Proceedings of the International Conference on Online and Blended Learning 2019 (ICOBL 2019)

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Developing a Web-Based Accounting Competence Performance Assessment Rubric Among Vocational High School Students

Suwarno, Herman Dwi Surjono, Rahmawati
This study aimed at generating valid and reliable web-based accounting competence performance assessment among vocational high school student. In general, the development procedures that had been implemented were classified into two parts. The first part is rubric development, while the second part is...
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Developing a Learning Monitoring System Dashboard for Augmented Reality in Ubiquitous Geometry (Authentic-UG)

R Nurtantyana, Suprapto, W Y Hwang, U Hariyanti
The Authentic-UG mobile app requires a monitoring system to process the data produced on AR technology so that it can be displayed with interactive data as a method of assessing student learning behavior. The purpose of this study to develop a Learning Monitoring System Dashboard (LMSD), that can record...
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Analyzing Student Attendance and Academic Achievement from Student Experience in Higher Education Blended Program

Reikman Aritonang, Tata Sutabri, Gerald Ariff
E-learning has been widely applied in higher education institutions to provide opportunities for students to learn anytime from anywhere. Blended program as a form of e-learning program design is developed to facilitate a mixture of offline and online courses. Given the nature of blended program design,...
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Adaptive E-Learning Model in Learning Personality Characters

Wartiningsih, Herman Dwi Surjono
E-learning provides flexibility and convenience that has never been seen before for electronic learners by breaking the limitations of space and time. The design concern of computer-based learning systems is how to accommodate individual differences in students during learning activities. Previous research...
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Evaluation of E-Learning Implementation in Gorontalo State University

Rachmat M Thohir Yassin, Dian Novian
UNG has implemented online learning since 2006. At first, the implementation was still in one Faculty, namely the Faculty of Education. It was continued in 2007 in which PJJ PGSD began using moodle-based e-learning. In 2009, the Faculty of Engineering, especially the Informatics Engineering Department...
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Gender Factor in Designing Features of a Learning Management System in Higher Education

B R Aditya, A Permadi
This study aims to analyze how gender differs in designing features of the Learning Management System (LMS) in higher education. The method in this study was quantitative research with the type of comparative research. Participants in this study were 223 students (111 male students and 112 female students)...
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The Implementation of Blended Learning Model in State Budget Expenditure Treasurer Training in Ministry of Finance

Jamila Lestyowati, Ida Maharani
This study was conducted to analyze the implementation of blended learning by comparing online and offline learning in State Budget Expenditure Treasurer Training in Ministry of Finance. The blended learning was implemented through e-learning by independent learning in Kemenkeu Learning Center (KLC)...
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Analysis of E-Learning Implementation at Vocational High School Using Technology Acceptance Model

Tegas Erlan, Basori, Rosihan Ari Yuana
The aims of this research are to determine the perception of students’ acceptance on the implementation of e-learning technology, and analyze effect of e-learning application on school policies using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). In detail, this research discusses e-learning schoology and moodle...
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Relationship Between Prior Knowledge and Internet Self-Efficacy on the Success of Learning Mathematics by Using E-Learning

Y M Azis, H Suharyati, S Susanti
The development of technology, especially in the field of information technology, has greatly influenced the development of the world in all fields, including education. The teaching and learning process, which initially focused solely on teachers, has now developed into focusing on students. One of...
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Five E-Learning for Education in Indonesia

Harfina Dwi Sundari, Pramudi Utomo
The development of technology is a key factor in the change in the education system. One important issue in organizing the National Education System is determining what efforts should be made to improve the quality of education. This study aim was to find out what e-learning has been developed in Indonesia....
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Prediction Analysis Student Graduate Using Multilayer Perceptron

Mariana Windarti, Putri Taqwa Prasetyaninrum
Student graduation data is a data that is important to the College, especially for the Faculty as well as the courses in question. Acquisition of knowledge in a database (a number of large data) commonly referred to as data mining. This research aims to analyze the student’s graduation predictions that...
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The Effect of Mastery-Based Blended Learning on the Independence and Creativity of Students

Mey Tias Andry Pamungkas, Basori, Dwi Maryono
Blended learning is a combination of online learning and direct learning. One type of blended learning is mastery-based blended learning. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of using mastery-based blended learning and conventional learning on students ‘independence and creativity and...
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The Influence of Project-Based Blended Learning Toward Outcomes Student Learning

Felicia Silvi, Basori, Dwi Maryono
The research aims to determine if there are any differences in the use of the Project-Based Blended Learning (PjB2L) method that Edmodo assisted with the repository learning model on student learning outcomes in graphic design lessons. The method used in this study is quasi-experimental quantitative....
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Students’ Self-Monitoring Skill Classification in Learning Activities

Intan Sulistyaningrum Sakkinah, Rudy Hartanto, Adhistya Erna Permanasari
Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) provides personalized instruction based on the level of knowledge and learning preferences of students. At ITS, student modeling has an important role; the role of student modeling in ITS includes student knowledge that is used to produce lessons, problems, feedback,...
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An Architecture of Adaptive Online Module System Based on Felder-Silverman Learning Style Model

Arief Hidayat, Victor Gayuh Utomo
Students will get some benefits by knowing their own learning style. The adaptive online module system gives students a learning environment that adapting to their learning style. The architecture of the adaptive online module system consists of a domain model, media space, student model, instruction...
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Effectiveness of Web-Based Simulation Integrated with Guided Discovery Learning to Enhance Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in Physics

Riki Perdana, Riwayani, Jumadi, Dadan Rosana
This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of Web-Based Simulation integrated with Guided Discovery Learning (WBS-GDL) model in improving the critical thinking skill in Physics Grade XI students in Islamic State School Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The GDL-WBS model was compared to the Direct Instruction...
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Model of Online and Blended Learning’s Strategy of Classic Book and Foreign Language in Pesantren

M Rahman, Mo’tasim
This paper aimed to discuss an idea and interpret the model of online and blended learning that implementation in learning kitab kuning (classic book) and foreign language in Pesantren (islamic boarding school). This research focused on the implementation blended learning strategy and models in modern...
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Development of Web-Based Disaster Preparedness Knowledge Measurement Instruments Using the Wondershare Quiz Creator Software

Rima Meilita Sari, Ridhwan, Sumarmi
The high risk of natural disasters in Indonesia awakens all parties to the importance of disaster mitigation. One of such efforts is increasing disaster literacy ability. The purpose of this study was to develop a valid, reliable and practical disaster preparedness knowledge test. This research used...
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Analysis of Maritime Learning Material Development Needs Using Google Form

Ridhwan, Rima Meilita Sari, Sumarmi
Indonesia has vast potential of maritime resource. It is necessary to increase knowledge through education. The purpose of this study is to find out student’s perceptions about the development of maritime teaching materials. This study was used quantitative as a research design and was conducted from...
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Automatic Grading System to Supporting Blended Learning in Basic Programming Practice – an Experience Report

Ani Rahmani, Joe Lian Min
The problems in teaching programming are widely known. Research on teaching programming has been carried out both in theoretical and practical. Especially in the practical, the point emphasized that students must practice consistently and discipline. The problem is that not all programming tasks can...
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Blended Learning: Perception and Achievement of Postgraduate Program Students of Yogyakarta State University

Muhammad Andhika, Syukrul Hamdi
This study aims to describe blended learning in terms of perceptions and achievements of postgraduate program students of Yogyakarta State University (UNY). The perception includes satisfaction, convenience, and involvement. This study used a survey method. The population of the study was all postgraduate...
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Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom Model on the Students’ Mathematical Creative Thinking Skills

N K Nida, B Usodo, D R S Saputro
The Flipped Classroom model is one type of Blended Learning model. In this model, the teacher will provide learning content to students through a website or social media before applying classroom learning. This study uses WhatsApp as a medium for sending content to students. WhatsApp is one of the social...
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Industry in Supporting the Quality Management of Vocational School Through Blended Learning

Rahmadhany Diah Ayu Runi, Prasojo Lantip Diat
This paper will examine in theory the industry relation to vocational school in support of vocational school quality management through blanded learning. It is important to know that strengthening the concept of vocational school has a role in the economic growth of the country through the creation of...
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Blended Learning on the Development of Instructional Videos to Improve Abilities in Learning About Concepts and Procedures

Muhammad Rais, Andi Alamsyah Rifai, Hartoto, Yusri, Ratnawati Fadillah
One of the problems faced by students in developing the skills to learn about concepts and procedures in the material development of instructional videos is the lack of initiatives to search for and to determine concepts and procedures which will be used in developing instructional videos. Therefore,...
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Active and Interactive Learning Through Quizlet and Kahoot

Dhany Efita Sari, Sofa Aji Ftriani, Ridwan Cahya Saputra
The use of learning media might adjust to the times and needs of students in this globalization era. Teachers are required to take advantage of technological developments in learning done with students. Today, the problems are about how to be able to realize active and interactive learning using modern...
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The State and Challenges of Technology Enhanced Learning in Cameroon’s English Subsystem of Education: Case Study of Colleges

Patterson Nji Mbakwa
Technology enhanced learning refers to the support of teaching and learning through the use of technology and can be used synonymously with e-learning. The thesis of this paper is that technology enhanced learning is still at its premature stage in Cameroon and that despite the rapid paradigm shift of...
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The Effectiveness of Enrichment E-Module of Karangsong Mangrove Ecosystem to Improve Students Scientific Literacy

Irma Aprilia, I Gusti Putu Suryadarma
Karangsong mangrove forest is a potential ecosystem to be used as learning resource for ecosystem material. However, this ecosystem has not been used optimally for learning, and students’ scientific literacy in Indonesia is categorized low. The aim of this study is to determine the effectiveness of enrichment...
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The Implementation of Blended Learning Model Integrated Flipped Classroom to Increase the Motivation of High School Students

Alfi Pambudi Atmojo, Christina Ismaniati
Education is a process to foster students to become real human beings. The position of the educator is the same as the position of the learning media which is only a facilitator. In its development in the world of Education today there is still no development of a strong model that can effectively implement...
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Digital Game-Based Larning Model and Design Elements to Increase Student Learning Motivation in English Listening Skills

Frenki Herlambang Prasetyo, Herminanto Sofyan
The lack of interactive learning resources in English teaching leads to low student learning motivation. This research aims to propose the DGBL model and design elements to increase student learning motivation in English listening skills. This research used descriptive research methods. Data were collected...
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Implementing Online Course Evaluation Rubric on E-Learning Ecologies: Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning for the Digital Age

Anas Putra Pamungkas, Pratomo Widodo
This paper is aimed to evaluate a selected online course and to make some adjustment. Thus, the online course can further be developed in better ways. The study is a qualitative research. The data were collected through documentation. The data were then analyzed using a set of evaluation criteria developed...
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System Usability Scale Measurement on Synhcronous Online Argumentation Learning System

Ayu Nuswantari, Ying-Tien Wu, Herman Dwi Surjono
Usability measurement on a system is an essential aspect to meet the user’s needs. To resolve the user’s problem and fill their needs, should be done in the effective way. There are many measuring instruments to examine the usability aspect in a system, but not many of them are effective and efficient....
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The Usage of Virtual Laboratory on Grade 11 Students’ Learning Outcomes Toward Physics

Sitti Lailatul Qamaria
This studied investigated the usage of virtual laboratory (VL) on grade 11 students’ learning outcomes of fluid statics and dynamics toward physics. The research used quasi experiment with the design of static group comparison that aimed to determine; 1) the magnitude of students’ learning outcomes by...
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Improving Virus Lesson Mastery by Using Web-Based Learning Media

Setyo Prabowo, Herman Dwi Surjono, Mulyo Prabowo
This research aims to find out the improvement of the students’ virus lesson mastery by using web-based learning media. This research is a type of classroom action research with the subjects of class X students in MA Nur Iman Mlangi, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The action taken in this research in this research...
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The Effect of Media Powerpoint on Achievements Learning Natural Sciences Student Primary

Pramudya Cahyandaru, Herman Dwi Surjono
This research is descriptively aimed to know the tendency of learning achievement of science subject of earth and universe animals in grade III odd semester students of Jageran State Elementary School Yogyakarta in the 2017/2018 academic year by using powerpoint media and without using powerpoint media....
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Engaging Elementary Student in Learning Science Using Video to Improve Learning Outcome

Dhany Dwi Nugroho, Ali Muhtadi
this study aims to determine the learning outcomes of science subjects of the life cycle of animals in class IV odd semester students of Adhiwarno State Elementary School Selomerto, Wonosobo, in the 2017/2018 academic year using video and without using video. Comparatively, this study is intended to...
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TPACK-Based E-Book for Learning Chemistry in Senior High School

Rima Agustia Utami, Ali Muhtadi
Abstract chemistry learning requires the help of teaching material that can represent chemical material into concrete material in order to help students understand chemical material. Learning chemistry that is abstract and difficult to understand if only done with the lecture method will make it difficult...
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Metacognition E-LKPD Development Using 3D Pageflip on Electrolyte and Non-Electrolyte Material

Resti Utami, Pujiriyanto
Metacognition is one of the core competencies that must be achieved in 2013 curriculum learning. It includes four types of metacognition skills, namely; problem-solving, decision making, critical thinking, and creative thinking. The use of teaching materials such as student electronic worksheet (e-LKPD)...
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Game-Based Learning as Media Utilization for Student Feedback in Japanese Kanji Learning

Sarah Nurjanah, Mochamad Bruri Triyono
Japanese language is one of the foreign language taught in Indonesia from junior high and high school. But there are several universities have Japanese language, literature and education majors. However, the Japanese language teaching in universities is not the same as that taught in junior high and...
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Multimedia Design Based on Mobile Learning “Smart Fun English” for Early Childhood.

Sumiyati, Herman Dwi Surjono
A person’s ability to use English is needed. English education as an international language must be introduced as early as possible to early childhood. This research aims to design and build multimedia “smart fun English” based on mobile learning for early childhood. This research uses the waterfall...
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Analysis of Student’s Interest in Flipbook to Improve Creative Skills of Students in Learning a Craft in Junior High School

Fabian Pasadena, Mochamad Bruri Triyono
Multimedia Flipbook is a medium that combines text, image, sound, video, and animation. Flipbook Multimedia is suitable for use with 2013 curriculum development, especially in the area of expertise. In the curriculum, learning Craft has a general goal as students can understand processing techniques,...
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Development of Web-Based Information Media for Career Choice Recommendations According to Personality Type of MBTI

Nur Eva Yanti, Herman Dwi Surjono, Sunaryo Sunarto
This study aims to develop a web for information media on career choice recommendations based on MBTI personality types (Myers-Briggs Type indicator). The method used for web development was the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) method with the Prototyping model. The author uses the PHP programming...
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Teacher and Student Perspective of Animation-Based Instructional Videos to Increase Student Learning Motivation in English Writing Skill

Navisah, Herman Dwi Surjono, Mukminan
The difficulty of English subjects in writing skills makes student motivation to reduce which has an impact on student learning outcomes. This study aims to determine the perspectives of teachers and students towards animation-based learning videos on English subjects in particular writing skills. This...
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Android-Based Multimedia Development as a Media for Adolescent Reproductive Health Education

Elga Surya Andika, Herman Dwi Surjono, Sugeng Bayu Wahyono
This study aims to see the ongoing practice of reproductive health education at this time, which then produces an android-based reproductive health education media that has adapted to the material. The development model is use Borg & Gall and Dick & Carey. This development research produces android-based...
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Pencak Silat Learning Model as an Implementation of the 2013 Curriculum in Junior High Schools in the Special Region of Yogyakarta

Dyah Purnama Sari, Panggung Sutapa
An appropriate and systematic learning model is important for achieving learning goals. The learning model contains guidelines for teachers to carry out the learning activities. The approach used in the 2013 curriculum is a scientific approach in which there are several learning models, namely Inquiry...
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Teacher and Student Perspective of Using the Quick Response Code Feature in the Biology Module

Ahmad Zuhudy Bahtiar, Herman Dwi Surjono
Quick Response Code (QR-code) allows users to access data quickly and easily through scans on specific devices. Seeing the potential of this QR Code, many of the developed countries have begun to use it in educational practices. Their study conducted to integrate the QR Code in learning activities in...
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Improving the Third Graders’ Speaking Skill Using Puzzle Media in Elementary School

Meylani Astino Perdana, Asri Budiningsih
This study aims to improve the speaking skill of students through Puzzle Media. This research is a class action research. The research method using Action Research refers to Kemmis and Mc. Taggart which implement two cycles with two meetings. Data collection techniques were undertaken using observation...
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Development of Professional Ethics Assessment Instruments for Electrical Installation Operators

S A Akmal, Haryanto
This study aims: (1) to develop a professional ethics assessment instrument model of the appropriate electrical installation operator to measure the electrical installation operators ethics for Senior Vocational School graduates(SMK), (2) to examine the quality of professional ethics assessment instruments...
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Design of Industrial Oriented PLC Training Media for Vocational School

E Noviyanto, P Sudira
This paper describes a training media based on a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which is intended to train vocational school students to have competencies that are oriented to the needs of work competencies in the industry. The design of training media was created based on the results Front End...
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Development of Assessment Tools Certification Competency Test in Higher Education

D L B Taruno, W Ramadani
This study aims to develop, validate, and measure the feasibility of the assessment tools for competency certification test used in the examination process and competency certification of Diploma III Electrical Engineering students. It is a development model adopted from Educational Design. Data in this...
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First-Year Student Satisfaction with Lectures, Assessments, and Academic Services

E. Supriyadi, D. Mardapi, S. Hadi, Haryanto
This study aims to find out first year student satisfaction at the Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University (FT UNY) on lectures, assessment of learning outcomes, academic services, and their effects on learning motivation. This ex post facto research was conducted from January 2019 to July...
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The Obstacle Analysis in the Implementation of the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System in Vocational High Schools

M. Khairudin, I G B Mahendra
This study aims to find out the constraints in implementing ISO 9001:2008 QMS; and the solutions to overcome obstacles in the application of ISO 9001:2008 SMK QMS in the bali province. This study used a qualitative approach. Then, this study was conducted at SMKN 1 south kuta and SMKN 3 Singaraja. The...
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Development of Learning Media (Programmable Logic Controller) as a Case Study of Sorting Machine Applications on Electronics Engineering Education Study Program Faculty of Engineering Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

E. S. Lukito, F Arifin, P Walipranoto
Today many industries use sophisticated controller technologies such as Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC Practicum course in the Electronics Engineering Education Study Program of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta State University) requires learning media that can provide real experience...
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Identification Key Factor in Link and Match Between Technical and Vocational Education and Training with Industry Needs in Indonesia

Muhamad Ali, Djemari Mardapi, Thomas Koehler
Indonesia as a developing country has many problems in terms of providing a trained and professional workforce according to industry needs. For this reason, the Government developed the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution, to increase the supply of skilled labor for the...
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Implementation of Total Quality Management in Vocational High Schools

Mutaqin, K. I. Ismara, I. W. Djatmiko
The implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Vocational High Schools (VHS) can be described by the existence of the team of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System manifested by the Vice Principal in the field of Quality Management whose the main task and function is to assist the duties...
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Improvement of Work Readiness for Vocational Students in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 Through Career Graduation Programs

S. Muslim, F. R. Dewi, T. Wrahatnolo, E. Ismayati, A. I. Agung
The Central Statistics Agency (2019) noted that the open unemployment rate in Indonesia in February 2019 was as much as 5.01 percent of the Indonesian labor force participation rate, and it turned out that the most significant contribution was graduates of Vocational High Schools (VHS). Why can this...
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Constructivist Approach for Vocational Education

The constructivist approach to vocational education is in the stage of being developed nationally, with the presence of the Higher Education competency-based Curriculum Development book (2008, 2018)1 2initiated by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Thus, the study of constructivist...