Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science

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Evaluation of GanNan’s Economic Development Efficiency based on DEA Method

Luning Ruan, Zande Yu
This paper, based on the DEA theory of C2R model and BC2 model, measures the total efficiency, pure technical efficiency, scale efficiency and it's stage of return to scale in eighteen counties of Gannan from 2007 to 2011. Then analyzing the input redundancy and output deficiency. Through empirical study,...
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Research on Education Status Quo of Implementing STS in Physical Teaching of Hebei Province High School

Yongguang Tang, Lingling Gao
Based on the questionnaires, this essay clarify the education status quo of implementing STS in physical teaching of Hebei Province high school, propose 5 problems and solutions as follows: the knowledge reservation of teachers, STS examples in education materials, changes of the test and evaluation...
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An Intertextual Perspective of Chinese Dream and American Dream

Yingjie Guo, Qing Zhao
To have an intertextual perspective of Chinese Dream and American Dream, the paper employs Julia Kristeva’s concept of intertextuality and probes into their corresponding historical backgrounds for the consideration of their cultural roots and unique developments. Obviously, the two dreams are deeply...
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Brief Discussion on Middle School Class Teacher Education Management Method

Jingsheng Sun, Cheng Li, Guanglie Wang
Middle school is critical period of student growth. During this period, the class teacher plays multiple roles, which includes a good class organizer, education administrators and psychological growth guide. How to find the right entry point, and promote the psychological development of middle school...
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The Development Path Choice of the Modern Service Industry in the Resource-Dependent Cities

Shuling Tang
In some resource-dependent cities, modern service industry is a very low proportion. The development of second industry is inharmonious with service industry. The levels of information, marketization and industrialization are lower. In this paper, we used empirical and normative analysis to make some...
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Speech Act Theory and Its Implications to English Teachers

Lei Chen, Qinghui Zhu, Zheqing Lei
Briefly describe the Speech Act Theory and explain how language teachers benefit from the insights it provides into language use. Discuss whether and how these insights might be realized in teaching materials/strategies. It attempts to examine how the knowledge of SAT helps teachers understand what learners...
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Research on Models and Modernization of Logistic System in E-commerce

Hao Wang, Huiyan Li
E-commerce brings about great changes to human society. It challenges to the conventional business and traditional enterprise management model as well. In electronic business, logistics is an important component during the transaction process that existed in industry age. However, sharp contradiction...
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On Culture Teaching in Business English Translation Classroom

Qiuyun OU
There is a hypothesis that the raising of learner’s cultural awareness and infiltration of cultural contents in translation teaching may have a good effect. This paper describes a research done with this purpose. The findings of the research, which is about a questionnaire and its feedback from Business...
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The Discussion of Traditional Teaching and Multimedia Teaching Approach in College English Teaching

Chunyang Liu, Fei Long
With the development of the society and economy, more and more talents capable of mastering English are badly needed in the world. Therefore, traditional English teaching mode is greatly challenged. With the continuous development of modern technology, multimedia is applied to teaching more and more...
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On the Intertextual Features of Chinese Poetry and American Poetry in the 1920s——Taking Hu Shih and Ezra Pound’s Poetic Experiences and Poetry as an Example

Yingjie Guo, Qing Zhao
To explore the intertextual features of Chinese poetry and American poetry in the 1920s, this paper involves Chinese Hu Shih and American Ezra Pound and their poetic experiences and poetry as an example, holding that (1) Both Chinese poetry and American poetry are ensconced in a dialogical relationship...
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Study on Financing Risks Evaluation System of Private Lending to SMEs Basing on FAHP

Qingguo Zhao, Jing Zhang, Lirui Zhao
Small and medium enterprises, as an increasingly important role in China's national economy, have difficulties in obtaining finance from formal financial support. So private lending becomes the main choice of the majority of SME financing at this stage,but financing risk should not be ignored. This article...
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Improving Student Learning in Computer Science Courses by Using Virtual OpenCL Laboratory

Diming Zhang, Yuanjiang Li
Laboratory experience is an essential factor for engineering and science education. Virtual laboratories are widely used by universities and research institutions in various kinds of academic sectors. However, general virtual laboratories always have some weakness for computer graphics which its experiment...
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Study on Vocabulary Learning Strategies for Chinese English-Majors

Yougen Lou
This paper attempts to explore the overall pattern of English vocabulary learning strategies used by some Chinese English-majors. In addition, both similarities and differences in English vocabulary strategies used between male English-majors and female English-majors. 105 first-year English-majored...
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The DEA Appraisal Model Analysis of the Liberal Arts Scientific Research Efficiency in Sciences and Engineering University

Hanfeng Liu, Linbo Si
This paper adopted the Data Envelopment Analysis method to build the DEA evaluation model of the efficiency of inputs and outputs of the liberal arts scientific research, the conclusion as following: the liberal arts scientific research efficiency is relatively lower in sciences and engineering university,...
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On the Selection and Layout of Advanced Mathematics Course Content

Wenxi Duan
The selection and layout of advanced mathematics should focus on the basics, decrease theorem proving and derivation of the formula and increase the application of knowledge, delete abstract theories, slightly adjust the order of the content and reflect its professional features. The strict definition...
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Understanding and Thinking of College Mathematical Modeling and Experiment Course Construction

Zhaohai Wang
Mathematical modeling and experiment is the product of the times. It can effectively promote the development of teaching reform and the cultivation of talents. In this paper, the writer gives some viewpoints on the status and function of developing the mathematical modeling and mathematical experiment...
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The Impact of Prior-Knowledge on Farmers' Entrepreneurial Performance

N. Pheeraphuttharangkoon, Huijun Zhou, Hongdong Guo
Entrepreneurial performance is an important indicator of the success of individual entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurial behavior is an important force to promote rural economic. So researches have been focus on the entrepreneurship for a long time. On the basis of survey data we have obtained...
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Change of Conductivity of Lao Gong Point after Tai Chi Exercise

Shan Yu, G.M. Glibitskiy, E.O. Golyuk, A.A. Povelitsa
The definitions of changes in the values of conductivity of Lao Gong points was carried out before and after the "8 Steps" Tai Chi exercises, the style of Yan. Changes of the conductivity in Lao Gong points show that the balance of the human body can be adjusted by performing of complex exercises.
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A Content Analysis of Social and Affect Studies in CSCL

Xiaodan Zhou, LingHsiu Chen
Over recent years, while studies about computer-supported collaborative learning increased gradually, more and more researchers recognized the importance of social interactions in the CSCL environments. Social interactions can be divided into on-task and non-task interactions. Non-task interactions embraces...
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A Second Order Asymmetric Finite Difference Method for the Black-Scholes Equation of European Options

Wenbin Feng, Philsu Kim, Xiangfan Piao
In this paper, we develop a fast numerical scheme for computing the European option pricing problems governed by the Black-Scholes equation. We prove that the proposed scheme has second order accuracy in both time and space. Under some restrictions, the stability of the proposed method in the sense of...
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The Dynamic Mechanism of the Development of the Mobile Internet Industry

Yuxin Zhang
Through the observation of industry facts of the mobile internet industry, the article aims to explore the dynamic mechanism which affects the development of the mobile internet industry. The dynamic mechanism consists of technology, economic incentive, user’s demand and policy, which form to an interactional...
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An Initial Study on Proficiency Scales for Business English for Chinese Users

Cong Wang
In spite of the over 100 years of English education as a second language in China and the introduction of modern business English into the said country, standards for the proficiency of the language have never been set up. A possible solution, being explored by researchers at home and abroad, may be...
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An Investigation of Influencing Factors on Household Portfolio in China----Based on Micro Econometric Analysis of Tobit Model

Yanda Lang, Yueming Wu
The purpose of this article is to cognize the characteristics of household portfolio, acknowledge the factors that affect the Chinese household investments, and analyze the household investment structure of different populations. Past research in China has appropriately discuss the present situation...
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The Profit Pattern of Virtual Community of Chinese Culture in English Research

Lufan Zhang
Aiming at the reality that the profit pattern was not readily available to the Chinese Culture English virtual community, through the analysis of different profit model, apply them to the BBS, blog and classified information website, then divide the enterprise into initial, growth, maturation and recession...
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Research on the Framework of High-Tech Terrace Based on High-Tech Industry

Jie Chen, Jiayi Yao, Tao Wang
Nowadays, the High-Tech develop rapidly, the industrial clusters have been the important carrier to the economic development in our country, as well as the integrated form of science and technology service has been the objective needs to Chinese characteristic industry clusters entering into the period...
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Analysis on Factors Affecting Farmers’ Participating in the Chinese New Rural Social Endowment Insurance from the Ecological Perspective

Haobang Wu, Li Wang, Feng Yin
Since 2009, the new rural social endowment insurance system has gradually started the pilot in China. However, some farmers didn’t get a high initiative to participate, which showed a serious impact on the promotion of the new system. This paper, based on the food chain theory, analyzes the various factors...
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Study on the Persuading Factors of News Monographic Report

Ju He
This study suggests that news monographic reports are an information organizing tool, and its purpose is not simply to present objective and comprehensive news and information, but to pass a specific meaning directivity to the audience according to certain logic. Therefore, a variety of persuasion means...
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Dualistic Cultural Characterization of “Tile-Cat” under Tourist Gaze in Ethnic Tourism

Yan Zeng
As a tourist gaze object "Tile-Cat" is the symbol in the tourism consumption system, has the unique tourism market symbol value, includes self expression and symbol value which represents a mascot, sacred item, totem, natural idol in ethnic area and symbolizes the medium of communication between tourists...
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The Effects of Knowledge Management on the Process of Employee Innovation within Organizations

Dr. Pu Xu, Dr. Jingjing Wang
The need for organizations to innovate is highlighted throughout the management literature on innovation. Knowledge is considered as a potential key competitive advantage by helping to facilitate innovation within the organization. This paper focuses on the role of knowledge management in enhancing employee...
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Study on the Cultivation Models of “Grey Collar” Talents in Vocational Colleges

Kai Zhu, Peng Sun, Xin Zhao
With the development of economy and the needs of society, more and more attention are paid to “gray collar” talents, who have strong capabilities in theory and practice. Cultivating “gray collar” talents becomes an important issue that higher vocational colleges should be aware of. This study is mean...
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Application of Metadiscourse to College English Writing

Xi Li
Metadiscourse is used to negotiate interactional meanings in a text, assisting the writer to express a viewpoint and engage with readers as members of a particular community. It is classified into interactive and interactional resources. Inadequacy of metadiscourse devices may cause students’ low grades...
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Quantitative Study of Monetary Liquidity Impact on Inflation in China

Mei Zhou, Yuqing Yang
In order to measure the monetary liquidity quantitative impact on inflation in China, this paper will measure monetary liquidity from the liquidity of money supply and the currency circulation speed, by using Eviews 6.0 software to establish the regression analysis model, do the cointegration analysis,...
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Under the “Two Integration” the “Adaptation” Direction of Industrial Design Professional Curriculum System

Xiaoqin Cao
The phenomena appearing in the undergraduate course teaching of industrial design under the “Two Integration” and the existing problems exposed the “vague” of the goal of industrial design professional curriculum, the “obsolete knowledge” of the curriculum content, the single mode of the curriculum implementation...
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Problems of and Reflections on Task Design in Graduate English Textbooks

Zhen Wang
This survey aims to find the problems of task design in graduate English textbooks. 630 directions of tasks are collected from two textbooks. The analysis shows that the main problems are as follows: first, design concept are based on language knowledge to ignore language application ability; second,...
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Application of Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) in College English Teaching

Lili Zhang, Dongmei Li
With the accelerated pace of college English teaching reform, the traditional English teaching mode is being phased out and will be replaced by a new one named task-based language teaching (TBLT). As a new mode, TBLT is being introduced into the English classroom. With this mode, teachers should associate...
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Population Characteristics and Institutional Participation: How Do Migrant Workers Make A Choice under Health Insurance Policy in China

Yifan Yang, Zengli Mi
On the base of Chengdu’s survey data, this paper focuses on migrant workers’ behavior of participating in the the urban insurance .This research use the Logistic regression model to analysis and do empirical study of the characteristic factors that affect the insured: health condition, income levels,...
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Barriers and Countermeasures on the Implementation of Executive Stock Options in Chinese Listed Corporations

Wangxia Liu, Yunjin Tan
As a long-term incentive plan, the theory of Executive Stock Options is theoretically perfect. However, there are some obvious implementation obstacles on its stimulating impact in some field, such as legislation, market, supervision, assessment, tax preference and so on. Therefore, this paper analyzes...
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The Boundary of Confucianist: the Excellence in Both Moral Character and in Governing

Xiaofang Zhang
“The excellence in both moral character and in governing” is “the morality moral character” cultural manifesting, is the pursue “the beauty gathers one” mind boundary. The Confucianist “the excellent in both moral character and in governing” is “gathers from the beauty one” internalizes is “the beauty...
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An International Comparative Study of State-owned Companies ——From the Perspective of the Relationship on Principal-Agent

Shouwei, Peter Xian
In the course of founding modern corporate institution, China introduced “the theory of corporate governance” via which regulates the rights and duties of the owners, monitor and supervisor of the corporate, aiming at a desirable balance on interests and risks, incentives and regulations among the different...
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Research on Depression of Postgraduates in Universities ——Take Zhejiang For Example

Tao Huang, Rong Gu, Yulong Wang
With heavy research and study pressure, the postgraduate is likely to get depression. This paper presents the survey result of 500 postgraduates who studied in Zhejiang province based on BDI-II(Beck Depression Inventory). Survey result shows the depression ratio of Zhejiang is 15.6%. Further comparisons...
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Role Assignment Strategy in Multi-Agent Cooperation for Robot Soccer

Jiawei Hu, Zhao Liu
To make multi-agent collaboration to better collaborate on tasks proposed tactical concept of multi-agent collaboration, a number of tactics to each set of tasks, these tasks set for this tactical purposes, the task set, through with the completion of collaboration between individuals, at time level,...
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Correlations between Somatotype and Temperament in Pre-School Twins

Man Zhao, Y.-L. Li, Y.-N. Zheng
To analyze the associations between somatotype and temperament in pre-school children, 124 pairs of 3- to 7-year-old twins were enrolled in. The somatotype components were calculated by Heath-Cater method, while Behavioral Style Questionnaire (BSQ) was used to evaluate child temperament. The results...
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Communication and Strategy: the Inner Conflict of Teacher's Discourse

Tao Jiang
Teachers' discourse includes two parts: student-centered discourse and teacher-centered discourse. Both of them have communicative and strategic dimensions which cause the inner conflict of teachers' discourse. This conflict originates from the different natures of education, teleological nature and...
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Evaluations of Accounting Professionals and Accounting Academicians Regarding to International Financial Reporting Standards: A Comparative Analysis

Naim Ata Atabey, Halil Akmese
Abstract - Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in some countries led to various problems and stimulated the research efforts regarding to this issue. Turkey, as being a developing country, is trying to integrate to the global economy by amending new regulations such as Turkish...
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The Reform of Undergraduate Courses for English Majors ---On the Cultivating Model of Interdisciplinary English Majors in My University

Hongqin Zhang
Abstract - The paper is based on the current educational policies of English major reforms and their cultivating models in colleges with similar college bases to CUPL. This provides suitable theoretical and practical references to the target renovation in the English department in our university. We...
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Cyber Law in the United Kingdom: Review and Comment

Hongqin Zhang
Abstract - The paper makes a review and a comment of Cyber Law in the United Kingdom. In the review, the paper analyses its structure and the relevant legislations. The general introduction conveys the telecommunications infrastructure, and the body mainly introduces the legislations of telecom regulations...