Proceedings of 3rd International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2017)

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[WITHDRAWN] Credit Decision Behavior Model of Bank Manager Based on Prospect Theory

Wenjie Xing
In the traditional financial theory, the expectation utility theory gives an accurate description of rational behavior under uncertain conditions. But in reality, faced with the loan application customers in the same objective conditions, due to differences in individual behavior preferences, loan managers...
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Research on Shenzhen's Maker Movement: Motivation and Its Optimization

Xianwei Zhang
This paper reveals the status of Shenzhen's maker movement by concluding an empirical investigation of the operational model of Shenzhen's makerspaces. After pointing out the problems found in the investigation, this paper put forward some suggestions to optimize makerspace's operation and culture cultivation.
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Research on the Effect of Public R&D Subsidies on R&D Investment Expenditure of Technological Innovation Enterprises

Ailing Li
As the product attribute of R&D investment, enterprises are lack of the enthusiasm of R&D investment. Public R&D subsidies may reduce the cost of R&D investment, and promote R&D investment of enterprises. However public R&D also has the extrusive effect to the R&D investment of enterprises. This paper...
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Research on Owner's Claims Based on Construction Project Delay Compensation

Yifan Han, Ling Yan
Research on owner's claims is insufficient in constructive engineering field, the composition and calculation way of the delay compensation is still not clear. Firstly, make definition of the delay compensation and its character. Secondly, analyze the reasons of delay, make specific division on the composition...
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The Context of the Interactive Teaching English Teaching Development Trend Analysis

Yan Hu
Interactive English teaching is an English teaching that reform to adapt to the modern requirements of the new, practical and welcomed by the majority of teachers and teaching methods. The use of interactive teaching, the "teacher-student interaction" and "students 'interaction' organic combination of...
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Product Line and Channel Structure Design with Responsive Pricing

Xiaolu Zuo
This paper studies a manufacturer's product line and channel structure decisions when downstream channel(s) using holdback pricing strategy. Products have two quality levels: high quality and low quality, and the manufacturer has five product-channel strategies: (1) Duopoly channel with high quality...
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Discussion on the Teaching Reform of CDIO and Intelligent Car Competition

Desheng Liu, LiLi He, Chunjiang Li, Xiaojun Ma, Yunpeng Liu
In order to improve the students' ability of innovation and practice, the CDIO education idea and the smart car competition content are combined, some problems in the teaching reform program was analyzed, put forward "automatic control principle" course, we increase the experimental contents, and the...
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Applying Project-Based Teaching Method in Electronic Circuit Course

Yanrong Ouyang, Tao Zhang
Circuit course is an important basic courses, with a large of theory and practice contents. This paper discussed the background of electronic circuit course teaching reform, the basic requirements of the project and implementation of application, and a case applied project-based teaching method is shown.
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Public Attention Helps Stocks Survive During Circuit-Breaker Period in China

Sili Wei
The relationship between public attention and stock has been researching for years in the field of behavioral finance. This paper studied the effect of public attention on excess return under extreme market condition of the 4-day circuit-breaker period of China in 2016. After constructing the sample...
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An Econometric Analysis of the Relationship between Education and Economic Growth in China

Xueyan Chang
Historically, economists had already emphasized the importance of human capital to the development of a country. Under the contemporary knowledge-based socio-economic background in China, education, as an essential and fundamental element in human capital development, is reasonable to be connected with...
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Exploration of External Quality Assurance System in Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) Education

Junbo Zhu, Wenying Liu
The urgent and important task of (in) China MLIS education is to enhance education quality. To address this question, we analyzed current status of the external quality assurance of MLIS and studied the external evaluation characteristic. Then, we proposed that the reformation program for MLIS education...
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Legislation on Marine Ranching in Lianyungang City and Legal Construction in Core Regions on the Intersections of the "One Belt One Road

Yang Liu
Lianyungang City is the core area and forerunner area in promoting the construction of intersections of the "One Belt One Road" and the newly revised legislation Law gives Lianyungang City local legislative power. Legislation should go first, and therefore it is of great significance to strengthen the...
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Research on Employee Participation System

Jianduan Li
Since the reform and opening up, China has made great achievements in economic construction. However, with China is entering into the "new normal" of the economy, the competition of enterprises is increasing and the pressure of development is increasing. The development of employee participation system...
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On the Curriculum Setting of College Oral English Course Based on Prefabricated Chunk Theory and Input and Output Strategies

Guoting Qian, Yixuan Duan
Nowadays, spoken English teaching in China on the improvement of students' oral ability does not meet the expectation. "Dumb English" is still prominent in English-language learners. This paper develops a research using questionnaire survey on students' spoken abilities and needs. An efficient curriculum...
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A Stochastic User Equilibrium Model Based on Cumulative Prospect Theory

Haili Yin
Path choice is a key problem in the research of travel behavior. The traditional path selection problem usually assumes that the travelers are completely rational so as to take less consideration their bounded rationality. In this paper, a stochastic user equilibrium model is established based on the...
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Evaluation of Social Benefits for Thermal Power Enterprise Standardization

Hui Liu
Social benefits of standardization are the non-economic social and environmental effects and interests produced by standardization. For thermal power enterprises, such benefits mainly comprise two parts, i.e. environmental protection and energy conservation. This paper takes Tianjin Datang International...
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Research on Individualized Training Model of College Students' Engineering Innovation Ability

Yuan Gong, Dan Mei
Innovation is the inexhaustible power of national prosperity and progress. As an important part of training students' practical ability and innovative ability, engineering training is more and more valued by the school. With the national policy guidance and the engineering training internal contradictions,...
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On the Strategies of Improving the Teachers' Teaching Abilities Based on Teaching State Diagnosis

Xuelian Lu
Teachers' teaching ability is the key to determine teaching quality and teachers' teaching abilities weaken under the teaching state diagnosis. This phenomenon has been a bottleneck of the constraint on the quality of education and teaching .To analyze the teachers' weakened teaching abilities objectively...
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An Analysis of the Function and Application of Metaphor in Political Discourse

Xirong Ai
Metaphor is an important form of rhetoric and an important way of human cognition. The use of metaphor in political discourse can play a role in persuading listeners, shaping audience cognition, and constructing relevant policies. Based on this, metaphor becomes one of the important policy tools that...
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Statistics in the Age of Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges

Guoli Liu
The era of large data will change the way we understand and form statistical information. To store, integrate, process and analyze massive amounts of data can be viewed as a new data analysis method. This kind of intrinsic nature based on data relations determines the inevitable relationship between...
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The Philosophical Foundation of Public Crisis Opinion Flexible Management

Kun Liu
The transmutation of social context and media ecology has injected an uncertainty into the public crisis opinion, which leads flexible management to be a better way. As a stretcher and more flexible managing thought, flexible management prevails particularly in the west, whose essence roots in the same...
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A Study on the Application of English Original Films in Oral English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shuning Liu, Chunyan Teng
With the deepening of the globalization process, China's exchanges and cooperation with other countries are becoming closer and frequent, and the demand for proficient use of English and oral communication is becoming more and more urgent. Oral English is an important means and way of communication and...
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Responding to the Challenges with Implementing a Community-Based Potable Water System Project in a Rural Honduran Community

Xiaoyuan Jin
This paper talks about the water-associated problems that occur in San Gabriel, Honduras, and claims a few present coping methods. It is necessary to solve the water problem in Honduras as soon as possible to get rid of a series of severe health problems, including diarrhea outbreak and parasitism. Coping...
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Analysis on the Concepts of Systemic Equipment Support

Peng Yang, Xinliang Yan, Tielin Liu
The mode of modern war in the information age, is actually a war between systems of systems (hereinafter referred to as SOS), in which, systemic equipment support obviously constitutes a crucial part. Based on the fact that there is so far no consensus on the concept of systemic equipment support, to...
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An inquiry of stock yield between different industries

Zhaoji Tang
There are many essays talking about decisions in choosing stock. Based on former researchers' study, this paper focuses on 4 possible reasons for explaining the stock yield among different industries. With the use of Principle Component analysis, we try to simplify our variables. Then, we choose 26 manufacturing...
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An Analysis of the Current Situation of College Teachers' Incentive Mechanism and the Countermeasures

Liping Shi
Being the main body of teaching and scientific research, teachers are the key force to promote the sustainable development of colleges and universities. It is of vital significance to perfect and optimize the teachers' incentive mechanism to promote their enthusiasm for work and professional development...
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Strengthening the innovation of University Library and improving the core competitiveness

Ling Wang
With the modern society's demand for information, the library service model has been unable to meet the needs of users. In order to help readers access to personalize and characteristic of the literature resources, the library must integrate the collection and network resources effectively, providing...
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Analysis on the Difference of the Economic Development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei based on DMSP_OLS Night Light Data

Jian Li, Chenguang Fan
Based on the data of stable nighttime data, this paper uses the relative development rate and location entropy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cities to quantitatively analyze the difference of urban economic development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region from 2002 to 2015.According to the existing economic differences...
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The Optimal Equipping Based on M/G/K Algorithm

Xuan Wang
I develop a model to determine an optimal model to improve the traffic capacity of the toll plaza. My model contains four parts: In the first part, I consider the principles of designing the toll plaza. Then I set out to reach to an optimal model on the basis of the principle above. In the meantime,...
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A Spline-Merging -Pattern Model of Toll Plaza

Feiliang Hu
In working out a model that would make optimization of the feature of toll plaza , such as shape ,size and merging-pattern, our team decided to apply the Queuing Theory and simulation software Vissim to figure out parameters of microcosmic traffic model .Studying on a large sum of relevant data. We then...
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A better design of the toll plaza on the highway

Shujian Tang
This paper is aimed to figure out a better design of the toll plaza on the highway, considering the economic reason in addition, to relieve more and more serious congestion at the entrance and exit. We break the traditional thinking and design an arch-shaped toll plaza which consists of two layers (the...
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The Legal Practice and Solutions in Dispute of Non-written House Tenancy

Hongfan Chen
An important reason why the leaseholder could not protect their right properly in dispute of house-leasing without written contract is that it lacks of written evidences. This reason may be a motivation that leads this essay. In this essay, to begin with, will explain the basis of legal in non-written...
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The Summary of Integrated Training Based on Information System

Guoxing Zhang, Weichang Zhao, Ping Gu, Xiaowei Chang
Based on the background ,exploration of practice and direction of development of the integration training mode of information system ,according to the main content and integrated training hierarchy of the US Army's digital troops integrated construction , this paper analyses the typical characteristics...
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Modernity Problems of Sandu Shui Nationality Needlework

Wenting Liu
By taking Shui nationality needlework as the study case, this thesis observes the modernity problems of Shui nationality needlework from the perspective of the formation reasons of needlework modernity and the modernity features of needlework. It points out the necessity of the formation of Shui nationality...
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Study on Affective Factors in College English Teaching and Learning

Qiutan Yu
With the rise and development of humanistic psychology, the teaching concept of "learner centered" is being highly rewarded and respected, then foreign language teaching researchers also begin to pay close attention to the influence of affective factors in language learning. Developing "whole person"...
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Data information as a new subject matter of IP: What can China learn from Europe?

Wentao Zhang
The research is constructed on three layers of questions. The first layer of questions is concerning the conceptual aspect of data. In this regard, I will explore the nature of data and analyze the existence in legal system. Then a conclusion will be made on if "data information" is a proper concept...
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Study on Affixed New Words in Chinese Based on Memetics

Gaimei Zhao
A meme is an information pattern, held in an individual's memory, which is capable of being copied to another individual's memory. Memes are the basic building blocks of our minds and culture, in the same way that genes are the basic building blocks of biological life. Memetics is the theoretical and...
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The Applied Analysis of Speech Act Theory in College English Teaching

Yan Zhang
The locutionary act is a speaking activity, which is a vocal behavior, and its contents can be sentences, phrases, words and so on to express a certain concept or meaning. The illocutionary act is an act carried out by speaking, which involves the speaker' intention, such as assertion, doubt, order,...
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The Applied Analysis of the Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in College English Teaching

Shubo Liu
The importance of English learning for students' development is self-evident, but the traditional teaching mode has been difficult to adapt to the students' development needs in the current practical teaching process, a new type of teaching mode emerge on the basis of this objective, this mode uses modern...
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Research and Practice of Teachers' Professional Development in Informatization Process

Xinyang Li
The world is in the times of rapid development of information technology currently, so it has brought both opportunities and challenges for the teachers' professional development. In the following, we will discuss the requirements of the informationization process for the teachers' professional development...
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Research on Practice Ability Training Mechanism of Young Teacher in Local Colleges

Hongchang Wang
Young teachers in colleges are the dominant forces of the teachers in our country, they generally have higher educational background with passion and vitality, are the fresh blood of education industry. The local colleges usually take high-quality practical talents cultivation as the orientation, to...
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A Research of Underlying Mechanisms on Slips of the Tongue by Chinese Undergraduates

Yue Zhu
This paper analyzes the internal mechanisms on slips of the tongue in English in view of different types and different language levels regarding the data analysis of Spoken English Corpus of Chinese Learners (SECCL).
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A Brief Study on Necessity of Using Flipped Class Mode in Chinese College English Teaching

Lan Zheng
Flipped classroom is a form of blended learning. It brings interactive engagement pedagogy to classrooms by making students learn content online, it is also known as backwards classroom, inverted classroom, reverse teaching, as a new teaching mode, has been effectively adopted by more and more colleges,...
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Research on Application of Game Teaching Method in Children's Art Education

Xiangbin Gao
At present, with the improvement of living standards and the rapidly development of the level of social economy, people pay more and more attention to the importance of education on the growth stage of children. As the formative education of the early childhood education stage, the education quality...
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Study on the Development of E-commerce in Vietnam's Foreign Trade

Ho Thi Hang, Dam Trong Cong
Vietnam, a developing country with the most energetic economy in Asia, has always been developing its foreign trade, which can not only help local enterprises gain access to sufficient market information, but also allow the exchange of such market information outside the network for the purpose of resource...
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A Study of "Excellent Teachers" Training Program based on Normal University Students Majoring in Elementary Education--Taking Elementary Education Majors in Chongqing Municipality as an Example

Fang Chen, Li Zhu, Jiang Yao, Yu Chen
"Excellent Teachers" Training Program is the basic path to "strengthening the nation through talents" and the basic requirements for improving the comprehensive quality and professional skills of the faculty. Based on the practice of Chongqing "Excellent Teachers" training structure and mode for elementary...
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Psychological Guidance of Public Welfare Activities on Latent Depressed Population

Yingqun Wang, Yu Wang
Melancholia, also known as depressive disorder is a common psychological disease mainly featured by notable and lasting depressed mood. More and more people living under stress in life or environment are suffering from melancholia as a result of the increasingly fierce social competition and life pressure;...
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Review on FGM: A Debate on Cultural Diversity and Human Rights Violation

Xiaolu Ni
FGM is a cultural practice lasting for more than 2000 years. Though FGM-supporters justify their action with cultural and social reasons, FGM still violates the human rights of women in nature. With the awareness of women's human rights around the world, numerous measures have been taken to fight against...
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An Analysis of Second Cultural Introduction for Non-English Majors Based on Intercultural Communication

Qian Ma
Under the background of globalization, intercultural communication has penetrated into our lives. More and more scholars have begun to pay attention to the research and application of intercultural communication and its related fields. This paper, based on the study of the relationship between language...
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The Study of Two International (Regional) Systems before and after the Greco-Persian Wars

Ming Guo
The Greek wave of 499 BC to 449 BC was a series of wars and conflicts that erupted between the ancient Greek city and the eastern Persian. Through the analysis and combing of the reasons for the Greco-Persian war, try to dig out the city, and the eastern Persian Greek two area (International) power system,...
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Discussion of Scattered Shunting Toll Plaza

Yinhe Shen
We address the problem of congestion through traffic shunting. Thus, we establish the Traffic Shunting Model to divide the traffic flow. Based on the Traffic Linear Model, we test the throughput of our model. To simplify the calculation of total traffic flow after merging, we define the Traffic Flow...
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Contemporary Vatican International Identity's influence of construction and communication

Zhi Li, Yuemeng Ge
In the 1970s and 1970s, the rise and spread of the theory of constructivism in the pattern of international political development, and gradually recognized by the academic community, has become one of the mainstream theories of political communication theory. The Vatican (Roman) Holy See, using the influence...
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Analysis on Translation of Children's Literature from the Perspective of Functional Equivalence Theory-Based on Tale in Orange

Linling Zhong
Children's literature is a special type of literary works. Translation of children's literature plays a decisive role in creating children's fantastic spiritual world. When translating children's literature, the translator must take children's special physical and psychological characteristics into consideration...
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Research on Modeling of Insider Trading and Equity Incentive

Zhengrui Xiang
Due to the influence on the financial business field, insider trading has widely been paid attention on at home and abroad. This paper summarizes the development of the insider trading model domestic and overseas and the progress of the research of insider trading at home. Meanwhile, this paper puts...
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Utilizing big data in tourism marketing

Xin Ye, Wen Liu, Longgang Li, Yaning Zhang
More and more people rely on mobile internet devices, they generate a huge amount of data every day. Tourism market also benefit from the use of big data to make tourist persona and identify demands. The article sketches the development situation and problems of big data application in China, and then...
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Library Management Mode in the Era of Internet +

Xinghui Gao
This At present, the mankind has entered in the era of Internet + and the integration of industries and Internet is an inevitable trend. Library management is no exception. In this context, this paper, first of all, analyzes the main points of library management mode and points out that the library management...
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Bitcoin in China: Pure Risk Generator or Potential Investment Instrument?

Xiang Li
In December 2013 the People's Bank of China announced the restriction of Bitcoin from being involved in any services offered by financial institutions in China, fearing that the speculative risks inherent in Bitcoin is too new for Chinese investors and may endanger the national financial system. This...
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The Study of Full-time Professional Postgraduate Training Mode in Local Universities and Colleges

Jian Wei, Hanyin Mao
The full-time Professional postgraduate education of local universities in Guangxi started late, and the foundation is weak. In the context of fast expansion, the postgraduate education of local universities will soon be in difficulty, if the universities won't develop with their characteristics. And...
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Improving Students' English Writing Competence by Implementing Peer-assessment

Hongmei Li, Yaoshun Zhu
The aim of this innovation project is to find out whether the implementation of peer-assessment can effectively improve the students' competence of writing in English. Several kinds of leadership are applied into this research. The researcher revised the research plan as a democratic/participative leader....
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Sharing Economy and Its Application in the Field of Transportation

Yudian Sui
To break restrictions against time, space and information, a new economic mode, the sharing economy, is in a booming state. This paper provides the definition and the origins of sharing economy and explains the development conditions in terms of economy, technology, policy and society respectively. Through...
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Inspiring Creative Thinking Ability in Multicultural Background and Promoting Educational Development in Cross - disciplinary education

Lirong Yang
Contemporarily, rapid process of globalization and population flow is no longer a new phenomenon. Under such background, multiculturalism promotes social integration, and development of innovative industries. The inherent characteristics of multiculturalism also improve the re-contribution of creative...
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The Application of Mixed Teaching Mode based on SPOC in University Information Technology Course

Jianmin Wang
SPOC is a new online learning platform in the post MOOC period, inherited the advantages of MOOC, but also has the new characteristics of the development of the times. The application of mixed teaching mode based on SPOC in university information technology coursecan effectively improve the teaching...
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Research on College Students' mental health education under the background of Engineering Education Accreditation--Taking Wuhan Textile University, College of textile science and Engineering as an example

Qiangwei Yan, Hongxin Zhang
Under the framework of engineering education accreditation system, based on the training objectives and graduation requirements of Textile Engineering, exploring the measures of mental health education for college students majoring in textile engineering: we have established the "woven heart bay"--College...
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Research on Low Carbon Construction and Creative Development in Rural Tourism Development

Zhenbang Sun, Deping Zhao
Rural tourism becomes an important force in stimulating local economic development as the core content of the socialism new rural construction under current economic environment. In recent years, single entertainment mode and extensive operation management hinder its further development. How to reflect...
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Reviewing the Ethical Dilemma of Surrogacy

Zheng Li
So far, new assisted reproductive technology (ART) involved surrogacy has raised a wide range of discussion in the world. Surrogacy, especially in some developed and developing countries, is the only way which can validly solve the problem of infertility rather than adoption. However, with the occurring...
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Collaborative innovation perspective of improving the quality of graduate education

Shuoyi He
The 21st century is talent competition, cultivate creative talents is to build an innovation-oriented country, the important strategy of human resources power. Graduate education undertakes the task of training high-level innovative talents, attaches great importance to the work of graduate student education,...
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Research on the Demand of New Farmers Training in Beijing

Changshou Luo, Qingfeng Wei, Yamin Zheng, Sufen Sun
New farmers training is the key to solve the problem of "Three Rural Issues". This article is mainly research to the s training goal, training content, and training way of Beijing new farmer under the new situation, analyses the convenient and restricted factors, put forward by the countermeasures of...
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Q&A System Development based on Agricultural Knowledge Map and Multi-Level Association Model

Qingfeng Wei, Chenzhong Cao, Furong Wang, Changshou Luo
To the problems of the current agricultural Q&A system: poor user experience, low precision, and not fully utilized resources, the multi-level association question answering system is developed based on agricultural knowledge map, and Jaccard index and Vector space mode. The application proves that the...
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Discussion on the development trend of agricultural science and Technology Advisory Service Based on Artificial Intelligence

Jun Yu, Qingfeng Wei, Changshou Luo
The development of artificial intelligence is the future direction of agricultural science and technology consulting services. This paper discusses the development of agricultural science and technology consulting service of artificial intelligence need, developing character, facing constraints and recommendations...
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The Retrieval and Analysis on Modern Apprenticeship Research

Yuanyuan Zeng, Haixiang Hu
Modern apprenticeship is already the key point in vocational education in China and widely acclaimed. It is retrieved with the keyword "modern apprenticeship" in (the biggest electronic platform of academic paper in China), it is found that modern apprenticeship has become the core of study,...
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University Governance: From "Power-oriented" to "People-oriented"

Lin Lin
Improving the internal governance structure of the university and enhancing the ability and level of university governance are the new requirement and new task of higher education reform in the new period. The current university governance structure is based on the highly administrative governance, namely...
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On the Causation of Lexical Fossilization and Its Countermeasures

Jingwei Zhang
This thesis made further analysis of lexical fossilization, explored the phenomenon of lexical fossilization respectively from the inflections of words, word formation, and word meaning, analyzed the causation of lexical fossilization from the input and output hypothesis, the affective filter, and the...
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A Contrastive Study on Cultural Connotations of "Red" in English and " " in Chinese and Their Translation Strategies

Jia Nan
Color as one of the important means of human understanding of the world, has a certain physical properties and rich cultural characteristics. The paper aims to analyze the differences of the color of "red" in English and in Chinese and their translation strategies. First, it gives the definition of color...
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A Study on Connotative Development of Local Agricultural Colleges and Universities

Lin Lin
Under new historical conditions of higher education reform, local agricultural colleges and universities are facing some urgent issues listed as below: how they can gain a foothold in educational reform; how they realize their own connotative development and meet requirements of national major strategies...
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Study on Several Core Problems in the Research of Multimedia Language Teaching

Xintong Li
With the development of science and technology, multimedia technology has been widely used in the entire teaching process, lest students will have the greatest visual impact and grasp an army of information. This synthesis is not a simple stack, it has its unique rules to follow. This paper, based on...
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How to Improve the Safety of Post-90s College Students Tourism Education

Na Li
The frequent occurrence of college student's tourism safety accidents sounded the alarm for every well educated people. The Counselor is the main embodiment of the university student safety education, they pay attention to strengthen the tourism safety education in college students' safety education....
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Theorizing additional reviews and its effect for online goods sales

Wenqiang Pang, Sa Zhou, Yongjun Liu
With the booming of the Internet, online shopping has gradually become the preferred way for people to buy things. During online shopping, online-shopping reviews have a strong impact on consumers' purchasing behavior and sales of online goods. With the continuous improvement of the e-commence platform...
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Research of Blockchain and its Application in Accounting Recognition Based on Event Approach

Wenyao Zhou, Quanfang Xiao
As a new Internet technology, Block chain is highly concerned because of its unique advantages in distributed ledger. Based on the theory of event approach accounting, this paper subdivides the accounting recognition into two processes, and explores the application of the Block chain in the processes....
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Type-2 Fuzzy VIKOR Method and Its Application in Facility Location Selection

Kuan Liu, Yanwu Liu, Tao Jiang
This study presents a multi-criteria group decision making (MCGDM) approach named interval type-2 fuzzy VIKOR method, which aims to help new enterprises determine facility locations in a more reliable way. Initially, decision makers (DMs) describe the alternative locations within the context of linguistic...
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On the Ways of Ideological and Political Education in Contemporary China's Colleges and Universities

Jiangping Liu
The way of ideological and political education in colleges and universities is the basic means of ideological and political education for educators. The ideological and political education in colleges and universities is an important aspect of ideological and political education. It is also an important...
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Entrepreneurs' Social Network and Entrepreneurial Optimism

Dong Liu, Aizhen Wu, Xiaohu Zhou
Social network can not only provide entrepreneurs with resources and material support, but also psychological, emotional and other soft support, which is of great benefit to the mental health of entrepreneurs and their persistence to overcome all kinds of difficulties. In order to explore the influence...
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Reform of Teaching Mode on Subject - Mechanical Engineering Material- according to Requirement for 'Outstanding Engineer Plans

Yinan Li, Zilong Peng
In this paper, the innovative teaching method of subject- Mechanical Engineering Material is put forward in order to fulfill the requirement of 'Outstanding Engineer Plans'. Through the application of Moocs, flipped classroom and project teaching method in teaching 'Mechanical Engineering Material',...
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Multi-product Pricing Method Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Jing Xu, Qiunan Meng
Integrating with the due-date and quality demand of customers, a dynamic pricing model with stochastic demand and capacity constraint which aimed to maximize total profit and average quality was established for the multi-product pricing problem with random parameter. A weight space ant colony optimization...
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Research on Cloud-based Business English Practical system

Jiayi Wu, Haijun Wang
Recently, Business English drove on a fast track and a gap of the related talents emerged in the human resources market. However, Business English Major fell behind the market comparatively. The inefficiency of the practical system is the main constraint on development. Fortunately, Cloud platform provides...
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Study on Audit Failure of Registered Accountants: Take Enron event as an example

Shuang Wang
Since 21st century, the substantial audit failure cases occur constantly. The disclosure of a series of audit scandals has caused a worldwide audit credit crisis. Therefore, it is very important to explore the causes of audit failure and propose solutions. In this paper, we take Enron event as an example...
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Research on Parking Location Problems for Bicycle-sharing under Shared Economic Background

Sheng Zhong, Susu Chang, Shiming Yuan
The bicycle-sharing is the latest business model currently. How to reasonably select the parking site is the key factor for diversified products occupying the market. Random change process concerning the quantity of bicycles in the parking site is the unique attribute. Different from the traditional...
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CEO Turnover after Acquisitions: Are Self-interested Bidders Fired?

Xiang Ma, Weidong Xu
We examine the relation between the abnormal compensation acquirer chief executive officer (CEO) obtained and the probability of CEO turnover. Using a sample of 306 acquisitions made by Chinese listed firms during 2006 to 2010, we document a significant positive relation between the abnormal compensation...
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Design and Practice of Integrated Engineering Training Project based on CDIO Mode

Honghui Mu, Haiyan Wang, Liu Liu
This paper makes a proposal for improving students'engineering knowledge in four different aspects such as basic engineering knowledge, skills, group work and systematic abilities during engineering education, taking PLC engineering training as an example which is one of the projects of Engineering Training...
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The Application and Research of Teaching Mode of Sports Club

Fanwei Meng
At present, with the change of education alphilosophy,inorder to improve the effectof physical education, the major universities are constantly changing teaching mode.Sports club is a new teaching mode,whose purposeis to develop students' practical ability. It changes the boring and low efficient traditional...
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haring the University-enterprise Cooperation Analog Electronic Technology Course Development

Haiyan Wang
The purpose and sign ificance to develop school- business p artn ership sharin ganalog electronics are described and the design concept provided. A ccording to the innovative concept, project-based teaching of the school- busines partnership with analog electron icsshared is selected. The principle of...
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A Study on the Development of Jilin Shaman Culture Tourism Products

Hua Jin
Jilin province is one of the parent source world Shaman culture birthplace, has the world remain relatively intact, Saman culture is rich in content, has a high value of tourism development. Based on the status quo of Shaman culture tourism development in Jilin province were analyzed, based on summarizing...
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On the Construction of Mobile Intelligent Terminal-based Business English E-learning Mode

Weilong Huang
The rapid development of information technologies greatly facilitates the construction of e-learning mode, and the theory of Connectivism provides a theoretical basis for e-learning mode. This paper analyzes the subjectivity, situationality and openness characteristic of business English e-learning,...
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The Indispensability of Education Technology in Modern Jingdezhen Ceramic

Xiumei Wu
Modern porcelain of jingdezhen ceramic art from the traditional family inheritance system gradually transition to the ceramic school to teach, this is not going to do.
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Study on the Formation and Cultivation of Cultural Soft Power of Wuhan Shipping Center in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River

Xiaoliang Xiong
Since the establishment of its position of national level shipping center, Wuhan Newport has not only been under the pressure of regional integration of Wuhan city circle and even of the whole province, but also has faced with the problems such as integration of resources, construction of port area and...
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Jingdezhen Ancient Site Landscape Architecture Form Elements

Zhihua Xu
Jingdezhen plate of longgang ancient site construction residential, porcelain manufacture in a body, thus the layout there are both the layout of the traditional Chinese characteristics and its local porcelain making unique form. First in large area overall planning to control the construction base location,...
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Research on the Internal Control of Social Responsibility in Low - carbon Tourism Enterprises

Xiaoling Hu, Na Liu
On the internal controlof low-carbon tourism enterprise social responsibility, there have been but very few domestic-related academic research. This paper points out the problems of internal control of social responsibility of low carbon tourism enterprises;analyzes thecharacteristics of the internal...
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A Study on the Mechanism between Organizational Support for Development and Turnover Intention of Knowledge Worker-A Perspective of Stress Intervention Theory

Yaru Wang
The research on the relationship between organizational support for development(OSD) and turnover intention is mostly based on the theory of social exchange and career development theory. However, the study of the two mechanism has not yet reached a consensus and has limited explanatory intensity in...
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The Brand Communication Strategy Research of Newly Formed Non-governmental Regular Universities

Ao Di
Brand communication is the need of newly formed non-governmental regular universities outside the plastic image and enhancing reputation; is the need of cohesion and cohesive forces; and is the need to expand the survival and development space. The brand communication strategy of newly formed non-governmental...
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Discussion on the Construction of Management Accounting Informatization under the Background of "Internet+"

MinSi Zhang, Zhu MinSi
With the rapid development of information technology today, to create a new development ecology, "Internet +" gradually integrated into the various traditional vocation. Information just like a sharp sword break the existence of traditional accounting, letting accounting and information combined. Under...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System of Enterprise R & D Based on Balanced Scorecard

Binger Zhu
As the traditional assessment method is more concerned about the financial aspects of the indicators, little attention to non-financial aspects of performance, so the enterprise assessment is not comprehensive. This paper is based on the balanced scorecard, taking into account both financial and non-financial...