Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Social Science, Education and Humanities Research (SSEHR 2017)

198 authors
Peng, Yan
Study on Risks in Mortgage Financing of Rural Land Management Right
Qian, Yuzhuo
Study on the Bottleneck and Countermeasures of the Cooperation between Universities and Enterprises in Local Universities of Jilin Province
Qin, Wei
Study on Practical Education System of Local Colleges Innovation and Entrepreneurship under New Situation
Qin, Wei
Applied Research on Undergraduates' Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ability
Qin, Lingling
Experiential learning and College English Picture Book Intensive Reading Course Teaching
Ren, Linchun
The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Mass Reading in the New Media
Sh, Xiaofeng
Study on Functional Food Formula Ingredients
Shao, Yang
Mirror Image of Yunnan: Innovative Strategy of Yunnan Image in Entertainment Programs
Shen, Huanquan
Study on the Influence of Local Colleges and Universities on the Soft Power of Urban Culture and Effective Ways
Sheng, Weina
Research on the Beauty of Art Animation
Shi, Jing
Research on Waste Treatment of Scale Farms
Shi, Jing
Study on Functional Food Formula Ingredients
Shi, Yunlin
A Study on the Natural Approach (NA) and Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS)
Shu, Chunxiang
Innovative Research on Mechanism of Ideological Education in Colleges
Shu, Jing
The Application of Engineering Education Thought to the Comprehensive Quality Training for Applied Undergraduate Talents
Song, Shihong
Failure for Status of the War Participation Army of Beiyang government
Su, Kani
Demonstration of Sovereignty Entitlement of Diaoyu Islands from the Perspective of Treaty Law: According to Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
Sun, Xi
Study on Teaching Concept and Curriculum Design of Flipped Classroom
Sun, Xueyan
The Study of English Micro Class Overturning Classroom Teaching
Tai, Liqiong
Study on Yongchang Guildhall of Qing Dynasty
Tan, Chang
Study on Risks in Mortgage Financing of Rural Land Management Right
Tang, Tiantian
Application Analysis of Interactive Teaching Method on College English Teaching
Tong, Fenglian
Study on the Strategy of Ancient Village Development in the New Era
Tong, Senlin
Exploration of NC Programming Experimental Teaching Based on Reverse Engineering
Tu, Yunna
On Inheritance and Communication of Jiangxi Opera
Wang, Junli
Cause Analysis and Countermeasures of the Absence of Aesthetic Education
Wang, Youjing
Problems in Ancient Literature Teaching and Countermeasures
Wang, Xiaojun
The Function of University Sports Organizations on the Construction of Campus Culture
Wang, Xiaohong
A Brief Discussion on the Buddhist Literature and Art of the Tang Dynasty
Wang, Minfang
Research on Cultural Factors in College Chinese-English Translation Teaching
Wang, Jinxiu
The Protection and Inheritance Research of Qiang People Folk House Architectural Vulture
Wang, Jinxiu
Qiang Local-style Dwelling Houses Building Elements Application Research on Modern Building Facade Decoration
Wang, Hong
Rules of Criminal Law Interpretation and Its Application Research
Wang, Hong
The Concept of Criminal Law Interpretation under the Principle of a Legally Prescribed Punishment
Wang, Ying
The Platform Design and Implementation of Modern Education Teaching Based on the Mobile Network
Wang, Dan
Exploration on Folk Songs of Yi Nationality in Liangshan from Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritages
Wang, Mei
Research on the Fusion Path of Core Values of Socialism and College Students' Ideological and Political Education in the New Era
Wang, Yanan
Exploration on the Mode of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Commercial Universities
Wang, Lihong
A Study of Influence Factors of Syndication of Private Equity Investment Institutions in China
Wang, Zheng
Introduction of Functionalism and Functional Translation Theory
Wang, Zheng
Exploring Newmark's Communicative Translation and Text Typology
Wang, Rong
Research on Professional Core Competence of Ability-oriented Professional Talent in International Economic & Trade under the Background of "Internet +"
Wei, Ying
Design of "Management" Course Teaching System Based on OBE Concept
Wen, Lilei
Research on Animation Elements in Packaging Design
Xia, Zhiliang
Analysis on Approach to Operate Tourism Economy of Hidden Accommodation Industry
Xiao, Junming
Study on Translation Strategy of "Unconscious" Theoretical Documents from the Perspective of Pure Language Theory
Xie, Lina
A Brief Analysis of Du Fu's Thought of Suffering and Artistic Expression
Xiong, Rong
The Application Research of Regional Culture Elements in the Interior Design
Xu, Wei
Exploration on the Training Mode of English Major Applied Talents
Xu, Xiaoqin
The Application of Ordered Binary Comparison and Multilevel Quantization in Multimedia Teaching Evaluation
Xu, Xiaoqin
Analysis on Psychological Effects in Multimedia Teaching
Xu, Zhaoyi
A Research on Sensitive Factors of Cross-Border Capital Flows in China
Xu, Hui
Higher Mathematics Teaching Based on Core Literacy Training
Xu, Wei
Higher Mathematics Teaching Based on Core Literacy Training
Xu, He
Higher Mathematics Teaching Based on Core Literacy Training
Yan, Di
The Study of English Micro Class Overturning Classroom Teaching
Yang, Yueming
The Discussion of Clothing Form with Geometric Modeling
Yang, Qun
Revisiting the Metaphysical Verses of Wei and Jin Dynasties: The Combination of Philosophical Discourse and Literary Discourse
Yang, Fang
The Challenges and Opportunities for the Development of Regional Economy under the Belt and Road
Yao, Kunming
Feminine Voices in Emily Dickinson's Poetry
Yao, Kunming
Study on Confucianism in Formation of Man's Spirit
Ye, Zhenyan
Study on the Application of Ming and Qing Dynasties Literati Painting on Interior Design
Yu, Xiaobo
Study on the Influence of Local Colleges and Universities on the Soft Power of Urban Culture and Effective Ways
Yu, Zhaoqin
A Survey of Listening Comprehension Strategies Used by Students of English Major
Yu, Lijuan
Research on the Application of National Music Thinking in Solfeggio and Ear Training
Zeng, Xiaoan
The Value Exploration on the Digital Technology to the Cultural Database Construction of Bashu Folk Music Culture
Zhan, Xinrui
Comprehensive Discussion on Editing and Publishing Network
Zhang, Yan
Research on the Application of the Chinese Traditional Culture on Product Design
Zhang, Juntao
Perfecting Analysis of the Logistics Market Access Legal System in Our Country
Zhang, Xiaobo
Discussion on the New Thinking of the Creation of Domestic Animated Script
Zhang, Yanping
Applied Research on English Speech Insertion
Zhang, Yuan
Application of Project Teaching Method on Statistical Analysis Teaching
Zhang, Liyuan
Design and Research on Visual Communication under the Influence of Digital Media
Zhang, Hongpin
Study on Behavior Problems and Influencing Factors of School-age Children
Zhang, Zhengwei
Discussion on the Project Teaching Reform Mode of Environmental Art Design
Zhang, Jinzhi
The Measures of Vocational Education Reform in Shandong to Boost the College Entrance Examination in Spring
Zhang, Man
An Approach to the Model of Turning Classroom Teaching under the Guidance of Self - study in Japanese Teaching of Independent College
Zhang, Yao
Discussion on the Importance of Scientific Literacy in Physics Discovery
Zhang, Li
Discussion on the Importance of Scientific Literacy in Physics Discovery
Zhang, Xihua
Research and Implementation of the Strategy of Employment in Software Engineering based on Extension
Zhang, Wei
Thinking About Maker Education Under the Situation of Transformation and Development
Zhang, Dejia
Strategic Research on the Fusion of Fashion Industry and New Media Industry in Wenzhou
Zhao, Xiaoshuo
Study on the Reasons for the Mistakes in Air Traffic Control in Civil Aviation and Its Management Countermeasures
Zhao, Xuehong
Research on Undergraduate Recessive Ideological and Political Education
Zhao, Qianming
Application of the Original Movies in English and American Literature Teaching
Zhao, Yongbin
Design of Environmental Protection System in the Construction of New Economic Zone in China
Zhao, Zhao
New Definition and Classification of Chinese Prepositions from the Perspective of English Structural Transformation Grammar
Zhao, Yuanshuang
Study on Supply Chain Financial Modeling of Multilayer Networks
Zheng, Yi
Research on Personality Innovation Entrepreneurship Training
Zhou, Jufang
Study on the Development of Humanistic Tourism Resources in the Development of Tourism Industry
Zhou, Xin
Critical Study of Chinese Youth in the Perspective of BBC Media
Zhou, Jufang
Thoughts and Approaches of Incorporating Chinese Traditional Culture into College Ideological and Political Education
Zhu, Yiyu
Study on the Evolution of Piano Playing Techniques
Zhu, Li
Analysis of the Function of English Language and Literature on Students' Language Ability
Zhu, Lin
The Role of Party Construction in the Cultivation of Talents in Colleges and Universities
Zhu, Jiayu
A Research on Sensitive Factors of Cross-Border Capital Flows in China
Zhuang, Yan
Discussion on the Scheme of Setting up Computer Race
Zong, Yani
Deliberation on the Spirit of the National Culture Caused by the Film Wolf Warrior