Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Social Science, Education and Humanities Research (SSEHR 2017)

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The Research on the Ecological Environment Construction and Poverty Alleviation Development in "Three Rivers Parallel Flow Area" of Yunnan Province

Yongqian Li, Yerong Li
In the process of the regional ecological environment construction in "Three Rivers Parallel Flow Area", the regional resources, the relationship between economy and environment should be taken into consideration. Based on market-oriented and serious comparison between opportunity and cost, we should...
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On the Development Approach to Wenzhou Internet Literature Industry

Gaojie Jin
It requires to melt with other industries for Internet literature if it is developed as industry. Internet literature can be better promoted by analyzing the relevant industries, such as media industry, science and technology industry, film and television animation industry, game industry, garment industry,...
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The Discussion of Clothing Form with Geometric Modeling

Yueming Yang
First of all, this research was begun by collecting historical researches then integrating and analyzing the consequences, which effected by geometrical form in the design fields. Further it goes to a trial is to draw out the inwardness of geometrical elements those possibly could be transferred into...
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Historical Study of the Outside Planting Substitution Policy of Communist Party of China in the Last Twenty Years-Taking Planting Substitution Assistance to Myanmar and Laos by Agricultural Bureau of Xishuang Banna as an Example

Zhimin Lei
Building a peaceful, cooperative and prosperous community of human destiny is the ideal pursuit of the Communist Party of china. Since the reform and opening, the Communist Party of Chinese has followed the path of peaceful development, innovated the poverty aid system of the surrounding backward countries...
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Study on the Countermeasures to the Construction of Campus Culture in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yali Li
The campus culture of colleges and universities is an important part of the complete education system for undergraduates. The rich and distinctive campus culture plays an irreplaceable and unique role in improving the quality of education and teaching as well as the overall quality of students. This...
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Research on Moral Hazard and Control Methods of Civil Servants in New Era

Xuefeng Lv
China has entered a new era of socialism with various risks. Among them, the moral risk of Chinese civil servants is particularly prominent. It has seriously affected the image of our government, and even shaken the people's trust in our party and government. Therefore, in the way of building a well-off...
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Study on Translation Strategy of "Unconscious" Theoretical Documents from the Perspective of Pure Language Theory

Junming Xiao
The theory of unconsciousness is not only a concept of psychology, but also a concept that is common to other disciplines. The importance of translation is evident. The vocabulary of texts can be classified into technical terms, semi-technical terms and general terms. This paper introduces the literature...
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Research on Waste Treatment of Scale Farms

Xinrong Luo, Daqing Bian, Jing Shi
With the increasing demand for livestock such as chicken and duck cattle and sheep, the birth of scale farms has largely solved the demand of cities for animal products, however, the environmental pollution problem is becoming more and more serious. Nowadays, reducing pollution of large-scale farm waste...
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Development Research on Interactive Design in the Field of Environment Art Design

Zhao Liu, Yan Liang
The design idea of user experience emphasized by interactive design makes it have obvious advantages in environmental art design. The interactive design in the field of environment art design can be divided into four categories, which are state interaction, behavior interaction, emotion interaction and...
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Research on the Parking Resource Sharing Model in Urban Residential Area

Bo Gao
In view of the parking problem in old city, the concept of parking sharing model is defined. The conditions and constraints of 4 types of sharing models are analyzed, respectively are the internal exploitation of residential areas, the sharing of surrounding roads, the sharing among different constructions...
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Study on the Reasons for the Mistakes in Air Traffic Control in Civil Aviation and Its Management Countermeasures

Xiaoshuo Zhao
With the economic development in our country, the development of China's fame area has also entered a new stage. The overall level of civil aviation has been correspondingly raised. At the same time, the improvement of people's living standards has also made the demand for civil aviation more and more...
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Study on the current situation and Countermeasures of new vocational farmers Cultivation -- An Empirical Analysis Based on Xiaogan city of Hubei Province

Tong Lei
With the development of the times and social progress, our country's first industry is gradually developed, and its main labor force, farmers are also urgent need for new professional training. Effective foster new occupation of farmers can not only protect our national food safety stock, and also to...
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Relationship analysis from the perspective of interpersonal Pragmatics

Lan Li
with the development and progress of the society, people gradually began to pay attention to the interpersonal relations from the angle of pragmatics, the study of interpersonal relationships to bring new development opportunities and to a certain extent. The author first analyzes and explores from the...
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Mirror Image of Yunnan: Innovative Strategy of Yunnan Image in Entertainment Programs

Yang Shao
Yunnan is located in the southwest of China, known for its beautiful, rich, magic is famous in the world, the outside world has always been known as the "mystery", attracts visitors from all over the world. The world-famous Jinsha River, Nu River, the Lancang river flows through here side by side, Xianfeng...
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Study on the Strategy of Ancient Village Development in the New Era

Fenglian Tong
ancient village as the crystallization of human history civilization, has a strong cultural heritage, in the years of change, has become a living fossil in general. This paper mainly introduces the background of the development and innovation of ancient villages in the new era, and further analyzes the...
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Analysis on the Product Design According to the Low Carbon Conception

Pan Deng
by the propaganda of the Chinese government, the conception of sustainable development has been accepted by the public gradually; the low carbon conception also has been brought out and applied on the design of the products. The product design of the low carbon conception aims for taking the best of...
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Research on the Application of the Chinese Traditional Culture on Product Design

Yan Zhang
in the modern product design, in order to inherit and develop the Chinese traditional culture, many designers design the products with Chinese characteristics by integrating the traditional elements with the modern products, many products that are full of Chinese cultural characteristics have come into...
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Research on Animation Elements in Packaging Design

Lilei Wen
in twenty-first Century, China has entered the information age. In this era of big data and information, all kinds of information are coming. Our pace of life is faster and faster. Various kinds of packaging design products we see are multifarious and dazzling, which makes consumers feel an aesthetic...
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Deliberation on the Spirit of the National Culture Caused by the Film Wolf Warrior

Yani Zong
Film is an indispensable part in the current media industry. It enriches the spirit world of the people, and some excellent films could produce some emotional vibes of the audiences. There are lots of excellent films which produce some emotional reactions of the audiences such as THE WOLF WARRIOR, THE...
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Revisiting the Metaphysical Verses of Wei and Jin Dynasties: The Combination of Philosophical Discourse and Literary Discourse

Qun Yang
Metaphysical Poetry in Wei and Jin Dynasties is a specific product of the intersection of Metaphysics and Literature in the context of a specific era. For the literary value of Metaphysical Poems in Wei and Jin Dynasties, there are many disputes between ancient and modern scholars. Against this background,...
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Research on Undergraduate Recessive Ideological and Political Education

Xuehong Zhao
Ideological and political education of college students is to improve the overall quality of college students, an important part of building a harmonious society, and ideological and political education in colleges and universities to further improve their relevance, effectiveness and appeal, we can...
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Study on the Guidance of Fashion Culture in College Students' Ideological and Political Education

Qing He
With the continuous development of science and technology, especially with the rapid development of information technology, fashion culture has penetrated into people's daily life more and more deeply and has a direct impact on people's thoughts and behaviors. As a pioneer and behavioral avant-garde...
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An Analysis of the Relationship between English Educational Resources and the Development of Local Rural Economy-Taking the Weinan Area of Shaanxi Province as an Example

Tang Lin
The development of local rural economy is affected by many factors. Taking Weinan city of Shaanxi Province as an example, this paper analyzes the influence of English education resources in Weinan on the development of rural economy. According to the constitution of English education resources in Weinan,...
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Study on Increasing Mental Capital of Left-behind Children in Rural Areas - A Case Study of Caring for Children Left Behind in "Aijia Social Studio"

Fuyu Du
Based on the social work project of Caring for Left-behind Children supported by Central Government, the research selects a group of left-behind children in Hutou Primary School, Yushu of Xinyu City as the object, and carries out a series of group exploration activities to enhance the psychological capital...
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Research on the Countermeasures of Development in Rural Home Tourism based on the Accurate Poverty Alleviation

Fangli Li
The potentially huge economic benefits of tourism in rural areas are mainly reflected in promoting industrial upgrading in rural areas and transforming rural areas. As a result, they become the main ways and means of precision-oriented poverty alleviation. In this paper, based on the concept of precise...
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Design and Analysis of Sports Dance Teaching Design under the Background of Internet

Yan Gong
Since 2014, the reform of education model has been fully implemented in China, and the traditional teaching mode has been gradually replaced by individualized teaching. As a comprehensive discipline combining theory with practice, sports dance teaching is the main research direction of how to make full...
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Design and Implementation of College Aerobics Network Course System in the Era of MOOC Network Teaching

Min Li
In the era of rapid development of educational undertakings, Mu lesson has become an important part of network teaching. The era of network teaching has entered the full time, and it has also been paid much attention by the education department and the society. The combination of Internet technology...
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Research on the Presence of Country and Changes of Yiyang

Shi Lei
This paper through the traditional methods of historical texts and oral history, showing the last century since 50s with the establishment of national political power. The will of the government in the light of its general trend entered into drama and traditional music culture, thus changing the face...
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Study on the Development of Humanistic Tourism Resources in the Development of Tourism Industry

Jufang Zhou
Humanistic tourism resources are the things and factors that have the function of tourism by mankind's creation, reaction times, national politics, economic culture, social customs. Its main contents include people's life, historical relics, culture and arts, ethnic customs, cultural landscapes, social...
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Research on Three - Dimensional Education Mode of College Counselors in New Area

Fengchen Guo
With the continuous development of modern education, three-dimensional education has gradually become an important way to train qualified personnel in colleges and universities. In practice, not only should students be admitted with professional degrees, but also should be based on professional ability,...
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Reconstruction of Mathematics Pedagogy Curriculum System from the Perspective of Transition of Teachers Colleges

Youjun Li
The transformation of colleges and universities requires colleges and universities to apply to the development of multi-disciplinary, curriculum system, all-round transition, these requirements for mathematical mathematics education curriculum and mathematics education curriculum content system construction...
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Research on Relief Legal System for Lonely or Old Disabled in Ming and Qing Dynasties

Ye Ling
Social relief is the lowest level of social security and has been the focus of successive dynasties since ancient times. Relief for the elderly and handicapped is an important embodiment of social legislation in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ruler of Ming and Qing dynasties paid more attention to...
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The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Mass Reading in the New Media

Linchun Ren
Reading is an important way for people to acquire knowledge. Through reading, people can promote the spread of culture and the inheritance of civilization. With the rapid development of science and technology, the constant innovation of information technology, the reading psychology of people and the...
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Cause Analysis and Countermeasures of the Absence of Aesthetic Education

Junli Wang
Aesthetic education refers to the arts as the main means of education, combined with natural beauty and the beauty of society, so that educational objects perceive the United States, enjoy the United States and create the United States. The main goal of cultivating talents in higher education in our...
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Problems in Ancient Literature Teaching and Countermeasures

Youjing Wang
Ancient Chinese literature is an indispensable part of the humanities and social sciences. It is also a compulsory course for the major of literature. Its main teaching goal is to improve students' humanities and comprehensive qualities, and to realize the all-round development of students. Ancient Chinese...
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Design of "Management" Course Teaching System Based on OBE Concept

Ying Wei
OBE is a result-oriented education model that is a result-based education model that embraces an advanced educational philosophy of defining training objectives, identifying professional programs based on the industry needs outcomes described by the Advisory Expert Advisory Board, Personnel training...
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Perfecting Analysis of the Logistics Market Access Legal System in Our Country

Juntao Zhang
The ever-changing network information technology has given birth to the rapid development of e-commerce. The consequent logistics service industry has become more and more prominent in various industries in our country. It is regarded as the "third profit source" in the economic field. However, despite...
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Application of the Original Movies in English and American Literature Teaching

Qianming Zhao
Anglo-American literature is an important part of world literature. It systematically reflects the development of the history, culture, religion, arts and natural sciences in Anglo-American countries. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to improve the effectiveness of Anglo-American literary teaching....
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Applied Value of Mathematical Modeling Thought in Advanced Mathematics Teaching

Rong Miao
Higher mathematics is a basic course for science and engineering undergraduates and agricultural college students. It can be said that the learning effects of advanced mathematics will have a direct impact on the learning of other specialized courses. Therefore, both teachers and students attach great...
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Research and Analysis of the Image of Peach in Ancient Chinese Literature

Junqiang Gao
Imagery is an objective phenomenon, which integrates the author's subjective feelings, but also the life and soul of poetry. There are many works in Chinese classical literature that express the aesthetic image through the description of flowers. For example, the Chinese advocate Peony and the Song Dynasty...
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Talking about the Reform Strategy of Open Physical Education in Colleges and Universities

Feng Mu
Physical education is an important discipline in colleges and universities that cultivates students 'comprehensive qualities and plays a very positive role in promoting students' physical and mental health. In order to adapt to the development trend of modern education, PE teaching in colleges and universities...
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The Challenges and Opportunities for the Development of Regional Economy under the Belt and Road

Fang Yang
At the present stage of economic reform in our country, which has been undergoing the reform and opening up for decades, the economy has entered a relatively stable period. However, due to the influence of internal and external factors such as geographical location and development foundation, the unbalanced...
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The Influence of Differences in Values between Chinese and Western Cultures on Communication Modes

Honggang Han
In recent years, the international political, economic and cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent and the cooperation and exchanges between the peoples of various countries in the world have also been increasing. However, in intercultural communication, communicators often cause language...
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Study on the Barriers to Crossing the Western and Chinese Cultures

Fengyun Nie
As transnationalities and intercultural exchanges become more frequent and frequent, cultural differences between China and the West due to differences in values, social norms and cultural norms have led to the emergence of cultural "collision" or " Conflict "phenomenon, this phenomenon will lead to...
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The Function of University Sports Organizations on the Construction of Campus Culture

Xiaojun Wang
In recent years, with the reform of college education and the extensive development of quality education, the construction of campus culture is also constantly expanding. The community continually emerges. The colorful recreational activities have aroused the amateur cultural life on campus, Practical...
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Discussion of Yoga Culture and Chinese Yoga under the Background of Thought Integration

Min Li
This paper mainly expounds the development of yoga at home and abroad, summarizes the connotation of Yoga culture, and points the problems in yoga based on this. Finally, it puts forward relevant suggestions and suggestions, aiming at promoting the further development of Yoga Culture in China.
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Critical Study of Chinese Youth in the Perspective of BBC Media

Xin Zhou
This article conforms to the current development of the times, analyzes the image of the Chinese youth from the perspective of the BBC media, and studies the present state of the Chinese youth with a critical look. From the aspects of text, discourse practice and language practice respectively, this...
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Discussion on the Traditional Sports Teaching Methods in China

Qinghua Hu
The Chinese nation is a great nation. In this multi ethnic family, many excellent cultures have been accumulated and the traditional national sports are one of them. Different ethnic groups have different national traditional sports, which includes a nation's pursuit of life and a unique historical culture...
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Problems and Countermeasures in Cross Cultural Teaching of College English

Yafeng Luo
In recent years, with the rapid development of economic level and science and technology, all fields of society are constantly reforming, and the field of education is no exception. As a universal language, English is widely used in international communication. Especially after China's entry to WTO,...
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Thoughts and Approaches of Incorporating Chinese Traditional Culture into College Ideological and Political Education

Jufang Zhou
After thousands of years of accumulation and precipitation, Chinese traditional culture contains a systematic and systematic educational theory with national characteristics. The university is the frontier of dissemination of China's ideology, the influence of traditional culture on the ideological and...