Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Informatization Education (ICBDIE 2022)

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Zehui Zhan, Bin Zou, William Yeoh
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Informatization Education (ICBDIE 2022) during April 08–10, 2022 in Beijing, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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A Study on the Cultivation of English Translators of Chinese Classics Based on Corpus and Simulated Language Environment

Xiuli Qu
With the development of information technology, the emergence of corpus and simulated language environment provides possible conditions for the training of translation talents. Corpus is an innovative teaching tool as well as an effective learning strategy. It is not only a supplement to the traditional...
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Application of DNA Molecular Model Printed by 3D Printing Technology in Biology Class of Senior High School

Xin Feng, Liying Cheng, Jimin Chen, Yong Zeng
Under the background of the new era, in order to improve the quality of senior high school biology curriculum education, biology teachers need to explore more effective teaching strategies of senior high school. 3D printing technology, which has been given a “Digital Revolution” background, has entered...
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The U.S. Opinion on China’s Climate Issue During the Biden Administration from the Perspective of Big Data Software WordSmith 8.0

A Corpus-Based Study on American Newspaper the New York Times

Yanyi Yang, Haoyu Gong, Jieyu Zang
Big data application offers a new roadmap to study international relations. As an analytical method based on big data, a corpus-based study can help analyze international relations. From the perspective of big data, the American mainstream media represented by the New York Times broadcast plenty of news...
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Experiment Research and Realization Core Exploration of Multimedia Teaching System Based on VR Technology

Siqi Tang
At this stage, in the actual experimental teaching process, due to the limitations of school funds, learning venues and other aspects, students cannot practice multiple times, and some experimental venues cannot realistically restore reality, which will directly affect the efficiency of experimental...
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Research on Curriculum System Construction of Civil Engineering Specialty Based on Origin Statistical Software

Dandan Shi
In view of the current situation of the ideological and political research of civil engineering courses, this paper, under the background of moral education in colleges and universities in the new era, based on Origin statistical software, sets out the basic task of multi-dimensional construction of...
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Sentiment Analysis of Cultural Heritage Landscape Elements Using Big Data of Online Comments: A Case Study of the Humble Administrator’s Garden in China

Qianda Zhuang, Shuzhen Chen
The big data of online comments has been widely used in fields, however, few research on sentiment of cultural heritage conducted. This study explores the sentiment of tourists about the Humble Administrator’s Garden using big data of online comments in Ctrip and Qiongyou websites. Word frequency analysis...
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Research on Personalized Resource Recommendation of Artificial Intelligence Specialty Based on Big Data

Ning Jia, Chunjun Zheng
With the advent of the era of big data, the application of big data technology in the cultivation of artificial intelligence professionals has accelerated the integration of industry and education, which is of great significance to the cultivation of applied talents. With the rapid development of big...
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A CBR-Based Emergency Plan Generation Method Under the Federated Learning Framework

Qiang Gao, Ran Ran, Fei Hu, Zi-Mo Xing, Fu-Liang Zhang
In order to use the emergency case data of multiple industrial enterprises to support the decision-making of target cases on the premise of protecting data privacy, this paper proposes a CBR-based emergency plan generation method under the framework of federated learning. First of all, each enterprise...
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Application of Virtual Simulation Technology in Biotechnology Experiment Teaching

Wei Chen, Zhikai Gan
Experiment is the key link of biology and an important means to cultivate students’ practical ability and innovation ability. In order to stimulate students’ interest in learning and reduce the risk and cost of experiments, virtual simulation technology can be used in the teaching of biotechnology experiments....
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A Study on the Application of a Corpus-Based Data-Driven Learning Method Utilizing an Online and Offline Blended Teaching Model in a College English Reading Course

A Case Study of “A Very Big Bang” in Liberal Education Advanced English

Ling Liang, Kai-ying Chen, Shu-yi Huang, Zhong-zheng Guo
Data-driven learning, DDL, is a method of learning a foreign language based on corpus data which provides new ideas for the reform of foreign language teaching methods. This paper applies DDL corpus technologies when teaching a college English reading course. In this paper an online and offline blended...
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Construction of Scientific Research Training System and Investigate Its Efficiency on Teaching Reform in the Medical Big Data Mining Course

Yuan-Nong Ye, Min Wang, Meng-Ya Huang
The importance of medical big data mining in scientific research cannot be ignored. In order to cultivate undergraduates’ medical scientific research literacy, improve their scientific statistical thinking and ability to solve practical problems in scientific research, it is necessary to combine scientific...
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The Influence of the Attributes of Interest-Based Virtual Community on Consumers’ Purchase Intention in the Context of the Internet—An Empirical Study Based on SIT Theory

Yan Mou, Lingyue Jiang, Zhengjie Zhang
Based on consumer psychology and marketing theories, using the Social Influence Theory (SIT) model, starting from the four attribute dimensions of interactivity, reliability, sociality and visibility of Interest-based virtual community, and taking perceived usefulness and perceived value as intermediary...
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Research on Two-Way Human Resource Recommendation Method Considering User Privacy

Jiangjing Lin, Chunliang Fu, Linhua Gong, Ming Guo
Traditional two-way human resource recommendation method has the problem of incomplete data anonymous process, which leads to low recommendation accuracy. Therefore, a two-way human resource recommendation method considering user privacy is designed. Collect recruitment information from human resources...
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Construction of an Interactive Teaching Platform for Vocal Music Theory and Performance Practice Under Cloud Platform Technology

Lei Xue
Based on cloud platform technology, combining streaming media technology and web application development, an interactive teaching platform for vocal music theory and performance practice is constructed, which effectively improves the current vocal music classroom teaching. Problems such as single teaching...
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Analysis of the Effects of Parenting Styles on Learning Burnout and the Mediating Effect of Peer Relationships Among Primary School Students Based on SPSS

Xiya Yao, Yuqing Zhang, Jiyun Wang
Given the increasingly competitive society and the prevalence of “tiger parenting”, primary school students are likely to burnout on learning and suffer from physical and psychological problems in the face of multiple pressures. In this study, Adolescent Learning Burnout Questionnaire, Short-form Egna...
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Application of Correlation Analysis and Cluster Analysis in Teaching Reform for Big Data Course

Jianhua Zhang
According to the needs of big data course teaching reform, Using IBM SPSS as the tool, BNUZ has carried out the correlation analysis and the cluster analysis on the data samples of the big data courses in recent three years. The results of qualitative and quantitative analysis are conducive to correction...
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China’s Ganyue Canal Construction: Forecast and Analysis of Its Transport Demand Based on Large Data

Xiaojie Liang, Siyuan Wang, Ling Sui, Qilong Huang
The Ganyue Canal directly connects the water systems of the Yangtze River and the Pearl River. This important link immediately benefits the economy and industrial development of the Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces and has a direct and significant impact on the waterway cargo transportation. This paper...
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Application Research of Simulation Technology in Vocational Education Technical Skills Competition

Shang Wang
During the preparation of the technique and skills competition, the students encountered the problem that the mechanical properties of the beam could not be measured experimentally. In order to solve this problem, the research team proposed the idea of simulation using finite element modeling. The students...
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Analysis of PM2.5 Influencing Factors Based on Various Statistical Methods—A Case Study of Beijing in 2021

Qing Yu
Beijing, the capital of China, is suffering from great pollution by PM2.5. In order to give suggestions to solve this problem, several studies have been conducted to explore the internal relationship between PM2.5 and other pollutants, showing different results. This paper compared different kinds of...
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Practice of Mechanics Experiment Teaching Aimed at Solving Students’ Problem Based on Simulation Technology in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shixia Lv, Shang Wang, Xuelei Wang
The main employment positions of students in vocational colleges are technical operation positions in enterprise production lines. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the cultivation of students’ ability to identify problems, ask questions and analyze problems is important for their future work. In...
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Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of University Students in Computer Basic Course Based on AHP

Jian Liu
In this paper we take Computer Basic Course as example, study the students’ final evaluation. Different from the final exam, by selecting appropriate index and connecting with the AHP method, we construct a hierarchical structure to evaluate students’ learning effects. A more comprehensive method and...
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Research on the Influence of Postgraduate’s Big Data Capability on Their Innovation Performance

Yijun Liu, Yu Ding, Jiale Wu
In the era of big data, the capability of data acquisition and analysis has become one of the important factors affecting the output of innovative achievements of university scientific research teams. Based on self-determination theory and social learning theory, this study constructs a research model...
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Research Hotspots and Frontier Evolution of Foreign Big Data Management—A Visual Analysis Based on Web of Science Database

Yan Zhang, Hui Xu
With the advent of the era of big data, how to manage and utilize data better has become a hot topic at present. Based on the resources in the Web of Science database, this paper sorts out and integrates relevant research literature on big data management, so as to analyze the research status and hot...
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Research on Metadata in the Era of Big Data Based on Bibliometric Analysis by CiteSpace

Shimin Yan
Metadata is an indispensable element for the development of big data. In order to explore the construction of metadata in the context of big data and to provide reference for future metadata research, this paper uses 989 papers under this topic included in the Web of Science core database between 2001...
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Big Data Based Transfer Learning for Sentiment Classification with Multiple Source Domains

Qing Li, Gang Wang, Guowu Yang
Sentiment classification, served as a curial technology in natural language processing and computational linguistics, has drawn a lot of attentions from researchers. However, due to the high cost of manual labeling in the era of big data, conventional methods of sentiment classification are unqualified...
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Design and Development of Multimedia Educational Resource Sharing Platform Based on Cloud Technology

Jinyuan Zhao
Using Web technology to build a multimedia education resource sharing system, and upload it to the SAE cloud platform, users can log in directly through the network client. The design and development of the multimedia educational resource sharing platform combines cloud technology, trying to integrate...
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The Empirical Evaluation of Integrating Cross-Cultural Communicative Competence into College English Based on Information Technology

Xiaoshu Xu
The cultivation of cross-cultural communication competence is an essential part of university education, especially in the College English class. Along with the development of information technology, the establishment of network-based learning can help cultivate foreign language learners’ cultural understanding...
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Computer Information Technology Based Digital Mindfulness Intervention on Executive Function of Fourth-Grade Students

Huangping Wang, Hai-Yan Hou, Hui-Jie Li
In this study, four classes of primary school students in grade 4 in Beijing were randomly divided into intervention group and control group. The intervention group received an 11-week digital mindfulness intervention course, which foreign online mindfulness courses were used, played by computer, and...
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Research on Maturity Evaluation of Energy Internet Big Data Ecosystem Based on Mathematical Statistical Model

Haixu Song, Xiaofeng Zhan, Rui Li
The energy revolution and the digital revolution are integrated deeply. The creation of an Energy Internet big data ecosystem has gradually become a trend. The paper builds an evaluation system for the maturity of the Energy Internet big data ecosystem from the dimensions of ecological subject, key data,...
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Comparison and Analysis of Airborne Radar Detection Distance and Reconnaissance Distance Based on Big Data Background

HongYan Wang, Xue Hao, DianWei He
Airborne radar is the eyes of fighter jets. The sooner a target is detected, the better it will be on the battlefield. With the advent of the era of big data, the author starts from the perspective of affecting the detection of airborne radar and uses data simulation to summarize the influence of radar...
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Design of Data Analytics Teaching Platform for IT Talents Driven by Enterprise Projects

Ruijun Zhang, Wenxia Li
The research investigates the data analytics capability of it related students in Wuhan University of science and technology in the form of questionnaire. The data show that the theoretical and practical teaching system of data analytics courses has been basically established. However, there are many...
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Research on the Relationship Between College Students’ Gender Role Identity and Mental Health from the Perspective of Big Data Analysis

Luming Feng, Huajie Sui, Yuexiang Liu
This paper attempts to investigate the relationship between communication fear and social support of college students and use big data analysis to explore whether there is a significant gap in communication fear in gender and family origin. It also analyses whether there is a correlation between the...
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A Study on the Teaching Practice of Chinese History in Universities Based on the Intelligent Education Platform

JianQiu Yu
The integration of big data thinking into the teaching of Chinese history in colleges and universities is both a need of the times and in line with the characteristics of students. In this paper, on the basis of the analysis of the construction strategy of the wisdom classroom teaching mode of history...
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Mapping the Human Resource Endowment in Ethiopia

An Empirical Research Based on Gray Forecast Model

Weiting Li, Lei Zhang
As Ethiopia has been developing human resources to match its national blueprint, it is necessary to examine the future human resources demand. Thus, the gray forecast model was introduced to predict the needed employees in the primary, secondary, and tertiary sector of Ethiopia via MATLAB. The results...
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Research on the Application of Network Learning Model Based on CSCW Technology in University Network Teaching

Rui Gong
With the rapid development of modern information technology with Internet technology and computer technology as the core, the idea of Internet and electronic information technology has gradually penetrated into the teaching of colleges and universities, and the electronic information in the field of...
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Construction of Virtual Simulation Practice Teaching Platform for New Energy Distributed Generation

Xiaolin Qiu, Cheng Qiu, Zhikai Gan, Dan Liao, Wenzhan Zhang
In order to meet the current students’ needs for new energy distributed generation learning, this paper builds a new energy distributed generation virtual simulation practice teaching platform based on computer technology. The article begins with the goals and principles of platform construction, and...
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Development of Personal Income Tax Management System Based on Data Mining Technology

Yiran Tao, Yixi Zhang, Xiaoqian Wang
In the current environment of rapid development and application of network information technology, based on data mining technology, combined with Web application development technology under the J2EE specification, a personal income tax management system is constructed, which is the issue of personal...
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Visual Analysis of Information Education Innovation Hotspots and Trends Based on Citespace

Ning Baoli, Chen Ming
Through the visual analysis of the literature related to information-based education innovation, this paper discusses the research status, hot spots, frontier and development trend of information-based education innovation. CNKI database is the data source, “informatization” and “educational innovation”...
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Construction of Student Satisfaction Model for Ideological and Political Education of College Counselor

Xinnan Li
With the rapid development of information technology, AI technology is available in many fields, especially in education. The rapid integration of artificial intelligence into the education industry has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the traditional ideological and political education...
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Modeling and Simulation of Three-Point Bending Experiment of H-Beam and Teaching Application in Higher Vocational Colleges

Meiqin Liang, Shang Wang
In view of the problem of poor quality of Material Mechanics experiment teaching, this paper puts forward a method of using simulation technology to assist teaching. In order to solve students’ learning doubts about bending deformation of H-beam, the research team established a geometric model together...
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Exploration and Practice of Ideological and Political Teaching in Professional Curriculum

Taking the Course of Data Analysis Using Python as an Example

Xiaohui Guan, Zhimin Zhou
Integrating the ideological and political teaching into all courses is an important direction of education reform in colleges and universities. This paper explores a specific implementation mode how to conduct the ideological and political education in every link and aspect by optimizing course content,...
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Identification and Modeling of College Students’ Loneliness from the Perspective of Big Data a Machine Learning-Based Approach

Yuexiang Liu, Huajie Sui, Luming Feng
With the advent of the era of big data, the information society inevitably intersects and integrates with everyone's life. Compared with the traditional self-statement scale for psychological measurement, big data network information has advantages such as excellent ecological validity. In this...
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Research on LSTM-Based Industrial Added Value Prediction Under the Framework of Federated Learning

Pan Hu, Jun Qi, Jue Bo, Yu Xia, Chuan-Ming Jiao, Meng-Tong Huang
Industrial added value is an important indicator to measure the performance of the real economy. Scientifically predicting industrial added value helps the government to understand the economic situation in a timely and accurate manner, and to formulate practical and reliable economic policies. Existing...
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Evaluation of Informatization Teaching Effect by SPSS Under the Background of “Internet+” Big Data

Shu Tang, JinFu Yao, Le Chen
Objective: To explore the application effect of the informatization teaching mode based on the background of “Internet+” big data preventive medicine. Methods: For 436 third-year students of the 2017 five-year clinical medicine undergraduate major, traditional teaching was adopted as the control group;...
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Mental Health Problems and Educational Guidance of Medical Students After the Outbreak of COVID-19: A Meta-analysis

Xi Li, Shaozhuo Wang, Xiao Luo
The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a significant influence on medical students, which resulted in various psychological health problems. To provide the basis for mental health education, we conducted this meta-analysis to accurately assess the global prevalence of mental health problems among medical students...
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Analysis of the Library Novelty Search Service Scheme Based on ICT Technology

Siyu Xia
With the rapid developments of fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks and Cloud computing, an increasing number of advanced information and communication technology (ICT) technologies are coming into people’s daily life. As one of the most critical sections of smart library, the research of the library...
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A Study on Student-Centered Evaluation of Ideological and Political Education in Professional Curriculums

Based on AHP-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Yang Jie, Chen Binyan, Zhang Tao, Shen Jun
“Ideological and Political Education in Professional Curriculums” is the current development direction of university education. The construction of standardized curriculum evaluation system is the key link and important guarantee to efficiently promoting the construction of professional courses. From...
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Exploration on the Construction of the Open Online Course of IT English

Xiaoxuan Yang
Under the guidance of OBE (Outcome-Based Education) theory, educators, colleges, and universities are paying more attention to the demands for talents of society, and the course teaching in colleges and universities is more emphasizing the actual learning results of students. This paper elaborates on...
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Design of Multimodal English Vocabulary Acquisition Mode Based on Cloud Computing Technology

Zeng Jie
In view of the current mono and inflexible English vocabulary teaching mode, this paper proposes a multi-modal vocabulary acquisition mode based on cloud computing platform. This mode adopts B/S-based multi-layer distributed system design, and computing resources and storage space of cloud computing...
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Data Analysis and Precision Teaching

Jianhua Zhang
This paper takes IBM SPSS as a tool and the teaching data of the Basics Computer Application course as sample. Through data sampling, data extraction, data statistics and calculation, and then using the method of comparative analysis, we get valuable data analysis results. These data analysis results...
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Research on the Construction of Translation Discipline Based on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis Technology

Wen Xiong
With the increasing growth of translation discipline, the application scope of cloud computing and big data analysis technology in English translation discipline is gradually expanded. Due to its large vocabulary and wide coverage, the translation discipline needs to use cloud computing technology to...
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The Impact of Chairman-Senior Management Team’s Vertical Dyad Differences on R&D Intensity in the Context of Big Data Management

Xiaolin Sun, Yanfei Wang
Big data technology has a profound impact on enterprise management. In the context of big data management, we used the 2010–2019 Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share manufacturing listed companies as samples, examined the relationship between the chairman-senior management team’s vertical dyad differences,...
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Educational Management Data Based on Performance Appraisal Model

Zhuo Shang
The evaluation of higher education performance appraisal has been a difficult and hot issue in the field of management research. How to evaluate the level of higher education management, how to judge the effect of higher education reform, and how to make the evaluation results more convincing are all...
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Teacher Attention Analysis Method Based on Face Three-Dimensional Feature Point Coordinate Transformation and Viewpoint Visualization and Applications

Bing Gong
In the process of quantitative analysis of classroom teaching, it is often necessary to evaluate individual indicators related to attention such as “whether teachers’ teaching attracts students, whether they stimulate learning enthusiasm” and “whether there is eye contact between teachers and students”....
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Research on Informatization of Classroom Teaching Based on Learning Data Analysis

Ning Xie, Qiang Li, Li Xiong, Dashan Li
In order to improve the learning quality of newly-built application-oriented college students, a three-level classroom teaching improvement model based on learning data analysis is proposed. Three levels are data collection, behavior analysis, and teaching applications.142 students from the engineering...
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Analysis, Design and Application of Micro Multi Rotor UAV Teaching and Training System

Bin Xiao, Yue Hou
With the rapid change of UAV technology, micro multi rotor UAV models are constantly updated and iterated, and the methods and means of flight training are also upgraded and improved. The number of tasks for training micro multi rotor UAV operators is increasing, and the training standards are constantly...
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The Circulation and Sharing of High-Tech Talents and the Transnational Social Spaces Study Based on Stata Software

Xiao Yan
Stata is considered as an integrated and complete statistical software which offers its users to analyzing data, managing data and drawing professional diagrams. With the advent of information society, the advances and changes in science and technology are leading to growing requirements for innovation,...
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School-Enterprise Cooperative Teaching Mode Based on Wechat Public Platform

MeiLing Duan, YuQin Zhong, YiPing Zhang, Yi Lang, QinZheng Hou
Currently, secondary vocational education has many problems such as outdated textbooks, lack of close cooperation between schools and companies, explanation of theoretical knowledge, etc. And the majority of vocational education practitioners consider changing the traditional education mode. With the...
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The Influencing Mechanism of Psychological Empowerment on Learning Satisfaction and Learning Performance in Blended Learning Environment – An Empirical Analysis

Li Yu Tseng
Gen Z students are very different compared to the previous generations’ students. The traditional teaching methods can no longer meet their learning needs instead by learning through the Internet. Therefore, teachers must use the Internet to create an environment suitable for their learning. The blended...
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Research on Dynamic Fitting of Internet Enterprise Financial Statement Analysis Using BP Neural Network in the Era of Big Data

Interpretation from the Perspective of Profitability Model

Xiuwen Bao
The year 2021 is not only a turning year for the development of China’s internet industry, but also an eventful year. Under the situation of strong government supervision, the micro-ecology of China’s internet industry is undergoing subtle changes. Internet enterprises are completely different from manufacturing...
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Research on the Influence of Family Capital on College Graduates’ View of Job Selection – A Statistical Analysis Based on SPSS

Jia Liao
The employment problem of college graduates has been attracting wide attention, among which the concept of career selection is even more eye-catching. In this paper, 1,118 graduates were selected to study and analyze the career selection status of college graduates and the influence of family capital...
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The Construction of an Educational Information Public Service Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Limin Qiao, Jinjin He
In the process of the development of education informatization in China, due to the impact of network transmission speed and server processing capacity, the education information platform has been unable to meet the learning needs of teachers and students. Education information public service platform...
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On the Innovation of Computer Aided Design Teaching Mode Under Multimedia Information Technology

Ting Wang, Ming Wei, Hai-bo Lu
Computer-aided design is a foundational engineering subject for electronic and information-related majors, as well as an information technology course that emphasizes both theory and practice to develop students’ computer-aided drawing theory and practical skill. The teaching team has consistently improved...
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Research on the Present Situation of Artificial Intelligence Education Application

Yan Li
[Objective/Significance] Based on the literature analysis of artificial intelligence application research, this paper discusses the integration of artificial intelligence and education, so as to promote the development of artificial intelligence application in education. [Method/Process] Based on the...
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A Study on Risk Management of German Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Chain Based on Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory

Jiayi Qu
In this paper, by studying the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia on each link of the vaccine supply chain, a risk assessment index system for the vaccine supply chain under the new coronavirus pneumonia is constructed, and the risk assessment method based on interval intuition fuzzy set theory...
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Construction of the Evaluation Model of Independent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity Driven by Big Data

Yanfa Chen, Wen Tang
In China, information technology has gradually entered a stage of rapid development. Cloud platform services based on big data mining, analysis and personalized information service technology have been widely used in various industries. According to the results of big data statistics and analysis, people...
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A Study of Learner Privacy Issues in Information Education Platforms-Based on Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Zhenyuan Du
Information-based education is rich in form and has unparalleled advantages over traditional education. The educational approach that became mainstream under the influence of the epidemic. However, in the open web environment, learning analytics technologies need to collect and analyze large amounts...
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Development of Ideological and Political Practice Research and Analysis System Based on Big Data Technology

Yuhong Bai
With the development of modern information technology, the era of big data has arrived. In this context, the ideological and political practice education work in colleges and universities has been affected to a certain extent. Therefore, how to use big data technology to vigorously develop ideological...
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Design and Application of Distance Art Education Platform Based on J2EE and XML

Qi Chen
The development of network information technology has brought education informatization and promoted the reform of contemporary education supply mode and teaching mode. Distance education is based on the application of computer and network communication technology in the field of teaching. This paper,...
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Development of Online Dance Teaching System Based on Computer Technology

ShuiLiang Xu
With the development of higher education in China and the development of computer technology, most of the courses in colleges and universities have begun to use computer technology to improve the efficiency of course teaching. Traditional teaching methods can no longer meet the needs of current college...
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Traffic Sign Detection Based on Deep Learning Methods

Xiqing Huang, Fan Wang, Shibin Yang, Hongfei Zhang
This article gives a brief overview of a few current research on traffic signs detection, which briefly reviews the concept and structure of traffic signs detection in the last decade. The methodology varies in different ways which is generally separated into two exact dimensions. The first one is the...
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Japanese Mainstream Media’s Stance on China’s Efforts in Poverty Alleviation Based on Big Data

An Informatization Study of News Report

Wenyu Zhang
Big data technology has a huge impact on the patterns and structures of international relations as well as triggering changes in traditional research methods. Poverty governance is an important part of global governance and an essential step in promoting human development. In recent years, China has...
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Research on the Application of Informatization Teaching Mode Based on Computer Live Broadcast Technology Under the Background of Internet Big Data

Le Chen, Xiao Xiao
Objective: To explore the application effect of the informatization teaching mode based on computer live broadcast technology in medical nursing. Methods: 200 nursing students who participated in online teaching courses in 2020 were selected as the experimental group, and 210 nursing students who participated...
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Research on the Influence of Information Technology on China’s Higher Education in the Post-epidemic Era

Yan Chen, Hang Zhang
The development of information technology has added new vitality to the teaching work of colleges and universities. This article mainly discusses the influence of information technology on higher education in the post-epidemic era and proposes relevant countermeasures. In the post-epidemic era, information...
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Big Data-Driven Computer Teaching Effect Evaluation Model

Yongjian Yu
With the continuous progress of information technology and the continuous development of science and technology, the concept of big data is gradually infiltrating into every corner of social life. The opportunity of big data to promote the reform and development of modern education in China is one of...
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Themes, Trends, and Influence: A Preliminary Study of the International Academic Discourse Power of Big Data Research in the Field of Chinese Social Sciences

Xue Meng, Tang Jingqian
Taking the big data-related literature included in SSCI as the data source, this paper applies the WoS analysis function and knowledge graph tool Citespace III to conduct bibliometric and visual analysis in social sciences. Quantitative and qualitative analyses are performed to uncover the international...
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Construction of Mobile Platform for Youth Sports Training Based on Big Data Thinking

Yongjun Xiao
The arrival of the era of big data has profoundly affected the changes of human society and culture, Scientific and technological progress has made the Internet reshape the sports industry, and the Internet has gradually expanded the resource boundaries of the sports industry, breaking the monopoly of...
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The Design and Implementation of Kinect-Based College Sports Auxiliary Evaluation Training System

Yue Jia
Based on Kinect equipment, the construction of college sports auxiliary evaluation training system was completed with the core of motion capture technology and ASP.NET architecture. Aiming at the problem of lack of scientific evaluation and feedback of teaching effect in the current physical education...
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Towards Query Performance Improvement in Big Data Environment

Jianbo Li, Jianghua Luo, Zhiwen Song, Zhao Luo
In recent years, big data has exploded in the communications industry, especially in the 4G industry card data. However, the large amount of data and processing dimensions of 4G industry card data incur a large overhead of query performance. In order to improve its query efficiency, this paper studies...
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Research on the Adjustment of Physical Education Teaching Content Based on the Big Data of Physical Test Scores in Colleges and Universities

Tong Zhang
Based on the newly promulgated ‘Standards of Students’ Health and Physical Fitness’, and the big data of physical test scores of 4 colleges and universities in a certain area, this paper will use the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to analyze and research the big data of college physical test scores....
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Peer Response for EAP Writing Revision Based on Online Shared Platform

Yuan Yiwei
Many online tools and platforms have been used in EAP writing classes for several years, especially in the feedback process. Studies have been conducted in this field and the results have provided solid evidence for teaching designs. This paper introduces the practice of using Tencent shared document...
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Evaluation on the Operational Efficiency of Health Institutions in China

Analysis Based on the Three-Stage DEA

Cheng Tang, Li Chen
The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the operational efficiency of China’s health institutions in 2019 and the impact of environmental factors on efficiency, so as to provide references for policy-making. Relevant data having been obtained from China Health Statistical Yearbook 2020 and China...
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Data Analysis of the Influence of College Students’ Personality Traits on Positive Mental Health Education Under COVID-19 Epidemic Situation

Hua Wang, Sharifah Muzlia Syed Mustafa, Siti Zuraida Maaruf
This study is quantitative research using survey method and mainly uses SPSS software to statistically analyze the questionnaire survey data. The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of college students’ personality traits on positive mental health education in colleges and universities...
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Research on the Blended Learning Mode of Software Engineering Based on Study Master Platform

Wei Xu
Software Engineering, which is an information technology course, is to cultivate students’ comprehensive application ability in the process of software development. This article aims to study the blended learning mode of software engineering based on multimedia information technology – Study Master platform....
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IoT-Based Indoor Robot Simulation Experimental Teaching System

Kun Song, Gaocai Fu, Ruiping Luo, Jiacai Yan, Yuzhe Huang
With the continuous development of IoT technology, IoT technology has an increasingly important role in experimental teaching. In response to the problem that traditional robotics experiments are usually restricted by space and experimental funding, resulting in unsatisfactory experimental teaching results,...
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An Analysis on the Difference of Research Competency of Engineering Doctoral Students with Various Characteristics Based on SPSS

Xiaoqing Xu
Engineering and technical talents have become the “dancing partners” of AI and the “bodyguards” of big data security. As a reserve of high-level engineering and technical talents, the research competency of engineering doctoral students will affect the speed of technological innovation. The paper takes...
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Decision-Making Analysis of Selected Subjects for Comprehensive Reform of College Entrance Examination Based on SEU Model

Xin Zhao, Yun Liu, Tao Guo
Under the background of the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, there are many main factors that affect the decision-making of the elective subjects, such as the relevant documents required by the elective subjects, the scoring method of the elective subjects, the number of elective...
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Research on the Application of Professional Smart Classroom in Radar Equipment Teaching

Xinxun Zhang, Heng Zhang, Kun Zhang, Duan Min
In view of the problems existing in the traditional radar equipment course teaching, such as insufficient students’ initiative, single teaching display means, separation of theoretical and practical teaching links, lack of practical training means and insufficient teaching feedback means, this paper...
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Analyze the Relationship Between Regional Poverty Rate and Education Level Based on Big Data

Tianai Yue
In recent years, with the advent of the era of big data, China has achieved achievements that other countries cannot achieve in a short period of time in terms of GROSS national product, government fiscal revenue and national budget expenditure. However, poverty cannot be completely eliminated in a short...
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Quantitative Analysis Technology of Classroom Teaching Based on Facial Expression Recognition Technology and Attention Analysis Technology

Bing Gong
As the first classroom teaching mode with thousands of years of development history, it is still an irreplaceable teaching form now and in the foreseeable future. In this paper, the smart education laboratory built by our school is used, and the quantitative analysis of classroom attention teaching based...
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Rule-Based Cloud System for Performance Appraisal of Staff in Chinese Universities

Yongbin Zhang, Ronghua Liang, Yuansheng Qi, Xiuli Fu, Yanying Zheng
Data-driven policies have prevailed among universities globally. Universities hope that the outcomes of faculty members are high quality and in a large quantity. Therefore, universities motivate staff to work hard with annual remuneration bonuses. However, the tedious application process frustrates teachers...
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Application of Big Data and VR Technology in the Treatment of Acrophobia

Shoucheng Wang, Huajie Sui, Changze Wu
Under the background of the Internet, the application fields of big data processing technology, artificial intelligence technology and Internet of things technology are becoming more and more extensive. Creating a new form of VRET has become an inevitable trend in the treatment of acrophobia in the future....
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Analysis of the Impact of the Parent-Child Relationship on Adolescents’ Negative Affect Based on SPSS: The Mediating Effect of the Peer Relationship

Xiaoyan Gu, Yuqing Zhang
This study adopts questionnaire online to survey parent-child relationships, peer relationships and emotional states of 320 junior school students at Grade 7 and Grade 8 in Nantong city, Jiangsu province, 276 valid questionnaires. The Standardized Depression-Anxiety-Stress Scale, Parent-Child Relationship...
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Research on the Development Path of Online Internship Normalization Based on SPSS Analysis

Yan Zhan
Based on the technical premise of online internship, the background of epidemic prevention, and practical factors, the online internship normalization has become an inevitable trend of development. However, there are inevitable problems with online internship. In order to improve the online internship...
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Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence Based Technology in Chinese Book Procurement in Universities—Take Shaoyang University Library as an Example

Ke Luo
To reduce the risk of zero borrowing of purchased books, the live use of library space, and the optimization of the library's shelving procedures, given the limited funds and space in university libraries, this article uses algorithms such as Light Gradient Boosting Machine (LightGBM), Support Vector...
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Visualization Analysis of Chinese Traditional Music Literature Based on CNKI in the Past Four Decades (1979–2019)

Yue Yuan, Li Jie, Jingjing Ke
This paper has conducted a bibliometric analysis of 289 papers entitled “Chinese traditional music” and published in CSSCI and core music journals of Peking University over the four decades, from 1979 to 2019, with the help of CiteSpace. This paper focuses on the external characteristics of Chinese traditional...
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Abnormal Student Detection Model Based on Student Feature Extraction

Integrated Learning Based on Clustering and Neural Network

Shuo Zhang, Xiangchao Wen
Moral education is an important mission of colleges and universities, and the identification and tracking of abnormal students is an important part of moral education. However, problems such as large amount of data related to college students and the majority of text information are prominent. In this...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Mental Health Status of College Students

Taking a University as an Example

Ping Zhao
By distributing the SCL-90 questionnaire, this paper conducted a survey on the mental health of 1,600 sophomores, juniors, and seniors in a university, and actually collected 1,524 valid questionnaires. All valid questionnaires were statistically processed by SPSS22.0. The results showed that the overall...
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Consumers’ Preference Factors for Choosing Homestays: A Study on Coping Strategies Based on Big Data

Yutong Wang, Ziyu Deng
With the advent of the era of big data, the massive data created by Internet users makes online reviews an important network reference factor. This paper uses PYTHON to collect the evaluations of related consumers on homestay websites and analyzes their evaluations using NVIVO. The main conclusions are...