Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2019)

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Archaic Aerophones and Idiophones in Modern Russian Culture

Vladimir Lisovoi, Angelina Alpatova
Such archaic aerophones and idiophones as horns and vargan (jew's harp) play important role in both traditional and modern Russian culture. The scientific interest to this problem is characterized by the archaeomusicology, ethnomusicology, musical anthropology and sociology. The article is dedicated...
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The Art of Revolution and Revolution in Art: Historiographical Aspect

Natalia Sipovskaya
The article focuses on the analysis of the relationship between radical political movements and “artistic riots” in Russia in the 1910s, that changed the world history and new art. The Proletkult activities and other cultural initiatives of the Soviet government are set as an example to trace the mechanics...
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The Developmental Potential of Art Pedagogy in the Modern Educational Space

Lyudmila A. Makovets, Julia Panuykova, Galima Lukina
The article is devoted to the problems of art pedagogy in the modern system of standardization of education. It is possible to overcome its formalization and "drying up" of educational process on the way of formation of the holistic personality only in the conditions of a polyphonic educational environment...
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Creating Inclusive Cultural Space in the Russian Federation

Elena Blagireva
The article focuses on the main aspects of implementing the state policy on ensuring the access to cultural values and benefits for people with disabilities in the Russian Federation. Based on the data of the annual monitoring in the Russian Federation, the article provides the main indicators of increasing...
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Alexander Gradsky’s Rock Opera "The Stadium" Some Aspects of Musical Language

Andrey Vinichenko
This article is devoted to the analysis of Alexander Gradsky’s rock opera "The Stadium". A well-known singer A. Gradsky, has a bright talent of a composer too. His creations include vocal-instrumental suites and two rock-operas which are not very well studied yet. Such specific moments of music dramaturgy...
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"Artistic Creation for the Public" Is the Mission of Art Education in the New Era

Jun Li
The goal of public art education in the new era is to coordinate the realization of the "all-round development" of individuals with the overall progress of the people of the whole society. Taking "artistic creation for the public" as the ideological and theoretical basis, and aesthetic creation as the...
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The Textual Study on the Historical Correlation Between the Forty Scenes of the Old Summer Palace and the Perspective Landscape Paintings in Qing Dynasty

Yiting Wang
By selecting the colored silk scroll The Forty Landscape Poems of the Old Summer Palace completed in the 9th year of the Qianlong period (A.D.1744) as the research target, this paper examines the related painters’ working environment, analyzes the master-apprentice relationship among these painters and...
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Sculpture by Joan Miro

Ksenia Orlova
The art of Joan Miro is not limited to the poetic manner of one movement. He made his own way to the expression of non-objectivity, ultra-reality and unconscious, he could work out an individual manner, which is stylistically on the borderline of different movements of modernism and reveals a particular...
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Research on the Plastic Art of Heilongjiang River Basin Taking Petroglyph as an Example

Xiaoli Zhang, Ying Xu
The petroglyph in the Heilongjiang River Basin belongs to a kind of cultural art. This paper analyzes the distribution, research status, significance, content methods and artistic features of the petroglyph in the Heilongjiang River Basin. The petroglyph in the Heilongjiang River Basin is the carrier...
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An Analysis of the Educational Thoughts in Lao She's Novels

Xiang Xu
In the history of Chinese modern literature, there is a subtle interactive relationship between literature and education. Many writers in the history of literature have been engaged in educational work, and their works are also infiltrated with educational thoughts, and Lao She is one of them. With rich...
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Removing the Mediocrity of Art Understanding the Relationship Between Heidegger's "Artistic Work and People"

Jing Wang
According to Heidegger, it is the momentum of artistic work — the "That" of the created being that removes people from mediocrity and pushes them into the historic suspense where they coexist with the essence of truth. This paper discusses the mediocre presence form of human faced with artistic works...
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Thinking on Theoretical Concept and Construction of Chinese Film Theory

Jing Zhong
Chinese film industry has made rapid progress in the past decades. However, compared with the blowout development in practice, Chinese film theory has obvious vacancies and lags behind. This paper analyses the particularity and generality of film theory by sorting out the concept and function of theory...
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The Subjective Value of Artistic Creation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Limin Wang
While the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a new creative medium for art, its rapid development and powerful creative function has also triggered the fear and thinking of skeptics in the art world, or it is horrified that the final aura of humanity and the artistic creation of the...
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Exploring the Concept Innovation of Greenberg, Fried and De Duve's Sculpture Theory

Zhengbo Zhang, Jin Pu
Greenberg, Fried and Duve have made great concept innovation to promoting the development of modern sculpture theory. Greenberg's interpretation of media realism, Fried's critique of physical theatre theory and Duve's interesting archaeological narrative provide a new perspective to examine the spiritual...
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Estranged Reality: on Narrative Strategies of Early Chinese Independent Film

Tianle Huang
This paper discusses a political practice of film language carried out by the emerging Chinese independent filmmakers at the end of the 20th century. After a careful reading and symptom analysis of the "estranged" narrative passages in four representative independent films in the 1990s, this paper puts...
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Protection and Development of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Lingnan Embroidery from the Perspective of Maritime Silk Road

Shujun Zheng
In the 21st century, people of insight in the society called for saving and protecting the dying Chaozhou embroidery techniques, and Chaozhou embroidery was included in the first national intangible cultural heritage list. However, the protection of intangible cultural heritage has different views in...
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Study on the Inheritance and Development of the Plastic Arts of the Suolun Tribe in the Sino-Russian Heilongjiang River Basin

Zhongfeng Fu, Hui Xie
The Suolun tribe of the Heilongjiang River Basin in China and Russia is a multi-ethnic inhabited tribe. In the long-term development, it has formed an individual as well as general style of art. Starting from this point of view, the article first analyzes the modeling art of Ewenki, Daur, and Oroqen...
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Exploration on the Integration of Colleges and Local Cultural Brands Taking Suining Children's Drawing Studio of Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers College as an Example

Feng Wei
The integration and development of colleges and local cultural brand has important practical significance. It can improve the talent training mode of colleges, form a positive interaction between university educational research and social development, and promote the development of local cultural brand....
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The Rise, Development and Turning of Chinese National Animation

Yang Zhao
Chinese animation after 1949 has mainly experienced three stages of development. During the "Seventeen Years" Chinese animation period, the basic tone of the development of Chinese national animation and children's animation was basically established. After 1979, with the gradual opening up of animation...
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The Status Quo and Inheritance of the Traditional Handmade Silverware of the She Nationality in the Eastern Fujian Region

Jiayu Chen
The She people are mostly distributed in the southeast coast of China. They are an indispensable and important member of the multi-ethnic family in China. The long history of the nation has precipitated the unique internal and aesthetic taste of the She culture. She nationality in the eastern Fujian...
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Field Investigation on Eight Tones in Matang Village, Renhua County

Qunying Wang, Xiaoyan Chen
The Eight-tone Band (also called Matang Drum Band) of Matang village, Renhua county in Shaoguan city, Guangdong province is an active local eight-tone club. It has been providing the villagers with performance for happy occasions and funeral affairs since the 60s except during the Cultural Revolution....
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Lacquer Art and Buddhism: Cultural Trophallaxis and Their Aesthetic Commonality

Jinghui Wang
Originating in the categories of "ideas and beliefs" and "artifacts" respectively, Buddhism and lacquer art belong to two cultural fields with little overlap, but they have forged an indissoluble bond with each other in the long history of evolution. Lacquer art gives Chinese Buddhist culture colorful...
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Analysis of Mask Art in Japanese Noh

Yufei Wu
Noh is a drama that the performer should wear on mask. It is originated from Japan and is the only extremely aesthetically valuable masquerade drama surviving in the world. The special mask used in the performance of Noh is called the Noh mask. Noh mask can be called the key to Noh and is also the most...
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A Review of Studies on Tibetan Traditional Drama

Limin Wang, Xinghua Wang
The traditional Tibetan drama represented by eight major Tibetan drama (hereinafter referred to as Tibetan drama) has distinct national characteristics and artistic characteristics. It is a wonderful work in the garden of Chinese national literature and art and is an important part of Chinese excellent...
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Research on the Integration and Development of Chinese Grotto Culture Tourism Taking Xinchang Dafo Temple as an Example

Xiaoyan Liu, Quanliang Ye
Chinese grotto culture has formed unique cultural characteristics such as religion and imperial power in the development of history. At the time of the integration of cultural tourism, Chinese caves have important value and significance. The Xinchang Dafo Temple, which carries the two peaks of Buddhism...
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Research on the Construction of Application Platform for Industrial Promotion Service Based on Process Innovation and Cultural Creativity of Tinware

Xiaochen Geng
In combination with the development of tinware process and the development of cultural creativity industries, this paper starts with the development of tinware process innovation and cultural creativity industry to explore the necessity of building and promoting service application platform. While combing...
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Living Inheritance of Ancient Miao Songs in Southern Sichuan

Jia Yu
Ancient Miao songs in southern Sichuan are a living expression of Miao people's ideology and a vivid reflection of their unique culture and religious beliefs. It is the special performance and inheritance environment of the ancient Miao songs in southern Sichuan that makes the ancient songs form the...
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Discussion on the Singing Style of Schumann Art Songs

Shanshan Jiang
Schumann (1810—1856), one of the most prominent figures in the history of German music in the first half of the 19th century, was one of the representatives of the mature period of romantic music. His art songs attach great importance to the relationship between music and poetry, which makes the romantic...
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Text Production of Ancient Songs of Miao People in Southern Sichuan

Jia Yu
Ancient songs of Miao people in southern Sichuan are the living expressions of Miao people's ideology, and the living reflection of their unique culture and religious beliefs. The government and ancient song lovers use various measures such as audio recording, video recording and text recording to preserve...
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Cultural Self-identity in "the Other" A Study on Chinese Images in Country Driving

Yu Huang
The paper starts with a theoretical statement of "the Other", explaining "China in the Other" under the perspective of Orientalism, on which, a practical deconstruction will be related to details in Country Driving. And the changing of "China in the Other" and its essential will also be figured out,...
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The Spatial Production of Films Illustrated by the Case of Hong Kong Kowloon Walled City

Ge Zheng
Due to the unique political background, complex construction, the living conditions of the chaos, the Hong Kong Kowloon Walled city has become the focus of public concern, especially providing a rich source for artists. It is not only a space entity, but also a cultural symbol, a kind of representational...
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The Philosophy of Five Elements and the Idea of Chinese Painting

Yi Li
The five elements of Chinese philosophy and Chinese painting art have profound origins. The five elements theory of Chinese philosophy and the political economy of China for thousands of years, the mutual influence and mutual penetration of ideology and culture, have become the core and skeleton of Chinese...
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Feminist Writing in Notes of a Desolate Man

Yang Xiang
Owing to the controversial feature of the topic — gender, identity cognition, and political metaphor, and the gorgeous but downcast scene of the last phase described by Zhu Tianwen, Notes of a Desolate Man has been well received since it was published. However, deeper things are hidden behind the "homosexual...
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Analysis of "White Space" in Modern Graphic Design

Yiran Zhu
White space is an important art form originated from traditional Chinese painting. Now it is widely used and existed in various fields. The white space on the picture enables the viewer to generate rich associations and expand the artistic conception of the picture. On the basis of analyzing the definition...
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Inspiration of Dramatic Stage Space Research on the "Spatial Narrative" Mode of VR Images

Ya'nan Wu
With the development of the times and society, virtual reality has gradually integrated into humans’ lives. Compared with ordinary video movies, VR movies are more complicated and diverse in terms of script design, 360 camera capture, and image stitching using special software, and post-production editing...
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Study on the Contemporary Hui Writers' Literary View of Tradition and Modern Hodgepodge

Haojie Ma
This paper summarizes the literature views of contemporary Hui writers' traditions and modern essays through the study of contemporary Hui literature. Contemporary Hui writers write traditions in the local time painting and present modernity in urban construction. The contemporary creation and unique...
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Analysis of Movie Music from the Perspective of Aesthetics of Music Taking "Schindler's List" as an Example

Jinghan Shang
Music has become an important part of film art since the birth of the latter. In the subsequent development of film art, film music has become more vivid and novel, playing an irreplaceable role in the history of film art. This paper mainly analyzes the musical aesthetic connotation of film music with...
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A Probe into the Factors of Rise and Fall of Co-produced TV Series in China Case Analysis of the Co-produced Teleplay Princess Pearl

Yiping Gao
Standing at the peak of the co-produced teleplays in China, Princess Pearl represents the heyday of Chinese co-produced teleplays. At the same time, the course of cooperative production and broadcast of the Princess Pearl Trilogy accords with the rise and fall of co-production in mainland China and is...
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Study on Paper-cut of Ku Shulan and Matisse

Ruixiang Ji
Both Ku Shulan's and Matisse's paper-cut are famous in the world. That has epoch-making significance, which can be called the bright pearl of the world paper-cut. There are some differences in the visual form and color concept, because of the difference of the original ideas between the East and the...
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The Dramatic Narrative Tendency of Korean Family Drama

Yuzhen Guo, Wenwen Bi
Korean family dramas use the "narrative" thinking to process the daily life of the family, which makes the Korean family drama show a dramatic narrative tendency. There are a lot of reappearances and expressions of daily life in Korean family dramas. This is the main feature of Korean family dramas that...
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Effective Application of MIDI Music in Animation Works

Jiang Jiang
Music can help render the atmosphere and characterize the characters in animation works. This paper starts from the teaching practice in MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) music production, mainly analyzes the application and production process of music in animation works, and summarizes the...
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Thinking of Traditional Literati Painting and Its Contemporary Development

Bojun Hou
After the 20th century, the development of traditional Literati Paintings underwent setbacks. People's cognition of such painting also had some bias under the impact of Western culture. Up to now, some of the cognitions have obviously become an intrinsic cognitive perspective and impression that people...
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Creation Features and Development of Chorus Art in the "New Period"

Zhaodong Xuan
With the coming of the reform and opening up, Chinese culture and art started again after suffering from the "Cultural Revolution". The chorus works created in this period began to have feature of humanity, and gradually got rid of the status of serving as a means of political propaganda during the Cultural...
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Analysis of the Performance Characteristics of Chinese Red Classic Movie Songs

Wei Chen
Chinese red classic movie song is an important part of Chinese red classic culture. Chinese red classic movie not only plays the role of rendering the plot story and driving the mood of the viewer, but also has great research value on the lyrics and the form of the song itself. It contains rich revolutionary...
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Study on the Artistic Characteristics of Tibetan Folk Songs

Shuyue Ding
There are many minority nationalities in China and their music resources are very rich, but at present, the study of minority music is far from in-depth. Among the minority nationalities in China, Tibetan music is very representative. Caidan Zhuoma, as an outstanding Tibetan musician, has promoted Tibetan...
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The Guardianship and Propaganda of Culture in the Life Guardians System of the National Treasure

Yun Chen
The popular cultural exploration program "National Treasure" has screened out the major media and also displayed many museum relics. The life guardians system in the program is novel and has many highlights. It presents a deeper meaning behind the cultural relics to the audience. It has aroused the further...
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Studying Folk Culture in Song Ci Based on Comparing Their English and Chinese Versions Case Study on Ba Shu Culture in Song Ci

Mei Dong
Understanding of folk culture would be quite good for the fast developing society with more and more requirements for communications in all fields. However, folk culture is really concerned with so large a scope, especially in such big countries as China. The profound and effective way to solve the problem...
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Images and Their Implications in Elizabeth Bishop's Poetry

Desheng Chen, Chenxi Wang
Elizabeth Bishop was one of the most influential and important poets in the 20th century in the United States. She is an American poet laureate and won the Pulitzer Prize. Her works have been paid more and more attention by scholars at home and abroad. Bishop's poetry based on traditional American poetry,...
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Study on Zheng Min's Controversial Appearance in Poetry and Her Position in Poetry School

Wenhua Wen
In the 1940s, Jiuye poets changed the landscape of the poetry at that time with brand new poetic practice. Under the circumstances of internal and external oppression, they opened up new space and persisted in creation, and they still achieved short-term glory. This article combines history and theory,...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Gambiered Guangdong Silk Culture Innovation Based on ISM Method

Jiamin Huang, Huabin Wang
This paper excavates and combs the cultural genes of Gambiered Guangdong silk, and analyses the hierarchical relationship among the influencing factors of the cultural innovation, and puts forward reasonable suggestions for the cultural innovation of Gambiered Guangdong silk. Through searching reference...
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The Era Context of Supply-side Reform of China's Music Culture and Creative Industry in the New Era

Bo Tu
Nowadays, in the 40 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has experienced a leap-forward development, shifting from speed priority to quality priority. One of the important measures of economic construction is supply-side structural reform. China's music culture and creative industry has the...
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Protection and Inheritance in the Development of National Costumes Taking Mongolian Women's Clothing in Tonghai, Yunnan as an Example

Wenjie Chang
National costumes, as an integral part of China's excellent traditional culture, carry the history, culture, aesthetics and customs of a nation, and are an important cultural heritage of a nation. With the accelerating process of global integration, great changes have taken place in all aspects of human...
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Tension Is the Kinetic Energy: Modernity Drives the Spiral Development of the Aesthetic Ideas of Chinese Animation

Song Yang
This paper first analyzes the relationship between animation and modernity, which pointed out that animation is the product of modernity. Then by analyzing the role of modernity in the various stages of the evolution of Chinese aesthetics, it is revealed that the aesthetic concept of Chinese animation...
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Aesthetic Analysis of the Evolution and Aesthetic Taste of Rose Chair

Shisheng Lyu, Guojing Li
Throughout the history of Chinese arts and crafts, Chinese furniture is an indispensable part of it, and its emergence, development and evolution have always been closely related to people's lifestyle. Rose chair is an essence of traditional Chinese furniture, and contains rich aesthetic design principles...
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Protection and Research of Uyghur Local Muqam in China in the 40 Years of Reform and Opening up

Osman Juma
Uyghur Muqam is one of the Chinese cultural treasures. Since the founding of New China, especially in the 40 years of the reform and opening up, with the care of the party and the government, as well as the support of leaders at all levels and relevant departments, the salvation, excavation, organization...
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Exploring the Influence of Western Modern Composition on Image Oil Painting After "The Fine of 1985"

Shisheng Lyu, Haiying Liu
This paper starts with the modern composition of the West. Through the development of Chinese imagery oil painting in China and its influence on Chinese art, this paper explores the influence and development of the post-modern composition on China's image oil painting after "The Fine of 1985". Firstly,...
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Study on Chinese Folk Customs in Early Twentieth Century from On a Chinese Screen

Han Zhang
In the 1920s, British writer Maugham created his very representative travelogue to record the traveling along the Yangtze river in China: On a Chinese Screen, which describes in detail the various Chinese folk customs in villages and cities from an outsider perspective of modern western civilization....
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Study on Vocal Performance and Second Creation

Ning Lei
When listening to music, people hear the "sound". Feeling the "music" and hearing the "sound", people will have the "happiness" in the heart. The vocal music requires the singer to make a proactive creative performance, making the vocal works "inspired", touch and infect people. The second creation of...
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Research on the Coordinative Development of Interactive Design and Local Traditional Culture Communication

Heng Ji
In the context of artificial intelligence, big data and the interconnection of everything, the communication of local traditional culture is at risk of stall. In the process of ensuring the sustainable development of local traditional culture, interactive design technology is actively adopted to establish...
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Cross-cultural Learning Resource Recommendation Method and Corpus Construction Based on Online Comment Sentiment Analysis

Dongmei Li
Through the emotional analysis of cross-cultural learning resource lines, a data-oriented online commentary sentiment analysis system was established. The emotional bias of the reviewer's content is obtained from a large number of online comments, and the relationship between the various elements is...
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Research on the Development of Dragon Dance in Huayao Yi People's Festival of "Offering a Sacrifice to Dragon"

Xiaohui Wang, Jincheng Hu, Jun Wang
Dragon dance in the ceremony of Huayao Yi people's Festival of "Offering a Sacrifice to Dragon" is a sacrificial culture developed on the basis of Chinese ethnic culture and oriented to ethnic traditional sports. This Festival is one of the representative ethnic celebrations of Huayao Yi people. Its...
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An Analysis of the Writing Techniques of The Secret Garden

Ying Wu
The Secret Garden is a classic work by American authoress Frances Hodgson Burnett. This paper mainly probes into the three necessary elements of the novel: characters, plot and environment, hoping to reveal the special writing techniques employed by Burnett and provide a new perspective and interpretation...
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The Predicament of Modern People An Analysis of the Southern Gentlewomen of Tennessee Williams's Major Plays

Li Zhao
Tennessee Williams is famous for his portraits of the southern gentlewomen. It is with these gentlewomen that a study of Tennessee Williams's plays must logically begin. This thesis is based on the typical examples of gentlewomen of Williams's major plays: The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire...
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Collision of History with Reality: the Tendency of Adaptation of Shakespeare Plays in the Contemporary Russian Experimental Theater

Ying Zheng
This article analyzes the state of the productions of Shakespearean scenes in experimental theaters. The main examples of experiments with Shakespeare's plays in various theaters, as well as the periods of time with which these productions are associated are given in this paper. Particular attention...
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The Influence of Excellent Micro Films on the Construction of Chinese Youths' View of Values

Shuli Song
With the Internet becoming increasingly developed and the coming of the times of information fragmentation, micro film as the derivative of film and online video caters to the needs of the times with its unique features of short duration and suitable for watching on go. As an emerging artistic form,...
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Prospects of the Chinese "Imagination" Movies with Sci-Fi as a Striker

Yang Liu
Imagination movie, as the opposite direction of the reality movie, may become one mainstream in the future in China. Science fiction movie is currently undervalued, but in fact, it has great value, and Chinese science fiction movies are gradually sprouting. The reason for the excellent box office and...
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Oral History of Inheritor of Light Songs in Gongxian County

Li Jiang
Gongxian County is a multi-ethnic area. The local "lights" song has a long history. It is a song having storyline and is mainly sung in traditional festivals with songs with storyline. The song is dominated by singing, accompanied by musical instruments and dance. The performance of "light" songs is...
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The Commendatory and Derogatory Sense of the Semantics of Zen Words

Chaowen Yan
The transformation of the commendatory and derogatory sense of semantics of Zen words is unique. There are many Zen words in mutual transformation with a short time span. The unique religious thoughts and views have an important influence on the emotion colors of Zen semantics.
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Cultural Phase and Social Construction of Contemporary Visual Art

Luodanni Liu, Yu Gu, Ting Chen, Yuan Cheng
In general sense or human destiny community sense, the "first principle" of perceptual life and the decisiveness of perceptual power makes modern aesthetic which is core of real life and represented by visual art. By means of cultural negotiation and disguise of the landscape society, history unifies...
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Brief Discussion on the Origin and Diachronic Evolution of the Alternative Complex Sentence “Prefer A Rather Than B”

Xiaoyan Cao
The sentence pattern of “prefer A rather than B” appeared in Zhuzi's Language Category in Song dynasty for the first time. At that time, the pattern of “prefer A rather than B” had a function of conjunction, which was used in the choice of complex sentences to express the preferred semantic relationship....
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Current Situation, Dilemma and Development Trend of Virtual Reality Animation

Junqiang Hu
Virtual reality technology promotes animation to enter an unprecedented stage of artistic perception, especially the subversive revolution of virtual display equipment brings a new thinking to animation creation. In this paper, starting with the development and application of virtual reality animation...
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A Brief Analysis on the Use of Color in Film Scenes Taking The Grand Budapest Hotel as an Example

Yunpeng Ma
Since the birth of modern film more than a hundred years ago, it can be said that it is constantly improving and perfecting, from the early silent film, black and white film, to the development of special effects and so on. Among them, the use of color is very important in the production of movies. It...
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A Cognitive Interpretation of the Notion of Self in Chinese Modern Poetry

Zhong Deng
This paper is intended to look at the notion of self in Chinese modern poetry from the perspective of cognition. By a meticulous analysis of the semantic characteristics of the first person pronoun as well as the process of the conceptualization of its collocations, this paper comes up with a comparatively...
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Creation and Teaching of Realistic Animation Making Animation Shine into Reality

Jin Zhang
Making reality shine into animation, and using animation to outline reality, excellent animation works are inseparable from the creators' exploration and care of society and humanity. This article will analyze the significance of realism theme creation and the application of realism in creation.
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Review of the Research on the Rhyme of Song Lyrics in Modern and Contemporary Age

Jun Fang
As the generation model of classical literature in China, Song Poems were not only highly admired by the literati at that time, the Ci poets, word sets, poems, poetry rhythm, notes and commentaries on Ci poetry and others were also valued by the later generations. Due to the objective conditions of predecessors...
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The Music Aesthetic Analysis of the Animated Film “Coco”

Jianbo Qin
When music and animated films are mixed, music becomes a characteristic element and symbol in an animated film. And it has become an important part of the animated film and plays a very important role in animated films, which can not only shape the image of the main characters in the animated film, but...
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Discussion on the Cultural Confidence of Chinese Films Taking the Movie Wolf Warriors II as an Example

Mengyao Hou
Wolf Warriors II as the only Chinese-language film that has entered the top 100 global box office, has won a lot of reputation in Chinese market in 2017. However, its overseas box office was depressing, and few foreigners paid attentions to it. It did receive a few film reviews, but most of them were...
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Analysis on the Artistic Characteristics of the Nu Nationality's "Anu" Costumes

Jinyu Yang
The Nu people are the aborigines of Gongshan County on the upper reaches of the Nujiang River in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province. Among them, the "Anu" branch has outstanding regional characteristics, elegant colors, simple styles and special crafts. It has strong national cultural connotation...
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The Interpretation of Bonismo Cham Dance Posture in the Ancient Books

Xiujia Li
The study of Bonismo Cham dance in ancient books runs through "double-service directions" and "double-hundred principles", adheres to the people-centered work orientation, adheres to and inherits the gene of Chinese cultural position, and inherits and protects the intangible cultural heritage in a new...
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Jiangxi Poetry School and the Collation and Commentary of "A New Account of the Tales of the World" in Song Dynasty

Ming Zhang, Xin Liu
The first climax of the collation and commentary on "A New Account of the Tales of the World" appeared in the Song Dynasty. Almost all reviewers on the collation and commentary of "A New Account of the Tales of the World" in Song Dynasty are related to Jiangxi Poetry School. Jiangxi Poetry School has...
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The Inheritance and Development of Chaoshan Shell Carving Art

Qiwen Chen, Shiyao Liu
Over the past few decades, Chaoshan shell carving has gone through a process from prosperity to decline. In order to remain the memory of Chaoshan shell carving forever, and to strengthen the protection and publicity of Chaoshan shell carving, the shell carving art social practice team of Xinhua College...
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A Study of the Spatial Images and Identity in The Namesake

Peifang Zhang
The Namesake, a novel written by Indian-American writer Jhumpa Lahiri who won the Pulitzer Prize for literature in 2004, tells a story of the first and second generation of Indian immigrants in the United States. In the novel, different types of spatial images such as train, house and so on really play...
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Analysis of the Expressive Power of Brick Building in the Local Landscape

Yifei Li, Tian Wu, Xiangman Li
Bricks have a "rich and colorful structure". In the long history of development and evolution, bricks have gradually formed a unique cultural form of bricks by virtue of their own advantages and the rich cultural memory connotation accumulated in history. This article mainly discusses how the artistic...
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Techniques and Principles of Western Art Reflected in Huang Shiling's Paintings and Seal Carvings

Qi Zhu
In late Qing Dynasty, Western knowledge was gradually introduced to China. Against this historical background, Huang Shiling lived in Guangzhou, a trading port city at that time, in different periods of his life, and absorbed many thoughts of foreign arts. His art of paintings and seal carvings was simultaneously...
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The Aesthetic Characteristics of Vocabularies for Movements in Typical Details of Dance

Qiuping Li, Zhengbo Zhang
Typical details have strong representativeness and artistic vitality that can play tenfold role in works and receive artistic effect "knowing the whole leopard by peeping at a spot, and spreading the spirit at a glance". The typical details in dance works are created to reveal the essential meaning and...
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Five Philosophical Faces of the Modern Avant-garde Arts

Zhengbo Zhang, Qiuping Li
Western modern painting artists have different perspectives on material media. They seem to be unrelated in terms of the characteristics of modernity, but actually they have many common characteristics. For example, post-impressionism pulls up the medium; German expressionism presses things down; Italian...
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Research on the Integration and Construction Design Strategies for "Lost Space"

Shuo Cui
With the rapid development of urbanization and motorized transportation, there is not only the absence of humanistic care, but also the separation of urban form during the development of some cities, and then along came the "lost space". Starting from the figure-ground theory and linkage theory, this...
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Application of "Ecological Design" Concept in Rural Leisure Landscape Design

Hailiang Liu, Chenglong Hou, Sara Ravan Ramzani
Developing rural tourism is an important way and means to realize the strategy of rural revitalization and the development and construction of beautiful countryside. Good ecological environment is an important rural tourism resource, the basis and guarantee for the development of rural tourism. The natural...
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Research on Personalized Accessory Design Based on Users' Individual Characteristics

Rui Zhang
Accessory is a kind of external presentation for people to purposefully decorate themselves, hide themselves, and express themselves with the awakening of human's self-consciousness. Its evolution has gone through a long history and is still evolving. It will become an important criterion for the design...
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Visual Exploration of Silk Road Cultural Genes Taking "Silk Chain" Cultural and Creative Industrial Design as an Example

Yuan Liu
Against the social background of the "fever of cultural and creative industrial design", this paper tries to study and analyze the shortcomings of the current cultural and creative product design. Taking the "Silk Road" cultural and creative industrial design as the research scope, and comparing with...
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The Influence of Chinese Cultural Elements on Design Art

Xingli Li
With a long history of 5,000 years, China has created a splendid and diversified traditional culture. Chinese art of design is deeply influenced by traditional Chinese cultural elements. This paper mainly analyzes the influence of Chinese traditional philosophy, traditional aesthetics on design art,...
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Exploration on Traditional Cultural Creativity in Poster Design from the Perspective of Cultural Diversity Taking the Award-winning Posters of Students in Zaozhuang University as Example

Yuan Liu
For students majoring in fine arts and art design in Zaozhuang University, conveying Chinese traditional culture in the diversified domestic and international cultural competitions has become a necessary strategy in the design process. By sorting out the problems in the guiding process of multiple competitions,...
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Slow Design Under the Influence of Oriental Aesthetics and the Concept of Slow Life

Huihui Dong
Rich material life is rapidly changing people's concepts and behavioral habits, and many of the problems arising therefrom are also thought-provoking. Expansion of material desire caused by consumerism, lack of spirit caused by fast culture, and anxiety caused by fast-paced life, etc., make the whole...
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Interface Design and Analysis of Preschool Children Education APP

Xu Cong, Jiajun Zhang
Preschool education plays an important role in China. In recent years, the state has gradually increased the attention paid to preschool education, and the market demand for preschool education shows an obvious growth trend. Good education methods have an important impact on promoting the healthy development...
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Product Modeling Design Practice Based on Traditional Bamboo Utensil Schema Prototype

Zhengbin Hu, Tao Xie
This paper systematically studies the structure of bamboo and the schematic prototype of traditional bamboo wares, deeply analyses the design elements of bamboo from the aspects of shape, texture, character and cultural connotation, and summarizes its artistic aesthetic implication and morphological...
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Application Research of Three-dimensional Design in the Process of Print Advertising Teaching

Haiying Chen
Objective: To analyze the change of attentional shape in the process of three-dimensional graphic design teaching, it is necessary to use photos, sculptures, and the above-mentioned techniques to combine the comprehensive application of some rhetorical methods, or to use some self-morphological changes,...
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Research on Brand Image Building of Zhuhai City

Yang Li
To enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of a city, it is necessary to shape a city brand. With the rise of urban agglomeration, city brand has increasingly become a key factor affecting regional competitive advantage. City brand strategy, city assets, city marketing system, city CI system and other...
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Methods of Innovative Application of Miao Costume Elements in Modern Costume

Yunyun Wang
By researching the representative costume works with innovative application of Miao costume elements in the recent years, analyzing the methods of innovative application of traditional costume patterns, accessories and fabrics of Miao nationality in modern costume and summarizing the characters and key...
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Preliminary Exploration of Application of Solid Figures in the Costume Patterns of Southwest Minorities

Shanshan Chen
Costume patterns are the patterns and styles on clothing which are used to decorate costume. In the system of minority costume language, costume pattern is one of the very important recognition contents with great research value, containing the national history, cultural tradition, spiritual pursuit,...
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Research on the Innovativeness of Chinese Tea Set Design Based on "Craftsmanship Spirit"

Huiqing Chen, Jian Zhang
With a long history of tea culture, China has a formed a set of perfect tea cultural mechanism. Tea culture not only expresses the connotation of Chinese traditional culture, but also interprets the aesthetic value of tea set. Under the strategy of vigorously advocating "craftsmanship spirit", China's...