Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2016)

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The Teacher's Perception on TPM-Kurtilas Implementation in Amal Keluarga Kindergarten- Bandung

Aan Listiana, Yeni Rachmawati
This study aims to obtain data on the teacher's perception of the implementation program of character development through the Teaching Pyramid Model based on 2013 curriculum (TPM-Kurtilas). The data required as an input for improvement because the program is still a pilot study project. The data was...
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The Bowling Game Can Introduce the Symbol of Numbers for Early Childhood

Achmadi Achmadi
Most parents put their children into the kindergarten in order to their children should know the symbol of numbers quickly, and they can write the number correctly. However, the parents majority are lose of this purpose. The often problems can be caused by the teacher's instruction and the child himself....
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Guided Training Model Development as an Improvement Strategy for Early Childhood Education Teachers' Assessment Ability

Sofia Hartati, Ade Dwi Utami, Lara Fridani
This research aimed to develop a guided training model as an improvement strategy for early childhood education teachers' assessment ability in assessing children's development through learning activities to establish indicators of assessment ability for early childhood education teachers. Literature...
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The Influence of Outdoor Learning to Improve Children's Creativity

A. Fachrurrazi, Chrisdiana Kurniasari
This study is conducted to answer the research question "what the difference of study result of the children with use the models outdoor learning and indoor learning of the Early Chilhood' creativity". The background of this research while such by a lack of opportunities given by teachers to a child...
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Motivations to be School Teacher: an Examination of Student Teachers' Reasons

Ainur Rosyid
The research aimed to deeply explore what motivated the students to be teachers and to examine whether or not any differences of motives between male and female students. The research used quantitative approach, using questionnaire adapted from Factors Influencing Teaching Choice (FIT-Choice) scale and...
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Introducing Numerical Concepts through Number Cards for Early Childhood

Aisyah Aisyah
Early Childhood Education is one form of organization of education that focuses on the foundation towards growth and physical development (coordination of fine and gross motor), intellect (the intellect, creativity, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence), social-emotional (attitude and behavior...
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Preschoolers Self-Regulation and Their Early School Success

Ajeng Ayu Widiastuti
This is a literature review. Self-regulation is the ability to control emotion, thought and behaviour. Self-regulation involves a process of cognitive, social and emotional. Self-regulation is more influenced by environmental factor than the temperament as individual factor. The ability of self-regulation...
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Sexual Issues and Prevention Through Sex Education in Primary School

Ana Andriani, Badarudin Badarudin
Sex education in schools is needed to meet the needs of students' knowledge related to the character of anatomy. Elementary school students acquire knowledge about sex education. However, sex education should be given the appropriate development of their age. Social phenomenon shows that the proliferation...
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Early Childhood Education Based on Family

Anayanti Rahmawati, Ruli Hafidah, Muhammad Munif Syamsuddin
The parents are the most responsible agent to their children education. Currently these responsibilities tend to be delegated to schools and teachers. The parents should be good partner with school, because education are implemented in schools should be run linearly with education in the family. This...
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The Effectiveness of TPM-Kurtilas in Improving The Basic Character of Children in TK Tunas Harapan

Anggita Indah Pratiwi, Aan Listiana, Yeni Rachmawati, Rita Mariyana
This study aimed to test the effectiveness of children's basic character development program through the Teaching Pyramid Modelbased on 2013 curriculum (TPM-Kurtilas). This research is part of a series research trials on TPM-Kurtilas which was implemented in Bandung. This research used quantitative approach...
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How Teachers Comprehend and Support Children's Needs to be Scientists

Anita Yus
This paper talks about a research result conducted to investigate how twelve teachers of early childhood program comprehend the constructivist theory of Piaget, and how they inquire, how the children acquire and construct a number of knowledge through occurred interactions. This is a qualitative research...
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Promoting Emergent Literacy Development on Early Childhood: a Case Study in Indonesian Families

Tri Puji Astuti, Anita Listiara, Jati Ariati
The purpose of this study was to describe the experience of Indonesian's families which living in suburban area in promoting the emergent literacy skills for their children. The participants of this study consisted of 51 mothers and 51 students of kindergarten, which were their children. This research...
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The Overview of Training Needs on Differentiated Instruction for Early Childhood Teachers

Suryatni Handayani, Aniva Kartika, Srisiuni Sugoto
How a kindergarten teacher can make the all of the students grasp the learning materials and remain enthusiastic even though they have varied ability and diverse background, is a classic problem faced by many teachers, including early childhood teachers. It appeared that teachers had problems in adjusting...
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Accuracy of English Pronoun Use among Malaysian Esl 5-6 Year Old Children and Teaching Implications in the Malaysian Pre-School Education Context

Arshad Abd Samad, Wong Bee Eng, Nurul Iman Arshad, Kaaminy Kalpany
The use of pronouns among young children is an interesting phenomenon to examine due to the psychological connections that can be made between pronouns and the developing concept of ego and self among young children. In a learning English as a Second Language (ESL) situation, however, the acquisition...
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The Implementation of Character Education Program in Kindergarten

Asep Dudi S, Arif Hakim
The background of this research is based on the phenomenon of people's behaviour that is more concerned today. This study aims to assess the implementation of character education in kindergarten. Operationally, it includes the aspects of planning, implementing and evaluating. This research is conducted...
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Tahsin Method of Al-Quran and Parenting for Children Hyperactive in Kindergarten School Orange, Ciputat Timur, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

Ati Kusmawati
Hyperactive children are part of an interesting issue for education. This study aims to determine the method tahsin Qur'an can reduce excessive activity in hyperactive children and parenting involvement in hyperactive children. The subjects of this study using two boys ages 5 years and 7 years indicated...
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The TPM-Kurtilas Implementation Program of Children's Behavioral Changes in Kindergarten

Bellanita Maryadi, Aan Listiana, Yeni Rachmawati, Badru Zaman
The article aims to describe the result of TPM-Kurtilas Implementation program in changing children's behavior in Bunda Balita Kindergarten. The writing of this article is based on the importance of input as a further revision program of TPM-Kurtilas in its pilot study. The method conducted in this study...
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Introduction of Sustainable Development toward Early Childhood Education in Indonesia

Bustomi Arifin, Aan Listiana, Andini Dwi Arumsari, Arasy Alimudin, Sri Wiwoho Widjanarko
Sustainable development nowadays becomes trending discussion among scholars in numerous areas including educational discourse. It becomes major discussion since scholars believed that sustainable development education possesses capacity to share concern for future of the planet and local communities...
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How Are Parents Disciplining Their Preschool Children?

Clara Putri Koentjana, Fitri Ariyanti Abidin, Eka Riyanti Purboningsih, Langgersari Elsari
The way parents disciplining their children become a hot issue in parenting practices, viewed from the aftereffect of disciplining. The purpose of this study was to investigate types of parents' disciplining behaviour on their preschool children. Participants were assessed using Dimension of Discipline...
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Career Guidance at Kindergarten, Is It Neccessary?

Dede Rahmat Hidayat, Wahyu Ningrum
Career basically is an achievement to adulthood , because it will be related to work activities For achieve the right career should be prepared in early, starting from early education until higher education . Kindergarten to be starting point for childs early start to learn, and should be early prepapare...
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Early Detection of Developmental Disorders Screening for Early Childhood

Dewi Retno Suminar
Screening for early childhood is very important, because in the life span perspective childhood will determine the next period. Early childhood teachers often feel confused when seeing their student experiencing developmental delays, but find it difficult to do early detection, due to some of the same...
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Optimizing Storytelling through Dual Coding Theory

Dian Kusumawati, Yeni Rachmawati
This paper explores about how a storytelling, which has been convinced by many, as a practical learning approach to develop early childhood literacy ability, however together with the decreasing of storytelling culture in the society, it has now been lesser in use let alone to be considered as an effective...
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Meaningful Vocabularies Developed through Classroom Activities

Effy Mulyasari, Tatat Hartati
Language can be learned subconsciously through various activities in classroom. Language learning of an infant is primarily achieved through listening and speaking, whereas reading would contribute after their visual-ability is well-developed. Vocabularies in printed form can be introduced to an infant...
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Internet for Children: a Review Study

Dita Rachmayani
Today, internet is easily accessible use not only for adolescent and adult, but also for children. The purposed of this study is to describe about the activity, benefit, risk, and also protective factors about children internet use. This study is a literature review, used of relevant 20 research article...
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Building Children's Critical Thinking by Puzzle Story Telling

Elise Muryanti, Yuli Herman
Critical thinking is a crucial skill for children as the future of human resources. Children as a human generation should be able to think critically and build knowledge as the fundamental construction. This means that children should be able to analyse into several sights for problem solving. Puzzle...
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Character Building of Early Young Learners through Gadget as Learning Media in Kindergarten

Endah Silawati, Setyaningsih Rachmania
This paper describes the use of gadgets as learning media in building children's characters in Indonesian kindergarten context. In this digital era, children can access many technologies easily, including using some gadgets. Most of the people believe that gadgets can only give negative effects to young...
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Improve Cognitive and Speaking Ability Through the Use of Manipulatives Media "Life Cycle of a Butterfly" for the Kindergarten Children In Group B

Epritha Kurniawati, Linda Dwiyanti
Early childhood education for children Kindergarten group B are in the age range of 5-6 years with the golden age period is very sensitive to any stimulus from outside, so that the maximum stimulation will be very big influence on children's development, especially on cognitive development and Speaking.Early...
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Developing Assertive Ability of Young Children as a Countermeasure Effort for Bullying Behaviour

Ernawulan Syaodih, Hany Handayani
This paper which named Developing Assertive Ability of Young Children as A Countermeasure Effort for Bullying Behaviour is a study of literature reviews. This literature review means to explain the importance of assertive ability in early childhood as an effort to prevent bullying. Bullying is one kind...
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Profile of Basic Language Skills of Kindergarten Children and Implications for Guidance and Counselling

Euis Farida Zahra
Speaking is one of the basic skills possessed by each individual. In developing speaking skill, it will better if it is done since the children studying in kindergarten. But in fact, the speaking skill often gets a lot of obstacles during its development. Hence, this study aimed at describing the basic...
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"Siapa Cepat Dia Dapat" Teaching Game in Developing Early Childhood Discipline by Using a Teaching Model Based on Learning Culture, National Values, and Playing. (Case Study at a Kindergarten)

Euis Kurniati, Risty Justicia
This research is influenced by the character problems in children whose discipline shown by frequent late of arrival to school that often impede the learning process in school. Many efforts have been made by the teachers to be able to resolve these issues, i.e. developing an appropriate learning model...
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Story-Reading as a Teaching Method for Young Children: Teacher's Challenges

Ghitha Loka Yuniar, Euis Kurniati
Reading as one of language skill plays an important role these days. Young children who enjoy reading do it more often and they tend to become skilled at it. Poor readers, by contrast, often display low motivation to read. In fact, many Indonesian children still have low motivation in reading. They prefer...
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Playing and Traditional Games in Learning Model Based on Culture of National Character and Play

Euis Kurniati, Indrawati Noor Kamila, Rudianto Rudianto, Cucu Eliyawati
Playing is a part that cannot be separated from a children's world. Playing has a positive role for the development of the child. One form of playing activities in kindergarten is through games, including traditional games. There are various implementations of traditional playing activities and games...
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Analysis on the Importance of Mother Tongue in Early Childhood

Faizatul Faridy, Ernawulah Syaodih
The number of population movements, cross-marriages, and current globalization cause the use of vernacular or local language as mother tongue diminishes. In addition to the vernaculars threatened with extinction due to the lack of speakers, the values contained in the local languages are lost and not...
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Mother as an Active Classroom Learning Facilitator in Early Educational Program

Farah Farida Tantiani
At present, early childhood education is no longer just reserved for children aged 4-5 years who want to prepare for formal schooling at primary school. Early childhood education also provides facilities for children with younger age, like a play groups for toddlers and baby classes. With younger age...
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A Descriptive Study of the Effectiveness of Parenting Against Early Childhood Social Development

Farny Sutriany Jafar, Syamsuddin Syamsuddin, Sukaena Sukaena
Education and guiding the child will be more successful if done with affection and providing a model. The study aims to describe the effectiveness of parenting adopted by parents in the home toward social children development. Type of the research is a descriptive qualitative methods. Participant of...
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Mathematics for Young Children: A Literature Review

Fauziah Rahmat
A lot of researches have been conducted to identify the importance of mathematics and its benefits for the early childhood. To the contrary, there also emerge concerns about the risk of premature mathematics learning of the young children. In Indonesia, it appears that early childhood education is not...
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Local Culture Implementation in Multicultural Education Practice for Early Childhood

Febritesna Nuraini
Multicultural education be made important to early childhood education. The current trend in most countries cultural conflicts and problem human behaviour. Multicultural education is a system that encourages schools to internalize social consciousness and team work skill in any context of diversities....
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The Social Development among Preschool Children: Analysis of Sociodramatic Play

Firmaniah Zulkarnaini
The aim of this study is to identify a popular child, an unpopular child and the reasons an unpopular child is in sociodramatic play. The methods used are observation and sociometrist technique. It was conducted on 25 preschool children, which was five to six years. Sociometrist technique involved the...
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Parenting Goals among Moslem Parents in Bandung, Indonesia

Fitri Ariyanti Abidin, Juke R. Siregar, Poeti Joefiani, Rismijati E. Koesma
Parenting goals can be seen as representatives of value in a society, since family are one of the important unit of socialization for children. What is perceived as important or unimportant to a society will be socialized in the family. Since value, belief and culture can differ from society to society,...
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Multicultural Education for Early Childhood

Gia Nikawanti
Indonesia is the country with a diversity of cultures. The cultural diversity makes Indonesia as one nation in the world which have a rich language, ethnicity, and religion. The Motto of diversity is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, the meaning "unity in diversity". Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is not just slogans but...
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Conflicting Social Perceptions of Men Who Teach in Indonesian Kindergartens

Hani Yulindrasari
This paper aims to understand social expectations of male teachers who work as educators and carers of young children. According to the Ministry of Education and Culture's Centre of Data and Statistics of Education/PDSP (2014), the number of male teachers in Indonesian ECE is very small; it is only 3%...
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Project Approach in Environmental Education

Heny Djoehaeni, Ocih Setiasih, Leli Kurniawati, Asep Deni Gustiana
Humans and environment are an integral part. Environmental problems that occur recently will affect the quality of human life. Environmental education is a solution to form an aware human in maintaining and preserving the surrounding environment. Some experts believe that environmental education that...
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Training Program for Kindergarten Teachers on Learning Through Project Approach

Dian Hartiningsih, Miranda Diponegoro, Evita Eddie Singgih
In facing the 21st century, children need to be prepared in achieving the learning goals which include not only knowledge and skill, but also disposition and feeling in order to reach their optimum development level. Teachers, who are at the forerunner of education need to be equipped with the understanding...
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Identification of Learning Difficulties in Children at Early Childhood Education

Isabella Hasiana
Since early childhood, children are already confronted with the ability to learn a variety of behaviors that are part of the development and ripeness.ÿLearning is the process of Foundation of the development of human life which must be traversed. Learn not just experience.ÿLearning is a process rather...
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Recognizing Young Children's Expressive Styles of Emotions (2-6 Years Old)

Laila Qodariah, Lucia Voni Pebriani Voni Pebriani
One of the most important core features of emotional development is the ability to manage strong emotions and their expression in a constructive manner. Strengths in the area of emotional competence may help children cope effectively in particular circumstances. Meanwhile, emotional development often...
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Study of Availability of Printed Non-Printed Instructional Media in Kindergarten to Develop Students' Reading Interest

Laksmi Dewi, Gema Rullyana, Angga Hadiapurwa
This study focuses on seeing the printed and non-printed instructional media collection, which are available in Early Childhood Education (ECE). The developed reading interest programs are intended to enhance students' reading interest as an effort to improve their reading skills. This study uses a descriptive...
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School Management of Multiculturalism in Early Childhood Education to Develop the Student's Social Skills

Lanny Wijayaningsih
Many countries in the world have become more heterogeneous as a result of various social, economic and politic developments. This is also reflected in Indonesia schools where Learners come from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, speaking different languages now increasingly have to be accommodated....
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The Role of Wayang Golek as Prototype Model in Building Mega skill Characters of Children

Halimah Leli, Robandi Roni, Margaretha Sri Yuliariatiningsih, Ai Sutini
The Purpose of this study is to develop learning model prototype of building children's mega skill characters through creative-integrated curriculum in kindergarten. The media which is used in this study is wayang golek (Sundanese traditional puppets). This study is a preliminary study which is part...
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'Doll Made of Unused Goods' Decreases the Children's Anxiety in Disaster Areas

Lilis Madyawati, Hamron Zubadi, Dede Yudi
Disaster is a cause of stress for children, especially when they face the disaster directly by themselves. Anxiety in this research is a feeling experienced by children in disaster areas due to the disaster. It usually appears in behavioral psychological disorder. 'Brangkas (doll made of unused goods)'...
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The Concept of Protection and the Rights of the Children Involved in Research

Lutfatulatifah Lutfatulatifah
A huge amount of research has been conducted with young children. Some research is completed by undergraduate students as part of their graduate requirement while another is conducted by early childhood education teachers as part of their career as well as professional promotion. While the discourse...
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The Implementation of Holistic Integrative Services in Early Childhood Education (ECE): Perspective on 2013 ECE Curriculum in Indonesian Preschool

Wulan Adiarti, Henny Puji Astuti, Sri Sularti Dewanti Handayani
The problem in this research is the lack of early childhood education (ECE) institutions that integrate education with the needs of healthcare, nutrition, education and parenting for young children as mandated by Presidential Decree Number 60 Year 2013 on Integrative Holistic early childhood services....
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Kindergarten Teachers and Moral Education for Young Children: Why Do Narratives Matter?

Maila Dinia Husni Rahiem, Nur Surayyah Madhubala Abdullah, Steven Eric Krauss
This paper reports a study on kindergarten teachers' use of narratives in the teaching and learning of moral education. The study posed the question: why do kindergarten teachers use narratives in teaching and learning moral education for young children? The study took place in two kindergartens in Indonesia,...
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The Little Gardener: Science Learning for Children

Mirawati Mirawati
This article discuss about study related with the application of little gardener program which is conducted in Preschool UPI as an effort to introduce science and concept of nature and also to give learning experience naturally for children. This study is aimed to see the description of gardening activity...
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Enhancing the Role of Early Childhood Education Institution in an Effort to Grow Ecoliteracy

Mirza Desfandi, Enok Maryani, Disman Disman
Eco literacy is an effort to embody sustainable community that is community who organize their life by considering the importance of life environment protection and preservation. This article aim to describe how important that Eco literacy should be possessed by each individual today and how the effort...
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The Effect of Learning by Using Educative Game to Develop Plural Intelligence in Early Childhood

Mubiar Agustin, Mubarok Somantri
This study investigates the most fundamental topic in early childhood. Sometimes, teachers push children to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. In fact, not every child has the readiness to accept the learning. Another problem that often occurs in kindergarten's learning activities is the tendency...
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Brain Television: A Research of Visual Effects for Early Years

Muhibuddin Fadhli
This study examined television program effects towards young children. Television has become an increasingly accepted entertainment washing tool in children's brain. Previous research has indicated that television program can be destructive if it is not used wisely. It is really hard to avoid television...
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Adopting Physical Activities and Physical Skills of Japanese Early Childhood Model

Murni Ramli, Yudianto Sujana, Dyah Yuni Kurniawati, Matsuri Matsuri
Routine and systematic physical activities which are focusing on development of physical skills have not been well-considered yet in our partner, Early Child care and Education (ECE) in Klaten, Central Java Indonesia. Instructors are mostly do not have sufficient knowledge on the importance of child...
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The Enhancement Adversity Quotient Through Outbound Play Activities

Myrnawati Crie Handini, Linda Nur Hasanah
The objective of the research was to explain the process a learning outcomes of learning thought outbound activities to increase adversity quotient kindergarten the subject of research are 16 children. The method used in this research is an action research which refers to the model of a Classroom Action...
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Building Fun Teaching and Learning Process through Simple Science Experiment Activity to Foster Young Learners' Participation and English Vocabulary Identification

Nia Roistika
This study was classified into classroom action research (CAR) which carried out the implementation of Simple Science Experiment during teaching and learning process at Kindergarten students' at Frances Pre-school Tulungagung to overcome the students' difficulties on identifying English vocabulary. In...
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Implementation of Early Childhood Development Integrative and Holistic (Paud Hi) in Daycare

Rohita Rohita, Nila Fitria, Nurfadilah Nurfadilah
Nowadays, social economic condition has created the need of day-care become higher, especially for working parents. It has made parents role shared to the caregiver, who can be educating, nurturing and protecting the children as well. Children can obtain a wide range of needs while their parents are...
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Teacher-Child Interactions During Mathematic Activities in a Preschool Class

Norela Mohamed Shah, Zahyah Hanafi
This study examines the interactions between two preschool teachers and six years old children from two different classes during Mathematic activities. This paper describes what happens when the teachers and children interact and how the interactions help develop the process of learning Mathematic in...
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Behavior Management to Improve Social Skills and Academic Achievement of Children With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Nur Faizah Romadona, Aan Listiana, Euis Kurniati
Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders of childhood. It is usually first diagnosed in childhood and often lasts into adulthood. Children with ADHD commonly lack social and academic skills. Being aggressive, overly talkative, domineering, impulsive,...
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Multicultural Education Based on Local Wisdom as an Alternative Values Education in Early-Childhood Education

Nurdinah Hanifah
Education today is focused on the goal to establish intelligence, knowledge, personality and intelligence of children in an atmosphere of globalization, on that matter learning activities should directly engage learners with real life by then they will not be isolated and prepared for rapid changes in...
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The Development of Children's Social-Emotional Competences: A Case Study in UNP's Labschool-Kindergarten, Padang Indonesia

Nurhafizah Nurhafizah, Azlina Moh.Kosnin
Social emotional competencies students need to be developed as early as possible. The development of these competencies will be the initial foundation for students so that they make children who have emotional social intelligence later in life. For that teachers are required to be more creative in developing...
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Environmental Education through Research-Based Project Approach for Early Childhood Education

Ocih Setiasih, Heny Djoehaeni, Asep Deni Gustiana, Leli Kurniawati
Environmental problems are frequently caused by a lack of caring and awareness on human's part. Education has made efforts to play an important role to generate people's awareness and caring towards betterments of environments. Environmental education has to be initiated to set on children in their early...
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Early Intervention to Develop Social Interaction and Communication Skill for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Oom Sitti Homdijah
There is an increasing in the prevalence of children with autism spectrum disorders every year. The major barriers of children with autism spectrum disorder are social interaction, communication and behaviour (triad of impairments). Children with autism spectrum disorders can be identified before the...
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Development of Educational Toy: Jumping Alphabet

Pravissi Shanti
Today, children begin to learn to read at an early age with the assumption that the earlier a child learns to read, they will develop better. On the other hand, many people thought that learning to read before school age, which is 7 years old in Indonesia, it will hamper the development of the child....
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Benefits of Bilingualism in Early Childhood: A Booster of Teaching English to Young Learners

Rismareni Pransiska
For many years, bilingual program continues to receive criticism. Many experts believed that it could affect intellectual development. A number of opinions on bilingualism are often based on myths and misinterpretations, but less on scientific findings. There are numbers of myths about bilingualism and...
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Indoor Outdoor Playground Learning Environment Setting Design to Enhance Children's Multiple Intelligence Potential

Rita Mariyana, Ocih Setiasih
The purpose of this study is to develop a design model that integrates indoor and outdoor playground learning environment setting in order to optimize early childhood multiple intelligence. There were three stages of research and development applied in this research. The first stage was developing multiple...
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Improved Creativity in Early Childhood through Entrepreneurship Educatio

Elindra Yetti, Sarah Aulia Azizah
This study aims to describe the process and results of early childhood development of creativity through entrepreneurship education. The study was conducted on children aged 5-6 years TK Negeri Pembina Cirebon Academic Year 2015/2016. The subjects were 20 children. This research method is action research...
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Character Values Development in Early Childhood through Traditional Games

Serli Marlina
The importance development of the character values in early childhood is urgent and necessary today, because the condition of the people who are experiencing a crisis of character. Character values that are developed in early childhood is the love of God, Honesty, Discipline , Tolerance and peaceful...
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The Effectiveness of the Implementation of Character Education (An Evaluation Research in State Kindergarden, South Jakarta)

Silvie Mil
This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of character education in state kindergarden, South Jakarta. This study uses a model developed by the CIPP Stufflebeam to evaluate the component context, input, process and product. Data collected through observation, interviews, document...
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The Implementation of Sexuality Education Program for Early Childhood in Stimulating Psychososial Development in Pearl Playschool

Siti Sarah Hajar Nurfuadah
Recently, the issue of prosperity, healthy and protection to young children that are vulnurable to sexual abuse,exploitation and violence has been developing quite significantly. This has raised a question " To what extent has the early childhood education helped to give knowledge and understanding about...
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The Implementation of TPR (Total Physical Response) Method in Teaching English for Early Childhood

Siti Sumihatul Ummah
TPR method is one of the appropriate method to be implemented in teaching English for early childhood. The teacher implemented TPR method in teaching English for students at RA. Nurul Hikmah Pamekasan. In this method, the teacher's role is as an order taker, a model provider, and an action monitor. Learners...
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Hula Hoop Dance in Early Childhood (Case Study in Bon Thorif Kindergarten, Palembang South Sumatera)

Sri Sumarni, Windi Dwi Andika
Digital world nowadays gives positive impact on many aspects of development. However, there are also negative impacts in the shift of activity patterns, from motoric activities to playing gadget in the early childhood, even though it is the golden age of the motor development. This important issue encourages...
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Home-Start Parenting Program: Supporting Maternal Emotional Functioning in Raising Young Children

Tina Hayati Dahlan, Yulia Nur Annisa
This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of home-start parenting program to improve maternal emotional functioning in raising their young children. As a support program, home-start intervention focused on supporting mothers to improve their parenting capacities in a natural setting rather than coaching...
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Community-Based Parenting Education Program in Improving Parents' Skills

Viena Rusmiati Hasanah
The study reports on community-based parenting education program in improving parents skills. It is carried out based on current empirical conditions in various circumstances of social issues that occur in the community, among others are divorce, dropout, street fighting between gangs of school students,...
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Sexual Education Knowledge for Early Childhood

Weny Savitry S. Pandia, Yapina Widyawati, Etty Indriati
Nowadays, the case of child sexual abuse (CSA) is increasing. Parents need to prevent the occurrence of sexual assaults. This can be started by educating their child about sex through daily communication, for example, by teaching children about their personal body areas and how to protect them. Books...
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The Role of Father in Character Building of Early Childhood in the Family Environment of Labour Women in Indonesia

Wilodati Wilodati
Childhood is the most important part in a person's life because that is when the parents in the family are obliged to build noble character values that will be the basis of his personality in days to come. Education at an early age the child receives is the foundation of his noble character in the future....
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Making Use of Children Storybooks in Designing Writing Activities for Children Learning EFL

Winti Ananthia
Writing is said as the most difficult skill to be taught. Teachers often simply conducted free writing activity and ask students to produce paragraphs of writing piece. Therefore, writing activity is often unachievable for Indonesian elementary school students as beginner English learners. This paper...
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Science Learning Model Based on Multisensory-Ecology in Early Childhood Education: A Conceptual Model

Yaswinda Yaswinda
In early childhood education, science learning emphasizes providing direct and real experience. That experience is needed by children in order to promote knowledge about what they see, hear, taste, touch, and smell through its five senses. Ecology-based education is needed by humans and will benefit...
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Teacher's Response on the Teaching Pyramid Model-Curriculum 2013 Implementation in Kindergarten, Bandung-Indonesia

Yeni Rachmawati, Aan Listiana
This paper would figure out the teacher's response on "Teaching Pyramid Model-Curriculum 2013" program implementation, that located in a Kindergarten, in Bandung-Indonesia. This research was using a descriptive-analytic approach as a method. Data were obtained through interviews and questionnaires that...
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Optimizing the Development of Emotional Competence in Early Childhood

Yettie Wandansari, Dewi Retno Suminar
The concept of emotional competence refers to individual differences in emotional expression and experience, understanding, and regulation. Previous studies reported the significant roles of emotional competence in children's development of social and school competence. One of the antecedent factors...
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Promoting Critical Thinking through Children's Experiential Learning

Desiani Natalina Muliasari
Critical thinking is a strategic competence that becomes the focus in Indonesia education today. Being a critical thinker is not an easy process. It has to start since early childhood. Critical thinking involves active engagement with ideas. Thus, it requires efforts. (Roche, 2015). In promoting critical...
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Paternal Engagement of Fathers of Young Children in Kupang

Anamaria Vinansia Sengga, Engelikus Nama Koten, Beatriks Novianti Kiling-Bunga
This study aimed to determine the involvement of fathers in paternal engagement dimension in Kupang city. Paternal engagement is a form of direct interaction between child and father shown by the way father take care of his child or nurturing child or a variety of other activities. The study design of...
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Children's Gross Motor: After-school Activities And Mother's Role at Home (A Survey Study of Kindergarten Group A, at Pondok Aren District, Tangerang Selatan, Banten Province, Indonesia)

Diah Andika Sari
The aim of this research is to determine 4-5-year-old children gross motor ability on jumping, children's after-school activities, and their mothers' roles, on the students of kindergarten group A, Pondok Aren District, South of Tangerang, Banten Province, Indonesia. It was a survey study; which sample...
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Computer Based Learning Development Efforts as Information and Communication Technology in Group B Kindergarten in Blitar

Linda Dwiyanti, Emi Nurniati
The purpose of this study is an attempt being made to educate the nation's children in order to achieve advanced life through the realization of a learning atmosphere that the activity of learning interesting and fun, as well as the educational process in a creative, innovative and interactive. Understanding...
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Exploring Emotion and Their Antecedents in Indonesian Young Children

Lucia Voni Pebriani, Laila Qodariah
Emotional development begins early in life. From birth, children rapidly develop their abilities to experience and express different emotions. The foundations of social competence that are developed in the first five years impact the children's later ability to functionally adapt in school and to form...
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Empathic Metaphor Counseling and Children's Social Responsibilities

Riana Mashar, Juntika Nurihsan, Suherman Suherman, M. Solehuddin
Based on the preliminary research on early childhood's characters at Elementary School in Magelang, showed that children's responsibilities need to be increased. Social responsibilities has been proven determining one's success in the adulthood and becoming the characteristic of psychologically healthy...