Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2016)

Early Childhood Education (ECE) has been developing. Currently, there are various theories and practices of ECE. Each of them reflects different epistemological and philosophical framework. Within each theory and practice, there also lies power relation. Some practices and theories dominate and become a regime of truth in ECE while other theories and practices are marginalised. The practice of ECE also has become part of a daily routine that sometimes ECE teachers, practitioners and academics overlook to critically question it. This conference aims to provide a space for teachers, practitioners and academics to rethink about theories that shape their teaching practices in ECE setting and possibly engaged in a process of evaluating those practices. It is expected that throughout the conference, different theories and practices of ECE will communicate and negotiate with each other. It is our hope that each theory can help us to understand children, childhood and ECE better.

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