Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences and Sustainable Development (ASSSD 2018)

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Establishment of Spiritual Care Service System for Empty Nesters in New Rural Communities

Bo Xing
New rural communities have attached more importance to the improvement of living environment and the building of infrastructures. However, relevant public services fail to keep pace with this trend, particularly the little attention and investment on humanistic care service system building for empty...
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Research on Barrier-free Design of House Environment

Hui Wang, Houping Deng
With the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, especially home safety and comfort for families with elderly, disabled and minors, the requirements for all aspects of household design are very high. It leads to the design of a barrier-free home environment...
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Research on the Application of Folk Arts and Crafts in Contemporary Interior Design

Houping Deng, Wen Chen
Folk arts and crafts are playing an active role in today's interior design. This paper discusses from the angle that folk arts and crafts are beneficial to the formation of good indoor environment, enriching interior design skills and promoting the development of culture. Then we explore the concrete...
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A Brief Talk on the Aesthetic Ideology in Vernacular Architecture of Northern Shandong Province

Xuan Zhang
The vernacular architecture of Shandong province contains great literary value and aesthetic value. This article has systematically analyzed from the perspective of aesthetics, which is the types of construction, production methods, rural construction environment and any other aspects. There are many...
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Research On the Optimization Design of Campus Environment of Northwest A&F University Under the Stormwater Management

Liyan Gong, Ning Cao
College campus is an important part of urban construction. With the rise of sponge city construction, college campus can be used as the carrier of storm water management scheme. Based on the theory of storm water management, campus has functions like learning and communication, at the same time the campus...
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Thoughts on Perfecting Insurance System of Unemployed Military Spouses Who Followed the Army

Pengcheng Xiao
It is an important part of the military insurance system to play an important role in dispersing the risk of spouses' joint ventures and relieving the soldiers from worries. This paper puts forward the suggestions of rationalization for the existing problems of the spouses 'insurance system of the unarmed...
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Situation Analysis and Reform Discussion of Analog Electronic Technology Teaching

Youhui Zou, Renbo Xu, Ping Yang
Analog electronic technology is a basic professional course for engineering students, which is closely related to practice. Due to the abstraction of the physical concept of the course, as well as the boring curriculum, students generally complain about the difficulty in the introduction in learning....
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Problems and Countermeasures of Project Settlement Audit

Ke Liu
in recent years, the settlement audit of capital construction projects has become the focus of all investment subjects, construction units and construction project cost management departments and consulting units. In this paper, how to correctly understand the characteristics of the project settlement...
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The Research and Practice on the Talent Cultivation Pattern in the Industrial Development of Internet of Things

Zhijian Diao
The Internet of Things (IOT) is a product of information technology as well as a strong support for the high-tech industry in China. In this era, it is necessary to provide enough professionals of this filed as a growth driver. The professional courses of the Internet of Things in China start relatively...
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Analysis of Accidents Caused by Management Violations

Xinnan Xie, Xiao Liu, Shuyi Tao, Bo Liu, Lei Zhang, Boyu Shi, Yang Su, Xinyu Li, Qiuxia Jia, Yufei Wang
Based on the analysis of the violation, it is concluded that people's unprofessional operation directly or indirectly caused to personal injury accident, which account to 80 to 90 percent of the annual total number of accident. The characteristics of the violation is potential, intractable, exclusivity,...
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The Accidents Caused by Personnel Behavior Violations

Rui Tong, Yingying Yang, Jing Jin, Qinghao Wang, Enlu Wang, Lu Han, Jia Shan, Bo Li, Peng Liu, Ning Zhang
Through the analysis of the violation, we can see that the violation can be divided into serious violation and general violation according to the possible consequences. There are 58 behaviors in violation of regulations. The psychological process consists of three parts: cognitive process, emotional...
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Analysis on Harm of Device Violation

Xinhua Zhao, Bo Zhu, Chuang Wang, Yanhai Huang, Changxin Ge, Guanqiao Hao, Xue Wang, Wei Zhang, Xinnan Xie, Wenfeng Hao
Device violation refers to tools and safety protection for production equipment, facilities, environment and operations, but it doesn't meet the requirements of regulation, stipulation, standard and anti-accident measure, which can't guarantee unsafe factor of reliably person, power grid and device safety....
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Discussion on Leakage Protection in Distribution Network

Xiaoshu Zhang, Huiyan Cao, Chuanzong Zhao, Mei Xu, Tianci Li, Dewu Ye, Jingyi Zhang, Jiahui Zhu, Yangzhuo Yue, Yuanlin Song
Although the voltage level of distribution network is low, the variety of power equipment is complicated, the users are uneven, and there is a greater risk of electric shock. The problem of leakage in distribution line are discussed. First of all, the leakage protection is systematically analyzed, then...
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Discussion on How to Supervise the Safety of Temporary Electricity in Construction

Hua Zhang, Xiaolei Yang, Chenghao Lan, Shuai Wang, Jia Liu, Pin Dong, Hui Chen, Lei Feng, Qi Wang, Yang Hu
In view of the safety problem of construction temporary electricity use, it is expounded that the distribution network has low voltage level, but the types of electrical equipment are complex, the users are uneven, and there is a great risk of electric shock. Aiming at the problem of leakage in distribution...
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The Importance of Power Safety Management

Jiatian Bai, Fuliang Zhang, Ye Wei, Chengye Yuan, Qidong Zhao, Yang Hu, Wei Li, Yan Zhao, Huiyan Li, Yaowei Wu
The power safety management is interpreted from four aspects: power safety control, power safety dispatch, power safety evaluation and power safety management, which puts forward some problems that should be paid attention to and some measures that can be taken by the point of view of power safety management....
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Strategy Research on Cadets' Psychology Intervention

Junjie Li
Under the new situation, with the increase of contradictions and conflicts that cadets confront, the rate of experiencing psychological problems and obstacles suffered from higher pressure among cadets is significantly rising. The essay aims at studying the main pressure sources of cadets' stress as...
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The Change and Development of Individual Project --Based on the Evolution of Code of Point Rhythmic Gymnastics 2017-2020

Yun Gu, Bing Shi, Yuliang Sun
International Federation of Gymnastics constantly adjusted rules along with the development of competitive sports. This study proposed certain theoretical foundations for the future development of rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics event is developing towards artistic, diversified and precise direction...
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The Influence of Population Aging on the Urban Residents’ Consumption and Economic Growth in Beijing??"??"the Empirical Study Based on VAR Model

Huishang Li, Zhen Cao, Chunhong Qu, Yajuan Cui, Meiling Wang
Taking Beijing city as an example, the relationship between aging of population, the consumption and the GDP in large city were studied based on the VAR model in the article. The results showed that there are closely relationship between the ratio of elderly dependency and consumption and economic growth....
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Quantitative Modeling Analysis of the Effect of Cluster Effect on Sports Economy

Xiuying Han
Holding large-scale sports activities can bring great significance and impact to host cities and even the entire country. Through the holding of large-scale sports activities, can effectively enhance the city and national reputation. Large-scale sports activities can have a positive impact on the economic...
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Synergistic Effect between Sunshine Sports and Wisdom Sports

Feng Sun
In recent years, the voice of the reform of quality education is getting louder and louder. How to cultivate talents with comprehensive qualities is also an issue that people are paying increasing attention to. In this paper, we analyze the synergies between sports systems and other education subsystems...
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The Application Study on flipped Class in Western Economics Teaching --- Taking Independent College for Example

Guoyan Wu
With the coming of the cloud era, information technology has changed our teaching model greatly, and traditional teaching model is facing great challenge today. In this case, the flips can be used as a reference for reform of traditional class. Through investigating the problems in the course of western...
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An Analysis on the Individual Needs of English-major Students Under the Background of the Reform

Shufen Yang
The enactment of "the Undergraduate Specialty Teaching Quality of Higher Institutions in National Standard " provides evidence for each career development. The national standard not only highlights learner-centered teaching and output, but also emphasizes the student's subjectivity in education, which...
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The moderating effect of self-confidence on the relationship between extraversion and subjective well-being

Hong Shao, Bing Shi, YuLiang Sun
The relationship between different personality tendencies, self-confidence and subjective well-being was explored on Shaanxi Normal University and Xidian University of 343 undergraduates. And questionnaires like Youth Self Confidence Inventory, Index of Subjunctive Weil-Being and a Chinese version of...
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A New Interpretation of the Mongolian Inscription on "Wan shou baita" in Aohan Banner

Yue Zheng
This article reinterprets two Mongolian inscriptions on Aohan Banner "Wan shou baita", complements the Chinese translation on the basis of the Latin transliteration, and expounds the inscriptions on the characteristics of Mongolian language philology and the significance of historical religions.
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Study on the relationship between the main interests of the parties in the development process of Inner Mongolia industrial and mining industry from the perspective of game theory and its reasons

Changbao Yang, Xiuqing Wu
Based on the field investigation in Damo County, Inner Mongolia, this paper interviewed the government departments, industrial and mining enterprises and herdsmen in the survey area to find out the attitudes and opinions of various stakeholders on the industrial and mining development in grassland and...
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The fitness and health value of the Taijiquan Wujizhuang

Jing Li
Taijiquan is gentle, slow and natural, which can make the body's material and energy be fully exchanged, thus improving the health value of human body. After the systematic combine of the fitness effect of the Taijiquan Wujizhuang, the function of 'Tiaoshen', 'pranayama' and 'Tiaoxin' was also found...
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Perspective of auto parts enterprises in whole life cycle cost management research

Wen-wu SHAO, Yin-tao XIAO
In order to solve the problem of cost management faced by enterprises, this paper uses the method of total life cycle cost management to analyze and manage the cost of each stage of production process of the enterprise, and puts forward the idea of using dynamic programming to effectively manage the...
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The Community Sports in the Construction of a Harmonious Society

Xue Cao
By literature review and investigation, the article offers some effective measures to solve some currently problems. Such as insufficiency of the community sports facility, lack of the perfect laws, the limited sports organization shortage of fund, no sports instructor. Taking these measures would improve...
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Motion Analysis of Hammer Throw Technique of the World Top Female Athletes

Liqiang Li, Bingjun Wan, Cheng Guo, Yuliang Sun
In order to study the characteristics of the best Chinese female athlete Zheng Wang's hammer throw technique and improve her performance, we used biomechanical video analysis to analyze the technical characteristics of 6 world top female hammer players. We found that in the process of holding the ball,...
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Reflection and Construction of Higher Vocational Curriculum Based on Professional Quality Education

Chiwen Wei, Qin Wei
The training objective of higher vocational education is cultivating superior skilled talents. And improving the professional quality of students is its important connotation. As a pattern of educational activities, curriculum is the foundation and the key of talent training. Therefore, it is necessary...
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Research on Online Education Architecture Based on xAPI Technology

Zhaofeng Bu, Xiaoming Du, Bin Liu, Ning Zhu
The current online education platform focuses on providing services to learners, neglecting to track and evaluate learners, not enough to reflect learners' real learning situations and to make accurate evaluations of learning outcomes. Based on the status quo of online education technology and the principle...
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On the ethical performance of female chivalry in the novels of Qing Dynasty

Ying Luo
As a special cultural phenomenon, chivalry is a comprehensive product of Chinese traditional culture, and has complicated relations with Confucianism, Taoism and ink. With the further strengthening of neo-confucianism in the qing dynasty, the female chivalric image in qing dynasty's novels focuses more...
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Research on Prediction of Student Status’ Change Based on Neural Network Algorith

Wenwen Yu, Wenxi Zheng, Min Wu
In order to provide effectively assessment and decision support for student status management, a prediction model for the change of student status based on back propagation neural network algorithm is presented, compared with the traditional statistical methods, it achieves the prediction of student...
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Practical Research on TBL-teaching Mode in the Sports Biomechanics Course

Chunzhen He, Jihong Jing, Yuliang Sun
Based on the application of team-based learning (TBL) teaching mode in sports biomechanics course, this study adopted TBL-teaching method in specific chapters in teaching practice to explore and solve problems in current sports biomechanics course teaching. In this study, the research background, implementation...
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Factors Affecting Teacher Adoption of Mobile Learning in Teachers’ Educational Technology Ability Training: A Case Study in a Pharmaceutical University

Wei-jie Yang, Fang-fang Du
In the "Internet plus education" era, university teachers’ educational technology training courses in China need to be updated and improved. Under the guidance of "National University Teachers’ Educational Technology Ability Guidance", and combined with the actual demand, the authors developed a new...
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Research on Factors Contributing to the Fluctuating Copper Price Based on Copper Supply and Demand

Yan Zhang, Weiwei Shen
This paper concludes that there is a long-term and stable equilibrium relationship between copper price and supply and demand in China through empirical research on supply and demand of copper in China. The equilibrium relationship is mainly affected by refined copper output and scrap copper import value....
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Explain the Basic Issues About Control of Corrupt Crimes in the View of Big Data

Yuehong Wu
Big Data contains the law of social development and criminal governance, and how to prevent and control corruption crime to adapt to the tide of big data is the key to carry out the management of the number in crime prevention and control. In this regard, our country should pay attention to the issue...
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Application of allograft bone transplantation in bone tumour surgery

Rui Jiang, Ziyan Zhang, Han Wu, Chao Zhang
Objective: To discuss the scope, effect, rejection reaction, etc. of applying allograft bone transplantation in bone tumour surgery. Method: 120 cases of allogeneic bone transplantation were used in bone tumour surgery from October 1983 to March 2003, including 102 cases of tumor curettage and cancellous...
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Kinematics analysis of the throwing pace of the men's javelin champion in the 2017 Summer Universiade

Guocai Ma, Bingjun Wan
Through the analysis and comparison of the throwing pace of the javelin thrower Zhaocun Zheng who participated in the 29th the World University Games and the world outstanding men javelin throwers. This study found that the tilt Angle of the body was larger after the first step and the second step. During...
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Progress in Chemotherapy of Malignant Bone Tumors

Rui Jiang, Ziyan Zhang, Han Wu, Chao Zhang
In the past 30 years, great progress has been achieved in the treatment of malignant bone tumors, which must be significantly attributed to the application and gradual improvement of chemotherapy, especially the appearance of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy concept and the application of its rules. Represented...
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Application of risk matrix in RMB internationalization

Haoyu Pan
In the paper, nine major risks of RMB internationalization are analyzed on the basis of related finance theory, a risk assessment matrix is established, and corresponding risk control measures are proposed finally. Domestic and foreign perspectives are utilized for respectively determining the risk as...
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Effects Financial Media have on Firm Value and Suggestions for Investor Relations Media Strategy

Ying Wang, Tianzhen Zhang, Jiameng Song
Three main effects that financial media have on firm value have been outlined. The first outcome is that financial media could influence the share price of a firm, and the positive news can predict higher stock price normally, and vice versa. The second demonstration shows that financial media could...
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Game strategy selection of government financial expenditure competition ??"??"Analysis of game model based on Stacklderg game model

Yuanyuan Wang
The competition of financial expenditure is the game choice between local governments for resources. Analysis of the optimal strategic solution of participants by the game model is to guide the behavior choice of the behavior subject. Using the Stacklderg Game model as the strategic analysis framework....
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Hammer Throwing Technique of the Chinese Elite Female Athlete

Lu Shi, Feng Liu, Chunyin Ma
This study was conducted to investigate Zheng Wang's hammer throw technique via motion analysis using the video of the 2017 on the National Athletics Grand Prix (Zhengzhou, China). Anita Wlodarczyk, the hammer throw champion in London Championships, was took as the other subject. This study explored...
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The Study of Industrial Agglomeration improving Misallocation of Resources

Shu-han Ji, Ying-ming Zhu, Xin Zhang
This paper incorporated industry agglomeration into the misallocation of resources theoretical framework, we constructed improving effect model. By extending the method of Levinsohn and Petrin we calculated the misallocation index in China, the research indicates that 72% industries are inadequate capital...
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Research on Reshaping Family Education with Excellent Family Style

Weifeng Li, Lan Yao, Lixia Liang
In China, family style and family education are closely linked. At present, family education in China is facing some new problems. It is urgent to reshape the connotation of family education with excellent family traditions and optimize the inheritance path of outstanding family traditions.
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Corporate Performance and Executive turnover

Yaya Su
With fierce competition, the proportion of executive of listed companies change is rising recently, which has attracted the attention of many scholars. According to researches of corporate governance, corporate performance is a significant indicator to evaluate the operation and management. The thesis...
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Construction and Practice the Wikipedia System on Educational Administration Management in Colleges and Universities

Lingxuan Zhu, Ying Jiang, Huan Ding, Xinyuan Pan, Aijia He, Xu Xiao
In order to adapt to the education management status that the numbers of changes in the management system and documents increased significantly, based on the purpose of innovation and entrepreneurship education, this paper puts forward the new requirements of educational administration in universities...
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Present Situation, Suggestions on Foreign Exchange Risk Management of Chinese Multinational

Qi Li
In view of the actual situation of foreign exchange risk management of Chinese enterprises, this paper analyzes the problems existing in foreign exchange risk management of enterprises. And on this basis, to elaborate the enterprises to strengthen foreign exchange risk management response measures to...
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The Impact of "Internet Plus" Era on Physical Education in Colleges and Universities and Its Countermeasures

Dingcheng Wang, Bing Shi, YuLiang Sun
Faced with the craze of the Internet age, college physical education cannot be avoided. This research mainly uses the literature material method, system analysis method, this research mainly studies the physical education in colleges and universities in the age of "Internet +" through literature and...
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Corporate Strategy and Earnings Management

Xiangfeng Wang, Xine Zhao
This paper mainly discusses the relationship between corporate strategy and earnings management by using multiple regression analysis. And the data of A-share listed companies in China from 2007 to 2016 are used. The result shows that the corporate strategy affects the level of earnings management and...
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Influence of Game Theory on Physical Education Teaching Mode

Guoqing Sun
Under the influence of years of exam-oriented education in the past, physical education has been neglected by the school. Today, this situation has changed quietly with the gradual infiltration of curriculum reform and quality education. We put forward the application of game theory to implement management...
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Some Thoughts on Intensive Spanish Teaching in Internet Environment

Hanghang Xie
Since 2013, our country's colleges and universities have started a micro-curriculum based on the network environment. All professions are beginning to try to join the micro-class teaching process in order to improve the efficiency of the curriculum, improve students' ability to learn independently. Spanish...
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Optimize the application of micro-class in college English teaching

Gao Zhang
Micro-class is a new way of teaching, by more and more educator attention. Under the background of "informationization", it is of great practical significance to introduce micro class into college English teaching. Its unique advantages and English language learning is very fit, throughout the teaching...
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Second baseman defense techniques in a double play with runner on first

Yuan Haonan
In the baseball game, the second is a key base for runner. The second baseman plays a key role in the game. In addition to his ability possess other fielders, he must be sensitive, light, fast, and steady. The most important thing is to keep head clear and clearly understand the situation on the field....
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Function analysis of website’s construction of local high vocational college’s enrollment propaganda

Aijiang He, Lixiu Liu
Based on current situation of high vocational college’s enrollment and this department’s visiting data, analyzing situations about candidates’ visiting number, time, region, method, initiative consultation, concerned content, etc during the application period; it is concluded that in this period, the...
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A Study on the Relationship between Information Disclosure and Corporate Governance--Based on Empirical Data of Chinese Listed Companies

Yuying Wang
This paper studies the factors that influence the internal control and information disclosure from the perspective of corporate governance. This paper creatively adds corporate governance indicators such as institutional shareholding ratio, the board gender differences, and the board members' overseas...
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The effects of competition teaching on the motivation of the high school students

Chunqing Wang, Xiaofang Hu
To examine the effects of competition teaching on exercise motivation of high school boys, we practiced this teaching mode in basketball teaching in both the intervention and control groups. The results show that the participation tendency and avoidance tendency were significant different before and...
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Land Engineering Discipline Research

Jie Cheng, Jichang Han, Zenghui Sun
Discipline is very important to industry development. At present, land engineering had been partially established. To speed up and improve the land engineering discipline, this paper discussed the research object, research connotation, research core and land engineering disciplines of Land Engineering....
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Science and Technology Changing Education: The Application of New Media Technology in University Museums

Ke Zhao
With the rise of new media technologies, museums are playing a vital role in the three missions - education, research and community engagement. As an important part of the museum, the university museum not only has profound academic background but also is the forefront position of the museum for innovative...
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Analysis and sequencing of the influence factors of the value of review on the low carbon Library Line Based on SPSS data analysis

Mengxin Yi
In order to provide users with the most valuable reviews and help them choose their favorite books in mass book online reviews, we need to develop a ranking method to get more effective reviews from a large number of online reviews. The three children's books Dangdang online review data, statistics on...
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Research on the strategy of intercultural communication competence in college English teaching

Yajie Cui
Intercultural communication is the starting point and final destination of English teaching. However, due to various factors, all aspects of current English teaching are biased towards language and cultural knowledge and language competence, and little attention has been paid to the cultivation of intercultural...
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Research On the Mechanism Innovation Of The Cultivation Of Rule Of Law Talents In the View Of Big Data

Yuehong Wu
With the rapid development and application of technologies such as cloud computing, internet of things and artificial intelligence, big data has profoundly changed the mode of production, relations of production and living conditions in human society and provided opportunities and opportunities for the...
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Problems and Countermeasures of College Students' Ideological and Political Education

Zhong-fang Chen
For the current ideological and political education in colleges and universities, we are generally emphasis on the leading role of teachers too much. To a certain extent, the current ideological education of college students neglects the dominant position of students. Many college students passively...
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Value Evaluation of Inclusive Innovation System Empirical Study on Rural E-commerce in China

Kun Wang, Yuqing Han
By constructing the hierarchical regression model, it is verified that the inclusive innovation system has a positive effect on solving the problems of rural poverty, peasants employment, gender inequality and changing people's ideas, to further validate China inclusive innovation form of rural e-commerce...
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Pricing/service strategies for a dual-channel supply chain with bi-direction free-riding and revenue-sharing contract

Kun Wang
This paper considers a two-level and a dual-channel supply chain, where a manufacturer sells products through both her own online channel and a traditional retail channel. Both them provide customers with some pre-sales services by brick store and online consulting, which have positive impact on the...
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Clinical Diagnosis of Bone Tumor and X-ray Application for Patients with Bone Tumor

Rui Jiang, Ziyan Zhang, Han Wu, Chao Zhang
Objective: To analyze the application value of X-ray in the diagnosis of bone tumor for patients. Methods: With the retroactive analysis on the clinical data of 52 patients with bone tumor, which were accepted by the hospital and received X-ray examination from January 2013 to January 2014, the rate...
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Research on Blended Learning Based on Competition

Bocheng Liu, Jianfeng Xu, Mengmeng Shi
Currently,data mining in the background of big data has become the core technology of big data analysis.Data mining engineers and big data analysts have gradually become more and more popular.This article explores the blended learning based on the combination of SPOC and competition driven, and conducts...
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Research on the Countermeasures to Accelerate the Construction of Independent Innovation Ability of Shandong Province

Peizhe Li, Shanshan Pei
Improving the ability of independent innovation is an important way to realize the transformation of economic development mode and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the region. Evaluating of the independent innovation ability of four provinces in eastern China by using factor analysis method,...
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Urban Design??"??"The Art of Time

Rui Zhou
The landscape is the fountain which makes people see the world ,remember the city and feel pleasure. In fact, provide the city with stunning visual enjoyment is a special and original matter of design. Thus, we have to understand the art of time and find the way to handle the problem of aesthetic in...
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Overview of the Ancient Chinese Literature Appreciation from the Perspective of Thinking Aesthetics

JianQiang Li
Artistic conception, that is, the atmosphere created by literary works, plays an important role in the expression of the artist's emotions and the ideological transmission of his works. Cultivating aesthetic ability plays an important role in Chinese education in middle schools. Appreciating the beauty...
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The Energy Consumption Differences between Walking and Running at the Same Speed

Meijuan Wang, Feng Liu
In this study, we used the way of reserve heart rate to explore the energy consumption of the fitness crowd when walking and running under the same condition of speed, and to provide the reference to the fitness crowd to choose the exercise intensity and sports mode rationally. Using six male PE majors...
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The Coordinated Development of Party Construction Work and Campus Atmosphere Construction in Private Colleges and Universities

Wang Hongwu Wang
Strengthening the school spirit, teaching style and style of study in private colleges and universities is an important way for private colleges and universities to improve the quality of education and improve the level of running colleges and universities. Strengthening the party building work in private...
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Research on the Difference of the After-tax Net Profit of Listed Companies' Financial Auditing

Xiao-yun Yan
In the increasingly frequent international economic exchanges, investment and financial markets, and increasingly global production and consumption, accounting language, as an internationally-used "commercial language," is increasingly being valued by a large number of information users. The accounting...
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A Study on the Discourse System of Student Management in Private Colleges and Universities

Henan Li
At the end of 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the national ideological and political work conference of colleges and universities that the ideological and political work should be carried out through the whole process of education and teaching, and create a new situation in the development...
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Analysis of Supply Quality of General Aviation Industry Policy in China

Liang Zhang, Chengwei Hu
The paper first analyzes the evolution path of China's general aviation industry policy, analyzes the general aviation industry policies in China, and summarizes the main six types of policies at the current stage. The effect of the implementation of general aviation industry policies is positive. Less...
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Study on the Policy Dilemma and Solution Strategies of General Aviation Industry Development in China

Chengwei Hu, Liang Zhang
The paper puts forward the importance of the development of general aviation industry policy under the "new era", and analyzes the current difficulties in the development of general aviation industry policy from six aspects: policy management mechanism and policy system, policy goal setting and policy...
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The optimized strategy of urban rail transit project under Public-Private-Partnerships in China: Based on the maximum government benefit

Fei-ran Liu, Jun Liu, Xue-dong Yan
As the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) in the domain of urban rail goes further, government policy makers care more about if any acceptable decision exists in project and maximum extent of Value for Money (VFM). However, the existing decision-making evaluation method may provide invalid and inaccurate...
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Research on artistic conception modeling in industrial design

Li Lin Yang
The artistic conception is the soul of art Chinese nation, reasonable building artistic conception can play an important role in industrial design. The design works with beautiful artistic conception can meet the basic requirements of people's life, relieve the pressure of people's lives and enrich their...
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Discussion on the Control Technology in the Design of Packaging Machinery

Gang Qiao
With the rapid development of China's economy, the number of enterprises in all walks of life is increasing.No matter food, daily necessities or large electrical appliances, any items should be packaged before they get out of the factory. Products of different quality and nature have different requirements...
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The bus waiting area design

Shanghong Yu
With the progress of the society and the improvement of living standards, people's demands for public facilities such as waiting hall are also increasing.For the design of the bus waiting area also requires more humane, intelligent, but the bus waiting area of our country has many shortcomings, such...
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Study on the formal beauty of plants in interior design

Juan Dong
with the improving of the living environment for people demands, a lot of living space, office space, commercial space owner will choose to use plants to add vigor of the interior space, adjust the atmosphere of interior space. When choosing plants, we are faced with a variety of plants to choose, how...
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The design of children's interesting seat

Fangmin Yuan, Yan Zhang
With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more modern parents are care for their children, and many families will buy special seats for children. But currently market of children's chair mostly belongs to the adults smaller version of the chair, not on the physical characteristics and...
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The Conflict and Integration of Youth Issues and Social Culture

Xiao Xia
The intergenerational transfer of youth issues and social development are synchronized, reflecting the conflict and integration with the social and cultural environment, reflecting the interaction, criticism, reflection and integration of postmodernism and traditionalism. Contemporary youth issues and...
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Research on the Intelligent Service System of University Mobile Digital Library

Jia-Xin Yue, Ai-Min Pu, Xu Huang
The mobile digital library is the result of the informatization construction of the university library. The intelligence service system is the reader service form of the mobile digital library. Starting from this, the article first analyzes the connotation of smart services, and then introduces the current...
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Relying on Skills Competition to Improve the Quality of Skilled Talents Training in Vocational Schools

Yishe Xu, Chunyan Liu, Hongbo Zhou
In recent years, the Polytechnic has continuously participated in or undertaken the competition items of installation and debugging of automated production lines, application of industrial robot technology, and installation and debugging of electrical control systems in provincial and state-level vocational...
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Time Value and Individual Investment

Zeyan Zhu, Xinyuan Yu, Ying Zhang
This paper explains and demonstrates how to manage personal idle money under the inflationary economic environment.First,we research the power of interest and time and conclude the importance of investment,a way of making money.Then we investigate and compare the real estate,stocks, MMF ,bonds and some...
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Trade War between China and US

Zeyan Zhu, Yaotang Yang, Shuqi Feng
This paper introduces Sino-US trade war and trade situation between them,then research the influences of trade war to China and US,as well as global.We find that it will harm to both sides and other countries,including in economy, trade,diplomacy and many other fields.There will be more harm than benefit.Then...
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Research on Training circulation Based on Employee Personas

Xuming Lou, Ya’nan Zhao, Sen Yang
Based on the continuous improvement characteristics of PDCA cycle, this paper preliminarily constructs the training circulatory for enterprise employees. In accordance with the four phases of the PDCA cycle, four modules including training planning, training implementation, training evaluation, and training...
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Development of General Aviation Cultural Tourism Resources Based on "Internet+"

Zhisheng Liang, Liang Zhang
This paper analyzes the connotation of general aviation cultural tourism resources; constructs a general aviation culture tourism information service platform based on “Internet+”; proposes a general aviation cultural tourism development strategy based on “Internet+” thinking.
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A Comparative Study of Vocal Music Art Guidance Courses between China and Russia

Jun Su
The development of vocal arts instruction courses in China is not too long and the curriculum is still being improved. At the same time, there are many educators and musicians who have misunderstandings about the vocal arts instructional curriculum. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to conduct an...
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Study on The relationship Between cultural construction and moral cultivation in colleges and universities

Hongyan Li
In the development and construction of university campus, the cultural construction and moral education construction of university campus are indispensable, and they occupy the core position in the development of this university. The generalized campus culture refers to material culture, spiritual culture...
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Research on Urbanization of China Based on Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis

Wenting Feng
With the convening of the 19th National People’s Congress of the Communist Party of China, building a modern economic system received extensive attention. However, urbanization is one of the indispensable key factors. So this paper will focus on the urbanization level of 31 provincial capital cities...
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Research on Audit Risk Issues in Accounting Information System

Xianchang Liu
Under the contemporary information-based big data model, the continuous development of Internet information basically popularize the accounting information system among enterprises, which derives the audit of accounting information system different from the traditional manual audit. However, due to the...
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Research on development issues of rural banks

Xiaohong Zhu
After years of policy support and market promotion, a new-type rural financial system with diversified levels and wide coverage is gradually being established in China. China is now fully implementing the national strategy for targeted poverty alleviation, quickening poverty alleviation of countryside...
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Research on the Impact of China’s Economic Shift on Taxation Structure from the Perspective of Literature Review

Xiaohong Zou
The downward trend of the economic growth in China was quite obvious since the 18th CPC National Congress, which was manifested by the fact that the economic growth rate in 2013 was 7.7%, the economic growth rate in 2014 fell to 7.3%, while in 2015 it was further down to 6.9%. In the following two years,...
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Research on the Application of "effective Preview" Teaching method based on Mobile Communication equipment in Organic Chemistry Teaching

Ling Chen, Feie Fu
Organic Chemistry is a basic core course in chemistry, biology and pharmacy. Characteristics of Organic Chemistry are wide coverage, various compounds, rich contents and complex chemical reactions[1][2]. Because of the poor basic and self-study ability of the students in higher vocational school, the...
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A Case Study of Financial Issues about Zhejiang Safun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wen Luo
With the constant maturity of China's capital market and the sharp increase in stock market turnover, many companies plan to use IPO to make them listed companies, and to supplement cash flow through the vast financing platform of the equity market, to achieve a bigger and stronger company. desire. However,...
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The teaching reform of art in architecture

Jiali Guo
Traditional architecture speciality based teaching of fine arts, the use of art techniques taught in the single teaching mode of thinking, ignoring the aesthetic ability, the fine arts foundation course should pay attention to the cultivation of the ability and performance ability. Firstly, this paper...
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Evaluations on Innovation Capability and its Influence on Industry Performance of Aerospace Industry

Minhui Tong
Innovation Capability is key performance element of strategic emerging industry. This paper analyzes innovation capability of aerospace industry based on breaking innovation capability down to R&D activity, innovation input, innovation environment and innovation output, the results manifest that Tianjin,...