Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2019)

364 authors
Yin, Ping
Study on the Information Literacy of University Teachers in the New Media Age
Yin, Zhefeng
Teaching Research on the Ability Cultivation Against the Background of "Internet Plus Education"
Yu, Jia
Living Inheritance of Ancient Miao Songs in Southern Sichuan
Yu, Jia
Text Production of Ancient Songs of Miao People in Southern Sichuan
Yu, Xiaofang
The Aesthetic Value of Nordic Furniture Design from the Perspective of Tao Following Nature
Yu, Xiaofang
Planning and Design of Livable Community in Nanyu Town, Fuzhou City
Yu, Xiaofang
Research Status and Development of Related Theories of Outdoor Activity Space Design for Urban Children in China
Yue, Jiaxin
The Application of Flipped Classroom Based on Wechat in Practical Course
Yun, Jianhui
Thoughts on "Going Out" of School-enterprise Cooperation of Higher Education in Yunnan
Zeng, Wenshuai
Exploration of On-campus Practice Base Construction for Agricultural Professional Postgraduate Students in Local University
Zeng, Zhixi
Research Hotspots and Evolution of the Teaching of College English Listening in China Visualized Analysis of Related Literature Based on CNKI Database (1994-2018)
Zhang, Fa
Exploration on the Opportunities and Countermeasures for MOOC Teaching Reform in Colleges and Universities in the New Era
Zhang, Han
Study on Chinese Folk Customs in Early Twentieth Century from On a Chinese Screen
Zhang, Jiajun
Interface Design and Analysis of Preschool Children Education APP
Zhang, Jian
Research on the Innovativeness of Chinese Tea Set Design Based on "Craftsmanship Spirit"
Zhang, Jie
Research on the Significance of Establishing College Students' Sports Archives
Zhang, Jin
Creation and Teaching of Realistic Animation Making Animation Shine into Reality
Zhang, Mei
Confidence of Chinese Traditional Art in Packaging Design
Zhang, Ming
Jiangxi Poetry School and the Collation and Commentary of "A New Account of the Tales of the World" in Song Dynasty
Zhang, Na
The Hybrid Teaching Mode Design Combining MOOC and SPOC
Zhang, Peifang
A Study of the Spatial Images and Identity in The Namesake
Zhang, Rui
Research on Personalized Accessory Design Based on Users' Individual Characteristics
Zhang, Shouwei
Methodological Principles of Identifying Indicators of Key Competences of Physical Education Discipline
Zhang, Wuqiao
Research on the Reform of Media Talents Training Mechanism Against the Background of the New National Standard
Zhang, Xi
Construction of Distance Education Quality Guarantee System for Open University (UK) and Its Enlightenment
Zhang, Xiaobo
The Application of Flipped Classroom Based on Wechat in Practical Course
Zhang, Xiaolei
Study on the Basic Strategies of Infant Art Education of Preschool Education Speciality in Colleges and Universities
Zhang, Xiaoli
Research on the Plastic Art of Heilongjiang River Basin Taking Petroglyph as an Example
Zhang, Xuejiao
Exploration of On-campus Practice Base Construction for Agricultural Professional Postgraduate Students in Local University
Zhang, Yong
Research and Practice on Sustainable Development of College-enterprise Cooperation in Applied University
Zhang, Yuyang
Study on Urban Integration of Relocation and Resettlement Areas from the Perspective of Community Education
Zhang, Zhengbo
Exploring the Concept Innovation of Greenberg, Fried and De Duve's Sculpture Theory
Zhang, Zhengbo
The Aesthetic Characteristics of Vocabularies for Movements in Typical Details of Dance
Zhang, Zhengbo
Five Philosophical Faces of the Modern Avant-garde Arts
Zhao, Guangzhu
A Study on the Influence of Ability Cultivation for English Listening and Speaking at the Fundamental Stage in Regional Social ESL Institutions
Zhao, Junsong
Confidence of Chinese Traditional Art in Packaging Design
Zhao, Li
The Predicament of Modern People An Analysis of the Southern Gentlewomen of Tennessee Williams's Major Plays
Zhao, Ling
Strategy Research on the Display Design of Narrative in Intangible Cultural Heritage Venues
Zhao, Rui
Research on Postgraduate Training Model of McGill University in Canada
Zhao, Simin
Exploring the Diversified Teaching of Piano Classes in Colleges and Universities
Zhao, Xiaoping
Research on the Interactive Teaching of Wechat Public Account A Case Study of the Easy to Divide
Zhao, Yang
The Rise, Development and Turning of Chinese National Animation
Zhao, Yun'an
The Construction of Hidden Curriculum for Art Design Major in Colleges and Universities Taking Xijing University as an Example
Zhao, Yunpeng
Analysis of the Modes of the Cultivation of Current Chinese Youth Basketball Talents
Zhao, Yuwei
Investigation on the Cultural Cultivation of Undergraduate Students Majoring in Dance
Zheng, Dawei
Value Orientation and Path Exploration of Rural Culture Education from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Strategy
Zheng, Ge
The Spatial Production of Films Illustrated by the Case of Hong Kong Kowloon Walled City
Zheng, Qingfang
A Comparative Study Between NESTs and NNESTs
Zheng, Shujun
Protection and Development of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Lingnan Embroidery from the Perspective of Maritime Silk Road
Zheng, Ya'nan
Discussion on the Necessity and Ways of Developing Religious Education in Middle School Ideological and Political Theory Courses Against the Background of Multiculturalism
Zheng, Ya'nan
Preliminary Thoughts on the Construction of Mental Health Education System in Higher Vocational Colleges
Zheng, Ying
Collision of History with Reality: the Tendency of Adaptation of Shakespeare Plays in the Contemporary Russian Experimental Theater
Zheng, Yingzhen
Confidence of Chinese Traditional Art in Packaging Design
Zhong, Jing
Thinking on Theoretical Concept and Construction of Chinese Film Theory
Zhou, Dapeng
The Value Significance and Protection Path of the Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage Taking Cantonese Clock Design and Manufacture Techniques as an Example
Zhou, Jianjiao
Discussion on the Correct Direction of Stroke Order Teaching
Zhou, Wei
Research on Teaching and Application of Public Art Application of Public Art Design in Construction of Beautiful Rural Area
Zhou, Xiaochun
The Construction of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in College English Translation Teaching
Zhu, Chuanwei
Heuristic Teaching Method Research for Complex Systems
Zhu, Qi
Techniques and Principles of Western Art Reflected in Huang Shiling's Paintings and Seal Carvings
Zhu, Xi
A Comparative Study of Responsibility and Integrity Education Between China and the West
Zhu, Yiran
Analysis of "White Space" in Modern Graphic Design
Zhu, Zhi
Study on Training Methods of Intercultural Communication Abilities in Drama Education of College English Teaching
Zou, Yumei
A Study on English Writing Pattern Under the Impact of High-context and Low-context Cultures