented by the Cabinet Office in 2018 states that there is an urgent need to develop human resources that can use Artificial Intelligence to achieve the goal of Society 5.0. As a part of this strategy, programming education at the primary/secondary level of education...
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A Sensor-less Ultra-high-Speed Motor Driver

Chung-Wen Hung, Yan-Ting Yu, Bo-Kai Huang, Wei-Lung Mao
Pages: 106 - 109
Ultra-high-speed motors play a very important role in machine tools. A speed-sensor-less ultra-high-speed motor driver is proposed in this paper. Without any speed sensor that is extremely expensive, the proposed driver employing a sensor-less estimation scheme can perform a closed-loop control very...
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Izhikevich Model-based Self-repairing Control for Plants with Sensor Failures and Disturbances

Masanori Takahashi
Pages: 105 - 108
In the previous works, several types of the Self-Repairing Control Systems (SRCS) have been developed against unknown sensor failures. The SRCS can automatically detect failures, and replace failed sensors with healthy backups so as to maintain the system stability. This paper presents a new SRCS, whose...
Research Article

Optimizing the Motion for Robotic Snap Assembly Using FEM

Peihao Shi, Kensuke Harada, Weiwei Wan, Ixchel G. Ramirez, Juan Rojas, Hiromu Onda
Pages: 105 - 109
In this paper, we aim to provide a better assembly method for a snap joints assembly task. We create a 3D cellphone model and use ADAMS simulation environment to analyze the relative motion between screen and backer part. We focus on two points in this research. 1) Two kinds of relative motion between...
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An Authentication Method Using a Discrete Wavelet Transform for a Recaptured Video

Ren Fujii, Yasunari Yoshitomi, Taro Asada, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 107 - 110
Recently, several digital watermarking techniques have been proposed for protecting the copyright of moving image files by hiding data in the frequency domain. In the present study, we applied our method for authenticating a moving image, which uses a discrete wavelet transform for a static image and...
Research Article

On the Effects of Epigenetic Programming on the Efficiency of Incremental Evolution of the Simulated Khepera Robot

Yasuto Nishiwaki, Naoki Mukosaka, Ivan Tanev, Katsunori Shimohara
Pages: 107 - 110
We present the results of our work on epigenetic programming (EP) and its application to navigation of mobile cleaning robot. We verify the effect of genetic switches and the feasibility of incorporating histones. The results show individuals applying Lamarckian EP have better quality and evolve faster...
Research Article

Study on the Target Recognition and Location Technology of industrial Sorting Robot based on Machine Vision

Jiwu Wang, Xianwen Zhang, Huazhe Dou, Masanori Sugisaka
Pages: 108 - 110
In order to improve the applications for an industrial sorting robot, it is necessary to increase its flexibility and control accuracy. The prerequisite is to automatically extract the multiple target positions accurately and robustly. The machine vision technology is an effective solution. Here an industrial...
Research Article

Speech Synthesis of Emotions in a Sentence using Vowel Features

Rintaro Makino, Yasunari Yoshitomi, Taro Asada, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 107 - 110
We previously proposed a method for adding emotions to synthetic speech using the vowel features of a speaker. For the initial investigation in this earlier study, we used utterances of Japanese names to demonstrate the method. In the present study, we use the proposed method to construct emotional synthetic...
Research Article

Design of Nonlinear Internal Model Controller using Local Linear Models, and its Application

Shinichi Imai
Pages: 108 - 111
In chemical plants and other process industries, desired conditions are achieved by adjusting controllers. However, it is difficult to obtain the desired control response because most of the controllers use fixed Proportional-Integral-Differential (PID) control. On the other hand, the internal model...
Research Article

BWDM: Test Cases Automatic Generation Tool Based on Boundary Value Analysis with VDM++

Tetsuro Katayama, Hiroki Tachiyama, Yoshihiro Kita, Hisaaki Yamaba, Kentaro Aburada, Naonobu Okazaki
Pages: 110 - 113
For software development using Formal Methods, we have developed a prototype of the boundary value test case automatic generation tool BWDM. The main two topics of our tool are (1) automatically generation of test cases and (2) boundary value analysis. Our tool improves the efficiency of software testing...
Research Article

Tumble Avoidance System for Rescue Robot by Estimating the Contact Points using a 3D Depth Sensor

Noritaka Sato, Kotaro Ohshima, Yoshifumi Morita
Pages: 109 - 112
Rescue robots are expected to perform works in hazardous areas. However, when the robot runs on a rough terrain, fatal rollover falling sometimes occurs. Therefore, we propose a tumble-risk-assessment system, which calculates a normalized energy stability margin by using a 3D depth sensor. Moreover,...
Research Article

Study on the Technology of MPPT of the Solar Photovoltaic Based on the Model Predictive Control

Xia Zhao, Huailin Zhao, Masanori Sugisaka
Pages: 111 - 115
The solar photovoltaic battery is a very important new type of renewable distributed energy. But its output power is directly affected by the light intensity and temperature. Its voltage-current characteristics have obvious nonlinear features. Therefore, a new MPPT technology based on the model predictive...
Research Article

Proposal of a Visualizing Method of Data Transitions to Support Debugging for Java Programs

Tetsuro Katayama, Hiroto Nakamura, Yoshihiro Kita, Hisaaki Yamaba, Naonobu Okazaki
Pages: 111 - 115
It takes much time to find the cause of a bug in debugging of programs. Finding the cause of a bug needs to comprehend a flow and data transitions in executing programs. It is difficult to grasp behavior in executing the programs whose behavior is unexpected by a bug. We propose a visualizing method...
Research Article

Quantitative Evaluation of Facial Expressions and Movements of Persons While Using Video Phone

Taro Asada, Yasunari Yoshitomi, Ryota Kato, Masayoshi Tabuse, Jin Narumoto
Pages: 111 - 114
A video is analyzed by image processing and the feature parameters of facial expressions and movements, which are extracted in the mouth area. The feature parameter for expressing facial expressions is defined as the average of the facial expression intensity. The parameter for expressing movement of...
Research Article

Self-repairing Adaptive PID Control for Plants with Sensor Failures

Masanori Takahashi
Pages: 110 - 113
This paper presents a new design method for a self-repairing adaptive PID control system. The control system has the adaptive adjusting mechanisms for the PID gains, and also can detect the sensor failure by self-test using the integrator in the PID controller. Hence, for plants with unknown parameters,...
Research Article

X-means Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks

Abdelrahman Radwan, Nazhatul Kamarudin, Mahmud Iwan Solihin, Hungyang Leong, Mohamed Rizon, Hazry Desa, Muhammad Azizi Bin Azizan
Pages: 111 - 115
K-means clustering algorithms of wireless sensor networks are potential solutions that prolong the network lifetime. However, limitations hamper these algorithms, where they depend on a deterministic K-value and random centroids to cluster their networks. But, a bad choice of the K-value and centroid...
Research Article

Simulation and Regression Testing Technique for Software Formal Specifications Based on Extended Place/Transition Net with Attributed Tokens

Tomohiko Takagi, Ryo Kurozumi
Pages: 112 - 116
We propose a technique of simulation and regression testing for Extended Place/transition Net with Attributed Tokens (EPNAT) models, and then show a prototype tool to partially support it. In the technique, the information about a current marking, current values of variables, and current fireable transitions...
Research Article

A System for Analyzing Facial Expression and Verbal Response of a Person While Answering Interview Questions on Video

Taro Asada, Yasunari Yoshitomi, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 114 - 117
We have developed a system for analyzing facial expressions of a person while answering interview questions on a video. A video capturing the answerer is analyzed by OpenCV and the feature parameter for an eye area in addition to the mouth area focused in our reported research. Moreover, the time to...
Research Article

Pulse Point Position Tracking-control and Simulation based on 4-DOF Pulse Diagnosis Robot

Qunpo Liu, Guanghui Liu, Hongqi Wang, Xianzhe Liu, Naohiko Hanajima
Pages: 113 - 117
Pulse diagnosis has been proved to be of great practical value in the past dynasties. The key of high-quality pulse diagnosis is how to dynamically adjust the vertical relationship between the pulse and the sensor dynamically. The design adopts a four degree of freedom manipulator combined with a matrix...
Research Article

Analysis of Genetic Disease Haemophilia A by Using Machine Learning

Kenji Aoki, Makoto Sakamoto, Hiroshi Furutani
Pages: 115 - 119
Haemophilia A is a genetic disease resulting from deficiency of factor VIII. The database of mutations causing haemophilia A has been developed by the world wide collaboration. In this study, we examined the relation between activity of factor VIII and the missense mutation by using machine learning....
Research Article

RETUSS: Ensuring Traceability System between Class Diagram in UML and Java Source Code in Real Time

Tetsuro Katayama, Keisuke Mori, Yoshihiro Kita, Hisaaki Yamaba, Kentaro Aburada, Naonobu Okazaki
Pages: 114 - 117
Ensuring of the traceability of deliverables is one of effective methods to secure the quality of software. It can verify that the requirements are reflected in the programs. But it has two problems: taking much labor and time, and causing mistakes by human handling. This paper has implemented RETUSS...
Research Article

Effects of System Parameters and Controlled Torque on the Dynamics of Rigid-Flexible Robotic Manipulator

Sachindra Mahto
Pages: 116 - 123
This work illustrates the effects of various system parameters on the dynamics of flexible link of revolute-jointed rigid-flexible manipulator. Flexible link is considered as a Euler-Bernoulli beam and finite element based on Langrange approach is employed for dynamic analysis. A comparative study is...
Research Article

Development of Measurement System for Quantitative Evaluation of Skillfulness of Lower Extremities

Kazunori Yamazaki, Dongjun Jin, Yoshifumi Morita, Noritaka Sato, Hiroyuki Ukai, Kenji Kozakai, Satoru Shibata, Shigenori Onishi, Akihiro Ito, Daisuke Mizuno, Tatsuya Hirai, Haruna Takeda, Yuka Sugiura
Pages: 116 - 119
The final goal of our research is to develop a measurement system for quantitative evaluation of the skillfulness of the lower extremities. In our previous work, we developed the measurement system of the foot movement on the floor with the sitting posture. In this study, we developed a quantitative...
Research Article

Crowd Counting Network with Self-attention Distillation

Yaoyao Li, Li Wang, Huailin Zhao, Zhen Nie
Pages: 116 - 120
Context information is essential for crowd counting network to estimate crowd numbers, especially in the congested scene accurately. However, shallow layers of common crowd counting networks (i.e., congested scene recognition network) do not own large receptive filed so that they can’t efficiently utilize...
Research Article

Improved Map Generation by Addition of Gaussian Noise for Indoor SLAM using ROS

Barry Loh Tze Yuen, Khairul Salleh Mohamed Sahari, Zubaidi Faiesal Mohamad Rafaai
Pages: 118 - 123
Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter (RBPF) is used in this paper to solve the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) problem. RBPF algorithm uses particle filter where each particle carries an individual map of the environment. With the usage of Robot Operating System (ROS), GMapping package was...
Research Article

Development of EEG Data-driven Generative Art Application for Real-time and Dynamic Interaction

Chien-Tung Lin, R.P.C. Janaka Rajapakse, Yoshimasa Tokuyama
Pages: 117 - 121
Generative art is produced by procedural techniques. It has obtained a lot of attention since the beginning of computer graphics. Many works of art are inspired by nature, among which phyllotaxis is as well. It is a combination of mathematics and the beauty of nature. Not only can it be seen everywhere...
Research Article

Design of a PID Controller using a Fictitious Exogenous Signal for a Fluctuation System

Masatoshi Kozui, Takuya Kinoshita, Toru Yamamoto
Pages: 118 - 122
The fictitious reference iterative tuning method is used to design Proportional–Integral–Derivative (PID) controllers to achieve desired performance for industrial machines. However, the desired control performance cannot be obtained by this method, if the system characteristics changed in steady state....