Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Education Reform and Modern Management (ERMM 2021)

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Practice of Hybrid Teaching Reform of Project Cost Control Based on Cloud Classroom

Mengbo Zhang
“Project Cost Control” is a basic course for project cost major. It mainly introduces the regulations and methods in the whole process of cost consultation, including valuation of construction, bidding, contract management, financial analysis and evaluation. This course has many knowledge branches, involving...
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Focusing on Ability Training of 3D Measuring and Modeling Experiment Teaching Reformation for Engineering Equipment

Weijun Chu, Xiaohui He
In the light of 3D measuring and modeling experiment teaching reformation for engineering equipment in our school, this paper puts forward that the experimental teaching reform needs to project quality and skill training as the foundation, combined with the characteristic of use and maintenance of engineering...
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The Management of College English Teaching Reform Project

Yan Xu, Jing Chen
This thesis explores how to effectively carry out the reform of college English teaching from the perspective of management. It analyzes the status quo of college English teaching reform project management. Effective distributed management, improvement in the mechanism of teaching management and so on...
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Research on the Influence of Information Technology Application on Education

Dan Li, Dong Wang
Technology and education are the two engines to promote the development and progress of human history. Technology is the core force to promote economic and social development, and education is the engine of human capital. Information technology is the key technology of the third industrial revolution....
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A Study on Engineering Practice Teaching System Under the Credit System of Local Universities

Bo Jiang
Under the background of credit system, it is imperative to study how to establish the practice teaching mode in local universities, especially the practice teaching system for engineering majors. In combination with reform of credit system, the conception of experiment teaching credit system has been...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Reform of Civil Engineering Courses

Pengcheng Pan, Yanqiong Zhou, Shengwang Hao
The progress and development of society facilitate the reform of higher educational system. The curriculum ideology mode of curriculum is more in line with the cultivation mode of talent quality in today’s society. Teachers have a great effect on the improvement of students’ cultural level, strengthening...
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Exploration on Teaching Reform of Rural Landscape Planning and Design Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Qiao Yu, Han Gu, Xiaohong Lai
Under the background of the national rural revitalization strategy, the course of rural landscape planning and design has been given a higher direction and is an important teaching type of landscape planning and design series courses. Based on the cognition of rural characteristic value and practical...
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On Higher Vocational College Students Entrepreneurship Competence Cultivation Reform

Based on Comparative Perspective in Entrepreneurship Education Between Canada and China

Tiwen Han, Zhaohui Yang, Duo Bai
Entrepreneurship competence cultivated has been the most important component of higher vocational education reforms. Firstly, connotation and construction dimension in higher vocational college students entrepreneurship were induced, model of theory in it were put up. Secondly, compared with training...
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Exploration on Real Time Interactive Teaching Reform of History of Physical Discovery Course in Post Epidemic Period

Yuan Wang, Liping Huang, Sanli Fu, Xueyong Ding, Liangcheng Wang, Liansheng Wang
COVID-19 has changed the traditional “face-to-face” classroom teaching mode, and the “online and offline” combination of real-time interactive teaching has become the main teaching mode. In line with the “student-centered” education concept, the new teaching requirements of “rich resources, clear tasks,...
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Research on the Reform of Postgraduate Education and Teaching in Response to the Social Demands in the New Era

Shuo Yang, Qiaosheng Deng, Qiaonan Zhao, Honggang Pan, Yu Gao, Shanshan Ma, Jie Cui, Yudong Fu, Guofeng Wang, Deyang Sui, Xinle Yang
Under the background of socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era, in order to meet the needs of the society and the country for high-level personnel, it is necessary to strengthen practice and theoretical application. Based on the current development of school-enterprise cooperation,...
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Developing University Alliances to Enhance the Multilateral Cooperation of Higher Education in China

Based on the Survey of Belt and Road Aerospace Innovation Alliance

Yun Yuan, Tong Zhang
University Alliances are formed to leverage education and research resources and share differentiated advantages within and beyond the alliances, so that universities are able to fulfil their functions and achieve the development goals with the support of these multi-lateral platforms. The alliances...
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Application of Various Teaching Methods in Building Construction Technology in Vocational and Technical Colleges

Xiujuan Lv, Wuxin Chen
A variety of teaching methods reflects the thoughts of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. In order to realize training objective of Vocational and Technical Colleges, we apply a variety of teaching methods in curriculum development of Building construction technology. And we have achieved...
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An Analysis of the Hot Topics and Trends in Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education at Chinese Universities

Lingna Zhang, Fang Liu
During the past few years, in keeping with the requirement of development in various aspects of the Chinese economy and society, the innovation and entrepreneurship education in the Chinese universities has become a hot topic of research with respect to scholars at home and abroad. Taking the periodicals...
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Recognize the Characteristic and Make Innovations in the Running of Part-time Master of Engineering

Changbin Zhang
In view of the present situation of part-time master of engineering training in our country, from the height of the school-running idea, the characteristics of innovation, the article explains how to from the training scheme, course construction, teaching courseware, paper work, and teaching management...
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Research on the Evaluation Method of Diversified Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Haiyan Liu, Xiaomin Liu, Li Guo, Zhenhua Xu
Aiming at the problems of single teaching evaluation method and lack of students’ participation in the evaluation content in higher vocational education, this paper constructs a method for schools, colleges, teachers and students to jointly participate in the development of teaching evaluation index....
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Exploration and Analysis of Online Course Development of “Construction Technology” in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiujuan Lv, Wuxin Chen
In order to achieve the goal of talents training and improve the teaching effect, the online course of “Construction Technology” was developed. According to the characteristics of the course, divide the knowledge points, form teams, integrate teaching resources, interdisciplinary, heuristic teaching...
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Teaching Sports-Based Films Through Flipped Classroom in Institutes and Universities

Mei Yang, Lixue Tong
This paper analyzes how to use sports-based films as an effective means in reinforcing basic language skills and in nurturing critical thinking of the college students through clipped classroom. Advantages for using clipped classes, principles for selecting suitable flipped classes, key elements and...
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Research and Practice of Online and Offline Hybrid Teaching of Virtualization Technology Course in Higher Vocational Colleges

Ting Chen, Haiyan Liu
Virtualization technology course is not only a basic course of cloud computing technology, but also a core course of computer specialty. At present, cloud computing, big data and other technologies are developing rapidly, and virtualization technology talents are urgently needed, at the same time, it...
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Analysis and Suggestions on the Current Situation of Mental Health Education and Social Psychological Service System in Ethnic Areas

Take Baise City as an Example

Bei Song, Guipin Que
This research combines the concept, connotation, and characteristics of social psychological services, and analyzes the current status of psychological health education and social psychological services in Baise City.The study found that the hardware facilities of mental health education and psychosocial...
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The Components and Cultivation of Comprehensive Quality of University Teachers

Jiexing Li
The comprehensive quality of university teachers mainly includes two aspects, one is humanistic quality, the other is professional quality. Humanistic accomplishment includes moral accomplishment and humanistic knowledge. Professional quality includes professional ability and teaching ability. Only by...
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Research on the Analysis of Freshmen’s Mental Health Survey in a Finance University

Shuxian He, Hanjie Wang
A finance university in China adopted the form of online testing, using the College Students Mental Health Screening Scale to evaluate the psychological status of all 2020 freshmen. The testing results showed that there were 274 students who have got first-level psychological problems, accounting for...
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Comparative Study on Sports Behavior Habits of Middle School Students Between China and Singapore

Jiarui Zhu, Wangliang Mei, Kai Hu
To understand the difference of sports behaviour of middle school students between China and Singapore. In this study, we recruited 130 students from middle schools in Singapore and 520 students from 8 middle schools in Wuhan, who were randomly selected by questionnaire. The internal influencing factors...
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A Review of Researches on the Intervention of Problematic Social Media Use (PSMU) by Adolescent

Jian Mao, Jiashun Xie, Jian Wang
The use of mobile social media has become a part of the daily life of adolescent. While it brings speed, efficiency and convenience to young people’s study, work and life, the negative impact of excessive use of mobile social media has also become increasingly prominent. Effective prevention and improvement...
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The Status Quo and Thinking of Social Security Agency Service Satisfaction

Wenfeng Li, Ning Mao
The service level and management capabilities of social security agencies are a reflection of the quality of social security public services. Efficient and convenient services play an important role in increasing the sense of gain and happiness of the public and creating a harmonious social atmosphere....
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Effects of Perceptual Load and Distractors on Inhibition of Return

Xingjuan Liu, Yufei Shi
To explore the influence mechanism of perceptual load and distractors on time course of inhibition of return, flanker interference and perceptual load levels were combined with the IOR paradigm using discrimination task. The participants’s task was searching for the target and ignoring the distractors....
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A Study of English Inversions Within the Framework of Figure-Ground Theory

Yi Jiang, Jing Chen
English inversion is an very important and difficult point in students’ English learning. However, the traditional teaching approach is not an effective way to help students master English inversions. From the perspective of cognition, this thesis studies English inversions within the framework of Figure-Ground...
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Teaching of Mathematical Analysis or Calculus Based on the Thinking of Calculus

Wei Wang
Mathematical analysis or calculus is one of the core courses of mathematics and many related disciplines. For students to lay solid foundations and to have better developments in their future careers, teaching of mathematical analysis plays an important role in mathematics and related disciplines. Unfortunately,...
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Semantic Analysis and Model Construction of Hybrid Teaching

Zejiang He, Yanfan Yuan, Yingyu Cui
Purpose: To review the history of the mixed teaching mode, especially the related milestones. Procedures: Retrieving, classifying, reading, analyzing the domestic and international literatures in the field of hybrid education, and then trying to summarize the relevant semantics and construct the more...
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Research on Knowledge Flowing Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Jieyao Zhang, Islam Jahidul
This article researched constructing path of knowledge network about innovation and entrepreneurship in universities. On the perspective of cultural and creative fields, establishing the theoretical model of knowledge flowing path among faculties, students and industrial incubators. Following a logic...
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Semantics of Empirical Research and Its Pedagogic Application

Lisheng Huang, Mingqi Wang, Yingyu Cui
Purposes: To retrospect the origin of empirical research and probe into its semantics. Procedures: Retrieving, sorting, reading and analysing literatures, then trying to summarize the history of empirical research and its pedagogic application. Methods: CNKI, Wan-Fang, and VIP databases, etc. were used...
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Applying the Principles of UDL in College English Teaching

Yinfeng Guan
With the enrollment expansion in higher education, more and more students with diverse learning needs and abilities flood into the university, which gives a lot more challenges to college English teachers. How to teach English effectively to such a big number of students with diverse background information...
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Summary of Research on the Practice Path of Ideological and Political Construction in Courses of Chinese Medicine College

Liuying Chen, Simin Wang
Course Education is a long-term systematic project that runs through the whole process of education and teaching. The development of Course Education construction in Chinese medicine colleges is of practical significance to comprehensively improve students’ ideological and moral qualities and cultivate...
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Framing Entrepreneurship Education - Influencing Factors for Entrepreneurial Competency Learning at Universities in the Czech Republic

Michaela Slabová, Ladislav Rolínek
In the current dynamic development of the knowledge-based economy, which is characterized by an increased emphasis on the development of entrepreneurial competencies, the paper deals with possible approaches and a framework for supporting entrepreneurship education at universities. It is necessary to...
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Exploring Effect of Instructor’s Image on Students’ Learning Effectiveness and Experience in Online Quantitative Methods Course

Qingqing Hu
The current study investigates ways to improve instructor-student interaction in online teaching. Specifically, we aim to examine effect of instructor’s image on students’ learning effectiveness and experience in online quantitative methods course. Results indicated that instructor’s image as an information...
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The Application of System Thinking in Curriculum Design

Jianjun Liang, Shu Liu, Peili Zhang, Dong Wang, Yiqi Yang
As a part of scientific system, any course and any knowledge in a course are not isolated. Based on the principle of system thinking, this paper puts forward a method of teaching and curriculum design. In classroom teaching, teachers want to teach a new knowledge topic. They first build a connection...
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Construction of Network Security Law Enforcement Virtual Simulation Experiment and Teaching Platform

Yang Yang
In view of the problems in virtual simulation experiment teaching of network security law enforcement, this paper analyzes the necessity of construction of the virtual simulation experiment teaching platform, which expounds the construction content of virtual simulation experiment platform from three...
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Research and Practice on the Teaching Performance Evaluation System of University Teachers

Chao Wan, Feng Jin
General Secretary Xi stressed that the fundamental task of colleges and universities is personnel training, The Ministry of education pointed out that higher education should adhere to the principle of “Based on Undergraduate Education” and promote “Four Regressions”. As the basic work of talent cultivation...
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Some Thoughts on Entrepreneurship Education in Chinese Colleges and Universities

Kai Hou, Meixiang La
In recent years, Chinese institutions of higher learning actively carry out entrepreneurship education, but there is still a certain gap compared with the international leading countries in entrepreneurship education. In order to provide inspiration for the development of entrepreneurship education in...
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Study on Effective Cooperation of University-Admission Mode in Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Ying Sun
According to the Outline of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area(GHMGBA)’s Development Plan, higher education should play an important role to accelerate the country’s development. The author investigates the current admission mode of the all kinds of universities in GHMGBA and analyse their advantages...
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Revising the Curricula of Higher Education to Connect to the Job Market: An Approach Based on Job Description Mining

Zhixuan Chen
For sustainability to realize its full transformative potential in higher education and society, it must connect sustainability skills and competences to the job market and to enable future as well as current practitioners and decision makers to become agents of transition toward Sustainability. This...
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Research on the Construction of Joint Management System for College Students’ Ideal and Belief Education in the New Era

Jing Cang
Ideal and belief education for college students belongs to profound level of ideological education which is a usually old but always young issue. Facing the great changes unseen in a century, new challenges and dilemma existing in college students’ ideal and belief education must be clearly recognized....
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Teaching Research and Practice of Java Programming Integrated with the Ideological and Political Concept of the Course

Tongke Fan
In recent years, the Ministry of education has issued a number of documents to emphasize the construction of curriculum ideological and political education. All kinds of colleges and universities are actively carrying out this work. However, many teachers are still unclear about the “three core issues”...
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Research on Informationization of Legal Education for College Students in the Era of Big Data

Yangning Zheng, Yang Yang, Xiaoyu Zhang
The so-called big data is simply a collection of a large amount of data. With the passage of time and the continuous reform and innovation of the times, big data has begun to be applied in various social work and research, and has achieved quite good results, for example, big data has been applied in...
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Research on Balanced Development of Urban and Rural Compulsory Education in the Context of Artificial Intelligence

Yang Yang, Yangning Zheng
As we all know, we are currently living in an era with rapid development of information technology. In this era, the development of various information technology is very fast, and has played a role in various social work, with education as one of them. This has given birth to the so-called education...
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The Online College English Teaching Based on Ideological Elements

Rurui Sun
The epidemic environment of COVID-19, no doubt accelerated the promotion of online teaching. This not only brings an impact to offline college English classroom teaching, but also brings challenges to college teachers. For the teachers, they should keep learning and thinking about how to adapt to English...
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Analysis on the Objectives and Curriculum Characteristics of Outdoor Training Institutions in Europe and America

Zijian Liu, Han Yang
In order to promote the healthy development of outdoor training institutions in China, this paper analyzes 18 training institutions in 6 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Canada, and summarizes the characteristics of their goals and courses,...
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On the Elements of Moral Education in Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities

Dongju Fang
To promote the ideological and political construction of colleges and universities, the leading role of teachers is very important. It is necessary to integrate the moral and example role of teachers into the teaching of professional courses harmoniously, so as to truly moisten things silently, cultivate...
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A Brief Discussion on the Construction of “Curriculum Ideology and Politics” System for Contemporary College Students

Wei Wang
As a basic unit of teaching, curriculum bears the functions of knowledge imparting, ability training and value shaping. “Curriculum Ideology and Politics” further highlights the value guidance and education function of curriculum, deeply understands its connotation, and explores the implementation path...
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Exploration and Practice of Constructing the Network Classes of Transportation and Packaging Courses Under the Epidemic

Lijun Zhou
With the development of information technology, the online classroom has a long history, but it has been used as a supplement to the traditional classroom for a long time, and the advantages of the online classroom have not been fully utilized. With the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19),...
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A Review of Researches on Teachers’ Occupational Burnout in Primary and Middle Schools

Xuechi Yin, Jian Mao, Lan Luo
In recent years, the problem of job burnout among primary and secondary school teachers in our country has aroused the attention of more and more researchers, and the results of research are increasing. This article briefly introduces the causes and influencing factors of primary and secondary school...
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A Turn for College English Teachers in the Internet Era

Rurui Sun
The advent of the Internet era has caused a great impact on the traditional teaching mode and concept. College English teachers are also faced with the challenge of the Internet era due to the rigid teaching mode and the imperfect level of modern teaching technology. If they want to change the current...
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Development Trend of Double Line Exhibition and New Demand for Exhibition Talents Under the Background of Digital Economy

Hongxia Wu
Provides strategies for the development trend of offline exhibitions under the background of digital economy, as well as the upgrading and transformation of the operation mode of exhibition activities and countermeasures. Through the empirical research of the characteristics of the digital economy, the...
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Digitalization of Education: Scientific Consistency vs. Radical Change Under the Impact of COVID-19?

Jana Majerova
Recently, the digitalization of education has been one of the dynamically developed issues across whole the levels of educational systems. However, the dynamic of the research in this area has accelerated much more than it has been originally expected via extrapolating the time line of research activities....
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Application Investigation on the Virtual Experiment Platform for Civil Engineering Specialty

Chunzhi Zhang, Min Chen, Qianjun Mao
In order to strengthen the cultivation of students’ practical procedures and engineering abilities, Colleges and Universities have established virtual simulation experiment platforms. The various virtual simulation experiment platforms provide the convenient way for practice. In this paper, the application...
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Studying Strategies on Private Primary and Secondary School Teachers’ Job Burnout

Hao Yong, Xingbao Yang, Xiang Gao, Zineng Zeng
Job burnout is an experience of emotional failure state under pressure for a long time. Teacher is higher group of job burnout. Solving the problem of teachers’ job burnout is an important way to promote the professional development of teachers, protect their physical and mental health, and improve the...
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Study on Talents Ability and Quality of Building Environment and Energy Engineering Major Based on Iceberg Theory

Min Chen, Chunzhi Zhang, Donghua Liu, Qianjun Mao
In order to cope with the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, and to support the service innovation-driven development, the talent training mode of higher engineering education has been transformed from the traditional scientific paradigm to the engineering paradigm....
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Analysis of the Structural Factors of the Party Committee of State-Owned Enterprises to Improving the Leadership Efficiency of the Party Committee

Yingjie Ren, Lihong Du
This paper analyzed some problems that affected the leadership effectiveness of the Party committee of state-owned enterprises from the structural factors of leadership. It studied the influence of structural foundation, quality structure, age structure, knowledge and professional structure on leadership...
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The Application of BIM Technology in Project Management of Construction Engineering from 3D to 6D

Lei Zhang, Manyun Zhao
With the rapid development of information digitization and globalization, BIM technology emerges at the historic moment. Its visualization, dynamic, coordination, simulation and optimization characteristics have exerted a huge impact on traditional construction project management and brought a revolutionary...
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Research on the Influence of Green Credit in the Operation and Management of Commercial Banks

Hongmin Zhang, Cong Qin
With the sustainable development of economy, green credit business is gradually developing. As the main body of green credit business, banks must strictly examine and approve the flow of loans to make the credit funds flow to environmental protection enterprises. And this will affect the bank’s own operating...
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New Trouble to Enterprise Independent Innovation

Start with the Claims to be Brought Against Luckin

Hongmin Zhang, Jing Liang
Recently, more and more enterprises adopted Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (hereinafter referred to as D&O) in order to lower managers’ risks and strengthen external supervision of management. However, the excessive protection for directors’ and officers’ negligence could probably restrain...
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Discussion on the Integration Strategy of Industry and Education of Finance and Economics Specialty in University

Dejun Zou
Industry university research cooperation is one of the difficulties in the training of economic and management professionals in Colleges and universities, which shows that teachers do not master the latest technology and teaching materials, lagging the industrial scene. Teachers and teaching materials...
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A Survey on the Satisfaction of Diversified Learning Space in Colleges and Universities

Hongbo Shi, Bohan Gao, Zhuomei Zhou
In recent years, with the continuous development of science, technology, economy and society, the learning space on campus tends to be diversified in form and function. The unexpected COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 objectively promotes the rapid development of e-learning space. However, the research on learning...
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Exploring the Path of Implementing Rural Revitalization Strategy in Jilin Province

Hong Lv, Yue Zhao
In order to solve the problems in the process of rural construction in Jilin Province, this paper will analyze the problems and propose corresponding countermeasures. Based on the development requirements of the times and the production peculiarities of rural Jilin Province, this paper draws the following...
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On the Essence and Development Strategy of Vocational College at Undergraduate Level

Jian Zhou
The establishment of vocational colleges at the undergraduate level is the inevitable outcome of China’s economic and social development. China should adapt to the development trend of world vocational education and the need of China’s economic development to develop vocational colleges at undergraduate...
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On the Diversification of Running Schools in Higher Vocational Colleges

Chao Liu
In order to sustainable development, higher vocational colleges need to use the power of society to realize a multi-educational running system. The social forces mainly include: relying on the industry, cooperate with enterprises, Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools, and other forms.
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On the Ways of “Integration of Production, Teaching and Research” in Running Higher Vocational Colleges

Ping Zeng
This paper describes the meaning and approach of “production and studying” cooperation education in higher vocational colleges. The meaning of “production and studying” cooperation education in higher vocational colleges includes: “production and studying” cooperation education is beneficial to the realization...
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Performance Evaluation of Student’s Racing Teams Based on DEA Model

Take WUTE Racing Team as an Example

Yuxuan Deng, Yuning Wang
As the scale of FSEC competitions increasing rapidly in recent years, each team is facing with fluctuations. It is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the performance of these students’ racing team to improve the performance in the competition. This study uses the DEA model and takes Wuhan University...
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How to Create Change Readiness? The Change Interpretation Matters

Jinzhao Deng, Richard Deng, Lei Huang, Jianghao Gao
That how employees interpret change plays a critical role in organizational change. To offer an understanding of the relationship between organizational change strategies and employees’ readiness for change from a social cognitive perspective, a model is initially built based on relevant literature reviewed...
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Pure Technical Efficiency and Its Determinants - The Case of Croatian Beverage Industry

Maja Pervan
In order to determine pure technical efficiency of firms operating in Croatian beverage industry, a Data Envelopment Analysis is performed on the sample of 57 large, medium-sized and small firms that were active in this industry in 2019. For this purpose, three inputs (material costs, labour costs and...
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EFQM Excellence Model – European Foundation for Quality Management

Curpănaru Gabriela-Livia
The EFQM Excellence model allows an integrative approach to quality management, which includes all key aspects, such as: results obtained, customer orientation, information management, employee satisfaction. The major benefit, as presented by the most successful European managers, is the same model of...
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The Quality and Strategy of Leading Cadres to Deal with the Pressure of Network Public Opinion

Yongguang Yu
In the Internet age, the traditional discourse system has changed greatly, and is with a large transformation from the official media to official media and self-media coexistence. The changes in public discourse systems also make the discourse power structure reassigned. The openness, virtuality, spontaneity,...
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Research on the Impact of Supervisors’ and Colleagues’ Creative Support on Employees’ Innovative Behaviors Under the Interpersonal Trust Moderating Model

Yue Yang, Qiang Zhang
In recent years, as organizations focus on the competitiveness of innovation, the innovative behavior of employees has attracted more and more attention from managers. How to improve employees’ innovative behavior is the key link to improve the core competitiveness of an enterprise, but it’s still relatively...
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Research on the Status of Traffic Safety Supervision in Henan Province Based on the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yuchao Xiong, Jinchao Yue, Shuren Li, Shengqi Jian
According to the actual situation of the current status of transportation safety supervision and regulatory questionnaires of Henan province, the analytic hierarchy process and the fuzzy evaluation are used in this paper to establish a hierarchical structure model of transportation safety supervision....
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Is RPS Any Better Than FIT? Analysis of Policy Effects in a Deregulated Power Market

Cengceng Liu, Nan Li, Qin Zhang
China implemented the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) policy in 2013, but now the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) policy is in place in its deregulated power market. The FIT and RPS policy, as two most widely used renewable energy price policy, they both have successful and failure cases. This paper is aimed...
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Study on the Current Situation and Problems of Intelligent Community Construction in Chengdu

Minghong Tang
Along with the development of economy and society, the concept of intelligent city and intelligent community emerged and was introduced to China with the development of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things and big data. Since it was approved as one of the first pilot demonstration cities...
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Promoting the Sustainable Development of a City by Building a Resilient City

A Case Study of Huangshi City, Hubei Province

Ning Mao, Wenfeng Li
Based on the literature and field research, this paper discussed the basic concept of resilient city, combed the achievements of the construction of Huangshi, a typical resource exhausted city in China, from three aspects of water system, urban economic system and ecological livable system, and pointed...
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Assessment and Analysis Financial Risks in Insurance Companies of the Kazakhstan

Botagoz Saparova, Gulmira Yessenova, Gulzhan Alina, Aldanysh Nurumov, Zhanerke Sabyrzhan
The article substantiates the importance and role of studying risks in insurance companies, as well as the analysis of data presented in tabular form, montage and a set of data annually (growth and decline trends). Dependence of risks on the growth of financial indicators. Identification of problems...
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The Implementation and Reference of British Government Environmental Responsibility Audit

Yamei Guan, Wenzhou Zhong
The pilot work of the environmental responsibility audit of the government of China has been carried out. After analyzing it, it is found that the content of audit is not unified, the evaluation standard is not comprehensive and so on. The British government environmental responsibility audit is relatively...
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The Research on the Guidance of Apple Futures Price Change to Spot Price

Hongmin Zhang, Jun Guo
On December 22, 2017, China’s Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange officially announced the listing of Apple futures, which officially became China’s first listed agricultural futures contract. The listing of Apple futures will help the country gradually realize the poverty alleviation policy and become an effective...
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The Analysis of Farmland Price Evaluation in Mortgage Financing from Shadow Price Perspective

Kai Hou
Research objective: to determine appropriate value of the mortgaged property of farmland management right as a scientific benchmark prices. Research method: using statistical yearbook data of Sichuan province in 2013, based on the Cobb - Douglas production function to determine the shadow price of farmland....
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Correlations in Regional Property Markets Including Spillover Effect of Economic Policy Uncertainty

Yunyi Zhang, Huaying Gu
In regional economic problems, understanding the property market is a momentous task due to its importance in the whole economic industrial chain. The property markets in different regions are interconnected, thus studying the correlations is imperative to the management and investment. It is intuitively...
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Research on the Relationship Between Government Subsidies and High-quality Development of Enterprises

Haijuan Xie, Miao Yu, Hong Zhao
This article takes China’s listed manufacturing companies from 2014 to 2019 as the research object, studies the relationship between government subsidies and high-quality development of enterprises, and introduces the ownership structure to establish interaction items, and explores the impact of the...
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Research on Quality Evaluation of Rural Hotel Based on Factor-Cluster Analysis

A Case Study of 116 Star-rated Rural Hotels in Chengdu

Yao Long, Ping Huang, Yanjun Liu, Zhenzhen Li, Biao Zhang
This paper studies the field survey data to extracts the accommodation condition factor, safety responsibility factor, market reputation factor and service quality factor by factor-cluster analysis. We calculate scores and rankings of a single factor and comprehensive factor of rated star rural hotels...
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Risk Identification Model for Enterprise Sustainable Crowdsourcing Innovation Based on BSC

Qingliang Meng, Huiyun Shan
The provision of creative intelligence to enterprise is a global endeavor and a great challenge to managers. As a new business model, crowdsourcing innovation act as an effective way to exploit and utilize internal and external wisdom in boosting enterprise innovation quality and quantity. However, with...
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College Students’ Satisfaction Survey on Online Teaching of a University in Shanghai

Tao Feng, Na Zhang, Zhigang Gao
Through the questionnaire survey in A public university in Shanghai, this paper revealed the college students’ satisfaction with online teaching after the outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic, and found that students were more satisfied with professors’ teaching attitude, less satisfied with online lessons’...
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Teaching Design of “Electrical Engineering Professional English” Course Based on Hybrid Teaching Mode

Xin Gao
Hybrid teaching has become the focus of the current teaching reform in higher education. This paper aims at the problems existing in the teaching of Professional English for electrical engineering, combining the characteristics of Professional English for electrical engineering, and by establishing an...
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Research on Non-standardized Evaluation Strategy of Course Learning Output Based on OBE

Jinbiao Zhang, Jian Liu, Hongyun Zhang, Shoudong Chen, Xiangqi Xu
In order to meet the need of Specialized Programmatic Accreditation of Engineering, a learning achievement evaluation strategy based on OBE is studied and practiced. Guided by learning output, a unit-achievement mapping matrix is constructed by Bloom’s Taxonomy of Objectives, and a teaching model of...
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Researches on the Education Reform for the Core Competencies-oriented Flight Training of Civil Aviation Pilots

Ting Ouyang, Hong Sun, Fan Li
Education management reform for flight training is the key to the civil aviation safety. In this paper, the scientific essence of deepened reform for flight training was analyzed firstly, then, the shortages of the existing flight training management were described. Meanwhile, the state-of-art and development...
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Practice of Online Blended Teaching Reform in “Operating System Principle” Course

Qiang Yue, Zhongyu Hu, Xi Zhou
How to carry out online teaching and ensure the teaching quality under the influence of COVID-19 is a difficult problem and challenge for colleges and universities. Taking the online teaching of “operating system principle” course in Kunming University as an example, this paper combines online SPOC autonomous...
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Research of the Interaction Design and Application Model of Blend Learning

Take “Modern Switching Technology” Course as an Example

Ning Zhao, Yuanli Wang, Xuelei Fu, Qin Fu
During the process of course teaching, interaction between teachers and students would occupy an extremely important status to arouse the enthusiasm of students with living up the classroom. With the introduction of online teaching platform, diversity transformation of teaching interaction has been appeared....
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Cultivation of Modern Science-Technology-Engineering Concept for Engineering Students

Wenbo Zhu, Jun Liu, Meijin Lin, Danfeng Chen, Shiya Liu, Aiyuan Li
In order to enhance the sensitivity, consciousness and action ability in scientific research, technological innovation and engineering practice of engineering students, a four-year and consistent cooperative training program with science-technology-engineering concept is proposed. So as to enable engineering...
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Research on Programming Practice Teaching Reform of GIS Course

Guoming Du
Geographic Information System (GIS) has the characteristics of multi-disciplinary integration and fast content update. As a result, it is more difficult to teach GIS course well. In view of the shortcomings of the traditional teaching, such as unreasonable GIS curriculum content setting, the imperfect...
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The Construction of Disciplinary Knowledge and the Dilemma of Literary Education

Yu Guo
Current knowledge of literary disciplines is a system of discourse constructed according to scientific principles and formal methods, which contradicts literature as a metaphorical and poetic activity. The manifestation of literary education is the closure of education and the reduction of the integration...
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Exploration of the Educational Model of Nanjiang Applied Colleges Under the “1+X” Certificate

Qinghua Han, Mingdeng Shi
In the context of high-quality economic development and the grand goal of making a strong country, social posts and the masses have put forward higher requirements for the teaching level of applied undergraduate colleges. In the current overall education structure in China, applied Undergraduate colleges...
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Research on the Employment Competitiveness of the Local Colleges and Universities of Economics and Management Majors Students in the Background of Internet Plus

Qiqi Wei, Xiuying Qin
The New formats based on Internet has become a new driving force for economic growth. the paper analyzes the contradiction between the cultivation of high-quality talents and social needs in the era of “Internet plus”, demonstrates from the aspects of educational resources, employment concepts, training...
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Research on the Relationship Between Higher Education and Regional Economic Development from the Perspective of Social Stratification

Xiaoran Fu
With the development of economic globalization, the standard of modern higher education and personnel training is higher and higher. In order to optimize the internal structure of higher education effectively, highlight the characteristics of colleges and universities in various regions, and meet the...
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The Research on Practice and Strategies of Teaching Supervision in Application-oriented Universities

Huifen Lai, Yufan Diao, Yuhua Wang, Jinwei Zhou
Based on the collection of policy documents and case studies of teaching supervision in application-oriented universities, this paper aims to understand the current situation of teaching supervision in Application-oriented Universities at home and abroad. Combined with the professional construction needs...
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The “Change” and “Constancy” of Teacher’s Role in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Ni Zhao, Jialin Zhang
The development of artificial intelligence triggers social education reform, and it is inevitable that the reform will change the role of teachers. The purpose of this research is to explore the changes and constancy of the role of teachers in the era of artificial intelligence. The development of artificial...
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On the Current Situation of Online Teaching Offered by Some Universities in Sichuan to Their International Students During the Pandemic

Chunyao Ou, Liping Xia
This study investigated the online teaching of some Chinese universities for their international students during the pandemic. The results of the questionnaire survey show that there are some problems existing in the online teaching such as students’ weak online learning ability, inadequate interaction...
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The Difficulties and Improvement Strategies Faced by Maker Education in Colleges and Universities Under the Perspective of “Internet Plus”

Yongguang Yu, Ming Fan
Maker education is an important carrier for colleges and universities to cultivate innovative talents. With the widespread use of wireless internet technology in all aspects of social life, colleges and universities can take advantage of “Internet plus” to build the education space, select and train...