Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science

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Research on Personalized English Learning and Teaching System Based on Mobile Devices and the Internet: A Case Study

Yan Zhou
With the fast development of computer science and multimedia mobile devices based techniques, modern education with computer has been a state-of-the-art trend. The impact of the novel concept of multimedia network teaching methodology and mobile network are widely recognized and researched. The author...
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Research on the Applications of Data Mining in Financial Prediction

Yingying Zhou
Time series is an important data, the prevalence of time series to make use of data mining technology can effective access to information and knowledge discovery. In the process of time series data mining, feature representation and similarity measure is an important basic work, the smooth implementation...
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Research and Literature Review on Developing Motion Capture System for Analyzing Athletes Action

Fang Han, Xuesong Bo
With the development of human-computer interaction technology, pattern, natural interaction will become the main way of interaction between human and computer. Support technology, the computer must understand and capture the human behavior characteristics, so as to put forward the motion capture. The...
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A Learning Approach to English Online Video Teaching System Design and Implementation

Pei Song
How to make use of the existing computer technology and multimedia network technology, and integrated, construction satisfy certain teaching requirements, and feasible in technology and funds, multimedia network teaching system is a problem to be solved. To provide a virtual classroom to make the students...
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Design and Implementation of British and American Literature Learning Platform based on Android Mobile Systems

Yanyan Lei
With the bursting development of computer science and mobile devices, the combination of education and recent techniques is urgently needed. In view of the existing mobile learning system interactive poor, renewable resources, shortcomings and so on big data traffic, this paper puts forward a kind of...
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Designing Web-Based RIA Platform for English Advising and Interactive Learning

Ruhua Wei
This research paper demonstrates our novel research on building a free Internet-base, multi-agent and long distance teaching environment for English learning. Web English teaching environments are few, and mostly they imply a fee. However, none of them considers the challenges the non-native English-speaking...
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The Approach of British and American Literature teaching system Design and Implementation Based on J2EE Campus Network

Weixuan Zhong
With the rapid development of computer technology and network technology is playing an increasingly important role in the field of education, and more and more profound impact on teaching content, teaching methods, teaching mode change. Working full implementation of the campus network construction,...
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A Novel Approach on College English Cooperative Learning Platform Design and Its Application

Qiong Xie
in this study the social constructivist theory, distributed cognition theory, group dynamics theory, the feedback effect theory as the instruction, from the perspective of teaching design, combined with the network collaborative learning activity in the learning process, put forward a wiki environment...
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Study on the Spacecraft AIT Project Argument and Its Risk Management

Yang Liu, Weiwei Shan
This paper analyses and studies spacecraft AIT project argument, and puts forward argument methods and procedures suitable to spacecraft AIT according to the current status of argument and management modes in spacecraft development. At the same time, the risk management theory of NASA is introduced,...
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Innovation analysis of the ideological and political education reform in Colleges and Universities under the new media environment

Lin Zhi He
in the new media environment, universities’ ideological and political education mode and means all need timely updates. In this paper, the characteristics and disadvantages of ideological and political education in Colleges and Universities under the new media era are analyzed in detail, the impact and...
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Study on the innovative informatization talents cultivation of modern urban agriculture

Xiangjie Niu, Hua Li
Based on modern urban agricultural construction, the innovation education idea is run through the activities of teaching and scientific research innovation practice of computer professional students, which will greatly promote the agricultural informatization in the cultivation of innovative talents....
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An Analysis on Mechanism and Motivation of Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital

Weihua Hu
Currently, our country is in the period of social transition, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, social class curing are directly related to intergenerational transmission of human capital. This paper, from the perspective of economics, combining discipline sociology, and behavioral science...
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Study of the Tourism Talents Training Mode Focusing on Practical Abilities

Ying Liu
The rapid development of China’s tourism industry stimulates the society’s demand on professional applied talents in tourism, especially in the direction of professional tourism planning and management. The boost of the demand for applied tourism talents brings not only the expansion of tourism education...
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Research on the construction of College Counselors Team under the perspective of internationalization

Ren Jie
Since twenty-first Century, with the rapid development of information technology and the increasingly close economic and cultural exchanges , the internationalization will also be a trend which cannot be halted.However, the present situation of the management of College Counselors in domestic is not...
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Study on the influence factors of Rural Ecotourism development in Central Sichuan Hilly Area

Qiaoyi Li
With the development of ecological tourism in the production domestic competition is increasing. The rapid development of Sichuan Hilly rural ecological tourism industry is the urgent problem to be solved at present, in order to occupy a space in domestic tourism market. Basing on the theory of “tourism...
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Integration Of Three Dimensional Paradigm - writing Ability And Professional Quality Education Of practical Writing teaching Is shallow

Yanli Wang
Combining with the actual practical writing teaching in high vocational colleges, based on national khalid ents education ideas, integrate the language of the three big functions, construction of practical writing knowledge - line - just three dimensional space teaching paradigm, and explore the practical...
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The Appraisal of the Artistry of Quatation of Qian Zhongshu's Huaiju Poetry

Yanli Wang
Abstract: Based on qian zhongshu’s traditional poetry "huai poly poem deposit for dibon,the research emphasizes on artistry of the quotation in the creating of old-style poems, takes the four skills in the creating of Mr. Qian’s poems for an illustration and makes a simple analysis. His attitude of waiting...
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On the Amendments of Test Syllabus for Practical English Test for Colleges and the Impacts of the Amendments on the Reform of English Teaching in Vocational Colleges

Ping Chen
the commission for the Practical English Test for Colleges has recently revised the Test Syllabus for Practical English Test for Colleges. In this paper, The author attempts to analyze the changes in the syllabus, including the question types, the quantity, the vocabulary as well as the validity. Then...
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The Application Advantages of Microwave Fixation in Cotton Fabric Dyeing

De-chao Huang
Gradually along with the application of microwave technology, microwave components performance improves, and the cost drops sharply, so the technology, with the attitude of high and new technology, is widely used in dyeing industry. This paper from raw materials and equipment of microwave dying, introduced...
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The Influence of Microwave Heating on Dyeing Time and Dyeing Rate in Cotton Fabrics

De-chao Huang
Relevant researches show that microwave heating caused certain effect on reactive dyes’ dyeing rate. In order to verify the above viewpoint, this paper designed the following experiments: study microwave solid color dyeing, microwave fixation conventional dyeing, dyeing conventional microwave fixation...
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Application of Research Study in the Teaching of Civil Engineering

Yan Liu
After the analysis of the characteristics of civil engineering and insufficiencies of traditional teaching method, by combining with the previous results of teaching reform, this paper takes the study of structural courses as an example to make careful design of the learning mode application in civil...
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Preliminary Understanding of Clinical Major and Basic Medicine Major’s Education and Innovation of Their Combination

Ruiyu Li, Xueyu Ma, Shuying Hou
With the continuous deepening of China's reform of education, how to improve the quality of graduate's education has become an important topic in the current graduate education. Training goal of medical graduate students is the same, but the clinical major training and basic medicine major training are...
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How to play the role of network service in ideological and political education under the new situation

Xueyu Ma, Hengze Zhang, Lingxia Wang, Kun Ding, Ruiyu Li
With the rapid development of science and technology, the Internet has become a more and more important means and tool of communication in people’s daily work and life in today's society. As a virtual space, network is so convenient, fast and flexible that it expands our knowledge and gives us infinite...
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Research on Building Qinhuangdao Characteristic Community Home Endowment System under the "Four Strengths; Four Possessions" Party Building Mechanism

Jingjing Liu, Hejing Yuan
Endowment problems brought by an aging population are a global problem. This paper analyzes significance and current situation of Qinhuangdao community home endowment enterprise development, argues that the construction of community home endowment center should be taken as an important part of the construction...
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DNS Servers Configuration and Management Research Based on Red Hat Linux Platforms

Yuqing Mo, Liling Peng, Li Yang
Domain name resolution is a core service of Internet, DNS servers's security and stability is essential. Red Hat Linux operating system can be applied as a DNS servers, which is an open-source and free operating system with security and stability. It is worthy of study and discussion on how to configure...
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Present Situation and Reform Ideas of Computer Training Base Construction

Shuyao Zhuo, Fengxian Deng
Computer training base construction is of great importance to the cultivation of applied talents in colleges and universities. Aiming at our university talents one-sided training, reform training base construction is put forward, and in the process of teaching, pay attention to the cultivation of students'...
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Vocational Education Teaching Reform under the Environment of Rich Media

Jing Zheng
Rich media environment is vivid, intuitive and informative. It can not only effectively promote the students’ quick and firm grasp of knowledge, but also can improve students' practical ability, which has positive significance in improving teaching quality and teaching effect. Now rich media, the new...
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On Auxiliary Function of Sports Journals on Physical Education Teaching

Yurong Chen
Modern society means not only an intelligence competition, but also a physical struggle. Students have to develop morally, intellectually and physically. Relying only on physical education teaching books is not enough for the cultivation of comprehensive talents. In sports teaching, the use of sports...
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Research Progress on Software Engineering Data Mining Technology

Fengxian Deng
At present, with the scale expansion of computer software, only rely on manual for software development, maintenance and other work is more difficult. Data mining technology can accelerate the speed of software development, and can in many databases find valuable data. This paper makes in-depth studies...
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Preschool Teachers' Short-term Training Strategy based on Teacher Needs

Xiaoying Zheng
In order to adapt to the rapid development of preschool education, preschool teacher’s short-term training was born to encourage teachers to be able to quickly adapt to the development of preschool education, timely update ideas, learn new teaching methods and skills, and encourage teachers to improve...
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The Application of Symbolism in Desire Under the Elms

Hu Song
Eugene O’Neill is a gifted writer in American Literature. This paper, through the interpretation of symbolism and its specific usages in Desire Under the Elms, shows O’Neill’s distinctive artistic talent.
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Research on Influences of International Trade on Regional Urban-Rural Income Gap in China

Renmende Bu
As China’s economic development is affected by dual economic structure, the urban-rural income gap is great. In addition to the endogenous factors, opening-up becomes an important issue that affects the urban-rural income gap among the factors causing this phenomenon. China’s opening-up policy promotes...
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Study on Psychological Activities and Physiological Skills of Singing in Vocal Music Teaching

Weiyi Hao, Yun Jing, Lijuan Li
peculiar singing process in vocal music teaching cannot be separated from deep-level metal domination. Diversified psychological activities will accompany with singing process. Peculiar skills of singing physiology are dominated by potential psychology. The skill is the external of cognition. Psychological...
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Manufacturers’ Optimal Strategy in Supply Chain Financing

Xiuwen Gan
with rapid development of socialist market economy, market competitions also become increasingly fierce. One of important guarantees for enterprise development is capital. However, in current stage, it is very hard for enterprises to borrow money from banks, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises...
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Application and Research of Health Management System Based on Mobile Client

Qian Yao
in accordance with incomplete statistics, there are 320 million of patients with chronic disease in China. It has become a large hidden danger threatening China’s national health. Therefore, to provide effective health intervention, prevention and treatment means for patients with chronic disease and...
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Study on Effect and Value of Result Analysis with Decision Tree Algorithm IN Colleges

Fengxian Deng
in efficient management teaching, students’ results are important basis to evaluate teaching quality and teaching effect. Factors influencing students’ results are complex and diversified. It is necessary to reasonably utilize data mining technology and adopt decision tree to analyze and predict students’...
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Integration and Optimization of Folk Culture and Art Resources, Inheritance of Intangible Culture and Art

Jianguo Wang, Haiqin Wang
Ningxia “Huaer” and “Ningxia Zuochang” as Chinese excellent intangible cultural heritages need scientific research of the whole society. Especially, science researchers in colleges provide powerful support and help. Art education of Chinese nation also undertakes heavy responsibilities for mining, sorting,...
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Study on Regional Economic Cooperation Strategy and Mode Selection

Fanli Kong, Wu ri Han
as the pace of global economic integration accelerates, economic environments of various countries and regions in the world have become more open and gradually developed to international direction in recent years. Besides, economic environments evolve, integrate globally, develop and develop mutually....
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Research on Fusion Application of Mobile Internet and Internet of Things in Digital Campus

Shuyao Zhuo
Digital campus construction in China has such problems as low digital utilization ratio, unbalanced resources and insufficient maintenance. If the digital campus lacks of insufficient adaptability and flexibility, it is hard to meet the current campus development needs. The emerging of mobile Internet...
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Research on Effective Integration of Kindergarten Curriculum and Game

Jie Yin
The research of the integration of kindergarten curriculum and game has become the basic trend of infant education reform. Kindergarten curriculum is a practical carrier that carries the infant education goal and education value and the game is an important form for the all-around development education...
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Focus on Tragic Fate of Lower-class Female Citizens in Social Transition Period

Hong Tang
Film Feng Shui is adapted from the novel of the same name by Fang Fang with strong tragedy consciousness and realism style of the original novel. This film focuses on tragic fate and personality of heroine Li Baoli, and leads the audience to think about living dilemma of lower-class female citizens in...
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Exploration of Application of Computer Technology in E-commerce Network Consumption Interaction

Xiaoxia Li
particular mode expansion of e-commerce is closely related to electronic technology in network architecture. However, such dependence highlights potential security difficulties of e-commerce and hinders commercial progress for a long time. The peculiar technological path of computer is expanding continuously....
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Liability of Custody for Minor Children from Divorced Family

Yunpeng Gao
With the continuous transformation of social concept, the divorce phenomenon has been accepted by the masses and the the divorce rate in China rises gradually. Divorce is the freedom and right of both men and women, but the divorce of parents may affect the children’s interests in the family with minor...
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Research on Problems in Economic Management of Modern Enterprises and Its Innovative Development Road

Wenshan Zhao
The modern economic management embodies the emphasis of enterprise extension. The enterprise should accept the novel concept and make the underlying mechanism followed by economic management run through the daily detailed regulation. The hidden difficulties and drawbacks should be identified at any time...
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Analysis on Influences of Physical Exercise on Personality of College Students

Yanru Li
Many college students pay less attention to sports class, prefer free activities in sports class and do not care about sports items, which seriously affect the real significance of physical exercise. The practice shows that the influence of sports on the personality of college students is very important....
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Study on Intangible Cultural Heritage Brands from the Perspective of Ecological Protection

Haimeng Li
China has abundant intangible cultural heritage resources. However, economic development brings pressure to ecological environment, changes of which have direct influence on the protection of intangible cultural heritage. At current stage, due to lack of strong consciousness of intangible cultural heritage...
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The Existing Problems and the Solution Strategy in the Basic Music Education in Our Country

Lu Liu
With the development of the social economy, music art in our country has gained some impressive achievements, but there still exist some drawbacks behind the glorious accomplishments. They include the poor understanding about the value of the music itself which only remains on the superficial level of...
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On Causes and Enlightenment of Preschool Education Curriculum Model Reforms in Contemporary and Modern China

Yuxia Tian
The development and changes of Chinese preschool education curriculum model mainly happen in two important periods with the boundary line of the founding of new China, and each of these two periods can be subdivided meticulously into two parts. The first period can be said to be a process of transplantation...
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On Image Narration Features and Artistry of Wordless Picture Books—A Case Study of Arrival

Shanshan Chen
Wordless picture book is a literary genre which narrates and expresses ideas of stories by completely relying on visual images, and thus plays an important role in children’s education at primary stage. With an important time-based feature, image narration of wordless picture books applies montage technique,...
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On the Positive Role of Public Art Education in the Formation of College Students’ Socialist Core Values

Zhizheng Yuan
Public art education has become an important education content of current college quality-oriented education in China. It could improve college students’ overall qualities and harmonious development, and thus college students could form socialist core values. Based on this, this paper discusses about...