Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on Informatization in Education, Management and Business

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Research on the Business English Translation Methodology under the Perspective of Dynamic Cultural Equivalence

Yu Liwen
In this paper, we conduct research on the business English translation methodology under the perspective of dynamic culture equivalence. Due to business English is the language used in business activities, therefore, the main language is characterized by simple, straightforward, concise and to the point....
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Research on the Common Problems and Corresponding Solutions for the Chinese-foreign Cooperative Education Management

Yun Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research and survey on the common problems and corresponding solutions for the Chinese-foreign cooperative education management. The training objectives of cooperation in running schools only to adapt to the society and education development rule for their healthy development....
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The Construction of the Major Clusters in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Industrial Cluster

Zhang Qingtang, Shen Chengying
The development of industrial cluster plays a significant influence on the major construction of higher vocational colleges. In this paper, in combination with the practice of Jiangyin Polytechnic College, the interaction relationship between the construction of the major clusters in higher vocational...
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The Construction of the "Tour-factor Integration" Teaching Quality Monitoring System in Higher Vocational Colleges —Jiangyin Polytechnic College is taken as an example

Zhang Qingtang, Shen Chengying
Teaching quality is the lifeline of higher vocational colleges, but also the foundation of education and development. In this paper, on the basis of analyzing teaching quality and the concept of teaching quality monitoring and combining the practice of Jiangyin Polytechnic College, the methods and problems...
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Research on Project Driven and Modified Traditional Teaching Mode based Novel Oracle Database Teaching Methodology and Reform

Yan Zhang, Cong Wang, Li Jian-Ming
In this paper, we research on the project driven and modified traditional teaching mode based novel oracle database teaching methodology and reform. As the main foundation of computer application system and information system and core technology, the database is the most rapid development of computer...
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Research on Innovative Teaching Model for SQL Server and Oracle based on Framework Optimization and Instance Analysis

Zhang Yan, Xiang Ju, Wang Cong, Li Jian-Ming
In this paper, we conduct research on innovative teaching model for SQL server and Oracle based on framework optimization and instance analysis. At present, some teaching materials in this paper introduces the principle and system structure is mainly to explain the role of each part, not through the...
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Fundamental Research on the Applications of Clinical Skill Training Centers on the Education of Clinical Medicine

Zhang Zhuo, Cheng Changxia, Zhang Haiyan
In this paper, we conduct research on the applications of clinical skill training centers on the education of clinical medicine. To explore effective ways to cultivate the innovative ability of medical students which are the current reform of higher education of clinical medicine and the development...
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Research on the Applications of Multimedia Auxiliary Teaching System with the Computer to the Education of Clinical Medicine

Zhang Zhuo, Liu Meihan, Zhang Haiyan
In this paper, we conduct research on the applications of multimedia auxiliary teaching system with the computer to the education of clinical medicine. Clinical medical education and other related disciplines of education both identity and particularity and it is not just to teach the traditional medical...
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The Influence of Teachers' Appearance in the Process of Teaching on the Teaching Effect

Zhao Yu-ling, Zhang Zhuo, Cheng Chang-xia
Along with the reform of the times, people hold different pursuits and aesthetic views about clothing, and naturally their understanding of clothing is different. Teachers must always be a good model of virtue for students. There is no exception to appearance, because a teacher must be addressed appropriately...
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The Reasonable Use of Multimedia in Teaching

Zhao Yu-ling, Zhang Zhuo, Cheng Chang-xia
Along with the development of science and technology, modern information technologies must be appropriately used in teaching, so as to improve teaching and learning methods and the quality of teaching. Multimedia instruction, relying on flexible and varied expressive forms such as sound-image, text-graphics,...
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Humor—the Reform and Innovation of Teaching Language in Teaching

Zhao Yu-ling, Zhang Zhuo, Zhang Hai-yan
The teaching, not to try to arouse the desire of students for seeking knowledge, is just like a piece of cold iron being hammered, said American educator Mann. With humor in teaching, the desire of students for knowledge can be effectively stimulated, and also students are helped to understand and grasp...
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Research on the Cultivation of Avocation Interest Relationship and Enhancement in the Sports Teaching and Sports Training

Zhao Yunna
In this paper, we conduct related research on the cultivation of avocation interest relationship and enhancement in the sports teaching and sports training. When studying initiative, even if encounter difficulties, will try hard to overcome which have the good mood. School physical education is the foundation...
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The Curriculum and Education System of Hong Kong Tourism Higher Education -- Taking Hong Kong Polytech University as an example

Zhong Lina, Tang Junyi
Hong Kong Polytech University is the representative of tourism higher education in Hong Kong, offering various courses in hotel management and tourism management at the Doctor, Masters and Bachelor levels, whose curriculum and education system have been quite perfect. The PolyU has cultivated a large...
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The Curriculum and Education System of American Higher Tourism Education Taking the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University as an Example

Zhong Lina, Zhou Shaorui
The curriculum setting is the core for higher tourism education. In this field, American has instructive experiences that are worthy of learning. In this paper, the researcher carries out an investigation to, on the one hand, analyze the university’s advanced achievements in majors settings, course structure,...
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Study on Evaluation System of Teaching Management Execution in Colleges and Universities

Liu Zhan-yan
The evaluation system of teaching management execution in colleges and universities is the important guarantee for improving the teaching quality and supervising the teaching management activity. Firstly, the connotation and ne-cessity of teaching management execution evaluation is analyzed, and then...
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Innovative Research on Teaching Management Mode of Colleges and Universities in China

Zhang Qing
In recent years, talent has become important resource to promote national development, and China will continue to expand enrollment in colleges and universities. However, under the new developing situation, shortcomings of the traditional teaching management mode of colleges and universities are constantly...
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Application of Peer Education in the Freshman Adaptability Problem

Tian Miao, Tian Bing-jie
Adolescent students enter university from high school may face some adaptability problems in study, life and psychology because of various reasons, and it will affect their long-term development in the future. Adaptive education of colleges and universities in China has carried out, but there are some...
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Research On the Teaching Management of University Based on TQM

Liu Zhan-yan
With the development and expansion of social economy in our country, the quality of the society is becoming higher and higher. Colleges and universities in China has initially formed a relatively perfect teaching management system, but with the continuous development of higher education. Its existence...
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Research on the Reform of University Teaching Management in the Perspective of Innovation Talents Cultivation

Li Xin, Chen Ming-yao
The teaching management work as an important part of the school teaching, is to maintain the normal teaching order, improve teaching efficiency and quality of the im-portant guarantee. To study the mechanism of university teaching management is very important for the innovation of university teaching...
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Applied Research on college Student Work Performance Evaluation Based on ANP

Tian Miao, Li Yan-zi
Performance management refers to a system for management, control, decision-making and motivation in the process of integral management methods, it has been widely applied in all kinds of enterprises, research and education institutions and so on, but performance management theory in colleges and universities...
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Research on College Student Innovation Mode based on wechat platform

Feng Chen-jing, Wang Xiao-pu, Xing Li-jie
New media and the student work in colleges and universities is still an emerging research field, it is also in the initial stage. WeChat provide convenience for college student life and learning at the same time, also to let students work provides a new thought way. This paper introduced the wechat platform...
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The Countermeasures to the Chinese General Colleges’ Music Education Reform Under the View of Quality Education

Liu Yong-ping
At present, our country’s colleges and universities is realizing the great transition from exam-oriented education to quality education. Quality education system of general colleges, is an indispensable important content for cultivating the modern talents’ comprehensive qualities. Since Chinese general...
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The Study on the Importance and Development Strategy of College Students’ Music Quality Education

Zheng Tong-xiang
As the main position of quality education, colleges and universities play an irreplaceable role in cultivating comprehensive development talent engineering. Music quality education is the important content of implementing quality education and realizing the talents training goal of all-round development....
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The Music Skill’s Teaching Reform of Preschool Education Major Under the New Situation

Zheng Tong-xiang, Li Xiao-fei
With the advancement of quality education, preschool music education plays more and more important role, and puts forward a new standard and quality requirement to preschool music teachers. This will inevitably initiate thinking about music teaching model’s reform of preschool education major. This paper...
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The Meaning of Traditional Culture in the College Ideological Education and Measures

Li Su, Jing Cai
The essence of Chinese traditional culture is our precious spiritual wealth. It is also an important ideological and political education resources. The undergraduate courses in the new period must combine with Chinese traditional culture and the cultural background. The colleges and universities carry...
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Research on the Micro-blog Strategy of the Ideological and Political Education in Colleges

An Yun fang, Gao Fan
The rapid development of the micro-blog has a profound impact on the daily life of people. The arrival of the era of the micro blog, not only changes the traditional way of information dissemination, but also has an extremely important influence on college students and brings new challenges to the ideological...
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The Innovation of the Ideological and Political Education Work in New Media Age

Jiao Kun, Li Nan, Fan Gui-sen
The continuous development and innovation of new media technology, not only provides development opportunities to colleges’ ideological and political education work, but also brings new challenges. It has become the current important topic colleges and universities’ ideological and political education...
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Research on the role of excellent traditional culture on college students' ideological and political education

Wang Xiao-pu, Zhang Li-min, Song Qiu-ying
In the new period, college students’ ideological and political education in should give full play to the role of excellent traditional culture, which is helpful for students to form good morals and right values. Based on this, this paper ex-pounds the connotation and characteristics of traditional culture,...
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The Challenges and Opportunities of Ideological and Political Education Work Under the New Media Perspective

Zhao Wei-zhong, Gao Li
With the development of new media technology, mobile phones and Internet are highly popularized in colleges and universities. The development of new media has brought not only opportunities but also severe challenges to ideological and political education work in universities. The application of new...
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Research on Institutional Construction of College Students Ideological and Political Education

Wu Dong-xia
College students are the backbone of socialist construction, ideological and political education of college students is the key to the socialist modernization services. This paper starts from the present situation of ideological and political education of college students, then analysis the problems...
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Research on Improving the Ideological and Political Education of College Students Based on Campus Culture

Zhang Ling-ling
Campus culture which has become a kind of potential education power is the effective carrier of ideological and political education in colleges and plays an important role in the development of ideological and political education. In the new situation, making full use of the aesthetic function of campus...
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The Countermeasures Research of Ideological and Political Education Work in China Colleges and Universities in Internet Age

Liang Li-hui, Zheng Xing-gang
The rapid development of internet technology has greatly changed people’s life style and working way, representing the trend of the times. It also profoundly affects people’s world outlook, the outlook on life and values. The internet brings not only good opportunities, but also severe challenges to...
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Research on the Integration of Ideological and Political Education and Employment Guidance Education in Colleges

Tian Miao, Tian Bing-jie
College employment guidance education is an important part of the ideological and political education. The integration of Ideological and political education and employment guidance education has important significance, which is also conducive to promoting the development of the ideological and political...
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Research on the Measures of Strengthening the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges

Li Zi-ye
The teaching of ideological and political theory in colleges is the main way to carry out the ideological education for college students, and it plays an important role. Under the joint efforts of major universities, ideological and political education has made remarkable achievements. But with the change...
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Research on autonomous learning methods in the ideological and political education of universities

Zhao Yuan, Xin Wen-yu, Liu Lian
In recent years, with the rapid development of society and the deepening of education reform, the ideological and po-litical education is more and more attention. Education courses in colleges and universities is the main channel of ideological and political education of college students, col-lege students'...
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Researching on the Countermeasures of College Students in Subjectivity Ideological and Political Education Model

Lou Yan-qiang, Li Ji-na
In the ideological and political education at colleges and universities, the subjectivity model focuses on the overall, harmonious and sustainable development of both the educator and the educated and embodies the goal of value that the college and university education point at. Therefore, we must perform...
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The relationship between the Socialist Core Values and Ideological And Political Education of College Students

Wang Xiao-pu, Zhang Li-min, Song Qiu-ying
The socialist core values of the proposed has important theoretical and practical significance, especially for the ideological and political education of college students, the direction of value demands is specified,enhanced its appeal and appeal.The socialist core values enrich and innovate the ideological...
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"Family education concept" in the view of Fu Lei letter

Shou Zhi-min
"Family education concept" in view of the letters of Fu Lei mainly manifested in Fu Lei's family education goal task principles and methods. In the view of Fu Lei the goal of family education is to develop children as "a person who contributes to society the task is to make the child learn to be a man...
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On the honesty and credit construction of College Students

Tian Miao, Tian Bing-jie
Honesty is one of the requirements of the socialist core values at the personal level, it provides the moral basis for building the harmonious society of socialism, it’s requirements for citizenship are to restrict themselves according to the social morality. But in the process of socialist modernization,...
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Construction and Study of Teaching Management Execu-tion System in Colleges and Universities

Li Yang, Zhang Hai-yu
The construction of a perfect teaching management execution system has gradually become an effective means of training high quality talents and enhancing the core competitiveness. First, the connotation of teaching management execution system in colleges and universities is analyzed in-depth to understand...
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An Analysis of the Cultivation of Service Awareness of the Tourism Vocational Education in Japan

Yin Juan
Through examining the curriculum installation in the tourism vocational colleges in Japan, teachers and students’ awareness of the service and service consciousness cultivation, this paper analyzes the advantages of the vocational colleges of the cultivation of service awareness in Japan, and proposes...
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Exploration and Practice of vocational practical P. E. teaching mode in higher vocational college

Li Weiguo, Feng Ke, Ren Jun
vocational practical P. E. teaching mode in higher vocational college has caused widespread concern in the sports world.Construction of vocational practical P. E. teaching mode should adhere to the four principles, namely the principle of health, practical principles, compensatory principle and the principle...
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Research on the Current Condition of College Tourism Personnel Training Mode and Vocational Education Reforms

Zhao Benqian
In this paper, we conduct research on the current condition of college tourism personnel training mode and vocational education reforms. Paying attention to the current social development innovation spirit, how to make students possess the necessary ability to innovate, is this the prime problem of the...
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The Cultivation of Legal Faith In Undergraduate Education of Law –Taking the Legal Education of Sichuan Agricultural University as an Example

Qi Haiyan
The establishment of a socialist country under the rule of law, it is in line with the socialist modernization construction of statecraft. The country want to Implement the rule of law that must meet two conditions, first, the country should established a good legal system, second, the seriously comply...
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Property Valuation Education Under Internationalization

Xiao Yan
Foreign fund investment in China creates demand for real estate appraisal, but inevitably imposes challenges on the real estate appraisal industry in China. The majority of real estate appraisers in China are not familiar with the needs and requirements of foreign clients. The core of the problems lies...
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The Reform and Innovation of Mock Trial

Liu Na
Law education is not only the theoretical knowledge education ,but also the professional education with strong practicality and applied education.Practical teaching of mock trial is an important way to improve the students’ ability of participating in the law practice.China's current legal system of...
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Educational Psychology Theory Basis and Teaching Principles of Creative Music Teaching Method

Hong Xianli, Chen Weijing
Rich and diverse music activities can effectively develop special students' musical ability, improve their cognitive and motor coordination ability, and promote the harmonious development of their body and mind. Based on previous research and teaching practice, according to the Skinner's procedure teaching...
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Construction Research of Newly Built Universities Developing Learning-Based Campus

Luo Xianfeng, Gao Yonggui
In recent years,universities teachers and students have blind, narrow, utilitarian, superficial, and miserable mood in study. This article puts forward that reconstructing learning beliefs, changing talent cultivation beliefs, and establishing learning model which are constructing learning campus to...
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Teaching Newspaper Reading Course with Group Work Approach

Zhao Haifang
As the most convenient way to access authentic modern English, newspaper reading has been brought into the spotlight in China especially at college levels. It is now taught as a course to non-English majors. Group work, a well researched area, is considered one of the most beneficial teaching approaches...
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The Teaching System Practical Research on Theory and Exercise Integration

Jiang Fangchun, Lu Yunfan, Zhu Zhenjia
Theory and exercise integrated teaching is a new teaching mode in vocational education institutes at present. From the aspects of teaching objective definition, teaching platform construction, teaching organization design and student assessment, this paper used MOOCs and SPOCs philosophy carried out...
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Analysis of Influence Factors of Contemporary College Students’ Political Identity Crisis

Xu Qiujie, Zhang Xiurong
College students' political identification plays an critical role in China's political socialization, which is directly related to China's political stability and smooth modernization construction. Basically speaking ,Contemporary college students' political identity tone is positive and healthy, but...
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Research on Teaching Reform of MCU Course Based on Proteus

Pan Cao, Ding Hui, Cheng Qi-cai, Lv Meng
"Principle and application of single chip microcomputer" is an important course for electronic information specialty. In view of the problems existing in the traditional teaching, combined with Proteus ,keil and virtual reality technology from two aspects of the teaching method and experiment measures,...
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Usage Research of Class Teaching Skills Based on Time Characters

Yan Qi, Li Jun
Teaching skills were analyzed by SPSS based on microteaching videos. The results showed that there was no significant difference between 5mins division, 15mins division and skills usage, while significant difference between the 10mins division, 20mins division and skill usage. The sorting of division...
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Research on the Tablet Computer Application of Preschool Children in Guangzhou City under the View of Media Literacy

Li Jie, Chen Zixi
This paper studies how preschool children use tablet and to what extent their parents’ media behavior influences them by using a questionnaire on 200 preschool children and their parents together with interviews from Guangzhou to explore . The survey found that parents’ media behavior and attitude to...
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Research on Two-Level Management Mode in Higher Vocational Schools

Chen Meixia
In the paper the two-level management mode of higher vocational schools is studied based on such theories as new public management theory, vocational education and higher education management, the problems appearing in the reform on two-level management mode in higher vocational schools are analyzed...
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CDIO-Based Teaching Reform of OOAD Course for Information Management Postgraduates

Du Hui, Han Ting
To address the low activeness of learning and the weak ability of developing practical systems of information management postgraduates in the ‘Object Oriented Analysis and Design’ course, the detail teaching content and method, as well as the assessment system, are proposed based on the CDIO initiative....
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The Analysis on the Application of SCT in Academic English Teaching

Wei Yuehong, Miao Chungang
Since 1890s SCT has been the new study topic in Second Language Acquisition. SCT gives the deep insight into the social elements and historical and cultural elements in the process of language learning and improving the cognitive ability. Meanwhile, with the tendency of internalization, intercultural...
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Study on Three-Dimensional Teaching Reform of Mechanical Engineering Subject Based on the Cultivation of Innovative Ability

Yang Hongjun
Aiming at the shortage of the traditional teaching mode in mechanical engineering subject, the three-dimensional teaching reform was put forward based on the cultivation of innovative ability. The principles of construction of three-dimensional teaching resources were considered and the system structure...
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Research on Novel Pattern and Approach for Mobile Internet Marketing based on Data Mining and Information Fusion Techniques

Chai Shaozong
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on the novel pattern and approach for mobile Internet marketing based on data mining and information fusion algorithms. At present, with the globalization of economy, Internet technology and information technology as the characteristics of the new economy,...
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Research on Construction Project Cost Control System based on Multivariate Optimization Theory

Xu Feng
In this paper, we research on the construction project cost control system based on multivariate optimization theory. With the development of economy, under the planned economy system construction enterprise according to the national plan for the construction of model no longer exists, the establishment...
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Research on the Influence of Policies Guided Economy to Chinese Garment Industry and the Corresponding Innovation Education Pattern in Colleges and Universities

Han Jiarong
In this paper, we research on the perspective of the influence of policies guided economy to Chinese garment industry and the corresponding innovation education pattern in colleges and universities. Currently, the world is undergoing profound changes, the economic globalization by leaps and bounds. Vocational...
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Research on the Reasonable Strategy of the Development of Commercial Banks under the Perspective of P2P Internet Financial Risks

Li Liqin
In this paper, we conduct research on the reasonable strategy of the development of commercial banks under the perspective of P2P Internet financial risks. P2P financial model mainly for China's small and medium enterprises and individuals to provides financing services. Generally need to use e-commerce...
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Research on Business English Cross-cultural Communication Activity Context and Interactive Communication Mechanism

Liu Danxia, Wang Lijun
In this paper, we conduct research on the business English cross-cultural communication activity context and interactive communication mechanism. Culture is the spirit of human creation achievements and composite material research, language is the best carrier of culture, is the core of the culture and...
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Design and Implementation of Electronic Network System of Taxation based on the Internet and Big Data Perspective

Peng Chen
In this paper, we conduct theoretical design and implementation of electronic network system of taxation base on the internet and big data perspective. On the Internet, through the information system realizes the tax department and relevant government departments and the information communication and...
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Approaches and Countermeasures of Developing Low Carbon Economy for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Song Xinxin, Liu Ting
The mode of developing Low carbon economy is an innovation, which indicates the adjustment and innovation of energy structure, industrial structure and technology . It is also a common way of pursuing sustainable development around the world. Ethnic people of Ningxia have made great achievements in economic...
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Research on the New Pattern and Applications of Incentive Control Mechanism on Enterprise Human Resource Management

Su Xiaomei
In this paper, we conduct research on the new pattern and applications of incentive control mechanism on enterprise human resource management. Enterprise's development cannot leave the support of talents, the key link to attract and retain talent is to do a good job in human resources management of human...
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Research on the New Pattern and Methodology of Enterprise Operation and Management in the Big Data Information Era

Wang Dahai
In this paper, we conduct research on the new pattern and methodology of enterprise operation and management in the big data information era. Under the environment of big data management decision puts forward new requirements on knowledge discovery. Big data mass, value diversity, dynamic and sparse,...
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Research on the Applications of Flip Mode Technology in High Bridge Pier Construction Project and Quality Control

Wang Feng, Lai Xiao, Wen Zhen
In this paper, we conduct research on the applications of flip mode technology in high bridge pier construction project and quality control. Double mode refers to the construction of the piers of the bridge with three template mutual disassembly, constantly improve pier height, use the crane cut large...
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Research on the Enterprise Management and Employee Incentive Mechanism under the Environment of Enterprise Social Networks

Wang Xia
In this paper, we conduct research on the enterprise management and the related employee incentive mechanism under the environment of enterprise social networks. As the sharp change in the environment, the enterprise how to win the competitive advantage for a long time which caused many strategic management...
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Research and the Principle Technique of Intelligent Warehouse System based on RFID and Theory of Data Center

Wang Xuesong, Feng Guangzhan
In this paper, we conduct research on the principle technique of intelligent warehouse system based on RFID and theory of data center. Warehouse management and accurate positioning is a very important link in the whole management process, in order to ensure timely and accurate stock, inventory control...
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Design and Implementation of Agricultural Information Service Platform based on Resource Integration

Wu Hongyan
This paper discusses the design and key technology of digital agriculture spatial information management platform system. The long-term goal of the article is based on the construction of digital agriculture and agricultural informatization, and puts forward the overall framework and structure of digital...
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Research on the Development Path of Commercial Banks under the Influence of Internet Finance: Taking P2P Finance as the Example

Yu Xin
In this paper, we conduct research on the development path of commercial banks under the influence of Internet finance. With China's accession to the world trade organization and the rapid development of domestic e-commerce, Internet finance faces the great challenge of international. With the current...
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Study on the Cooperative E-commerce Model between Enterprises based on the Value Chain

XU Jun, LIU Xiaoxing
The real e-commerce between enterprises is based on the internal departments of enterprises and the cooperative interaction between enterprise and its partners. In this paper, on the basis of the theory of value chain, 11 cooperative e-commerce models between enterprises have been classified according...
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Research on the Novel Financial Affairs Evaluation Methodology based on Entropy Value Method and Gray Theory

Yang Lihong, Liu Jihua
In this paper, we research on the novel financial affairs evaluation methodology based on entropy value method and gray theory. Separate analysis of any financial indicators which are difficult to evaluate comprehensively the financial position and operating results of an enterprise. Grey fuzzy comprehensive...
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Problems in Cross-border E-commerce Export Trade in China & Countermeasure Analysis

Yang Zhenhua, Shen Qiang
As an emerging industry in China, cross-border e-commerce has enjoyed the leap-forward development, along with increasingly prominent problems. This paper aims at finding out the problems and related roots that hinder its development, through conducting an analysis on the export development of cross-border...
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Research on the Library Enterprise Development Prospects and Challenges under the Environment of Big Data and Cloud Computing

Zhang Chen
In this paper, we conduct research on the library development prospects and challenges under the environment of big data and cloud computing. Increasingly nervous and public libraries are facing funding, resources construction pace slow or stagnant difficult situation, readers to the library cause in...
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Research on the Architectural Design Industry Human Resources Management System based on Competency Model

Juan Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the architectural design industry human resources management system based on competency model. With the increasing competition in the market, the development and management of human resources has become an important means to improve the core competitiveness of construction...
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Research on the Development and Enhancement of Architectural Design Industry Human Resources Management System based on Comprehensive Performance Evaluation

Juan Zhang
In this paper, we research on the development and enhancement of architectural design industry human resources management system based on comprehensive performance evaluation. With the rapid development of our country's economy, construction industry is facing huge development space and opportunities,...
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An actuarial approach to foreign currency option pricing

Zhang Min
Using physical probabilistic measure of price process and the principle of fair premium , we deal with pricing formula of option on Foreign currency option under the assumption that foreign option price process driven by fractional Brownian motion process ,we obtain the pricing formula of foreign option.
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How Local Undergraduate Colleges Build the Occupation Education in the Cloud Economy

Zhang Yuechao
The cloud economy is the mainstream economic future, which will bring huge impact and change to occupation education, thus changing the existing training goal, training mode and curriculum model for the local undergraduate colleges. This paper focuses on the innovation way of how the local undergraduate...
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Financial Management under the Background of Electronic Commerce

Lou Jian-ying, Li Wei-wei, Cui Qian
The popularization and application of information technol-ogy has prompted the financial management of the enter-prise to bear the impact and influence from the electronic commerce. Firstly, the connotation and characteristics of electronic commerce are analyzed. Then, combined with the actual, specific...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Low-carbon Economy Based on Grey Correlation

Xiong Xiao-yi, Li Yan-zi
It founds a hierarchical index system for evaluating urban low-carbon economic development from four aspects, such as social system, economic system, technology system and environmental system. Paper proposes a comprehensive evaluation model based on gray correlation, screening each two strongly correlated...
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Research on the new mode of student management of University Counselors under the new situation

Ji Yu
With the rapid development of economy and society of our country, China's higher education from elite oriented to mass change, the adjustment on College Counselors of student management model to adapt to the new form of. At first in this paper the mode of "education, management, service and development",...
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Analysis of the Enterprise Culture Construction in the New Media Environment

Geng Xinghong, Zhang Xuepeng, Geng Xingjuan
Along with the economy globalization and the trend of globalization, the development of digital media has already affected all areas of our society deeply. The new media environment brings chances and challenges to the enterprise culture construction. In this paper, we discussed the new media environment...
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Discussion on the Influence of Cloud Computing to Library Management and Its Countermeasures

Han Shan-shan, Han Chi
Libraries have implemented cloud computing related network technology and services. Cloud computing will bring both challenges and benefits to library management The Challenges faced by library management includes alternative question, standard, data security and intellectual property. Librarianship...
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Research on Development Patterns of Low Carbon Economy

Bai Hai-ning
At present, the world is experiencing a climate change whose main feature is warming, which has become the crisis and challenges of the world. Low-carbon economy is the best pattern which reduces greenhouse gas emission and global warming. This paper analyzes the urgency of developing low-carbon economy...
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Research on Evaluation for Sustainable Development of Energy Economy in Hebei Province

Bai Hai-ning
Based on the sustainable development theory of energy economy,this paper constructs the evaluation system of sustained development of energy economy considering the following four sub-systems: the sustainable development of energy usage, environment protection, economy and society. Based on this system,it...
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Model and Empirical Research on Private Equity Investment Performance

Zhu Bin, Wang Yuanyuan, Meng Yixiao
As a modern investment and financing methods, whether for investors or fund managers, the good performance of private equity is very important. This paper choses empirical research methods, private equity funds exiting cases between 2003-2013for the data base, the Public Market Equivalent (PME) as a...
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An Empirical Study on Economic Growth and Carbon Emissions in China

Niu Huayong, Li Han
The aim of the paper is to explore the empirical relationship between economic growth and carbon dioxide emissions in China, and investigate what are the main determinants of carbon emissions and how are they affect it. We analyzes panel data of the 30 provinces with a time period from 2000 to 2008....
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Empirical Study on the Performance of Merger of Tencent Merging Jingdong

Li Zehong, Xue Yuanchun
More and more M&A cases are emerging in our country, the number and account are constantly flushing the record.What`s more, the urban companies have begun to merge overseas ,especially for BAT(Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent).In 2014,Tencent has bid for a nationwide with its $21.4 billion proposal to buy 15%...
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The Eco-Responsibility of Mining Enterprises from Perspective of Eco-Ethics

Miao Ze-hua, Chen Yong-hui
The construction eco-ethics in mining enterprise, execution of eco-engineering, and assumption of social responsibilities are beneficial not only to the survival and development of the mining enterprise, but also to the structure readjustment, transformation and upgrade of the mining industry and mining...
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Employment Effects Model Construct of Technological Progress Based on System Dynamics

Zhao Li, Zhang Hongxia, Wang Xuke
Employment Effects System of Technological Progress (EESTP) is a comparatively complex system built within Society Economy System (SES). The basic function of EESTP is to integrate, negotiate and condense separated positive-direction powers, to form an enlarged co-power, and to accelerate the production...
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Research on the Evaluation of Baidu's Enterprise Value Based on DCF

Dai Li-Xin, Cui Zhan-Peng
With the rapid development of the Internet economy, Internet enterprise value evaluation has become a hot issue in the area of evaluation. In reference on the basis of the existing research results, take Baidu for example, starting from the angle of enterprise profit model and strategies for the future...
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A Study on the Mechanism of Deviation between the Growth Rate of Economy and Electricity Consumption

Wu Shanshan, Shan Baoguo
For a long time, electricity demand is regarded as the "barometer" of the economy. Electricity consumption growth becomes one of the three major indicators of Keqiang Index, as it could pre-reflect the economic growth. However, since 2015, China's economic growth and electricity demand has deviated from...
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Primary Research on Emergency Self-Rescue Furniture Design for Natural Disasters

Chen Ming, Liu Da-Zhi, Jiang Li, Lyu Jian-hua
In recent years, a large number of natural disasters happened in China, which caused heavy casualties, property losses and destruction of social order. Emergency self-rescue furniture design for natural disasters was taken as the research object in this paper. The definition and meanings of emergency...
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Research on the Hybrid Energy Storage based Photovoltaic Piconets and the Isolated Net Running Comprehensive Control System in the Campus Environment

Chen Xuejin, Cao Huijing, Hu Dongyang, Sha Zhen, Xiong Sichen
In this paper, we conduct research on the hybrid energy storage based photovoltaic piconets and the isolated net running comprehensive control system in the campus environment. Piconets flexible operation mode and the efficient power supply without perfect stable control. Micro the early stage of network...
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Automating the Sci-tech Papers’ Coverage and Citation Report Based on Cloud Platform Via Mobile Phone or Tablet

Chen Yuecong, Wu Guiqin, Fang Yanhong, He Qiong, Tian Huiyun
This paper introduces the mobile application of automatic database coverage and citation certification automation system based on cloud platform, which services for university Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval Station. It creates the university science and technology (sci-tech ) paper database and its citation...
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The Discipline Development of North China Electric Power University Based on ESI

Chen Yuecong, Zhu Zhengmao, Fang Yanhong, Qi Hongjing
This paper is to study the discipline development of North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) base on the Essential Science Indicators (ESI). It analyzes the field ranking, highly cited papers of NCEPU in ESI. It gives a comparison of the citations of NCEPU and the threshold of ESI top 1% in six...
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The Co-construction of Mine Villages—an Important Way for Coal Mining Enterprises in Yunnan's Minority Areas to Fulfill Social Responsibility

Gong Yunhong
In the minority areas with the backward development of economy, the fulfillment of social responsibility by coal mining enterprises is of more important significance. The coal mining enterprises in minority areas should pay more attention to the social responsibility with the local minority characteristics,...
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Consideration on the Power System Planning in the Urbanized Construction of Yunnan's Mountainous Areas

Gong Yunhong
"Constructing Urban Areas in Mountains" is one of the important measures to realize the goal of comprehensively constructing a well-off society in Yunnan. All the projects to be constructed in mountainous areas can't depart from the support of electric power, so giving top priority to electric power...