Proceedings of the 2016 International Forum on Management, Education and Information Technology Application

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Statistical Analysis on the Quality of China’s Key Services in 2014

Huali Cai, Yawei Jiang, Heliang Song
With the rapid growth of China’s service industries, the supporting role of quality has become increasingly prominent. With a view to mastering the quality situation of service industries in a dynamic way and promoting high-quality efficient and sustainable development, the author makes a statistical...
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SOC estimation based on LPV-Kalman considering coulometric conversion

Weiming Sun, Yanping Zheng, Xincan Wang
C/3 discharging rate has been used to define battery nominal capacity in Chinese national standard. According to definition of the battery state of charge by the United States Advanced Battery Consortium, this article proposes that the capacity in different charging or discharging current should be unified...
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Traffic Simulation of Hongqi Elevated Road in Yantai

Feng Zhu, Chengxuan Cao
With the increasing number of vehicles in Yantai, the downtown traffic volume is increasing. Hongqi Road, the main road in Yantai exists the traffic congestion problems. Yantai Planning Bureau proposed to construct for viaduct this road. This design is mainly based on the planning and design of the elevated...
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Study on Using Experiential Teaching Mode in the University Civil Engineering Safety Course

Jingjing Tang, Yuming Zou
In order to adapt to the construction industry’s trend of development and meet the demand for interdisciplinary talents who are familiar with production and safety, it is very necessary for civil engineering universities to offer courses about safety. Based on the current situation of civil engineering...
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The Design of Green Engineering in the Creation of Beautiful Highway

Peng Zeng, Bingyang Chen
In view of all kinds of problems in the creation of beautiful highway, points out the various aspects that are not adapted to create the requirements. From the design concept, to improve the construction of the highway, from the perspective of green project put forward a number of issues need to pay...
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Comparison analysis of travel demand forecasting model

Wenzhi Liu, Huapu Lu
Reasonable transportation planning is a fundamental solution of traffic jams in big cities and the core is travel demand forecast. Reasonable travel demand forecast will provide scientific evidence for decision of transportation planning. Thus, it seems very urgent to do some research on travel demand...
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Optimization Model and Method of Urban Railway Transit Vehicle Use Plan with Long and Short Routing

Dianyuan Huang, Yixiang Yue, Leishan Zhou
As one of the most basic transport plan, urban railway transit vehicle use plan has important influence on operating costs and transportation service quality. It is urgent demand to find practical and effective mathematical models and solving method. Based on the development reality of urban railway...
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A Microscopic Simulation Method to Calculate the Capacity of Railway Station

Juntao Han, Yixiang Yue, Leishan Zhou
This paper introduces a microscopic simulation based method to analyze and calculate carrying capacity of railway stations. Due to the random disturbance of train operations in station area, an analytical stochastic model of train delay and operation time is proposed, which considers the stochastic variations...
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Application of EUVC Algorithm to Evaluate Unconnected Vehicle in A Connected Vehicle Environment

Hui Feng, Li Lin, Ting Chen
Actual traffic signal control strategies rely on detectors, it detects traffic information as a control logic input. In fact, this kind of detector is based on facilities and usually called point detector which cannot directly provide the data of vehicle situation which includes speed, location, acceleration...
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A Parallel Computing Algorithm for Moving Targets Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks

Jing Xiong, Zhi-Jing Liu, Guo-Liang Tang
In this paper, we address the problem of moving target feature extraction and collaborative tracking in wireless sensor networks (WSN), and present a parallel computing algorithm for moving human collaborative tracking. At first, WSN optimization deployment: divide the monitors in WSN into the two types:...
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Evaluation of the development level of construction industry based on factor analysis in Sichuan province, China

Yuliang Fan, Fenghui Chen, Qiong Shen
To understand the development level status of construction industry in Sichuan province, China, this study selected 11 economical indicators of construction industry to evaluate the development level of construction industry in 21 cities (prefectures) of Sichuan province by using factors analysis. The...
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Optimization design of papery traffic signs rod based on the research of Midas Civil

Jiangzhu Long, Bin Shi, Xiaofeng Jiang
In the Seventh College Students Structural-Design Competition of Fujian province,the topic is structure design, manufacture and test for Paper traffic signs rod.In this context, seeking a kind of light weight, high strength of traffic signs rod paper structure model become a focus.Due to this,the study...
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Assessment method for the impact of truck parking policy in urban areas

Li Lin, Shanshan Chen, Zhuang Hu
In recent years, with the rapid development of urban industry and commerce, the number of freight cars is increasing, urban freight transportation has become an important part of urban transportation system. Urban truck parking policy includes time limit, pricing policy, management and enforcement of...
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Assessing the Impact of Urban Roadway Construction Projects through Leveraging Traffic Surveillance Data

Xingguang Chen, Lei Chen, Hepu Deng, Tao Xiang
With the rapid development of urbanization, industrialization and motorization in China, numerous urban roadways construction projects are being planned and implemented. The implementation of such roadways construction projects usually produces a huge impact on the stakeholders and the related community....
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Chaos Detection of Rule Weak Periodic Signal

Guihua Yang, Junchi Ma, Yukai Gao, Chuanying Wang
In the various scientific and technological fields, because of the kinds of interference, more commonly measured signal is a periodic signal which is often more complex waveforms, to detect such a signal having the necessity and practical significance. They can not be used to describe a simple mathematical...
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Effects of combined application of organic and inorganic fertilizers on yield and quality of Chinese cabbage

Huan Liu, Haiyan Wang, Dan Yang, Na He, Mingda Liu
Effects of combined application of organic and inorganic fertilizers on yield and quality of Chinese cabbage were studied. The results showed that combined application of organic and inorganic fertilizers can improve the yield of Chinese cabbage, reduce the moisture content of plant, and improve the...
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Level of Service Reliability for Stochastic Road Network Based on Travel Time Reliability

Ya Lei, Aiwu Kuang, Gang Liu
To study the relationship of different reliability indices for road network under stochastic demand, an evaluation method based on travel time reliability (TTR) was set up for level of service (Los) reliability. Assuming that travelers acquire the variation of the route travel time based on past experiences...
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Evaluation of a Public Transport Priority Methodology

Li Lin, Yongkang Zhang, Zhuang Hu
Compared with the past decades, the methodologies of bus priority at traffic signals is being researched more and more extensively because of the strong development of public transport. Several methods have been used to attract people to use public transport. These methods may be divided into two categories:...
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Determiners of Schedule Delay Risk of the Highway Project in Vietnam: Based On the SEM model

Honganh Vu, Jianqiong Wang, Jicai Liu, Lianxing Min, Syhung Mai
With the economic development of Vietnam in recent years, the highway construction develops rapidly and brings the international construction companies a good opportunity, but the phenomenon of schedule delays has a serious impact on the project investment efficiency, cost and reputation. In this paper,...
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Visual Graphic Analysis of the Complex Network of Expressways in Sichuan Province

Lingli Tang, Kang Li
The formed complex network of expressways in Sichuan province was visualized and studied by utilizing complex network theory and Gephi software to analyze recent expressway data of Sichuan Province. The main characteristics and existing problems of the network were studied, for the purpose of providing...
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Analysis of Fast Calculation Method for Flat Foundation of Circular Flat-bottom Squat Steel Silos

Zhenhua Liu, Zhen Zhang, Hongzhu Shan
This paper sums up the floor a fast calculation method on the basis of the circular plate steel cylinder storehouse. At the same time, by using Adina, the fast calculation results are verified, the results show that the quick calculation accuracy is higher, can be used in engineering practice.
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Decision Support System for Strengthening Medium and Short Span Concrete Bridges

Yiqiang Xiang, Chaochao He, Cheng Xing, Yuan Yuan
According to the requirement analysis and current main diseases of medium and short span bridges, the decision-making system from preliminary design of reinforcement scheme, hierarchy analysis to comprehensive evaluation and optimization decision models for strengthening medium and short span bridges...
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The residential selection based on fuzzy multi-objective decision

Lin Zhang, Ke Wu, Di Xia
In order to explore the process of residential selection, the fuzzy closeness degree of the interaction between the residential area and the target of location were proposed by the fuzzy quantitative treatment of all targets of location. According to the semantic evaluation of family satisfaction in...
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The traffic mode choice model based on fuzzy order theory

Lin Zhang, Nana Lv, Ke Wu
In order to investigate the effect of traffic mode choice for travel attributes from travel attention point, the multi-objective fuzzy order model was established for different travelers by fuzzy methods. Considering the travelers' ages, careers, and other factors , all kinds of travelers’ travel attention...
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Residential Choice Based on Traffic and Location Fuzzy Attributes

Lin Zhang, Di Xia, Nana Lv
In order to explore the influence factors of residential choice, we established the housing valuation model by discussing the four factors of the completeness of facilities, quality of public services, location environment, accessibility evaluation index of each district. By the contract mode, we could...
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The International Capital Flows and The Twin Crisis model Extension of BRICS

Yirong Ying, Feilong Lin, Wuyang Xia
Under the background of the rapid development of the BRICS , this article research the alternative of Long-term capital and Short-term capital from the difference of returns, then explore the conduction mechanism between the international capital flow and the twin crisis, which is helpful for making...
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Current research status of forecast criteria for landslide monitoring and forecasting system in China

Xiangjun Chen
The threat to people’s lives and property safety posed by landslide disasters has aroused great concern of the researchers in China. Landslide monitoring and forecasting is an important means to prevent and mitigate landslide disasters. Determination of the forecast criteria is a key technology of...
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Forecast research on China’s crude steel output in the new period

Lin Gu, Jingtao Li
Chinese economic growth is clearly slower than the early stage. Crude steel output of China falls after 34 years continuous increase. In this paper, forecast the crude steel outputs of China in the next five years to provide quantitative basis for development strategy adjustment of iron and steel industry...
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A Research on the Four-State Control Strategy Based on the Specific Condition

Zhihong Wang, Fei Zhang, Changqing Du, Huiping Yang
The Four-State control strategy based on the original CD-CS strategy has been designed by using a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) as the research object. The disadvantage of the CD-CS strategy is that when the driving distance is more than the maximum pure electric driving range, vehicle enters...
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Advantages and disadvantages of the flow construction

Jian Liu
By studying the organization mode of the flow construction, this research analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the flow construction. Meanwhile, this research proposed the construction methods applicable to the actual engineering, and explained the methods by using the project case.
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The Effects of Air-Gap Width on Performance of Brushless Doubly Fed Machine with Radial Laminated Reluctance Rotor

Qian Zhang, Zhenyang Zhang, Huijuan Liu
A new type of AC variable speed brushless doubly fed machine with radial laminated reluctance rotor (RLR-rotor BDFM) is presented and analyzed in this paper. The rotor of the BDFM is structured by the radial reluctant lamination, and the electric brushes and slip ring are cast off. Therefore, this machine...
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Study on Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure of Coal Mining and Washing Industry’s Listed Companies in China

Lu Zeng, Xi Sun
Environmental accounting information disclosure can encourage enterprises to protect the ecological environment, support scientific and technological innovation, promote the upgrading of industrial structure, and take the road of sustainable development. In twenty-first Century, more and more countries...
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A new gear fault diagnosis method based on improved local mean decomposition

Yu Wei, Minqiang Xu, Yongbo Li
A new vibration feature extraction method based on improved local mean decomposition (LMD) is presented in this paper. Local mean decomposition is a novel adaptive time-frequency analysis method, which is widely used in rotating machinery fault diagnosis. However, traditional LMD decomposition results...
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Petrochemical Enterprises Sudden Environmental Pollution Accident Emergency Monitoring Research

Yu Gao, Hongbo Pan
According to the characteristics of petrochemical enterprises, introduces the purpose, the job requirements, monitoring items and method, the stationing and monitoring frequency of sudden environmental pollution accident emergency monitoring, and puts forward of the related suggestions of petrochemical...
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Application Research Progress of DSA

Lixuan Wang, Yankun Cheng, Yanan Gao
The dimensionally stable anode get more usage in electroplating and wastewater treatment industry, because it’s stable size, low operation voltage, less energy consumption, high electro-catalytic activity, and not having secondary pollution. It can form clean technologies and gradually replace lead...
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Asymptotic behavior of Nonlinear Euler Equation and Its Application

Jifeng Bao, Xiangqing Zhao, Yuedan Jin
The asymptotic behavior of a class of special nonlinear differential equation with variable coefficient--Euler equation was studied in this paper. We establish the criterion to determine stability of the equilibrium for Euler equation first. Then, we apply the theoretic results to some ecological models...
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A Design Method for Enhancing Distribution Transformer Overload Capacity

Lingfeng Kou, Xiaolong Zhao, Jinli Wang, Qipeng Song, Zhifeng Liu
For problems such as low rural power distribution transformer overall utilization rate, the short-time serious overload and low power supply reliability, the paper put forward a design method for enhancing distribution transformer overload capacity to solve the problem of distribution transformer overload,...
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The Allocation of Asset Structure Based on the Economies of Scale – Taking Listed Manufacturing Companies for Example

Yuemei Zhang, Fang Zhang
With economies of scale as the objectives and constraints, the optimal allocation of enterprises’ asset structure was discussed. The main contributions of this paper are as follows: (1) Economic efficiency of scale from 2007 to 2011 in various sub-industries of manufacturing was obtained. (2) After...
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Business analytics modeling in Information Automation

Mujun Man
Business intelligence (BI) refers to a management process whereby a company can more efficiently execute its business strategies and track its improvement processes. This paper presents that BI has been referred to as an attitude that involves: Understanding the strategic value of data captured from...
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Identification Method for Conductor Measurement Temperature in Dynamic Capacity-Increase of Transmission Line

Peng Wang, Shuhai Feng, Yong Wang, Jun Liu, Jinquan Zhao
Dynamic capacity-increase of transmission line will be a practical solution to the rising demand for load. This paper proposes a method for identifying the temperature measurement value of transmission line on a continuous time section. The method is based on the study of the transient thermal stability...
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Measurement of efficiency of agricultural input and output in Guizhou by data envelopment analysis (DEA) method

Fengtai Zhang
Using data envelopment analysis (DEA) method, Selecting effective irrigation area, crop planting area, fertilizer inputs, pesticides, rural employed population as input indexes, agricultural output, food production as output indexes, taking Guizhou province as the research object, to measure and analyze...
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Throughput Optimization of Broadcasting Protocol in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Hongfei Liu, Lijun Li, Zhendong Liu
It is important to maximize the saturated throughput of VANET broadcasting protocol for fully utilizing wireless channel. The saturated throughput of broadcasting protocol is related to contention windows valve and contending nodes in the networks. We propose a discrete markov analytic model for performance...
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Breakout prediction based on particle swarm optimization back propagation neural network in continuous casting process

Benguo Zhang, Xinjiang Zhang, Lifeng Fang
Aiming at the two terrible drawbacks of slow convergence and local optimal solution in the training process of BP neural network, particle swarm optimization algorithm was introduced to the training process of the BP neural network to improve its converge property, so a PSO-BP neural network was established,...
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Looking Forward to Beijing Agricultural Informationization in the 13th five years plan

Qingfeng Wei, Yan Tang, Changshou Luo
By the sample survey and site visit, and the data from the National Statistics Bureau and the Beijing Statistics Bureau, development status of rural informationization in Beijing was investigated. The results showed that there was important progress on infrastructure construction, farmers' information...
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Research on the Impact of Big Data on Real Estate Investment Trusts Applied in China

Chunjie Ma, Minyi Yu
It is known Real Estate Investment Trusts could improve the Chinese real estate market in a very positive way, but the government limit its application in the imperfect conditions market based on cautious on the capital market. This article focuses on the real estate investment trusts in the world development...
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Discussion of Bilingual Education on Structural Mechanics—Taking Sino-UK Cooperation in Civil Engineering Project as An Example

Qiang Zhang, Yan-Lin Wang
Bilingual education on< Structural Mechanics> which based on the general bilingual teaching law should particularly pay attention to choose bilingual teaching content with the present situation of students. By the requirement of Sino-foreign cooperative education, the paper discusses the teaching content,...
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An Empirical Study on Risk Allocation Preference and Potential Disputes of Risk Allocation

Hua Zhao, Hui-Jie Jiang, Li-Feng Zhang
The cognitive differences of different participants on risk allocation preference (RAP) will cause the potential disputes of risk allocation. By questionnaire surveying, the datum of actual RA scheme and its RAP were collected among the owners, the contractors and consultants. The statistical analysis...
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Building secure mobile cloud network

Chengwei Hu
Together with an explosive growth of the mobile applications and emerging of cloud computing concept, mobile cloud computing (MCC) has been introduced to be a potential technology for mobile services. MCC integrates the cloud computing into the mobile environment and overcomes obstacles related to the...
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Multi-target Tracking in the Moving Background Based on Many Layer Wavelet Son-image Matching Method

Gang Liu, Bing Liu
For the image shot by the CCD camera fixed on the moving carrier (such as plane or ship), there is the whole image movement by the movement of carrier besides the movement of targets. For detecting moving targets in the moving background and tracking them, an arithmetic based on wavelet transform multi-layer...
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The Impact of Risk Attitude on the Network Purchasing Decision

Xiaolin Zhu
Three hundred university students were randomly selected as participants. In order to explore that whether different risk attitude have effect on the network purchasing decision. They were conducted a questionnaire survey including risk attitude and network purchasing decision. The result reflects that:...
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The Research on Transmission Reliability Algorithm Based on Power Control in the Internet of ships

Yizhen Wang, Yongqiang Sun, Yi Sun
The Internet of ships is the application of Internet of things in the intelligent transportation system, which has attracted the attention of domestic and international relevant research institutions. This paper introduces the basic concepts of the Internet of ships, the research analyzes some technical...
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A Three-Dimensional Visualization On-line Monitoring System for Large Buildings with OSG and ProE

Yufei Xu, Xiaomin Xu, Hongliang Jia, Honglun Wang, Shaojiang Chen, Yu Lu
To monitor and show the large buildings’ strain, vibration, pressure and other states, a three-dimensional visualization on-line monitoring system based on ProE and the Open Scene Graph (OSG) is proposed in this paper. Firstly, design the buildings’ structure using the 3-D modeling tools ProE and...
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Study on the Improved Parallel Braking Control Strategy of Range-extended Electric Commercial Vehicle

Shiwei Xu, Dongliang Wang, Yilin He
For the problems of electric vehicle regenerative braking, an improved parallel braking control strategy model at Cruise and Matlab/Simulink co-simulation environment was established under the braking constraints. Then UDC cycle is used to verify the performance of brake control strategy. The simulation...
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Exploration on the construction of sub contract security management system for general contracting enterprises

Tao Zhang, Jinhua Li, Dongxing Li
Construction site safety accidents more and binary package management related to poor. Through the analysis of the construction general contract enterprise subcontracting problems existing in the safety management, find out the reason, based on the request of Occupational health and safety management...
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Ball Mill Shell Vibration Signal Analysis Strategy Based on DEM-FEM Method and Multi-Component Signal Adaptive Decomposition Technique

Jian Tang, Zhiwei Wu, Zhuo Liu
Ball mills are heavy rotating mechanical devices of industrial processes. Ball mill shell vibration signal has characteristics of multi-component and non-stationary. It has been a new focus to estimate some difficult-to-measure process parameters, such as load parameters within mill. The detailed analysis...
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Design and Realization of Open CNC System Based on Software Motion Controller

Xu Ran, Jianqun Liu, Weiqiang Gao, Guoqiang Huang
The open CNC system based on A3200 has been designed and realized. Firstly, the hardware platform design of the system was introduced in the paper. Then, the HMI(Human Machine Interface) of the system has been introduced,which was developed by Qt4.8. Afterwards, the process of the positional accuracy...
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Multi-Level Search Algorithm for Roundness Error Evaluation by the Minimum Zone Circle Method

Li Huo, Yuan Wang, Chunyu Zhao, Ying Dong
To rapidly and accurately evaluate minimum zone roundness error, a multi-level search algorithm (MLSA) was proposed. The algorithm at the premise of a fixed amount search point of each layer, by narrowing the length of the search area to narrow the search step until the required accuracy so far, in order...
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Insertion force of micro-probe into brain phantom

Lihong Li, Jun Zhou, Yan Li, Fuqian Chen, Yongbo Wang
The research of forces during probe insertion into soft tissue is extremely important for accuracy of electrode implantation in deep brain stimulation. In this paper, to further understand the mechanics of probe-tissue interaction, straight implanted experiments and reciprocating implanted experiments...
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Improve Students' Comprehensive Quality by Six Step Teaching Method

Fei Zhang
In order to enhance the students' comprehensive quality, meet the needs of enterprises for talents, improve the employment rate of College students. This paper introduces the application of the six step teaching method in the teaching of numerical control processing technology course, which allows students...
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On Coordinating Knowledge Investment in the Cooperative Product Development in the Emerging Industry’s Platform Innovation Ecosystem

Ziwei Peng, Shaobo Wu
This essay studies the knowledge investment coordinating mechanism of the core enterprise, which plays both the role of the platform innovation ecosystem manager and the role of knowledge investment in the cooperative product development in the platform innovation ecosystem. The study shows that the...
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Research and Exploration on the Bachelor Thesis Topic Selection and Guidance of Undergraduate Students

Dongxing Du
Combined with the practical experiences in the year of 2009-2015, we carried out studies on the aspects of bachelor thesis topic selection and guidance of undergraduate students in the specialty of Engineering Thermophysics in the Department of Energy and Power Engineering in our university. This paper...
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The application of intelligent decision support technology in distance education system

Zhufeng Qiao, Jianxin Guo, Jichun Zhao
This paper analyzes the current situation and existing problems of the statistical analysis of the distance education system, the design and evaluation of the overall framework of the intelligent decision support system are described in detail, and the statistical analysis and decision analysis are made...
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Learning to Gain Wisdom: Experience of MNCs Accounting Managers

Li-Chung Chang, Ru-Pin Dong, Ran Lee, Xiang Li
Managers learning approach emphasizing the most efficient way to procure knowledge and wealth has reached its limits. Learning and wisdom creation pattern from a multicultural perspective has been called among scholars. In order to explore how successful MNC(Multinational Corporation)s accounting managers’...
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Strategy-Making Processes towards Strategy Transformation: An Analysis of Leading High-tech Corporations in Taiwan.

Li-Chung Chang, Xiang Li, Hao Chang, De-Hong Miao
To respond to the environmental change is important to the competitive advantage and survival of corporation. This research seeks to develop a contingency framework on strategy transformation, providing insights into the decision making processes of organizational change.Eight hi-tech cases were studied...
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Study on Effects of CSI 300 Stock Index Futures on Chinese Stock Market Volatility

Yiwen Hu
At present, there is a growing concern on the effects of CSI 300 stock index futures on Chinese stock market volatility. This paper mainly studies the effects of introduction and price volatility of stock index futures on Chinese stock market volatility, which is based on the analysis of CSI 300 index....
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Agricultural news service system front page development based on responsive web design

Qingfeng Wei, Changshou Luo, Chenzhong Cao
For the demand of farmers’ access to agricultural news information through more terminals, the technology of responsive web design was used to develop the agricultural news service system which webpage was shown well to computer and mobile phone. It achieves a good display and dissemination of the...
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A Systematic Review of Classical Entropy

Peng Li, Gang Su, Xiaoping Qin
It is difficult to grasp classical entropy because of the apparent complexity of relevant mathematics. Here we first give some physical thoughts on the concept of entropy, then examine its mathematical structrure. Several universal results are given by a set of equations governing the partial derivatives...
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Research on construction of multi-mode practice teaching system of mechatronic major

Ou Xie, Guangxun Wang, Bangfu Wang
Mechatronic is a major in project utility strongly, which determines the important role of practice teaching in college talent training. The changes of the current social demand for mechatronic talent are analyzed. The construction method and quality control system of multi-mode practice teaching system...
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Excellent Resource Sharing Course Construction on Aquatic Biostatistics

Jing Zhang, Yunrong Yan, Zhongliang Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Chunyan Shen
According to the course construction and teaching reform of aquatic professional courses, excellent resource sharing course construction on aquatic biostatistics is elaborated on three aspects: course construction target, construction train of thought and construction content.
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The Application of the Four-level Skills Training System in the Aviation Equipment Maintenance Practical Teaching

Yong Wu, Sihai Li, Binbin Ren, Hong Chen
For those majors with strong engineering nature and high technology need, such as aviation electronic equipment maintenance, a four-level ability training system is designed, all practical teaching links are reformed and corresponding supporting measures as well as multiple teaching methods are adopted....
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Research and practice about car body and comfort system service curriculum standards connect from secondary to higher vocational school

Liu Yan
Connect from secondary to higher vocational school is the trend of times, it gives vocational school students a chance to relearn. However,the essence and key problem is the curriculum connection,it is the crux to realize sustainable and harmonious development of secondary and higher vocational school....
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A Study on Tea Culture Tourism Development in Jiangxi Province

Wenping Xiong
Based on the advantages of tea culture tourism development in Jiangxi, the strategies of tourism development for Jiangxi tea culture have been proposed in this Paper.
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Emergency Logistics Center Location Selection Based on Hybrid Multi–attribute

Jiaxin Wang, Xiaoxia Zhu, Jia Jiang
In this paper, we take a full consideration to the location impact factors of emergency logistics center, which is technology, economy, environment and society and so on, based on sorting of the research results on the emergency logistics center location. Then, we build the hybrid multiple attribute...
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Application of virtual Reality Technology in the Experimental Teaching of Machinery Manufacturing Simulation

Yanmei Meng, Qihui Sun, Xianwang Li, Zhen Dong, Xiaochun Wang, Zhihong Tang
Some virtual experiments, such as parts machining process, assembly process and digital workshop, are developed based on virtual reality. Learning environment of advanced manufacturing technology is constructed in virtual reality environment, which realizes every stage of production, including manufacturing,...
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Instructional Strategies Study Via Classroom Observation of MOOC

Yanling Liao, Bo Zhao, Jun Wang
With case study of MOOC, this paper suggests a perspective to observe experts’ instructional strategies for teachers’ professional development. There are four MOOC courses, which come from different fields(art, social science, and computer science), selected to focus on the analysis of instructional...
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College English Teaching and Learning Based on Students’ Sufficient Preview and Autonomous Learning –—A Case Study

Shufang Yang, Jin Yu
Generally speaking, college English teaching and learning encounters the problem of having to deal with too many tasks within too limited time given, which makes it difficult for teachers and students to meet the current College English Curriculum Requirements. In response to this problem, we have conducted...
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Multi-level Practical Teaching System Based on Graduation Design (Thesis)

Pin Chen, Xiaoyun Jiang, Xueli Guo
Graduation design (thesis) has a very important role in training high quality talents in the university. This paper put forward a multi-level practical teaching system based on graduation design (thesis) .The construction method of this system is to take the school of management of Xiamen University...
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Some clear policies must be issued to support the internship and practice of full-time professional master

Dan Chen, Yonghong Ma, Le Zhang
The internship and practice is very important for the training process of professionalmaster, as the professional master is a kind of career oriented degree. It is found that the employers attach great importance to the internship experience and practical ability of professional master, and universities,...
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Research on the Teaching Model of College English Writing Based on the Application of “”

Yu Jin
This paper explored the teaching model of English writing consisting of the discussion of topic types, the first draft, model composition analysis, peer review, the second draft and comment by the system and the teacher. Assisted by this website and its writing platform, the teacher chooses 38 non-English...
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Exploration and research on practical teaching system of material specialty applied talents

Jing Sun, Hongbo Liu, Jingshun Yuan
With the popularization of higher education in China, great changes have taken place in the structure of higher education system, application-oriented institutes have come into being, and the orientation of running a school is to cultivate applied talents for the needs of local economic development....
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Optimization of Sports discipline organization

Xianliang Wang, Lei Yang, Ruilin Zhang
Study on sports discipline organization can optimize of the sport discipline organizations and provide effective organizational security for discipline construction. With literature, research, comparative analysis and other research methods, this article studied on the elements and structure of sports...
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Innovation Design of Engineering Experiment Based on Internet

Bingsheng Zhang, Qingjie Zhu, Xue Li
As the progress of innovation design for open experiment in engineering education, it is necessary to investigate the design method based on internet. Through structure analyzing of Browser/Server model, the real time evaluating method in server and system application development are investigated with...
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Preliminary Study of Teaching Reform on the Course of Water Supply Engineering

Liping Zhang, Qing Liu, Tingting Chen, Jun Xiang
Water supply engineering is an important branch of the comprehensive professional theory and practice in environmental engineering, municipal engineering and other related major. Through detailed analysis, there are several common problems in the course of teaching process such as few interaction and...
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Chinese President Chen Xujing’s Academic Management and Christian Lingnan University

Jiang Chao, Xia Quan
University president is the soul of a school, whose quality and ability are deeply related with the school development. The third Chinese president Chen Xujing of Lingnan University was a typical scholar-typed headmaster. In his office, Chen Xujing promoted free atmosphere, paid close attention to professor...
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The Study of Regional Teacher Training Mode in the Environment of Guangdong Education Cloud Streaming

Zuyuan Ma, Yubing Niu, Yi Dai
Along with the rapid development of video technology, the construction and application of video teaching resources advance astoundingly. Video resources offer more and more support to education while penetrate more and more deeply into it. The study of video resources helping teacher training spreads...
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The research on the teaching method of C language

Ting Huang
In order to adapt to the development of society, the teaching of C language requires that the students of non-computer majors should have some programming skills, which can cultivate the compound innovative talents. According to the actual situation of students in universities, this paper researches...
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Construction of cloud learning environment for Open Education: the exploration and practice of Zhuhai Radio & TV University

Yi Dai, Fei Wan, Fan Wu, Hou Han
In order to meet the needs of open education learners, researchers from home and abroad have carry out a lot of research work on the theme of online learning environment. With the continuous development of China's open education, the original online learning environment exposed some shortcomings in aspects...
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Research on the Design of Micro Teaching Video based on Situation Creation

Xiangning Tang, Nanfang Lu, Qianru Yang
With the coming of micro-era, micro teaching video has already become the main medium and carrier which helps to reform the traditional classroom teaching mode and promote the micro learning mode. Compared with the traditional classroom teaching record, micro teaching video has distinct characteristics...
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The Research of video format conversion based on educational video-on-demand

Fei Wan, Yi Dai
With the popularity of the Internet, User Generated Content increasingly attracts more attention, which proposed the new requirements of the educational video-on-demand, providing the function of video upload for educators and educated. However, there is now a greater variety of video, and the video...
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Outside-School Practice Base Construction Exploration For Logistics Management Professional Based On Training Mode 3+1

Junqiang Liu
Practice teaching plays an important role in the application of Talents System. The off-campus training base is an important condition for the Practical Teaching. To strengthen Practicing Bases Construction is a strong guarantee for improving the quality of practice teaching and practical ability of...
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Research and Practice of Optics Teaching Mode Reform

Gui-Juan Yang, Bin Wang, Xue-Lian Niu
The article concerned resource sharing, integration and optimization the related optical courses, accommodation of knowledge cohesion between different courses using our teaching research results in recent years. Blending teaching was adopted to guide students to study by themselves and cultivate the...
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Supporting the combination of agile manner and architecture based development method

Hongyan Yao
Architecture based development methodology has its strength in organizing requirements as well as has the limitation of slowly responding to the requirements changing; while Agile manner is good at rapidly implementing components and building test scripts, but it is incapable of getting a comprehensive...
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Innovation Research of Automobile Marketing Mode in “Internet+” Age

Jun-Tao Xiao, Yu Liu, Xiu-Li Wang
With the development of the internet, the traditional automobile marketing mode evolves into the “Internet+” interactive automobile marketing mode. This paper analyzes the connotation, concept, model, advantages and application of the new marketing mode in this new era, and concludes that the implementation...
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The research of cold chain logistics management’ effect to the quality of product in China and American

Jing Chen, Chao Wang, Ya-Hui Jiang
In recent years,the safety of food gets more and more concentration,the cold chain is very popular in our life,making a big contribution to our country's retail sales.In the supermarket,there are many fresh food and refrigerated food,if a supermarket has a perfect cold chain link,it will guarantee the...
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Innovation and Practice of Cultivation Mode of Internationally Visionary Professional Managers in Leisure Sports—Case of Sichuan Tourism University

Rui Luo
This work adopted literature consultation, specialist interview as its research methodologies. With the globalization of leisure sports and substantial emergence of market capital, some measures were taken to meet capital market's demand for high-level professional managers in leisure sports. For example,...
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Stability of Spot price and Futures market for Agricultural commodity: based on the sugar products

Zijian Yang
The mechanism of the stability of spot price will be further analyzed on the basis of ARMA-GARCH model, selecting the daily data of the spot price and the futures price of sugar products. However, as the new factors appeared, it is inappropriate to analyze by GARCH model with dummy variable. Thus, the...
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The Construction Strategies of College Teachers’ Multimodal Electronic Teaching Portfolio

Dong-Yan Li, Qing-Feng Guo
The paper mainly discusses college teachers’ application of multimodal electronic teaching portfolio in light of theoretical basis and platform construction strategy and comes to the conclusion that electronic teaching portfolio under the network environment not only serves as the effective tool of...
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On Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Cultivation Strategies in China Local Colleges

Dong-Yan Li, Qing-Feng Guo
China has in recent years launched a series of policies and measures to promote the reform of college innovation and entrepreneurship education in light of college quality standards, revising the curriculum system, teaching evaluation and so on, rendering the goal of innovative and entrepreneurial orientation...
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The Needs Analysis Procedures and Tools Design of Non- English- Background Job Seekers with a Critical Evaluation of Different Approaches to Language Curriculum Development

Jianna Qiu
This paper makes a research on the needs analysis procedures and tools of a group of learners who would need English for a specific purpose (ESP), non-English- background job seekers specifically, with a critical evaluation of different approaches in order to lay a solid foundation for language curriculum...
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The Characteristics of Practice Teaching and Reform Measures in Higher Agricultural Colleges

Chunbo Wei, Ying Zhang, Changping Wang
The thesis is based on the study of the practice teaching of higher agricultural colleges in China as the starting point, probing into the present situation and the development trend of the practice teaching of higher agricultural colleges. Then the characteristics of practice teaching in higher agricultural...